The Cleaning Lady (Mr. Plinkett short film)

November 8, 2012152 Comments

Rich Evans stars in The Cleaning Lady! This is a recently digitally remastered version of an old student film made by Mike and Rich back in 2001 or so. It’s one of the very first appearances of the Mr. Plinkett character, many years before he was known for movie reviews and Half in the Bag.

The premise: Rich Evans plays dual roles as both the crotchety old Mr. Plinkett and a deranged escaped mental patient who thinks he’s a janitor. These are 13 minutes of your life you’ll wish you had back!

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  • Trayan Iliev

    Damn you! I spilled my coffee when I saw a new video on the site. I thought it was the new Plinkett review! The anticipation is taking its toll on my nerves…

  • Pemberton

    It’s like unearthing a long lost John Barrymore performance.

  • That hack fraud rick berman is the star, 0/10 would not bang.

  • silencio200

    Dear 0:21 … FuCK YOU!

  • shureshot24

    I love the old stuff. This and A Long Walk Home are my favorites.


    i like the subliminal go fuck yourself to the audience in the first scene, particularly because this entire short film is a more direct go fuck yourself to the audience

  • Where’s the new revieewwww, asshooollle?!?!


    watching this video after the other plinkett videos is like smoking resin after you have ran out of pot


    ..and roll credits. finally I know how many pollacks it takes to make a shitty web video

  • there are two thoughts that enter my head while watching this: first, who lets you trash their house so you can make a student film, did you buy a bunch of crap at a thrift shop or find a house of a recently deceased person with no relatives? second, fuck you.

  • Jayne Cobb

    This is such schlock.

  • KolbStomp

    This was the best thriller I’ve ever seen! It was a really cool Shyamalan twist that the cleaning guy was just a figment of Plinkett’s imagination. The way he didn’t show up in Plinkett’s glasses was a good way of portraying it!

  • auntfaggot

    this was the worst fucking movie I’ve ever seen

  • “Go fuck yourself”?

  • zachwulf


    OH GOD.


    OH NO.


  • Stupid Pants

    I wrote a 108 page response to your Cleaning Lady video.

  • I bought this film with my money.

  • YourFavoriteCustomer

    you guys are a cluster of assholes. never change. but you REALLY should already upload the new Plinkett and then asap make more Half in the Bags. those are the only comfort in my fucked up life.

  • YourFavoriteCustomer

    I do love the laurel-and-hardyness of this video, people should film more shit like that nowadays.

  • Steve

    At 4:36, the missing number on the house magically fixes itself.

  • Well, it’s stylistically designed to be that way, and you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • Taterboob

    *In Troy McClure’s voice*

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They haven’t changed a bit…have they?

  • jojo

    music was nice…

  • Silent Rocco

    Rich might be a good friend and an important part of RLM. But he just isn’t funny on screen, not even the slightest bit. Exception: him doing the Lucas. Everything else is more or less hurting the reputation of your brilliant other stuff.

  • Internet Cockmuncher

    Mr. Plinkett should review this fucking abomination.

  • RHCZ


  • pantsoup

    this was gorgeous. and rich shot first this time.

  • tommy

    I don’t know if the RLM folks will relate to this comment, but I will say that I liked the continuous crazy talk of plinkett and the casual, crazy psychopathy of the escaped mental patient much more-so than the recent Rich Evans performances that I have seen on the site. I did enjoy some of the game review series that Mr. Evans seemed keen on launching, however, watching Mr. Evans being the butt of jokes and moping around was much less entertaining than Mr. Evans being an oblivious, simple homicidal maniac and Mr. Evans being a senile, babbling and crazy homicidal maniac.

  • I’m a home healthcare aide. We do light housekeeping, with a little less breaking everything. And shotguns.

    Every single old person I clean for is Plinkett! I swear, almost verbatim!

  • Tosted O’s

    You sir are insane. Rich Evens is the Daniel Day Lewis of comedic boobery.

  • ItsThe GreatestMovieEverMade

    It’s the greatest movie ever made.

  • This was a pretty decent laugh, especially at the end.

  • Name

    Including the hookers chained up in the basement?

  • Tosted O’s

    Next time they re-release it, it should be a special edition and using cgi they can fill the screen with more Cheetos, more stuff to break, and twice as much Rich Evans! also lightsabers, MORE LIGHTSABERS.

  • “These are 13 minutes of your life you’ll wish you had back!” <- Plus the 20 minutes I was searching for a cool reply! Now I feel really stupid.

  • bob

    When are you doing the next Plinkett review?

  • ian

    hey guys, when is the next plinkett review?

