DVD: $15.00
DIGITAL: $10.00


DVD: $15.00
DIGITAL: $10.00

DVD: $12.00
DIGITAL: Buy $10.00/Rent $3

DIGITAL: Buy $10.00/Rent $3

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  • Anonymous

    Does Plinkett give commentary for Feeding Frenzy?

  • Stephen

    yes it does plus here is a link to the movies trailer at the 2.35 mark plinkett talks about the dvd and its extras

  • upslee1

    whats up guys…I drive tractor trailers for a living and love your shitty reviews…I am very computer stupid and need my 13 year old to help me get my email…he recently set me up with a mp3 player, which I stuck into my tape player(fuckin technology!!)and I have listened to the Phantom Menance commentary around 257 times. although I love hearing about Qui Jhon Obi Jhon or whatever the fuck his name is, I am ready to shoot myself with my double barrell Remmington. Is there a legal way(my 13 year old already told me the other way) to get the other reviews on the mp3 player when I get it out of my dashboard? I would love to support your ventures(lets not get crazy, I’m talkin a few fuckin dollars) and need you imput or help or something to be able to stay awake while driving at the posted speed limit(of course). please respond to this post soooon. my computer handle is UPSLEE1(i work for Roadway and my name is Ralph….thats a joke you see….ya see I changed the company name and my name as a joke…ya know comedy… ohhhhhh, ohhhh yah. well if you don’t get it, email me and my kids will explain it…I mean its really an easy joke if you break it down..awww fuck it!) anywho, get back to me …thanks

  • coqmongler

    Download the phantom menace review (google), then open it in an editing program [WMM, Camtasia, ect] (both parts) and export the audio as an mp3 (both parts) when done, rename (if you want) and copy both mp3s to your mp3 player and try playing them and see if they work. Do the same with the other reviews.

  • Sqee

    pro trolling there

  • DonaldPett

    Just to clarify, if I bought one of the posters and chose the option to have it signed, does that mean it will be signed by the artist or by the RedLetterMedia crew?

  • Michael

    Just bought a “Jump the Shark” poster from you guys and I’d love to have it made out to my brother, Stephen. Thanks!

  • Jeremy

    Ordered the S.W themed poster just now. Could you make it out to Jerry,
    along with a warning to stop ordering stuff online when drunk.

  • Jeremy

    Ordered the S.W themed poster just now. Could you make it out to Jerry,
    along with a warning to stop ordering stuff online when drunk.

  • Jeremy

    I have an elongated stutter.

  • Jeremy

    02:17 in the Uk and I should have stopped drinking. I have to ‘work’ in about 6 hours but obviously ordering another poster seemed like a better idea than sleep.

    Just write something that I won’t be ashamed to have on the wall when elderly relatives come to visit.

  • John

    Oh god those t-shirts are the worst thing since panic at the disco. Don’t sell those.

  • Sam

    I ordered a poster could you sign it with “Fuck Movies” and your names. Thanks guy’s love your show.

  • Sam

    Actually make it

    Happy birthday Koen Timmermans

    And sign with your names. Thanks alot guy and sorry about the confussion. It’s for a friends birthday he’s a big fan.

  • Andrew Curry

    I also love Ghostbusters. It’s one of my favorite movies. I also love Ghostbusters 2. However, in general most people don’t like Ghostbusters 2. I would love to hear your thoughts on Ghostbusters 2 and why it’s not well liked.

  • Paul Bushe

    Just wondering if I buy the digital download of feeding frenzy do I get the extra features as part of the download too?

  • playdude92

    I might buy a shirt of Mr. Plinkett fucking a Shark for Breakfast…

  • Vik V.

    How do I let know if I want the DVD signed? I’m planning on buying the FF/Archive double pack.

  • Vik V.

    I have just ordered the FF/Archive bundle pack. Please have it signed by Mike, Jay, and Rich Evans. Thanks!

  • Guest

    where are the chunkys chicken t’s

  • Daron

    I’m surprised the store doesn’t offer ‘Lightning Fast VCR Repair’ work coats & shirts.

  • Matt S

    Why not have a DVD of the reviews of Episodes 1-3?… I’d buy it.

  • Erik K.

    agree, would buy one for sure. Even typing my real name below so i can prove it in case i get called out later!

  • bananna hammock

    I’m sure they would owe lucas money if they made any money off the reviews.

