Rise of the Plinkett ad

June 26, 2012359 Comments

Mr. Plinkett escapes his untimely (and possibly intentional) burial to begin work on his next movie review… what will he review next?

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  • Ediblefood

    Matrix please. No more dog movies.

  • Broseph Stalin

    My hope is you’ve already choose a film and It’ll come out soon to quench my nipple’s thirst for more intellect.

  • paige

    that was actually really well done and im disappointingly impressed

  • Grendeleedee

    Kill Bill 2?

  • stolliosis

    Is it only me, or are these new video postings flashing for everyone else?

  • spunkbubble

    Too soon for Prometheus?

    What a piece a shit.

  • Vulgarcent

    I was convinced he actually got himself locked in his closet until the very end. It would explain the DVDs…
    “Aw fuck, why did they burry me in my bedroom?”

  • Montoya

    I hope its the new Indianna Jones!!

  • hex


  • Nonconformist Muffin

    You rat bastards! Now I have to sit here and wait.

  • Jason

    Terminator Salvation!

  • Peter

    oh fuck, it was about time guys!

  • Vulgarcent

    Yyy? Like “the crystal scull”-new-one? I think you should check some things, because. Ehem. They kinda did it. http://redlettermedia.com/plinkett/indiana-jones-and-the-kingdom-of-the-crystal-skull/

  • Zoe

    The film I’d like to see reviewed the most is Lord of the Rings. Really happy to see that Plinkett’s comin’ back!

  • Kill Bill 2 it is. But I hope more is coming

  • Superman Returns. That was grossly disappointing.

  • mark


    Can’t wait….

  • DrPoop

    @410755a7e5703387394ebf353bffdcba:disqus Agreed, enough with the dog and baby movies. They’re too obvious. A serious analsys of the Matrix trilogy requested! Although excellent trailer. But no more teasing – get reviewing!

  • Johnny Snow

    Lord of the Rings would be fun. So would the Matrix movies. I’m thinking it’s going to be none of the above and he’s going to blind-side us with something totally unexpected.

  • Didn’t you guys say TWO YEARS AGO that you’re review The Dark Knight?

  • ac1d

    YES! YES! YES! I only found out about Plinkett a week ago and I’ve gone through every single video already. Need MOAR!

  • Derp

  • An Adoring Fan

    Are you teasing us or asking us which film to review?

    I would like to see either the Matrix Reloaded or one of the new awful Batman movies (though the joker was good…) with that awful Batman voice which makes me cringe with embarrassment like when I caught my grandma and grandpa having sex and they invited me to join in.

  • Pup Pupperton

    Please more dog movies.

  • m0r1arty

    I’d like to see a little Batman love from you Harry Plinkett if possible.

  • mikeoxlong

    Whatever gets reviewed make sure it isn’t a not very good but not complete garbage movie like the last Indiana Jones because movies like that dont make funny reviews. So no LOR or Matrix trilogy reviews please…….Terminator Salvation sucked major ass (or anything directed by Mcg for that matter), all the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies sucked ass after the first one, Wild Wild West, Independence Day, Godzilla, most Steven Sommers movies….so many shitty movies to chose from!

  • Krobelux

    You know the Spiderman Trilogy might not be a bad idea for a review. I really hope he reviews the Air Bud series!

  • “it isn’t a not very good but not complete garbage”
    So somewhere in between?

  • Just you. Or rather not me, I can’t speak for everyone else (if only I could).

  • Bryan

    Dear Mr. Plinkett, Please Review Lord of the Rings. Thank you.

  • Maybe it’s TOO obvious but could it just be the movie Buried starring Ryan Reynolds.

  • Guest

    It’s going to be great.

  • eat my balls


  • mark

    I would LOVE to see a Plinkett review of Kill Bill 2, or any other Tarantino movie.

    Instead of a movie that we all know is bad, let him do a movie that a lot of people like and just show all the plot holes, mistakes and inconsistencies (and do it in a smart and funny way).

    And PLEASE, no Dog movie, or any other, that nobody knows!

  • Wonderful. I’ll be there with bells on.

  • OZwld

    Awesome trailer guys! Can’t wait for the next review… whatever it is πŸ™‚

  • OZwld

    How about a review of Tim Burton’s body of work and how it has gone down the shitter… Planet of the apes is a goldmine for Mr. Plinkett!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LazyMofo

    damn it you’ve ruined my life now i’ll be checking for the new review every few hours until it’s out. SO EXCITED!! omg please be the matrix trilogy. the joke reviews (babies day out, cop dog) are funny… but they were exactly that – a joke. A joke we’ve heard already.

  • Matrix sequels. Or the next time the casket will be concrete.

  • roco

    Guys, I think the point of this is that the fans are burying Mike and Jay in Plinkett review requests… So yeah

  • GurryFonads

    Matrix and LoTR would be cool but they were good movies I’m expecting Plinkett to rip Spiderman 3 a new asshole.

  • roco

    No one else got the message of this?

  • roco

    I’ll refer you to my previous comment…

  • Mike Norman

    Finally! The long-awaited review of Cars 2!

  • Inorite? And then after that he should totally do Avatar. Or fuckin’… I don’t know, Cop Dog. Why hasn’t anyone given those fuckin’ dog movies a fuckin’…something something…

  • snakes andert

    I’ll wait by rewatching all the Plinkett reviews.

