Want to be an extra in Space Cop?

September 25, 2013478 Comments

Want to be an extra in Space Cop? We’re shooting an outdoor sequence for the movie this Saturday, September 28 in St. Francis, Wisconsin and we need a crowd of cheering fans. If interested in being a part of the film, please email casting@redlettermedia.com and let us know so we can give you more details. Please keep in mind that this will be a full film shoot, so our time will be limited while we’re running around setting up shots and getting the material we need and we may not have much time to chat. But if you want to cheer on Rich Evans in a silly costume, just email casting@redlettermedia.com and let us know!

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  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    I suspect this may be the first time in my life I wished I lived within reach of Wisconsin.

  • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000

    i would swim the Atlantic to be there…

  • BigGuy3

    I live 4 hours away. Honestly tempted to go…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Has anyone auditioned for the role of the ‘hot dog’ yet? If so, I’m your man!

    It’s been a dream of mine to be put into Rich Evan’s mouth one way or another…

  • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

    I’d love to but I can’t make it. Have a hot dog for me, boys.

  • sepiajack


  • Percy Gryce

    So now I’ll have missed both “Three A-holes Talk About Web Videos” and Saturday’s Space Cop shoot.


    Literally the first time in history anyone has ever wished that they lived in Wisconsin.

  • Megan Koznek

    This almost make me wish I lived in Wisconsin.

  • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    Now you’re gonna leech off people’s bodies?

    Fucking Hack Frauds.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    I spit out my coffee when I realized that you guys are actually working on Space Cop. What kind of horrifying society would make Rich Evans cop of anything? Oh ya, Milwaukee…

  • Amy Dunn

    Same here.

  • whip

    I do. In fact, I lived in St. Francis from age 2 till about age 30, and live 5 minutes away in Cudahy. Yet I am too insecure to be on the screen. I’d just be the butt of more jokes about fat, white neckbeards from Wisconsin :) But I’m excited to see these guys are doing something so close by. May try to go watch.

  • whip

    Hey I like it here. Except in like mid-February.

  • guyinthehat

    Really wishing I lived in Wisconsin right now.

  • iamtravis182

    I would be there if it was fiscally responsible for me to quit my job, and drive 445 miles one way. If only. Maybe for Space Cop II.

  • JohnathenFlick

    You hacks! A good director could of stretched this trailer into a feature length movie.

  • Thanatos2k

    You talentless hacks! You’re not supposed to use real extras, you’re supposed to pay someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to add CGI extras.

  • ident

    No one will notice you in that Wisconsin sea of fat, white neckbeards.

  • ident

    Wisconsin is a myth.

  • ident

    It’s understood that you guys will be too busy during shooting to chat, but will there be a meet/greet or Q&A or a beer summit or anything afterward?

  • decora

    “without fat, white neckbeards from wisconsin, there would be no theatre!”

    –mel brooks. (sort of)

  • ident

    When it looks like Narnia.

  • ident

    It may be fiscally responsible to develop a rare form of cancer that can only be treated in a Wisconsin hospital 445 miles away. Fortunately, this rare cancer will go into remission after shooting…I mean, after intense Wisconsin brand chemo.

  • Amy Dunn

    ” if you want to cheer on Rich Evans in a silly costume…”
    I really do, which is why I’m sad I don’t live closer. =(

  • Heart Strings Operation

    Goddamn it Redlettermedia, nobody should ever have to choose between buying opiates and flying up to Wisconsin.

  • Vaughn Fry

    From Kansas is too long of a drive, even to see Rich Evans.

  • Percy Gryce

    Taco, I’m starting to worry about you.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s only NOW that you started worrying? Where were you when I stripped that young woman naked and forced her to dance while I poured beer over her head?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Don’t worry, I’ll bring my own buns…

    Contact: 1-506-CANADA

  • Mark Bisone

    Well, I’m not gonna win this contest (is it a contest?), but you retconning lefty mead herds are alright in my book.

    Here’s a little something for all the Jayllian ‘shippers out there…


  • Percy Gryce

    It is indeed a contest, and you win.

  • Percy Gryce

    All right, you Jayllian ‘shippers, I hate to break your hearts, but Jayllian is a fake. You will recall that Jay Bauman finds the human body disgusting. The fair conclusion is that he is asexual as it couldn’t be more obvious that he loathes human contact. I mean, when Gilliam grabs him during the intro to BOTW, he screams out, “Oh, my God,” and then ironically adds, “that’s completely understandable and not weird at all.”

