Transformers: The Last Knight – re:View

June 25, 2017138 Comments

Colin and Jim discuss the latest Michael Bay disaster, Transformers: The Last Knight.

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  • CatCallOfCthulhu

    Oh, Yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu!

  • Leaden Stride

    Zima?, really?

  • lol you assholes

  • VanDerSm00th

    We’ve been had by the best. Again.

  • James Gandy

    Like most foreigners, Colin and Jim do the work of Americans, Mike and Jay, in a fraction of the time.

  • Danny Stamp

    This is just pointlessly antagonising. Why be such cunts?

  • Have you been on the site long?
    Cause, you know.

  • jmt

    How can I drink your pain if you won’t do a detailed analysis of how Michael Bay failed?

  • Arthur Petrus Sabbatius Justin

    I’ve been tricked again

  • Castor Troy

    ah yes as usual taking the joke and over doing it. it was funny the first time, now its fucking stupid.

  • Casey D. Mann

    Alrighty then. One of the first times I wasn’t on board with you guys’ videos. Huh. Interesting.
    Now, I must make snarky and mean comments about how you guys suck and I hate you and all that.

    I mean, after 200+ hours of material, I have been very dissatisfied with about 2 hours of your CRAP! GOSH!

  • Eben Charles Sullivan

    You guys really made the most of those 23 minutes! It must have taken forever to edit down all the raw footage and still produce a concise, balanced, and objective critique of not only the Transformers franchise and its entire history (very informative and in depth, btw), but also the Hollywood blockbuster production model as a whole. Good job!

  • MichaelKz

    Guys, how could we not see this? This weekend must have been the big wedding between Susan and Mr. Plinkett. That’s why these Canadians are filling in.

  • Omar Del Real

    Ok didnt see anything just saw the whole blackness thing and stopped the video in order to not count as a view. I feel cheated. I feel like this people are making fun of me. not personally but making fun of their community. Honestly, I cant support you people anymore. I understand the whole witty joke but at some point, you lost me. there is a threshold on how much you can play with people. I feel that when a critic or filmmaker express themselves is to connect with people even if it is by criticizing the establishment . I just cant handle it anymore. You are taking my money. You are playing with the system. I need to say goodbye. Just kidding I love RLM. BTW The canadians dont seem to know how to open beers. They are Weird.

  • Black Santa

    What if the Canadians killed them all and took over? Is this Canadian humor?

  • Gary V

    There’s an Easter egg at 18:54

  • Gary V

    Actually it’s the shakes caused by massive consumption of alcohol.

  • FiachSidhe

    ….alright then.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Oh, my God!


    I’m so sorry.

  • Joe Syxpac

    You only know it’s time to stop drinking when you can’t open your beer anymore.

  • Adez

    It wasn’t that funny in the first place :/

    You could have at least watch the new So Bad it’s Good Movie “Book of Henry”

    Or thst new Tupac and talk akwardly about it, that would have been funnier

  • Turock

    Fucking Terrance & Phillip over here… Been waiting to see who Cartman’s real dad is and you pull this shit.

  • Joe Syxpac

    So is the next one going to be Canadian guy and other Canadian guy doing Nerd Crew?

  • StClown

    Okay, who are these guys? I’ve never seen them before. Where are Plinkett’s lover and the vaguely Jewish guy?

  • StClown

    So you’re saying it’s on par with the last four movies in the franchise then.

  • Adez

    Not even that, this is unfunnier then those terrible Canadian flash animated teletoons shows

  • Stephen Spurway

    ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.’

  • EmptyMatchbook

    Awwww, is your free entertainment not calibrated specifically to your likes?

  • EmptyMatchbook

    I doubt they’re ever going to do an actual Half in the Bag on it considering that basically everyone says “It’s another Transformers movie.”

    What else can they say?

  • EmptyMatchbook

    Watch some Best of the Worst episodes: these guys are in a few of those.

