The Long Walk Home

2001. This is our first attempt at a dramatic film. We’ll admit we didn’t have a large budget for this movie, but that shouldn’t get in the way of a desire to tell a gripping emotional story. Please watch the film with an open mind and an open heart. I put the trailer before the film as it is important to watch that first before viewing the film.

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  • Andy Ladewski

    Love the point where the film loses it’s mind. 

  • Spacecop

    Rich Evens sold out after Spacecop.

  • Clifford T. Hall

    I would have loved to have seen the boom mic ejaculate on Rich Evans’ face in the climax.

  • scott

    Bravo, can’t wait for the special edition

  • best movie yet

    I love when Rich goes all Max Payne and pulls a fucking shotgun out of his jacket.

  • Ben Robson

    the last ten minutes are flawless

  • Johnny

    I believe I just witnessed the birth of RedLetterMedia comedy.

  • Chris ISdead

    brilliant. mike you lousy bastard! this is the birth of your cheesy,comedic but poetic under-toned,deformed and retarded baby. the crowds will cheer, redlettermedia!

  • Michael Hill

    This was actually quite charming, but I have to ask, was the dramatic build up intentional or were the boom mic & “meta” jokes toward the end finishing off an abandoned project? Asking as a former amateur video maker.

  • Michael Hill

    This was actually charming. But I have to ask, was the dramatic build up and comic end (boom mic, “meta” jokes) the original intent or was it the comedic piecing together of a dramatic project that was abandoned? Curious as a former amateur video guy.

  • Adam

    I like the part where he has a flashlight in broad daylight

  • Kevin L. Kanellakis

    But.. but.. why is Jack using a flashlight in broad daylight?

  • Syler Jenkins

    I completely lost the ability to drink my tea the last 15′ of the film. o.O;;


    Man, Jay is fucking awesome. JAY! Do more acting!

  • nostalgiajunkie

    I expected that at the end of this film, I would say to myself, “Aww, look at the quaint little movie they made back in the day. How cute.” Instead I was too busy choking on my drink when all that humor came in from out of nowhere. I give it 4 out of 5 boom mics.

  • Marty

    It took me longer to freeze-read those credits then to watch the fucking movie.

  • Ben Burger

    “Welcome, you’ve got mail”

    LOL I wasn’t expecting to hear that…

  • Ben Burger

    They should do a Best of the Worst with this as a joke.

  • Ted

    Fall Down the Stairs Technician

  • Akeuw

    Love the mirror shots, I was watching with an open mind until then, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • fuck xfinity

    Bonus points to who ever can name the song that they used for the submarine sound effect

  • Robert Fitl

    Good boom mic work.

  • locoma

    I thought it was played straight until like the last third of the movie

  • Thomas Mikkelsen

    This inspired me more than any prescription drugs ever could! This film was a great experience in so many ways – if the prequels were half as dense as The Long Walk Home, you would have to have… like, atleast 8 Ricks producing it. From the bottom of my Hairy S, I thank you, RLM, for putting this and your other fine works online for me and the world to enjoy. I should really order a metric fuckload of your dvds with the amount of content i´ve been enjoying. I´ll get right on that…

  • Octo Seven

    Rich Evans has a genuinely charismatic screen presence.

  • Octo Seven

    It took me a second to get “sub plot” lmfao


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