    Don’t believe me that Jayllian is a creation of overwrought fan boys and mash-up artists like Bisone? Let’s ask Romulan Senator Vreenak if Jayllian is real


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “He only wanted me for my body…”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Sounds like they’ve got a severe case of ‘fork in the brain’.

  • SilhouetteMan

    This is the best thing to ever come out of the RLM comments section. Just wanted you to know that.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Where have I seen this before? It looks so damn familiar.

  • kapsi

    Stop acting like it’s a real movie!

  • Joe Syxpac

    “Intense Wisconsin brand chemo” is actually a type of cheese.

  • Joe Syxpac

    He was running the camera.

    Don’t you remember?

  • Duckler

    You had me at “Cheer on Rich Evans”

  • catnep

    I am crying into my Rich Evans beach towel. I can’t make it!

  • Guest

    Go go go!

  • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud
  • Real Quantum

    Phenomenal, very well put video!
    Good Sir, you have a true talent.

  • Real Quantum

    Man, the irony.
    I live in Lisbon.
    Unfortunately, not in Lisbon, Wisconsin.

  • TheHaggisHunter

    Sorry cant make it i live in Ayrshire in Scotland, Another time perhaps.
    I am looking forward to this more than most of the crap coming out of Hollywood land

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    In your dreams? Your WET dreams?…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He was the camera operator? Wait, does that mean he was the guy who thought he was a spider in Crazy Fat Ethel II?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, I like Canada, except for the 8 months of winter.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, you can reach every Canadian with this number. Just ask for ‘Mitch’ and you’ll get through to me.

    Hey, Mitch and Rich rhyme! It’s like poetry…

  • ident

    And you have to wear it on your head.

  • Mark Bisone

    You just have to open your heart.

  • Percy Gryce

    If I leave a comment on this webzone, will you move the shoot closer to where I live?

  • Mark Bisone

    It’s too bad I live in the future of space, or I’d come to collect my reward, and to murder my own great-great-great-grandfather.

  • Wasperheimer

    Curse you unemployment! Also money.

  • Poopfeast420

    i’d like to watch this if there happens to be a camera around

  • Poopfeast420

    I fear the population of Wisconsin in the world of Space Cop is going to have a statistically improbable density of nerds.

  • Mark Bisone

    I think you misspelled “Jupiter”.

  • Mark Bisone

    Thanks! Can I email this comment to my mom? Or instagram it or DM it or whatever the fuck they do now?

  • runningman1

    sorry I live in Colorado. but what do you think of Disney’s star wars episode 7? I want to know your opinion on that :)

  • Now I Get It

    The 1890s?

  • Now I Get It

    A litter box is not a beach, just so you know.

    (Alright, enough with the cats, already. …Until my next reply, when it will be absolutely necessary.)

  • Now I Get It

    Then lost you at “in St. Francis, Winsconsin.” …Or do you get to go, you lucky Duckler?

  • adaMAntiumSpoon

    Probably my most highly anticipated movie right now.

  • $62712551

    It’s times like this I wish I live in Milwaukee.

  • Real Quantum

    Maybe you should do that with comments made by respectable people :D

    Kidding aside, I like to do some video editing on my free time and, because of that, I know you lost a good bit of time making this and the dance video.

    But it was well worth it.
    Your videos are witty and funny :D

  • Now I Get It

    Only eight?! Wow: your tax dollars at work. I suppose you only get 23 hours of darkness a day, too, plus one hour of street lamps.

    Maybe I’ll move to Wisconsin altogether. Just let me find my Speedo, in case I have to shovel snow on the shoot.

  • Mark Bisone


  • Christopher Kulik

    Currently, the only candidates I have for Worst Movie of 2013 are MAN OF STEEL, IDENTITY THEFT, ALL PAIN & NO GAIN, and Stephanie Myers’ THE HOST…and MAN OF SHIT is the strongest contender of that title.

    Best Movie of 2013? MUD, THE CONJURING, THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, 42, PRISONERS….but I have really high hopes for SPACE COP!

  • Collin

    Please have a screening in Chicago!!

  • Megan Koznek

    I am more excited for Space Cop than I am for any major release right now.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    How the fuck did you miss putting ‘Grown Ups 2′ on that list? Go take your brain medicine.

