The Recovered now available as digital download!

June 4, 201373 Comments

Our horror film The Recovered is now available through our site as a digital download! Since 2008, this film had a distributor, but recently the rights reverted back to us, so now it’s back home here at the Red Letter Media website, alongside such classics as Gorilla Interrupted and Feeding Frenzy!

This digital version includes outtakes, a Behind the Scenes featurette, and a brand new commentary track looking back on what it was like to make a movie that’s drastically different than anything else we’ve ever done. HEAD ON OVER TO THE STORE PAGE to get a copy!

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  • Whatever.

    Wheel of the Worst. Shoji Tabuchii show. NOW!

  • cocksaplenty

    this was a very good flick; I saw it when RLM released it during October.

  • George Lucas

    i saw it somewhere too… it sucked!

  • Mark Bisone

    Does Krause get nude in this? If not, does Mike at least show some sideboob?

    Thinking about getting this as a Father’s Day gift, but the old man is picky when it comes to his bangers and mash.

  • Percy Gryce

    Whaddaya mean? It’s a clause in every contract she signs: she has to get naked.

  • Percy Gryce

    This is the best RLM movie that I’ve never seen.

  • (◕ ‿ ◕)

  • Mark Bisone

    You clearly haven’t seen “Feeding Frenzy”, my fine feathered friend.

  • Percy Gryce

    She was pretty close to naked in the opening.

  • Mark Bisone

    Close only counts in horseshoes and anal orgasms!

  • prude

    Oh my God…
    Get a room you two.

  • Percy Gryce


    (That’s French for “please touch my nether regions.”)

  • Percy Gryce

    Rich Evans, is that you?

  • MobileArmySurgicalHospitalSuck

    Yeah this thing is right!
    We want to see an episode of Night Court!

  • whip

    Honestly I am still dying to see the one about tree stand safety. I really hope that makes it into the rotation.

  • Joshua Pelfrey

    The razor blade cringe scenes made me think, “Jay probably wrote this, the way he talks about his disgust with the human body.”

  • Smiley_ie

    This is the best film ever, Makes me wanna pee on myself and put my 14 year old son into acting.

  • Shotgun Ted


    Now shaddup yer trap about it.

  • So dense

  • cunt

    thats the hottest girl youve had in any of your films yet! kudos!

  • Anonymoose

    Enough of these frauds. When are we going to see the Shoji Tabuchi Show and Juggle Your Way to Health and Beauty starring Rich Evans?

  • G. Jardoness

    What, no 3D?! No digital blood?! No comic book superhero origin story?! No Channing Tatum or Anne Hathaway?! Where are the lens-flares and shaky-cam?! 😉

    Great Job RLM! Pizza Rolls for everyone!

    It’s a shame we all seem to be lost in the shuffle.

    Just don’t let that Plinkett guy see it — he’s just so ‘critical’. 🙂

  • Spacecop2electricboogaloo

    This reminds me of BAPS staring halle berry

  • That Bojac

    Sooooooooo any chance you could put just the commentary track up for a couple bucks? Already have the DVD.

  • Duckler

    I’d buy that for a dollar..!

    No really, is it a dollar?

  • Palpatine’s behind it all

    All these murders and Plinkett is not involved?

  • or pick a name

    I don;t care about your shitty movies, give us at least next HitB with After Earth NOW.

  • Anon

    I like you guys, but I wouldn’t watch this shit for free.

  • Jigsaw

    I’m utterly digusted and disappointed. This almost looks like a real movie. How dare you?!

  • Grumpy Space Doctor

    Unfortunately I’m with this guy. Though I would pay a digitial Download to see Rich Evans vs. his sons, whatever that one is called. You know.. the one were he is breakfast man.

  • WhenisthenextPlinkettreview?

    You hacks need to finally sell out to big corporate sponsors and make a big budget movie for the dumb masses.Have Justin Bieber star in it.

    Or go on kickstarter and scam the gullible public out of their money and make a movie with decent budget for the dumb hipsters .

  • room
  • Mark Bisone

    It’s like poetry, it rams.

  • Daylo

    Dude, you’re on to something.

    With a few well thought out tweeks,,,,, Plinkett would make a great proper comedic horror villain for a low budget full length feature.

    Fat slob movie critic buff murdering people who don’t agree with his film sensibilities. Make it a comedy and its an instant blockbuster. I’ll write scenes for credit. You have my email.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Hack frauds (i bought a copy)

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Good morning, son

  • badphotoshopskillz
  • Percy Gryce

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Sulfur12

    You have just lost your credibility as internet bitching brats. Critic can never make a movie. Never. EVER. Thats the only way he can know how to make movies! Thats the only way it makes sense! Whats next, moviemakers becoming critics?!

