Mr. Plinkett’s Bee Bustin’ Service



2005. This is the both the original cut of Mr. Plinkett’s Bee Bustin’ Service, an improvised short film with almost no redeeming value, and a shortened version.

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  • patrick mccormick

    You should submit this for an Academy Award.

  • Clifford T. Hall

    Why couldn’t Dixie Jacobs answer the door in a thin robe? Too conventional?

  • HappyFox

    Wait, Mr. Plinkett… Didn’t your son commit a suicide, according to those Star Wars prequels Or did you have an accident with your hostages, which RESULTED in ANOTHER child… Then have him super grown by the Borg, by going into the future, with one of Rick Berman’s shitty-plot-time-machines?

  • Kamil El-Azzi

    i saw the camera

  • David T.

    Why would I ever want to watch the SHORT version?

    • Ibexfather

      Fuck, I watched the short version

  • Ted

    “Bee Busting” I’m assuming I am not the “first” and this isn’t an email but, meh

  • Skinny Pete


    • Bulbous Pete


  • Lewis Neale

    why change the Plinkett actor? ruined the character, especially with Stoklasa in it, unless this came before the reviews… still entertaining, just saying.

    • Dylan Moss

      Rich Evans was the original Plinkett

  • ronin122

    So is the father the real Plinkett, but the son the fake Plinkett? But both are played by Rich Evans. I’m so confused :-(


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