  • Now I Get It

    God, I’ve missed that avatar.

  • Mykeru

    Instead of doing this intentionally awful camp stuff, have you considered taking a more philosophical approach to your films and make, say a film about a little girl with an umbrella who learns to let go?


  • Now I Get It
  • Percy Gryce

    Aw shucks, you know me so well.

  • Now I Get It

    Crisp, well-made, single-toned. The future of space may depend on it. Better get your gabardined ass to Milwaukee, fella, before some steam-punking wannabe embarrasses us all.

  • Duckler

    I wouldn’t drive that far even for that sweet,sweet laughter. I’m in Detroit, I’ve got enough to worry about from the present of the present.

  • Now I Get It

    DETROIT!!! Truly one of those things about which you hear people today saying – and I never say this – “It is what it is.” Enjoy your Red Wings, ’cause – eff me – they might be the last fight left in that city.

  • Saruma

    I’m not sure anyone has ever uttered the words “I wish I lived in Milwaukee” before.

  • Percy Gryce

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Kessel run.”

    P.S.: Yes, they made it in less than 12 parsecs.

    P.P.S.: Yes, I stole that phrase from another denizen of these boards.

  • Percy Gryce

    If I’d received more than three-days’ notice, I could have had my fly-over cow all grassed up and ready to go.

    As it is, she’s in the shop.

  • asdfasdfasd

    a lot of milwaukee is a lot nicer now than it used to be, 3 cheers for gentrification

  • Capt Jelico


  • jnorris441

    Do you work with a dude named Max?


    I’d do this, but I’m six hours away. Someone should be cool and set up a “Space Dogs” stand and sell hot dogs. All proceeds go to the film.

  • Percy Gryce

    I powered up my brand-new Husqvarna Model 460 Rancher Chainsaw. That baby ripped my chest right open.

    And, where my heart should have been–you guessed it–there was nothing there . . . .

  • Mark Bisone

    I would have guessed a Timex watch.

  • Cameron Vale

    That guy on the right is also pretty disappointed.

  • A.I.

    And that little girl was “Crazy Fat” Ethel Janowski.

  • ident

    Good to see Detroit still has electricity.

  • ident

    From Kansas is too long… What language do they speak in Kansas?

  • ident

    If you are willing to ingest your opiates via condoms, the trip might pay for itself.

  • ident

    Wait…Scotland’s a real place?

  • ident

    Avatar = Tommy Wiseau as a child.

  • ident

    Whoa…you know Max, too?

  • Now I Get It

    “Yea, ytte has comme to passe ynne ye hamlette of Miltonne Keynes thatte twere, ynne ye skyes, a fly-ynnge cowe. Mannye farmers, rougues and vagranntes did trye to claim ownershippe of ye cowe, for she was a Verily Fynne Specimenne an she gav a graet milke.”
    – the Venerable Bede


  • Kevin Pallotti

    How can I donate? I honestly would like to contribute. Love you guys.

  • Studio Executive

    Re-shoot it with Katherine Heigl and Jake Gyllenhaal, stretch it to 90 minutes, and release it in February 2014!

  • Mark Bisone

    Bullcrap! Nobody’s “in” Detroit, anymore. That’s like saying you’re “in” a fucking event horizon!

    (If you are there, though, please tell Tina and Z-Dog I said hi.)

  • Mark Bisone

    “Fuck you, it’s February!”

  • http://redlettermedia.com/ Mike Stoklasa

    The next video: Rich Evans Watches the Space Cop Trailer.

  • Percy Gryce

    And you’re not using this excuse to get the hell out–at least for a day?

  • Cameron Vale

    “I have a horrible, horrible fear and disgust of the human body, and of disease, and of getting sick. I’m kind of a necrophiliac like that.” -Jay Bauman, HitB: Drive and Contagion

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Why don’t you just ask him to do that? I mean, you ARE the real MIKE STOKLASA, riiiiiiight?! I have no reason to believe otherwise.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Yeah, I know Max Power.

    He’s a setting on my blow dryer.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’d cheer for it but I have no idea what ‘gentrification’. Fuck learning!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s the Northern most part of Great Britain [north of England and east of Northern Ireland], it’s part of ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, and is made up of more than 790 islands.