  • Wannabe ORANGES viewer

    Amazon does not have stock left of ORANGES: ROTE, I would have used the VOD option, but both the rental and buy option is only available to people residing in the US. Fans from other countries also want to be able to buy your old stuff. I really enjoyed Feeding Frenzy.

  • Guest

    Hey guys! I ordered the “Jump the Shark” poster with the signatures. I was hoping for Rich, Jay and Mike to sign it. Thanks.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Duh. It’s composed almost entirely of clips from the movies.

  • scylla

    They have the Lightning Fast VCR Repair patches if you click on the link the Cafe Press store link

  • lindsey42

    I want this too! Even just a t-shirt. Such a good idea.

  • drew

    Yes those work shirts ! That’s why i clicked on the store order one..guess not yet

  • Mynock

    Lightning Fast VCR and Chunky’s Chix apparel. I’m throwing my money at the screen but nothing’s happening… Get on it, guys.

  • Seth Wiseman

    Hey guys, I just ordered your jump the shark poster. Please have Mike, Jay and Rich sign and put some kind of personalization on it. I’m happy to support your projects.

  • bob

    Id buy a “what’s wrong with your face” t-shirt only you dont have one!

  • Marvin Falz

    I already own Archive 1, FF and Oranges and the Commentaries. Guys, I want to buy but there’s nothing left to buy for me right now.

  • iZoe

    I want Plinkett Vodka Gimlet glasses.

  • Marvin Falz

    And I want Mr.Plinkett Star Wars commentares.  (see what I did there? I made it rhyme with the post I’m answering to.)

  • Leo Ladenson

    Too many questions. Just shut up and give them your money.

  • Ken Gray

    A Lighting Fast VCR Repair shirt/coat is something I would want. For me I’m a conservative guy and rolling around with a nearly naked obese guy on the front just isn’t my style. Anyways you guys have my donations, and my purchases to support you!

  • Professor FuckFace

    Why Cant you sell your movie reviews faggot?

  • Marvin Falz

    You should be thankful that Mike is reviewing at all, instead of attacking him.

  • This Sucks

    Love you guys, but for the love of god, get a distributor that isn’t absolute shit, and hire a fucking artist to design your merch. All of this is horrible. This isn’t the 90’s anymore, cut it out.

  • lightning crusher

    where the hell is an android app? you know there are some of us who don’t worship totalitarian Apple and don’t care for their proprietary capitalist products.

  • Mick Psyphon

    Android App, please!
    After all, there are so many more Android devices out there than iOS devices. It would be a good marketing move for RLM.

  • steve

    I’d love a DVD of all the reviews.

  • Ryan

    I came to this store specifically to buy “Lighting Fast VCR Repair” work coats, shirts, or patches.

  • fuassspelunkers

    When is Space Cop coming out you fucking hacks. And I would actually like to purchase the raccoon shirt Rich Evens has, so if you add that to your t-shirt line up you could have up to 1 t-shirt that isn’t fucking horrible. K thanks.

  • EMO Corpse

    Do you maybe have any VHS editions because I still don’t own DVD player because digital technology sterilizes everything from sound to picture.

  • Horny Lonly Chick

    Where could I buy dildo that is like light saber? You know the glowing dildo?

  • YK

    just ricieved the redlettermedia goodie bag, i will consider this as an early Christmas present, thank you!!

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I just bought the gift pack thing. Why did I do this?

  • crinexocorum

    You need to start selling Mr. Plinkett hacksaws.

  • tim

    I was hoping for a “59 minutes!” tee shirt.

  • Ross

    But seriously, Palpatine’s behind it all shirts… PLEASE

  • Francis J. Murdok

    The one piece of RLM merch I want most is a Lightning Fast VCR Repair patch…
    and you don’t make ‘em.
    Can we make this happen, guys?

  • Marvin Falz

    I’d order some Lightning Fast stickers along with Space Cop.


    Hi guys, i’m here for a work shirt too! gotta get on those!

    also, if you need art/animation, i’ll work for links.

  • Jordan B

    Just bought Gorilla Interrupted. I asked them to autograph it with “Worf and his purple space bazooka”.

  • Brickiemart

    I agree and say I would throw my money at this. Create this product and you will have my disposable income.

  • Brickiemart

    Note: My other reply was a wish and response to Redlettermedia to create and sale VCR repair shirts and paraphernalia.

  • Octo Seven

    Anyone else having trouble with the Gorilla Interrupted download?

  • Paul

    I came here for a coffee mug.

  • Mishi

    Just make the shirt with an embroidered patch.

