Red Letter Media’s FanExpo Coverage

August 29, 2012218 Comments

Our most comprehensive convention coverage yet!

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  • why did decide to rip-off Vimeo’s style?

  • Ubi2447

    xD. Thus why I stopped going to places like PAX and conventions like it. Love you guys.

  • I love how Mike’s enthusiasm drops throughout the video. Nice that he made good on his promise from the preview video…

  • Name


  • What a fake. The CN Tower has 24 stories, not 23!

  • that guy

    Toronto, Ontario
    Not Ottawa, cause then you’d 10 hours north east

  • I hope the Toronto Ottawa is a joke (if so ha ha)…if not…it’s Toronto Ontario (Ottawa being another city in the same province)

  • Liked the guy wearing the Payday shirt entering the expo at the beginning.


  • You’re in “Toronto, Ottawa”??? I always thought that Ottawa and Toronto were both cities in the province of *Ontario*. But what do I know?

    *Plinkett voice*: Oh… I live in Ottawa, Ontario — so I would know!

  • I live in Toronto and love comics n shit, but I fucking hate the insane crowds at FanExpo, so I was like “Fuck That”

  • The Nonconformist Muffin

    Sure, all that is interesting enough but the real question was how did it smell?

  • Mike, you’d have died harder if you’d gone up to the 25th floor instead.

  • David T.

    It’s amazing the way you guys can put these things together and keep them so entertaining.

  • Ewige

    I screeched with laughter when Mike was trying to talk near the speaker system.

  • Gunslinger

    Nice one lads! Pretty much sums up fan expos and you cunningly managed to avoid any unseemly Tony Scott references!

  • Ohnczeiggt

    wish I could have gone… i think.

  • He said he will do it…but no one believed him.

  • sokrates300

    love the generic upbeat expo music in the beginning

  • Bixby

    Nailed it in one. I wasn`t able to make it out this year (sniff), but I figured last year`s actually-being-able-to-move-around-inside-the-building organizational flourish was just a fluke. That con is generally a huge headache.

  • L

    Mike, I just want you to know that I love you. I wish you didn’t live so far away, wherever it is you live, even though I’m pretty sure it’s far away. Because we would hang out and have some laughs and you’d probably fall in love with me and I hope this isn’t weird but I’m pretty sure it is. Oh well. I regret nothing.

  • Vancouver

    Sorry about Toronto. That city is a complete shit-hole.


    The good part of Canada.

  • asdfjkl

    I’m gonna go gouge my eyes out after seeing that guy dressed as Green Lantern – from the movie

  • MDH

    I was hoping to see Lucas wandering around, maybe accosting those guys selling the “Fuck Lucas” shirts, harassing David Prowse, or searching for vendors selling copies of the OOT!

  • William La Rochelle

    It could easily have been a fire trap. Too many people and all that latex breaking down. Carpenter tells the story of latex breaking down and filling the air when The Thing was being made and the flame thrower ignited the air causing injury.

  • I wish i was there when you guys were filming, then I could be irritating like that guy who threw a thing at your head. Then id get your autograph and a lock of your hair for my shrine to half in the bag.

  • Dan

    no exit

  • Jeffy

    It was sad when you killed yourself.

  • A

    Rose McGowan looks too gorgeous for the celebrity zoo

  • There is so much going on in every frame!

  • WhiteRussian

    Mike’s getting too old for this shit

  • j0507

    Well, that video sums up why I don’t bother with FanExpo even though I live right near Toronto, Ottawa myself.

  • God

    3 but math isnt important

  • God

    Its so shitty that is consistently listed as one of the top cities in the world to live in

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Strangely, the suicide was a 2 camera shoot.

  • tommyboyd

    well he made good on his promise

  • Toronto Fan Expo is so dense, every single section has so many things going on

  • Scirocco

    It’s a cliche, but still a better love story than Twilight.

  • whaaaAAAT?

    Those special effects were amazing! kudos!

  • Reminds me of my experience at SDCC a few years back. Also reminds me of every convention I’ve ever been to. No wonder I don’t go to them anymore.

  • youvegotmail

    i smell a movie deal in there some where.