  • The Matrix sequels weren’t bad movies story-wise. They weren’t just not that entertaining to watch as the first one.

  • Ygritte

    You know nothing Johnny Snow.

  • Bassbait

    It’s a red herring, he’s really going to review Kill Bill.

    Or at least I hope he does. Those films suck.

  • dellarocco

    Would love to see Cars 2. Great example of how the purest and most reputable of companies will sell out.

  • Mateusz K.

    Yes! I will donate to you guys just for this trailer. You fully deserve it! Hope this won’t take as long as the last one… or just supplement us with HINB untill then…
    Thank you so much for enriching my sad life so many times.

  • bago

    You guys are so great at what you do, this is unique entertainment, can’t find this on cable.

    Ready for the rise of the Plinkett

  • Matrix AND dog movies!

  • thaneofmemphis

    Please do Superman 1 and 2 and explain to all the deluded fanboys that they really are pretty terrible. Not another kid’s movie, please!

  • Sage

    the buried thing i assume is a kill bill 2 reference, but it could be about buried instead, considering how fucking shitfull it was.

  • Guest

    They weren’t great, but they weren’t terrible. They are to spider-man, what burton’s batmans + the other two are to batman; just a little off.

  • misterclock

    damn. I was hoping that Terminator: Salvation would be on the short list. Oh, well. All those movie would make excellent reviews, especially Matrix Reloaded.


  • me

    How about Transformers 2? He always brings it up in the Star Wars reviews

  • Daggoth

    Fido… there is no bone

  • Monk

    LOTR was a bad series? Good Lord, how much do I really not understand about movie making?

  • eugene


  • the karate trilogy: Karate Dog then The Matrix 2 and 3!

  • Please hit either Matrix or Twilight. The first is a series that started out really promising… then swiftly jumped ship with its sequels. The second is a HORRIBLE ABOMINATION OF MANKIND AND DESERVES NOTHING SHORT OF A FULL MERCILESS BUTCHERY.

  • Hans Grubers Yoga Teacher

    Expose the fraud named INCEPTION, Plinkett. You know you want to.

  • guest

    It’s going to be great.

  • a;sdk

    They just think they are overrated, not bad.

  • Yes! More Plinkett! Rich Evans is breathtaking!

  • Heretic!

  • itbegins2005

    If it turns out to be The Matrix Reloaded, I will be VERY happy. I doubt it will, though.

  • Gilnitz

    Signs, Armageddon
    Would love to see either one ripped apart

  • iddqd

    matrix 2 and 3 are overrated and bad X)
    the reloaded is a good choice.

  • Dolorous Edd

    Oh snap, kissed by fire right there…

  • Murderin Murphy

    You should review the Star Wars prequels. Those were terrible.

  • John Richards

    I agree. This “Please review the Matrix trilogy” Shit is annoying me. It seems because of the requests that Mike’s been getting. I feel its inevitable. I hope I’m wrong.

  • asda


  • shit

    plinkett should do the matrix, the terminator and the alien series. they’re just like star wars: great movies with shitty sequels. so much potential lost, so many childhoods raped.

  • Guest

    I hope this means he’s not reviewing any of those.

    Rip Harry Potter apart, please.

  • Guest

    That would be great. Overrated garbage, ESPECIALLY the second film.

  • I guess he ain’t reviewing the Matrix movies. Although to be honest, I don’t really care what Plinkett reviews. His reviews are always great. :3

  • Guest

    That’s gonna be great.

  • HandsomeB

    So many clues.

    Planet of the Apes title reference, Kill Bill setting & more than a few dvd’s that could use a good reaming.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing anything Shyamalan post Unbreakable.

  • SuperToad

    Its gonna be totally great.

  • Bob

    Um, am I missing something, or is the point that he’s going to do the Kill Bill movies?

  • Your Son

    Review a movie nobody likes or expects. Make it obscure. Like Mrs Doubtfire

  • I understand we all are pretty over excited and seem impatient, but truly its because the videos are so well made, crack us the hell up, and make our days that much better. We all really appreciate it very much though! Thanks guys.

  • Thatguy

    Agreed. The whole time I was thinking all of those would be great, but they’re not gonna show what he’s gonna do next. Anything would be good. It’s been a minute. I’d like to see him take something that everybody likes, and prove why it’s bad. So many people I show the Star Wars reviews to just hate it because they love those prequels, but in the end they agree with him. Something like The Sixth Sense has enough flaws and inconsistencies and early signs of problems in Shymalan’s film making, that doing like a review of Shymalan’s career using the basis of the Sixth Sense and what follows would be good, but probably won’t happen. Either way, anything would be awesome at this point.

  • JohnnySteps

    Too bad Matrix was a masterpiece you pleb

  • tyler

    What’s with you and dog movies?

  • No

    Bela Lugosi’s dead
    un dead
    un dead
    un dead

  • No

    Yes, Exorcist 2! What’s up with the locusts? Fucking bullshit! John Boorman, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??

  • Malchik

    Too bad the sequels were complete dog vomit.

  • Darth Angus


  • Tubesteak

    You kids today with your rising knights and apes and Plinketts.

  • Well, the sequels, storywise, when you cut out all the filler, last only about as long as a regular 1.5 hour movie.

