RLM’s Milwaukee Film Fest Panel Info

September 28, 201299 Comments


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    so I guess there’s never gonna be another Plinkett review eh?


  • x

    It’s gonna be great!

  • soithascometothis

    I’m nowhere near Milwaukee. Please move the event closer to me.

  • Progahgonist

    Any chance Mike and some of the other guys would come to New York Comicon next year? You can beat off to the statue of liberty while not being blown up by terrorists. It’s reeeeeeally fun. Ha ha ha. Make sure you prepare your anuses for the TSA though.

  • I want to f**k more

    Yeah,know how you feel.
    I’m in Slovenia.That’s in Europe.Former Yugoslavia.

    No assholes for me.No drinking with Evans for me.



    When is the next Plinkett review?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Like Rich Evans, I never leave my house either. I’m always on my computer, constantly checking a website called redlettermedia.com for the next Plinkett review.

    Under those circumstances, how the hell can I get to Milwaukee?

  • Leo Ladenson

    Like Rich Evans, I never leave my house either. I’m constantly on my computer, looking for the next Plinkett review.

    Under those circumstances, how the hell can I get to Milwaukee?

  • Hammbuich

    I am with this Slovenia guy… person. Can you move this event somewhere between there and germany.. make that nothern germany… not too far away from kopenhagen.. you remember, I’m sure. So halfway between slovenia and Hamburg must be… Czech border?
    Nah, fuck that.
    Just tell us now about the next Plinkett Review.

  • ouij
  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    Okay, so over the years I imagined that RLM has grown sooooo large in popularity that wherever Mike and Jay say they will be, a hundred thousand people will show up. Then I see this little wooden tavern for the Milwaukee talk where the meeting will take place – essentially inside a closet. Wow. I have to re-evaluate my desire to give you all my money.

  • Plinket’s date

    Mister, just because I asian, doesn’t mean I don’t like other kind of food..


    for the record I just want to say that we were promised a new Plinkett review MONTHS ago and it’s already been over half a year since the last one

    so I don’t think I’m being impatient

  • another guest

    You were “promised” a new review, eh? Please explain how you were promised anything. The last Plinkett update video says nothing about when another Plinkett review will come, or what it will be. It merely expresses that Plinkett is still alive. Since that ad, they have announced Plinkett’s involvement in a zombie documentary as well as released a Plinkett commentary track. You weren’t “promised” anything.

  • jabels jr

    Shouldn’t people who are on a panel about making web videos actually make some web videos once in a while?

  • Pollandball
  • Pollandball

    He he ,just love the jab at all the whiners about Plinkett and Rich Evanses laughter…

  • x

    So basically you are saying that you only support artists who are popular with the general public?
    Goddamn sheeple.

  • Holly crap! Airline tickets are expensive! Forget that! :-p

  • it’s a thing

    Like Rich Evans, I never leave my house either. I’m constantly on my computer, looking for the next Plinkett review.

    Under those circumstances, how the hell can I get to Milwaukee?

  • playdude92

    Do a call-in show or a live chat, so assholes from Germany like me can ask you questions like:

    What movies can you make a commentary track about?

    Whoยดs playing the drums?

    What are your favourite movies?

    and things?

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    You’re right ‘x.’ On the day I post a comment I think I’m Henny Youngman; then the next day I read what I wrote and I sound like Bela Lugosi. One day you want to make the world laugh and the next day you wonder why you insulted your friends. So I give my appologies. (Of course tomorrow when I read this latest comment I’ll have to come with a new appology.)
    [Bottom line is I wish I were at the meeting but can only hope that RLM will show a tape of it for the rest of us.]

  • x

    Relax ,I was kidding.
    Most of the comments I read on this site I don’t take seriously ,’cus most of them are not ment seriously.We are all just horsing around.
    But there are some jackasses who take things and them selves to seriously.
    You know who you are.
    Yeah you with the downvoting and whinning.

  • Amiga 600

    UK please!
    Much love to you and your awesome shows.
    Also, when is the next Gamestation 2.0?

  • x

    *goddamn spelling.
    Ah,fuck it.

  • x

    Take a cab.

  • The ‘Other’ Mike

    Advise putting Jocelyn behind chicken-wire for her own protection. That is all.

  • Calmixx

    I am nowhere near Wisconsin. I was recently in Omaha but that is not the same. I suppose it may as well be though because I am no longer there either.

  • Victor Victorious

    Hey, I can’t make it to the panel thing, so you guys should come to Terre Haute so I can see the review. My parents are not home so we have plenty of beds for you crash on. We can drink beer and talk about the next plinket review

  • anonplz

    I think about killing myself a lot. For many months now. Your videos are one of the reasons I haven’t ended it. That probably sounds weird but, whatever, life is weird.

