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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Adjustment Bureau, The
Alien Seed
Amazing Bulk, The
Amazing Spider-man, The
Amazing Spider-man 2, The
American Flatulators
American Hustle
After Earth
Avengers, The

Baby’s Day Out
Bad Grandpa
Bad Words
Battle: Los Angeles
Beaks: The Movie
Be Cool About Fire Safety
Best Worst Movie
B-Fest 2012
Black Ninja, The
Bling Ring, The
Blood Lock
Bloody Birthday
Blue Jasmine
Blue Ruin

Cabin in the Woods
Candid Candid Camera Vol. 6
Captain America
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Captain Phillips
Cheap Thrills
Christmas Vacation 2
Conan the Barbarian (2011)
Conjuring, The
Cop Dog
Cowboys and Aliens
Crazy Fat Ethel II
Cyber Tracker

Dance of Birth, The
Dark Knight Rises, The
Dark Shadows
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Deadly Prey
Deadliest Prey
Death Spa
Deliver us from Evil
Devil Inside, The
Django Unchained
Dog Sitter VHS
Don Jon
Drive Angry

Edge of Tomorrow
Electric Boogaloo
Ender’s Game
Escape From Tomorrow
Evil Dead
Exterminator 2
Exterminator, The

Family Guide to the Internet, The
Flyin’ Ryan
Fright Night (2011)

Gary Coleman: Fore Safety’s Sake
Galaxy Invader
Ghetto Blaster
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The (2011)
Godzilla (98)
Godzilla (2014)
Gone Girl
Good Day to Die Hard, A
Grand Budapest Hotel, The
Grown Ups 2
Guardians of the Galaxy

Hangover Part II, The
Hangover Part III, The
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
Hard Ticket to Hawaii
Haunted House, A
High Voltage
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The

How Can I Tell if I’m Really in Love?
How to Become a Teenage Ninja
Hunger Games, The

Ice Dams: Causes, Combats, and Cures
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Inherent Vice
Instant Adoring Boyfriend
Into the Storm
Iron Man 3
Item, The

Jack and Jill
Jack the Giant Slayer
Jeff Who Lives at Home
Jodorowsky’s Dune
John Carter

Key Matters
Kids and Airbags
Killer Eye, The
Killing American Style

Last Circus, The
Last Stand, The
Legend of Hercules, The
Let’s Be Cops
Lone Ranger, The
Lords of Salem, The

Magic in the Moonlight
Maniac (2012)
Man of Steel
Miami Connection
Million Ways to Die in the West, A
Movie 43

Never Too Young to Die
New Gladiators, The
Night Beast
Ninja Vengeance

Only God Forgives
Osteoporosis Dance, The
Oz the Great and Powerful

Pacific Rim
Pain & Gain
Palo Alto
Paranormal Activity 4 –
People vs. George Lucas, The
Playing Dangerous
Playing Dangerous 2
Psycho From Texas
Python II


Red Tails
Resident Evil series
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Robocop (2014)
Robot Jox
Rocketeer, The
Russian Terminator

Samurai Cop
Santa Claus (1959)
Saving Mr. Banks
Scream 4
Silent House
Skull Forest
Space Mutiny
Spring Breakers
Star Trek (2009)
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Holiday Special, The
Sucker Punch

Tammy and the T-Rex
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (’14)
Terror in Beverly Hills
That’s My Boy
Theodore Rex
They Bite
Thor: The Dark World
Three Stooges, The
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Trick or Treat
Troll 2
Tree Stand Safety

Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 2


Vindicator, The
V-World Matrix

Warm Bodies
What’s Your Number?
Where Did I Come From?
White House Down
Willow Creek
WNUF Halloween Special
Wolf of Wall Street, The
Wolverine, The

X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: First Class
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Yor: The Hunter from the Future
Your Highness

Zookeeper, The

1. Star Trek: Generatioins review
2. Star Trek: First Contact review
3. Star Trek: Insurrection review
4. Star Trek: Nemesis review
5. Star Wars: Episode I trailer
6. Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace review
7. Star Wars: Episode II trailer
8. Avatar review
9. Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones review
10. Baby’s Day Out review
11. What’s Plinkett Going to Review Next? ad
12. Star Trek (09) trailer
13. Star Trek (09) review
14. Star Wars: Episode III teaser trailer
15. Merry Christmas ad
16. Star Wars: Episode III Review is Now Up ad
17. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith review
18. Revenge of Nadine: The Episode III review Epilogue
19. Cop Dog review
20. Plinkett’s next review ad
21. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull review
22. Titanic

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    More Plinkett Reviews!!! Of ANYTHING! Just do more Plinkett reviews, couldn’t care less what he’s reviewing.

