Red Letter Media Studio Time Lapse August 2013

September 9, 2013468 Comments

Here is a recent 3 day long time lapse video! We had to dismantle and store two sets in order to build a new one from scratch for another project. The wide angle lens makes our studio look a lot bigger than it really is so this was quite a puzzle to make room for everything. These sets were all built for WELL under $128,000 too!

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  • Peanut Turner

    If Jim Cameron had been there barking orders you’d have got it done in half the time. Because he’d have stopped you and said ‘NO! LIKE THIS!’ and then done it all himself. And also you’d have then killed Jim Cameron.

  • Radinov

    Mike is the finest stuff holder in the business.

  • spidertour02

    It’s always interesting to see how much hard work you guys put into your projects. It’s much appreciated on the part of your fans, even if we don’t always take the time to articulate that feeling.

  • splimis

    You could just paint the whole interior green and do all your sets George Lucas style. Oh wait, you guys aren’t lazy.

  • salaamender

    Warms my soul that a bunch of hacks like you can make a living doing this kind of thing. I’m going to keep supporting you by cashing the social security checks from my deceased next door neighbor and sending you the money.


    Where are Josh and Wizard and Colin from Canada and Nadine and the Cop Hooker and the Comedienne from when Plinkett turned his house into a comedy club? Those lazy fucks.

  • Isotopos Springfield

    Amazing!! You guys are awesome, Can’t wait for this project, love from Brazil for y’all O/

  • Fred Charles

    It’s no AICN Basement, but….

  • Greg Kerekes

    Looks really good!

  • goooest

    that the new Plinkett house?

  • Sidewinder

    It boggles the mind how diligent you guys are to realizing your craft and yet when the final products are released they reek of hack fraud shit.

  • Ryan Perez

    When they said that robots demolished Plinkett’s house, they weren’t fucking kidding.

    Goddamn androids work fast these days. Shit.

  • kjellmakrell

    I miss the old Plinkett house

  • shaneckel


  • the truth

    i don’t like things that are different.

  • tomyboy742

    Its like an alien overlord beekeeper checking in on his humankeeping project. Also, you can improve the timelapse concept by skipping ahead in the video!

  • mitchellllllllllllllikeylikey

    wat is this? new planket preview for promeetheua? tell me all times

  • CantBanThis

    eat a dick. CG isn’t “lazy” or “easy”.

  • Max Wylde

    Wow; you got Rich Evans to work? I’m impressed!

  • Mendoza

    this makes you guys look super professional and organised. I thought you were just a couple of unemployed bums.

  • diehounderdoggen

    Redlettermedia Easter Egg Challenge: Find Deathlist.

  • splimis

    Did I say Cg was lazy or easy, no, I said George Lucas was lazy.

  • valdisfox

    Umm… I admit, before I saw some of the earlier behind the scenes stuff, I DID think the original Plinkett living room was just a slightly modified crappy rental house, not a set, which is very much to Mike, Jay & company’s credit as set builders and designers. Ask John Waters, making a nice blank set LOOK convincingly trashy actually takes a lot of work! Anyway, I appreciate all the hard work you guys do (Jay looks like a hummingbird in time lapse, flitting around madly–does that boy ever eat!?), in front of AND behind the cameras. I keep buying your stuff, so you better keep it up, dammit! xD

  • Na’ive

    Jay&Mike, you fucks! You got that flooring at the Milwaukee Used Junk Emporium, you cheapskates! I know it BECAUSE I SOLD IT TO YOU!

    But seriously Spacecop or new Half in the Bag set? Either way I’m stoked.

  • pruneytoes

    I would sell my soul to spend the day hanging wallpaper with Rich Evans

  • NoNameBrand

    And that’s the reason why I’m an alcoholic instead of an industrious genius like you fools. Quit making me look bad… but keep up the good work.

  • Sam

    Wow, this is really amazing actually. It made me feel a little bad about how I do nothing at all… it made me want to go out and do something. Momentarily.

  • valdisfox

    Cool new build! I’m guessing none of your friends will let you film/trash their ACTUAL apartments anymore. :o)

  • Ass Hat

    You did it for UNDER one hundred and twenty-eight THOUSAND DOLLARS?


  • HumanHunter#09

    This would blow Harry Knowles mind!

  • Philip Kidd

    Vaguely reminds me of this Sims. Good jaab, ya buncha frauds!

  • John Sampsonite

    Bullshit, I have it on good authority from a well respected and popular Hollywood darling that a set usually costs at least 300,000 to create and 100,000 to maintain for half a dozen episodes. Clearly you people are doing something wrong.

  • John Sampsonite

    After evaluating the video I’m going to estimate that your set guys gave you a sweetheart deal and you had to lie about the price. I’ll value that set at about 3.8 million, minimum.

  • Lightning Fast VCR Repair Man

    I used to do this stuff ALL the time in theatre class while I was in high school. It would take us about two weeks for something this big to get set up for our plays and such. For you guys to knock it out in 3 days, with about 40 less people, you earn my respect! Great job RLM.

  • Jumus

    This might be a stupid question to ask but how did you afford all this? It cant be just from donations and add revenue alone? Anyway great job making it this far and making something profitable out of your passion


    I once stood outside a Denny’s sharing a cigartette with Rich Evans and he charged me five dollars. But it was totally worth it.


    Isn’t there some sort of Save the Planet/Tom Sawyer angle they could play on hipsters to get their help?


    Whenever you get the urge again, just watch this five minute video.

  • decora

    for a split second i was like, “wait… is that the grabowskis set”? then i was like. no. ok.

    also the ad at the top is for Katy Perry, Part of Me, now available on Netflix. Damn, I need to get Netflix.

  • meh

    pretty sure they’re a low budget production studio, meaning they likely do video for different companies when not working on their passion projects like HitB and their films, I could be totally wrong but that’s always how it seemed to me, a skilled production crew can make mad money

  • CantBanThis

    They didn’t have your respect before?! BLASPHEMER!

  • CantBanThis

    I sent it to him. I bet he won’t respond.

  • CantBanThis

    I encourage spamming Harry Knowles’ email and twitter with this link.

  • Ahnult

    Then that’s completely acceptable. Carry on!

  • meh is a retard!

    No one is interested in your educated guess. Also note that no one asked you specifically. Now kindly kill yourself. Faggot.

  • Johann Schmidt

    You’re breaking the forth wall. My world view is shattered!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Do you have rabies?

  • CreepyThinMan



  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I thought Charlie’s Angels took care of you.

  • CreepyThinMan


  • Chris

    I was pretty interested in his educated guess.

  • CreepyThinMan


  • CreepyThinMan


  • Phillyflopper

    I call BS. I’d like to see an real time lapse video. Surely then it would cost 128Gs, right? Right?



  • Robby

    You know you guys would have more time to make Half in the Bag and Plinkett reviews if you didn’t spend so much time taking your studio apart and putting it back together.

  • CantBanThis

    Nice to see you here! FACT!

  • Finnsworth

    Be sure to stop by and visit us at – your podcast on The Knowles was discussion fodder last night.