  • Mr. Wepsley

    Dragon Wars pls kthxbai

  • Malchik

    Going to be great.

  • Geoff Bottone

    I’m a little sad that Plinkett didn’t get a styrofoam headstone as an homage to Cop Dog, but this teaser trailer is amazing in any case. Thanks, guys!

  • Review the Disney show, “ANT Farm.” I don’t like that show. >:(

  • Jason Skelter

    Do Brave because it’s the biggest disappointment in Pixar history.

  • spo8

    Take as long as you need. You can’t rush genius.

  • Nicodemic

    Here’s a wild guest: to me, there is only one thing worst in the Star Wars universe then the prequels… The Star Wars Holiday Special!!! So my guest is a Plinkett review of this abomination. Chewbacca’s family. Nuff’ said.

  • Franco

    Overrated by whom?! Everyone seems to take great joy in shitting on them. I loved reloaded (but won’t defend revolutions). Hell, the Animatrix was great too. So, for me, 75% of the Matrix was great, unlike say, Star Wars, which 4 out of 7 sucked ass.

  • Oh man, I hope he reviews Spider-man 3, that movie is a fucking pice of shit.

  • Terminator 3 is even worse than Salvation. Either one could make a great Plinkett pick.

  • I haven’t seen it but it can’t be worse than Cars / Cars 2.

  • The live-action Dragon Ball would be hilarious.

  • It’s one of the most insipid, soulless, only-out-to-make-a-buck genres of movies ever devised, and rightly so it is despised.

  • Matrix Reloaded is a great action movie with lots of entertaining sequences. It’s just that it wasted the potential of the original. But Revolutions could probably make a good Plinkett review.

  • But they’re mostly ok movies. They aren’t even in the same category as some of the other movies he could review, though.

  • Nobody cares about Buried, though. I hope he sticks with movies that actually mattered.

  • I still maintain that Reloaded is a fun action movie with lots of pretty cool sequences in it. Sure, it totally wastes the potential set up by the first film, but I can still appreciate it for what it is.

  • It really is ridiculous sounding. And the catwoman outfit reminds me of the cheesy late 90s versions, too.

  • A Plinkett review of Twilight is the only way I’ll ever watch those movies.

  • Bill The Thrill

    What’s completely fucked up — is I’m currently in the middle of watching KILL BILL: The Whole Bloody Affair

  • Cyvaris

    It is known.

  • Cyvaris

    Based off of what happens….Kill Bill?

  • Robby

    I highly doubt the review will be of Kill Bill 1 or 2. Unless Mike and Jay hate cinematic perfection. I suppose the good news is that there is no shortage of terrible movies, so there Plinkett will always be relevant and beloved by fans of good film.

  • Plinkett Follower

    Whathever you choose, Master Plinkett. We are your humble followers. We shall understand your will.

  • Goongas.

  • JDDD

    Reloaded and Revolutions were SHIT!

  • t ro

    That sounds great

  • Alex

    Don’t review anything. Make Space Cop.

  • timer

    Yeah, thats exactly right. The movies like Feeding Frenzy and hopefully SpaceCop are awesome, but the Plinkett reviews are so funny, unique, and insightful. There is nothing out there like them. And we will continue to watch as long as you guys continue to make them. Go MIKE, JAY, and RICH!

  • theguy

    Yeah, thats what I said on Facebook. Red Letter Media fans forever. Plinkett returns! Thank you guys for making such good content!

  • Jimmy Dean

    Why the fuck is Batman Begins part of the list. Ripe Shoemaker or Shoemoker or whoever the fuck he is, rip his batman films a new asshole.

  • It’s like poetry, see they rhyme.

  • guy

    Are you not allowing them to do both?

  • Prometheuns

    How about you review a previous Plinkett review?

  • count dookie


  • Guest

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him rip Unbreakable. What an overrated wreck.

  • dgzdg

    you should review the dreck that is this show

  • Jeff He Who Lives At Home

    A troll. How cute.

  • Excellent.. this pleases me. Review Spider-Man 3 pleaseee, just in time for The Amazing Spider-Man’s release!

  • XxSWFan92

    C’mon guys. This totally should’ve been called THE PLINKETT RISES

  • dick cavett

    it will be batman begins, just in time for when the dark knight rises releases

  • notthat

    You killed his paww

  • Malchik


  • XxSWFan92

    But Batman Begins is great…

  • tyler

    I think you guys went too far…in a few places.

  • William Fuckley

    But doggies is cute.

  • Taaz

    overrated implies a level of awareness

  • tyler

    Homeward Bound? πŸ™‚

  • Carl

    A general review of a director wouldn’t work well with a Plinkett review, it would be more of a half in the bag thing. Plus I think he hasn’t seen a lot of Tim Burton movies based on what he said in the Dark Shadows review.

  • Carl

    T3 isn’t terrible. It isn’t aspiring to be anything more than an action/chase movie with sci-fi elements. Salvation is trying to be an epic movie and is held to a higher standard.

  • Sir Dorkus the Third

    Quaint, really.

  • Will Hyland

    I’d like to see him take on a well-liked movie, like LOTR, or even Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. I’ve actually never seen The Matrix sequels (does that make me lucky, by the way?)