    As of the last census, it has a population of roughly 5.3 million people, with English being the main language and some recognized regional langues are Scottish Gaelic and Scots.

    It has a long and rich history, spanning back as early as 12,800 years ago when early hunter-gatherers first arrived at the end of the last glaciation.

    So yes, Scotland is very much a real place. You may want to go visit there some day.

    Oh, wait, you were doing one of those ‘things’… those ‘joke’ things…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I may have laughed out loud at this.

    By ‘may have’, I mean it was so loud it was embarrassing.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Was it like the ending of the new ‘Evil Dead’? That chainsaw ending was downright pornographic, the way she thrust that thing into the creatures head and blood was flying everywhere.

    I think they both even climaxed. I know *I* did…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Use the tele’gram’. ‘Gram’ stands for ‘grammie’.

    Edit: Oh wait, you said ‘mom’. Fuck it, send her an email Tweet status update.

    Double Edit: Oh wait, send her an insta’Gram’. ‘Gram’ stands for ‘this joke is old, like my gram!’

    Triple Edit: Oh, wait, you said ‘mom’, yet I made another ‘gram’ joke. Drugs are bad…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This image is so dense.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You should reply to him with a modified version of this image with the ‘Kessel Run’ joke. I think he replied to one of my comments about my surprise of Rich being able to run.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Thank you. :’)

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    My tax dollars also pay for free health care.

    How do you think I keep getting all my pills?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mark Bisone
  • ThomasHFoolery

    If I had the money I would absolutely drive up from North Carolina to be in this. But mainly bc I never got my pizza rolls in the mail as was promised.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I didn’t get this until I realized it was Bush’s face on Neo’s body.

    ‘Now I Get It’…

  • catnep

    Never apologize for being in Scotland.

  • catnep

    It is if your litter is the “extra fine clumping” variety. It’s just like squatting in the white sands of the Caribbean!

  • catnep

    Look at you, so full of envy! He is The Talent.

  • catnep

    This made me cackle out loud. Thank you.

  • http://redlettermedia.com/ Mike Stoklasa

    You got me. I’m actually Mike’s ghost. I was murdered, tragically, during the filming of Space Cop. Now I’ve come back and I follow Jay and Rich around while we try to solve my murder by following Jessie’s trail of bubble gum wrappers.

  • catnep

    Y no apfel?

  • Joe Syxpac


  • Now I Get It

    Lucky you. Under the Canadian system, only my blander conditions are covered, whereas my truly exotic, brain-centric maladies that make me a danger to myself and the community – although evidently not this one, because somehow I’m still here – go unfunded.

    That’s why I’m thinking of moving operations to the States. They’ve got the Affordable Care Act now, and I hear it’s going REALLY, REALLY WELL. That’s a place I might just fit in.

  • Now I Get It

    Donate button top right corner, but once you hit Paypal you’re on your own. (God, I loathe filling in forms.)

  • Now I Get It

    Yes, someone had fun in the editing bay that day. It’s one of those mash-ups with stratified references that make you look twice or – God forbid – find yourself out of the loop and wishing you’d been born in the Pre-modern age like I do. I found it on boingboing.net by searching bing for “shoe throwing animated.” Several links came up.

  • Now I Get It

    Clumping?! Squatting?! So the Caribbean is just one big… Ewwww!

  • Now I Get It
  • There’s no E

    The real Mike would at least spell his girlfriend’s name right….

  • Mykeru

    Actually, I’m just humble-bragging about forking over bucks for a digital download of “How Not to Make a Movie” where Mike Stoklasa recounts the love-hate relationship his film classes had with him, his films and what I presume were random wet beer farts.

  • Mykeru

    Was there a fire? Oh, gentrification. Okay.

  • ident

    A long way to go, but I admire your commitment.

  • ident

    Are you sure?

  • catnep

    Yes, yes, the house that Babelfish built and that’s Bono headlining. I think you should write this paper!

    “Do you speak Bachi?”: A survivor’s guide to moisture generators


  • catnep

    You highfalutin farmboys and your fear of a little cat poo. Sheesh.

  • Now I Get It

    Okay, I’ve already risked deletion once today, posting a semi-obscene picture, but, apparently, I need to get earthy, so, here’s…whatever.

