The Grabowskis: Season 5

  • notcoolman

    I can’t believe you sold out and stopped doing the dudebros just so you could cash your big grabowskis check. If I worked at Network, I would be like, not cool man.

  • This was fun to watch. 🙂

  • hrwilliams

    That wasn’t a costume.

  • Is this the end for The Grabowskis?

  • FuttBuck

    Yeah. You’re so goddamn edgy and twisted for laughing at baby doll abuse. Fuck you and my micropenis.

  • Rick Berman

    Responding to a 2 year old comment with impotent rage.

  • Andy S

    It liked it when The Crow turned up. It was funny.

  • Ed Chevy

    I really love that theme tune played over the intro. is that from something? or did that talented hack stocklasa write it?

  • Ed Chevy

    just checked the credits. seems he’s got another string to his bow. the gifted fraud.

  • fast eddie

    wtf, ive just watched all 5 seasons and i must say this show is actually funny…

  • L0lwut

    LOL love the Jacob’s Ladder head effect in the hardware store episode.

  • joey

    Where’s season 6 you cunts?

  • cass

    What’s the official time window in which a response must be made?

  • Lat

    It’s amazing that I had more emotional connection to Honey and Cliff during the scene when they are told their family died and when they were moving out than any scene in any of the Prequels. I don’t know if that last scene was Mike actually moving out of his apartment, but I really connected with it and felt like I was kind of moving out too.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    hahaha references layered in references….

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    as there was no smoke i would say a piezo

  • Yero

    We need to see more of Jay the Rapist

  • Andrew Dickman

    The Grabowskis is simply hilarious. If Mike decides to make more or not make more, I’m happy with either choice


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