  • yep, thats pretty much the con in a nutshell

  • boo

    no way! look at john carpend whatever

  • JohnnyO

    You guys are awesome. I will admit, I only got tickets for me and my girlyfriend so i can met you guys. Keep up all the great work! Love (kinda) Johnny

  • Moarneckbeardstuff

    It’s gonna be great!

  • Moarneckbeardstuff


  • Moarneckbeardstuff

    You are going to be sorely missed.
    Until your next video.

  • na thats just the year old Pizza rolls stuck in the oven

  • Toronto’s not in Ottawa, it’s in Vancouver.

  • Name: Ben

    I feel like I’ve been filled with information and can now have all the fun of a major con without all the hassle

  • Where can I post my awesome “I met Mike and Jay!” photo?

  • yourgrannyvagina

    Fucking asshole landed on my car and broke my VCR I just bought!


    I love how Mike inhabits the same space as two Panty and Stocking cosplayers in one part, for some reason that makes me laugh

  • Wylde

    That bad, huh.

  • infernocanuck

    Real Plinkett is dead!


  • jesus…did mike lose even more hair between the last half in the bag and this?

  • inky69

    Yes, the good part of Canada where the citizens destroy their downtown after a hockey game! And leaking condos! And that creepy area with all the drug addicts! Oh, and let’s not forget that embarrassing opening of the Olympics .

  • I think I developed a social anxiety disorder just from watching this…

  • cajaquarius

    Like a dirty foot.

  • Daniel

    Loved your Canadian impression. I’m sorry if I’m too forward about it.

  • Robb

    Toronto, Ottawa? o_0?

  • Spaldy

    Was that a Tony Scott reference? Oh fuuuuuuuu

  • God Damn it! So thats where Mike was every time I went to the both looking for him. Oh well met jay and got a copy of feeding frenzy so it was still great. Hopefully you guys choose to return to Fan Expo next year for some reason….

  • I totally watched that making off on the copy of the Thing I picked up at Fan Expo after meeting Jay. Such a good film

  • kurt_eh

    What can be said but, “Nice Super Dave impersonation!”

  • man, there are SO many people.

  • Scirocco should use his Newtype powers to influence Mike into helping L get into a relationship.

  • adamfox


  • Leo Ladenson

    It’s gonna be great!

  • Leo Ladenson

    I could watch nothing but convention coverage on this web zone.

  • guest

    It’s gonna be great!

  • Leo Ladenson

    Oh, and the Blip embed is not working–at least on my five-and-a-half-year-old computer running Firefox 8.

  • Did anybody else get the feeling that it was crowded?

  • I was surprised at the absence of a wilhelm scream at the end.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Mike, you may have gone too far in a few places.

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot Mike. Now the fraud ratio for the Half in the Bag cast has gone from 50% to 100%




    RIP Mike, does this mean no more half in the bag?

  • g

    I know some guys who will take care of that VCR for you.

  • “I cant wait to get inside”… Thats what HE said! 😀

    Oh and did I just watch a snuff film? Just kidding I know it was CG. Cant wait until your next video. Peace.

  • It’s stylistically designed to be that way, and he can’t undo that. But he can diminish the effects of it.

  • Goblin

    Or the “NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!!” Darth Anakin style.

  • Goblin


  • Goblin

    It’s gonna taste great!!

  • Goblin

    The winter is coming.

  • Goblin


  • Goblin

    One wonders does “con” stand for convention or for getting conned at the convention.As in getting conned to believe conventiones are fun.Maybe if you like getting groped by a crowd of strangers .Maybe.

  • Goblin

    I miss Johnwaynmans comment.
    Where is it?

  • SqueeeGeee

    Do u really think he’s died?

  • Colleen

    Not surprised the guy can’t manipulate himself around the convention floor – he thinks he’s in Toronto, Ottawa. Perhaps hiring a brighter host might have helped? Cause I had a great time there. In Toronto, Ontario.

  • Hyrax2004

    Nicely Frisky Dingo-ish landing with the car alarm.
    Thank you also for not inflicting us with any of that horrible Rich Evans!

  • Couldn’t help myself from laughing, when I saw that shirt. It was so appropriate.

  • LMAO you guys can always come up with something funny.

  • Guest

    That looks like hell on earth, don’t they have a bigger place to hold that con.

  • Guest

    They will add one for the 20th anniversary DVD.