    These are civet droppings. And if you scrape the poo off each hard centre, you’ll find a partially digested coffee bean, which, when sifted and washed and roasted on its own, then – and I can’t emphasize this enough – blended and brewed with the Jamaican Blue Mountain bean, will produce the most delicious cup of coffee you’ll ever taste.


    Your cup’s deliciousness will, of course, come not from being blended with what is already the world’s greatest ever coffee bean that also hasn’t been through a mammal’s digestive tract, but from some leftover civet enzyme.
    I guess, then, my only objection to cat poo is that it didn’t come out of a civet, because if it did, it would be really, really useful in getting me up in the morning, after some actual cat has gotten me up several times through the night.

    So, maybe the next time that you’re in, oh say London, browsing through Peter Jones with 324 pounds sterling to spend on a kilogram of hot beverage to pair with your Droste, you’ll find it in your palette to try “Caffe Raro” from the “bean” of the civet. Lekker?


  • TheHaggisHunter

    yes it looks exactly like the picture you get on a short bread tin, and we all wear kilts and hunt haggis, they look like a small grouse but are more viscous

  • catnep

    Doesn’t sound like I can afford it!!! Thanks for showing me a glamorous world I’ll never know! (Ahem. I don’t mind the pre-filtering if it’s good coffee.)

  • Now I Get It

    “Doesn’t sound like I can afford it!!!”

    No, who could? Or would? I mean, it’s designer coffee shat out of an animal that may or may not even be a cat.

    I used to pay $35/lb. for Blue Mountain for my mother’s birthday or Mother’s Day. That was in the 80s. But when the Japanese started buying it all up, the price climbed above $50. That’s when I stopped buying it. Blue Mountain is excellent. Like good tequila, it’s just the smoothest stuff on earth. Though for some reason the first sip, like a first coat of paint, is always hideous and seems like the biggest mistake you’ve ever made, even though it’s your favourite colour.

  • Now I Get It

    Okay, okay, I’ll write the paper (maybe), but I must know What is it with apfel? It’s not Dutch (I think), and if it’s German, why isn’t the initial capitalised? I even found an Iris Apfel, and I don’t even know what that is. You must tell me the reference – or do I have to start cutting myself again?

  • Christopher Kulik

    Haven’t seen it (yet), can’t stand Sandler. In fact, haven’t seen a Happy Madison production since the horrible CLICK. As someone who writes movie reviews for the county newspaper, I won’t even give Sandler mention in print anymore. The guy is seriously a fraud.

  • sepiajack

    Good luck today to all you Spacecop extras! I’m jealous

  • Percy Gryce

    Anyone show up as an extra for Space Cop? We want inside scoop, dish the dirt, candid photography, etc., etc., so on and so forth.

  • Now I Get It

    Like Wookieepedia, this is an astonishing site. I know it’s short and playful, but it’s still encyclopaedic in its way, with a depth of detail that’s almost intimidating, like when a friend of mine talks about “The Sandbaggers”.

    So, what are your favourite SW sites – if I may ask – or what do you think are the best ones?

  • catnep

    Correct… It is Deutsch or Duits (but not Dutch). Why did I think of it? I was triggered seizure-like by your comment written in Old English. “APFEL!” the brain monkey exclaimed. l really can’t explain it. Now please put the knife away or slice yourself some cheese?

  • catnep

    Well, Wookieepedia is a perennial favorite. I like anything that has “wookiee” in it basically. My criteria for what’s good is often uncomplicated!

  • Now I Get It

    Ah, bless you. Unfortunately, my own monkey is omnivorous, to wit: “DUCK LEGS!” “LOOSE TEA!” “GAME OF THRONES!” “ICE CREAM!” “NICHOLS & MAY!”… I’d skip to the end of this list but…there really isn’t one.

  • Now I Get It

    I wish I had his commitment. Which hospital is he in again?

  • Now I Get It

    Just for being Scottish.

  • catnep
  • Now I Get It

    Oh, yes, yes-yes-yes. The calico kitten is correct, as I knew it must be when I read the “never” of your post.

    Scots have, shall I say, imposed themselves in my life even more prominently than Catholics have. (I am neither.) And I’ll have you know that I am winless against what I have come to think of as that nation of…. Mwell, you’ve been far too dear and generous – and now must I say Scottish? – a correspondent for me to complete my carefully compiled conclusion.