  • Mishi

    Why sell when you can have for free?
    Besides they might not do it for legal reasons.

  • Marvin Falz
  • Hosse

    They have one now!

  • adam

    C’mon make the shirts already!

  • MS

    I would love to see digital downloads or a DVD of the Half in the Bag episodes!

  • Sean Wetmore

    I hope you release 1/2 in the bag on dvd again sometime.

  • Rosemary Heptig

    So, I don’t see the link to buy How Not to Make a Movie? With making jokes about bad movie-making being RLM’s strongest feature – I have this feeling it’s going to be a heckuvalot better than actually watching Gorilla, Interrupted… but I’d still make it a double feature night, anyway.

  • pigeon toucher

    can you buys fix my VCR

  • Rosemary Heptig

    I didn’t realize it was already a package deal until after I clicked the actual “buy” button. Thanks for the quick shipping! Both features were as epic as knew they would be! I gotta ask though – how much extra do I have to pay to get autographed DVD’s in the future? I don’t quite have the cash flow to bring them to Wisconsin (brrrr!) or a ComicCon (durrr!) in person.

  • guest

    They don’t charge anything to sign stuff.

  • hafabee

    Star Trek V commentary?! How did I not see this before! The Star Wars audio commentary was infinitely excellent (I’d cut up everything if I had a lightsaber too…), I can’t wait to listen to this new one, this is gonna be fun. :) Poor Shatner, it must have bruised his mighty ego to have directed such a stinker (it does have it’s good points though, I liked the camaraderie between the big 3 at least).

  • Aussie

    Where is the “Space Cop” movie?

  • Brandon

    Will you guys be getting in Half in the Bag pint glasses soon?

  • junierizzle

    Yes, what this guy said.

  • junierizzle

    WHen will you get more Pint glasses?

  • Rosemary

    I dunno, I clicked on all the merch links up there, and not one was Cafe Press. I saw a “store”, a “bandcamp” a “viralprints”, an iPhone store, and two commentary tracks as the biggest things on the Stores page… but no “Cafe Press”?! Forgive me if I felt lazy about browsing all the stores, but I promise I’ll buy a patch if provide a direct link to one!

  • realmadpuppy

    where in the heck did you guys get that weird bulldog noisemaker toy that you had at the start of your Django movie review, that thing was so freaky that I must own one!

    you should be selling them in your store.

  • Dude

    I thought you had baby bibs?!

    I’m going to be an uncle in 2 months, and here I thought you fucks had bibs for sale?

    Fuck me, right?

  • waldo.pepper

    I want Lightning Fast VCR Repair embroidered patches so my wife can sew them on a shirt!

  • waldo.pepper
  • Randomman

    So, what you’re saying is that I have a pair of collectables that I drink cheap beer out of?

  • Jordan Mastellone

    Lightning fast vcr repair patch pls. it’s basically advertising on my bag. think of it as an investment!

  • Matthew Jeffers

    Did you guys run out of Half in the Bag beer glasses?? I was gonna buy some.

  • Chris Webb

    Rich Evans wants you to make more plinkett commentary tracks

  • SqueakyWhenExcited

    There should be a ‘Nooooooooooo!!!’ Tee. Darth Plinkett.

    Or not.

  • emoror

    With the “Nooooo!!!” idea, maybe a “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaatt!!!” T-shirt. I don’t know whose face would be on it though.

  • Basement JacksOff

    That’s my favorite piece of plinkett right there…

    “59 MINUTES!!”

    The reaction from the two ladies is quality.

  • The Spunk Monkey

    I wanna pair of shorts that say “I’ll Handle This!”

    Cos I do.

  • Engelhast

    I’d like to buy THE RECOVERED but I don’t have or even know how to operate a computer or any other device I can download and or play it on. I had to pay a dirty hobo to post this message for me.

  • Greg Bummer

    Shirt site is doomed. Lots of preview images aren’t loading.

  • Mike Olson

    I just want a Lightning Fast VCR Repair shirt.

  • Not Claude Akins

    I’d buy that for a dollar. Or even, like, fifteen dollars.

  • thomin

    Ever since the iOS7 update, I can’t seem to get the videos play in landscape mode, only in tiny portrait mode. Am I doing anything wrong? If not, I hope an update is in the works, maybe with the option to download videos for later playback. Alternatively, a video podcast on iTunes would also be really nice.

  • ultor

    IFuckyou too ;)

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Anyone else having trouble loading the images for certain shirts?

