Rich Evans Watches the Robocop Remake Trailer

September 6, 2013740 Comments

We sat down Robocop super-fan Rich Evans to watch the newly released trailer for the remake for the first time. His reaction may shock you!

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  • mrplinkettt


    • Bill

      That’s the joke.

  • Cate

    I see that much like myself Rich is mostly dead inside

    • trololololololol

      I was like ‘lol thumbs up’ but then I looked at your profile and you actually are depressed and wanting to kill yourself. Piss

    • Ryuu

      Your comments from a year ago sound like you were going through a really rough time! I hope you’re having a better time now. :) Hang in there!

  • john thomas


  • John Krzeminski

    My reaction exactly.

  • splimis

    Robocop did not need a remake at all.

    • Manioc

      Yeah, most of the effects hold up very well, and the satire is as relevant as ever.

  • Necrophagi

    Good for you, Rich!

  • whosaywhat

    That was my reaction too. Although I did have to suppress a nostalgia smile from the ‘dead or alive’ line.

  • Andrew St. Clair


  • Fortyseven

    Pretty much.

    Like I was telling someone else, this flick may, perhaps, be decent on it’s own merits.

    But…if they try to connect too much with the original flick, like with the “Total Recall” remake, it may do unnecessary harm. In the case of THAT flick, what could have been a decent retelling of the story was marred by reminding the audience of the better movie.

    We’ll see.

  • Fabio Z. Candioto

    I Really want to like this movie. Go Padilha!

  • Ethan_Nino

    “Something a little more tactical… How about black?”


    • Fortyseven

      Well, it’s Batman. Naturally he’d want black, so it makes sense. ;)

    • David Cortez

      Anyone else think Michael Keaton arrived on set in his PJ’s and said fuck it? With dialogue like that, I would.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      “A little ostentatious, don’t you think?”
      “What was I thinking? You’re usually so discreet.”
      “Tell you what, throw a little hot rod red in there.”

      BAM! Robo Man!

      • Joe Bloggs

        I’d buy that for a dollar!

      • Cat Cop

        Iron Cop

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Hopefully they can get the other cops from the expanded universe to work out in their own movies so we can finally have what we’ve all been waiting for:

          The Revengers!

    • Cameron Vale

      “Something a little more tactical… how about a bunch of well-equipped and well-trained guys, instead of just one incredibly expensive robot guy?”

  • Dr. Mario

    Even if the movie is good it is going to flop at the box office. The original Robocop was at touchstone for the high crime of the 80s. With crime at a modern-day low, no one can relate to that today.

    • Eurico Junqueira

      maybe if some countries other than USA were supposedly found out to exist (in which crime isn’t at low?)?
      Hey, that’d be a wildly exciting possibility now wouldn’t it?

      • Clevername

        Hollywood movies in China? That’d be the day!!!

        • Alex Lee

          There’s “The Grandmaster” presented by Martin Scorsese.

          • Cameron Vale


          • Clevername

            You misunderstood my joke. Hollywood movies are more and more being made for China and Europe on the same level as the U.S.

            It’s not as bad for a movie to flop in America anymore. Battleship flopped here, but made a TON of money in the rest of the world.

    • DarthRandal

      I’m not sure people in Detroit feel that way, ironically enough.

      • bananna hammock

        There are people left in Detroit?

    • Manioc

      The original was mostly about corporate corruption and the consequences of outsourcing the public good to private industry, which is still pretty relevant today. The trailer doesn’t give me much hope that they’re going to tackle the subject with much subtlety though. But it’s hard to tell from two minutes of footage; perhaps the film will be merely superfluous instead of bad.

    • Foreclosed on Robocop’s house

      What are you talking about? The dystopian shithole that is Detroit in the Robocop movies CAME TRUE. It’s more relevant now than it’s ever been!

  • Justin Minor

    Best. Website. EVER.

  • Anonymoose

    We got a problem…

  • Robby

    Some people call me a space cowboy.

  • tOmy

    Yea … it’s … it’s gonna be a movie, I guess. About a man. Or a machine, yea, or a machine. And … they try to do the whole “clever twist” … kinda thing, I guess. Oh, well, okay.

  • David Cortez

    What’s the point of making Robocop look cool if you shit on the story? There goes another Man of Steel, CGI cluster-orgi of video game graphics, explosions, action, ACTION and did we mention, MORE ACTION!!! Another “out of ideas” remake turned trendy action flop. Spectacle should enhance the story, not be the basis of it.

    • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

      Nick Offerman says it best in 21 Jump Street:

      • sepiajack

        I finally saw that 21 Jump Street movie, it’s sort of surprisingly a masterpiece in its own unexpected way, which was the last possible reaction I was expecting to have to it.

        • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

          It is one of the funniest comedies i saw last years.

          I saw it 3 times, and it still makes me laugh.

    • But also PG13 so no killing

      Don’t you get it? Hollywood movies now are ONLY about looking cool. The story can be as shitty as you want.

    • Cameron Vale

      I believe that it’s the opposite, that story should enhance the spectacle. Not for every movie of course, but for blockbusters, definitely. That’s the crucial sin of movies like Man Of Steel, the spectacle is actually kind of grotesque and the story isn’t giving audiences a way to get invested, it’s off to the side somewhere doing some kind of weird pretentious trailer-fodder thing.

  • Steven

    Well that looks terrible.

  • durhay

    When I saw the original trailer I thought it looked stupid and thought the name was ridiculous. I was pleasantly surprised. I will give this the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it will have the wicked humor of the first but I like Keaton’s character.

    • Dylan

      I like Kennaman’s voice as Robocop. Can go either way.

      Just like Dredd, people were unsure how that would turn out. And it turned out great!
      Hopefully this has the same outcome, but the director has had trouble creating the film because the studio doesn’t want the wicked satire.

      • Tensen01

        The Difference is Dredd wasn’t a remake. It was a re-adaptation of the source material in an attempt to bring back some of the social commentary and themes of the material. This is a straight up remake, that looks like it’s dropping 100% of the social commentary and themes to make a by-the-numbers boring action movie. The Only people unsure of Dredd were those who only knew the Stallone version.

        • Dylan

          You’re not going to get that when news networks trash films like Elysium that carries a message opposite of their beliefs.
          It’s just not going to happen.

          I agree, they should have kept the source the same. Him being questionably dead brings in questions about the afterlife and religion. I’d love to see a film that tackled some of the issues of today. Imagine scenes where a kid took a gun from his mom, and shot up a school, and here comes Robocop to intervene.

          But we live in a society now where everything is offensive, and everything must be politically correct or down the middle to be allowed.

          • Studio Executive

            “Imagine scenes where a kid took a gun from his mom, and shot up a school, and here comes Robocop to intervene…”

            That couldn’t be marketed, so it wasn’t done.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            They were gonna film it in a new town, as well.

          • sepiajack

            Yeah, unfortunately we also live in a society where a lot of people are dumb and the satire of the original robocop is right over their head, and they just think ‘its cool because he shoots people’

            In the same way that many people watch Scarface or the Sopranos and the message they walk away with is “I wish I was a gangster, gangsters are cool”

      • Cameron Vale

        Robocop was originally planned as an adaptation of the Dredd comic book, they changed it because they didn’t think they could do it justice; ironically, they might actually have done it more justice than anyone else, specifically because of the wicked satire.

        • Dylan

          Wow! Good knowledge, I had no idea.

        • sepiajack

          I hadn’t realized that, but now that you mention it it does make a lot of sense

  • Ricardo Augusto

    This movie will be awesome.

  • Jake

    … I’m wondering if I should start taking bets on what part of the movie that they use the “defeated by the power of love” cliche.

  • sepiajack

    This about covers it

  • bigstan

    It will be the best Robocop movie released in 2014.

    • dump wagon

      I hope someone puts out a Robocop fan film, because some guys with cardboard box robot costumes, a GoPro, and copious amounts of liquor will probably create something more worthwhile than this piece of shit.

      • Rosy Abate

        Funny you should say that: [url][/url]

    • brownbox

      Don’t speak too soon. The way movies are going these days Robocop will be released and rebooted with a new cast and director 3 times before 2014 is finished.

  • americanogig

    I feel exactly the same way. Meh. Might even be good. Doesn’t engender feelings of rage or excitement. And hey. It’s not Batfleck.

  • Ricardo Augusto

    I can’t wait to see the Half in The Bag episode for this movie when they will compare this with the original and say : “This is a remake for Rotor diguised as a remake for Robocop !”

  • Doc Barkley

    My thoughts exactly, Rich.

    My thoughts exactly…

  • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    The Robocop remake is the worst thing since my son.

    I mean how much can you possibly fuck up the entire backstory to Robocop?

    • Clevername

      You don’t have to have the exact same origin for the same message to be made. Shooting Murphy with a bunch of shotguns or having him be blown up has nothing to do with the point of the movie.

      • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

        But the death of Murphy in the original is to show the emotional impact of his death and to see how bad Detroit has become.

        In this remake, i doubt the same emotional impact will be there.

        • Joshua Pelfrey

          The impact won’t be there because the movie is going to be very sleek and soulless, not because a car bomb is any less tragic.

        • Studio Executive

          This is purely hypothetical, but I think there could be a good emotional impact if OCP is responsible for blowing up Murphy just so they can put a good candidate in their “machine.” Instead of showing how bad Detroit has become, it would show how bad corporations have become.

          • Joshua Pelfrey

            Didn’t all of those criminals work (directly or indirectly) for OCP committing crimes?

      • random commenter

        It has to do with the ratings, idiot. Also, it shows, that Robocop is all about the law, as he didn’t snap when he finally got Red Foreman into his hands (the gang leader). He put him into a jail, from which he was taken out by a corrupt OCP employee. That was also one of the strenghts of the movie, as it had shown, that the OCP is a real villian here… Not by unleashin these stupid robots on a population (as it will be here probably), but by messing with all the spheres of life, law included.
        You know why here is that gay explosion? RATING.

        • Clevername

          Using gay as an insult completely destroys any chance you have of me caring about your opinion, asshole.

    • Cameron Vale

      At least it’s got a prota-gonist.

  • Studio Executive

    “His name… is Robocop.”

    • HeftyJo

      Some will say….that he has been P-whipped. And they will be right.

  • batmanjedimasterhobbit42

    I never saw the original Robo Cop movie so I could not say if it looks like a good adaption of the original. But with that said I think it just looks like a ripoff of Iron Man, so it does look like Meh.

    • Guy Farting

      Your homework for the weekend is to go watch Robocop 1 & 2. Thank me later.

      • Delta_Assault

        Except don’t watch the 2nd one. Cause it sucks donkey dick.

        • Guy Farting

          Cain, Nuke, the sociopathic Teenager, the police strike, robocop 2 prototypes, violent dismemberment, that surgery scene, brain in a jar, politically-correct robocop, the satirical comercials… Robocop 2 is pretty bad-ass… We can all agree Robocop 3 wins the “Burro Felatiater of the Eon” award

          • dump wagon

            2 is an ok action movie but it was nowhere near as good as the first. It mimicked the first movie’s satire and social commentary on a superficial level but Robocop 2 never really had as much depth or wit as the first one did.

            The third one, the TV series, and Prime Directives are all turds though.

        • Cat Cop

          Second one is fine. Third one though…….

    • so pathetic

      The current generation… Nuff said.

  • ChachaIaca

    So I guess ‘Rich Evans Watches’ *is* becoming a thing.

  • DarthRandal

    The only thing I can say is I don’t like the Iron Man-style helmet closing. Other than that, they pretty much addressed the whole “black suit” thing that people have been bitching about since the first set photos were released.

    Bring it the fuck on. I think so far it looks solid, but even if it turns out to be a turd, at least it’s in February and not being pushed into the summer release schedule.

    • anon


  • Michael Kennedy

    I watched the trailer just before watching this. I had a blank stare on my face, and had no strong reaction to anything. I wondered how Rich would react. Then I saw that Rich was me.

    • Annabelle

      Rich is all of us. He contains multitudes.

      • Percy Gryce

        His name is Legion: for he is many.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Imagine if his face became the new Anonymous face.

          And by his face, I mean the one RLM keeps using where his eye seems to have been punched.

  • Culture Vulture

    Seems like they are taking a page out of Batman’s book. Terrible crime happens to main character, gets some sort of technological superpower. He has a suit that is painted black. His voice is changed to become more “iconic”. His job is to fight crime in dark industrial districts where the action utilizes quick editing. Main character suffers having to face the loss of his humanity…. We’ve seen this before….

  • themorphinetango

    RoboPop: “Dead or alive, you’re coming with meee!”
    Rich Evans: “…okay.”

  • Na’ive

    I was totally and completely against this movie, but this trailer does bring up some interesting sci-fi ideas that can be explored in a new Robocop movie.

    I think the idea of the illusion of free will is very relevant today what with all the NSA crap and the people being less trustworthy of their superiors. Also, staying human in an increasingly mechanized world is always a relevant theme to have, but especially nowadays.

    And the fact that his family’s alive is weird, but it leaves this one open to explore how that dynamic would work, which the original leaves out.