  • Adez

    Sure… which I’m allowed to criticize, it’s a free country… for now

  • Jones

    stfu you racist snowflake.

    Oh wow, got a little carried away there. Carry on.

  • VanDerSm00th

    Please go see it and tell me how bad it is. I’m empty that way.

  • I can taste the salt in the air. It’s dehydrating me and upsetting my kidney stones.

  • Take it easy on the salt, you guys, you’re giving me kidney stones.

  • Burgerlord

    Everyone knows that Cartman’s real dad is John Elway.

  • EmptyMatchbook

    It’s not criticism. It’s complaining.

  • Xor

    FREe spEEcj

  • Leonsaint

    they are CG artists and they appear on Incredible Bulk episode

  • Derrick Cryderman

    Finally, a real episode- God Fucking Damn It

  • Chowderbatter


    Totally appropriate.

  • Cat Stowell

    Hey Jack and Rich. Love the ReView! You girls made some fair points about Thelma and louise 5: the Bitchformationtronerizer. I’m not sure I agree with what you said about the ending being pandering to the pro-lifers of the 1350s, but i’m not particularly educated on 14th century womens’ rights (I didn’t go to film school). anywhat, transmorpherizers XII, the thelmalizizing, get’s two thumbs on hands with 8 other fingers for me. Love the review!!

  • Ronnie Tyler

    Aw, did someone rain on your slobbering fanboyism?

    Incidentally, some of us support their Patreon and/or buy their merchandise. Which is why it’s so weird to see them basically tell us they hate us all the time. They clearly don’t want to do HitB anymore. Plinkett reviews seem done. The Nerd Crew was awesome but probably one episode too many … either way I’d rather have them do the new stuff that they think is interesting than jab at their fans with these … things.

    I mean, at the end of the Hollywood Cop Re:View (which they for some reason entitled “Best of the Worst”) Mike made a point of saying he thinks the people who watch their shows are losers. Maybe you’re a big Ed Debevic’s fan and think that’s hilarious, but it just feels hostile to me.

    It’s like that theory that the reason the Seinfeld finale sucked was because Larry David wanted to shoo away the fans.

  • Saying that they don’t want to hang out with their fans face to face is not calling them losers. That’s pretty normal for anyone with a fanbase.

  • EmptyMatchbook

    So you gave them money freely and of your own volition, and now you’re snapping your fingers and demanding they dance for you? You gave them money out of your own pocket, but I’M the slobbering fanboy??

    I’m just sick of people conflating whining complaints with “criticism,” especially with hilariously over-the-top reactions to people who don’t mind if quality entertainment takes a little while. What you and Adez are doing isn’t “criticism,”criticism isn’t some shield you put up anytime you whine about something you don’t like, it means you go into detail of WHY you don’t like something. “Look how jaded and disaffected I am. I’m gonna write a massive screed about how much I DON’T care.”

    RLM has been messing with their fans from day 1, for YEARS, if you take it personally, that’s YOUR problem. You sound like an entitled whiner, but I guess I don’t take random people in videos I watch ribbing me as seriously as some people.

  • odigity

    This is starting to be seriously annoying – and I don’t think I’ve ever truly been annoyed with RLM before, in all my years of fandom and thousands of hours of watching and re-watching.

    It’s not even April 1, and you release two shitty jokes episodes in a row that both completely failed to land.

    What’s up, guys?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    It’s like the rake gag with Sideshow Bill.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Zima was the Surge of the booze industry.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Vaguely Jewish guy”? Mel Brooks isn’t in this videos.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    You mean the last Justin Trudeau press conference?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    David Clarke, is that you?

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Oh thank God, it was only a dream.
    **goes back to being tortured by the East German Stasi**

  • Pop Culture Reference

    No there isn’t!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    They’d have better healthcare then. Except for the being dead part.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Heresy and treason! Take that back!” — Wisconsin Tavern League

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “The joke’s on you, democracy!” — The Electoral College

  • Pop Culture Reference

    If I were Mike and Jay, I wouldn’t want to hang out with us.