  • Percy Gryce

    Skywalker Ranch, eat your heart out.

  • proghead777

    Flight of the Bumblebee, DISCO STYLE = Flight of the Bumblebee-gees! Hur hur hur.

    That living room set is actually nicer than the piece of shit house I’m renting right now. How much you want for it?

  • Percy Gryce

    I know I should know this, but what’s the “WELL under $128,000” a reference to?

    Have pity on me, I’m an old man and Thursday is my birthday–I’m only getting older.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Mike is really good at holding those walls up.

  • Guest

    Harry Knowles’ kickstarter, he got $128,029 from it.

  • CantBanThis

    Waitwhat. They have a podcast AND slammed Hairy Knowles? I can’t seem to find it!

  • AnIntelligentPerson

    It looks like a long and agonizing walk to get from Plinkett’s house to the VCR repair shop.

  • Cameron Vale

    Right back at ya!


    Your tireless work and exceptional content is endlessly entertaining to me.

  • Headfreek

    Is your source this handsome ginger thing?

  • Everyone

    No shit…

  • Cameron Vale

    That’s nothing, check out the comment by “meh is a retard!” down there.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Harry Knowles said it cost $300,000 to produce the show that Nerdist cancelled, so he asked for $100,000 on his Kickstarter to do his new season better than the last. Yes. Less money, but it’ll be better!

    He also refused to give a detailed accounting of where the money was going, insulted his readers who only donated $1, and then said he couldn’t give a budget because it would affect his staff.

    Now, why would his staff have something to do with that $100, 000 budget? Why would he not be able to tell us because of his staff? We’ll never know, because Harry still won’t give an accounting of the money, but speculation is that if his staff and interns that are making a stipend discover where that $100,000 is actually going, he’ll have a mutiny.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    What! You’re telling me that you can build sets for less than $100,000? That’s just crazy talk! Every professional in the industry knows that a good set (just one!) costs between $100,000 and $300,000.

  • confused&dazed

    I don’t understand why they needed a replica set for Plinkett’s house.

  • Headfreek

    The set gives off a nice serial killer’s lair vibe.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Is that Sylvester Stallone with a bald cap on?…

  • Spider Jerusalem
  • Headfreek

    yup, from one of those Spy kid’s crapfests

  • BLTB

    Nice job on the set guys. Jessi looks hot with her hair up.

  • Finnsworth

    NO I go it wrong. It was GeekBox Podcast

  • Headfreek


  • Walo Segurita

    guys, honestly…. you may have gone too far in a few places…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Ignore ‘meh is a retard!’ They’re just trying to troll and not doing a very good job of it.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Could you post a link? I’m having trouble finding exactly what you’re referring to.

  • Walo Segurita

    I guess they built it so that they rhyme…

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Maybe what he really needs is a hug!

  • Finnsworth
  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Gotta love the internets! My Google Chrome brower is the best brower.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Spider Jerusalem

    I think it was Spy Kids 5: The Search for Rodriguez’s Talent.

    Or maybe it was Spy Kids 6: The Island of Abysmal Career Turns?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • LibertyR

    haha, you had quite a run on KS :-). I was hoping to see some folks here and comment after that.

  • gega

    Gaw damn, you all are a hard working bunch. I love making-of / behind-the-scenes stuff like this.

  • CantBanThis

    Dude this is the internet. You’re never supposed to admit being wrong, HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM HAIRY KNOWLES

  • sepiajack

    Wow great work RLM team!! That’s some old fashion movie magic right there. Behind the scenes stuff is always cool

  • Boston Baked Bean

    Nice work. Will you please build me a house? I can pay you WELL under market value.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Thanks. 🙂

  • John Sampsonite

    Fuck, how did you know?!

  • p0llk4t

    “under $128,000″…that’s gotta be a dirty lie…anything less than $300k is considered an “impossibly small budget” by some people…

  • Percy Gryce


  • Percy Gryce

    The back office from BOTW is a set? This is just so shocking. I mean I must just be so monumentally naive.


    Well here we are, I have been following this site from the very start, well before the first full length TPM review. Best online content bar none. Very talented people behind this site. Mike Jay Rich Jocelyn and the other unacknowledged crew really are doing something special. Looking forward to space cop. I will be making sure that gets maximum promotion. *He longs for his long dead wife!

  • Fass5RingBinder

    Jesus Christ almighty you guys work hard. New set for WHAT??

  • Percy Gryce

    My bad: it was really the Lightning Fast set. I knew that was a set. I think.

  • Percy Gryce

    Jessi: a lot of hands on hips. Like a boss.

  • Percy Gryce

    Fake Plinkett has moved into subsidized housing?

  • Headfreek

    My good friend ‘Billy Friedkin’ may have told me. Just keep it between us.

  • Manioc

    Lightning Fast Carpentry! Jesus would be proud :’)

  • missrowsdower

    I’m so glad RedLetterMedia exists. You guys are amazing!!

  • mynamesdan

    This is an acceptable reason for the scarcity of reviews recently. Nice job,

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Is $128,000 a reference I’m not getting?

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Scroll down.

    Or click this and it will scroll you down to the explanation.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    I certainly hope they’re building this set because they plan to destroy it.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go chat free with new Chinese ladies.

  • Finnsworth

    Dude, I can admit when I’m wrong. Big fucking difference.

  • stefan

    there’s no way these guys work this fast

  • Engelhast

    I love watching Rich Evan’s sweet ass as he bends over repeatably but this would have been at least 5% better with the Benny Hill music instead of what ever that other shit is.

  • Chief Joseph

    Imagine AICN in high speed. Harry Knowles sitting there motionless except for his flabby arms flailing about pointing at people barking orders. The Teamsters doing the actual work would appear to move at regular speed.

  • Steven

    You mean the vcr repair shop isnt real?!?!??

  • Guest


  • Spider Jerusalem

    Lucas could make a fortune in salad dressing.

  • CheckYerFacts

    That’s not Jocelyn. That’s Jessi.

  • milky_cereal

    With the recent fire, Lucas could use their help.

  • milky_cereal

    Wow, you guys do great work! And I mean that. But when’s the next Plinkett review you hacks?

  • Oh…my…god. Do a Google Image Search for “Harry Knowles”.

  • William Shakesman

    Oh no! They pulled apart both Plinkett’s house and the Lightning Fast VCR repair shop! Could this be the end of Half in the Bag………..????????????????

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Ha ha, she’s telling Mike “what for” at the 0:58 second mark.

  • Montel Williams

    The new set looks much better than the old ones….Fake Plinkett must be moving up in the world! It was good to see Yoko helping out a little with the assembly although the Wizard hipster and Beaker were noticeably in absentia – probably because they are still upset after being usurped on the last BOTW by Mike and Jays new friend, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I really hope they can all manage to put their issues behind them really soon.

  • Kuj

    Video no worky for me

  • Rob Rose

    where do these guys get all their money??


    They’re a film production company. They produce films. It isn’t as though they’re rolling in it either; five or six people did in three days what would be accomplished in an afternoon or so by a stage crew on a real film.

