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July 5, 201275 Comments

Hey everyone! We’re very pleased to announce our involvement with Alexandre Philippe’s new film, “Doc of the Dead,” which proposes to be “the definitive and most comprehensive tribute to zombie culture and fandom ever made.” Alexandre and Exhibit A Pictures were responsible for “The People vs. George Lucas” and have kindly asked us, as well as Geekscape, to produce some material for the project. Mike and Jay will be filming a series of vignettes involving Mr. Plinkett (review Plinkett, not Half in the Bag Plinkett) fending for himself during a zombie apocalypse.

That’s a photo from a scene we already shot for the documentary’s teaser trailer, featuring our dear friend Jocelyn Ridgely as a zombie hooker. The “Doc of the Dead” teaser should be released in a few months. Check out the full press release, as well as the film’s awesome poster, below…

The creators of the groundbreaking participatory documentary THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS are already hard at work on DOC OF THE DEAD—the definitive and most comprehensive tribute to zombie culture and fandom ever made. Shot and edited in a cinematically edgy, high-octane style, DOC OF THE DEAD will host a rich pop culture dialogue with zombie experts and celebrities, seek participation from YouTubers and indie filmmakers, and even investigate the possibility and ramifications of an actual zombie outbreak with sociologists, virologists, chemists, and members of the Zombie Research Society.

The Exhibit A Pictures triumvirate—Writer/Director Alexandre O. Philippe, Producer Kerry Deignan Roy, and Producer/DP Robert Muratore—teams up again with Editor Chad Herschberger and the multi award-winning post-production facility Milkhaus (Oscar winner SAVING FACE; Sundance winner CHASING ICE) to stamp their unique brand of entertainment and pop culture commentary on one of the most viral and enduring fan phenomena in recent history. This will also mark their first full-fledged collaboration with Geekscape’s own Jonathan London and Red Letter Media’s massively popular Mr. Plinkett—both of whom will contribute recurring, fictionalized segments to the film. In other words: Expect plenty of fan service and gory surprises!

Artist Charlie Adlard (THE WALKING DEAD), who created a stunning original poster for the film, will autograph a number of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive limited edition prints at the Geekscape Booth #3919 on Friday, July 13, 2012, at 4:30 pm.

Filming is already under way, and the Exhibit A team is currently focusing on key interviews with countless personalities, critics, scholars, writers, filmmakers, comedians, and notorious zombie culture enthusiasts. Notables (to date) include Simon Pegg (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) and Matt Mogk (ZOMBIE RESEARCH SOCIETY). Zombie icon George A. Romero has agreed to participate and will be interviewed in Toronto in early August.

Principal photography for DOC OF THE DEAD will begin in the fall of 2012, with key interviews/B-roll/fictionalized segments filmed by the Exhibit A crew and additional segments concurrently produced by Geekscape and Red Letter Media. Post-production is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2013, with a completed film ready for delivery by fall 2013. Crowdsourcing will be ongoing during the production and post-production periods. DOC OF THE DEAD will premiere in 2014.

For future updates, please follow DOC OF THE DEAD at:

And lastly, here’s a photo of Alexandre and his team from their shoot with Simon Pegg:

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  • Whoot! Plinkett vs. the Zombie Apocalypse! I think I just came.

  • Man I bet she is upset to be playing yet another hooker……

  • Can Jocelyn not be a hooker next time?

  • Donny Dove

    i’ll watch this if plinketts in it .. i wont pay, buut i’ll watch it

  • Anon

    I’m ok with this

  • guest

    Of course you won’t pay for it. Why would you want to support people whose work you follow and enjoy? That’s just silly.

  • me

    wow thats great.

  • Cool Guy in the HOUSE!

  • This made me hard.

  • DrPoop

    Poop is in my pants now.

  • Guest

    By jove, that zombie sure has an ample rotting bosom.

  • hansolo

    In fact, mr plinkett is the best and is doing some great pr as a guest star

  • Bill J. Scarry Sr.

    Can Jocelyn actually play two hookers? Like twins using CGI.

  • Mike B

    What is it with Simon Pegg and RLM? You two keep popping up in mentioning one and other, but never directly together. Like Simon Pegg tweeting 70min SW review and RLM prometheus questions vid, and the RLM Paul review.

