The Grabowskis: Season 4

  • PuppetFan

    Why have we never seen that baby again?

  • PuppetFan


  • When is the next Grabowskis season?

  • Mark Bisone

    Pythons aren’t venomous CHECK YOUR FACTS.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching mike puke while I ate my meal =]

  • bean

    “B is for brains.” Brilliant.

  • Greg

    I thought this was a set and maybe it is, but I just realised how much it looks like Mike’s apartment shown in “The United States of No”.

  • so that’s what you use the letter “B” for

  • Strelnikov

    A dark, dark world….

  • Ted

    “B is for brains”

  • Macron MacramĂ©

    We have one asking questions over here! Quick disconnect him from the device so he doesn’t pollute the others and ruin the experiment!

  • Billy Nunez

    These work well as Mr. Plinkett stories from early in his marriage.

  • Eric Moreland

    Rich…chewing…aluminum foil…I forgot about that…XB

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    the secret to cheap gun FX is WD-40. a tiny but in the barrel makes heaps of smoke and flame from children’s cap guns.

  • BYH

    Rich Evans just lights up the screen anytime he appears.

  • Grackene

    Was that the Intro to Farscape i heard? OMG


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