  • You’re all wrong; it’s clearly going to be I Heart Shakey:

    Because after doing Cop Dog, he wants to review something completely different.

  • Flo Lieb

    Way to go, Plinkett! The force is strong in this one…

  • Or maybe the Dawn of the Dead Remakes….or some of the later sequels.

  • APD

    Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions are pure diarrhea, I’d love to see Plinkett go to town on that horseshit dialogue.

    Spiderman 3 is the most disappointing thing since…Star Wars Episode III. Or was it Indiana Jones 4? Either way, that fucking emo-piano-dance number needs to get the Plinkett treatment.

    Transformers would almost be too easy, I don’t really know if that would be a good fit here. Plus, I’ve only ever seen the first one (thank God), so if he did the whole trilogy I’d be totally lost.

    Can’t wait to see what they come up with though; whatever it is, knowing these guys it’s bound to be entertaining.

  • Panda_m

    Guys I know this will be f***n inpossible, but could you review new Simpsons series? This is the biggiest quality falling ever.

  • mr wok

    Thought Feeding Frenzy would be in there, but then I realized that Feeding Frenzy is actually a good move.

  • That emo-piano-dance number is the saving grace of Spider-Man 3.

  • Delfy

    The entire ad is a comedic reconstruction of Kill Bill volume 2’s buried-alive sequence, right down to the music, and he very deliberately doesn’t mention the name of the movie he “saw this in”, as a little wink to the viewer. There’s definitely a strong implication he’ll be reviewing those movies next!

  • Noah

    rip apart Man on a Ledge

  • Smartass

    why is it called rise of the plinkett ad, guys?

    who is up for a little speculation going to a “rise of the silver surfer” review?

  • funny, exciting, intense, dramatic, all around incredible! Dare I say it was also very charming, artistic and intriguing as well? 10/10

  • Well now that would be bit of a bold and pretentious stretch, or at the very least a wild guess you pulled out of your butt hole and mixed up with an arrogant play on words, now wouldn’t it be Mr. Smartass!?

  • Plinkett should review all the movies I’ve ever seen and stop reviewing movies I’ve not seen. Yes. this is how it should be!

  • mtc

    I absolutely love all the Plinkett reviews, but for me Cop Dog stands tied for Baby’s Day Out as the funniest review. I’d love to see another delightful review of a shitty dog movie.

  • Mr Fist

    Am I to assume that those films that were buried with Plinkett will not get reviewed? Just vondering…

  • guest

    I feel bad I didn’t pick up on that point. It’s what happens when you get fans though. I can’t imagine how busy they all are with trying to make a movie, moving the Plinket set, Half-in-the-Bag, and still finding time for a proper Plinket review. Shit’s crazy!

    Well RLM guys, if you read this comment, thank you for your work. This video was a great teaser that I’m glad you put together, even if it’s not what the fans were looking for.

  • I would love to see a matrix trilogy review– everything done right in The Matrix, everything done wrong in the sequels. But yeah, I know, I know, they’re being buried with requests so I’ll be happy with anything.

  • It’s bold.

  • Spongebob

    No, I don’t even want to see Twilight in a Plinkett review. I doesn’t deserve the privilege.

  • I JUST GOT IT! The Clone Wars TV Show movie with the gay Hutt! That would be awesome.

  • Hi

    They aren’t insulting the LOTR films. In fact, Mike and Jay said in Half in the Bag that they like the LOTR films. They only showed LOTR because they get tons of requests to review those films.

  • Hi

    Mike and Jay said in Half in the Bag that they like the LOTR films. They clearly don’t think they’re overrated.

  • Hi

    4 out of 7? What seventh Star Wars film are you referring to? That shitty CGI Clone Wars movie they made to start the cartoon that’s currently airing?

  • blah blah

    Why not review something meaningful? Like quigley?
    Also for pure amusement sake a review of Jack and Jill would be awesome.

    If I were to reccomend something Id say matrix (the series as a whole) men in black (again series as a whole) or de-bunking why batman movies were good. They werent. Joker was good. Batman was fucking boring – and stupid

  • Hi

    Nope. They just made a joke about how fans are constantly begging them to review it. Also, Mike and Jay said in Half in the Bag that they really liked The Dark Knight. So, don’t hold your breath for a review of it.

  • Hi

    Mike and Jay said that they really liked The Dark Knight. So, I doubt they’ll go after any of the Nolan Batman films. Also, constantly complaining about Batman’s voice is an overdone nitpick. Yeah, Bale is trying too hard to sound intimidating, but it’s only a very minor distraction that doesn’t damage the films, at least in my opinion.

  • timig

    Matrix is good. Matrix 2 and Matrix 3 is a gang-bang inside earth core.. good effects, is all about the last 2 movies.

  • guest

    I’m a Senator …

  • kuangeleven

    …and stylistic.

  • guest


  • Grim

    Finally, a Plinkett’s review of the Feeding Frenzy!

  • guest

    matrix 2 and 3 are shit…
    animatrix is not the movie.. what’s matter is the movies! X)

  • Sacul Egroeg

    Review the oryginal Star Wars – they were fucking terrible.