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    Where is the RLM quick take on Prometheus? I thought that was hilarious and can’t find it anywhere.

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    Definitely need more Plinkett reviews. The reviews alone are fine. No need for a story arc for the reviewer. Have Plinkett review some of these half in the whatever-we-couldn’t-care-less movies. He’s definitely better.

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    It’s been a year since the last Plinkett review. A year.

  • Jose Cruz

    I think that a review of the greatest film ever made needs to be made. Of course, you should known what I am talking about: the Japanese Animated Science-Fiction Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic Ecofeminist Anti-War Epic Masterpiece:

    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

    Yes, it is the greatest film ever made!
    It is better than Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Goodfellas and 2001: A Space Odyssey put together. Yes, it is that awesome! And yes, it is a cartoon, the Japanese take cartoons quite seriously as an art form.
    In fact, it is even better, I even dare to say, than The Empire Strikes Back!!!
    : )
    Review it please! (also, if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it in Japanese, the American dubbing is terrible). Its awesome: if you liked The Empire Strikes Back, you will love it.

  • c’mon, red letter media!!! Plinkett’s reviews are what fans want, not all this other crap. PLINKETT, REVIEW SOMETHING!!!! The Star Wars Reviews are brilliant!!!!

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    Hey Red Letter Media team! I wanted to say that your Half in the Bag and Plinkett Reviews are great! I learn so much from each review, and each review gives me a lot to reflect on. You guys are very creative and talented, and I cannot imagine how much work is put into each review! I also lik e the other features on your website. They are very humorous and interesting as well. Thank you for all of the time you put out there to teach us and entertain us!

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    Patrick Stewart wasn’t terrible! Uma Thurman was okay. That old woman voice from Futurama was… admittedly a little jarring.

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    It looks like a Half in the Bag, but if you close your eyes it’ll start to sound like a Plinkett review.

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  • Watchmen.. ?

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    Baby’s Day Out is a kid’s movie that isn’t supposed to be taken seriously… Every movie I ever watched as a kid was the same way..

  • would love to see a plinkett review of the postman

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    I would like to see Plinkett’s review of Total Recall 2012

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    “Rick Berman,Rick McCallum…what is it with Ricks?!”
    -Mr Plinkett

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    It’s like poetry, it’s so that they rhyme. Each stanza kinda rhymes with the last one. Hopefully it will work.

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    Plinkett should do inception. that movie is so full of shit

  • Definitely, that move made me angry! Sloppy writing, sloppy science.

  • freedrinks

    Lucas’s people: “This is gonna be great.”

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    right but if you watch a great, great movie, that almost everyone likes, what can you say in a review? they didn’t review any of those movies you mentioned.

  • decora

    lol yes yes yes.

  • decora

    i remember some good kids shows, though, like Secret of Nimh, Labyrinth, Little Mermaid, Pinocchio.. … that stuff was good but it was serious too. i think they have discussed this in their review of the 2013 Giant Bean Stalk movie

  • Mr Plinkett should talk about his all time favorite movie.

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  • I know because I SOLD IT TO YOOOOOUUUU!!!!!

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    Could you guys do a review on District 9 sometime? It was mentioned in the Avatar’s review, but I’d like to see a deeper opinion on it

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    Dear Mr. Plinkett, you need to provide commentary tracks for the original trilogy. I am completely unable to watch Star Wars without your droning voice.

  • Erika Mann

    Review Black Swan!

  • I would love to see Mr. Plinkett’s take. Everyone seems to love District 9 but I thought it was pretty terrible. I’d be curious to see if Plinkett has any of the same criticisms of it that I do.

  • That would be a pretty big waste to the Plinkett character. It’s not a movie that requires dissection. Anyone can point to all the reasons it’s bad / (weirdly) good.

  • adPagey

    I’m still really annoyed about the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ reception to Inception. Dull characters plodding through pseudo-science that defenders say you need to be smart to understand because it has so many levels, like say a house. The only thing the audience can intellectually engage with is the totems otherwise it’s just stuff happening because the film makes up the rules where convenient. But worst of all it somehow makes dreams, as in imaginative escapism, into the most boring thing ever!

  • The Big Lebowski review request over here. One of my all time favorites, would just love to hear your guys opinion on it. Or really, Cohen brother movies in general.

  • anon

    >tfw no gf

  • It was unwatchable.

