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May 5, 2014397 Comments

Hey all. We’ve set up a Patreon profile. If you’re so inclined to donate, you can find it here:

Without doing any research whatsoever, we’re going to brand it as the most modest Patreon page ever created. The highest pledge tier we have is $15! And in exchange for a small donation, we’ll be posting frequent updates on what we’re working on as well as behind the scenes photos and videos.

As stated on the Patreon page, we don’t expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to what we do than simply watching our videos. We appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, it’ll all go back into creating more stuff. And if you don’t feel like contributing, the website and our videos will continue on as normal. In fact, an AMAZING new Half in the Bag will be TRANSCENDING onto the site later this week!

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  • ac1d

    Were you guys hacked? Only hacks would ask for donations.

    • Percy Gryce

      Mendicants ask for donations.

      Artistes seek out patronage.

      • Now I Get It

        Donors are just mendicants who haven’t cashed their unemployment cheques at the bar yet. Patrons are just artists who, who, who…

  • Meester Smeeth

    Hmm, “TRANSCENDING”, eh?… Could this be a clue to something?… Perhaps… perhaps the long-awaited The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, featuring Rich Evans?!!

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      Rich Evans turned into a web-shooting computer with an infinite lust for knowledge. This computer destroys the world while also dealing with a girlfriend that looks just like Lyndsey Lohan.

  • Memoman

    How can you say no that face!?

  • Percy Gryce

    I guess I gotta put up or shut up. Hmm, which will it be?

    • Duckler

      I’m with you, either way.

      • Percy Gryce

        Well, I went ahead and did it:

        No pressure. Really, do whatever your conscience tells you to do.

        But the answer is: give.

        • sepiajack

          Yeah I’m all signed up as well.

          To anyone who is on the fence about this, consider: $15 per month is one trip to the movies. When was the last time you saw a movie in the theater even half as entertaining as the most recent Best of the Worst?

          • Memoman

            Or the last time that RLM has saved you a movie ticket’s worth for a stinker?

          • sepiajack


        • UnShame

          How come it says that RLM is 50% comedy and 50% video and film when it’s 100% fraud? That doesn’t add up!

    • Gene Parmesan

      Can’t you just do both?

      • Percy Gryce

  • Duckler

    Izzat some kind of booze..?

  • Duckler

    Didn’t I just drop another 60 bucks on the hack fraud anthology? And this time I didn’t even ask for it to be scribbled all over..

    • Percy Gryce

      Psst. The scribbling is free. Always get the scribbling.

  • BTNband

    How much will erase Things out of my head? I will give you all my money if you can make me unsee Things.

  • JohnBigbooty

    I’m going to make an effort to donate for once. The entertainment from RLM is worth more than the entire bloated budget of an Adam Sandler movie.

  • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

    Fine, i’ll give you hack frauds some money.

    But one of you guys will need to give me a blowjob.

    • Corwin

      Historically, that would be Jay Bauman’s department.

      • Averroes

        I want Rich…

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          With or without his SpaceCop helmet on?

    • Gene Parmesan

      What’s more-shitty, my comment, or your last name?

      • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

        Your mom

        • Gene Parmesan

          Perfect immature reply to an immature comment. Both of us just helped the internet run for a little longer.

          • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

            Look, you may be new here, but Red Letter Media is where many top minds collaborate, and routinely outsmart the most well funded, well equipped and diabolical Bra sellers on earth on earth. How do we do it? Top thinkers, experts on every field, unparalleled investigative skills and fearlessness. I would trust a Rich Evans laugh over pretty much any news source, especially a padded source, any day

          • Gene Parmesan

            I couldn’t agree more. Gay for Jay is gospel.

          • UnShame

            So much nonsense, I’m not even sure if “on earth on earth” is stylistically designed to be that way or not.

          • Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi

            You can diminish the effects of it though

  • Noah Roalson

    You guys are already almost at 1,000$ a month! If I had more money to spend (still in school) I would, for now I’ll just continue watching the videos, maybe even buy a shirt from your store soon.

    P.S Chewbacca will always admire you for hating the fact that he was shoehorned into the prequels, he was unaware of the filming and plans on filing a lawsuit soon.

    Keep up the great work :)

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      They did say they still wanted free weird VHS tapes, so get on that Chewwy!

      • Percy Gryce

        Exactly. You can always trade your time for money by hanging around at the Goodwill (or the bus station) and looking for weird old VHS tapes (or love). Whatever.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          If you take a trip with your wife to England, I heard you can find unwanted film reels in the castle dungeons, chained to the wall for easy access.

