The Grabowskis: Season 5

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  • notcoolman

    I can’t believe you sold out and stopped doing the dudebros just so you could cash your big grabowskis check. If I worked at Network, I would be like, not cool man.

  • bbhaver

    This was fun to watch. :)

  • hrwilliams

    That wasn’t a costume.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Is this the end for The Grabowskis?

  • FuttBuck

    Yeah. You’re so goddamn edgy and twisted for laughing at baby doll abuse. Fuck you and my micropenis.

    • Rick Berman

      Responding to a 2 year old comment with impotent rage.

  • Andy S

    It liked it when The Crow turned up. It was funny.

  • Ed Chevy

    I really love that theme tune played over the intro. is that from something? or did that talented hack stocklasa write it?

    • Ed Chevy

      just checked the credits. seems he’s got another string to his bow. the gifted fraud.

  • fast eddie

    wtf, ive just watched all 5 seasons and i must say this show is actually funny…

  • L0lwut

    LOL love the Jacob’s Ladder head effect in the hardware store episode.


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