Recipe For Disaster

2009. The final installment of Mike Stoklasa and Rich Evans’ epic “Monkey Man Trilogy.” It all began over ten years ago with MONKEY MAN GETS HIS. Then several years later, the duo made MONKEY MAN 2K+1. And now, eight years after that abomination comes RECIPE FOR DISASTER, because nobody asked for it.

  • Robin

    When is the Rich Evans clock going to be in the store?

  • Cognitive Schizo


  • Ding Dong

    Nothing beats the original… Also I’m pretty sure they were just milking the franchise at this point.

  • Bobo

    Punt Block

  • I demand you release “The Making of Monkey Man” documentary in a special dvd boxset containing the original trilogy along with new directors commentary tracks! Monkey Man clearly inspired such cinematic masterpieces like Gorilla Interrupted that it’s a crime not to release it you thugs. Who is this Space Cop? Monkey man could take him.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    This is my favorite rag-related suffocate.

  • DrunkByDawn

    So, the President of Space…will Space Cop have to save him?!?

  • dan smart

    This is actually quite entertaining …


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