    It’s interesting to see what productivity and hard work look like. These are alien concepts to me.

  • Engelhast

    Rich Evans is the highest paid and most in demand male escort in Wisconsin and its surrounding states.

  • MrBroody

    Guys, we really should think about donating them some bucks… I don’t want to read some day they’re canceling the show, now that they’re doing so great… That’s the revolution of Internet! Circumvading the studios and old superfluous structures… Anyways, I give them ten bucks.

  • Jack Dunn

    The entrepreneur wishes to make a life for himself in the eyes of others. The artist strives to achieve the title of having no life.

  • MrBroody

    That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • Joe Navarro

    I have examined this scene and noted Yoko’s arms folded in front of her indicating she is displeased by something Mike has said or done while Mike has his arms at his sides, palms facing towards her in a rather supplicative manner – clearly he is trying to convince her his words or actions were in everyone’s best interest and he wasn’t planning to upset her in any way.

    Joe’s Verdict – Things will probably blow over in a day or so but Mike shouldn’t be counting on Yoko participating in any Mary Jane cosplay that evening.

  • TQ

    Circumvade the studios!

  • MrBroody

    Oh, sorry, I meant “circumcise”, of course.

  • Memoman

    That set is bigger than my house! What have I done with my life!?!

    Cool to see the “old” set all fleshed out and bare bones. The new set looks class!

    Lots of hard work, and I can’t imagine all the planning and designing even before deciding on the materials, let alone building. You guys are badass.

  • cat stevens

    I can only hope this means a new season of the Grabowskis.

  • Andrew Biggs

    Just brought and watched feeding frenzy and loved the shit out of it. The passion and professionalism you guys aspire to in your product is both heartwaming and clearly… fucking dedicated. Massive fan, always will be. Never stop!

  • Cameron Vale

    That guy is ready for some pudding.

  • Benzo

    I can’t say I noticed, sorry. I was too busy ogling Rich Evans’ sweet form.

  • Jon Losinger

    Yes please.

  • Cameron Vale

    The man runs a business.

  • Alan Sugar

    A popular website can make about 30k a year from the advertising and I’d guess these guys make more. If your Youtube page gets millions of hits they pay you for that as well….I’m not sure how much. Then there’s sales of movies and merchandise……oh, and Rich Evans’ mom is Oprah Winfrey.

  • Bill Gates

    I think someone with 150k subscribers makes around $1500 a month from Youtube……Cinemasins and Screenjunkies must be loaded!

  • wikiality

    Is there a backstory to people calling her Yoko or is it just cuse she’s “the girlfriend”? And this video has been examined by childless male and female nerds but we shall give our completely ignorant and uninformed opinion that she might be pregnant cuse she sweeps and paints and move things on wheels and stuff but doesn’t lift or bend.

    I feel like if I’m wrong Jessi should be able to strangle me through the monitor. And I’d deserve it.

  • El_Runko

    Didn’t work for me either, but then I tried clicking on that arrow that points to the right and it played.

  • El_Runko

    I hope your birthday is fucking awful.

  • FrankBurly

    When is the next video of Rich Evans watching YouTube you hack fraudssss

  • bb-15

    As I recall some people started calling Jessi Yoko because they don’t like a woman being part of Red Letter Media.

    I think calling her that name is garbage but that’s what some people choose to do.

  • El_Runko

    Why am I not surprised it took 40 acting students two weeks to nail some boards together?

  • El_Runko

    On a completely unrelated note, you should get Lora or Gillian on Best of the Worst.

  • bb-15

    Thank for the video RLM. It gave me a better idea of the time, effort and money it takes to produce all of your video content.

  • FrankBurly

    Also, it seems like it would be easier and cheaper to rent a furnished apartment for a month.

  • wikiality

    Can’t we redirect their misogynistic contempt towards the Whats Your Number/Black Ninja chick? Cuse…if…anything…not saying…but not not saying…yeah


    They wouldn’t be able to sling fake blood all over it and the lighting setup would probably suffer.



  • Isaac

    lol wtf

  • Daniel

    But then you are restricted regarding the lighting. And you can’t trash it with an axe, should the script require it.

  • wikiality

    Why did I read this as “when is the next video of Rich Evans watching Youtwo fuck hardasssssss”

  • Judge Judy

    Wow, never knew Jess had been knocked up!!!! I hope it’s Mike’s! I guess if it’s born with a beard and poor eyesight there may be some cause for suspicion!!

  • anamanaman

    Well shit, I guess I’ll watch pretty much anything you guys produce. Starved for content! Give us moer

  • MrBroody

    This could be a lot more… complex…

  • Cameron Vale

    So what you’re saying is, they would have more time to make Half in the Bag and Plinkett reviews if they didn’t do anything else ever.

  • Cameron Vale

    Madness, as you know, is like gravity… all it takes is a little push, and suddenly you’re writing RLM fanfiction and showing it to people.

  • Jay Stein

    Cool!! Makes me want to apply for a job at RLM..

  • Jay Stein

    As I watched this my thoughts were like “I wonder when Mike will get Jessi pregnant”!

  • Jay Stein

    I purchased a space cop poster and I’m going to frame it. I hope they make moar posters

  • mmmm

    The new set looks like a 70’s porn set, I hope it’s for Space Cop.

  • Dumba


  • Jay Stein

    don’t call Jessi “Yoko”. I fucking hate Yoko Ono..

  • Steve Carrell

    In fact, it is a 70’s porn set.

  • Jay Stein

    You are!

  • Dumba

    Are they gonna rape the Millennium Falcon?

  • Steve Carrell

    Yes. They will.

  • MrBroody

    “Right there. I’ve done it.”

  • TheBestNamesHaveGone

    Has $128,000 now become a coded reference to shady dealings and under-the-table fraudulent practices (allegedly)? In a way this is similar to the exasperation and incredulity over the estimated budget of $79,000,000 for “Jack and Jill”. You just know something fishy has happened and somewhere somehow there’s a group of people with free yachts which were described as “miscellaneous items” in the studio accounts.

  • TheBestNamesHaveGone

    You can practically smell the stink of stale urine.

  • faku

    Yeah… if you could just stop working on projects that you love and enjoy doing and just get back to making HITB and BOTW episodes… that’d be great.

  • Rosy Abate

    On Youtube, it’s not the subscriber count, it’s the view count that… counts. Anyways, whatever they get – it’s damn well earned. Dudes work hard. Make me wanna work harder as well… though I won’t. Fuck it.

  • Man of Stool

    Harry Knowles is a disgusting, lying, greedy, lazy, piece of shit shill. RLM should have 128,000$ to make Space Cop. They deserve that much and more for their hard work.

    If you hate Harry Knowles, and even if you don’t, please visit, created by a whole bunch of people who’ve had enough of his bullshit.
    Anybody can publish articles there. ANYBODY.

    Websites like RLM, Talkbacker and everyone who hates Knowles should work together.

    Most importantly, “Rich Evans Watches…” should be a weekly series. Make it so.


    is this the new Half in the Bag set or is it Space Cop related?