    No real long fights? Prolonged dialogue ? Using the Force as a metaphor? Fuck you.
    When I watch a movie I want to see lightsabers and know how many more midichlorian points one guy has when compared to another, not some fucking find-yourselph-and-the-meaning-of-good-and-evil flick !
    Those movies were just sooooo boring – why the fuck do I have to wonder will Leia choose Luke or Han when you could just edit one out and make the jedi one looke more badass? Do I look like I want to fucking wonder ? Do I look like I want to have a cliffhanger after the middle movie of the series? Whats the point of creating a jedi character in a movie when he cant fight 100 times better than anyone else and has to like use tricks or talk to people to get his way?

    And remember that fucking Death Star scene ? I mean youve got the Emperor – a bad guy – and he doesnt even have a lightsaber! Just shoots some fucking lightning and gets thrown into the pit! Why?
    Because a second bad guy has changed his views – after some dialogue about emotions and finding true meaning the guy does not use his awesome evil red lighsabre to fight, he instead throws the main villain in a pit in like 15 seconds just to have more dialogue about his newly found respect for the side of the good and his love to his son. And than he dies so theres no real happy ending.

    Ghost you say ? Fuck you – he should have lived somehow and danced around with Ewoks and learn that Padme and Yoda and Obi are alive and they were just tricking him to turn to the good side.
    Fuck him anyway producers should have put Maul in red Ewok costume and rename him Darth Evilus like George wanted ;/

  • Enemabag Jones

    the Matrix sequels are the obvious choices here. Monumental failures make for the best Plinkett reviews. Its easy to rip into Cop Dog but the Matrix sequels, like the SW Prequels were cinematic events that did so many things wrong. From Colonel Sanders to the terrible CG Smiths fight, there’s a lot for Plinkett to work with.

  • Will

    I would vote for reviewing Twilight, 300, Spidey 3, or perhaps Matrix Revolutions.

  • Franco

    Clone Wars was in theaters, so yes, that’s movie number 7. And I would argue the worst one, but that’s stiff competition.

  • Dungeons and Dragons with Marlon Waynes and Jeremy Irons

  • We need a Plinkett review of the Michael Bay cluster fuck known as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. You know, the one with the magic sock.

  • Jumpy

    The Muttrix?

  • Tenser Spacy

    It’s too late to vote on this shit, you fools. The next Plinkett review has obviously completed her journey down the poop chute, and is pressing hard against the Internet’s muscular sphincter.

    Now, we can only pray that it is “Lady in the Water” or “Matrix: Reload-of-shit-ed,” with their endless parade of Magical Negroes, Mary Sue Characters and nonsensical, horseshit plot twists. Amen.

  • Mojo

    I would like him to review individual ST:TNG episodes but I suppose he puts too much work into his reviews to do all that.

  • Loki

    They’re already building sets, I’d better get to work on the script soon.

  • Tenser Spacy.

    “Saving grace?” Nothing could save that steaming pile of ass-chili from it’s lackluster villains and retarded third act.

  • Danby


  • Ian

    If they’re doing their typical pattern, this is going to be an obscure movie you’ve never heard about. Two June’s ago they did Baby’s Day out. Last June it was Cop Dog. Then in the last week of December it will be some big budget movie that we all know about. Personally I like them crapping on the obscure movies a little more. I don’t know why. They’re a little funnier. But their big ones at the end of the year are fantastic as well. And I like Half in the Bag and Gamestation.

  • Fanboys Are Lonely

    Back to back Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions? I mean Reloaded was bullshit… But Revolutions was rape… Just brutal, unjustifiable rape upon human decency

  • MailMeAFuckingPizzaRoll

    He has a DVD player and a live cat in the coffin with him – Plinkett rules

    Thankfully they buried him 2 inches under ground. As soon as he broke the top of the coffin, there was daylight

  • MailMeAFuckingPizzaRoll

    Boring, with a lot of forgettable scenes. Dry, unlikeable characters. Yeah – they were pretty bad

  • So I’m guessing “Cars 2” because that would be a good mind screw, but also because in a way it’s as much of a fall from grace as the Star Wars prequels. Though I suppose “Kill Bill” might not be a red herring cuz those movies actually did suck.

  • cole1114

    Review the Nostalgia Critic. Just for kicks.

  • hallo, yes this is dog here. moar dog movies? coming right up!

  • gungas

    That’s great.

  • kidgalactus

    It’s clearly Kill Bill

  • asd

    IF your plan was to make me check this webzone ever 5 min you succeded you frauds.

  • the duke

    Your John Carter and Prometheus reviews were too soft. Rip apart some bullshit movie that fans try to justify every which way but know deep down they are garbage, take some high-and-mighty Hollywood trash down a peg!

  • Bon Yack

    I’d like to nominate “Black Swan” for a future Plinkett review, as it has that special quality of being a nonsensical mess that lots of pepole mistook for a good movie.

  • the peaceful shot

    goddammit where is the new plinkett/hitb review! if i dont get it im coming to eat all ur pizza rolls

  • It’s GI Joe, isn’t it?

  • Not so. Reviewing Tim Burton’s movies would work just the same as his reviews of the Star Trek Next Generation films.

  • ILDC

    I want to know exactly why Plinkett keeps using Cop Out (and its director) as a punchline.

  • Rick Mccallum

    Its just so dense….

  • Cw

    Why is The Accused in there? Haha it’s not fantastic but not bad.

  • I think we can figure out what it won’t be with some accuracy:

    It won’t be anything irrelevant unless he’s going strictly for comedic effect, like he did with Baby’s Day Out.