    I’ll leave the last word, then, to Kenspeckle – yes, Kenspeckle! – the senior of the farm’s three mousers, shown below in facsimile. Look at those gimlet eyes, as they beam the native sentiment, both commanding and magnanimous, “Stop worrying! You’re at your auntie’s!” Terrifying.


  • Cameron Ohara

    Id go but im in Canada :( *first time ever im sad to be in Canada*

    *goes to post this on Twitter*

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I haven’t seen GU2, but I will agree that Mud and Prisoners are great. I personally liked Prisoners better as it’s a genre that I enjoy more, but Mud was done damn well.

    Yes, Sandler is a hack fraud. Too bad because I think he is actually quite funny and he showed some range in Punch-Drunk Love.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This is the wittiest thing I read on this entire thread.

  • Now I Get It

    Yes, and my biggest seller, too. Usually, I’m a one comment/one vote kind of guy, but this time I managed to say something of appreciable interest and not pull the wings off it in editing. Much obliged.

  • Engelhast

    What coinkidink! He is also a setting on my motorized fleshlight. Two timing son of a bitch Max Power. Max fucking bastard is more like it.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I should add that I burst out laughing when I read it, too.

  • Now I Get It

    Oh, well, the cards and letters just keep pouring in.

    It’s a literate crowd here that knows when PG was owning and operating his old New York milieu. Either that or they’re just the type who like to look shit up online.

  • catnep

    Ah, Kenspeckle has granny’s discerning eyes! Proud and vaguely murderous at the same time. There could be something to this reincarnation thing after all? I am a mutt so cannot claim anything but granny’s heritage and a similar patchy and squinty look.

  • Now I Get It

    “Proud and vaguely murderous at the same time.”

    I’m still laughing at this. With three mousers in the garden and a Scot boss in the field, my workday is a non-stop murder of body and soul.

    “…and a similarly patchy and squinty look.”

    But framed by perfect earlobes, I’m sure, as is the way of your people.

  • RG

    I’ve been a cheering extra in dozens of movies, but I’m more of a “woo hoo!” cheerer than a “yippee!” cheerer.

  • Adam

    that’s his name? Space Cop? I hope so, I hope that’s on his name tag.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Want to be an extra in Space Cop? Well…TOO BAD, LOSERS! You don’t live in Wisconsin and thus are guilty of the sin of LOSERNESS. Confess and repent now and maybe you can appear in Space Cop II: The Coppining.

  • Jay Stein

    Amen Sister!

  • Jay Stein

    CO Bro!

  • Thanatos2k

    So, someone went right? What happened? Did Rich Evans die in a horrible cat allergy accident or not!?

  • Now I Get It

    It’s when you’re stuck roadside and some good samaritan runs jumper cables from his car battery to your geni… No, wait, that’s what it’s called in England. Here, it’s just a “boost,” I think.

  • Now I Get It

    And so began the creation of the index and glossary necessary to the commencement of the holding of the consortia (disputing, infighting, backstabbing, bite-backing, backbenching, and knob-jobbing) for the defining of What Is Canon?

  • Now I Get It

    He might even be The The.

  • Now I Get It

    He might be high-strung, but the man just ran and won his own trifecta, and should make a savoury glue.

  • Christopher Kulik


  • catnep

    There’s a Tear in my Beer!

  • Jesus the Hutt

    Aahh.. finally back from the shoot, everything pretty normal, except for the rectal exams on every single one of us that Rich took upon himself, now that´s what I call dedication (they had to make sure we didn´t have any recording/torture devices up in there…) oh by the way, Mike and Jay are waaay shorter in person, and they do not look at all Asian, who knew….?

  • Now I Get It

    I’m for these things, by the way: glossary, index, canon. Not to beat a dead horse, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an example of a misdefined canon.

  • winzentween

    thIS COULD be SOOOO much worse lol so kudos for making something which actually looks amusing….I wish them well and hope it all goes according to plan as I will watch anything they produce as long as its as funny as the show :D

  • winzentween

    lol this is really funny stuff! u should help the writers with quips like that…very funny. Also did you know that Rich apparently has a healing probe in his penis which explains why he visits the terminally ill wards (though not the morgues?!!??) in his spare time….or so he told me….im now healed…kind of but i have trouble walking straight LOL (OMG!!!)

  • chibidw

    That’s because it’s universal health care, not free health care. It’s a misnomer that came about because most Canadians never had the severe conditions that actually carry a cost.

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