  • I know he won’t do this, but Plinkett should really edit out the kidnapped girl storyline. The reviews are so absolutely brilliant. The girl in the basement thing went a little too far. Makes it really difficult (impossible) for me to share this review with friends. Just sayin’.

    Nadine’s character is completely baffling to me and do not know why she’s in this review.

  • I’m glad to see someone agrees. I usually find myself in the extreme minority on certain well loved films. District 9 was a mess that unconsciously committed the same sins it was commenting on.

  • that guy

    I believe those segments are meant to show how easy its is to tell an evocative story with only two people, one camera, and a simple plot. Whereas the prequels fail at this in all ways. The kidnapping thing disturbed me at first till i got that it was doing what films are supposed to do: draw you emotionally into the material. I think it makes the criticisms of the review even funnier b/c the reviewer is not only pointing out the flaws, but is also one-upping the film maker.

  • whip

    Has no one else ever noticed, just above, in the “Plinket Storyline Chronology” section. They spelled Generations wrong. It says Generatioins.

  • Lolwut

    It instituted apartheid unconsciously?

  • Geahk Burchill

    Even as [the film] was commenting on Apartheid it was treating the ‘Prawns’ as non-entities with the exception of Christopher and his son. So on one hand it’s saying “look, oppression is bad” and, at the same time, “Black people are all alike and non-entities.” It was a film made by people too deep in historical colonialism to recognize they were still perpetuating it even as they supposedly condemned it.

  • megs

    it would be great to see you guys do reviews of your favourite films, your analyses are genuinely interesting even to people who don’t know much about film

  • BoxMonkey

    Isn’t it difficult to comment on the sins without portraying them? The documentary framework means that it would be unrealistic to have a vast number of fleshed out alien characters (who, as CGI walking insects are kind of difficult to relate to) instead Christopher acts as their representative. Authorial intent also counts for something here, it’s certainly an anti-apartheid film, and makes the callous brutality of the soldiers towards the Prawns truly shocking. Don’t mean to be insensitive, just my two cents

  • Guest

    You miss my point. It wasn’t that they were commenting on Apartheid, it was that they were unconsciously perpetuating what made Apartheid wrong. They THOUGHT they were making a thoughtful critique but were accidentally making the same assumptions that allowed Apartheid to happen in the first place. It was as if a fish were making a documentary about water. The fish sort of understands that water exists but is to close to it to make a proper analysis. The film makers (Fish) couldn’t actually describe water because they couldn’t actually imagine anything else.

    Even while they were depicting one Prawn as empathetic and identifiable they were perpetuating the concept of the “not-a-nigger”–as in, when white people say “Most black people are *this* way *except* this one black guy I happen to know. It’s still racist but they feel exempted because they have “one black friend”.

    This is just one example. The unconscious racism was constant throughout the movie in subtle ways.

    Again, because fish can’t always make movies about water.

  • Geahk Burchill

    You miss my point. It wasn’t that they were commenting on Apartheid, it was that they were unconsciously perpetuating what made Apartheid wrong. They THOUGHT they were making a thoughtful critique but were accidentally making the same assumptions that allowed Apartheid to happen in the first place. It was as if a fish were making a documentary about water. The fish sort of understands that water exists but is too close to it to make a proper analysis. The film makers (Fish) couldn’t actually describe water because they
    couldn’t actually imagine anything else.

    Even while they were depicting one Prawn as empathetic and
    identifiable they were perpetuating the concept of the
    “not-a-nigger”–as in, when white people say “Most black people are *this* way *except* this one black guy I happen to know. It’s still racist but they feel exempted because they have “one black friend”.

    This is just one example. The unconscious racism was constant throughout the movie in subtle ways.

    Again, because fish can’t always make movies about water.

  • The Golden Knight

    I can’t wait to see what else you guys make!

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    I tried to imagine your friends, but I had to stop after only ten seconds. Too scary.

  • Atman

    I have an idea. You should make the next Best of the Worst about these three movies:

    – Tekken
    – Street Fighter
    – King of Fighters

    Same theme, same quality.

  • wikiality

    Nadine is a simple drug addict/prostitute who probably should have brought her pimp (if she has one) with her to Mr. P’s Creepy House. For the most part, this is nothing more and nothing less. The story does turn more complex the longer it goes on, although most people agree a little too long.