    That rules out the Matrix series. As much as the 2nd and then 3rd one proved to be sucky, they are also hugely irrelevant movies now. Forgotten basically.

    It won’t be Transformers or Battleship. Yes these movies are big dumb hollywood summer crap, but that’s the expectation. Plinkett tends to deal in bitterness and broken expectations- Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I get the feeling Plinkett’s reaction to Transformers or Battleship would be somewhere between “don’t care” and “who gives a fuck”.

    It won’t be one of the Batman movies because a new one is about to come out. It’s too early to do that, however if the next Batman movie turns out to really suck that could be a future contender.

    It could be an M Night movie. The guy has it coming, Airbender is the logical target. You wanna talk about bitterness and broken expectations, one could easily talk about M Night’s career on its glidepath downward into a rocky cliffside. How his earlier work showed so much promise (but still many signs) and how Airbender culminates in a freakish kind of special badness.

    The real relevant target should be Prometheus, but it’s probably too early to get all the footage and legally show it cut up like that. But if you want to deal in movies that are A) currently relevant and B) is full of broken promises Prometheus is the big, relevant, current grand-daddy. Nothing deserves it more right now and no other movie would drive hits to RLM like an evisceration of Prometheus would.

    Beyond that I dunno. Maybe its Airbender, maybe he’ll do Prometheus, it’s hard to figure what else it might be.

  • Guest

    They did Prometheus and they don’t share everyone else’s view on how terrible it is.

    I think the entire point of this video is that it’s NOT going to be any of the movies he showed.

    Airbender is thus still in this game.

    Personally it’s probably going to be Kill Bill.

  • I dunno about Prometheus. They did make a followup video asking questions about the badness of the story. I think the initial review was shock. Mike didn’t know to recommend it or not, they were both still processing it. This doesn’t rule it out.

    Again, look at the followup video. They start to dive into why the movie doesn’t work, but he only scratched the surface of how bad it is.

    I don’t see how Kill Bill is possible. It’s not a quantifiably bad movie nor does it break expectations like Star Wars/TNG movies or KotCS. Reviewing Kill Bill would be a departure for Plinkett that is unprecedented.

  • AnnaThema

    Are you kidding? The holiday special is a work of ART. Avant-garde in presentation, breathtaking in the scope and richness of it’s diversity, sublime in it’s metaphors. Carrie Fischer’s performance alone is ripe with subtle parody and emotion. Her drunken stumbling is an obvious allusion to the naked joy and vulnerability of family life, so very appropriate for the holidays. Absolutely brilliant. So ahead of it’s time…

  • God, so many bad movies. I’d suggest one of the Matrix sequels.
    What about Catwoman? or Waterworld?

  • Space Cop Dog’s Day Out

    Counting the Star Wars Holiday Special, sure, ok, I’ll credit you your 4 out of 7

  • Claus

    RLM is on a roll that is seemingly endless. More!! Of everything!

  • Claus

    Every frame has so much going on.

  • doug lewellen

    can you review kevin smiths review show?

  • Just occurred to me this could be for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Rise of the Plinkett? Could the clue to what they’re doing next be that obvious? =)

  • cock

    review transformers 2, that was a real piece of shit!

  • mark

    i’ll just do what i do best: urinate blood into a storm drain.


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    If I had know how many people saw the same thing, I would have used my nonspam account haha. But seriously though people, I think we all have so many requests for Plinkett because the reviews are so great!

  • Guest

    The follow up video exists purely because of fan backlash at their indecisive review.

    And Kill Bill 2 *is* a quantifiably bad movie that ruined expectations after Kill Bill 1. Holy shit what a boring piece of garbage.

  • psychotron

    That scene was from Kill Bill so is it just me that thinks he’s going to review that?

  • g-town

    So, wait… doesn’t this mean he’s doing the Kill Bill series next?
    Either that or Quigley.

  • Iwan

    looking to star a flame war are we?

  • Corwin

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  • ILDC

    His “film discussion” show?

  • joe

    It’s so dense

  • Leo Ladenson

    Kill Bill. This is gonna be great.

  • Considering that the trailer
    has “Rise” in the title, and there’s a quick (and strangely
    commentary-free) flash of BATMAN BEGINS DVD, I’m wondering if he’s going
    to take Nolan to task. When they did a (similar) teaser trailer hinting
    that INDIANA JONES IV was up next, there was a comment about how “THE
    DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer looks fucking terrible.”

  • I hope its either Star Trek V or Avengers. Though i think they need to wait for home video release of Avengers so they can have the footage.

  • Spaldy

    It has to be the Matrix sequels, please!

  • badassman

    Give us what we want you Fucks!! πŸ™‚

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    Batman And Robin would be my vote.

  • Franco

    Alright, I L(ed)OL.

  • HarryoNYC

    Well done sir.

  • Franco

    All right, I L(ed)OL.

  • Dick

    Best of the series in my opinion. The first two sucked, as did the third. But in the third, Frumpy Jane gets punched in the face. That was awesome.

  • It’s amazing.

  • Spider-Man 3. Timely, and all that.

  • Loki

    They’re pretty useless, the jedi just cut them down like butter

  • So he’s doing Kill Bill then?