  • Palpatine



    every shot of this film was so dense, there was so much going on

  • Nobody

    Why was this even made?

  • R1-G4

    Now I understand some things in live a little better. Thanks RLM.
    When’s the next Nostalgia Critic Review?

  • Thomas

    It’s so funny, because when plinkett is talking to the cleaning guy, you can see the reflection in his glasses that there’s nobody standing there…Makes it that much funnier.

  • playdude92

    When is the next GOOD thing? (sorry guys)

  • Epicness !

  • Mark Bisone

    My cock hasn’t been teased this hard since the fifth grade, when they cancelled “Sloppy Joe Thursdays”. It still says Sloppy Joe on the menu, but all we get is tater tots and week-old tuna salad.

  • MahMahAfro

    I didn’t know Rich Evans did his own stunts!

  • Draculasaurus

    Mr. Evans is wearing a lot of merkins in this! Very realistic!

  • clank4001

    rich had hair then

  • Mark Smith

    I’ve watched it with Directors commentary, now when I watch the broken mirror scene, I cringe in fear that he’s going to cut his hand. One time I was shaving in the shower at Golds Gym and I dropped my shaving mirror in the shower. There were a bunch of dudes in adjoining shower stalls. I had to be like, sorry everybody, you’re all going to step on pieces of shattered mirror because I’m a dumbass.

  • Gooilt

    The sad truth about this video is that it will never go away. It can never be undone.

  • Engelbert Humbledink

    If Mr. Plinkett was born in 1906 and claims to be have been “58 years on this planet”, this must be set in 1964.

  • jt

    Yeah, I made it almost 1:30 into the video.

  • Johnny Handsome

    I can’t go on without my Quizzard!

  • Chris P

    This is apparently what you get for providing free quality entertainment for years on end: a giant fuck you from the fans?! Take your time with the review guys

  • Semen Ballsack

    Your face is cunty.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Why would you support something evil like Gold’s Gym?

  • twistedfloyd

    So you love Red Letter Media and saw they were posting one of their shorts. And you thought, even though fake Plinkett’s in it, Fake Plinkett is still funny and RLM’s sense of humor and wit will shine through in this short.

    So you got some lube- I mean popcorn, (and some tissues, or a sock) sat down in your fancy chair and decided to take a break during a 16 hour work day and watch another great RLM production.

    Then you saw it.


    Yeah, I couldn’t even finish this one. Sorry guys. It is interesting to see where you guys came from though and how much you’ve grown in terms of not necessarily technical aspects, but finding the spirit of what makes Half In the Bag, and the Plinkett character work so well.

  • JC Denton

    My favorite frauds!

  • Trayan Iliev

    Based on what we know about this guy, do you really think he’s from Earth?

  • guest

    I don’t think that compliment was backhanded enough. Please try harder.

  • Leo Ladenson

    In the remastered version of The Cleaning Lady, Plinkett shot first.

  • bongodoug

    this was awful, but i still watched every second. i love the animal wallpaper 8:39. had it in my bedroom as a kid.

  • Neighborhood_Pedophile

    I contemplated suicide several times throughout this movie.

  • at 4:37 the missing housenumber is magically back on the wall, and missing again in the following scenes!

  • Murderin Murphy

    Plinkett dies.


    Also, I don’t know how spoiler alerts work.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Who doesn’t at least chuckle at RE’s uproarious reaction shots? You, sir, have a cold, dead heart.

  • When is the next review?

  • Nick

    The special edition will have cartoon dinosaurs walking around

  • jEN

    I guess deinterlacing wasn’t part of the “remastering” routine?

  • This video gave me cancer.

  • Dan is cool

    WHat the hell did I just watch?

  • mr. 2001

    I have four of those light blue trash barrels… maybe I’m a serial killer.
    Why don’t more movies nowadays use starwipes… it’s amaaaaaaazing.
    I represent the stereotype that all mental patients are clumsy!… oh, I mean resent.
    This the type of movie you’d let play in the background… of an execution.
    …What a twist!

  • name

    Inverse Telecine


  • godhatesyeast

    Your reviews are great!

    Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo. No one cares about The Cleaning Lady!

  • Rich has a really big penis. No, really, he does! So, that’s a plus. Keep rock’n that dong, Rich.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I really enjoyed that.
    haha Rich looks weirdly like Mike when he plays escaped mental patients what think they are janitors.

  • twistedfloyd

    WAsn’t being sarcastic or anything Iike that, I freaking love RLM, but this short wasn’t good to me, but shows how much they have evolved as creative artists. This is what people who are creative do, they have a voice and then work at it to perfect that voice which is what they’ve done over the course of time.

