NYC Ghostbusters Tour

2009. After finding themselves in New York on an unrelated shoot, filmmakers Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman took some time to shoot an impromptu Ghostbusters tour video after stumbling upon Louis Tully’s Central Park West apartment building (spook central). While not a complete tour it was a tour nevertheless.

  • UNF

    Watching this has brought me closer to understanding what Autism feels like.

  • Guest_66

    Plinket should do a Ghostbuster II review

  • apjapki

    You’ve both aged horribly in the last four years.

  • tre_tokyo
  • Flossy

    this video is broken as well

  • Mel Legarde

    Of course those are real places. Although I was surprised too when I found out. We were booking a hotel for our trip to NYC and the website we were using Cheap hotels in NYC and they stated that the hotel we’re about to book was part of the Ghostbusters merchandise, maybe just in order to boost their sales. So yeah, just check if you can book somewhere there.


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