    I can only assume Knowles got the lion’s share of his cash from some certain rich benefactor (Peter Jackson maybe?) and not from his website’s readers, because who the fuck still reads AICN anymore?

  • Cameron Vale

    Oh come on, why is wikiality’s ‘Yoko’ comment chain deleted, they’re just poking fun. It’s mostly affectionate, like the ‘hack frauds’ thing.

  • HollywoodIsDead

    You assume correctly. Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, and Eli Roth are among those known to have contributed large amounts to Harry Knowles’ farce of a Kickstarter. They claimed no rewards from the Kickstarter page, though I’m sure the lifetime of positive reviews they will all no doubt receive from AICN for whatever garbage movies they churn out is reward enough for them.

  • Nukie

    F**k that! Give me more Dude Bros!

  • Man of Stool

    He’s been sucking Peter Jackson’s dick, and Guillermo Del Toro’s, and Eli Roth’s (Who? Exactly.) for years. Without them he wouldn’t have reached half of his obscenely high goal. His plan was to fool as many naive, gullible people (who knew nothing about what kind of a person Knowles is) as he could, and have his “friends” pay the rest at the last minute, in exchange for glowing reviews, countless articles calling each of their new movies “the next Star Wars” , flying them over to Austin so they could promote their movies on his show, and such bullshit.

    I doubt they haven’t seen even a minute of his show, and they haven’t seen his site in years, if ever.

    Nobody goes to that site for news anymore. It’s not 1999. All the site HAD going for it since then, were the Talkbacks. Now all those people who made the Talkbacks great ( and I) decided to leave, never to return, and moved to, because we’ve all had enough.

  • John Hurt

    I think they’re trying to keep the pregnancy secret until further tests are done after 16 weeks.

  • Howard Stern

    I was rather hoping they’d do a time lapse video of the pregnancy. Not from the point of conception of course……I’ve already seen that video!

  • Rob Lowe

    20 seconds would be more like a subliminal image on time lapse!

  • Hell, boy, it’s a scam

    That set is so dense. There are so many things going on.

  • Hell, boy, it’s a scam

    It’s gonna be great.

  • slapsta

    um, pretty sure a set costs more than 128,000

    you guys don’t know what you’re talking about, so just shut your face!

    but seriously; yoda’s glad you’re okay.

  • Man

    That’s right, Jay.

  • Mexican Male Friend

    This was by far the best RLMSTL, yet.

    The ending had me cracked by Quartex.

  • tomwalkermusic

    Yay, proof the Gamestation sets still exist!

  • Another RLM Franchise

    I also would like to know, where Deadlist is.

  • Another RLM Franchise

    Yeah put that reply 2 comments below.

    I’m stupid, so sue me.

  • Movie Expert

    nah I blew it, didn’t I?

  • Rob

    Figured you guys had a set, but to be honest, I also figured it was in someone’s garage. Very impressed.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    Only the four of you did that? No need to even call in your friends Jack and Wizard? Pretty cool, pretty cool.

  • Joshua Norton

    Rich Evans does pornography.

    “Oh my god! I’m coming harder than I ever have befoooore”

  • “It’sGravyFaceNotBlackFace”

    I wanna see ‘Set Building: with Jay Bauman’.

  • adw

    Wait, you’re telling me that Plinkett’s House isn’t even a real house? What’s next, Rich Evans and Mr. Plinkett are never in the same scene because they’re the same guy?

    Hacks! Frauds!

    Good job though, looks like a lot of work to be done in three days.

  • jack

    Why did the Ba’ku build the dock under the water? Nothing makes sense

  • Now I Get It

    I don’t care how many windows and doors they build into that maze, they’re never getting out.

  • Man of Stool

    I find this easy to masturbate to.

  • Engelhast

    I can’t stop cuuuuming!!!


    If he was just wearing a toolbelt, I coulda got hours more enjoyment out of this.

  • Marvin Falz

    1) This video showed me that RLM’s successfully created the illusion of the VCR repairshop being in another building and far away from Plinkett’s house.

    2) The set they’ve built looks very nice, I’d like to live there.

  • Marvin Falz

    They’ll always be trapped in the state of Red Letter Media.

  • Guestieguest

    And people think what you do is easy?! Keep up the quality work, guys.

  • Edyed

    Do the same with Rich Evans’ meth lab. We all know he has one, probably at his grandmothers house.

  • Engelhast

    Jack and Wizard were too busy being Jack and Wizard to pitch in. Being Jack and Wizard is a full time job.

  • True. The to sets really feel like to different places. But I must say that Plinkett’s house really felt more like the RLM studio surrounded by 3 wall made out of thin wood. This is mostly caused by the unrealistic lighting. The VCR repairshop really feels like an actual repairshop located in the tiny building you see in the esablising shot.

  • Percy Gryce

    Thanks–it will be. The only thing that can ameliorate my anguish–the
    only thing that can fuck the pain away, you might say–would be if I
    could hear the click, click, click of the spinning of a certain torture
    device for the modern age, singing out from the Milwaukee and greater Waukesha area.

  • Saruma

    All depends on who you consider the “real” Plinkett!

  • Marvin Falz

    Yeah, the walls in Plinkett’s house look too thin, that became apparent to me after Mike threw the knife in the wall.

  • BabyMal

    RLM builds more real sets than whatever Jorge put together.

  • Benzo

    Mmm… I’m… er… gonna go take a shower.

  • Red Rowz

    Project? What project? What other project? What other projects are there?

    What other projects are there for you to do?

  • Alan!

    Rich Evens walking up the stepladder at 3:20 reminds me of that video of a pug jumping up some stairs.

  • Geahk Burchill

    This was fascinating. I learned a LOT about their process. I’m curious about the foamboard walls. That seems more expensive than luaun. That said, it probably has less chance of warping, you can put pins into it and it’s lighter weight. They probably save some money on framing too.

    I have worked on haunted houses and we always used 1/4 sub-floor underlayment on 1″X 4″ frames. I’m interested in trying the foam sheet.

  • AlcaldeEste

    It’s gonna be great.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Plinkett’s house gets smashed … again!

  • DarthRandal

    That pretty much sums it up from everything I’ve seen on it.

    By the way, I liked your post on that “other site” about Harry’s lack of professionalism. The more people talk about that, the more you can that’s what it all boils down to. An idiot man child that uses and discards people like they’re damaged goods. Which is not what you’d expect from someone that looks like a soft-serve ice cream cone with red hair.

  • DarthRandal

    It always amazes me at the amount of time and effort these guys put into their endeavors. It’s a rare thing to find in entertainment these days – a group of people that truly are passionate and happy about what they do and the product they present.

  • fartastic


  • fartastic

    I was wondering, too. There are psychos, I mean devoted fans all over the world who would have happily died in the process of building if it meant that the rest of us would get to see space cop just one day earlier.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    They also make no pretense that what they make and do is even good. They just make it and it’s found its audience. It’s very refreshing.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    The Plinkett house was also only ever filmed from one direction, whereas the VCR repairshop was filmed from both sides, including facing a door which looked like it actually went outside somewhere. So that really was impressive in its own small way.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    So Jay writes, edits, acts, directs, works the camera, AND builds the sets.