        • Noah Roalson

          Don’t judge me old man, what I do in/around a Goodwill is none of your business. I’ll take the action anywhere I can get it. Being a wookie it can be hard to get women! ;)

          • Now I Get It

            I’m going to tell you what Janis Joplin told Robert Crumb: “Let your hair grow long and get one of those, like, satin, billowy shirts, you know, velvet jackets and bell-bottoms and platform shoes, you’ll do alright, you’ll do okay.”

            Except for the hair. Your problem is depilatory.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    By doing the monthly pledge, does content begin showing in the beginning of June?

  • splimis

    15 dollars to go see a hollywood movie in theaters, or 15 dollars to help RLM make things I actually want to see. I choose the latter.

  • bassbait

    Is it possible for me to only donate to Mike? Specifically, I want to donate him my butthole… you can do whatever you want with it Mike.

    • Percy Gryce

      Finally, some homo love for Mike. Awwww-ful.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    Almost $1000! Go RLM go!

    • Duckler

      There’s a way to track this frauditude?

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        The number of patrons and the monthly amount given is on their main Patreon page I think.

        • Duckler

          I thought it was by RichEvansFacePunches.. Color me disappointed.

  • Duckler


  • Mark Bisone

    Can we donate canned goods instead? I have a lot of those lying around.

    Don’t ask me why.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      You can always make a car door with canned goods if RLM won’t take them.


        RLM is making a Mad Max movie! I’d buy that for a dollar. Or two.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          Due to sky-high inflation, your dollar is now worth 2 cents. Better to just whip out the credit card and hope for the best.

    • Duckler

      And floss from my Dentist. Was I supposed to use this?

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        You make dreamcatchers with floss. Obviously.

        • sciencemile

          Good, I’ve been having a lot of plaque dreams lately.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Those are the worst kind!

  • TJ

    I am so glad that you guys are doing something like this. I know my money is going to a good place in the hands of you hack frauds.

  • Duckler

    I guess Nukie tapes are not the new currency for fraudulent fat people in the Midwest.

    • Domo_Konnichiwa

      Jessi isn’t fat.

      Jay’s only skinny because of his… addiction. Does that count?

      • LelouchtheFilial

        Jay’s got his famous Milwaukee beer-belly that Gillian and omitted find so sexy.

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          Good thing it’s not a belly like those sexy starving children in Africa have.

          • Gene Parmesan

            And people still say plus size models have it too easy.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Those models even have Photoshop! The nerve!

        • Gagarin


    • Percy Gryce

      Thank Richevens for that. Otherwise I just sent them my kids’ college-funds worth of Nukie.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    Oh sweet. They’ve put new content up there already.

    • Duckler

      They put it there, and your brain probably noticed it. And if it they didn’t, your brain probably didn’t give a damn..

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        My pancreas gives a damn either way. Poor pancreas.

        • Duckler

          I’ll still trade you a liver for 7th or 8th place on the hack-fraud-commenter-graph-adoodle..

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            If you could part with an ovary rather than a liver, that’d be great.

          • Duckler

            Ooh, that’s going to be a tough get around these parts.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            I’m glad we ruled out that you’re not a hermaphrodite. That’s been bothering me for some time, and now I’m glad I know.

          • Duckler

            Knowing is half of the battle. Also, I have no idea what’s going on. Are all restaurants still Taco Bell..?

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Maybe, but they don’t rap like Krispy Kreme.

          • Noah Roalson

            He actually just had to remove his Krispy Kreme account, he shall be known as Froggy Fresh from this day until the end of time.

          • Domo_Konnichiwa

            Well he’s like that singer that’s now a symbol but everyone still calls him a Prince or something.

            Formerly known as Krispy Kreme is gonna be like that until the end of time.

          • Gene Parmesan

            Yes, and all the employees still look like Kamau Bell.

  • Arthur

    Thanks for doing this, guys. I promise I’ll pledge even more money when I’m done with grad school, or when you guys stop sucking.

    • LelouchtheFilial

      A Redlettermedia commenter finishing grad school and Redlettermedia not sucking are both equally-laughable ideas.
      You’re never getting your money, guys.

  • sepiajack

    Wow almost up to $1500 a month. I hope that makes life a little easier for you guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Percy Gryce

    Hmm, RLM’s Patreon tote board is not showing a round number. Some wisenheimer must have executed money order $6.66.

    • Noah Roalson

      Too many 6′s. Too obvious, follow good ol’ George and trim one off ;)

      • Ogrot

        That’s because George Lucas read a book and discovered that if he trimmed one less number from the line he could save hundreds of dollars reprinting it on countless t-shirts, movie posters, internet meme pictures, and belts specially designed to enable former fans to asphyxiate themselves from the eaves of their lonely basement.

  • Gene Parmesan

    I’m going to wait until the initial donations die down, so that I can round off their total to the nearest dollar amount. That way I satisfy both my conscience and my OCD, that .76 is killing me.

