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    I love these Rich. You should do more. Or less. But definitely more.

  • Splimis

    Yeah, don’t listen to the whining peons, G.S. 2.0 is awesome.

  • Russell Watters

    More Game Station 2.0 please! I will even buy the game!

  • Jake

    Mass Effect 3! I would to hear what you thought of it.

  • JM

    We want more episodes!!!

  • Geoff

    The great thing about Game Station 2.0 is the whole idea. Love the set, and Rich is a damn good reviewer.

    The bad thing is it takes so long. I’d love to see a Mass Effect 3 review but by now what’s the point? The game has been released, reviled, revisted, rehashed and now reconstituted. EA and Bioware shot themselves in the feet and then put band aids over them and I would LOVE to see a Game Station review of all this. It’d be fodder for Rich’s acerbic wit. Ducks in a freaken barrel.

    Except that now it’s old news. Ah well.

  • Doug

    For the love of God, please continue this and make it a regular feature!

  • Cody

    I miss Game Station!

  • Dorko Dude

    Yes please more game station! I love these!

  • NeilRathberg

    What happened to Game Station 2.0? I would love to see more! I even bought Vanquish based on the episode 4 review, it was well-recommended! Please bring GS 2.0 back!
    (And cover Mass Effect 3 at length somewhere on RLM!)

  • Istas

    I do hope this wasn’t cancelled permanently. I can understand not doing them because you all don’t have the time, or because you just don’t have anything funny to say about anything in this format at the moment, but I do hope there are more eventually. Just throwing that out there.

  • Chris

    I just watched an episode of the gaming news show that I think you guys drew the inspiration for this from, and I much prefer 2.0. Hope to see more of this as well as Rich getting hit with as many different objects as possible.

  • snooglegoo

    Why no more reviews???
    Cmon Rich, do some more plox.

  • F V

    Please keep these going. Not only are they really funny, they’re also very much true ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dorkoman

    Yes please make more! I love this show!

  • Hash Nazi

    Do more underrated video games and more spider-man !

  • Mr. Mind

    ;_; <3 I love game station.

  • where the fuck this go?

  • So… are we gonna get any more episodes of this? Maybe after the new Plinkett review is finished?

  • Richter Belmont

    I know this is going to sound really dumb and demanding but…. these reviews are great, please make more of them!

  • More

    Great to get back here. When this came out the first time, I remember everyone complaining this not being a Plinkett review – thus dismissing it.
    These are great. In fact I don’t care about the review but about you guys having another outlet for your crazyness. Please continue.

  • Seifer

    Mass Effect 3 (or all 3 of them) Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m enjoying this new Video Game feature

  • Seifer


  • Seifer

    This. So Much This.

  • X.J.

    This is Probably the Best Mass Effect 3 Review. I want to share to Rich, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


  • Meester Smeeth

    I want more Game Station 2.0. Do more Game Station 2.0 please. Thank you. Please.

  • Meester Smeeth

    Hey, how bout you do a GS2.0 for the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer/s? Please. Thank you. Please.
    HEY! DO MORE STUFF! Please. Thank you.

  • Handaerduvet

    Stupid ass retards, do more of this gamestation shiz!

  • cacalips

    Ughhh this is going to need work. You have stepped, I Think innocently, into a world that is carved out pretty well already (video game land). First rules:

    1) You broke the holy tri force rule: No Zelda game should ever be criticed in negative light, EVEN if the game sucks. Why? Because here, he is legend:

    While you are there, check out the gamer speak we use.
    Also, knowing the market, who publishes what, where, when, and how is VERY VERY essential and takes some background work. For example, the basics: Final Fantasy 4 is in USA is actually FF6 in Japan, or something like that, due to certain contract issues and wording, and series breaks,,,it came out like this. There are also certain details like boob cover up and stuff that delays games from asia to US. Apparently US is more censored than China!!! DUH DUN DUHHHHH (and ps, herein EU we have no movie ratings. We think the idea is dumb and blocks creativity).