  • freakontheinternet

    So Jay filmed Mike committing suicide from two different angles, edited it together, and posted it online for the world to see without comment on the matter?

    Either Mike was a true asshole that Jay despised or Jay is sick in the head.

    Anyway. RIP Mike. Good-night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  • Walt

    Everything you motherfuckers make is fucking funny as shit.

  • gargleblaster

    RIP Mike

  • guest


  • emem

    Did he died?

  • emem

    He did not even notice how the wind disturbed his hair as the joke whooshed right over his head.Just out of reach.

  • Leo Ladenson

    Was the 23-story face plant the design or the diminishment?

  • Abdul Alhazred

    No Wilhelm Scream as he jumps? Good DAY, sir!

    Also the shot of Mike in the crowd that serves as cover for this video, I want it as a poster.

  • Steve B.

    yeah that’s pretty much every convention experience I’ve had.

  • Did all of Canada come for this convention? 😀

  • 4:02 – Why did someone bring a crying baby to the Toronto Fan Expo? 😀

  • -_-

    His face exploded because he could not take the fact that original Star Wars will always be in our hearts…no more Lucas…

  • -_-

    It is mandatory.A crowded place needs at least one crying baby.If not, why even bother?

  • -_-

    Don’t you mean:”I’m sorry I’m too forward about it ,eh* ” ?

    *that sound canadians make
    also canadian bacon

  • thegregster101

    mikes face in the video thumb nail is soo funny.

  • Maraselah

    MUCH better than those Plinkett reviews. I hope they never make another.

  • asshole

    Hey, assholes…..put some proper coverage of the fan expo up you lazy-assed mofos!! We know Mike didn’t kill himself and Jay does the editing anyway. Stop lying to you fans! This web of deceit is alienating us!

  • patrick

    lol @ frightened facial expression of girl at 1:57

  • me

    Toronto Ottawa, eh?

  • fanboys_gonna_fanboy

    You missed a few “fucking”s.
    “Fucking everything you fucking motherfuckers fucking make is fucking funny as shit.”
    That’s fucking better.

  • fanboys_gonna_fanboy

    I can picture it.
    It’s gonna be great.

  • fanboys_gonna_fanboy



  • Ewhaaa?

    OMG…wait..What is racis?

  • Ewhaaa?


  • Ewhaaa?


  • Ewhaaa?

    Uh, sorry about screaming.
    It’s gonna be great.

  • Ewhaaa?

    *crickets chirping

  • Leo Ladenson

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Alex Humphrey

    It was like I was there!

  • Kermit Clambake

    It’s too bad that Mike is dead. But on a positive note, I sense the arrival of Real Plinkett in the next Half in the Bag season

  • Is Toronto, Ottawa anywhere near Moose Jaw, Edmonton?

  • bluefist

    Toronto is in Ontario, not Ottawa, which is another city in Ontario.

  • Plinkett Review Fan


  • tick2001

    Toronto, Ottawa? Really? Try Toronto, Ontario. Ottawa is the capitol city of Canada. Read a book. Loved the video BTW

  • Scirocco

    I can only manipulate women. And I believe L is an elite detective that goes by many aliases. And male. He can use his cunning to persuade Mike to love him.

  • It’s like “Racist” but when you don’t really mean it – like when you are parroting that friend that everyone has who claims everything is racist

  • guest

    How many times is RLM going to have to intentionally get information wrong for some people to get that they do it on purpose?

  • guest

    Hi, I’m the joke. You totally fucking missed me.

  • Herrerasaurus

    Oh no, Mike is dead?!

    Fortunately real Plinkett got up from his grave and will continue his movie reviews for us, his beloved pedophile army.

  • heywood jiblowme

    You guys are fucking awesome. Thank you. This is the perfect approximation of attending a fucking con.

  • n11

    Excellent! Glad to see the video you “promised” me ; D

  • Fakeemail


  • As much as this was funny to see, I actually like Star Wars and am glad Lucas brought the new age of mithology to the world.

  • Looks like you guys had a great time!


    you guys are the highlight of my internet life

  • its_like_this:

    The hate for Lucas comes from intense love of Star Wars.You know:”There is a fine line between love and hate…”
    Whoever made that T-shirt is a rabid fan of Star Wars.Or a comedian.
    Fuck Lucas for ruining Star Wars with his tinkering.