    Keep up the awesome work and I wish the best of fortunes to you all.

  • Come to Austin, Texas!!!

  • Palpatine


  • Loving life

    Rich Evans’ house is fucking terrifying.

  • Ima

    You know, it’s only when you review well-known films that your reviews are interesting–stick with the canon and you’ll be a blast.

  • guest


  • Guy

    You’re all wrong. This event should be in war-torn Northern Ireland. I will provide petrol bombs for all audience members to burn the fuck out of Rich Evans.

  • Lemonjuice33

    Thank you RLM for being AWESOME!


    I live in a CALIFORNIA. Please move event to the nearest CALIFORNIA. Everyone love CALIFORNIA. CALIFORNIA is great because CALIFORNIA.

  • Mike

    When are you coming back to Denmark? I just moved here from Milwaukee.

  • y u no like?

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • Sk8er

    Get off your lazy ass you fat homo and give us what we want! No one cares about Milwaukee!

  • Khoi

    LOL! another fanboy of the ilk RLM constantly makes fun of! keep on white knighting, nerd

  • 100

    You are a twat.


  • I promise you, if you came to Brisbane, Australia you would have a full house – even with an entry fee PLEASE DO IT

  • You guys coming out to the NY/NJ area anytime soon??

  • duh

    Take a nap.

  • money rule the world


  • nah

    Take a fap.

  • nah

    You forgot to CALIFORNIA.

  • nah

    Nope .He is an ass.

  • I am nowhere near Milwakee!

  • yojimbo

    No. They’ve decided that they’re in to ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ things. But they will remind you often that they’re the “guys who brought you Plinkett.” Enjoy the past. Stick a fork in these guys… they’re done.

  • yojimbo

    I’ve seen an early version of their next review. The movie they’re “reviewing” is not important, but what is interesting is that there’s a scene where Mike, Jay, and even Plinkett, open a laptop up to a webpage called “Red Letter Media Fans.” Then they all urinate and smear feces all over the laptop and look into the camera and laugh. I guess you’ll have to think about that one…

  • yojimbo2

    Nobody’s forcing you to come to their website, guy. But I guess if you didn’t you wouldn’t be able to pointlessly complain.

  • You should do something in

  • MrUnoriginal

    When is the next Plinkett review?

  • I love how you guys abuse Rich Evans so much. Can he be a victim in the next Plinkett review?

  • And come to Los Angeles. You guys should be here anyway.

  • fanboy

    I guess you are right.They are hacks and should stop making stuff.
    Because your opinion matters.Like really.

  • fanboy

    ^ This
    (because sometimes just upvoting something isn’t enough)

  • fanboy

    This is not EA and Mass Effect 3 .And even in that case whining from fans did not not change the shitty ending.

  • fanboy

    Not not not change ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Lenny

    Is there any chance you guys move your ass to Europe someday?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Central Europe, to be exact. Austria. You know… Austria and stuff…

  • guest

    I’m sorry, all I heard there was “waaaahhh why aren’t they doing what I want them to be doing???”

  • Mike’s gynaecologist

    So if you lower the bar without getting paid for it, you’re not a sellout?
    Guess then you’re just two lazy bums who lost their sence of taste and sunk a bit too low in order to satisfy your own comfort and vanity. I suppose in it being so, you do not deserve the criticisms directed at your work? Think again.
    Perhaps you should recheck the definition of “selling out” before making a smartass self-justification. It has little to do with whether you get paid for something or not.
    PS: Why the hell do you even go to these conventions?

  • Charles

    It’s not a convention, it’s a film festival, dumbass. How are they “lowering the bar” by agreeing to participate in an international film festival? They were also invited to a film fest in Denmark earlier this year. But I guess all that is beneath a genius like you. And are you really complaining about RLM being “smartass?”

    Why do so many idiots come to this website just to complain? It wouldn’t be quite as bad if their complaints had any validity.

  • mamacass

    what are you talking about? They’re not doing ANYTHING at all!