    People keep complaining about the car bomb rather than the execution Paul Weller gets in the original but think about it: rampant street crime as a result of the drug trade was way more of a problem back then, but now something like terrorism (and a car bombing is a terroristic act) would be a relevant way of moving the plot along.

    Yes, it probably won’t measure up to the original in terms of satire and gratuitous violence. But I think there are some interesting things that can be done through a Robocop remake, and I’ll probably end up seeing it.

    Unless it’s PG-13, then fuck that.

    • VashTheStampede

      nothing can compare to the original, my favorite movie of all time, but it could be ok on it’s own. I don’t really think anyone can say “this movie will ruin Robocop!” when Robocop 3 exists.

      BTW it’s Peter Weller…Paul is the director.

      Oh and I’ve heard it’s going to be PG-13, which I agree is a shame.

      • Philip Kidd

        PG-13? Robocop? That’s it, fuck this planet.

  • Shaun Higgins

    Jesus Christ that reaction was brutal!!!!

  • Rene Lora


  • Supermeerkat

    Late 80′s Verhoeven cannot be bettered. FACT.

  • satin_panties


  • some asshole on the internet

    o.k. … so we got cgi now

  • Studio Executive

    “The Robocop” represents the start of Hollywood weening it self off remakes. We are well aware that remakes cannot be done indefinitely – to do so would inevitably lead to remakes of reboots of remakes… this is referred to as the “Spider-Man Scenario.” In order to assure future profitability, Hollywood must turn away from the quick and easy path of rehashing old ideas and head back in to the risky seas of originality. But this is no easy task! Thus, Hollywood is weening itself gradually by recycling older and older ideas. Once we get to the point where we are re-imaging back to the first zoopraxiscope sequences, our collective creativity should be ready to tackle originality. Personally, I think “Oz the Great and Powerful” tried to run before they could walk, but we’ve found a good balance with “The Robocop.”

    • Joshua Pelfrey

      Why not just make a direct sequel? It’s not like the concept is so hard to grasp that a reboot is necessary to cover it all. And its not like the idea of poor people vs corporate police state has gotten old.

      On a side note the remake of “Fred Ott’s Sneeze”… Has it gotten a director yet, I have been wanting to foray into short film.

      • David

        I see what you did there

    • Alex Lee

      …So we’re going to have a remake of Citizen Kane? And someone will do an impersonation of Charlie Chaplin?

      We’re boned.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash


        “Citizen of Kane”.

        It’ll be darker and edgier and post-converted into the 3Ds.

        • Arin Hanson

          I can’t wait for The Birth of a Nation remake. Starring Marlon Wayans.

  • TheCuckold

    Nice troll, RLM. I love it!

  • Paul Schumann

    I wasn’t remotely excited for this the first time I heard about it but seeing Jose Padhila is the director (Tropa de Elite I & II) there is hope.

  • Manioc

    So it’s like Robocop, except with extra angst (he never asked for this), and they smash the audience over the head with the social commentary? Is Elysium getting a remake already?

    • Flawed Man

      I just had had to take my hat off to you for this comment.

    • Necrophagi


    • iiiis

      Well the original Robocop smashed the audience over the head with social commentary. Only here the social commentary is generic, safe, and fucking stupid.

      • Faddlechud

        You really nailed why this is so offensive: it’s safe social commentary. I read that and my stomach hurt. Social commentary should never be safe, it should fucking sting.

        • Manioc

          It’s Robocop-out.

  • Darth Obsidian

    Pointless. Keep putting those pointless videos out, and I bet fewer people will show up and watch. Were you really that desperate to put a video out that we watched two and a half minutes of someone watching a trailer motionless? I suppose that was the joke,..

    • Guy Shitting

      Pointless. Keep making comments like that, I bet fewer people will give a shit about your opinions. Were you really so desperate to criticize a video that they just put up to convey their opinion of the new Robocop trailer that we read your witless comment (my condolences for the loss of your two and a half minutes, though– RIP) that bitches about how “less people will show up” to watch RLM videos even though you don’t speak for their fanbase at all? I suppose you got the joke, but you just wanted to complain anyway.


      You a bitch!

    • Somedo

      lol! they create content for the *people that enjoy their content*! If people decide not to show up after disliking videos, then guess what? RLM is *not* for those people! It’s for the one who decide to keep watching.

      • leo

        maybe RLM is for everyone…. including the people that doesn’t like 100 % of the content………

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Ellipses should not be [mis]used by everyone.

    • Gozer

      Somehow I get the impression you missed the point. But with a name like “Darth (some shade of black)”, why am I surprised?

      • valou999

        Not that I’m disagreeing with what you are saying, but the word “Darth” is just an honorific title for sith lords, it has nothing to do with any color whatsoever. Darth =/= Dark. Sorry… I just had to geek out! xD

        • Dylan

          Somedo wasn’t referring to “darth”, he/she was referring to “obsidian” as a shade of black.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Dylan isn’t referring to Somedo at all, he’s referring to Gozer.

          • catnep

            Zuul of Gozer?

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            I’m just saying Dylan said ‘Somedo’, who wrote a completely different unrelated comment, when he meant ‘Gonzo’, the above poster.

        • Gozer

          Obsidian is a shade of black

          • valou999

            Oh, right, I didn’t see the quotes… My bad…

    • cajaquarius

      With Darth in the name, are you mad about this video or are you really just on the same page as the guy who wrote the one hundred page rebuttal to the Episode 1 Plinkett review they did ages ago?

      Dude, let that shit go; Move on. George Lucas has.

    • Cameron Vale

      Each one of these videos comes with a title, it’s written in giant letters around the video. And on the video itself, before you click it. I don’t know how you missed it all this time, and I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you to just click videos on the internet and just pray that you’re getting the one you wanted, but your nightmare is over.

  • Flawed Man

    I loved Rich’s quizzical eyebrow-raise after Murphy said, “Too slow, boee.”
    Also, I think the reason his reaction was so tepid was that he knows for a fact that Space Cop will absolutely curb-stop this cash-grab turd.

  • This Guy

    That was totally what I expected, ya hack frauds!

  • Engelhast

    Samuel L. Jackson playing “that guy” again.

  • HeftyJo

    Part of what was the whole, “What the Fuck!” of the original “Robocop” was the brutal slaying by the criminals at the beginning. Here he just gets blow’d up real good and that it? I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie already.

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      The whole story really was in the trailer wasn’t it?

      • Smartnik

        This is how it is with most trailers nowadays. That’s why I don’t watch trailers anymore, unless I’m not interested in the movie.

        • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

          Once in a while the trailers completely subvert your expectations. Like all the Iron Man 3 trailers made you think the Mandarin was going to make a dark story, but then it was fun and light hearted and the Mandarin had a bait-and-switch…

          So sometimes they’re clever.

          • Cameron Vale

            Misleading isn’t the same as clever.

        • catnep

          That’s the truth! I’ve started doing the same. Avoiding trailers unless I already know it’s something I won’t see.

  • Jhoh Cable

    For the love of god please have Rich in on the review when you do the Half in the Bag episode of this.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Union Cane

    I love Rich, I love Space Cop, and I love you. Yes… YOU!

    I do not love robotpolice 4.

    Thanks again!

  • xalener

    That was my reaction too.

  • Big Stan the motion picture

    Sure can’t wait for the part when the wife gets mad at Robocop for leaving the family after getting roasted alive and put into a fucking tin can.

    • what a bullshit movie

      Teh drama, teh dram.
      Don’t forget about the kid too…

    • sepiajack

      I’d love to see a scene of Robocopy in divorce court, sitting there all quiet and sad in his robo suit, while the lawyers go over the custody arrangement. His mechanized hollow voice: “But… what if I saw billy every other weekend… the boy needs his father.”

      Actually can that be the whole movie???

  • Nobody

    They made… ROBATCOP. I wouldn’t buy THAT for a dollar!

    • Cameron Vale

      This movie will make it into the bargain bins soon enough, and we’ll see if that’s true.

  • skizzo mac gizzel

    look to the positive side ! if this goes well on the cinemas, someday we will have a good robocop 2 !

  • Percy Gryce

    Putting a horribly crippled guy into a robot suit? Even Vader isn’t impressed:

  • Sakari Pelkonen

    What the fuck is a “fourth degree burn”? Oldman’s line could’ve as well been “He has fifth degree burns on 120% of his body…” Why stop at fourth degree burns if you’re going to just make up science fiction?

    • Steve

      Fourth degree burns are down into the deep tissue and sometimes to the bone.

      • Sakari Pelkonen

        Wow. Gotta admit that I was wrong… Embarrassing.
        I guess I’ve been sheltered really well… Does this also mean that Bambi’s mom dies?

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Nah, she turns up in the reboot-sequel that takes place in the past, kinda like Professor X.

    • Mike O’Brien

      Since you’re going to be a dick about it. There are such things as Fourth Degree burns.

      Fourth degreeExtends through entire skin, and into underlying fat, muscle and bone

    • Mark Allan Curtis

      It ain’t science fiction. 4th degree burns usually end in death, and is classified due to the burn extending to the bones. 4th degree burns require amputation. Also, 5th and 6th degree burns, though obsolete, were at one point, used to classify burns, (NSFW) (NSFW)

    • DarthRandal

      If you want to curb your appetite, Google Image search “fourth degree burns”. They actually showed a picture of what this looked like to us when we were in sixth grade It basically looked like if you were to have an appendage consisting of a completely charred ham with an exposed bone in the middle.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      This is fourth degree ignorance.

      • Cameron Vale

        Now that’s a fourth degree burn.

    • Sakari Pelkonen

      BTW, What’s Google?
      Maybe next time I’ll research what I’m talking about before going bonkers on the internet. Sorry you guys. And you can thank me for making you feel as smart as I did when I initially posted.

      • sepiajack

        The witch says:

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          I remember finding this funny as hell, but forget what episode it’s from. Jack and the Giant Bean Killer?

          • Joe Syxpac

            Episode 48, Hollywood Trends

            The one right after Jack and the Beanstalk Giant Killer.

          • sepiajack

            Yeah it’s the HitB extras for that movie popcorn site

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Thanks. I knew it was from the section where they parodied the way Hollywood treats fairy tales, going after younger demographics.

          • sepiajack

            It’s one of their best segments ever, I can completely picture that Humpty Dumpty movie, it feels like a bad idea Hollywood would really have, and Mike’s evil queen impersonation is spot on

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            *Whispers.* “Tell my lies…” That whole segment was brilliant. Even the posters had funny cast and crew names. When ‘The Wall’ poster came up with the changed music, I had to pause the video so I could control my laughter.

            Hell, that idea DOES sound like something Hollywood would come up with…

          • sepiajack

            Yeah, I love that they cleverly cast Elijah WOOD as pinnochio and then didn’t even bother to draw attention to it verbally. A great joke, but they have so many they didn’t have to over milk it, its a good little easter egg

          • Joe Syxpac

            Thought you might be interested in this:


          • Mitchell Taco Nash


          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            “She has an emotional attachment to the bag of glass.”

            I honestly don’t know how RLM can continually be so funny and entertaining.

          • sepiajack


          • Joe Syxpac

            I’m ashamed to admit it, but I actually thought the Humpty Dumpty concept sounded kinda cool.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Well, I would have fully agreed with your argument had fourth degree burns not been a thing and they just made it up for this movie.

        • Now I Get It

          I’d never heard of fourth degree burns either, likely because they’re only ever discussed quietly in the hallway outside the room of the doomed. That’s got to be a pretty exclusive conversation.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            I only ever remember being taught the severity of burns [ranking system] once or twice in my life.

          • Now I Get It

            Yeah, I guess I blame the schools, too.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            This was possibly 15 years ago for me when I was in elementary school and I last learned about burns. I too didn’t know about the fourth degree burns but seeing other comments and doing a quick Google search, I could participate in the mocking of someone who was just ill-informed… YOLO!

          • Now I Get It

            All my schooling on burns came from cop and doctor shows on TV, the true crime confessions of Richard Pryor’s “Sunset Strip” concert, the sun, and polypropylene ropes.

      • Cameron Vale

        Maybe you were thinking of that expression “giving someone the third degree.”

  • Percy Gryce

    “Play . . .
    “. . . okay.”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Wait, wait! Technical problem! I’m not getting any expressions on my face.”

    • Percy Gryce

      Or laughter pouring from his pie hole.

  • Conrad Black

    Omg she’s gonna fuck a robot!

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      “I want to fuck more! I want to fuck more!”

    • Alex Lee

      He’s got three speeds.

    • Cameron Vale

      omg they’re gonna fuck up a reboot!

    • Kenlin Bros

      But is he going to Robocop a feel?

  • diehounderdoggen

    ’80s Robocop: Man dies, is transformed into a machine and struggles to both inflict justice on the men who murdered him and regain some small vestige of his humanity.

    2014 Robocop: Man is grievously injured, gets put in a suit and is still definitely human. He fights with his wife and stuff as he fights the machine.

    One is a perfect example of elevating material, using the schlock idea of a robot cop to touch on ideas of what it means to be human and rebuilding ones’ personal identity. The other is probably going to be forgotten within a year.