  • Kenshiroh

    You think this was shot on film?

  • Before there was The Room, there was The Cleaning Lady. Breaking perfectly good furniture will never get old.

  • Ian A

    This was a great beginning effort by some…er…AN amateur filmmaker,
    and I honestly can’t wait to see if this just isn’t the start of
    something great. This fresh new talent, Rich Evans, is something really
    special, and for sure he’s been waiting for a short film like this to
    come along, so he can properly display his talents. Kudos! Your future
    looks quite bright.

  • anyone else see the subliminal message right after rich checks the address in the beginning?

  • Also Steve

    Yeah, I’ve seen that, too. Even before your post. Nah, who’s looking stupid now?

  • Claus

    I like Turtles.

  • Claus

    I hope you’ve kept the original negatives so when can restore it to the original 1977/2001 release and not this fancy Special Edition.

  • DerpMcDerpster

    I like it when he opens the door and when you look at plinkets glasses you can see that nobody is standing at the door. PLOTHOLE :D:D

  • Ian A

    Go Fuck Yourself……..well, you did ask for it.

  • Guest

    Its good to show contempt for your audience.

  • Fuck Fuckerson

    This piece of shit film is the worst piece of crap i have ever seen in my entire life. I want my new Plinket review by the morning or i swear i’m gonna murder the entire RLM cast with a shotgun.

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    DarthVaderHappyMeal reporting from Disneyland where we’ll soon have the Vader-Super-Magnificant-Fun-Ride ™. NEWS FLASH: Disney corportate stated that they have set aside $23.1 M legal funding to monitor any future Plinkett violations or perversions regarding their new $4 Bn acquisition. Just thought you’d want to know. DarthVaderHappyMeal reporting out. [ Wait a minute, what’s this? Just received some notice here that I can’t use this name. What the … ! ]

  • Eric


    But…there’s not even a bit of cgi…you besmirch the good name of Lucas.

  • Nickname

    can’t wait to see this in 3D and 48 frames per sec sometimes…

  • I have this sudden urge to go f**k myself…

  • jubalbiggs

    I like the part where the pizza roll appears and starts to talk about killing and disposing of bodies and stuff… you know, added spice at the half way point.

  • Daggoth

    Great! When is in coming out in 3D? Will the cleaning lady be late for the celebration?

  • Please

    Please stop the autoplay after each video and Care Boars from always being the next up so I can keep the memory repressed!

  • dashmaul

    Calm down people, this was before movies had CGI

  • Tommy O’Sullivan

    Rich Evans is RedLetterMedia’s Pete Best. They’ll have to get rid of him in order to move on to even bigger things

  • Som

    hey wait a minute.. i can walk …. hahaha

  • It’s been remastered. Plinkett now blinks.

  • Masterpotato

    Dat ❤ Rich Evans ❤ ♥_♥ !!

  • guest

    Your opinion is wrong.

  • Daggoth

    Yes, yes. That’s all great and all, but what really counts is the digital eyelash rendering…

  • Rick Rickerson

    Did this video tell me to fuck myself right as Rich is ringing the doorbell the first time?

  • Mynock

    Way to be cock teases, RLM. You guys know updating anything but the new review after announcing it’s almost ready is a prick move. You’re lucky I’m mostly here just to illegally download and redistribute your shit, otherwise I’d have serious issues with coming back…

  • yesman

    This reminds me on some 30’s french short comedy skit without the french or the comedy…I loved it.

  • Andy S

    It had a deeper meaning that’s quite interesting. Oh yes.

  • GuestMan

    My mouth kinda just dropped open in shock of how bad and obviously home made this was. Just stick with the reviews

  • Fuck Movies

    It had some pacing issues in the 3rd act, but redeemed itself towards the conclusion.

  • Hooper

    Continuity error, not plothole 😉

  • guest

    Didja miss the part where it says this was made over ten years ago? It practically IS a home movie, dumbass. And have you not seen anything else on this site that’s more current like Half in the Bag or the trailers for their features that are much more professional?

    Jesus, the people that leave comments on this site love to complain just for the sake of complaining, don’t they?

  • cole1114

    Rich is so much skinnier and less haggard and terrible and sickly and diseased and dying looking than he does nowadays. I think this video is what sparked his slow descent into being Rich Evans. The name wasn’t enough, now he actually IS Rich Evans.

  • graboid

    I think it’s so encouraging when special people make movies. It makes me remember to be grateful for everything I have.

  • Quizard Wizard

    It was worth it for the quizard line alone … the rest may have melted part of my brain…. also this damn post set off my need to check this goddamn site every day until that plinkette gets edited.