  • GWL

    How many times are people going to ask? There isn’t going to be any more. Jay and Mike have decided to do nothing with this thing. Did you not notice that they have removed any graphics of Plinkett on this site? Did you not notice how much contempt they have for their audience? Did you not notice how awesome they think they are now, though they are doing absolutely nothing, not a review, not a Plinkett review, not even anything for sale, except old stuff that they think is awesome? Why should they have to continue to make videos for ‘fans?’ After all, ‘fans’ are just losers who give you their money because they’re stupid. Contempt for an audience is fun, and it’s how you get ahead in life. Why should they feel they have to cater to such scum? Jay and Mike are gods of the internet, and internet videos. They will now take your questions about how awesome they are. They’re so ‘awesome’ that they are above all this. That’s what makes them awesome. They’re more awesome than even William Shatner, who actually still produces/stars/or directs something almost every single day. They’ve achieved such an awesome status that they don’t even read these filthy comments on this site by these little filthy people on here calling themselves ‘fans.’

  • guest

    They’ve been consistently doing Half in the Bag every other week for a year and a half. They took a month off last month and I don’t blame them after so much output! Also in the last year they’ve released a full Plinkett review as well as two commentary tracks, several short films, made a few convention and film festival appearances, and they’re working on a feature film. That’s not enough for you? How entitled are you?

  • Dr.Cock

    You may have some emotional/psychological issues.Seek help ASAP.

  • Dr.Cock

    Welcome to the internet,home of entitled-their-heads-up-their-asses-give-me-what-I-want-now twats.

  • Mr. Burns

    I met Jay and Mike in Toronto and they couldn’t have been nicer to me and the other people that were around their booth. They were humble and friendly to everyone. I’m pretty sure the only “fans” they have contempt for are whiny, self-entitled, demanding douchebags like you.

    You also talk like they’re not creating anything at all. Just because they’re not doing Plinkett reviews doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything else. Click around their website a bit more. Oh and maybe get out of your parent’s basement once in a while as well.


  • Don’t worry GWL, some people still recognize satire.

  • I know, right? How dare they not satisfy us with content we apparently don’t want.

  • Xander

    I live no where near Milwaulkee. I can’t even spell Milwalkee. Come to the east coast. I’d love to see you in Delaware!

  • MexijewAsshole

    Please someone record this or live stream it!

  • funny_without_fun

    when is the next half in the bag episode coming online?

  • Grant

    Hey are you guys busy being frauds? The answer is yes. Yes you are.

  • astupiddipshitasshole

    that makes you a californiacator

  • astupidipshitasshole

    Half in the bag is so fucking boring and unfunny that it makes me fall asleep. Stoklassa and Bauman have become George Lucas. They’ve become the system at this point.

  • astupiddipshitasshole

    take a- oh wait. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Well, it seems that David wasn’t the only secret asshole! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • nooooooooo

    Nooooooo. Just imagine (or better not) Rich Evans held in a basement wearing a low cut black dress…. Just no, he doesn’t fill that role well.

  • guest

    Well that’s unfortunate for you. I, and apparently many others, really enjoy Half in the Bag.

    And HOW exactly have they become George Lucas? I would love to hear your justification for such an inane statement.

  • Ty Tweeder

    Sup assholes? Love your videos, every single one of them. You get better and better with time. The amount of disdain for you seems strange because if people no like why people come to site?
    Half in the Bag is far more enjoyable than Plinkett reviews. I really value your opinions on movies because you watch them and understand them for what they are. I know that if you 2 recommend a movie I will like it, there has been times I disagree with some of your points but you entertained the piss out of me in the process. Keep on being awesome. You are as smart, funny and clever as you think. I am your target audience.

  • redek

    How about a Half in the bag on “Total recall”. That’s such a classic. Why didn’t you comment on the remake. And yeah… them plinkett reviews. And the commentary for Empire strikes back!

  • Thanks for the fun time, Jay. (;

  • f

    no you’re dumb nice try though lol

  • i live in Warnbro, Western Australia, so yeah if you move it just a tad closer i’d appreciate it thanks.

  • I’m in Northern Ireland and I’ve torn that war.

  • Smart Person Number 1

    Milwalkee isn’t near me and its dumb. You guys should move stuff down state Illinois, but pick up some spotted cow first.

  • llllllllll

    When are the next two Plinkett reviews?

  • Gary

    Fuck Milwaukee. Drink in Eau Claire.

  • guy la douche

    If anything other than trolling and ranting, it would be parody. Satire is witty.

    Visit your local library if you’d like to learn more about these subjects, and other topics that may interest you.

  • mmm. I miss Nadine for the same reason. But shave a man’s legs, give ’em big titties and ball-gag, and it can be just as good as the real thing.

  • It’s the most highly anticipated movie review of all time. Fanboys have waited over 30 weeks for the new review, and lined up around the block with their light sabers and box set DVDs. Will the special editions contain even more footage? A new commentary track and tantalizing hints of the coming Plink-quels?

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Did you suck his cock?

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