Toronto Comic Con THIS weekend!

March 16, 20115 Comments

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  • Adam Allen

    Just ordered Feeding Frenzy online! wish i could make it to the con this weekend but that looks like a no go, hope you guys enjoy Toronto!

  • Dear Harry. I saw your tweet with an autograph by the legendary jedi. His signature looks very pompous and legendary. He is legendary. Why does he write his name so gayly tho? That is legendary. LEGENDARY.

    p.s. I love the new review show. It’s nice of you to let your stupid friend jay out from behind the stupid camera. You are too kind to your minions. WWLD?

  • Meeting you guys was the highlight of the whole event for me. I hope you come back next year so we can pick your brains once more. Thanks again!

  • Catoblepa

    If Plinkett is really sayin’ the next review’s name, it sounds like “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Good.

  • Marmooset

    What’s this thing about Jake Lloyd at the Comic Con?
    Please say you have footage.

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