    Moving on to today’s trends: MMORPG and the online Free to Play experience is picking up fast. Almost all forms of gaming are pushing into this market. Shooters, like DUST just came out for PlayStation 2 as an online free to play model. There are at least 4 different payment models in this business (free with cash shop, buy once play free, subscirbe monthly, etc etc etc). There are wordings like the “holy trinity” where groups of people make a character in the game as healer, damage, and “tank”…I am getting off subject…but the point is. These videos seem like some one jumped into the adult side of the pool with orange floaties on. It is cute, we love it, it is water, so why not…but at the end of the day these have zero substance as far as judgement, direction, or critic of a video game.

    Also, here is another example of carving out a niche: These guys do classics:

  • kenchun24

    Oh yeah…the clusterfuck that was Mass Effect 3’s ending.But Rich should probably just do a review of the trilogy and a hourlong special (with Mr. Plinkett) on ME3’s crap ending.

  • winzentween

    what happened to this…and the babe?

  • Rayne

    I would love to see Mr. Plinkett’s Review of ME 1,2,& 3

    I definitely will post it in forums so that everyone will watch it!!!

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I wish you would keep this going.

    As I mentioned in your Zelda review, Game Sites today really suck with their favortist reviews. You guys give the facts – please continue!

  • Dildo Daggins

    What happened to these? They were damn entertaining.

  • vontux

    If you do more of these I’ll make you feel good…..

  • Memoman

    I really enjoy this take on videogames. I enjoy videogames; I try to keep current with game journalism and play the latest releases. Your reviews don’t implicitly restrain criticism to videogame realm concessions, where some flaws and quirks are forgiven by default and slight improvements on gaming are heralded as virtual Jesus. You give an objective, adult, responsible take on videogames, treating them like any other art form. Holding them to the same standards a rational human being uses to enjoy any other media such as music or film.

    It’s unique and refreshing in the sense that you don’t feel insane anymore when you play and are bored by a game with a stupid-ass clichรฉ plot, infuriatingly immersion-breaking mechanics and horrible filler chores that somehow got 10s across the board and universal game journalism acclaim. You guys give fair accounts and smart analysis. You should keep it up for those who enjoy videogames as a product of team work effort and creativity in the form of interactive media.

  • Heinzy

    We want more of this!

  • AutomaticJack

    Rich Evans! hear me out on this one… I know a lot of people have been clamoring for more GameStation and unfortunately…I am no different… but get this-

    Dark Souls. Play Dark Souls. I have not been so enthralled, challenged, mystified, and captured by a game since I played Morrowind in the 7th grade. It will entertain and inspire you, I promise.

    Keep on keeping on man! You guys rock

  • Mr B

    Still waiting for another episode.

  • I can appreciate criticism on the narrative of games, but as someone who wrote a review professionally for Arkham City, I wish you would have spent less time talking about the mechanics, beyond affirming that they are good. While it is clear that you know what you are talking about when it comes to narrative and storytelling, It is not clear that you know more than the average games about mechanics and design. Stick to your guns and speak more about the topics you are well versed in.

  • Erast Petrovich

    Unit 603-Idiot I would like to know why the fuck there aren’t more of these episodes.

  • Graykin

    I like the idea of reviewing video games, but I’m not sure the Gamestation does any justice to you guys.

    With your other stuff (Half in the Bag, the Plinkett reviews, etc.) you always provide in-depth reviews and criticisms of movies, that it feels like you really understand what the movie was trying to do, and you are very good at arguing why something is good or bad and what works in a movie. Plus, the minute or two of unrelated gag stuff is fairly amusing, within the 30 minute time frame of most of your videos.

    The problem I have with Gamestation is that it doesn’t really provide the same kind of in-depth feedback, and for the total length of the videos (usually around 6 minutes), the 3-4 minutes of unrelated gag stuff crammed in there really drives home the point that these reviews are weak and not as informative as I would prefer.

    I’m not saying “DEATH TO GAMESTATION!” I am merely saying that if you plan on doing it (which judging by the lack of updates, it doesn’t look like there will be any more), then you should give it the same justice as Half in the Bag. I wouldn’t be saying it if I didn’t respect you guys at all.