    • anotherguy

      yeah – he’s still a man in this so….does he have weekends off? Do the household chores? Go shopping? I’d like to see Robo mowing the lawn, waving at the neighbours….

      ‘Alex! That explosion! Good to see you up man. How are you?’

      ‘Oh yeah it was touch and go there but they put me in this suit..’


      ‘Well, it’s not really a suit, it’s me. New arm, legs, torso.’

      ‘I see’

      ‘Most of my brain, took away my junk.’

      ‘How’s the wife and kids coping?’

      ‘Terrified of me, I’m a monster, abomination of science and commerce. But you know, it’s experimental so Omni’s covering the medical bills.’

      ‘That’s a relief’

      ‘Tell me about it, plus I don’t use toiletries now, or even eat.’

      ‘Hey that reminds me, I’m getting on of the guys around next weekend for a bbq and watch the game, you in?’

      ‘Sounds good, provided know one’s wanted for a crime, cos I’ll ID them and go into auto-arrest mode. Might kill them.’

      ‘Ha, you ain’t lost your humour, man.’

      ‘Actually, they took that too, and I am actually quite dangerous.’

      • Joe Syxpac

        I’d watch that.

      • mr. sausage

        I call this fake. PG-13 Robocop would not kill anyone on the neighbour BBQ party. Unless other souless and afe to kill robots would attend.

        • anotherguy

          maybe they start passing nuke around and Robocop 2 is there? Jesus that’d be a mess!

      • Cameron Vale

        (curb your enthusiasm music plays)

  • derpington

    I don’t know what I expected

  • ridingthedragon

    It peaked at Gary Oldman and was downhill from there.

  • cajaquarius

    Movies reflect the age they are made in. In the 80′s when Cyberpunk was hitting it’s glory days, people were terrified of the seeming unlimited power that corporations had on everyday people and how much power money could buy you. Hence, Robocop in the original is a good, old fashioned guy who gets pulled from the the grip of Charon to, essentially, help a corporate dickhead get one over on another corporate dickhead, neither of which had any sense of ethics at all. The good of the old versus the evils of the new.

    These days, people are less afraid of overt oligarchy and corporate slavery, Shadowrun style and seem more terrified of secret control or “the illusion of freedom” – that our increasing dependence on technology will make us more susceptible to choosing slavery (e.g. give us convenience or give us death). Thus, I can see why the movie changed.

    Still, I would never see it as a replacement for the original – these are going to be two completely different movies, from the looks of it, from two completely different eras.

  • IdBuyThatForADollar

    Going now to watch the original Robocop and then drive my car that goes really fast, and gets really shitty gas mileage!

    • Joe Syxpac

      Don’t forget to wear your Sunblock 5000!

  • decora

    its kind of strange, but i felt way more excited watching the Space Cop trailer than the trailers for most of the big summer films. but.. michael keaton is in Robocop… shouldnt i feel something? i love michael keaton’s movies.

    i actually… i kind of wish michael keaton were in space cop.

  • losknor

    Can the people who made Space Cop be sued by the RoboCop people?

    • Now I Get It

      Only if the Rich Evans doll outsells the Kinnaman.

  • Stingo

    It looked better than I expected.

  • Engelhast

    Space Cop II: Space Robocop. Kickstart that sumbitch NOW!

  • radicalfce

    I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. It looks like they might be exploring Robocop from a more human angle. His relationship with family, etc. Peter Weller was iconic as Robocop, but he had such a robotic personality to begin with that he came across as just a computer with skin. The scene where new Murphy chokes the guy and asks what they did to him looks like they may be breaking away from that. After all, there’s no reason rewiring a guy’s body should computerize his emotions, too.

    • Dirus

      That was the point of Weller’s Robocop. His humanity was stripped away by OCP. Big corporate industry. Who could only see a product. They turned Murphy into a thing. They did not even see the person when he was a real police officer. They owned him. Weller’s Murphy had to struggle to remember and show what humanity he had left. By the end of the movie you finally see Murphy again.

      • anotherguy

        I agree – I like that you see more of this Murphy’s family (you only get flashbacks in the original) I like the illusion of free will thing in this one but really it’s: “We saved your life!…..Oh you’re not cool with all this horrible weird stuff we did to you? Well, no one would have guessed that… how awkward… I guess we have movie conflict now! Yay! Obviously contrived conflict!

        • SamfromGenX

          I think seeing MORE of his family is a backwards step. We shared Murphy’s pain in the original because we only get to see them the way HE does now as Robocop, through flashes of imagery and random soundbites bouncing around through whats left of the human part of his brain. Its a real sense of isolation, and confusion because they’re just GONE now, and he can’t even remember them properly.

          “I can feel them…. but I can’t remember them”

          This one line to Lewis sums up everything we need to know about how Murphy feels about losing his family, and we definitely DON’T need to piss away 45 minutes of the movie on side-bar with his family drama. The story is about Robocop untangling his web of memories and figuring out how to be human again.

          Oh, and while we’re talking about Lewis… WHERE THE FLYING FUCK IS LEWIS!? Fuck Murphy’s wife, can we please get a female character in this thing who DOES something instead of just cries!?

          • anotherguy

            if that’s lewis at the start in the ‘officer down’ bit – i’m pissed.

    • dump wagon

      I question whether or not you even saw the original Robocop, and if you did, if you even understood it. There was quite a bit of humanity in Weller’s Robocop, as he figured out who he used to be and the human inside reemerged as the movie went on. It was a major theme of the movie, that they tried to wipe him clean and turn him into programming but they couldn’t take away what made him human. There was also a lot of other things going on and I’d bet you missed the satire and the commentary on the decline of American industry, as well, or the emphasis on violence and how it relates to Murphy’s resurrection as an “American Jesus” story.

      • radicalfce

        What a laughable response. :) You bet I ‘missed the satire and commentary on violence’? Why? Because I desired a bit more emotion from Weller – a completely unrelated issue? I totally understood the point of the first movie. But I’ve always felt that way about Peter Weller. I found him wooden in the new Star Trek as well. You sound like my least favorite type of film fan, the kind who thinks everyone who disagrees with their opinion of modern cinema just doesn’t “get” it.

        • sepiajack

          I get what you’re saying; which is that Peter Weller the actor, while perfectly suited to play Robocop as the cyborg killing machine, is harder to accept as an actual human being with feelings, because Peter Weller’s voice, manner and basic persona seems like a robot even when he’s not playing one.

          Which I agree with.

  • Mexicante

    Not sure if this is going to be good (Dredd) or bad (Total Recall Remake). Probably bad though.

    • sepiajack

      Those are 2 good examples that do cover the entire spectrum of what this movie can potentially be.

  • morris

    I was waiting for that rich evans laugh when that human hand suit was revealed.

  • Engelhast


    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      When I saw this shot in the trailer, I was asking myself, “Why are they showing an action figure on the screen?” It seriously looked like one of those 6-inch-tall plastic action figures.

  • missrowsdower


  • Sam

    Oh my God, he and I had the same exact response to that trailer.

  • Michael Joseph

    If this movie had the tone of the original, complete with an R rating, it may have been really good, potentially. As of right now, I’m with Rich Evans on this one. Shrugging shoulders, “ok”

  • HumanHunter#09

    Someone would have rather been making a Nolan Batman movie.

  • JoeCugo

    That was my reaction too. Look Jay I’m your webzone right now :P

  • joecugo

    You should let me back on your and I promise not too make any more gay jokes about you…. Ok maybe one or tow but they’ll be good ones.

    I’m on your webzone right now.

  • Doug

    Yo! We need a noble, courageous man to fill this robot suit and be a symbol for the people! Nah, let’s just take this guy who died in a random explosion no one cares about.

  • Meester Smeeth

    It looks so dark! Where is the Robocop of my childhood? I want the Robocop that saves kittens from tree-branches and helps kids with their homework, not this soulless band-wagon-jumping abomination. This is bollocks.

    • anotherguy
      • Meester Smeeth

        I was joking, of course.

        • anotherguy

          ah, though I’m pretty sure TV robocop did do that stuff.

          • Meester Smeeth

            Ha, probably so. If not in the TV show, they most likely will have in the cartoon. A Robocop cartoon, spun-off from Verhoeven’s film. Still can’t quite wrap my head around that one.

    • sepiajack

      Yeah why is it that a fun charming innocent property like Superman has to be made darkier, edgier and more ruthless, but at the same time an insanely dark, violent and gritty character like Robocop has to be made more family friendly?

      It would be easier to forgive Hollywood if they just ruined movies in one way or another, but both!!???

      • Meester Smeeth

        It is strange. I’ll tell you one thing, I can’t wait to see the PG remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, or the R-rated 101 Dalmatians reboot for that matter.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          ‘The Girl with the My Little Pony Tattoo’.

          • Meester Smeeth

            Or “The Little Girl With The Rub-On My Little Pony Transfer Tattoo”
            Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but it’s important we go for realism here.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            She hax the internets and doesn’t afraid of anything.

      • CB

        To coin a phrase, it’s “Regression to Dark Knight” — everything has to become more/less dark and gritty, and more/less strongly rated, until it’s a PG-13 uber-violent-yet-somehow-bloodless movie about a dark and troubled anti-hero who is also unambiguously the good guy.

        Because that made all the money once. And figuring out the deeper reasons why is haaaaaard. Except the PG-13 part, that’s just simple demographics.

        • sepiajack

          I think you nailed it. They probably figure that’s the sweet spot and everything should conform to that.

          They never learn that the reason these watershed movie successess like TDK or Jurassic Park or Star Wars or the Matrix or whatever, ARE so successful is that they feel fresh, but the immediate reaction is always to greenlight a slew of copycats, instead of looking for the next fresh, unique thing

          • CB

            Haha, yeah. But you tell a modern studio exec that the secret to success, the thing that they need to have in as many movies as possible, is “originality”, and their head will explode trying to figure out how you can mass-produce it.

        • Cameron Vale

          It’s funny that Nolan is going to catch the blame for that, when most of these movies are copying him in a ridiculously superficial way. Meanwhile people will probably forget that the first Iron Man was also inspired by Nolan, because the similarities are very abstract.

          • sepiajack

            Agreed, and one thing with Nolan is I never feel he’s a JJ abrams or a Michael Bay, I just always get the impression he’s making movies because he wants to, and he bucks a lot of hollywood trends like over reliance on CGI and 3D


    Its time to come out of the closet and express our love Jay!

  • Dirus

    This trailer’s sux factor is over 6000.

    I think I understand Rich’s reaction. It is yet another remake, of an iconic movie, TV show, or literature that was a big part of Gen X’s child hood. Hollywood has been on a 70s, and 80s nostalgia exploit kick, and done it so horribly bad, that it is no longer surprising or causes much reaction when another IP is “rebooted”.

    The Star Wars prequels, Indiana Jones 4, Abrams Star Trek, Transformers, the Hobbit, and Superman all have been horrible. They all were made by people who completely lost the part of themselves that understood what made the originals work. Hated the property to begin with. Wanted to turn them into some thing they were not, or could not decide what direction, or tone to use.

    The movies that Gen X (my generation) loved growing up, and helped piece together and define that generation’s attitude and identity, are getting ripped apart and mindlessly shilled out for a profit. By uncaring clueless corporations that only see these things as a product to exploit for profit. Kind of like how Murphy was in the original movie.

    So Rich just shrugs. No out rage, no classic what the fuck we all expected. No laughing at the ridiculously bad story elements. The scare tissue from the before mentioned train wrecks have healed. Only jaded pessimism remains. Funny thing, Rich’s reaction is a very Gen X one to have.

    • Stingo

      Those movies that we grew up loving were, in fact, made by uncaring corporations seeking profit. The were not seeking to “help piece together and define a generations attitude and identity”.

      • Stingo

        Also, Abrams’ Star Trek was good. The rest, yeah, craptacular…

        • MarkW

          Abram’s Star Trek movies were indeed not craptacular. But the original movies, at their best, could be about major human themes and jubjectmatters. The Abram movies are just well made action schlock. Entertaining but shallow. And the idea behind Star Trek (the series) was always about more then mere entertainment. So i would argue that these movies still fit in the above mentioned arguement. They look good and will not bore most people but they are hollow in the end. Like a McDonald’s meal. It’s the fastfood version of Star Trek.

          • MarkW

            By the way: The original Robocop was also not just a well made action-sci-fi film. It was also about identity and what makes someone ‘human’. It was a satire on (American) consumerism. And it had religious allegories going on (the crusefiction and resurrection of a Christlike figure – he literally ‘walks on water’ in the end). I seriously doubt the new version will have these layers. It will probably be just a flat action film with an overuse of CG.

          • sepiajack

            Perfectly summed up

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            I agree with your comment, but I just wanted too say:


          • MarkW

            haha. thank you. just changed jit….

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            I’ll try to ignore that ‘jit’. Haha.

      • Studio Executive

        “Those movies that we grew up loving were, in fact, made by uncaring corporations seeking profit.”

        No thanks necessary, dear patron! By the way, did you know you can now buy The Goonies on DVD and Blu-ray?!