  • Ijust

    I don’t think it’s a jab at the fans. It’s more contempt for the internet. They don’t want to turn into all those other internet movie review guys that they helped spawn. And that’s hard to do because a lot of them aped their act. Mike doesn’t seem interested in long form review anymore. Or maybe just doesn’t want Mr plinkett as the tag line on his obituary. I have no idea but I think they’re at a crossroads of what do next with the talent they have. Give them some time.

  • richardwicks

    In defense of Michael Bay, how exactly do you make a good film about robots that transform into various mechanical objects, and place it in this world?

    The very concept itself is directed at 5-12 year olds. The whole point of the original show was to sell cheap plastic toys so children could re-enact the concepts and ideas of what they had already seen in the cartoon.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Haven’t you seen “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”? Now that is how do you a kid’s movie!

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I know, right? It’s like the Plinkett video where he reacts to people reacting to his reaction of Star Wars: Rogue One because he didn’t like it.

  • richardwicks

    They didn’t fail to load, the videos are actually mostly just black and silent.

    Just in case you weren’t joking. But yeah, I kind of agree, this I feel is annoying, however, it’s not like I’m going to quit watching these guys because of two episodes I didn’t like.

  • StClown

    Watch the Half in the Bag for Wonder Woman and you’ll hear the line.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Dammit! Pop Culture Reference done in by not picking up on a pop culture reference. He’s my badge and my piece. I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    Me personally–
    **25 minutes of a black screen**

  • StClown

    Bob. Sideshow Bob. You seem to have missed a pop culture reference.

  • richardwicks

    Haven’t you seen “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”? Now that is how do you a kid’s movie!

    No, I’ve not, and there are 5 film adaptations of it. I read the synopsis, I’ve already seen a film where additions destroy everybody’s life, Requiem for a Dream.

  • richardwicks

    The meaning of the song “We can’t be fooled again”, was a statement that the generation at that time couldn’t be fooled into another pointless war.

    Talk is cheap is what I have learned over a lifetime.

  • Bubs

    Maybe for the next episode, you should just bend me over a pinball machine.

    Or better yet, post an episode of Pre-Rec and force me to watch it.

  • Bubs

    Entertainment? Is that what this was? I was more entertained by the Tampax commercial that played before the video.

  • Most of the time their commentary is fairly ‘spot on’, and I enjoy what they post. Ever binge watch an entire run of a show and skip the shit? Its pretty simple, and just takes a second. Don’t watch the crap and enjoy the gems…

  • GoMoreNaps

    I have a feeling this gag won’t be complete until they’ve trudged through each and every RLM format; Best of the Worst, Wheel of the Worst, Pre:Rec of the Worst…

  • Guest

    I don’t understand where the negativity is coming from, I laughed my ass off at both of these. Why would anyone expect a serious Transformers review at this point? Why would you even want that? It’s just two quick jokes they filmed with their friends, you guys are too damn serious.

  • azicat

    Looking forward to Transformers: The Last Knight – Best of the Worst.

    Mike, Jay, and Rich can then watch all three reviews side by side simultaneously.

  • odigity

    Except I liked the reaction-reaction video. 🙂

    As I said, I’ve pretty much liked everything (even the ten minutes of silently waiting for the phone to ring in Half in the Bag) until this recent double-middle-finger out of nowhere.

  • Whiskey Jack: Lord of Pith

    In all seriousness, aren’t they making another of these horrible films, with that girl from the True Grit remake, back in the 70’s with Bumblebee (and presumably none of the other important Autobots, since they didn’t arrive until the first film)?


  • Whiskey Jack: Lord of Pith

    Don’t forget Gamestation 2.0, and a commentary track.

  • GoMoreNaps

    And of course, A Plinkett Review!

  • Joe Syxpac

    I’m speaking for Canadians, of course.

  • Joe Syxpac

    Next thing you know they’ll be doing Pre-Rec.