    • Duckler

      Well clever, enough man!

    • Thanatos2k

      If I donate, it’s definitely going to be some amount that gets it to .01

  • Noah Roalson
    • Duckler

      Be cool about un-fat safety..

      • Noah Roalson

        That reference will never get old :)

    • Gene Parmesan

      It says Rich Evans… HERE’S MY MONEY.

      • Noah Roalson

        You can make the check out to my house number for convenience. Minimum donation of 100$ accepted ;)

        • Domo_Konnichiwa

          Wookies don’t have mailboxes in their huts. Check Your Facts.

    • TJ

      For just $2.00 a month, you can sponsor your very own Rich Evans.

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        Do it for the children, his millions of unborn children waiting in the wings.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        $2 a month… only if 3000 people donate.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    Well, guys… I could have probably just stopped commenting, but I’m a drama queen who loves attention.
    Anyway, I think I should take a break from this website for a while, and I’m only posting this so that, when I come right back here tomorrow, I’ll be able to hate myself for my lack of resolve.
    I’m horribly weak-willed and I have kind of an addictive personality. I’m a fresh-faced, sexy, maladjusted eighteen year-old who has finals to think about and I’m losing my lush, shiny hair over it. Am I illicitly describing my tight young body so that the older gentlemen of RLM will make a pass at me?
    I can’t really say, but yes.
    Anyway, I need to FOCUS on my own projects. I love just dicking around with pop culture junkies, but the minutes throughout the day where I check the comments section really adds up. And, so, I must… clear my mind. And my schedule.
    The other commenters of RLM seemed to have mastered that all-important balance of chronic masturbation and typing things. That is a balance that I have yet to achieve with my fingers and toes, but I shall learn.
    So, see ya later, Imaginary Internet Friends.
    Finals can’t win. If they strike me down, I shall become more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

    • Noah Roalson

      Peace! In all seriousness, finals are pretty damn important. You can trust us from here good sir ;)

    • Gene Parmesan

      It’s always so hard to watch them leave the nest. But that makes cleaning their splattered carcass off the ground that much more satisfying. See you back tomorrow for the Half in the Bag. How do I know it’s tomorrow? I just do. So make sure to check every so often, no big deal.

  • Stranger in the Alps

    I’ll be frank, RLM. If you make a milestone goal a Plinkett review, I’ll donate.

    • Booger

      We probably won’t get one til Space Cop is out. Not a bad trade-off, though.

  • Thanatos2k

    “Instead of a pathetic Kickstarter campaign or E-begging….”

  • Rick Brrrrrr Man!

    I love you guys so much

  • Guest


  • Saruma

    This is great! I can’t stand watching ads in the videos. I put up with it for a really long time but lately have gotten fed up with them and often watch them on Blip with my ad blocker on, while feeling guilty at the same time. Now I can give you money directly and not feel bad about watching ad free.

    • WoodyBBad

      Oh shit, I’d give a buck more to not see the same shitty ads.

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        The Verizon commercial music must die a horrible death.

  • WoodyBBad

    OK, I buy a shitpile of stuff from Amazon from your link, now I’m chipping in $2 a month…Gimme Moar Plinkett!

  • Archie Bunker

    $5 a month… don’t spend it all in one place.

  • WoodyBBad

    The patronage site specifically asks for shitty VHS.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    money? pff i’ll just donate some of my belly button lint to you frauds instead.

  • Paulus Cañamonjas

    So,one simple post= 2,500 $/month?
    You should make this scam every month, so you can finish your Space Cock fraudery!

    In all seriousness, you probably deserve it. The fans of this site are so fucking militant (in a good way).
    The only thing that worries me is the “Only for patrons” content. So now there´s a clear line between those donating and those who don´t. Which is bad.

    • redletterjay

      Nothing about the website is going to change. We’re not going to start holding episodes of Half in the Bag hostage or anything.

      • Paulus Cañamonjas

        That´s right, Jay!

    • cabbo

      I’m guessing that content will be the updates mentioned in the post. If I hear people are getting short set-building and food-eating videos and I’m not, I’ll flip out.

  • Thomas Mikkelsen

    RLM are always making me laugh my ass of, while giving insights and an honest critique. The already high-quality production of your shows is ever increasing.
    You all seem like honest, humble, hard working, fun, good´ol fashion decent people and it is my pleasure and privilege to help you guys

    May green mists continue to float down all of your collective pants each night from now on and forever.

    When is the next Rich Evans sloppily shoves greasy foods in his face???

  • catnep

    Is Rich’s face on the banner supposed to increased donations or ward off pestilence?

    • Now I Get It

      It’s to attract pests and their money, honey.