        Yeah, but movies weren’t made quite as much by committee as they are these days. An artist could still be an artist. The MPAA wasn’t constantly trying to censor any objectionable content. They were, but not nearly as much as these days. Crappy, stale CG wasn’t the smart and easy way out of actually creating something that was real and might make a lasting impression on the viewers.

        It wasn’t the same.

        • sepiajack

          I think what it comes down to even more so is the execs and committees have just gotten, for lack of a better term: ‘better’ at manipulating the market, they seem to have a ‘winning’ formula that they like and are sticking to it, regardless of artistic integrity or lack there of.

          That’s why almost every blockbuster now has the same tone.

          The movies we grew up with in the 80s and 90s, the really memorable ones: Jaws, Star wars, goonies, never ending story, indiana Jones, jurassic park, gremlins, labrynith, back to the future, terminator 1 and 2, etc they all have this ‘happy accident’ quality to them where it just sort of feels like the people make them were slapping together a movie and just by accident it turned out better than expected. And there are a fair score of ones that didn’t, which just proves the point.

          But it doesn’t feel anymore like happy accidents can happen in mainstream hollywood, or even indie films for that matter. The formula of filmaking has been disected to much that its more of a science now than an art. Everything is calculated and polished.

          There are a few exceptions of course, I think the LotR films, especially fellowship have that sort of 80s spirit, I would argue the first 2 xmen films feel a bit that way also.

          But mostly everything can be summed up with a film like super 8, a film ruthlessly assembled to mimick the old Amblin films, yet lacking all the heart or memorability of any of them

          • Now I Get It

            Okay, once more, I’ll be The Gilligan: “You’re right, Mary-Ann. But you’re right, too, Ginger.” …I mean that; you’re both right.

          • sosy1325

            Nicely said. “tips hat”

          • Leo

            Well said. I was actually thinking that myself before I read your post. It’s not as though these movies could be considered bad, they’re just so horribly generic and by the numbers. Studio’s know that they don’t really need to try anymore. Knock out a so-so, competently made, yet unremarkable product and the audience will just lap it up.

          • sepiajack

            Thanks Leo, Sosy and Now I Get It.

            A good example I can think of is I just watched The Big Chill for the first time last night. It’s one of my parents’ favorites but I’d never bothered to see it until now, which worked out well because I’m now 34 and at an age where I can sort of relate the angst of the main characters.

            But I mean that movie is not polished at all, it feels like a college film, it’s very rough around the edges, and I just don’t think that kind of energy exists in films too much anymore.

            Its why Silence of the Lambs feels so much more vibrant than Red Dragon, which despite being a Brett Ratner movie is as you say very compentently put together and hits all its marks for the most part. But it all just feels mechanical. Truly great memorable films always leave me with this nagging feeling like they were almost a complete clusterfuck disaster but were somehow saved in editing, if that makes any sense.

            To quote Nicholas Meyer of Star Trek II and VI fame: “The most exciting part of Raiders of the Lost Ark is when that bug flies into Paul Freeman’s mouth”

          • SUPERSOUP

            Super 8 would have worked better for me as a film about a bunch of sad kids falling in love and trying to make movies in Ohio. The alium crap ruined it.

      • CB

        But their method of seeking profit was to let talented artists execute a vision, even if it was *gasp* original and not a ‘proven’ formula for success, and as a consequence they both made their profit and defined a generation.

        • Now I Get It

          Okay, I’ll be The Gilligan: “You’re right Professor. And you’re right, too, Skipper.” …I mean that; you’re both right.

    • Guest

      Also, Abrams’ Star Trek was good. The rest, yeah, craptacular.

      • Annabelle

        As a dumb, loud action movie, it’s great fun, but as a film that was “made by people who completely lost the part of themselves that understood what made the originals work”, it’s perhaps the pre-eminent example.

        • sepiajack

          Well put

    • sepiajack

      I agree with all of that except I really liked the Hobbit. I won’t argue that it was ‘good’ but I really enjoy watching it, it does what I need it to do. But that aside I completely agree.

  • Wasperheimer

    This trailer has hardly anything resembling a money shot, or anything exciting at all, really.

    Also, since Keaton is in the film, does that mean we’ll get to see RoboCop fighting Batman?

    • Quonk

      I have a feeling that that “make it black” quote was supposed to be some kind of allusion to Keaton’s tenure as Batman, which didn’t quite work out though.

      • Cameron Vale

        “make it look like batman”

    • Engelhast

      No. Robocop will be fighting Mr. Mom.

    • guy

      Robocop fighting Beetlejuice

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Yeah, the closest thing to a money shot was when RoboCop randomly jumps into frame, landing on the ground, then rising up. It’s rather off-putting and feels more like a film student’s exercise they put on YouTube than a Hollywood film.

      • Jay Stein

        That shit was lame, then the next few shots of CG action figures just killed it for me.

  • Quonk

    Well that was… underwhelming… but so was the trailer. Underwhelming video about an underwhelmed reaction to an underwhelming trailer. Makes sense. However, when I first watched the trailer myself, I was kinda happy to see Michael Keaton again

    • Dirus

      I was rather surprised, and pleased to see Keaton in the trailer. I think he is one of the most under rated actors in the past 30 years. I have never seen him give a bad performance, he has always entertained, and he always gave some thing to the rolls he has been in.

  • Taft you FUCK

    Get back to reviewing movies and making Plinkett videos you smack sloths!

  • stane

    exactly my reaction. not worth a video though

  • Smarticus

    Almost turned it off midway because “Why am I watching this?” But the ending, though subtle, did made me laugh.

    Stop with the Verhooven remakes already Hollywood, you aren’t going to do any better!

  • thelionroars

    “I found this very difficult to masturbate to”

  • Guy

    Best REWSSS episode, so far. The ending cracked open my skull.

  • Nokterian

    I say it before and say it again. This movie is rubbish,it has no soul,no wait and just damn lazy with a black suit. Peter Weller did more work in Robocop with Paul Verhoeven then this crap. Remember Total Recall remake? Well that didn’t end well did it?

  • My name is Muerte

    This movie may as well go straight to DVD. Just more generic, reboot crap that’ll be in the $5 bins at Walmart in 6 months.

  • Charles Petrosky

    Well at least this will be a forgettable PG-13 piece of rubbish. I don’t need to be permanently scarred again multiple times as I was with the original. ;-)

  • Mike Jakermen

    I always wondered if Robocop was pissed off because he no longer has a penis.

    • sepiajack

      He and Darth Vader are probably in a support group with doctor doom for that.

  • Bryan M. White

    Good Lord, that movie looks stupid. It’s like they all sat in room and said, “We need to figure out everything that made the original Robocop a classic, and then ruin it. Don’t worry. A bunch of retards on the Internet will defend it for having a new ‘take’ on the story.”

    • Cameron Vale

      I can totally picture it already.

    • Dirus

      A very similar variation of the conversation with J J Abrams and Star Trek. Lets take every thing that made Star Trek good, which I hated, then ruin it. We will get the general masses to love it by making a cliched lazy reference to any thing a non trek fan might recognize.

  • Wintermute

    @CharlesP2009:disqus Yeah! The Original was a piece of Art, but also one of the sickest movies i have ever seen. I saw the 2nd Movie first and i was like 10 or 12 and well, i shouldnt have seen it. Period.

  • Baló Timár

    PG 13? Oh come on, I watched the original as a kid and turned out alright. It’s
    not like I enjoy watching an old guy kidnap and torture hookers and
    fuck his cat while complaining about the Phantom Menace.

    • Sir Breckenridge

      Wider audience = more money. Watering down Robocop is a travesty.

  • Wintermute

    I love though how one of the guys says:”We need to make him more Tactical, make him black!”. Thats probalby one line taken directly from the marketing department of the movie studio.

    • Baló Timár

      If they plan to use him as bait to draw fire from the other SWAT guys with that glowing red visor, which practically says “HEY! AIM HERE” then it’s a really clever tactical choice.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I was hoping they’d also give him bright red lipstick. I felt that was missing from the original movie.

    • Joe Syxpac

      I think what they actually said was; “Batman was popular, make him black.”

    • Mel B Toast

      Half the trailer was about the design of the suit. It’s not even a superhero origin story. It’s a suit origin story.

      • Saruma

        Its not a suit, its him! Didn’t you see the trailer? ;)

  • Rio B. Ibarra

    “Okay.” Those were my sentiments exactly. Doesn’t look bad but doesn’t look fun like the original either. Looks missable.

  • Jay

    Okay, yup, that’s exactly what I expected.

  • His name? Not Robocop

    Space Cop is going to be a better movie.

  • Thatguy

    K, so when’s the next Gamestation 2.0 coming out? Mothersmodgers!

  • Victor

    So this is atleast third hand information at this point, but people who have read the script for the remake, supposedly the shooting script, have all had a pretty bad reaction.
    Apparently, there is, or atleast was, at one point a scene which was described as follows:

    There’s a scene where they’re in R&D on what the Robocop design will be, and they focus group it for….13 year olds. They show them a screen with the original iconic Robocop suit and one of the kids goes “That looks stupid! Like something out of the 80′s!”

    It seems like it is going to be that kind of a movie. If that scene was in the script at any point, I have no reason to believe the writers will treat the rest with any more dignity or reverence, or intelligence.

    This will probably be just as forgettable and void of personality as the Total Recall remake. “Oh, we gotta have that cool trailer shot of a CGI camera perfectly panning up to reveal a futuristic CGI model of a city with CGI stuff in it. Everyone is doing that!”.

    • Bill

      That ’80s line does sound bad and overly cute, but let play devil’s advocate. What if that (and the “something tactical…black!”) are part of a satire on modern marketing?

      What if the YOU NEED TO TALK TO YOUR SON cheap family drama stuff is actually about how Murphy’s son has views of his father more based on TV advertisements about Robocop than on actual interaction with his own father? That Murhpy is too busy working to spend time with him and the marketing machine has replaced him in his absence?

      Probably not true; it’s probably as bad as it looks. But trailers are often poor representations of how a film actually is, so we should reserve some judgment…I guess.

      • Joe Syxpac

        If your “Tactical not Practical” observation holds true, than this might actually be better than the first Robocop.

        It also occurs to me that perhaps the entire trailer is a snowjob. The whole “Murphy retains his humanity” assumed angle is just a fantasy, having as much to do with the story as the flashbacks did in the first one. The part with Robo talking to his son does look kinda sitcomish.

        Maybe they made the trailer purposefully bad so folks will show up to see how bad it is only to discover that it’s brilliant.

        An’ maybe if I try hard enough I can suck my own dick.

        • CB

          I think spending two hours trying would be time better spent than going to this.

          • Joe Syxpac

            Already done it.

            And yes it was.

  • Catherine Zeta Jones

    That was pretty boring. I’d rather watch the Wizard hipster watching the trailer to “High Fidelity”!

  • everyinchofyou


  • Charles Petrosky

    LOL, Detroit IS a dump.

  • Anders Voll Kimestad

    A huge amount of plot exposition in that trailer alone. The original at least didn’t spoon-feed the viewers with anything other than ultraviolence.

    • Leo

      That is why they hired the master of exposition himself, Morgan Freeman.

    • wikiality

      This counts as a bit of the ultraviolence? Maybe you need to watch the real Robocop again…

      • Anders Voll Kimestad

        Maybe you need to read my comment again, friend.

        • wikiality


  • whip

    I’m honestly struggling to understand why you guys thought this was a compelling thing to post. Really quite boring. 99% of it Rich is having no reaction. I assumed some massive, hilarious ending.. but no.. just boring.

    • Jay

      Maybe that was the point. your same feelings for this video ‘ok, whatever’ translates to how they feel about that trailer.

      • Now I Get It

        Exactly so. After all of the demand for “Rich Evans watching anything” in response to the first one, we – I say “we” – got what we asked for.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      What are you talking about? He raised his eyebrows at one point. Shocked the hell out of me! Admit it, Rich Evans is a funnier character than we’ve ever had before.

      • wikiality

        Well Rich Evans is a k-mart version of Patton Oswald and I am 120% okay with this because actual Patton Oswald is still getting work but it’s for things I don’t pay attention to.

    • Dave’s Hat


      They subverted everyone’s expectation and the joke is that this movie is utterly forgettable and not worth a reaction. And you, dear viewer, who came for the laughs, were played. And that’s funny.

      • Robotpals

        I laughed after the end. Rich’s reaction was exactly mine.

        • Erik Butter

          Mine too, couldn’t be more indiverent.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Is ‘indiverent’ an actual word or did you mean ‘indifferent’? I’m serious, I even went to Google.

          • Erik Butter

            Sorry you’re right! back to school for me…

      • Sadly rewatching old Plinketts

        You know what would be funnier than playing the viewer? Actual content on this site. In their wolverine review they list all the movies that came and went that I patiently waited for a review for and… nothing! God forbid we get a Plinkett review for the matrix or something… sigh… I miss RLM.

    • Cameron Vale

      I don’t think they believed it would be compelling, it’s just a quick thing, like that video of them eating chicken.

