RLM at Toronto Fan Expo

August 16, 201258 Comments

We’re coming back to Toronto! For more info on Fan Expo, visit:


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  • Have you guys tried poutine?

  • Dan

    I’ll try to be there. do u need a copy of Things?

  • This is more exciting than the entire celebrity zoo

  • I don’t look like an old man, but I have everything ready to go for my special visit to Jay’s room, erection and all. Can I still get in?

  • JM

    FY RLM, Luke Perry cancelled his appearance there, so I’m not going. Also, double FY for not taking Rich Evans with you.

  • Eccentric Exhibits

    Not to be a negative nelly or nothin’, but $45 for this sort of convention is pretty damn steep – especially since I saw a giant art show featuring the finest artists from North America, Europe, and Africa at the same place for $15 about 6 months ago. I was willing to give up some of my photographic prints as payment for your videos (I turned off the adblocker because I’m an impatient bastard), but not if it’s gonna cost me $45 just to get into the damn building.

    Of course, I could always pull a Metal Gear Solid and sneak in via moving cardboard box tactic. Or encase myself in a giant plastic blister pack and sneak in under the pretence of being a giant action figure, which would probably be more relevant.

  • RLM please!! To hell with Toronto Con. Toronto, the asshole of Canada, go to Hal-Con the maritimes only comic/sci-fi/they’ll LITERALLY take anyone convention! Please I can’t stomach to drive to Toronto, most Canadians can’t, even the sorry fuckers who live there. HELL I was born there and left when I was 6 months old because it’s a shithole…

  • ok. Try #2 please GO to Toronto Con the center of the universe of Canada…then check out Halifax Convention…
    http://hal-con.com it’s the maritimes (Canadian Maritimes) convention, you guys would be the biggest name there and Odo from DS9 is going!


  • Oui oui Padme

    I want the official Death Star tracksuit.

  • Jay Fan

    Glad to see Jay already waxed his legs in anticipation for the VIP fan experience 😉

  • Murderin Murphy

    HA! That $75-autograph joke made me laugh on the inside.

    It was a joke, right? I certainly hope you don’t charge other human beings cash money for the pleasure of speaking words to your face. I mean, who the fuck do you guys think you are? Lou Ferrigno? …or every asshole actor with a booth at last week’s Las Vegas Star Trek convention??

  • george

    dat gillians anderson! mmmm straightheads.

  • rolendo

    this guys can make good jokes and entertain with just good writing… i love this two dudes !!!

  • kurt_eh

    I prefer this video of Toronto…


  • Jay’s room is going to be jammed.

  • rottencrab

    You left when you were six months old because it’s a shithole? I take it you drove, it’d be dangerous for an infant to hitchhike down there.

  • thegregster101

    i want them to come over to the UK at some point.

  • imc440

    Oh good. I was hoping this week I’d come to redlettermedia and find an update about an appearance at something in Toronto.

  • playdude92

    Shit.. All these convention announcements have the same ring to me:

    Hey look at this great stuff, that´s gonna happen but you´re not gonna see, because its across the fucking ocean!

    Give a holler, when you´re coming to Europe.

  • Crookedcarrot

    What’s a “Toronto”?

  • XxSWFan92

    I would go if I had a car. Or a job. Or a wallet. Or a life.

  • XxSWFan92

    Of course it was a joke you idiot.

  • Lou Ferrigno has been at every San Diego Comic-Con for as far back as I can remember; didn’t see him this year, though. Not that it’s related or anything but I did see Peter Mayhew at this years Wonder-Con sitting out back in a wheelchair smoking a cigaret.That was odd.

  • No, he said Totoro.

  • They’re penis’s are malfunctioning. Hope their still under warranty.

  • 1234

    a dead possom is more interesting than the celebrity zoo

  • Murderin Murphy

    I was being sarcastic, you brainiac.

  • I’d go but fuck Canada and all…

  • nkutz

    The stupid comedy in this was far too enjoyable. And all the while, they seem to be telling us how much better Canada is than the U.S.

  • nkutz

    That’s something only a negative nelly would say.

  • billy

    Does anyone know which days they will be at the fanexpo for or if they will be there for all 4 days?

  • Enosib Kram

    I know what you mean.i live in the old country too.I has a sad

  • Enosib Kram

    I thought he said Tonto.

  • Tornado?

  • playdude92

    Hey, before I forget, go get some free non-backalley haelthcare while you´re up there.

  • derp

    Totally would’ve gone; but you guys should announce this stuff sooner. Even only a few hours away, a week’s notice kind of blows.

  • aeudet

    Whaat daay aree yoou gooing to bee there??

  • No, they’re absolutely serious. I can collect your money now and give it to them. I swear up and down that I’m a real redlettermedia employee. Just mail your money to

    1114 Main Street, DudleyVille, No State, No Zip

    Or send it to my email at “thisisajokeandascamdontattempttosendmeanymoney@hotmail.edu”

    Note, that’ll be a 90000 dollar transaction fee in order for me to get your money safely to my personal bank accIMEANTOMIKEANDJAY.

  • Saruma

    Pay for their trip and they probably will. That’s what the Danes did!

  • Saruma


  • CanadianAvenger

    Well said sir. That Toronto info-mmercial was hilarious. All I could think of was how much everyone outside of Toronto hates it. Not because it’s a terrible city but because everyone from Toronto thinks the rest of Canada is a shit-hole.

  • OD

    Does anyone have a link to that video? It’s pretty amazing.

  • Flit

    “This video is private”

  • Guest

    Why did you make the video private?

  • boooo- video is private?
    The General disapproves!!!!!!!!

  • pete smith

    This video is private

  • Traie

    Can I get a link to that original Toronto video? Hilarious.

  • info

    Toronto is in the province of Ontario, not Ottawa.
    Ottawa is a city, not a province.

  • Ditto, it’s unintentionally ironic and funny given the current state of the city. Surprised no one has made a satirical version of it.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    Province is in the Ontario of Ottawa, not Ottawa.
    City is a province, not a Toronto.

  • D’Angelo

    Hey Jay, nice sandals you effeminate schmuck. Why don’t you get a real job instead of sitting around and not making more episodes of Best of the Worst. Break time’s over Sally!

  • Chronic know-it-all

    Actually for the record Toronto still does have one of the lowest crime rates of cities in North America. The slums and ghettos thing is more arguable now I guess but as someone who lives in one of them, things are pretty ok here. We just get bad press recently because our Mayor is a drunken shmuck.

  • xopa1996

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  • Robert Fitl

    None of those things about Toronto are true.

  • fred

    no shit

  • Robert Fitl

    Well… you’re a dick.

  • fred

    no, I’m an orc

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