Space Cop Trailer

2008. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace Coooooooooooop!!!!!

  • Did Jay Baumann narrate this? It’s truly funny!

  • Samet Okutan

    is it done yet ? 😀

  • Whargoul

    Hot dogs and Cookies…. Fucking Brilliant.

  • Allan Bøgeskov Jensen

    Soon apparently means five years 😉

  • GoodLarry

    They used to sell them in convenience stores and truck stops. I’m not kidding.

  • rikut

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  • RRB

    I hope the mystery stone in the silver case at 2:04 makes a appearance in the new uber version of SPACE COP, i need to know its unimportance! also hoping Mike reprises the detective guy for the film.

  • Hank_Henshaw

    It’s pretty cool how they got Karl Urban doing the Judge Dredd voice for the voiceover narration, four years before Urban was ever cast as Dredd.

  • Evil Octopus

    Space Cop is the next BoyHood. What????

  • fred

    Coming soon…in the future, of space.

  • Oh space cop is done filming now.


  • vicomtepicabia

    And now this comment is two years old.

  • Jesse Hanson

    Im going to buy this so hard.


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