  • Christopher Nolan

    PG-13 piece of watered-down dog- crap. I fucking hate 90% of cinema these days. It’s going to be dead inside 20 years at this rate unless you’re a retarded 8 tear old with the attention span of a goldfish.

    • Andrew Prowant

      I agree with you compl…….ooh! look! a goldfish!!

    • Hollywood studio exec

      Goldfish you say? Great idea. Kids love a goldfish, just look at the whole Finding Nemo crap. We were planning to give the Robocop an animal anyway (to show that he is more human, and distance ourselves even further from the previous movies), so it may be a goldfish, why not. Hey, we could even put a tank with it to his suit, and make it a buddy cop movie. That would be so innovative, as usually dogs are shown in such a role. Good idea, keep’em comming.

  • Funt Cace

    After watching the trailer I don’t even have to see the movie now. I can picture the entire thing in my head.

    • Jay Stein

      They gave away like 3/4 of this POS..

  • NCS

    So, did he cum or what?

    • Flawed Man

      What are you talking about? Rich Evans LOST his erection just by watching this.

      • Jay Stein

        So did I…

  • NCS

    They should have lost the arm like Bob Morton told them to.

    • Bob Morton

      I thought we agree on total body prosthesis, now lose the arm okay?

    • TheBestNamesHaveGone

      At least he can now wipe his own arse and have a quick wank.

    • Jay Stein

      The effects look crappy.

    • where is Paul Verhoeven?

      One of many points that made the original great… It had shown that the OCP does not give a fuck about morals.

  • Steffen Pabst

    I had the same reaction. Looks generic as hell. Just like the Total Recall remake. Nice effects, nice action, but nothing special!

  • bob665

    Up until I saw this I did not know they were remaking Robocop. I wish I had
    remained ignorant.

    • CB

      Thanks to booze, I am ignorant once again!

      • Plinkett

        It’s called bleach

  • My Cocaine

    That was really boring! I think I’d rather watch Beaker watching the trailer to “The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.”

  • KarlBunker

    Banner text for the poster & DVD box: “Rich Evans: ‘Okay.’”

    • Cameron Vale

      “Okay!!” -Rich Evans, Red Letter Media

  • sepiajack

    Has the internets nicknamed this movie: ‘ROBOCOPY’ yet? If not, can I take credit for that?

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Then I’m coining ‘RoboCopy Pasta’, then, and turning it into my least favourite dish.

      • sepiajack

        I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    • Officer Murphy’s Law

      You can keep Robocopy, I’ll stick with “Robocrap”

    • Andrew Prowant

      when you make a copy of the original it’s usually not as good (example: a copy made to VHS tape). This movie is like the 10th copy of the original. It’s so far gone that it barely resembles it.

    • ac1d

      Can’t believe no one has requested…’ROBO-COPIER’ as a sequel.

      • sepiajack

        There’s also the British version: Robocopper

  • Chris Pendlebury

    The original and the second one made me feel a range of emotions when I was about 12. Pretty extreme ends of the spectrum too. Now condense that to the generic middle ground and you have this remake and most others. It’s like sucking the life out of an original and putting CGI in it. I heard they are remaking Starship Troopers too. I don’t even need to see the trailer. Remove all the political stuff because they think kids don’t get it, remove gore so every idiot can slob into the cinema, ramp up the CGI. More shooting. Ugh.

  • Thomas The Tank Engine

    That was really boring! I think I’d rather watch Yoko watching the trailer to “Knocked Up.”

  • Sean The Animator

    When is the next cartoon from Sean the animator?

  • Sir Clive Sinclair

    Jeez, I never thought I’d miss Gamestation as much as this! :O(

  • fggf

    Murphy doesn’t get shot to death. I am calling BETRAYAL!

    Murphy being shot to death was the greatest villain moment in cinematic history and they got rid off it for some cliche unoffensive car bombing. BETRAYAL!

    • Andrew Prowant

      It’s because it’s PG-13.

      • pg-13 is gay

        Yeah, no more dad from That 70′s Show acting lika a psycho for you.

        • Cameron Vale

          I hope you can say “bitches, leave” in a PG13 film, because that would go a long way.

    • TheBestNamesHaveGone

      Exactly. In the original film, Murphy basically had chunks of his limbs blown apart but because of his body armour keeping his vital organs intact he couldn’t die. The brutality of his death made his resurrection all the more powerful. In the remake it looks like this Murphy gets blown up in a car bomb … quick and relatively painless compared to having your limbs shot off bit by bit.

  • Man of Stool

    Generic, watered down, forgettable PG-13 horseshit. The studio hired Jose Padilha, who made the Elite Squad movies, cut his balls off, and used only 10% of his ideas (true story, google it). The only good thing about this turdfest is that Michael Keaton has a job, and hopefully got paid a lot for it.

    • Now I Get It

      Everyone stop what you’re doing to watch “Game 6″ immediately, repeatedly.

    • wikiality

      I’d like to talk to the Beverly Hills surgeon who performed the castration. How much was he paid, why it was medically justifiable since inquiring about elective castration usually gets you 5150′d, etc

    • random commenter

      Yeah, Robocop will end up murdering legions of faceless “evil” robots. No more shots into a rapist crotch, no more brutal justice. Add to that the whole family crap, and the result will probably not be all that great. Don’t get me wrong, the family part in the original Robocop was done just right, he was discovering his past, and emotions, and that was one of the things that made him more than a machine. Here… Not only Robo will be showing his face a lot, but also the stupid wife will come into the way.
      Yes, I know that the original Robocop also was intended to be a fast moving machine, and the movement had to be changed due to the costume, but come one, his armour colour, as well as the way he moves are his distinguishable features… Robocop does not have to be “tactical”. He has to be visible from a distance, and not to mistaken for some random SWAT guy in a gear… By his presence on the street he reassures the population, that they are safe. Look here stupid criminal, my titanium armour is not afraid of your puny weapons. Shot at me, make my day :-).
      Also, the OCP (or whatever the name was changed here) seems to not have the balls it had.
      I’ll most likely see the movie, but only to laugh on it, and check out how Michael Keaton is doing these days.

  • Grim

    So much passion and excitement!!!

  • Dan

    what a dumb looking movie. at least Michael Keaton is still working

  • Jayless

    So they’re trying to steal the Space Cops franchise new release’s thunder?

    Rich isn’t worried. Obviously.

    • Jay Stein

      Space Cop will blow Re-RoboCop away..

      • Cameron Vale

        Did anyone think of calling him “Rebootcop” yet?

  • m0r1arty

    Feckin’ Care Boars!!!

  • catnep

    Killing me softly with Care Boars, killing me softleee. Somebody looks like he either just woke up or had a good smoke of something.

  • Peter Bonde Hansen

    Powerful stuff. I share the emotional depth that Rich gave us – a heartfelt “meh”.


    Please turn “Rich Evans Watches” into a thing!

    • SnareRiff

      I think they just did!

      • Engelhast

        Spacecop watches Rich Evans Watch Rich Evans watch the Robocop Remake Trailer in 3D.

    • Paul Schumann

      The first time I read this I thought you were referring to a new product for their store…

  • According2Robyn

    Congratulations, Hollywood. You just made Rich Evans, the most giggly man in the universe, not give a fuck.

    I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  • Proto

    What will Rich Evans watch next? Make him watch something else. Tree Stand Safety.

  • Claus

    Robocop was one of my favorite movies as a child and it still is. The graphic violence, the turdness of Detroit, perfect villains and the hidden humanity of Murphy…. all turned to poo. It needs the Verhoeven treatment like fire needs oxygen.

    • Cameron Vale

      They were hoping that some moviegoers just want to watch the world burn.

  • Knights_of_Cydonia


  • sosy1325

    Every so often, usually after see stuff like this crappy trailer, I wonder if there’s something wrong with ME. Maybe Hollywood and the faceless masses have got it together and I’m just a stick in the mud. But then I come here, and my sanity is restored. Thank you, Rich Evans. You saved me. All hail Rich Evans the Laughing One. Hear his raucous chuckle, AND DESPAIR!!!!!!!

    • Flawfilial

      Rich Evans is the face that the masses need.

      • Alex Lee

        But not the one they deserve.

        See? I did, like, a thing there.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

  • Leo

    His reaction was similar to mine. I sort of looked to the side a little and scratched my chin, but I feel the general tone was the same.

  • Sphincter

    That trailer for the new Batman movie looks great!

  • wikiality

    “it’s just another one, innit?”

  • wikiality

    Also why do we need fakeass CGI future post-apoc Detroit when we have the actual Detroit? Purple and red lighting, steaming trash cans, faux-cryllic propaganda posters and you got yourself a moviepoopshoot approved post-apoc wasteland. Sure we’re seen it a thousand times but we usually want to see it again when a movie fails to have it.

    13 year olds these days aren’t lucid enough to have proper likes and dislikes. Just appeal to 18-25 FOR ONCE. Real Housewives is not 18-25. MTV is not 18-25. Jersey Shore is not 18-25. It’s tweens and moms who think that’s what 18-25 watch to make them feel hip and older/younger. Every single god damned thing made in the past 15 years has been “to appeal to the 18-25 (stylized as /male/) demographic” without actually attempting to do so in the slightest. It was true for us, I mean we watched “Pimp My Ride” in for a summer in 6th grade and that was about it. Everyone we knew in that cherished “18-25″ was into white trash drinking culture (SPRING BREAK WOOO!!) and not anything even remotely related to MTV or “The OC” and ripoffs.

    I mean you realize they’re just picking what should be popular and then people who just don’t care and would be entertained by anything containing a few basic ideas (brand recognition, drinking makes you cool but drugs are a silly joke, women are bitches, let the most hairless man win, and SHOOTING) just kinda soak up whats at a similar room temperature or pH to themselves without emotion. As long as it doesn’t make you think because you might feel bad or guilty if something fake reminds you of something real to be guilty about or question yourself then that’s not good for maintaining a “high self esteem”. Soliek why don’t you mean angry losers just get a life and chill out!!!!!1111111

    This means we can create whatever the hell we want that appeals to us and they probably won’t notice it’s any different than their bland beige prefab crap as long as it’s not too stimulating.

  • doctorfrog

    My reaction was similar, except for the groan the escaped when I heard “somehow he’s overriding the system’s priorities!” Oh here it comes again UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • dirk beefhammer

    That ain’t no Verhoeven film.

  • Bob JaBopistan

    You think they would have learned their lesson about making Robocop PG-13 after that monumental turd of a third movie. It was low budget, sure, but lots and lots of blood squibs can make up for a low budget. Unfortunately, we got some Home Alone type shit with an eight year old hacking into stuff and Murphy spending the whole movie lying down unable to move. Oh, and let’s not forget the Samurai robot guys.

    Look at it this way: however bad Robocop 2014 is, it will be several times better than Robocop 3.

  • diehounderdoggen

    Ok, so I just took a jaunt over to the trailer on youtube, and the comments are going nuts with anti-police sentiment. I think we might be looking at the next Lone Ranger, folks.

    • Topdek

      I certainly want this movie to fail, but I don’t want it to fail because of anti-police sentiment. I like fascistic futuristic law enforcement movies, Robocop and Dredd among them, and I think it’s possible to like such movies without endorsing fascism.

      No, I want this movie to fail because it looks like a shitty remake of a perfect sci-fi action movie.

      Can’t these fucks leave well enough alone?

      • diehounderdoggen

        I completely agree about the fascism apologetics. (sarcasm)
        Just pointing out that this is shaping up to be another cynical cash grab movie without a clear market.

  • Jed

    Remakes like this just make me want to watch the original again.

    • Jay Stein

      I was like ” I need to watch RobCop again” as soon as I finished watching Rich watch the trailer.

  • Sonda Kamil

    Mirrors my experience with the trailer. Would love the crew to have a discussion of what’s going on with all these soulless remakes. Is it really all about cashing in on brand recognition or is this still fallout from the writers strike a few years back. Hollywood producers giving writers the middle figure and not shelling out for original scripts.

    • bluehawk222

      Basically with the rise of the internet and piracy and sharing movies meant movies didn’t have as much staying power in theaters. Now they are on DVD and Bluray within months. Hollywood even went with the 3D gimmick to charge more for tickets just to make money. That’s all the studios want, they are businesses after all. So now the business model is we need movies that can make a lot of money quickly in opening weekend and the following weeks before we push it on DVD and Bluray. Now what would have a bigger draw a movie called the Avengers or, let’s go with a recent title, Closed Circuit. Avengers you know from the name alone what that’s about. A film with a new title means a lot more marketing dollars trying to convince the audiences it is worth seeing. But brand recognition always wins out. If you went to the store and saw Coke, Pepsi, or something new called Refresha you would most likely go with the ones you are familiar with. It’s why you don’t see many new soda companies emerging. So that’s where we are with Hollywood. They want safe investments that can see their returns met instantly rather than risking money on newer ideas that won’t have the same returns.

      • wikiality

        No we don’t see many new soda companies emerging because Americans don’t like taro root or pomegranates in their soda. A health food nut or pretentious and adventurous eater will try to convince you for like a month that they enjoy the taste of it but they don’t and go back to drinking Diet Coke in their toll booth with the rest of the cattle.