  • its_like_this:

    His resigned pose with him slightly leaned forward and his arms lifelessly hanging from his body as he rides the elevator is priceless.

  • its_like_this:

    It’s gonna be great for Mike!
    Gonna be great!

  • its_like_this:

    Reverse psychology?Think it’s gonna work?

  • Plinkets date

    Mister.. just because I asian.. doesn’t mean I don’t like other kind of food..

  • NorthShore

    Toronto, Ottawa? Wtf

  • santa

    Haha, thanks for the video report, enjoyed it!

  • theamazingbastard

    canadians move when you push em. thats just science.

  • Thats fantastic! I was hoping to see Mike face down on the floor, but I know he likes to do something new every convention.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    It makes it look crowded and non-fun to be at these events, which I guess is accurate, so it makes me glad I don’t go to such events.

  • nkutz

    Oh, good. He landed on a car, no worries.

    otherwise redlettermedia would have posted a suicide on a high-traffic site.

  • Thatonedude

    I thought he was going to sky bar…pricey shit though.

  • Barry

    The “No Exit” makes it for me.

  • Saruma

    Was that the Tony Scott ending?

  • You should have committed suicide in the expo center. At least that would have thinned out some of the crowd.

  • Matthew Vaughan

    Toronto Ottawa… lol. Close but fail. Well that video is why i don’t go to Toronto Fan expo.. it is PACKED. 50,000 People by noon. no thanks. But thanks for the video was a good laugh.

  • Guest

    There was no room on the floor for him to lay down.

  • haha I’d never go to one of those things, looks like a fucking nightmare. Great review, I share your worldview.

  • Scat Man! – Good Lord.

  • RedCanada

    “Toronto, Ottawa?” Where were you, the city of Toronto, or the city of Ottawa? Both cities are located in Ontario.

  • I think you mean “funny as fuck” or “funny as fucking shit” or “funny as fucking fuck”

  • Who DOESN’T like getting groped by a crowd of strangers? It’s even better than groping random strangers is a crowd.
    Is that just me?

  • here_we-go_again


  • I really hope the “Toronto, Ottawa” thing was a joke. it was a joke, must have been a joke. You were joking right? RIGHT?

  • DarthVaderHappyMeal

    So I got on the airoplane to Chicago to catch the trawler across the Great Lakes; then by train and taxi finally arrived at the Toronto Expo. But walking there I got hit with this falling bio-mass debris. Sorry I missed you, …. Oooor diiiid Iiiiiiii?

  • You can find the Fuck Lucas shirt at

  • turdburglar


  • Mike

    Did he die?

  • Guest

    Your bli player is different. I don’t like things that are different.

  • Your blip player is different. I don’t like things that are different.

  • Like Wise

    This is exactly how I felt at the only *con I ever attended. Made me want to go old school and spend my Saturdays at the library.

  • Dido

    Isn’t David Prowse dead?

  • meh

    Bigger place,bigger crowd,bigger hell.

  • meh


  • Jason Ross

    Scat man.
    Lols were had.

  • DagobahDave

    Feeding Frenzy!

  • I had an excellent time, mostly cause I got to talk to you guys again. Hope to see you in the GTA next year.

  • C Ohara

    “Toronto, Ottawa”?? 🙁
    Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
    I think you were thinking of “Toronto, Ontario.” ^^

  • Mike really has some great bad acting skills …

  • Aman Gupta

    Fuck fan expo, that place is just a mess. It’s not a joke, you really can’t move around in there.

  • Dingdong Weiner

    I love you George!

  • Julian

    Indeed, it’s his Force Ghost that shows up at conventions.

  • Boy Mike you really had the time of your life. Better or worse then No
    Brand Con? But seriously conventions are a waste of time and money.
    There’s no way to see everything and everything is overpriced and people
    just herd around like sheep. I love Star Trek but there’s no way I
    would pay Michael Dorn 80 bucks for an autograph. What a joke.

  • Strelnikov


  • Strelnikov

    It looks cool, maybe?