  • DudeBroGuy

    I miss gamestation! Want more!

  • hafabee

    I think with Gamestation these guys are doing a parody of video game reviews, unlike the other stuff they do which is more genuine (although intertwined with comedy). There might be an underlying review in the average Gamestation episode, but for the most part it seems to be a parody.

  • Rob Loblaw

    MOAR GAMESTATION! Please review “The Last of us”!

  • Jeff

    This has great potential. Plentiful amount of games on all systems ripe for reviewing. There really isn’t another show like this around. I really enjoyed Rich’s character and the creepy sorta space station attendant Mike plays as. You could have a ton of guest characters and eventually draw up a story line for the entire show just like Half in the Bag. The reviews are fun to watch over and over. I love the quips and witty lines as well as the frank and humorous reviewing. This is seriously a great show that deserves more attention. If you take donations toward this show specifically I would gladly help out. My only critique would be to make the reviews even longer. They keep attention well for dumb masses like the rest of us.

  • Adrian

    If you really want more Game Station, set up an fundraiser to impress RLM to listen to your comments.

  • Rene Lora

    I don’t even like video games but these were fun. Why did these stop?

  • Isaac

    This is a really awesome Idea. If the reviews were longer like half in the bag you guys would crush the youtubers out there. Gaming reviews are huge right now but this is still the cream of the crop. This has the potential to be cash cow, hope it gets revived.

  • StopCivilisation

    As many others here points out, you need to make another episode of gamestation.
    Review Last Of us!

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    What happened to this one?

  • Huntad

    I want this to come back! Please bring it back!

  • SomeDumGuy

    I miss Game Station! It was genius! Love everything about it. PLeeeease bring back! Maybe when you have more time after you finish Space Cop? Love you guys, just bought the remastered Gorilla Interrupted, watched the whole thing and laughed my ass off. Watched the whole documentary too. Shit, I gotta go to work in a few hours. Fuck! But it was worth it. Ok bye!

  • Pissernacht

    Last of Us? Really? Hell, I’ll do that right now:

    Was this supposed to be a survival horror game? A post-apocalypse adventure game? How about a dramatic action piece? The developers didn’t bother answering any of these questions and instead sat around eating their own snot. They didn’t give a shit, so I damn sure won’t either.

  • DeColonise

    Yes really.
    While you made a very short review I would not say that I had the same kind of feelings when I played it. For the most part I liked it alot. Annoying thing that most reviewers out there did was tricking me (and others) into believing this was a hard game. When in reality much of the tension was lost if you played it on normal or easy the first time. Hard should had been the “norm” to push the player into actually playing in a harsh, cold, post-civ world.

  • DeColonise

    Gorilla Interrupted is their best movie to date for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pissernacht

    My main issue was that it didn’t feel like it’s action component was thought out in the slightest. Bad enough to have to deal with super zombies, but ones who know bullshit ju-jitsu just because they have fungus growing out their eyes? They should at least have been more visible in a fight so you could focus your precious ammo/upgraded melee weapons on them. Firefights with humans, 90% of my time, involved everyone rushing my position the EXACT nanosecond I would reload my guns. As far as I’m concerned the game is broken.

  • DeColonise

    Oh, Another game that would have been nice to see here is Dark Souls or the upcoming Dark Souls II ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tri Nguyen


  • Rudarudd


  • montechristo88

    please revive, with proper adverts rhere’s a good chance of success, it has everything i seek in review-videos

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I agree with the others. I know movies are your bread and butter but I would love to see more video game reviews. You have some informative things to say.

  • reversalmushroom

    When are there going to be more of these, and when is there going to be more Mr. Plinkett?

  • Andrew Dickman

    Game Station turned into Pre-Rec

  • These were so great.
    There’s something so satisfying about seeing Mike torture Rich.

  • Red Skeleton

    When’s the next Game Station 2.0 coming out?

  • Arobin08

    Is this replacing Half in the Bag?

  • The Ghost of Buckshot Jones



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