    After being imprisoned for 3 days, he offers her “a coffee and a chat” (illustrating that he’s the norman bates kind of psychopath even when it comes to women) she agrees (though she doesn’t have much choice) after informing him that she has an infant alone somewhere, to which he replies callously but not maliciously “Oh your baby’s probably dead”. He brings the terrified hooker upstairs to tell her the entire point of him abducting her, to which her shock at someone doing something so serious for something so trival takes her off guard. It is not clear what really happens at this point but since we later see Nadine on the couch with a blankie and popcorn we assume she’s developed some sort of stockholm syndrome or is just trying to take her victories where she can. They watch Clones, which sucks and she comments on how much it sucks often. During the movie she carefully asks personal questions and lends a sympathetic ear (indicating she’s either been here before or at the very least spent time around people like Plinkett quite a bit and understand them). She makes an obvious and grandiose sign of physical affection (holding his hand in a cliched manner) and he’s clearly uncomfortable, showing that Plinkett has very little experience with women he hasn’t paid and isn’t used to them showing him any sort of kindness.

    This is mirrored earlier in the coffee break scene. He “cares” enough to try something he’s seen on tv that makes women happy and smile. His female-specific truth issues are highlighted when she asks to be untied, he wants to know why in a tone implying he was expecting her to trick him, probably less so because of the obvious imprisonment and more because “he’s been tricked before”. This is also evidence that he sees women more as toys rather than a flavor of human because it seems he doesn’t quite get why they don’t like being imprisoned in his basement or why they would hold it against him as a person. There’s some implication he’s not sure why a mother would be upset over losing a child, but he doesn’t seem so much surprised she’s upset than jaded…so perhaps he’s been separated from his mother many times throughout his childhood, perhaps the reason for his violent defensiveness of her. Yes, I know it’s revealed she’s the one who started him on his murderous path but I get the feeling that the implied philandering/gambling/drinking of his father and it’s impact on both him as a child and his mother set him up for this brand of mental health issues long before his mother snapped.

    Nadine, now seemingly in high spirits tells him she loved making fun of how much Clones sucked, and asks if they can watch Revenge and do the same. He mentions that he really just wanted to write up his youtube review after he dumps her body, indicating he’s either unaware of the inappropriateness and alarm caused by being told you’re going to be dead in a ditch or his lack of carefulness since he’s currently the one in control and he feels comfortable. He agrees after mentioning “You’re saying all the right things to me right now” to give the audience a feeling of doubt as to Nadine’s motives. She teases him a bit with the DVD box and puts a disc in the player. Plinkett gets really excited and focuses on the tv screen, when the title screen shows “Baby’s Day Out” he steps out of his nerd-daze and sees Nadine has escaped while he was distracted by the prospect of making fun of Star Wars. He sees her trying to walk fast across the street (the only real inconsistency in the whole Nadine saga – a working girl who can’t run in heels? And don’t say “maybe thats how he caught her hur hur hur” because prostitutes don’t work like that.) in the snow and says to noone in particular “She lied to me” and then turns off the out-of-date VHS camcorder.

    And if that’s too much for you to read and then think about here’s the prequel version:

    Nadine: Pretty Girl, Prostitute, Boobies
    Mr. Plinkett: Evil Man, Disabled, Femicidal

  • wikiality

    Um. It’s not that it’s “not supposed to be taken seriously” it’s that “We’re not sure if the kids of the diet coke drinking SUV driving white culture Americans can understand anything more complex than LOOK AT THE DOGGIE!”

    This is what bothers me most about People vs. George Lucas. Not that he’s just flat out wrong about the prequels being “a children’s movie” but that the Jar Jar/Anakin demographic caps at age 6. I was 6 in 1998 and Jar Jar was hilarious to the Kindergarteners and intolerable to all but one first grader who ran around the room like spongebob’s “IM READY!” going JARJARJARJAR until someone hit him. Anakin was cool because he got to fly to podracer…until any of our nerd parents/uncles (silicon valley) got around to explaining Anakin is little kid Vader because being Darth Vader is a very different kind of super sweet than flying in a podrace. So that made him super lame almost instantly and only kids who still thought they were separate people thought he was cool. Also little kids don’t like little kid actors much. For the same reasons adults don’t.

    Also nobody understood Anakin was supposed to be Space Jesus. We all thought “didn’t have a father” was Shmi being a nasty ex wife because nearly everyone had divorced parents but only a few people had to put up with the whole “your parents hate each other and are vindictive and petty” dynamic. So we knew what it looked like from a distance.

    Oh and the kids who didn’t take ritilan or adderal actually couldn’t watch the movie. We played with toys during the movie except for the podracing scene. And 6 year olds are not going to put up with 2 hours of crap just for the podracing scene. In this day and age they’d just get it off youtube.

  • jakob

    I often enjoy your reviews more than the movies themselves.
    But you guys take to long to make new episodes of half in the bag reviews. Please stop everything else you’re doing and just do that. Nothing else you do is any good, it’s actually terrible. Now I might not have actually watched anything else you do but I’m willing to hurt your fucking feelings to get what I want.

