The Dude Bros: Episodes 1-3

The Dude Bros: Episode 1 – Too Glose For Comfort

2009. Dude Bro Tommy learns a new word from Dude Bro Nate in an awkwardly close scene filled with epic amounts of Dude Bro homoerotic tension.

The Dude Bros: Episode 2 – Douche’

2009. Dudebro Nate and Dudebro Ronnie have descussion about pop culter movies thengs like deffernt strokes and the family guy. than dudebro tommy comes home and they tale him about what words dudebros use and whet words they shaden’t use.

The Dude Bros: Episode 3 – The Dinner Surprise

2009. Dude bro Nate is cooking diner for Dude Bros Tommy and Ronnie, but whet is the diner he’s meking? When they fennaly get the diner its nott whet they acepted

  • Adam

    Eat it with your mouth!

  • Sam

    How can Jay make the word mouth sound like butthole?

  • Steve

    I don’t know… But he did.

  • Duckler

    Dude Bro Tommy is like the 5th Beatle of Redlettermedia.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe


    I am from the Future of Earth. SPOILER.

    I am here to tell you that “douchehole” never caught on.

    Also, the Future sucks. Hip hop is still popular, Disney owns everything, and the fucking idiot who made WATCHMEN is in charge of Justice League movies.

    Humans have not yet evolved. They still eat it with their mouths. It, however, is not Oreo Cakesters.

    That is all, Dude Bro. Do not expect to hear from me again.

  • Lat

    “No one’s gonna remember any of this.” (Looks at camera)

    Well guess what Tommy, here we are.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    i watch these while drinking mountain dew and eating doritoes.


  • Lat

    Fuck you, douchehole. Watchmen is a great movie.

  • Joe

    It is 2015 and I am posting the 15th comment on Dudebros.

    Nobody else post a comment until next year.

  • Colin Erickson

    It is now 2016 and this is the officially the 16th comment on Dude Bros. I look forward to the next traveler continuing the legacy in 2017!

  • Black Santa

    really thought he was saying buttholth, and it switches back and forth whichever way I’m thinking about it when I listen to it

  • Black Santa

    this made me realize how old oreo cakesters are


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