  • Joe Syxpac

    They’ll probably do The Last Airbender.

    Or perhaps Black Monster Dicks #2.

  • Turock

    Nothing but selfies

  • Strelnikov

    If you are being tortured by the DDR’s Stasi, you probably deserve it somehow.

  • Rocky

    Hey, it’s like these guys keep giving us the same thing over and over, expecting us to fall for it each time without actually giving any entertainment OH MY GOD IT’S EXACTLY WHAT MICHAEL BAY IS DOING!

    Hack fraud status: revoked.

  • Strelnikov

    The YouTubeniks are furious at this video, because they truly thought that Jim and Colin were going to be serious about a fucking Michel Bay Transformers That are Impossible to Tell Apart sequel. If I had a choice between drinking Zima or reviewing this piss take of a film, I’d drink the Zima and dub in fuzzed-out sound effects too.

  • Strelnikov

    Because money, that’s why.

  • Strelnikov

    Because money, that’s why.

  • Chomiq

    Yeah, Spotlight Series episode two.

  • metalraygear

    seriously…. I want a pre rec, game station, and best of the worst segment!

  • metalraygear

    I want this so bad!

  • metalraygear


  • Cam eron

    Can’t wait for Best of the Worst Transformers: The Last Knight!!!

  • BCFC25

    Fuckers did it again but at least i had the common sense to see the black reel on the rest of the video!!

  • BCFC25

    Almost guaranteed to be the next video!!

  • RLMkeepitup

    I’m not clicking! because it’s the Michael Bay model: many views for little effortz

  • Gene Auhl

    dam not again

  • t⨂my`

    That is a positive thing tho

  • t⨂my`

    Hackfraudery is a serious disease; we all knew that before. But it is also apparently contagious.

  • Andy James

    Nobody’s asking for Transformers to be Citizen Kane. All you need are robot designs that don’t look like junk piles and action sequences that don’t make you want to gouge your eyes out. Keeping the stories simple would probably help, too. I still wouldn’t watch them, but I’d at least understand why they make money.

  • frankelee

    At least it isn’t Pre-Rec.

  • Dustin Scarsdale

    LOL guys if you’re gonna put this much energy into trolling us, then you might as well review the fucking stupid ass movie….

    Its not even worth this amount of trolling…lol….

  • Dustin Scarsdale


    Id have more respect for you guys if you put out a video review and just said “FUCK YOU” end credits.


  • ano nym (gefrast)

    well, looks like i have to watch the movie for myself….. FeelsBadMan

  • Probably the same way you could make a decent Aliens vs Predator or Godzilla movie if you actually put some thought and effort into it. Things that are basically just meant to be awesome (this vs that, which is every Godzilla movie) or turned into toys can still be explored as a concept and taken somewhat seriously – I think of it often in the way Jay endears Escape From New York – where the concept is silly but they play it straight. I think there’s a lot of headroom to do neat and interesting things with some pretty simple concepts, but the studios just set the bar low enough to pander to as many people as possible – because money. When the trailer came out for the original Transformers movie I was kind of like “that looks creepy and awesome” – cause at the time the whole Transformers sound scheme was sort of new (as opposed to how accustomed we all are to this cacaphony of robot sounds nowadays), and it looked more like it was gonna be some sort of neat military thriller or something. What we ended up with was incredibly disappointing. If you do something with a little bit of style and class you can make people take just about anything seriously.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    “…both completely failed to land”

    well, thats…just like…your opinion, man.

    I for one pissed myself both times. and yes, it seems llike that jim truly *is* a secret comedy genius. loved it.