  • Michelle Obama

    Rich Evans did not die a hideous death in this video, How disappointing.

    • Acanthus Lux

      Now, now…don’t be too harsh on the first lady with the down-votes guys…I bet she was just hoping for an opportunity to create a Robo-Evans.

    • Guest

      Perhaps the down votes are because of your politics?

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      You mean how Mike and Jay died from Grown Ups 2?

  • Andrew Prowant

    What makes it just “ok” is the fact that there were no “holy s***!” moments in the trailer. Nothing that we haven’t seen before in another movie. Nothing about the trailer makes me want to see it, but I probably will anyway.

    • wikiality

      Why? Do you live in Wisconsin too because I see no good reason to go and pay money at theaters for crap when you have netflix, the internet, and PBS. I think Sucker Punch was the last movie I saw in theaters after Zombieland (sucked) and Hot Tub Time Machine. When I see trailers on tv or as ad service the highest praise most will get is “I might pirate it/see it on cable”. I want to give Hollywood my money but they have to give me an actual movie first.

      • Alex Lee

        …you actually went to a theater to watch “Hot Tub Time Machine?”

        • wikiality

          I think it was a date but don’t hold me to that. I liked it enough to admit to someone ending up paying for the cost of admission.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Your whole argument is an assumption that Andrew was going to see it in theatres when really he could have been referring to the various options you yourself have listed. He might not even pay for it and just watch his friend’s DVD or something through morbid curiosity to see just how ‘meh’ it is.

        • Andrew Prowant

          This is true. I will be out of the country at the time of it’s release and unable to see it in theaters, but may have a chance to watch a bootleg.

  • ac1d

    I think this has the right amount of non-cheesiness. Nothing about it is funny, so you really can’t laugh at it. It’s a really well made trailer. I’m not very familiar with the original but now I want to watch both more than ever.

    • Saruma

      Actually that is kind of the problem. The original Robocop has a sense of humor and is a bit corny. Add to it incredibly over the top violence and you have a classic. What people here don’t like about the new one (trailer at least) is it appears to be a straightforward sci-fi/action flick. You really need to go see the original for this discussion to make sense.

      • ac1d

        Actually now reading some comments and seeing that it’s a PG-13 movie compared to the originals R, I’m a lot more disinterested just because of that…and yeah I hear what you’re saying.

  • Eric Monaghan

    boy i sure miss the 80s

  • Kosmonaut

    “Okay” is about all the emotion I could sum up for this, too. Yup, it sure is a remake of Robocop set to be released in 2014. Nope, I still don’t see any reason to go see it in a world where the original still exists.

  • Roland from Poland

    “Okay” pretty much sums it up. They should put that on the poster.

  • Saruma

    It is strange that Hollywood keeps doing these remakes when relatively few actually perform well. Off the top of my head I can think of Land of the Lost and Bewitched as total flops. Even the most comparable titles to this, Total Recall and Clash of the Titans only did ok at best. Certainly they weren’t the kind of moneymakers that would justify more remakes.

    • AlcaldeEste

      Remakes, re-adaptations and pointless sequels do very well, and they are usually safer bets than completely original stories.
      Clash of the Titans grossed 500m on a 125m budget (802m on 275m incl. the sequel).
      The Amazing Spiderman grossed 752m on a 230m budget.
      The Day the Earth Stood Still grossed 233m on a 80m budget.
      Batman Begins grossed 374m on a 150m budget (2,463m on 635m incl. the sequels).
      The Departed grossed 290m on a 90m budget.
      The Bourne Identity grossed 214m on a 60m budget (1,222m on 370m incl. the sequels).
      Man of Steel grossed 658m on a 225m budget.
      Ocean’s Eleven grossed 451m on a 85m budget (1,125m on 295m incl. the sequels).
      and many, many, MANY more.
      I’d wish more original movie concepts came out of Hollywood, but I would never say I don’t understand why they keep remaking and remaking and remaking the remakes.

      • Mr Smithee goes to Hollywood

        You’re forgetting that the returns that they report are almost entirely due to money laundering. There is no way in hell that an $80m movie made $200m at the box office. They were money laundering.

        • Notna

          Oh shit, have you told FinCEN? They need your valuable insights, I’m sure!

          • Charles Cohen

            Don’t forget some of them were in 3D to get more money, its the cherry on the top the cake.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          “There is no way in hell that an $80m movie made $200m at the box office.”

          You’re exposing your stupidity. Stop it. Also, the Conjuring, which cost $20 million to produce [not sure about advertising], has so far made $135.2 million domestically and $124.5 million overseas for a combined total of $259.7 million. That is quite a bit over $200 million on a budget MUCH less than $80 million and that’s only an example from two months ago.

      • sepiajack

        Bourne Identity is a remake?

        • Klaus

          It is.

          • sepiajack

            Of what???

          • Pope Scam

            It’s not a remake but it’s based on an existing property. It’s an adaptation of a book series.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Some of these aren’t as clear cut winners [at the box office] once you realize those budgets aren’t including advertising costs and that studios only get back roughly 50% of the worldwide box office.

        For example, Batman Begins only made $374 million, which means studios got roughly $190 million of that. The advertising costs would have needed to be $40 million or less for it to just break even.

        Man of Steel is even less clear cut because the advertising budget was said to be as large as the production budget, so it may have cost $450 million in total. However, that $170 million in promotional deals may have been added into that $250 million advertising budget, so it might not have been as expensive, but it’s difficult to ball park just how much it offset it. It may have broke even. We’re not sure.

  • matt6666

    I won’t be buying that for a dollar!

  • ItAin’tThatBad

    I don’t think it looks all that bad. It probably won’t be all that memorable, but I think it might be fun enough time in the theaters.

    True, it’s not really too much like the original, but wouldn’t you just be even more pissed if it was a carbon copy of it. Besides, I don’t know how many of you have watched the original recently, but it’s not exactly a master piece as a movie.

    To me personally the biggest the original one has going for it is that it was made in the 80s and I saw it as a kid. Had there never been an original RoboCop and Verhoeven made his movie today (even with today’s technology etc.) I’d probably call it a piece of crap.

    • Sage

      You’re still going to pay money to see it because it’s “not that bad”… Thus perpetuating the same stinky system forever. THANKS.

      • ItAin’tThatBad

        To be fair, neither one of us has actually seen it yet. It’s not like your prejudice helps this “stinky system” get any better, so THANKS.

        • William Shakesman

          Stop paying to see shit. THANKS.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            You’re the best playwright in the history of the world, William Shakesman. THANKS.

    • Notna

      Actually, I have watched it recently, and it is a masterpiece. Some of the best satire made in the 80s, combined with entertaining action, excellent practical effects and even genuine human emotion. Certainly better that 99% of what gets released in theaters.

      • ItAin’tThatBad

        I don’t know. There’s a lot of crap put out these days, I’ll give you that, but I still can’t really see the genius behind the original RoboCop. To each their own, I guess.

        • Cameron Vale

          If a legendary director’s career-defining masterpiece in the 80s is just a piece of crap to you now, does that mean that you believe we’re currently in a golden age of cinema?

    • sepiajack

      I do agree that with a remake or reboot I prefer they go really different from the original, since the original already exists.

      And yeah, it’s not that this looks terrible, just forgettable.

      • Alex Lee

        It’ll probably be like Oblivion, which is a competent movie, but not actually great.

        • sepiajack

          Indeed. Although the soundtrack to Oblivion was pretty great, I put it on a lot of the times when I’m working on my writing.

          Then there’s man of steel, a movie I hated, but loved the soundtrack for. The flipside is Ladyhawk, a great movie with an awful score.

    • J

      I disagree. The original Robocop is an excellent movie because it shows and doesn’t tell. Apparently unlike the remake in which Gary Oldman is spelling everything out for us in the trailer: “The human element will always be present!”

      We didn’t need to be told this in the ’87 film. We simply sat back and watched it all unfold as Robocop’s humanity slowly surfaced–from the point where his partner Lewis confronted him in the hallway and asked him his name, to where he drove home to find it deserted and his family gone, finally to when he confronted Boddicker and his thugs and they quickly recognized him as the man they brutally murdered.

      Robocop himself is revealed in a slow build-up: first through HUD POV shots, then quick glimpses via screens, behind frosted glass, etc., until finally he is fully revealed while in his holding cage with his “rudimentary paste” (AKA baby food)–nice touch there.

      The deconstruction of Robcop back into a human being begins almost immediately when he is betrayed by OCP/Dick Jones and beset by fellow officers. This is symbolized by the shattered visor revealing his human eye. He also crawls away from the assaulting SWAT officers like an infant. Just as his robotic essence was slowly revealed, likewise, his humanity is slowly returning bit by bit, until the helmet finally comes off and stays off for the duration of the film.

      Finally in the end, Robocop takes down the evil mastermind Jones and saves the president of OCP. The Prez asks Robo his name, to which he replies, “Murphy.”

      “Murphy”… humanity triumphs.

      The ’87 flick expertly tells the story of a man becoming a robot and becoming a man again.

      It doesn’t hold your hand.

      It doesn’t insult your intelligence.

      It shows and doesn’t tell.

      It doesn’t look good for the remake which is already churning out heavy-handed plot explication in the trailer.

      I recommend you give the original film a closer look.

  • cheeseburger in paradise

    i cant wait! 4 the review :D

  • Grim

    The part when wife stopped Robocop and told him that he need to speak to his son….

    I immediately thought of Cop Dog for some reason.

    • dirk beefhammer

      They could’ve resurrected two franchises at once and made Robocop Dog!

      • Flawfilial

        You know what though? Cop Dog actually returned from the realm of the dead.
        Cop Dog has more in common with Robocop than this new Robocop.

  • Drew Clock

    That was almost exactly the same reaction I had.

  • BYH

    Does anyone remember that old Simpsons episode where homer is watching a television show about a robo office worker and he wants to watch it before they retool it? -But in the next scene, they show him with a robo kid and Homer says: “ohh too late!” That’s what the scene with the mom and her son yelling at robocop reminded me of.

  • Jay Stein

    I see now that Rich and I have much in common…

  • Duckler

    So it isn’t about a cop who guzzles cough syrup?

    • sepiajack

      You’re thinking of Robitussincop

      • Alabasterbastard

        Yeah, Robotussin should be used more often as a plot device.
        Like in Bill Hicks’s good-old ‘Ninja-Bachelor-Party’

  • Vaughn Fry

    With luck, ReBootCop will be Hollywood’s breaking point, a point where audiences wake up and realize there are alternatives to rehashed movie-by-marketing gimmicks. where every element is a calculation to reap the largest ROI.

    With luck.

    • sepiajack

      I was hoping Inception was going to be that breaking point a couple of years ago, not because its a reboot/remake but because it was the only movie out that Summer that WASN’T, everything else was a reboot, remake or based on a comic, old tv show, a book, etc.

      And that movie did huge business, and I know a lot of people who sight it as ‘a breath of fresh air’

      I thought maybe that would have put an end to this… but no :(

    • Mr.Fister

      Nooo, it is going to lower the bar even more for the next crap to come… I was shocked when my friends told me that they liked the expendables 2 100 times more than dredd… the first one benefits from the prominence of its actors while the second one although a remake presents a whole new idea… only people lnowdays prefer microwave food over something original… It is going to be similar to Star Wars… people will say It had better effects and therefore It is better….

      • Vaughn Fry

        I didn’t love Dredd, but it is an admirable effort and I certainly can’t get on anyone who did enjoy it. To me, the future setting is not adequately tapped. It’s almost like having Star Wars take place in a mineshaft. I like the story of the ’95 film better, but it’s not a good 1st entry. Dredd needs some prominence building with audiences before he can tackle a dethroning story. Regardless, the 2012 film is easily better.

        However, I can not be friends with anyone who buys a ticket to see ReBootCop without the intent of independent reviewing.

        • Mr.Fister

          I took dredd as an example… and yes the quality of the movie is one thing and personal taste is another one… there many good movies I do not like, its pretty normal however quality is importand for me…

  • Engelhast

    Someone had to do it…

  • Jakoporeeno Tex Mex Johnson

    He’s thinking “another remake, whatever”

  • Scott

    His name, SpaceCop

  • another useless comment


    Why do they show the whole story in the trailer? Yes,it’s a remake and yes we all know the original story,but still…lazy advertising is lazy…

    • another useless comment

      The movie feels sanitized,there is no gritty,real raw life sucks in Detroit vibe to it like in the original,maybe because of CGI or maybe it’s PG 13…I don’t know,it just feels soulless if we can judge the movie by this lackluster trailer…

      • Alex Lee

        It has to be PG-13 because CGI has already surpassed the Gears of War look, so they definitely had the option to make it dirty and depressing.

      • Gregory Roth

        Maybe since Detroit is kind of living through Robocop times for real now, it would feel too much like kicking them when they are down to depict it that way again?

