The Western Ore Musical

The f**king musical about rocks! ; This was our entry for the 2009 48 Hour Film Project in Milwaukee. Category – western or musical. Character – Roger or Rosemary Lanvin, a baker. Prop – a phone (not a cell phone).


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  • retartarsauce

    i wana ride on your granite stick!

    i wana let you ride on my grannys dick
    i wana let you ride on my granny stick
    i wana lick you right on my grannys dick
    i wana let you right on my grannys stick
    i wana lick you right on my granny stick

  • Hash Nazi

    More Rich Evan’s singing

  • Khari

    Obsidian Jones is one bad motherfucker

  • Leorge Gucas


  • NC

    Loved how the backing music for the first song was perfectly keyed to be in tune with the vocals,no matter how bizarre they were. Marvellous dedication!


    Mike is obviously channeling Daniel Day-Lewis in his role as a crazy person.

  • Daniel Bellfield

    I love the ending!

  • Some Guy

    I can see why Rich’s singing had to be dubbed over. MOTHERFUCKER

  • gwyllgi

    this here’s a nugget of solid gold Muthafucka!

  • Curugon

    That cheating bastard Obsidian Jones! That was nowhere near Flint Eastrock’s genitals, motherfucker!

  • Lilgreenman

    Obsidian Jones, you fuck! You bought that caterpillar at Rocky Slim’s Secondhand Hairpieces and Mustaches in Reno, ya cheapskate! I know it because I SOLD IT TO YOU!

  • Duckler

    Obsidian Jones is my new hero.

  • Lat

    Was “Blanc Screen Cinema” the precursor to Red Letter Media?

  • Earth

    I sang the pyrite song to a geologist friend of mine. He was amused :)


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