    The others do some of this stuff but I think his jobs are spread the furthest around. Like Mike you see credited for editing, writing and directing, and of course acting and helping with set building, but he never works the camera.

    So cool stuff, Jay.

  • Some Guy


  • William Shakesman

    Be cool about meth safety~

  • Mr.Fister


  • pete smith

    some of those ” intelligent, passionate, honest people” over there think exorcist 3 was better than first one -_- what a dipshit. probably never visit again.

  • Robotpals

    You call those sets? Try accomplishing all that when your set is 90% piles of overpriced chachkis! Should’ve kickstarted and bought a new studio!

  • Heisenberg

    And you do all the work yourself! Unlike that fat giggling tub of lard Harry Knowles!

  • Heisenberg

    Hopefully it will blow his mind Scanners-Style!

  • The Summer of George

    Seems like an awful lot of work just so Rich Evans has a place to watch the new Robocop Trailer.

  • Hell, boy, it’s a scam

    I hope you guys realise how much we appreciate all the hard work you put into your projects. Roll on Space Cop!

  • Caducaus

    I really enjoyed watching you guys work. Despite the show’s intentionally trashy aesthetic, you guys put some real stagecraft into your sets and it looks like you have it down to a science. I’m a theater tech guy myself and I’ll be borrowing some of your method. This video was educational!

  • Michigan Kyle

    You could really save yourself a lot of effort by just putting up some blue screen and shooting A camera, B camera.

  • Robotpals

    Do it all in a computer.

  • i should just quit my job and “go on welfare” as you americans say.

  • Nancy Frye

    I’m pretty tired after watching this. I’m also having a flashback to my college days (Drama major).

  • Nothx

    Why can’t I watch this on my iPad?!?!?!? Is it blocked from “mobile” devices?

  • Billy Ray Valentine

    I am a homeless bum. I feel compelled to commend you on the instructional quality of this video. Having studied it carefully and made notes I am now fully equipped to build my own home within the local slum dwelling area using materials stolen from the church playgroup.

  • Miley Cyrus

    I really wish some of the thoughtless assholes who keep referring to Mike’s lovely girlfriend, Jess, as “Yoko” would take a long look at this video. Despite being heavily pregnant, she is more than happy to help the boys out with building their new set and at NO point can be seen lying on a mattress, playing a fucking tambourine! Some RLM fans clearly need to get a grip!

  • Some Guy

    Have Rich pull out that laser sword of his, and go to town, because that’s what people have been waiting to see.

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    No need to be rude about Mike like that!

  • Now I Get It

    Plinkett’s house felt fake and the repair shop felt real, because they all have a shop but none of them have homes.

  • Hell, boy, it’s a scam

    It’s gonna be great.

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  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    They should sit in a chair far away from the actors the entire time, looking into a monitor.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    These guys truly impress me. I am very thankful for the hard work they do to give us the free content [and the not-free content], even if they are hack fucking frauds.

  • Now I Get It

    Yes, let’s circumcise those poor Jews one more time, as adults.

  • Petr

    So… Half in the Bag is dead?

  • Clinton

    You guys bust your asses for your art, that’s for damn sure. Love you guys.:)

  • Now I Get It

    Only without building this set late into the night (judging by the ambient light), because they don’t have to take classes during the day.

  • Robert

    Wow, the team at RedLetterMedia is bust their asses to put out free content. Thank you so much!

  • Mao Tse Tung

    Glad these message boards still exist…..I always like to come here whenever I’m feeling too liberal!

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  • Vaughn Fry

    I think I speak for all long-time viewers when I say it’s great seeing THE guys getting their hands dirty, and not doing the Google/YouTube thing where they secretly shoot at their Space studio in LA on sets designed to look like bedrooms. Looking at you SxEPhil.

  • SomethingHeavy

    But in all seriousness, isn’t that really what we’ve all been waiting to see?

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  • bring back Gamestation, idiots

    In our hearts.

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  • you are not paying attention

    They have also help form that skinny guy with the glasses. The one with the failed website, of which address I can’t remember. Jack… Hewlett? Or maybe Packard it is.

  • HollywoodIsDead


  • DancesWithFirefoxes

    He certainly seems hard working and efficient, what ever you’re doing you need someone like that around.

    To read far to much in to some time-lapse footage it seems Mike says we need to do this and Jay says this is the best way to do that.
    Then Rich breaks something or sweeps.

    I need to find more to do…

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    I totally didn’t get that reference and had to look it up. Now I have to paint another scar on my mask. Thanks a lot!

  • Except, of course, that it is good. 🙂

  • JabbaTheSmith

    Apologies if somebody else has said this but they’re saying it took 3 days to do this but I can clearly see it only took 5 mins, they’re lying to us!, I’ve had my fill of people who run websites lying to me this month thank you very much!. 🙂

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  • Andrtew Curry

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  • Now I Get It

    His street name is “Five Corners”. …For the obvious reason that…?

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    “Pity,” “old,” “anguish”? (Hmm. Dr. Bisone’s meds may have been placebos, after all.)

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  • Percy Gryce

    BTW, where is that maniac? If you can’t depend on some anonymous website-comment-board habitué, on whom can you depend?

  • All kidding aside, Ass kisser. Just kidding, I am all up on their dicks to.

  • Man of Stool

    Thank you for visiting Goodbye, and the best of luck to you.

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  • Cameron Vale

    This comment was also deleted.

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    Wait a minute! Dingus assured me that when I type something in parentheses, no one can hear it. How do you know I was talking about “that maniac”?

    (Hmm. This Perky Griggs-Succotash might have acquired influence in his dotage that his soul-splitting avatar only hints at.)

    Never mind, never mind. I think I hear Dr. Bisone now, over by the elevators. Wait here, while I fetch him.

    (Note to self: FUQ Dingus about its privacy agreement.)

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  • Rick McC

    Woh, now. Let’s not rush to judgment. They are likely still bums, just professional ones. Like the homeless guy who stands at the end of my nearest highway off ramp every day from 11am to 3pm.

  • Rick_Berman

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    He might create stuff super fast but he sucks at getting rid of stuff.

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    Your religious beliefs have no place on this website. Please take your religious rhetoric to some place where it is relevant.

  • Plinkets ex-ex-wife

    I never expected you 3 guys can already live from this webpage…impressive.
    best of luck with your project…but you should check out the girl (stoklasas girlfriend?) always standing around with her hands in her hips and i bet she is teaching you waht to do lol…get her to do the dishes!

  • Sonda

    Okay, all right, we get it already. You’re all competent ‘n’ shit.

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    You red legged meateaters are the hard workin’est bunch in show biz! It’s nice to see people work hard to innovate and achieve, instead of grumbling about how unfair the world is while demanding free shit.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store with the new set.

  • Mark Bisone

    Sorry lads. Some weeks ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation.