  • Ryan

    I don’t think you should be allowed to talk about mythology until you can spell the word, I mean, you shouldn’t allow yourself to talk about it until you can do that… and then even then, if you think Jar Jar Binks is a part of any legitimate mythology then please don’t ever change, your very existence adds humor to the world…

  • Sorry for getting in your way there with the texting. My bad. But did you really say you were in “Toronto, Ottawa”?

  • And did you actually say: “We’re here in Toronto, Ottawa”?

  • Duh

    Idiot. Toronto and Ottawa are two different cities. You can’t be in both at the same time. Toronto, Ontario. Sheesh.

  • gdaymam

    How about you stopeded nitpickings other peoplzes spellings and add something of value to the goddamn comment section?
    …grammar nazis are the worst…

  • gdaymam

    Maths is a description of our perception of reality in number form.It is accurate and logical within the boundaries of its “syntaxe”.”Reality” as such does not exist.It’s a matter of interpretation and agreement of the participants of “the dialouge” about “shared reality”.

  • At the beginning of the video, you did your reporter standup right next to my apartment. Awesome! That being said Fan Expo is getting bad due to the chaotic mess of over population mixed with being run by Hobby Star Marketing. They don’t make me feel welcome, so I go to Anime North instead. Sorry I couldn’t see you guys at the Con.

  • I can’t tell if he was being serious or not.. since he’s from Red Letter Media and all! 😀

  • Really? 80 dollars? Brent Spiner only charged 20 dollars down here in Texas.

  • looking at the schedule from the las vegas con last month he was charging 40. plus theres the 300 bucks for the weekend admission.

  • AdamCoates

    That pretty much sums it up. Seeing you guys there was the highlight, which as you know, isn’t saying much…

    Next year I want to see some Pole Man cosplay.

  • Murderin Murphy

    oh.. no… Mike killed himself… oh… no.


    do pants even exist?

  • asshole

    Hey, assholes…..stop improving the look of your shitty website and give us more free entertainment!

  • trainspotter

    Good job you pointed that out cos they hate to get shit wrong. I emailed them one time when they fucked up showing a photo of Ben Aflek and they were so pleased I pointed it out they sent me the envelope that contained Fake Plinkett’s colostomy bag in one of the HITB sketches. I fucking love memorabilia!

  • hafabee

    Heh heh, that was hilarious! I wish you guys would come to Vancouver.

  • Player 2

    Yeah, same here. It was a lot better 6-7 years ago when they were in the north building. They need to get back there.

  • Man those Canadians are some rude ass mo fos.

  • locoma

    you mean john scatman?

  • Grammar Nazi

    You actually need an extra period in the ellipsis because it indicates the end of a sentence, like this….

  • Adam Warlock

    @ 2:08: Pretty bad when your at a event like that and a passing person looks at you like your weird.

  • From Toronto, Ontario

    You seriously don’t know where Toronto is? I’m not sure if that was a joke or not.

  • Wow a lot of hate for this comment now that I look back on it. I only meant to say, thank god Lucas did make the idea’s in his head in the first place. Yes the prequels were’nt as good as IV, V, and VI. I know that. I just didn’t see the humor in the “Fuck Lucas” shirt. It’s himself and a select few of others who created this new age MYTHOLOGY! There you fuckin prick. And who said I liked Jar Jar Binks? That Rabit thing that can’t do anything right? When did I say he was the “shit”? I don’t think I did.
    Last thing. The person who stood up for me to that Ryan guy for being a “Grammar Nazi,” thanks; However, you should learn to spell better. I only made the mistake of mispelling mythology. It seems you however intentionally wrote stopped and people’s incorrectly.

  • sepiajack

    Obviously a joke, like when he gets the names of actors wrong.

  • DitzyDaffy

    Reminds me of London Comic Con…

  • dollar store cashier wife

    remember when rlm used to go to conventions and kill themselfs? me neither

  • Duckler

    Taranto? It’s in italy.

  • Duckler

    Remember when they used to drink beer and review movies? Me neither, but I may have amnesia

  • SkaMP

    I would’ve added a slight fishbowl-effect to the last part when he’s standing in the crowd getting crazy xD

  • SkaMP

    And also a dutch angle of course

  • Hackfraud Conman

    Mike kills himself and it’s still the most comprehensive coverage ever.

  • Crixxxx

    Only 23 floors in the CN Tower?

  • Stephen Grillo

    Please repost this video I want to show it to my wife!

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