        • another rant

          They are a bunch of pussies.The movie execs I mean.
          If they incorporated current Detroit situation in this unnecessary remake maybe it would have some actual cultural impact and meaning to the actual “soul” of USA and help heal it.It sucks in Detroit,sadly, but hiding or ignoring that fact does not help anybody.
          So make an actual realistic Robocop with current technology..o.k maybe a few years down the line,since robotic prosthetics research is barely getting started but is already quite impressive (check some videos on youtube ) and don’t hide the actual Detroit clusterfuck in wishy washy political correctness dumbed down bullshit.Then maybe this movie could be something to behold.
          As it stands now it looks like any other action/SF movie,with shinny CGI effects,yes a decent cast but ultimately forgettable,since it appears to have nothing new to add to the conversation as opposed to the original Robocop hich had plenty to say about capitalism and cultural landscape of the 80s.
          But maybe I’m wrong.

    • Fart Master

      You know else is lazy? Memes. Stop saying “adjective noun is adjective.”

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        The master of farts has spoken.

      • lazy memes

        Dear Jay and Mike, and the entire Red Letter Media crew:

        I’ve noticed that there has been an alarming flood of whiny fanboy
        babies and dipshit assholes all over the comments section(s) of your
        page, more and more so in the past few weeks (months?). Particularly on
        this episode. On behalf of us all, I want to apologize for this
        appalling and baffling Zergling rush of irritating buffoons exclaiming
        that you did this review without seeing the movie, turned into cynical
        pricks, lost your touch, sold out to Marvel, or otherwise taking your
        opinions personally, etc. These young children and their tirades do not
        reflect the views of your actual fans. I think I can speak for all of us
        when I say that we eagerly, but patiently, await new BOTW episodes,
        HITB episodes, Plinkett reviews, and original films, and we are as
        confident as ever that you will continue being awesome. Hopefully this
        squabbling nonsense going on in these comments sections will start to
        die down after awhile and we can, once again, have nice things.

        A Concerned Fan

  • Where is our free content?!

    These lazy assholes haven’t even reviewed “The World’s End” yet and they like to kiss a bit of Peg butthole! Could it be they actually didn’t like it based on the fact it isn’t funny?! :oO

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      Actually on Jay’s Twitter he said that it was the most enjoyable film he’s seen this year. I guess they’ll get around to it at the end of year recap?

      • Joe

        I’m hoping for a late Half in the Bag review like they did with The Wolverine or Pacific Rim. It would be nice to see a HITB about a film they really enjoyed.

      • Chevy Chase

        It’s enjoyable enough to watch but I don’t think I laughed once…..that’s got to go down as a fail if they movie is supposed to be a comedy?!?

        • Mike

          Plenty of other people out there laughed. Perhaps the fail isn’t with the movie, but with your experience/sense of humor.

          • Bill Cosby

            Referencing previous work/Cabaret/Star Wars/whateverthefuck doesn’t really count as a “LOL I nearly pissed myself humor.””Sean Of The Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” had all of that AND they were actually funny……”The World’s End” wasn’t!

        • morris

          Yeah, that movie was wonderful dude.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Which film? The other guy’s comment got deleted.

        Edit: I used my super smart brain to just go to Jay’s Twitter and find out he was talking about ‘The World’s End’. Hopefully there will be an episode about that!

        • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

          I just watched it. Sadly it doesn’t release in Switzerland so I had to go to Germany to watch it, and then they dub almost all their movies so I think I mostly got the gist, haha. But yeah, I really liked it. So I’d love to see them talk about the movie because they’ve mentioned before how they enjoyed the previous films.

  • care bores fanclub – President

    Are there any other episodes available of “The Care Bores”? I am of the opinion you can never get too much of a good thing but there is a limit to how many times we can watch them save fucking Christmas!

    • sepiajack

      I know that is always the default ‘next video’ if I don’t shut the window after HitB, BotW or Plinkett

  • TheBestNamesHaveGone

    This has to be the greatest switcheroo in cinematic history.

    The real title of this film is … Mr Mom 2: Robodad

    Michael Keaton is simply reprising his original role and is the real star of the movie.

  • Adrian

    This isn’t Robocop. It’s Police Constable Ironman.

    • gonnasuckyadick

      I’m going to suck your dick

  • Justin

    It’s gonna get to the point soon where whenever we mention the title of a movie to someone, we’ll have to follow it up with ‘the original’.

    • Joe Syxpac

      Ugh! I didn’t even think of that! It’s gonna be as bad as King Kong has gotten.

      “Did you see King Kong?”

      “The original or the shitty one?”

      “Um… there were three of em, plus, like, five other movies that featured Kong.”

      “I know.”

  • cobrazombie

    This crappy remake is going to get splattered at the box office like Emil on the windscreen.

  • Anthony Pirtle

    Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction too, Rich. Another reboot no one was asking for in order to cash in on the nostalgia of the ageing survivors of the 80′s.

    • icth

      I wanted to see it remade, just not… This bland. There isn’t the atmosphere of the original, that was what made Robocop great.

      If it’s not R with a possibility of NC17, this isn’t Robocop.

      • Anthony Pirtle

        Can’t be R. These days R ratings are seen as limiting box office maximization, which is anathema to the only reason for this film’s existence.

        • icth

          Pretty much seals my opinion if this is what they envisioned… I’ll go reminisce about the good old days when directors didn’t more closely resemble factory workers.

  • stoopsmcoops

    Pretty much my reaction when I watched it yesterday. It looks innocuous. Tonally, so far removed from the original that I have no feelings towards it. Standard SFX, a retread of man vs machine themes, and the look of it is exactly the way I expected.
    There’s no hook for me. I don’t have a convincing reason to see it, but I also don’t have a really convincing reason to expect it to be complete trash.

  • Rewrench

    Looks like Murphy is just inside an armor suit. How boring. He even moves effortless.
    The old one at least made it look like his face was just skin stapled on for appearence.

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      I recently (well, in the past year) rewatched the original. It’s really not clear at all early on whether or not he’s just a corpse in a machine. That added to the interesting question about what makes one human or not because it wasn’t even clear if he was alive in any way.

      It’s nice when effects and storytelling are married succesfully. But…

    • TapewormBike

      Iron Man without any charisma, good dialogue or anything remotely interesting. I smell a hit here. Go, zillons of execs!

      • Nick Poliskey

        Thats funny because it’s true :(

  • Samael

    Rich’s reaction was basically mine. “Eh.”. Like a lot of people are saying, its not really Robocop – it looks a little like him. In fact, this looks an awful lot more like Human Revolution. In fact, it is almost entirely Adam Jensen’s personal side of things and much of the aesthetic feels kind of similar. It doesn’t really seem to have any teeth – it looks like it’s going to be built like a modern super movie, like Robocop is Ironman now, with a dash of Six Million Dollar Man. Murphy was, initially, a ghost in a machine – he didn’t remember who he was until he was prompted to. That was a part of his arc. This guy has to deal with being Murphy except cybernetically enhanced. If they wanted to go for that kind of angle did it really need to be Robocop?

    • arjumand

      Yeah, me too. Which says a lot about the movie, seeing as the original actually gave me real nightmares (the scene in the warehouse was probably the most violent thing I’d watched ever, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head) when I first watched it.
      And I agree with all that you said about his identity, and his loss of self – in this trailer it all seems to be about his wife and son. How jarring was that bit in the trailer: “you have to speak to your son!” The hell?

      Am I going nuts or did the trailer hint that the cyborg company (don’t know if it’s the same name as in the original) actually blew up Murphy to be able to have another test subject for their Cyborg initiative? Is this more post-millennial cynicism? Isn’t it enough that in the original he was betrayed, eventually?

      And the moving Robocop is clearly CGI. Not particularly good CGI.
      IDK. There’s something about Peter Weller in the original which is kinda chilling (in every role, really. Weller is one scary motherfucker – watch that bit in Into Darkness when you realise he’s going to kill them all, “Well, shit.” Not angry, or anything. A lot scarier than Khan’s ranting), while this new guy is just Blandy McBlanderson.

      • Uncle Sporkums

        If you think you’re nuts thinking that they had planned to get him in the suit, it must be contagious, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s the predictable sloppy writing.
        Tell me about it. He’s pumped out of the same factory that produces most of today’s “actors”.

        • arjumand

          Yeah, sloppy writing, dull cookie-cutter hero, with a cookie-cutter family. At least they showed us what to expect, with the treacly “little boy sees his father again” scene being put in the trailer.
          Though I’d like to know who cut the trailer, and what they were thinking – you put all your story beats in the trailer? What? This reminds me of the trailer I saw for Revolution (the tv series), which I could have used to write a summary of the pilot, complete with obligatory shock ending.

          • Pope Scam

            The whole thing with his kid makes me think of Cyborganizer from The Simpsons.

      • Sully

        I agree. Murphy’s death in the original (basically being highschool bullied by thugs with shotguns) was gut wrenching. That seen still leaves me feeling helpless when I watch it, like “what would you do in that situation?” It’s really fucked up, but now… simple car bomb does the trick.

        He also looks like a guy in a batman/ironman suit now. Before it actually looked like his face was stretched over some robotic endo-skeleton.

        It may be “okay”, but it’ll never reach cult status like the original.

        • arjumand

          “He also looks like a guy in a batman/ironman suit now.”

          That’s exactly what he looks like! I just couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me, and I thought it was the really smooth CGI movement as soon as he started moving around, but it’s the fact that he’s just wearing a suit, it’s not part of him.

          When will film-makers learn that CGI is a tool, not an end in and of itself? Yes, use CGI when you need kick-ass spaceships and and things that don’t exist but need to look real. When you can build a model, build a fucking model!
          I actually have no faith that film-makers will learn this – when you look at James Cameron, a man who in 1986 made a movie with special effects which still look good today (only some of the rear projection is wonky, while the models etc are perfect), who has now completely moved to the Dark Side, you kinda lose hope.

          All this makes me want to watch Robocop again, but I don’t know if I can face that warehouse scene, lol.

          • Sully

            ED-209 unleashing a thousand rounds into that poor office guy’s chest is also something you won’t be seeing in this remake. Still one of the most violent things ever put on film.

          • Samael

            I think CGI can do great little things – I absolutely don’t mind the strip-light of his new headset. That almost looks kind of cool. The problem comes when whole effects are created from whole cloth – looking at Lucas, I don’t mind the little tweaks they use in the special editions when all they’re doing is, basically, hiding the strings (well, usually arms where the puppets are literally concerned), adding blinking eyes to creatures to make them feel more natural but when you have, like, the new Jabba scenes in New Hope or the singing scene in Return of the Jedi, we stop being able to suspend our disbelief. They’re too busy creating big, bombastic things that look fake to take the time, usually, to do things that patch up physical effects, concealing the blemishes and hiding the zips on monster suits. Eventually, GGI might be able to completely pull its own weight but, for now, I think CGI is kind of at the point of stop motion some thirty years ago – it was most defiitely awe-inspiring what we could do at first but the oversaturation has made the rough edges more apparent.

        • Samael

          Very much this. I was debating mentioning how essential the violence was to Robocop for fear of making myself sound like some kind of nostalgiac gorehound but you really got it on the money, I think. Gut wrenching is basically exactly what it is. His death was shocking and brutal and THAT is part of why there is a need for violence in a movie like Robocop. Yes, the ED-209 scene is over the top (one of those things where you either have to laugh or stare at slack jawed) and the melting man scene is seered into my brain but these things leave an impression. The bad guys toy with Murphy, they essentially torture him, drawing out his death as he is completely powerless to stop it – it has an emotional impact because it is not abrupt. A car bomb may be violent, traumatic and equally gut wrenching but it comes across as distant and impersonal.

  • Fake Plinkett

    Anyone wanna help me milk my cat? It’s time to make breakfast.

  • A SNES Day Off

    I was expecting mooaaarrrr!

  • Gregory Roth

    So his memories are intact? They are skipping the whole rediscovering his past life bit that happened to be the most interesting thing in Robocop?

    • Alex Lee

      But he gets to emote more and be angry while shooting stuff!


      • Gregory Roth

        He’ll have to say in words what he is feeling “I AM ANGRY “kapow kapow” NOW I AM SAD”

        • RobotsPJs

          How else will I know what he is feeling if he doesn’t say it?!

      • stryker1121

        Bloodless shooting, by-the-numbers-plotting, but hey there’s Sam L. Jackson!

    • cobrazombie

      Today’s audiences don’t have time for petty things like an engaging story and interesting character development.

  • George Lucas

    I wonder if they’re doing a new Plinkett review for Xmas? I hope not…..they’ve started to suck since “Cop Dog”

    • Fah Q

      He should do a prequel to the first Plinkett review.

  • George Lucas

    When is the next Plinkett review?

  • harumph

    Looks very 1997.

    • TapewormBike

      Thats exactly what I was thinking, That was like the worst time for vfx. And this movie looks so bland – uninspired, by the numbers crap. Richs face says it all at the end, its an absolute “meh”

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Remakes made a certain amount of sense–thirty years or so ago. Back when the original was long gone from theatres and you could only see it chopped up on television. Nowadays, everything is on DVD or online…people can see the original any time they want; there’s no “make it again so people can re-experience it” need to service.

  • Alex Lee

    I think Science Fiction in general will go the way of the Westerns; over-saturation and rehashing to the point where everything in it becomes cliche’. And the Robocop remake will just be one more on the pile that will eventually break the camel’s back.

