Where’s Deathlist?

Sometime in the early part of this century, acclaimed filmmaker Guy Mc(censored) released a film to the world called “Deathlist”. Shot on VHS and starring a cast of amazing and talented actors, the film literally broke new ground as well as created it’s own controversy after a less than positive review by filmmaker Mike Stoklasa.

This became the genesis for the short film “Where’s Deathlist?,” an improvised comedy about a redneck named Chet (whose voice may sound familiar to you) desperately searching for a copy of the famed movie. The short also features a gorilla in a hardware store, a punk rocker named Sid (Stoklasa), and a character named Arlo Jenkins (Bauman) for no reason. This film may be one giant inside joke, but any audience can enjoy a sequence where a man vomits all over himself and then slides around on the floor in his own puke for 15 minutes.

  • mikeonechin

    Wtf is a blockbuster.

  • fuckfuckerson

    I can’t believe I actualy watched this whole fucking thing.

  • Cam

    I loved the Re-Animator music during the end credits!

  • Your clique needs a black guy. Can I please be your token black guy?

  • TedPhilips


  • TedPhilips

    Mike Stoklasa is a neo-nazi. He doesnt like the black nigger people.

  • Whargoul

    LOL.. This was great. Need to see more Rich Evans productions.

  • I’m looking under “E” for “idiot!” Brilliant.

  • Ted

    Mike playing the Sid character is just fucking hilarious “how does one clean the dishes?”

  • Ted
  • The Pandaman

    This is one of the most entertaining things on RLM.com

  • NCS

    Where’s Where’s Deathlist? 2?

  • ronin122

    Hack frauds are too busy jumping the shark with Best of the Worst to make a sequel. [Seriously though, this was mildly entertaining and disturbing]

  • ronin122

    So this is Mike’s introduction to the Plinkett voice. I guess Harry likes Deathlist.

  • Sir…. Sir?…. SIIRR??!

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    I found Deathlist, but I wish I hadn’t 🙁

  • Duckler

    Wow, this is great even when not drunk.

  • Duckler

    Monkey-man waving on the conveyer belt makes me lose it every time.

    “Did you call me Rick?” Ooh, foreshadowing. Sir!

  • TJ

    I have been oddly fascinated with this short film for the longest time. Sid answering the phone kills me.

  • nope

    As a fellow Brit I can confirm Mike’s accent is pretty shoddy.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This is amazing. More people need to see this.

  • El_Runko

    Holy shit, Lisa is too fucking adorable.

  • One of your finest productions yet. Monkey Man is just such a ravishing character. How come we never see him again?

  • milath

    As per usual with RLM stuff, I find myself asking what it is I just watched. As always, it’s an odd feeling, not knowing what is happening, feeling beaten and bleeding, but slightly liberated and slightly horrified all at once.

    It’s a lonely feeling. Being here. Trapped in this little box with these words. My soul dribbles out of my mouth now, like a punk rocker vomiting on the floor of a kitchen. For several agonizing minutes.

    What? What, indeed my friend… what indeed.

  • Duckler

    Next to the wheel, this is the single greatest thing ever made by mankind.

  • Duckler

    Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her when one of them dies.

  • Pizzashark

    I have a copy of Deathlist on VHS. I ordered it from the ‘official’ website directly from the director Guy McConnell’s bedroom when he first made it.. had it shipped all the way here to Australia and I was foolishly excited to see it. I ended up loving the film because it’s so damn awful! I notice he’s tried to abolish its existence from the internet, so it’s nice to find other people still have amusing memories of the film.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    he is in a bunch of stuff.

  • Sam

    What’s the music being played during the gorilla scenes?

  • Sam

    God help me I can’t stop laughing

  • Anglica

    Can we talk anout how much weight Mike has put on?

  • David Philip

    Can we hear Mike do more “British accent”?

  • Jay Stein

    Where’s “Where’s ‘Deathlist'”?

  • Anders Hass

    This is not on youtube 🙁

  • Where IS “Where’s Deathlist”:

    Where can i find this short i really fuckingneed to know

  • Where IS “Where’s Deathlist”:

    Wish i could watch this again ;(

  • Sam Stafford

    Where’s Where’s Deathlist??


    I really, really love this short. I love it more than almost every movie I have ever seen. Mike and Jay, please please please make this available again. I will totally give you money. Real, actual money.


    I even bought the archive compilation, and while that has baffling inclusions like “Pork Pork in Space”, it does not have this wonderful gem of a short film.


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