    In the third row, both “FEEDING FRENZY!” and “What’s wrong with your face!?” won’t load. In the fourth row, “Darth Pizza Roll”, “Red Letter Media”, and “What’s wrong with your face!?” won’t load. In the fifth row, “What’s wrong with your face!?” won’t load.

    This leaves me wondering, “What’s wrong with your webzoooooone?!”

  • Gnat K. Coal

    Twenty, tops. But F*CK YEAH.

  • Mishi

    We need a shirt that says “Best of the Worst” on the front and RLM on the back. Yeah.

  • Martin Riggs

    Is there a reason I get charged shipping 4 times when I buy 4 items? Is it not possible to ship them all together? I wanted to get a set of pint glasses and openers for a friend and myself but I get hit 4 times for shipping for more than the cost of the items themselves.

  • Mr Bighead

    Ditto Riggs. I hate to have to complain as I love RLM and everything they do but I can’t help feeling reamed on postage. $30 dollars worth of pint glasses becomes $80 with 2 x $25 dollars in shipping (Australia). I like supporting RLM by buying DVD’s and digital downloads but these postage rates are rough.

  • Lupino

    Definitely Rich Evans haha one of the ugly images they usually use for him

  • David Emeron

    How about an android app (for those of us who are not confirmed for gay)

  • Mick Psyphon

    I’m actually quite shocked that RLM hasn’t released an Android app, yet. Considering the fact that the number of Android devices out there dwarfs iOS mobile devices, that’s a HUGE market that you’re missing out on. In terms of pure revenue $, it simply makes no sense to avoid providing Android devices with the same app.

  • Lex Fox

    You guys should definitely do a commentary for the second AVP flick! It would give me an excuse to watch the visuals for that movie, which there are some cool ones in there when you can actually see what’s going on, without being massively bored by how dumb the movie is by actually paying attention to it.. And you should keep up the commentaries in general! I’d be willing to an pay an easy five bones a piece to listen them. :p

  • avianeddy

    Wheres the ORANGES movie? I wanna see the war in Bananastan

  • ident

    I think you unwittingly answered your own question. If they were making serious money on iOS, they would certainly have an app made for Android.

  • Ted

    Yay,my copy of gorilla interrupted arrived!! That’s exciting :)

  • TapewormBike

    Oh dude, go and watch the making of immediately, in my opinion one of the best things they ever did.

  • Ted

    I literally just finished watching that! I’d seen parts of the actual film on the stream-a-thon, but the “how not to make a movie” is awesome!

  • Booger

    Can you release a shirt that is just Rich’s swollen face blown up on the front. Or a Lightening Fast shirt, a BotW shirt, Mike in the cart, Shoji Tabuchi, Space Cop, something. There are so many great shirt designs yet to be done. Especially with Rich (Plinkett Eats would be my favorite). Or something like this. It really captures the energy and excitement of RLM.

  • Duckler

    Wait, where are the stickers and tiny buttons?! Say it ain’t so..

  • Mick Psyphon

    I would expect that they’d try to tap into the larger Android market, regardless of how much they made (or didn’t) with iOS.

    Oh well! Some folks have a better mind for business than I do, I guess.

  • diehounderdoggen

    I demand a commentary on Star Trek: The Motionless Picture.

    You see that? I was doing, like, a thing? Eehhhhhh…

  • Boss Nass

    RLM you FRAUDS!!

  • darf buhdaders

    Blip video streaming is stuttering, unreliable, and horrible to watch–it’s like I’m viewing HitB on my ex-wife’s face. Was Youtube just too mainstream for you slick midwest city kids?

  • Perdan

    I’m guessing blip is better for monetizing, allows several adds throughout a video. And I’m fine with that, RLM deserves the revenue. Plus they post most videos on youtube within a couple weeks.

  • pdexter

    Never had any lag problems with Blip here in Finland, with European, Nordic, whatever servers I’m assigned to.
    As for youtube, this kind of video content is made increasingly harder over there. Game content is made harder and harder to show, let alone any kind of content that got any clips of the movie or soundtrack and is monetized. Meaning your content can be taken down by anybody and with 3 strikes your account deleted, with no hope of ever getting it back.

    Why most of these kind of movie review content is centered around the site (TGWTG, cinemascare, YMS etc), with the youtube channel many times just pulling people to the site. Many times monetization turned off, if the video contains trailer footage or similar.