      • Domo_Konnichiwa

        Especially since it’s right after Cinco de Mayo, and people are too hungover to know any better.

        • Now I Get It

          By “people” you mean “pests” and by “pests” you mean…? Never mind. They’ll get theirs in the World Cup’s A-group.

    • Boss Nass

      Pestilence and cat allergies. I think he makes a good posterboy.

  • Boss Nass

    Quit hawking your cheap wares you FRAUDS! Give you money so you can shove out more crap on the internet? This better be worth it you hacks! Wheres my free button?

  • BTNband

    I just supported you and you have my permission to spend it all on beer.

    • SirSullymore


  • ryapo

    Pretty sure we’ve been subtly hinted that this upcoming HiTB will feature reviews of “Brick Mansions” and “Heaven is for Real”.

  • JohnBigbooty

    Well, I did it. Proud to be one of your 350(so far) patrons.

  • JacobHunnter

    $5 a month is a pittance for my favourite website on all of the internet. I insist you use 50 cents to cover the budget for a new season of The Grabowskis. You can spend the rest on beer and more copies of Nukie.

  • Rob Rose


    I’m cancelling my subscription to this website. See if you survive without my viewing your videos for free.

  • cabbo
    I can’t donate money right now but I can spam the one and only Irish martial arts film ‘Fatal Deviation’.

    • Meester Smeeth

      I’ve heard about this film. Apparently, it’s both Irish and has martial arts.

      • cabbo

        It’s a vanity project by a man named Jimmy Bennet who wanted to be the next Van Damme. It’s pretty unique.

  • My ex wife

    I’m sure unmarked bills stuffed in to an empty Nukie VHS case will do just fine.

  • Fartastic

    Just let me get my ass wallet.

  • Manly Chicken

    Don’t patreonize me.

    • Simon Heijne

      I didn’t feel it was patreonizing. But my brain did.

  • Rocketboy1313

    Since I am not a content provider I am wondering how this service is different from “Subable” which I have seen used on some youtube channels.
    Why did you chose this method of additional funding?

  • Intheknow

    I cant wait for this week’s half in the bag review of A HAUNTED HOUSE 2!

  • metalraygear

    I don’t have much to give, but am familiar with Patreon. So give the little that i can I will.

  • Taft you FUCK

    How about YOU GUYS give FAT BOY TAFT your MONEY?! I’m the one who has to sit through this drivel, taking time out of my busy Presidential day to grace your site with my rotund presence. How DARE YOU.

    I donated a wooden nickel.

    • Thanatos2k

      No wheat penny?

  • Vaughn On Movies

    You’re right about not doing any research…

    The campaign I started weeks ago threatens those you give $10 or more:

  • Charles Petrosky

    I fully endorse this suggestion.

  • Jason Ross

    When is the next Plunkett Review, hackfraud-swindlers?

  • RalphCifaretto

    Let’s see, so for a $2 donation, I can cut out a cup of coffee a month, for a $5 donation, I can cut off a gallon and a half of gas a month, or for $15 a month, I can stop getting handies from the crack hos under the bridge down by the river. Hmmmm, I will seriously consider this…

    • BTNband

      We’ve all been there man, just hold on, we believe in you.

  • Jay Pops

    If you do Plinkett reviews of the Matrix sequels I will donate

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I might as well give these guys some money. I mean, I just wasted $12 and, more importantly, 2 1/2 hours of my time to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The LEAST I could do is give these guys money for content that actually entertains me.

    • Otto Torrens

      I wouldn’t’ mind some more of the 25-30 minute Plinkett reviews on some more mainstream films, or hell, a 3 part Transformers 1-3 review that’s like 2 hours long. I got a lot of material for that :o

  • Thomas Mikkelsen

    you´ve just hit 20.000Dkk (Danish kroner) a month!

    Spend it on better stuff to smash! With a GOLD hammer!!

  • faraday

    I donated. Now where’s my GAME STATION 3.0!!?


  • Booger

    $2 a month?…Great, now I feel like an asshole for not donating. As soon as I find that mythical substance called money, I will donate. You guys really deserve it.

  • Meester Smeeth


  • strawberryman

    ok, im gonna be a patron. but please no more waiting 2-3 weeks for new content (any one of half in the bag, best of the worst, quick cuts, pre-rec, etc etc). at this point, it’s almost $60,000 per year now from this.

    • eon davidson

      Yes, your $5 entitles you to demand what they produce and when.

    • Booger

      Let’s not get entitled here. It’s optional.

    • strawberryman

      I said “please”. It was a request, not a demand.

  • Cacktowl

    these guys r getting 5000+ per month?!? THATS INSAAAAAAANE

    Time to chip in!

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  • crowbot_

    Okay, I’m now a donor. More videos pls.

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