Batman: Arkham City

  • HugeDong

    What the fuck is up with this bullshit that I can’t upload this video in Canada?

  • Cam

    Well done guys, this is a good review. You should definitely make more game reviews (and weekly Half in the Bag!)

  • Chucky

    400 Riddler Trophies, eh? I hope they package it with a box of No-Doz ’cause that sounds boring as shit. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • illogicalloser

    Wow Tara is just so beautiful. Another stunning red head on Redlettermedia to go with Nadine and Jessie. Keep them coming guys !!!

  • Duckler

    Did Rich take his cat astrology medication?

  • TheSwamp

    Next episode …

  • TheSwamp

    More Gamestation you fucks.

  • Otto Torrens

    The last couple boss fights aren’t thug fights :C

  • Yero

    What happened to Tara?

  • Nicole

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