  • Cacktowl

    @darfbuhdaders:disqus @disqus_XORvrv8zUO:disqus Room for ads? I’ve watched alot of videos on this website with the blip player and didnt encounter even 1… ( OH OF COURSE!!! THAT’S WHY AD BLOCKER EXISTS FOR GOOGLE CHROME!). About the lag, never encountered that either, except for when my router gets a hissy fit.

  • Jodie Adam

    Seriously, why don’t you get off your lazy fat arses and make some “Palpatine’s Behind it All” T-shirts?

  • bulshoy

    I’d totally buy a “Lightning Fast VCR Repair” shirt.

  • Liz Frazier

    Pretty pretty PLEASE can we get some Lightning Fast VCR repair patches?!! I’m curious as to why you guys don’t sell them. Is it some kind of copyright issue. Is there a real Lightning Fast VCR Repair out there that you think would sue you? I Googled the name and only found references to RLM.

  • Jamie Childs

    I just want a coffee mug with the rich evans patreon face! What a legend

  • tankadin

    I need some tasteful T-shirts…. Red Letter Media logo, Best of the Worst logo, Lightning Fast VCR Repair logo. Simple logo designs on black, white, or gray T-shirts will fly off the shelves.

  • Jamie Childs

    Maybe a “lets talk about fire safety” shirt?

  • Guest

    Yes, if you mean, “be cool about fire safety”. I’d been unfortunate enough to see parts of that video twice in my life prior to the episode. The jingle has been in my head forever.

  • Booger

    I’d rather have a “be cool about fire safety shirt” with Rich and a burning pan of fries.

  • Charlie Wilkinson

    I hope that their is a new Half in the Bag commentary coming soon as all 3 of them have been great and I would love to listen to some more of them. Keep up all of the good work RLM

  • jrocknyc

    I wouldn’t wear a shirt that said “best of the worst” on it, but a subtle RedLetterMedia logo on a quality polo for like $50~$75 would be sweet.

  • Tomz

    How bout a t-shirt with the face of Hayden Christensen as Anakin with the word DUMBASS underneath it?

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Or with the face of Jake Lloyd as Anakin with the word ‘KUROOSKANT?’ underneath it?

  • Noah R.

    To be fair, demonizing Hayden is just mean. Anikan as a character was shit, however, as it is pointed out in the Plinkett reviews, Hayden did a decent job with the shitty dialogue he was given ;)

  • Marvin Falz

    Or with either the face of Padme of the face of Anakin with the word “vain” or “horny” underneath it. lol

  • Shakes_McQueen

    Just have a picture of Padme with the words “But I’m a Senator!” underneath.

  • bob

    Suggestion: a small run of signed Rich Evans baby painting posters?

  • Adam

    I’d love to hear full commentary for Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Miami Connection!

  • Steve

    What is this? Some kind of music review site? The aroma of hack-fraudery makes the air pregnant.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Your crystal ball was right!

  • tankadin

    Yep. The price was a little higher than I expected, but I bought one anyway. I figure that the money is going to a good cause.

  • Danger Mountain

    Does anyone know how big the neckhole is on this thing?

  • Shane O’Shaughnessy

    Yeah, but where are the size small t-shirts? :(

  • Shane O’Shaughnessy

    Any more t-shirts coming in before Christmas? Size small perhaps?

  • bongodoug

    i would love, love, love some RLM pint glasses. just a suggestion.

  • Dave Musgrave

    Why the hell don’t you guys sell the Lightning Fast VCR patches?! Either on a work shirt, or just sell the patches by themselves! I WANT ONE!

  • Cretin SetDeity

    Perhaps irony research, yes? Make good for no silly comments in future.

  • Mateus Loner

    yup, same here, can’t understand how it isn’t the main item.
    will i have to make my own, when i rather give my money, in the belief that this money will help the production of some top notch plinket’s adventure. or a couple of brews

  • UncouthParacinema

    Print up one of those sweet err umm rotor shirts!

  • Anders Hass

    Nice, now I own them all

  • scriptfeels

    The merchandise is real!

  • Scott B. Smith

    After the recent news that Sony is milking Ghostbusters even more, I needed to listen to the commentary for “Ghostbusters 2″ again to hear some sane talk about the franchise. Thanks, guys.

  • Dimitri G

    If shipping wasn’t a trillion dollars, I’d buy something…

  • Jeff Chapman

    they cant sell shirts with a persons image without the rights

  • Dylan

    Lightning Fast VCR repair T-shirts and patches would sell for sure. Just a suggestion.


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