  • Mark Bisone

    Well, at least they got my good side.

  • checkyerfacts

    They were filmmakers long before they started doing internet review stuff. Check yer facts.

  • S G

    That’s all well and good, but where’s the analog download?

  • guest

    Have you somehow missed the filmmaking aspects that have been present in every single thing Red Letter Media has ever done, reviews or otherwise?

  • Meester Smeeth

    Moisten me up with references to other things and we’ll talk.

  • Meester Smeeth

    At least they try. At least they STILL try. Most critics are definitively unwilling to defy convention because they’re complacent and because they’re arseholes.

  • Duckler

    I like references to things that I like – a thing that I said when the show Archer made a “Pod 6” joke.

  • Wild in Wisconsin

    This better not be that kind of bullshit where they just show all the best scenes in the trailer.

  • Meester Smeeth

    You’re referencing things I don’t know!

  • Percy Gryce

    They’ve done that. It’s called Feeding Frenzy.

  • playdude92 .

    This might be the first non-humor RLM production I´ve seen.
    Looks like a labour of love like all RLM stuff though. Or you might say: Lovecraftian^^.(sorry, it was right there)

  • Wut?

    I couldn’t even watch it when it was free awhile back. Guess it gives me new respect for them being able to watch terrible movies for the Best of the Worst. But I… I just can’t. I always feel like I could be doing something, anything better, and I go off and do that instead.

  • Wut?

    How dare you tell them what you want to see from them!

  • cocksaplenty

    I agree about Channing Tatum, but Anne Hathaway? She’s awesome!

  • cocksaplenty

    what about Jocelyn Ridgely?

  • RonMoses

    Amazingly enough, this actually looks like a movie. I am intrigued.

    But yes, Shoji Tabuchii show please.

  • Every single image

    every frame is so dense
    hey is that Jay i saw as the salesman in the store?

  • Orin

    Um, I know that this is the internet and it can be hard to tell, but Sulfur12’s comment contains so much sarcasm that it gave me an ice cream headache.

  • Sulfur12

    Sometimes when I look at the content of internet I just need to cry… and pee. But mostly cry. Thank you my lonely knight of justice and sarcasm recognition. Thank you because you made me stop peeing.

  • WH

    Not sure why anyone is surprised that this looks decent. Listen to every bit of criticism they’ve given, and imagine having taken it yourself and put it into a production. They really seem to know what the hell they’re doing. I’d like to see them get off the ground with their film production, as that seems to be more in tune with what they want to do professionally (especially Jay).

  • Palpatine’s behind it all

    He only killed like…one hooker in that. He didn’t even get to run over a Korean family with his car!

  • DagobahDave

    I’m gonna put Skittles in your dick holes.

  • Rick

    Well now that you have the rights back… THE RECOVERED 2: RE-RECOVERED

  • Hans Olo

    I liked Gorilla Interrupted better. It had Garrett Gilchrist in it.

  • Hans Olo

    I liked Gorilla Interrupted better. It had Garrett Gilchrist in it.

  • decora

    she’s been in several of their films (if you count the shorts, the Grabowskis, Feeding Frenzy, …)

  • decora

    i wouldn’t watch you shit for free either.

  • Rosemary

    The Recovered wasn’t nearly as juvenile as I was expecting…
    Bravo! More thriller than horror – which is good, ‘cuz me and gore don’t really get along.

  • Octo Seven

    Jar-Jar-ett KilledChrist sucks.

  • Octo Seven

    Roger Ebert directed a movie.

  • Rosemary

    I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t suck entirely, since G:I is the only frame of reference I have for him. I just don’t think the purpose of his character justified all the screen time it got – except to pad an already short movie that woulda been only a featurette without his sequences. Shoulda been more about the love triangle instead…

  • RMCarpenter

    That’s always one of the best things about their videos. You get a glimpse at all the aspects of filmmaking, even when they do something that looks silly or schlocky. The editing in their stuff is especially fantastic.

  • RMCarpenter

    Where’s the DVD? I’ve got a nice little RLM Collection going on, and this needs to be a part of it.

  • Eran

    Hi it is a very nice movie. I need another movie as digital but I forgot it’s name. It’s was starting from Lights or Lighting I guess. Am not really sure about that. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks


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