    So, what would be the next big trend after Sci-Fi kicks it? I’m thinking it’ll be chick-flicks with a non-stop slew of cheap Rom-Coms with one or two Oscar-worthy attempts a year. Maybe a lot more musicals as the middle ground. Why not? They’re cheap and the majority of college graduates are women. Combined with the rising ticket prices, they’ll be the biggest demographic to appeal because they’ll be the ones with disposable income.

    • John Hild

      I for one am looking forward to the next gritty reboot of Alice in Wonderland.

    • Alex Lee

      So, here’s a short list of what the award-winning movies will probably look like in the future:

      Steel of Magnolias: The Musical
      Mad Passion: “Antony and Cleopatra” during the 20th century
      Spread ‘em: A story about an Amish butter churner separated from her conservative boyfriend.
      High Nooner: A Western starring a desperate housewife.
      The French Geisha: A maid travels to Japan.

  • Clarence Boddicker

    Bitches, leave!

    • Ass

      There is no place for over the top and endearing villains in a PG-13 version of Robocop. Move over Clarence, get ready for generic bad guy who no one will remember a few months after the movie comes out.

  • Mike Norman

    Was that snippet of a love scene pre-op or post-op? Are they going to give RoboCop a RoboCock? Will he get a RoBoner?

    Stay tuned.

    • Bob JaBopistan

      It will be a vibrating and ribbed for her pleasure. Dead or alive, he’s coming inside you.

      • Real Quantum


    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      This gives a whole new meaning to RoboCop 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    • Cameron Vale

      It would be funny if they made a trailer framed entirely around that issue.

  • Memoman

    Any time is a great time to get some Rich Evans all up in this webzone. Last time you bullied him too much! #FreeRichEvans2013

  • omgnoway

    Well, maybe the Robocop XXX: A Porn Parody will be funny.

    • Alex Lee

      It’d have to be Roboc**k…cause it’s PG-13.

      • sepiajack

        Either that or Boobocop

        • JustSomeFaggot

          Blowbocop seems to be the working title.

          • Real Quantum

            Although “FistoCop” would not be bad.
            “Look, honey, i still got one good hand”.

          • Cameron Vale

            Obvious opportunity for HomoCop there.

          • Real Quantum

            HA HA HA
            That’s a good one :D

  • Plinkett

    The only reason I watched the trailer was to watch Rich watch it.

  • Alexa

    You know what’s weird, Peter Weller actually voiced Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. So it feels like Keaton and Weller got together one day and agreed to switch franchises.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Has anyone said ‘RebootCop’ yet?

    • sepiajack

      Nope, you can put a nickle down on that one! Wow this title does lend itself to a lot of good parody.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash


        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          I wonder what it’d be like to have a laugh track in real life… or people that booed and stuff.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I’ll buy that for a loonie!

        Yeah, the Canuck version of the quote.

        • sepiajack

          Indeed! Even a Twoonie perhaps!

  • FT

    Why the Robocop have one organic hand? Such amazing tools for using guns and smash enemies. Actually, besides the car explosion, with amazing details about temperature, the guy totally trashed, the transformation into a machine keeps his face very good.. in the original his face looks much more bizarre.

    So, daddy keeps a nice smile and a natural hand, to give hugs and take the kid to the school and so on.

    Long live the 90s!

    • HeftyJo

      He gotta keep that pimp hand smooth and strong.

    • dirk beefhammer

      It’s coz he has to do this from time to time:

      A robohand would be too strong and thus crush his cock (unless it’s a robocock).

      • Joe Syxpac

        I donno…

        I didn’t see a pecker in the trailer. I think it got blowed off.

        Prolly left his real hand so he could still finger bang his wife. Or perhaps so he could slit his wrist once he found out what happened to his penis.

  • piddleswait

    I’m not buying that for a dollar!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    The bad guy in this is probably just some dude who needs to tear down the local park to be able to build something that is actually beneficial to the community. It’ll be an ethical dilemma for RoboPoliceEnforcer. It’s gonna be great!

  • RobotsPJs

    My favorite parts of the original Robocop is when he shows a full range of over the top emotions. Glad they recaptured that magic.

  • Hubert Vigilla

    That was pretty much my reaction to the trailer as well.

  • stryker1121

    So beaten down by the Hollywood murder machine of mediocrity, Rich can only respond with a resigned shrug.

    • D’Avid Murphy

      Is that a Paidrig Pearse quote??

  • trololololololol

    So everyone on the internet thinks its mediocre / going to suck. Movies with these kind of reactions always go on to make a shit ton of cash

    • Guest

      Is that a Paidrig Pearse quote?

    • ident

      Like Conan the Barbarian (2011), John Carter, and The Lone Ranger.

  • robopanda333

    4th degree burns huh… those must be extra bad.

    • Ass

      I’m tired of arm chair doctors thinking that 4th degree burns don’t exist. Look it up. FUCK.

      • AssMD

        You’re a proctologist! What do you know about burns?

        • Ass

          I go to Taco Bell frequently, so a lot.

          • HeftyJo

            After decades of Taco Bell exposure I must concur.Damn some nachos sound good. #hurtssobaditsgood

      • The HD

        Yeah, 4th degree burns did not exist before 2010-ish when burns affecting bones and muscle were no longer rated on their own and instead where added to the degrees that skin can be burned.

      • john s

        No need to give him the 5th degree.

        • Ass

          I just got caught up in the heat of the moment.

      • frankie09

        I know half of my body I scared by a chip pan
        fire technically I’m partially undead as my suregions
        said .
        Frankie smales

    • Jim Rage

      Ooh this movie just got 4th degree burned!

  • S G

    “hmm.. okay… ” my reaction exactly. This looks like another one of those sanitized, emasculated remakes of a gritty, sarcastic, violent, unapologetic and brilliant 70s/80s flick. The very first shot of the trailer reminded me of the horrible Total Recall remake. Showing Murphy’s face right after his transformation? Making him a burn-victim rather than one of an ultra-violent execution? Including his wife in all this? And that *stupid* line “you need to talk to your son!!”.

    I know it’s too early to judge, but this thing will suck balls. And from the look of the trailer, it’ll also most probably be PG-13.

    I’m sure it’s been said many, many times, but the one thing that really bothers me is that films like Robocop or Total Recall don’t need fucking remakes. They’re not that old and they are perfect the way they are. Stop ruining the modern classics Hollywood and come up with some original shit!

    • Samuel Pérez García

      My reactions exactly. They are taking gritty, violent R-rated movies and making them PG-13 kid friendly to earn a few more bucks, and the downgrade shows. Worst thing is how lame and generic the future world looks, even in the Total Recall remake the world design was interesting, here is like a SF movie template.

  • Poopfeast420

    you know a movie is a flat line when they cant even make the trailer interesting

    • Alex Lee

      The problem isn’t really the trailer itself, but the environment around it. We’ve gotten so used to seeing Sci-Fi action movies and rehashes that we can’t really care about a technically well-made trailer.

      If this movie and its audience lived in a figurative vacuum, the trailer would work at exciting people. But it doesn’t.

      • Bill

        IS it a technically well-made trailer? I think it spends way too much time dumping way too much plot into our laps, seeming to spoil the whole movie and has some cringe-worthy moments (you, talk, your son, etc.)

        I think a good trailer would communicate something of the spirit of the movie and encourage anticipation. Does this do either?

        • Alex Lee

          Hmm, now that I had a few days to think about it, it really isn’t, even in a vacuum.

        • arjumand

          Exactly – especially that terrible line.
          This trailer is like an overeager telemarketer or one of those guys at the mall that run after you with the Dead Sea cosmetics- “Let me tell you all about it, every little detail, and I know you’ll love it! Wait, come back! There’s an adorable moppet who wants to talk to his dad!”

          I’m actually more looking forward to Almost Human, with Karl Urban, on Fox in November – watch it before it gets cancelled! I will watch Karl Urban in anything.

        • Nelson Fairchild

          Look, this will never be Veerhoven’s Robocop, and it would be worse if they tried to be.

          Who knows, I like how the Prime Directives seems to have morphed into an idea of what free will is. Not exactly ground breaking philosophical ruminations, sure, but it fits for the material.

          I’ll give it a shot just because it doesn’t look as obviously bad as other remakes have seemed, to me.

          21 Jump Street was a great “re-make”. It was most definitely NOT the TV show, but it didn’t feel forced, bad, or unnecessary.

          I’m willing to concede this remake could in fact suck, or just be mediocre. But, I’m willing to go see it to make that determination.

  • One Nine Seven One

    Exact how I felt. One big ‘Meh’

  • Wat

    Those where some powerful reactions right there.

  • Hoar 4 Moar

    My Love and Respect for Rich Evans runs oh, so very deep.

  • David Ben

    i’m with ya’ Rich Evans, i’m with ya’ … yay, yet another paint-by-the-numbers reboot, remake, retool, relaunch, rebrand, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I can’t wait until we get o’re’ginals, where they remake the original with all the originals cast and crew.

  • Brad dayag

    I am sure they will figure out some way to fuck it up.

    • ident

      They did. They greenlit it.

  • Dario. ..

    you scream when wearing headphones? u really R an Old FucK

    • ident

      I don’t get it. I mean, eYe dUn geT Et

  • Burgerlord

    This movie should not be called Robocop. It should be called “Cybernetic Enforcement Officer”, because that’s exactly what it feels like. The very fact that they kept the one arm and basically kept the guy’s head tells me they missed the point entirely.

    • taiyouson


      • Soundguy Furstie

        Dick, you’re fired!

      • Cameron Vale

        At least they didn’t go with Anatomically Superior Semi Futuristic Unfeeling Cyborg Knight.

  • Kay O’Gaye


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Hmm… perhaps this is showing how disinterested they are with this reboot [which is something that worries execs, not like or dislike, but pure indifference], but that they’re ALSO telling us fans that perhaps too many ‘Rich Evans Watches’ might get old really fast, seeing from his reaction here.

    So, while I hope it becomes a thing they continue, I also hope they use it sparingly, as to retain it’s novelty, similar to what they’ve done with the Plinkett Reviews.

  • Meester Smeeth

    It just looks like a G.I. Joe thing or some thing or other. Everything about it looks so typical. Naff shitty shite.

  • Justin Underwood

    Yeah thanks Rich

  • Malevolence

    A ton of cuts in a trailer is usually an omen for a shitty movie

    • scockery

      Like The Omen remake.

    • ident

      Donj’t all trailers contain many cuts? I find they rarely show a 2 minute clip and throw a “Coming Soon” on the end.

  • jubalbiggs

    Looks like they did absolutely nothing interesting enough to warrant a new movie here. I guess, we need a new one because they paint him black this time? Um… Because the old movie has worn out on all our old VHS tapes and we can’t possibly find it on DVD? It’s just doing the same stuff again worse than the first one (because unoriginal now). I bet they won’t even have a guy turn into a gigantic human water balloon because of toxic waste (or was that Robocop II?)
    I agree with Rich; this is bla-bla oatmeal boring.

    • TapewormBike

      Mostly it just seems to lack a little something starting with “V” and ending with “n”, with “erhoeve” in the middle.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Did anyone else notice Jay Baruchel [with a beard] beside Michael Keaton? How about the random Schwarzenegger/T-800 voice Human/RoboCop had at the end?

    • scockery

      Mr. Mom and Seth vs. The Robo-Pocalypse

  • deerstop

    Yeah that’s my reaction too

  • retartarsauce

    “its the illusion of free will”
    Mmmm yes yes i like where this is going

  • ROBOCOP 2014 FTW

    This movie looks sick, screw the haters! Oh and Rich Evans, Fuck you!

  • Morty

    Since Iron Man we’re gonna have this beating the shit out of us for a half a decade. A TV series comes next.

  • Mike the Mouthbreather

    this movies gonna be the best cuz it has splosions in it. splosions is better cuz theyre bigger and more betterer. shotguns are shit, he should be sploded instead.
    its gonna be so deep too cuz hes got a kid and a woman to yell at. its got more emotion. is he a cop or a robo? that was stupid in the last one when he has nightmares. robocop should be a tough guy shootperson. he shouldn’t have nightmare.
    its gonna be like iron man and batman but better. i can’t wait to see it.

    the mandarin.

  • Billy Nunez

    Space Cop > Cop Dog > Cop Cop > New Robocop

  • John Strandwitz

    You guys should do a vid of Rich Evans watching the trailer for Vikingdom! Sooooo silly it’s a must watch!

  • ident

    I actually agree about John Carter. And I didn’t make any judgment on Robocop, but I largely agree with you. My point was, sometimes the Internet is right. Not often, but sometimes.

  • Alex Mac Dougall

    my thoughts exactly

  • Sushi
  • SmashingChap

    This trailer tells a whole movie’s story. I don’t see any point in seeing the movie in the theatre now.

  • Meester Smeeth

    I’d like to bet Rich Evans is eating those words right about now.
    He must have seen it by now.
    He must have experienced it’s brilliance, it’s genius.
    I’d like to bet this movie made Rich Evans a happy man.

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