Slow Mo Room Trashing

May 13, 201291 Comments

Because everything looks cooler in slow mo. This is one long continuous take of the room trashing scene from the end of the Zaat episode of Half in the Bag.

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  • I’ve got the weirdest boner.

  • Rob


  • gerard

    So beautiful, it made me cry.

  • Innocuous Dissent

    What the hell. Do you guys shoot all of your episodes at a higher frame rate or was it just this one camera?

  • Brilliant. I love how the chair that mike throws… (miraculously) misses all the bottles on the table. Plus the music is super old, so no rights to pay for!

  • Beautiful music,  what is it?

  • Ichigosoul23

    beautiful… absolutely stunning piece of work. i for one, have never seen something so miraculous a spectacular in all my days. the emotions that are captured in this are simply breath-taking. desperation, agony, fear, and drunkenness. the energy caught in each simple frame, the darkness of the atmosphere, oh the simplicity of it all. simply marvelous. this truly is a magnificent work of art. it is a gem hidden beneath the rubble and garbage of the internet. this is what i’ve been waiting to see all my life. this is what i’ve been waiting to see arise from red letter media like a phoenix from the ashes, in all its fire and glory. 

  • Mauricio

    Is this the trailer for the new Lars von Trier movie?

  • BottleSmasher

    How on Earth is it that despite all the mayhem not a single bottle shatters? 

  • Dagobah Dave

    I don’t think Mike can see anything in that Mike suit. He trips over stuff and they just left it in.

  • Malchik

    I’m surprised one of them haven’t gotten glass in their eye by now.

  • redletterjay

     I see what you did there.

  • CompuHacker

    You fuck that room up, Charlie.

  • Henno

    Atleast: All of the bottles had a stunt-double

  • Jiggadon

    My mom loved it!

  • Darcyhutch

    I find this easy to masturbate to.

  • Joe

    Isn’t this how they shot Drive?

  • Luke

    it was alright, a bit like watching a two ring circus.

  • Throwing things at stuff is an American Tradition and seeing it in the slowest most art house-y-est way is why Pablo Picasso invented the motion-picture machine.  

  • Ichigosoul23

    super bottles

  • Bluehawk2008

    Everything looks better when set to some baroque.

  • Nemo3590

    Do these guys just have easy access to cheap, disposable furniture? How many times have they smashed up this set by now?

  • Anom

    I’m just glad no one was hurt.

  • CrashingOut

    Hi Jay, I sincerely believe that RLM needs to cover possibly the greatest B movie EVER made. I think it trumps ZAAT considerably, and would be a comedic goldmine for Half in the Bag:
    “What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said. If you like soft core porn, then this movie is for you. If you like Horror, then this movie is for you. If you like comedy, then this movie is definitely for you! Let’s just start out by saying that this is the best, worst B movie I have ever seen. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried, but all throughout there was always Chups there to comfort me. The plot goes from bad to dreadful in a matter of micro seconds. That’s the beauty of this movie.

    Pros: How can you say no to the main character who is referred to by only one name? Navarro! He could problematically be Brazilian. Who knows. Also, Navarro is a great character and has the acting prowess of Lou Ferrigno or Mel Gibson in Thunderdome. He is a great cop dammit! Not a dog catcher! Cons: There aren’t any cons in this great piece of American movie art! Overall, this movie contains cheers, jeers and a little bit of tears. Highly recommended for B movie fanatics. Pick this gem of a movie up at your local Wal-Mart or Penny Saver Online.”
    -not my review 

  • Guest

    Hahaha I will be honest: I actually worry about you guys slipping on a beer bottle for purely selfish reasons, I needs some mores HTBs and PRs. Wear some steel toe shoes! 🙂

  • DrClown

    Are you implying that furniture wrestling is fake, sir?

  • Jonypoopoopants

    So if I could get a estimate from either Mike or Jay. How much money do you think you’ve spent on all that beer over the run of the show?!

  • Robby

    I came here to post the same thing. Damn you!

  • Eric Schneboll

    Funny how this scene became highbrow art just now.
    I rise my champagne and nod gently with my top hat on to you, sirs.

  • moving (pun)

  • covert o

    love the music… you guys rock. 

  • Maeschda

    This reminds me on a german classic:
    “The picture is askew” (with subtitles)

  • Its like Cubistic Art in motion, bravo!

  • Guest

    My mom started schlicking when she saw this.

  • Zack Snyder would love this…

  • Tev

    Those bottles never break . . . amazing.

  • It’s so dense, every frame has got so much going on…

  • ronac


  • coyoterys

    So beautiful.  I wept.

  • Re

    I am so amazed that I didn’t see a single bottle break. :O

  • Ricky

    Skipped through it

  • Katelyn

    I was in tears the whole time, but I don’t know if it was because this was so funny or because this was so beautiful. 😀

  • Hey wait! Those bottles are plastic!

