The Great Space Jam (extended cut)

August 21, 2011

Because we shot so much improv, we decided to edit together an extended cut of our 48 Hour Film, The Great Space Jam. Check it out!

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  • MarryMeLora

    god damn it lora story is hilarious and a total babe

  • Acanthus Lux

    Wow…a lot of meaty stuff was cut from Miss Ridgely’s performance. How can she show her chops when you cut her to the bare bones?

    Lots of stuff that was cut were among the highlights really:

    1) Killing the alien in the wheelchair. That was probably the funniest bit, really. I love the way he moves when he dies. This maybe even be better than the robot.

    2) “Wondering where I got these? I got them from Jesus”.

    3) “Space Jam for you?…No! Space Jam for your children?…ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

  • Rene Lora

    The biggest problem I have with this is “Star Empire.” Also Fuck-Bot 5000 as himself made be smile.

  • TapewormBike

    Jocelyn and Lora in a buddy cop style movie would be amazing (would that be gal cop movie? not sure)

  • Joe Syxpac

    I did my squeekie laugh and then farted.

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