    So I hopped a northbound vessel from the isle of the Manhattoes, and thence onwards to Nantucket, where I harpooned four dragons of the sea, as well as ten Borg, my younger, also-bald clone, a Romulan from the future of space and two vastly different blokes who were both named “Khan” for some reason. I’ve since dragged their briny remains ashore and am now whittling them into delightful scrimshaw, which I sell to passersby for drinking and whoring money.

  • Mark Bisone

    One thing I noticed: from around 3:45 to 4:00, when they hang the last of the wallpaper, they leave a portion unpapered which is almost the exact size of the fridge and counter they put in front of it. I like imagine that this wasn’t a happy accident they resolved on the fly, but rather the result of extreme anal planning and measurement, with an RLM budget hawk making sure they didn’t spend one penny more on wallpaper than they actually needed.

    In fact, it’s a little odd how often the words “extreme anal” spring up in my imagination, when thinking of this merry little band. I shall seek out the local druggist for a purging.

  • Trillmatic

    this is cool, but I need that new Half In The Bag in my life

  • thumb down

  • Paul Schumann

    Chill out dude. He’s not allowed to make cheeky comments unless they don’t mention religion?

  • Paul Schumann

    Happy birthday sir!

  • Percy Gryce

    Thank you! My own cats didn’t even acknowledge my natal anniversary–no party hats, no cake, certainly no gifts. Only my true, though pseudonymous, friends here at RLM seem to care.

  • Percy Gryce

    “personally harpooned four great whales”

    Is that some kind of code for “made the acquaintance of a quartet of ladies of the evening”?

  • Paul Schumann

    While I don’t have pets, I know Andy Levy’s cats Pixel & Stormy would never behave that poorly. Alas the modern age, when sons are ungrateful to their fathers and cats slight their masters. (though from all I hear about cats, this has been going on for a long time now)
    Btw, the link is my birthday present! 🙂 An entertaining & edifying blog you may find to your liking, with a post relating to both cinema and literature.

  • Percy Gryce

    Marvin, you’d like to live there? I had no idea that things were so bad on Cardassia.

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  • Percy Gryce

    Remember, there is a background check.

  • Percy Gryce

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    Thanks again!

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    It must be the slow season for the door-to-door atheists. I just tell them that I gave at the office.

  • Percy Gryce

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  • Play Freebird

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  • Carl Weathers

    Did you buy this soundtrack at Abercrombie?

  • Percy Gryce

    And if you look at 0:42-0:47 you can see our friend Sepiajack as the concentration-camp inmate at whom young Magneto looks oh, so briefly.

    Oh, sorry, wrong video.

  • Percy Gryce

    When’s the next HITB 2013 Movie Recap?

  • Now I Get It

    Same time as the first HITB 2013 Movie Recap, I think, but they’re in parallel universes, so, the better questions are “Where?” and “Which?”

  • Real Quantum

    Your nickname is damn funny 😀

  • Now I Get It

    It’s a momentous choice, but I’ve made it myself:…SHOP = HOME.

  • Now I Get It

    God, they were good, escalating the “fuck yous,” way better than we (kids) could have known at the time.

  • Percy Gryce

    Do you mean Python or Wilde etc. or both?

  • Now I Get It
  • Now I Get It

    Python – way better than we kids could have known, because we knew nothing of Wilde or Shaw at the time, or literary rivalries, or royal patronage, although we had an inkling about status, embarrassment, and, of course, the rude hilarity of bat piss.

  • Pablumatic

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  • Larfleeze

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  • Domo_Konnichiwa

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  • Now I Get It

    Writer of code, bouncer of trolls…

  • Ass

    If anyone pokes fun at Christianity they are fundamentalist antitheists. Got it.

  • bonosk

    It’s like home-building in The Sims. But we need more work out of Rich Evans….

  • Percy Gryce

    Thank you. Honestly I wasn’t trolling for birthday wishes, but that makes them no less heartwarming.

    Or is that just my acid reflux?

  • Percy Gryce

    Sorry, I went right for the fat hooker joke.

    Welcome back, mate.

  • Percy Gryce

    Not at all. I rather liked Henry Hill’s quip. I was referring to the “Shut up about your religion” comments. They were rather lacking the light touch of fun-poking.

  • John Smith

    You forgot to put in electrical sockets.

    You also put in a lot of elaborate work on your sets for something you’re just going to eventually axe, piss, shit, and vomit on somehow.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    That’s just heartburn. Better cut back on the alcohol.

  • typical American

    Slave labour force from North Korea (off camera of course, and one disguised as Rich Evans – he does not move as fast in the real life). These Africans will work for like a half of a hot dog, but what else would you expect from latinos. I just hope they didn’t give any vodka to these latino Eastern Europeans Africans from North Korea.

  • faithful reader

    I went and did something. Took a dump, thank you RLM for an inspiration.

  • master chef

    Even a fat lazy fuck will move fast when hungry. Yoko probably said, that she is not returning to the kitchen until they’ll finish.

  • thank you for an explanation

    Well, the idiots that funded his fat ass can only blame themselves… Seriously, how stupid (or American) you have to be to believe that red haired bastard claims? People on kickstarter are so naive that I do really regret that hack frauds from RLM won’t make one based on some bullshit reason, and fund this way their vacation in Cambodia (the one in Africa).

  • ass

    The original comment was a comical diss. Playing along, I made an over the top comment about Yahweh (an Andrea Yates comparison) just likes he called Mike and the gang “lazy assholes” but somehow nobody can see the sarcasm.

    No, I don’t believe in Christianity, but I was never motivated by a sheer disdain for other people’s beliefs. It was supposed to be funny. I don’t know about Big Damn Hero, he might still be in the honeymoon phase of atheism.

  • Percy Gryce

    I understood your joke. Not my taste, but I get it. Sorry you had to explain it–nothing worse than having to explain a joke.

  • Ben Dover

    Frame 329 Ohhhh Myyyyy Godddddd?!

  • Percy Gryce

    Before HITB, I thought RLM webmaster was Jay’s main job.

  • Man of Stool

    It is? Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Some people have told me that I’m full of shit, just like my username. Me: Yeah, so what. Tell me something I don’t know.

  • Cameron Vale

    Here’s hoping that all of the warm birthday wishes we’ve implanted into your chest cavity mature quickly before bursting through your sternum.

  • Cameron Vale
  • Bend over

    That’s right Jay

  • Cameron Vale

    You shouldn’t type when you’re hungry for a big Reubenesque sandwich.

  • You ruined this too?

    Fuck you Rick Berman

  • Cameron Vale

    Stop hogging it Robotpals, give someone else a turn.

  • Cameron Vale

    That’s why waterproofing is so important.

  • Grim

    I thought it was established that Rich Evans has a house destroying tendencies…so why I don’t see him destroying the shit out that place? I see Mike pummeling the table to smithereens and then Rich Evans just sat there, peacefully puttiing stuff into boxes.

  • Real Quantum

    Hey, don’t get offended.
    It’s not like it is your real name, or someting.
    Is it?

