I’m Gonna Make Wine Out of Your Testicles

Meet Rich Evans, President of Space. Rich has a problem. The problem is he sees alien creatures that live in the walls of his basement. On one fine day one Alien presents Rich with a present for his birthday: A New Car!!! The only problem is, soon after Rich is presented with this wonderful gift there is a car accident and the ownership of the car comes into question with hilarious results! Enjoy this fine short film that was some how made in less time than the total running time of the film itself!

  • Whargoul

    That alien voice is funny as shit, but you cannot understand much of what it says.

  • Aaron

    The first part of this movie, everything about the way its shot–the retarded-sounding children’s piano music, the way its narrated, and Rich’s face–looks like its about to burst into laughter and I love the shit out of it. Its so stupid and it does it anyway.

  • Ted

    Rich’s rant to mini cop reminds me of the incarcerated character from Waking Life

  • Guest

    I love that there’s a President of Space in this Universe you created.

  • Kevin

    This is simply the best thing Red Letter Media has ever done.

  • I’ve probably watched this more times than any other RLM production, and that’s saying a lot.

  • cass

    I completely lost it as soon as Mike appeared singing the dump truck song. “I’ve lost controoool!” 😀

  • Lat

    Fuck that. That film shattered my understanding of the universe. I’ll never be the same.

  • WJF

    Is this the prequel to Space Cop?

  • This video is unavailable. The player says “Sorry, this episode temporarily unavailable”. Get your shit together, you amateurs. I need my daily I’m Gonna Make Wine Out Of Your Testicles fix.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    fucking speak englesh you alien bastardz!

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert


  • David Martin

    Rich Evans’ violent rant is a genuinely good piece of acting as well as being hilarious.

  • the corpse of Andrew Thompson.

    this is my favorite RLM video. i just wish it had subtitles….

  • Andrew Thompson.

    i still think this is the best thing mike and rich have ever done.

  • This is borderline excremental.

  • Andrew Thompson.


  • An underrated classic Stoklasa film.


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