  • woopteedo

    It was remastered but you didn’t enhance it with any blue screen effects or cgi. I also noticed you left the fields on. Was this by unoticed or un-fixable based on the original? Also I’d like to comment on how it was remastered. Could we see the original to see the difference. lulz.

    Only messing. Keep up the good work. We know you like goofy comments.


  • Slabberjaws

    This is gonna be great!

    13 minutes later…

    OH NO!!!

  • Rick Berman

    Rich Evans can’t handle one role BUT TWO?!?

  • Tommy Wiseau

    The greatest room trashing scene in cinematic history?

  • Reminds me of the stuff I used to shoot on my Mom’s camcorder when I was a teenager. Little comedy skits, celebrity impersonations and slapstick all starring my friends and I that was funny to us and meant for a very limited audience. Much like my own “films” from way back then I look at something like this and wonder what the fuck they were thinking. Still, despite its short comings, this is better than some feature length films I’ve seen. Rich is pretty good at breaking stuff in a comedic way, I look forward to seeing Space Cop if you guys ever manage to finish it.

  • mr derp

    The Wheel Chair symbolizes religion and the Cheetos humans.

  • rba

    An old student film? I hope you guys got an ‘A’…. an ‘A’ for ‘waaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaa?’

  • How did you not notice the Oscar worthy directing, sweeping cinematography, great writing, clever political humor, impressive visual effects and amazing performances?

  • Christopher Kulik


  • godhatesyeast

    But I just did the Indiana Jones review!

    Oh, wait.

    I guess you want something a little more in depth, right?

    OK, let’s start this over. Here goes nothing!!!

    /new Plinkett review please


  • AnimistPrimal

    Was this made by Bootsie Goodhead too?

  • A dummy’s legs

    Just asking, was this shot on the PD150? I’ve heard it’s the new wave.

  • PeteR..

    Deinterlace idiot and repost. I expect more from you lollygaggers. I do.


    Chris, please consider the spirit of levity with which we mock this film. On a related note, does the P stand for Pussy?

  • crap

    What a fucking waste of time

  • Oakstave

    It needed more Rich Evans.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Actually, I rewatched the review a couple of days ago and left a new comment. I wondered how Dan Aykroyd could have a cameo in TEMPLE OF DOOM, yet he doesn’t show up as a Crystal Skull expert in IJ4.

  • godhatesyeast

    He could have brought a bottle of his crappy, overpriced vodka to enhance his hallucinations…

  • Kyran

    At 0:21 it flashes “Go fuck yourself” on the screen for a fraction of a second. That really hurt my feelings.

  • Kyran

    The reflection in Plinkett’s sunglasses show an empty doorway when he is talking to the cleaning guy. Why? WHY?!?!

  • winzentween

    RIch has lost far too much weight and looks no longer like RIch…not a good move unless u r rich but then no one will know you???

  • … you guys really just like coming up with scripts as an excuse to fucking destroy sets don’t you?

  • Made me laugh. 😀 Great job Plinkett, I want more REVIEWS though. As an avid fan, I shall be patient. mail me a pizza roll please!

  • silversmacks

    I regularly shit blood. This was worse.

  • Tempest

    two can pay the violent shotgun game.

  • Jeff

    When you remaster this again in a few years, make sure to add a few more Storm Troopers. That’s what this movie really needed.

  • Cassie

    What the FUCK did I just watch?!

  • ProcInc

    Rich is the undisputed King of Corpsing

  • Greg

    How could this even justify the prop cost?

  • Whargoul

    Rich Evans looks fucking tiny in this.

  • decora

    it’s stylisitcally designed to be that way, and you can’t undo that…

  • decora

    look up John Robertson

  • Jasan Joson

    You just don’t get it. The cleaning lady was all in Plinkett’s mind. Mr. Plinkett was the cleaning lady.

  • iDontGiveAShitYouStupidDipshit

    I hate this film. I hate it. FORK IN THE BRAIN.

  • Mr.Fister

    It’s so dense, every single image has so many things going on

  • maggit

    Took thirteen minutes to watch. Still better than Boyhood?

    No. Not this time.

  • nunurbiznis

    What’s with the random Mammy shot in here? This is kind of like the random image of a guy in blackface at the end of “Titties and Rice” on Jay Bauman’s MySpace: What’s the point of this shit? You guys aren’t RACISTS or something? It’d make sense, given Gilchrist’s comments…

  • jabbakahut

    Um, there is no video loading on this page. There isn’t even a broken player. It’s like they forgot to include the actual content.

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