    Cheers, mate 😀

  • Man of Stool

    I’m not offended at all. I know it’s funny. Disregard that “It is?” part. Some commenters have said that I’m full of shit, just like my username when I pissed them off. I’m immune to such insults. I knew what I was getting into when I chose it.

    It’s cool in a sick, twisted, disgusting kinda way.

    That’s why I love it.


  • Cheap Leecher

    Guess it is just another day without me getting my free content…

  • Marvin Falz

    Yeah, why not, it looks kind of cozy. I imagine myself as Rich Evans in the Rich Evans anthology. Sitting on a couch and watching TV all day and all of the night. But where are my manners? Happy Birthday to you, Percy!

  • Now I Get It

    Webmaster is not only one of those someone’s-gotta-do-it jobs, because it’s so critical, but also one that (I’m guessing) RLM either can’t afford or doesn’t want an outside person doing. So, it ends up part of someone’s CV by default.

    It’s like when we were kids playing, literally, thousands of hours of pick-up hockey and baseball. We each played every position, at which we all got pretty good, in addition to the one position that we each played best.

    And, sure enough, when I ventured onto RLM’s actual boards, I found Jay asserting a presence that was, shall I say, more commanding.

  • Now I Get It

    Oh, my God! It’s like you’ve discoverd a new constellation, which is to say it’s the kind of thing that you couldn’t see unless you were already desperately looking for it, as some kind of wishfulfilment. The only difference is that, here, the stars weren’t still but were racing across the sky, so to say.

    In any case, I see you’ve already named it after yourself. Better give me a minute, then, while I deliberate my up-vote.

  • Marvin Falz

    You know, Shop = Home describes one appealing characteristic of RLM. Shop = Home = Family.

  • Mark Bisone

    It’s the big twist ending, don’t you see? Just like an M. Night Shyaliendong moopie.

  • Mark Bisone

    Egad! A mighty sperm whale crests the roiling tumult, a’hunting the souls of wayward sailors; one grand hooded phantom, her hump like a snow hill in the air. Imagine the size of her majestic blow hole, and what sweet perfumed wind it must emit…

    I wonder if eight shillings will be enough to find out.

  • Now I Get It

    Raymond Smullyan would have your balls off…or not.

  • Now I Get It

    A guy I knew at school was fond of saying, “All primates fear snakes.” I always thought it was BS and still do, but when I hear cats go at it, I can almost believe it. No matter how cute they are, I freeze.

  • RC

    That name/comment combo.

  • Cheap Leecher

    Guess I was wrong…

  • catnep

    Because you’ve sensed their latent nuclear capabilities and now you have proof!

  • Real Quantum

    Well, screw those commenters, if people can’t be civil that’s their problem.

    But i now understand where you’re coming from.

    For what it’s worth i love that kind of humour, and when i said your nickname was funny, it was in the most sincere and harmless way possible.

    Cheers, good sir, and thanks for your reply.


  • Guy Farting

    And your mom is easy.

  • bananna hammock

    They don’t pay have to pay union and guild fees. If they do all the work themselves then they are only paying for materials.

  • drinkmoarwolvertine

    Shit when Rich was on the scene he looked like he was the one busting his ass… Stoklasa on the other hand.

  • John Tibbetts

    hmmmm…I’m trying to figure out what project this kitchen/living room set is going to be used for. It doesn’t clearly resemble anything I’ve seen previously from RLM, but I could just be forgetful…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That seriously made me burst out laughing.

    I heard that young whipper-snipper is still wheeling that barrow as we speak, even as the many decades have passed since the war.

    Pretty convenient that the location just so happens to be in Toronto and still looks kind of the same.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I bet you it’s more videos. Don’t ask me why, I just have this INTUITION.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    What’s so sick, twisted, and disgusting about a stool?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    God unclogged my toilet once.

    Religion: 1
    Atheism: -0

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That ‘fruit’ section killed me.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Dude, take a few hints from David: be a SECRET asshole.

    *RLM Prometheus reference, not biblical reference.*

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “And, sure enough, when I ventured onto RLM’s actual boards, I found Jay asserting a presence that was, shall I say, more commanding.”

    You have my attention. I like where this is heading. Do go on…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Ouu, you guys are making poetry. I love poetry.

  • p0llk4t

    Read the part that at the bottom “What Happens If We Go All Veronica Mars?”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    The hell?…

  • Percy Gryce

    Thank you, sir. May I warn you that living to a ripe, old age like mine brings difficulties undreamt of? But I have not had the courage to end it all, and so I continue to muddle through.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “…a soft-serve ice cream cone with red hair.”

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • Percy Gryce

    Alas, I’ve been denied that sweet release.

    But, apropos of your gentle metaphor, I did last night attend Rifftrax’s Starship Troopers, during which Kevin Murphy found occasion to use what I take to be his favorite word, a word that makes any right-thinking former alien abductee squirm in his seat: “ovipositor.”

  • Percy Gryce

    Grabowskis continuation, sequel, prequel, reboot, or remake?

  • Percy Gryce

    If I can put a smile on just one Taco Nash’s face, then the 10 hours per day that I spend on this comments board will have been worth it.

  • Percy Gryce

    Remember the good, ol’ days here at RLM when someone would swoop in and chastise us for making fun of Eninem Nightie Shamrockalong’s name, like it was a capital offense, like we were trying to retaliate for the Black Hole of Calcutta and perpetuate the British Raj?

    Eh, neither do I.

  • Percy Gryce

    Just one word for you: ambergris. (For the uninitiated, it’s sort of like cetacean smegma.)

  • Now I Get It

    What’s the big deal? One user’s humour went rudely astray, so, Jay rose on his hind legs and…

    Oh… Oh my…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m picturing him with a full beard… very comMANding…

  • Doobz

    Nice work guys! This is reassuring! Was getting worried!

  • Now I Get It

    It was a rolling sea that tossed us, so that I could hardly keep my balance as I stood the night watch on the brigantine’s deck. The captain said it was tradition to go barefoot, but I think he just liked checking me for splinters. I’m not sure why, what with the planks being a boned teak and all.

    Though the spume whipped my ears, I could still hear the phlegmy chorus of shipmates singing out from below, a song of legend, a ghost story telling of a handsome cabin boy from the Teutonic territories, if you know what I mean…

    BTW, does this still count as fan fiction, if I’m convinced it really happened?

  • Super Monkey Man Brothers

    No! It must be… GameStation CX.

    Rich Evans will play video games for our amusement.

  • Clawhammer

    Jeez.Jay did most of the work!!!!

  • Cameron Vale

    What was his real name again? J. Edgar Hooverman? Friday Night Spiderman? Something like that.

  • Now I Get It

    You’re likely right, although I’ve fought with myself for years over the idea of a “creative family,” as I’ve always thought of the people I make things with as friends – friends being better than family. But experience has shown me that it’s more complex than that.

    Same with the idea that your creation is your “baby.” I’ve never liked that, because of the obvious difference that I can put my book or play on a table and walk away for a week and nothing bad will happen, but if I do that to a baby, things will start to go wrong almost immediately. On the other hand, like a baby, you can’t rush a piece of writing to maturity, and it never grows quite how you orginally imagined.

