You’re Invited! The Olsen Twins Movie

Cult classic short film starring famed comedy actor Rich Evans in the very first appearance of “Mr. Plinkett”. Watch as your brain melts before your very eyes!

  • john

    I feel like there is a comparison between how much weight you have gained to how not crazy and stupid your stuff has gotten.

  • Marvin Falz

    So I browsed YouTube and found To Grandmother’s House We Go from 1992. Five minutes into the movie I felt like Mr.Plinkett and just wanted to be dead. Olson Twins movies suck except Rhea Perlman’s performance in this one. So I clicked another movie called A Message From Holly mainly because I like Shelley Long’s act as Diane in Cheers and wanted to find out if she’s a versatile actor or just being Shelly Long. I was positively surprised. And though the plot is about a mother who got merely six months to live due to cancer and is emotionally engaging and challenging it has the opposite effect on me than To Grandmother’s House We Go. This movie offers some good insight into life when it really sucks: the viewer has to deal with the unavoidable final farewell, a selfish unfeeling family, a child that has no concept of death at all, a tough business woman who is the mother’s best friend and who promises to take care of the child and now has to develop her motherly side and has to work through her disappointments, broken dreams and unfulfilled promises. But in the end the viewer’s more likely to be enriched because the movie has the potential to help coping with reality. In comparison: the world the Olson Twins live in is just crazy and who knows might have a dissociating effect on young inexperienced minds. Somehow ironic that a film that deals with death is far more lively and empowering than the “comedic” Olson Twins entertainment bullshit.

  • Whargoul

    I thought he got shot by the cleaning lady.. guy…..Rich Evans.

  • czartard

    rich has lost a lot of hair

  • jnorris441

    Holy shit, that’s where the name Plinkett came from??

  • Ibexfather

    I know it’s month’s late, but great post!

  • Marvin Falz

    Thank you!

  • Kian Stra

    Holy fuck

  • Saville’s Lament

    “No one has more fun ‘pitching tents’ than the Olsen Twins!”


  • Alex Lee


  • diehounderdoggen

    I just watched Scorpio Rising and I’m seeing a lot of similarities here. You’ve got a disjointed editing style, intimations of deviant sexual practices, reappropriating older and seemingly unrelated footage to shock the viewer’s sensibilities, and a biker gang made up of sexy blondes. Oh god, I went too far in a few places didn’t I?

  • Duckler

    Oh god, this is like looking a mirror..

  • fred

    I’m no deranged pedophile…but damn the Olsen Twins are hot.

  • Tim Brawn

    Swing and a miss

  • Tim Brawn

    The fuck did I just watch?

  • DrunkByDawn

    Rich Evans is the greatest actor of our generation. Where’s his oscar for this?

  • Andrew Dickman

    This is perfect. Mike and Rich both do great Mr. Plinketts. Why the fuck do people care if one or the other is playing him?

  • SqualrusWalrus

    rich is the best physical comedian of all time.

  • Adam Baldwin

    A couple of things:

    1. So is that where the Plinkett name came from?
    2. Great font.
    3. Rich looks pretty good with a full head of hair and a lot less weight. Nothing can save that voice, though.

    So I lied, it wasn’t a couple. it was a trio. Because a couple is two.


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