  • matze

    who cares

  • Guest

    Bottles! Y u no break?

  • Now I want to see 3 minutes of Mike & Jay sipping tea and reading Proust at normal speed, with a slowed-down version of “Yakkety Sax.”

  • Jose Another track that fits the
    video pretty good. I also hope neither of you broke any toes! It looked like there were a few close calls.



  • Hugh Minh

    Unbelievably deep, scholars will be dissecting this for years to come — submit this to Sundance

  • Guest

    I just noticed the discarded box of Chunky’s Chicken

  • Once_or_twice88

    Such grace in their every move!

  • David H

    I just flew to LA on Virgin and they didn’t have that fucking spicy chicken wrap that I have to watch everytime I watch one of your videos.  FUUUCK YOU RICK VIRGIN!!! 

  • S G

    Slo-mo room trashing? Shouldn’t you be doing a Plinkett-review on the Matrix- or Twilight-films? Get to work, dammit! I’m having to degrade myself with Nostalgia-Critic-videos here while I’m waiting …  yikes!

  • Puts the scene in Citizen Kane to shame

  • Guest

     lol me too

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Half way through I was called away.
    What happens in the second half ?

  • Erik

    The music is by an Italian Baroque composer called Tomaso Albinoni.

    It’s his Concerto for Oboe in B flat major, Opus 9, No.11, 2nd movement: Adagio.

  • Msciwoj

    Erm… Since no one asked until now:

    What piece is that music?

  • No seriously, what composer is this?

  • joro

    Where did u guys get so many empty beer bottles? Did you have AA meeting there?

  • Dagobah Dave

    A close up on John Turturro’s man-thicket. It’s hilarious.

  • Ballssticktoyourleg24

    When the curio met its fate, I cried.

  • Msciwoj

    Albinoni? I only knew his famous Adagio in G minor until now.This explains, why the tune sounded kind of familiar to me.Thanks a lot!

  • Guest

    donnie darko?

  •  I wondered that myself. Perhaps something actually IS better in America: Unbreakable empty beer bottles!

  • Blublu

    Do you guys ever worry about slipping, and falling on broken glass? It looks like there’s potential for some nasty injuries there.

  • guest

    best scene at 1:50 !!!

    when he throughs the chair into th pile of bottles and manage to not break or even hit one at all. I wonder how long he trained for this ?

  • Adamtobey

    Those beer bottles are remarkably robust! Also, where the hell do you get all this furniture to smash up?

  • Mike

    So… you guys get your budget from the recycle depot?

  • Drhorton86

    For Christ’s sake lads, PUT YER BACK INTO IT

  • RandomGuy

    Awesome stuff you guys. Keep up the good work!

  • RoeCocoa

    The cabinets look like flat-packed oak-veneer particleboard things you can get at K-Mart or wherever for $20 each. The rest of it looks like thrift store/rummage sale stuff.

  • RoeCocoa

    I’m not that desperate.


  • guest

    Well there you go, ZABRISKIE POINT and THE WILD BUNCH have now been outdone.

    I think you just made John Woo cry

  • Cold & Hungry

    I watched your video and like a child I emulated your behaviour. Now my landlord has thrown me out. Thanks a lot guys, guess I’ll have to start doing my own thinking from now on

  • Something tells me those bottles are plastic prop ones, considering I’ve only ever heard them smash and not SEEN them smash. Same with the glass in the cabinets. But I could be wrong.

  • GuestDingDong

    Slow Mo of moving furniture. I have trashed more shit in my paints. I think they are making room for the gay sex! Can’t complain I love gay sex.

  • lol n00bs ^^

  • S G

    I’m not saying that I recommend it … feeling kinda dirty myself.. 😉

  • I found this video works surprisingly well if you play it Wes Anderson style. Here’s how.

    1. Mute the video.
    2. Play the video and that one damn Kinks song that is in every Wes Anderson movie (
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    Enjoy! Or go fuck yourselves. Whatever.


    fuckyeAHqq! THATS ARTR!

  • Funkypoopoomaker

    you guys should make more memorabilia and make videos of you doing it and then post them on here instead of funny stuff.

  • NotBillClintion

    y’all should get more of them sexy babes with the boobies in your videos

  • Tobu2006

    I vomited in my mouth a little. That dickbag yelling throughout the entire reviews.

  • Funnyelaine

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  • come on, it’s time for another half in the bag now…

  • So the music is Albinoni? I like 8)

  • Murderin Murphy

    Now, do the final edited version, full-speed and backwards.

  • Dsd

    Arent those glass bottles? 

  • Lilgreenman

    Not even Tommy Wiseau could top this!

  • Steven

    I believe they’re super bottles.

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