Monkey Man Gets His

This short is possibly the worst thing ever made. Critics have actually said this before. The film features a Monkey Man who gets into an old ladies pills and then… things get weird.

  • BignBad

    Great – now I have a hard-on!

  • Louie the fifth

    This is the best thing ever recorded on film.

  • jubalbiggs

    A masterpiece. It went perfectly with the drugs.

  • What…the…fuck is this again? I’m mean I found it thoroughly entertaining and all, but I los track of the plot…can anyone remind me??

  • Demarcatron El’Baboonass

    This short film is a clever allegory about the plight of many young homeless children and teenagers, who are hooked on drugs and forced into a life of sexual servitude and deviancy. We see the wild monkey man’s innocence stripped away as he is forced to engage in fecophilia for the twisted older woman’s erotic gratification. Furthermore, his childhood is buried under piles of corruption and filth, demonstrated when the ape defecates on Santa Claus.

  • El Duderino

    Im looking for a short clip from the last live show with people sitting in a room speaking to eachother but their voices is fucked up so you cant really understand what they where saing but it was amazin and very artistic.

  • Give me back my tennis-shoes, you scum.

  • diehounderdoggen

    My computer has finally achieved sentience, it refuses to load Monkey Man Gets His to prevent further harm to its primitive electro-brain.

  • KrangdasVolga

    It won’t load. : ( Please fix.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    How they got Rich’s grandma to say these lines is beyond comprehension. It breaks the universe.

  • Moses McSamson

    What do you call it when you find something that feels like it was made specifically for you? That is what I feel watching this. Gargloo dark perungo. Uhp multing saypou bapiils. Poop deck reset. Monk. I am in hell. My ass fell out. Look out below! Unde glagerald. But he said he was the for. Slut ‘used toilet paper. Oh he had a nut squeezer. Buknart! Buknart! Monkey man gets his. He’ll get his. Bakfart. I told him to subjugate my nuts.

    I am in hell.

  • DrunkByDawn

    See, stuff like this is why you guys get to make fun of stuff like Genesis Space. You’ve made horrible terrible videos, and now you make slightly less horrible terrible videos! You’re validated!

  • DrunkByDawn

    just kidding youse guys know i love ya

  • Guest

    Way better than boyhood.

  • fred

    Way better than Boyhood.

  • Andrew

    I say this with no sense of irony…This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I have found my new video to watch on a loop the next time I get high.

  • Andrew Dickman

    Monkey Man is neither a monkey nor a man! That was so stupid, but has such charm that I love it. Everything on RLM has some redeeming quality, such a great site.

  • joeblowfromidaho

    This is some deep web shit.

  • TheHutprancer

    She reminds me of my grandma Sally! <3


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