  • Guys, honestly – if you fell for it the second time you should really know better. If you are still mad about the first time, it’d be real easy to just take comfort in the fact that the sheer lack of effort needed to make these videos probably means they’re working on something else. If you actually thought Mike and Jay would fully review an entire Transformers movie in the first place – you are forgetting the only time they reviewed one of these movies they each only watched half of it. They both seemed incredibly bored and uninterested and the only way to make that review fun was to each go in with less knowledge about the movie than a full watch would give them. I should probably just let them troll you but come on now. Simmer down.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    well, the toys were a faksimile of fantasy-self-aware-“living”-alien-superrobots; now they feel “real” as the cgi gets insanly perfect, but what we see on the screen aint a movie; its the faksimile of one. it all figures.

    by the way; there is a pretty decent cam out there, and as shitty and absurd the movie (or simulation of one) is, there is exactly ONE self-aware meta-joke in it, and belive it or not, it actually delivers.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    “until this recent double-middle-finger out of nowhere”

    wow. you *are* taking this personel, aint ya? whats your fucking problem? overblown ego? what are *you* doing for cultural improvement?

  • odigity

    “what are *you* doing for cultural improvement?”

    Giving constructive feedback to my favorite content producer.

    Also, mocking you for your “personel” typo.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    so there not invited to the wedding? those canadians just dont know yet how lucky they are.

  • DasKleineTeilchen


  • DasKleineTeilchen

    where exactly was this “constructive”?!?

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    theres already a very decent cam out there with excellent audio (those chinese know how to pirate, I tell ya), so no need to shovel more money for shit into bays wallet.

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    finaly somebody got the joke right.

  • MichaelKz

    Being the honest fellows they are, they were morally opposed to the sham wedding. Out of friendship they did offer to mind the store while everyone else was away.

  • Steven Gibbs

    They need to do one more of these, but do an actual review AND make it audio only and hide it in the black screen so people that try to preview ahead will think its another fake.

  • Alex Doucet

    Canadian versions of things are always worse.

  • Brian Levine

    Okay, okay, just relax. Here’s the plot:

    Bad robots come to Earth and good robots assemble to protect everyone and they joke around a lot and then they duke it out and smash everything in sight while no one in the audience can tell what’s happening or who the good robots are and then they leave Earth while inexplicably leaving Marky Mark still here.

  • Death Ray


    (Actually, a review of Transformers based on the excesses of the CGI would be a great use of these guys.)

  • Dark Vader


  • “inexplicably leaving Marky Mark still here”

    So, they failed to protect anyone, in other words.

  • Vector

    Looks like poor Jim has a drinking problem.

    Specifically, bottle openers.

  • Billy Ray

    I dont get it, there is nothing but darkness and nobody there.

    The rest of the video is all black too….

  • Brett Burrett

    I already knew how this one would turn out. The same basic plot, the same sequences, sometimes even shot for shot. I’m starting to lose count of which one in the series this even is.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Those son of a bitch Mark and Jay have betray me and I don’t care anymore.

  • richardwicks

    by the way; there is a pretty decent cam out there

    No thanks.

    I’ve not seen any of the Transformer films, except in small parts, and I have absolutely 0 interest in seeing them. You might as well be inviting me to see a 1970’s soap opera.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    I for to much agreeing, Comrade Commissar.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    When you said that I heard in my mind that classic Who song, “Teenage Wasteland.”

  • Pop Culture Reference

    It beats drinking Zima.

  • Pop Culture Reference

    “Hérésie et trahison! Reprends-le!” — Quebec Tavern League

  • StClown

    The title of that song is “Baba O’Riley”, teenage wasteland is just one of the lyrics.

    Any other pop culture corrections you’d like? 😀

  • Strelnikov

    Are you fed up with this world?

  • Thanatos

    You gave money to someone who literally calls themselves hack frauds, and now you’re mad about hack fraudery.

    I think you got what you deserve.

  • Thanatos

    Self fulfilling prophecy

  • DasKleineTeilchen

    I have absolutely 0 interest in seeing them

    absolutly understandable and speaks for your sanity.

  • Adez

    What with the “racist” part? Stay on topic

  • ikdks

    Ha ha ha.

  • ikdks

    Hey! Spoilers!

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