    More reviews please. Focus people.

  • jakob

    I hope you guys are on fucking vacation. Two weeks since the last half in the bag review. What the fuck. I don’t have anything else to watch. 99 % of everything out there sucks donkey balls, and so does your uploading frequency.

    Your show is one of those very rare things that I actually enjoy. I’ve watched and rewatched every goddamn review several times by now. Enough already.

    So pretty please with sugar on top. Make a fucking review.

  • Nathan

    Send me a pizza roll, please. Thanks!

  • MisterApplesauce

    I wouldn’t mind a plinkett review of Cloverfield. I hated that movie.. but everyone else seems to have thought it was genius.

  • Patrick

    That’d really work better if they had read the graphic novel.

  • Booch Paradise

    I’d love to see a review of dark knight rises. Something to lampoon things like the fact that the name “The Dark Knight” referred to things like BatMan being the hero they need not the hero they deserve. and “Dark Knight Rises” refers to him literally climbing out of a hole in the ground.

  • Gustav Stieglitz

    No Dragonball Evolution? Definitely worthy of a review.

  • Daniel Wahlstrom

    You guys need to watch Escanaba in da Moonlight if you haven’t seen it.

  • MSgtRET5J0X1

    YA HEY!!! You can’t possibly understand or fully appreciate Escanaba in da Moonlight unless you’ve spent some time in da U.P. with dem Yoopers (or, as I like to call them, the Finnish Mafia).

  • Roger

    You should do a review for, Dancer in the Dark. I bet you’d think it’s either extremely good, or extremely bad and manipulative.

  • Sam

    cool it with the entitlement. these guys take the time to make awesome stuff for free, they don’t owe you anything.

  • Sam

    I’d love to see a half in the bag review of the recent Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films, especially since we’re being bombarded with all this Holmesian television programming these days. I think there’s enough going on with those movies to warrant some fun observations.

  • john o

    Now that Holmes is public domain, except more.

  • john o

    I would love to see the movie K-Pax referenced or possibly reviewed. K-Pax

  • Duckler

    Oh wow, this exists. Well done, RLM..!

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard


  • Sniff Heinkel

    I’d like to see Mr. Plinkett review the Terminator films.

  • Derrick Cryderman

    They’re good movies though, well its arguable about the last two. Either way, he’d just say good things about them or not have enough material.

    Its not as fun when he’s not complaining constantly.

  • The Ubiquitous

    Her storyline shows that Mr. Plinkett is a deranged psychpath. Her plot is there to demonstrate that even a man like Mr. Plinkett can tell what George did wrong.

  • cass

    So RLM should remove instrumental segments of a widely loved series of reviews because you don’t know how to pitch them to your friends? Yeah, sure… I suppose the makers of Rambo 4 should destroy all copies of the film and release a censored version that your friends could tolerate.

  • cass

    “Sloppy science” <- Lol

  • cass

    I honestly haven’t heard a single person actually describe it as an intelligent movie. I find it to be a fairly stylish and slick action movie, nothing more. It’s not the best movie ever but it does its job well, imho.

  • Codster9

    I’ll watch the Prequel reviews ONLY IF they also critique the Original trilogy.

  • Zoffix Znet

    Sure they do. As a fan of the group he/she has every right to make demands. The fact that the content is free is irrelevant.

  • DarylT

    How come they’ve never reviewed World War Z? Would have thought they’d be right into that.

  • bassbait

    under “plinkett storyline chronology”, the first review says “star trek generatioins”. Just in case y’all wanted to fix it but didn’t realize it was broke c;

  • Ben Parsons

    Aw shucks. I’m sure they’ll crumble without your views.

  • Stephen R

    you’ll be missing out.

  • Jonathan Lanctot

    I think you’re missing Wheel of the Worst #5. (Cleared for Takeoff, Tales from Genesis Space, S.O.S.)

  • I love watching these reviews! So many are bang on the mark and agreeable.

  • The Creeper

    I love you guys, youre the best! *takes his clothes off*

  • Chase Robinson

    i made a card in “Cards Against Humanity” that read “The Old Bean Factory”
    man its been played good.

  • odigity

    I thought I remembered yous guys at least briefly referring to Return to Oz (1985) in one of the episodes, but I don’t see it on this A-Z index. Sad panda.

  • odigity

    I just found it! (Thanks, Google.)

    Hey, fuckers! You talked about it in this episode:

    Go add it to your A-Z index!


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