  • jacob camacho

    I saw this once in a movie it was called cars 2

  • Call me crazy, bu I’d love to hear what Plinkett would have to say about Lord of the Rings. Just because the movie is good doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

  • Would love to see a review on Serenity. But Matrix would be cool.

  • This got me excited πŸ˜€ Although I think I actually just prefer the HITB episodes to the Plinkett reviews (Yeah I said it!)

  • Richard


  • Jack

    Hope it’s not Rise of the Silver Surfer

  • Trey

    Ya really need to bury him deeper if ya want to keep him down there…

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    What if it turns out to be a good movie?

  • Ben Serwa

    Hmm. Rise of the Plinkett? Could he be doing Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? Or maybe Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines? Or maybe GI Joe: The Rise of COBRA?!

  • Aressar

    I really hope it’s not gonna be Kill Bill. Though I find that enjoyable to watch, it’s way to easy to bash.

  • Gman

    Ever single image has so many things going on

  • Aaron

    These guys are brilliant! They created a whole new genre. Films about how shitty most films are, and how they got that way…..

    Run with this concept and never look back!!!

  • Why is Batman Begins- oh…

  • Aaron

    Please review EVERY Kevin Smith Movie ever made!!!!

  • Like Wise

    Here’s a thought. Do exactly what you want and let the pieces of audience fall where they may. – Oh, and the editing in this bit is superb.

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    Do they make money through this stuff and about how much now? Like on youtube you just divide the number of total views by 1000 and thats the dollar amount the channel made. So what about these exceptional individuals?

  • Plonkette


  • Mick Travis

    I’m an amateur screenwriter and RLM fan since the Phantom Menace review. When I got one of the HiTB beer bottles via the auction, I told them if there was one movie I’d want them to review would be Hal Ashby’s HAROLD AND MAUDE, especially since it recently got released on Criterion. I didn’t they would take it seriously and I don’t think they did…despite Harold’s love of funerals. Ah, whatever. I will watch ANYTHING reviewed by Plinkett…particularly HOWARD THE DUCK because it….oh….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mick Travis

    Get the fuck back in the GENERATIONS review.

  • Mick Travis

    The original INCREDIBLE JOURNEY is better.

  • Benneluke

    Now to my favorite subject of all. #2: MURDER!!!

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  • Zev

    And like the prequels had more depth to them. Yeah, sure……..

  • mark

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  • thousandlegger

    have you seen “Diary of a Mad Black Woman?” because it is the worst thing since the veitnam war. i know you probably wont read this comment, let alone actually make plinkett watch it. why am i even typing right now? oh yeah, cuz i’m hungover…aka…still drunk.

  • pretty sure/really hoping its gonna be batman. batman would be mad cool.

  • I love Spider-Man. SPider-Man 3 was such a train wreck.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing that review made.

  • Gollum

    Stop wasting my precious time and post the review, please.

  • 310 to Yuma, pretty cool movie except for the plot holes….

  • joe

    If we can get Jar Jar working than this whole thing comes togetehr

  • heatEXTEND

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  • chibidw

    Let me put that into context for you.

    “I still maintain that Revenge of the Sith is a fun action movie with lots of pretty cool sequences in it.”

  • Malchik

    Fuck you–

  • Christpuncher

    The Happening by M Night Shamwow, awesomely awful beyond words

  • Black Forest

    I posted this elsewhere, but I think Prometheus would be an excellent candidate for a Plinkett Review. Critics have been bizarrely kind, but the film suffers from a billion excruciating story problems.



  • Steve

    Independence Day for Independence Day!

  • doooodE!

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Rise of the Silver Surfing Cobra Cop Dog.

  • planetpeck

    Bad Boys 2

  • Plinkywinkett

    Jay pointed out in one of the half in the bag reviews (can’t remember which) that people as of late have become so cynical when it comes to movies, and that they’ll quickly jump on something and call it “overrated”. Obviously the LOTR movies aren’t bad movies, and anyone who thinks that probably hasn’t been taking their brain medicine.

  • Ryan

    I’d be kind of disappointed in them if they took on Nolan. I’m by no means a Nolan fanboy, he’s not even one of my favorite directors, but his Batman movies are pretty solid. There are flaws there, but every film has it’s flaws. To even say that those movies were treading the same water as the SW Prequels, Indy 4, or some of the Star Trek bombs would be downright ridiculous. I think they mentioned Begins in the same way they did the first LOTR movie, because a lot of people may have suggested it.

    I’d rather see them dissect the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies, to be honest. The first two Burton ones aren’t horrible, but they are flawed enough to be taken apart. The Schumacher movies speak for themselves.

  • Tyler

    That and no one gives a fuck about half in the bag. We want plinkett. Stop trying to bury plinkett and give the fans what they want. No one cares about two guys sitting at a table doing nothing funny. Then again maybe that’s just me.

  • Matrix Reloaded please!

  • asshole

    It’s just you, asshole.

  • Rowsdower

    There are a number of big, over-hyped blunders, and small hamster vomit films that’s existence blows the mind.

    Though instead of just shooting out which one I’d prefer to see in a Plinkett review, I’d much rather throw my support behind the man & crew picking whichever piece they personally are most interested in and thus can get the most passionate about.

