The United States of Noooo!!!

This was a short we made back when Episode III had just come out in theaters. ; The infamous “nooo” moment was so terrible, we couldn’t help but make an almost 20 minute documentary about it.

  • Marco

    Wait, you really dont know Harold and Maude? You shiould really watch this one!

  • JW6

    I love how Mike and Rich actually say “Padame”, with the extra ‘a’, I used to think that was put in for comedic effect or because it’s easier to say it that way in the Plinkett voice, (“Kablammo, no more Amadama”).
    Also, that footage during the credits made me realize that a-hole Lucas has been wearing flannel shirts in the goddamn desert his entire life!
    Finally, I think Johnny Cash would approve of the use of his song in this video.

  • Marvin Falz

    I find the thanks to George Lucas in the credit roll interesting. One of the few shows of respect in Star Wars related RLM works.

    What a journey, hu? From deeply respecting someone for creating a movie franchise you love and ending in some sort of unredeemable indifference towards that person. Or is this the wrong way to cope with that loss? If there exists no redemption through works but only through believe, then maybe the solution lies in giving GL the benefit of the doubt and start believing in – I don’t know – the good in him .. or that his motives are not merely rooted in a cash grab mentality, but the true want to give something to the world, tell an important story, but due to his mediocrity as an artist doesn’t deliver.

    I just can’t imagine GL on the same low level as Adam Sandler and the PT on the same low level as Jack & Jill. The people don’t give a flying fuck about Adam Sandler, but George Lucas inspires to all sorts of emotional, intellectual and artistic reactions.

    I already hear objections in my brain to my proposal to just let George Lucas go and forgive him for ruining everything – not only Star Wars, but everything. Shit.

  • FakUJeorgLukas

    I love chash in the end.

  • Marvin Falz

    The more I think about it, the more I find that quote from 1st Corinthians 13 “but when I became a man, I put away childish things” one that leads directly away from faith in an alleged ultimate human sacrifice out of love and away from believe that pain, torture and blood shed is a sign of that same love. So I’m done with Christianity. Btw worshipping a human being is idolatry from the perspective of the God of the Old Testament. But who cares. I for one hate that I’ve been torn between fear of revenge from the loving God and logic, reason and evidence for a too long time. Fortunately logic, reason and evidence win all the time. *Unfunny, boring, way too serious and dry asshole out.

  • Ben Burger

    Damn how old is this video?

  • Harry Mason

    3:36 I had the same reaction that Rich Evans did when I saw Silent Hill Revelations in theater. I made it through all the fan service and bullshit with some amused smiles and a couple of chuckles.

    I snorted at the hug battle.

    I facepalmed at the Pyramid Head “boss vs. boss” battle.

    But when I saw Travis motherfucking Grady pull up in a semi and say something along the lines of “you kids need a lift?” I took off my 3D glasses and threw them into the aisle and just started shouting “WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!!??!?”

    I’m sure I ruined the experience for my fellow moviegoers, but at least my friends got a few good laughs.

    I know that feel Rich, I know that feel….

  • Jack Dunn

    4:50 Mike discovering his fan base

  • Ted

    5:28 Rest in peace Johnny, colorectal cancer is the real killer, not Mr. Plinkette.

  • Tommy O.
  • Fine Memory

    I was at New York for 6 months when the movie came out and didn’t expect alot of it because of Episode I and II, I went to see the movie with a girl I dated that time. When we came out I was SHATTERED by this movie and the “nooooo” and the first sentence that came out of her mouth was “this was my fav. of all the 6 Star Wars movie”. I never called her again after that.

  • Kian Stra

    some of those interviews are sooo awkward :p

  • TapewormBike

    This is one of my favourite things you guys did. Mike’s a master of the awkward moment.

  • Noah R.

    Can’t even imagine Rich laughing in the theater during Star Wars 🙂

  • DeColonise

    I just have to say that the woman, that is eating with that male friend husband, boyfriend possibly?) is kicking arse!
    You should let her in on your regular half in the bag show 🙂

  • Knuckle Head

    That awkward moment when the reenacted scene is better than the original.

  • TapewormBike

    Well as far as performances and dramatic tension goes, RLM version is way better. But the original still belongs in the golden vault of comedy.

  • Hale

    Wow, that guy eating with the woman was a total douchehole. Not so much for him disliking Star Wars, but how dismissive he was of her when she was making her points about sci-fi.

    Also, DAYUM, all these baby-faces!

  • TapewormBike

    Chins, so few chins (shudders)

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Wow, Mike and Rich look so young. This must have been shot before all the drinking.

  • Alex Lee


  • Sativa Indica

    I remember seeing that for the first time and I was the only person laughing in the theatre when Vader said NOOOOOOOOOOOO!. I immidately thought to myself “omg!!”.

  • SkaMP

    when she mentioned Gene Roddenberry xD lmao

  • Tyler AitchKay

    That credits montage with Lucas footage is AMAZING.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Before watching this, I thought that your guys’ contempt for Milwaukee was just typical “hate your hometown” stuff. Now I see it is a desolate, joyless place. God bless you for your suffering.

  • Her friend was a douche though. Not because of his opinion but because of the way he treated his friend.

  • Morris

    Lmao the Russian lady is like “I need to get the FUCK out of here.”

  • Lat

    Mr. Plinkette is his mother! Have some respect.

  • DrunkByDawn

    This was extremely well done and entertaining. Gotta say, douchebag at restaurant was making things reaaaaal awkward for Mike.

  • Flossy

    viddy is broken you hack frauds. along with some other old links

  • Gift Card

    Mike is too young here, he should have always been older.

  • Soundguy Furstie

    Mike reminds me of Kevin Spacey in this

  • AceRay

    Eh, the main difference is that the Silent Hill movies aren’t canon.

  • Rumblepuss

    AAAH Rich Evans with hair looks like Sam Donaldson.

  • Jack P. Coleman

    Execute Order Whaaaaat?

  • Noah R.

    I’m here for you big boi!

  • Noah R.

    For sure, it’s fun to revisit these!

  • NoahsNumber1Fan

    Mmmmm, I know you are mmmmmm yessssssssss

  • Noah R.

    I just came.

  • NoahsNumber1Fan

    One could only hope, big boi

  • Puke

    SHUT UP hipster

  • Anders Hass

    This is not on youtube 🙁

  • JetSetWilly


  • JetSetWilly

    Can’t find it anywhere. Surely someone has it saved? Please upload it somewhere!

  • Anders Hass

    I am pretty sure RedLetterMedia got it locally but they just haven’t put the time into uploading the last few things they are missing.

  • JetSetWilly
  • Arthur Wesley

    Reupload this to Youtube!

  • faraday

    Where is this on Youtube!

  • Claudio Cartia

    PLEASE bring this back!

  • capitandelespacio

    I need this back!

  • CCCX

    I know I’m just reiterating everyone else’s point but please bring this back! I spotted a click of it in The People vs. George Lucas and hunted the original down to confirm that it’s you guys and I would love to see the whole thing PLEASE!!

  • Red Skeleton

    Why the blatant disregard for your early work, RLM? Does it not live up to your original vision? Did a hack producer take your concept and turn it into a variety show without your input?

  • Doctor Andre Son of Thomas.

    Why? is it because I made 4 movies in 24 hours?! they are shit and all less than a minute!

  • fred

    It’s…it’s gone Jim.

  • TheKosio

    Wow this has been gone for like a year, does anyone read these? or care? I wanna watch this but I can’t find it anywhere..idk if I’ve missed them addressing this matter somewhere but I feel like there’s huge miscommunication on this matter which saddens me..Bring back The United States of Noooo!!!

  • the dude



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