    In the end, I think what makes a collaboration good is that its partners can all move with the same ease between the work of solving problems and the play of presenting the solution. By whatever name you call them, RLM’s moves between process and product seem pretty steady.

  • The Kwisatz Haderach

    That’s cos when Jay nails something, it stays nailed.

  • (Your Cunt Here)

    He’s just watching, biding his time until their back are turned and then…


    He’s the Burt Racoon of set building. I think I love him.

  • Marvin Falz

    Well, life hasn’t always been friendly to me either and I already know that age brings not only wisdom (if at all) but also broken dreams and bodies. But the sane human beings we are we carry on. But still, thanks for the warning and the heads up.

  • Marvin Falz

    I like your comparison of a creation and a baby. I want to add that when your “baby” is grown up and mature enough to figuratively stand on its own then you lose most of your influence on how it influences those who relate to it.

    To me friends are like family and even better because of the ability to choose friends.

    I don’t know if RLM’s creative processes move with ease, but I know that RLM and their partners talk with each other, share ideas and eventually come up with the best possible solution. The Half in the Bag episode of the 48 Hour Film Project gives some insight on the process and it seems that creative processes are loaded with emotions that range from joy of success to resentment when the process doesn’t move at all. But I guess that in the end RLM chooses to work again with those artists with whom the collaboration was all in all easy enough to bear and the end result was all in all satisfying.

  • Now I Get It

    Yes, to all of this.

    Then the foil to 48 Hour Film Project would be something like “How Not to Make a Movie”, which tells us about what seems to have been Mike’s Vietnam, i.e., the thing that he never got over because of how wrong it went.

  • Walo Segurita

    it’s gonna be great…

  • Marvin Falz

    Mike’s still traumatized. He uses the character of Plinkett as a means to cope with that experience in his sessions in art therapy. Joking aside, How Not to Make a Movie and the 48 Hour Film Project are perfect examples to show how one creative process nearly destroys the artists and endangers friendships and the other one just takes all of them to the limit of what seems to be everyworkday exhaustion. While RLM would probably refuse to work with Garret ever again (or someone like him), the sole reason they’ve stopped to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project is that’s too much effort for too little outcome. Half in the Bag and of course the Plinkett Reviews got and gets them much more recognition.

  • Billy Sunerson

    Thank you for giving me the reference. I was wondering.

  • Percy Gryce

    Eh Naught Shillyshally?

  • curvycom


    That is… unless it’s dark.

    Doctor says that’s bad.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    His real name is Mahjong Shamwowlawn.

  • endeyequote

    thats one of the great thing about you guys that i appreciate. you’re not just joking around, you are honest, hard working guys, who put as much blood and sweat into your projects as you do love, heart, and soul.

  • Kubrick’s Rube

    Speaking of Jay, a while ago on he tweeted that this movie was “well worth your time”, I just got around to watching it. I wholeheartedly agree. The lighting is worth your time alone.

  • The Willard

    I didn’t realize you guys were aware of the Ginger Roundman’s kickstarter! Nice one!

  • Ben Dover

    I see the obviously photoshopped screenshot I made was removed, it was intended to be in good fun, Sorry if anyone was offended.

  • Jay’s gay lover

    Fuck you, Ben! You will NEVER understand the amount of trouble you caused!

  • Now I Get It

    Mercurio Arboria – the visionary villain of the film, I assume – is played by Scott Hylands, whom I saw onstage twice in the mid- to late-90s, playing the professor in “Oleanna”. For what it’s worth, he was ahhhl-right!

  • Now I Get It

    My reply to that screenshot had a conflict in tone, as well. Funny how that goes.

  • MD

    I thin that’s called an unpaid internship

  • Kubrick’s Rube

    Mercurio Arboria is not in the film that much, his protoge is the ‘villain’. He’s played by an actor who kept reminding me of Christian Bale, but older and dare I say, better.

  • sepiajack

    Would have been even funnier if you asked for the next 2011 movie recap

  • sepiajack


  • sepiajack

    You’ve done your country, nay the world a great service.

  • Now I Get It

    Rogers facial resemblance to Bale – I’ll say during Bale’s “Machinist” period – is uncanny. As for Hylands’ Arboria, it sounds like it might be like Jack Creley’s Brian O’Blivion from “Videodrome” – you know, peripheral screen time but central to the story.

  • Percy Gryce

    Tru dat.

  • winzentween

    this was awesome, thanks guys 😀

  • ident

    So you’re saying the video store was next door to Plinkett’s the whole time?!

  • dnzo

    I’m sad that half in the bag is pretty much over, and there hasn’t been a good review lately. I haven’t been back here in ages.

  • DeColonise

    whaaaat ?

  • Now I Get It

    Likely you’ve already seen the thread in the “Shooting Zombies” video naming a load of documentaries on artistic collaborations, kicked off by that great foil for “How Not to Make a Movie”, Werner Herzog’s “My Best Friend’. But more than being a Watch List, I think that those films hint at a principle of artistic growth.

    Most artistic memoirs take us from the moment at which someone knew that he wanted to become a pianist or painter or whatever, to the moment of his first success. In other words, they will usually tell a kind of origin story.

    If you anatomise the moment of success, it seems to come when the artist stops making mistakes that he can only regret and starts making mistakes that he knows how to fix, and with that discovers that any failure can only be so big but that his success could be unlimited.

    I wonder if RLM’s moment came when they started making reviews, as opposed to narrative films, and whether the second look they took at films as reviewers has given them a greater animus to return to movie-making.

  • Marvin Falz

    No I had to skip the Shooting Zombies thread, due to a lack of time, hence my in-depth analysis as to why I find that video cool.

    I think origin, success and even failure stories are so popular because they’re reflecting high and low points of known people and these stories function as examples and some of them make it to become archetypes. Hmm, I wonder if in the end every story is archetypical material and the only difference between great and not so great stories is their range on the continents, in the cultures.

    I think it’s rather subjective to identify mistakes in art unless you subject your art to a certain standard form. Great artists are able to go beyond the form they’ve chosen, to push boundaries. But that ability doesn’t automatically make an artist successful and famous in the publics eye. Sadly. It seems that after passing a certain point of hype an “artist” gets away with the biggest mistakes, the most prominent example being George Lucas.

    I believe RLM got big with the Phantom Menace Review. The smart people they are they instantly used the attention and the massive and to this day ongoing call for reviews in general to get traffic to this site where the Star Trek Reviews were waiting. I don’t have an opinion whether reviewing movies inspired them to return to movie-making or not. I’d say the big amount of professonal and unprofessional positive feedback on YouTube and the message boards has been and is part of the motivational foundation. Fans are willing to give money for already released movies, the commentary tracks, Plinkett stuff like shot glasses etc and for a work in progress. As I recall it Space Cop became a project again after fans praised the trailer and expressed their interest in the subject.

  • Cameron Vale

    I think the door leads to a green screen, it looks a little off when people enter from there.

  • Cameron Vale

    You Obviously Love Oreos™

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