    I think that’s a huge part of what makes the Star Trek & Star Wars reviews work so well. With Star Trek especially, there was ample display of very, very intimate knowledge of all things Star Trek that could’ve only come from a fan that really adored a lot of the Trek universe.

    To paint a bad metaphor. Anybody could remark about how sad a figure Mel GIbson now, but the person with all the best material is probably his ex-wife, who personally witnessed him shitting the bed & fucking the cat.

    In conclusion, you guys should all marry Mel Gibson to prepare for the next Plinkett review.

  • UknowWhat2Do

    Matrix Movies…Good Idea. Twilight movies…I would never stop laughing.

  • Rich Evans Jr. III

    Please review Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions. Those movies are endlessly disappointing since … well probably The Phantom Menace *Trinity … Please die already!!!*

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    Too bad you’ve clearly not watched Matrix since you were 12. Try it again, I was surprised at how badly it aged too.

  • DrWholihan

    I have a feeling if Plinkett reviewed the LOTR movies, much to a lot of hip naysayers’ dismay, it would come off more like the new Star Trek movie than the prequels: critical actually pretty positive. The prequels were dogsh!t. You don’t have to like LOTR, but those movies were on a different level of quality, and based somewhat on a classic beloved story. The prequels were shat out for money.

  • SoccerDog

    …. I said STOP wasting my time. Stop it!

  • SoccerDog

    GI Joe 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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    personally, the Plinkett reviews has made me a better movie viewer. Your Plinkett reviews should be required viewing in any Film Criticism 101 class.
    on a different topic, I’ve read somewhere that some movie studio plans on making a PG-13 reboot of Starship Troopers. I was wondering if you can do a either a Plinkett or Half…Bag review on your feelings about this ideal. thank you for your patience and consideration.

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    More Plinkett reviews! More, dammit! He shall not be overcome. He has too many movies to review, before he passes on from this mortal coil. We, your loyal minions, await patiently your next offering.

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  • How the fuck is a cat in there?

  • You are listening to the music

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    Well the Plinkett Reviews are in fact what makes RedLetterMedia going.
    Without them NO one, and I actaually mean ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking Person would even care about redlettermedia.

    So I guess since without them no one would visit the site and you wouldnt get money through ads, you shoul fucking give us Plinkett Reviews!
    2 in a year shouldn’t be too much!

    Go Plinkett! Get out of your grave and kick the ass of all the other rlm guys.
    Or you and them will end up living under a bridge in a paper box!

  • Benguin

    The story of the Tuskagee Airmen is a great story, and it’s an amazing story…just like Star Wars.

  • I think Mr Plinkett should review the Star Wars Animated Ewok and Droid vinuettes released in the 90’s.

  • Watch the Matrix sequels again and then tell me the effects were good, with a straight face. πŸ˜‰

  • I agree, it would be good. The only thing is that it might take 3 episodes. And that would mean 3 episodes of awesome. PLINKETT IS EXCELLENCY

  • David

    Try 6 out of 9. Have you seen those Ewok films?!

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  • people get wiped out man, theres a lot of wipe outs in this movie.

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    How about 1991’s Living Large? Great flic.

  • What is the whistle song that is playing in the background? It’s really bugging me!

  • The Last Airbender

  • Guest

    I think it’s funny how Plinkett’s voice has evolved over time. It used to be very monotone and low, almost all the time, but now he mutters and screams and generally has a more lively voice.

  • Reversalmushroom

    And the fact that they haven’t made a new one in FOREVER.

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    I think the Matrix sequels would be too damn easy… it wouldn’t even be fun.

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    Aliens was actually a good movie…..

  • Jonathan Sharman

    One third of the people who read this, more or less, didn’t get it.

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    What they really need to do is….
    not listen to any of us.
    I doubt they needed the input of us to write and make any of the movie reviews they have made and I am sure that our input is not needed to make another great review. So just shut up, be patient, and watch the other ones while you wait for the next awesome review to come out. Or you can constantly complain and bitch and whine like little girls and do nothing but piss them off to where they don’t ever want to make another one. And if that happens, those of us who were patient, will go to your houses and go all Plinkett on your ASSES!!!

  • Inchorent

    so that they rhyme.

  • Matrim

    It’d be a poor choice if they did, not because it is or isn’t a bad film, but the kind of film it is would be hard to really deconstruct Plinkett style.

  • Matrim

    Both are terrible. Sure, T3 takes itself a lot less seriously, but that doesn’t excuse it from being awful.

  • Matrim

    The Rifftrax makes them AMAZING

  • Matrim

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  • Matrim

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    I for one would like Plinkett to review a movie he likes, like he did with the newest Star Trek movie. I thought it was refreshing to hear that review. He liked it, commented on it’s strenghts and weaknesses, and gave it a good review. I mean, I admit it’s great to hear him tear apart Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones IV, but the positive review of star trek was a good change of pace.

  • Whargoul

    Looky here,Plinkett, this is a can of Mace. Now, you’re going underground tonight, and that’s all there is to it. But, when I bury you, I was gonna bury you with this copy of Love Guru, and Meet the Spartans.

    Look! I can make references….

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    I would really enjoy seeing his review of Matrix Reloaded. #2 was awful, #3 was just as awful, as they were both complete total garbage.

    It doesn’t matter if he reviews Reloaded or Revolutions, they were both equally puke.

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