    And now this?

    It’s only a matter of time before you two realize that the universe is trying to pair you two together…

  • Congrats! I continue to plug ya’ll whenever I can. I’m sure that the work will come out great, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

    PS, why does that last photo look like it has a red-haired Simon Pegg in it?

  • I approve

  • Unacceptable. You need to be working on Plinkett reviews. NAAAAAOOOOOOO!!!!

  • ham sanwhich

    simon peggs lost weight and oh hey neat nadines in the film two 😀

  • The Mager

    So awesome! congrats guys! looking forward to seeing the final product!

  • Robby

    Jocelyn is still gorgeous. RedLetterMedia is still awesome.

  • Charlie Koers

    Congrats guys. Looking forward to this! Will you be at ComicCon this year too?

  • Slograman

    I just watched TPVGL and was impressed by the material in it. I thought Plinkett said everything that needed to be said about Star Wars, but certain details – like how Lucas actually looks forward to the day where all original copies of Star Wars are gone – made me angry all over again.

    I suppose this zombie doc will have a different feel to it, but I’m hoping it’ll be just as informative and entertaining in its own way.

  • stolliosis

    Plinkett + Zombies = Pure Awesomeness:) Congrats you guys. I sure hope Plinkett finds time to produce his upcoming review. I’m yearning for some new Plinkett!!

  • Joshua W.

    Is Jocelyn naked as a zombie hooker?… I feel like Jocelyn should be naked as the zombie hooker… Can Jocelyn be naked as the zombie hooker?… please…I really want Jocelyn to be naked as the zombie hooker……… does Plinkett have a penis?

  • Someguy

    Plinkett vs zombies i imagine it as Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead but instead of funny dark it will be in reverse,
    yelling get out of my house Kevin Bacon.

  • Bad idea

    Zombies are so played out, would rather see Space Nazis or whatever the newest thing is rather than zombies.

  • Chaud et Froid

    More like zom”Ds”, I’d say.

    Double Ds, actually.

  • Risky

    Plinkett Vs Zombie apocalypse with Jocelyn Ridgely YESSSSSSS!!! Plinkett Vs Space Nazis would be even better. The battle between evil Vs eviler. I think Jocelyn Ridgely should have her own page on here guys.

  • Leo Ladenson


  • Zombie Hooker?!?! EWWWWW… I HATE it when they just LAY THERE 🙁

  • Unpossible

    Hey Lonny can I be your girlfriend?

  • chewbacca

    will mr plinkett fight along with the zombies or fight against them? will he have his wheelchair tuned up for this? is there a cameo by jonathan
    franks as a zombie pimp? arwwwwgh

  • Jafo

    Damn, Jocelyn scrubs down nice!

  • An Adoring Fan

    Damn that girls boobs are massive. She could feed an entire nursery… nurse the nursery I suppose.

    Anyway, yeah, zombies or something, good for you or w/e…. god damn those tatas are nice.

  • Taylor J.

    Ooooooo, this’ll be great! And REVIEW Plinkett too! Sorry HITB Plinkett, you don’t quite stand up to the reviewing genius himself.

  • BabaChewy


    Make sure those scenes are dense–they’ll rhyme like poetry that way.

  • Dirk Pitt Jr

    That zombie has great tits

  • Anonymoose

    Now kiss!

  • It’s gonna be great.

  • Gorge Mucus

    It’s gonna be braaaiinnss

  • Tommy

    It’s gonna be great.

  • George Lucas

    They need to show a more bold and stylistically futuristic, with enviroments full of animated creatures, a moon base. Believe me, the public wants to see zombies against martians, in big arenas.

    The core is: they fight for have the right of a next meal.

  • RoeCocoa

    Maybe she can play a nurse or a teacher. Then she can win an Oscar!

  • Rivers

    It’s gonna be great.

  • I am not Rob Lowe


  • Steven Spielberg

    It’s gonna be great

  • Terry from Jersey


  • That comment made my day.

  • Heh, I might actually buy the DVD once it’s out. I got a space for it, right next to Feeding Frenzy.

  • It’ll be great

  • George Lucas

    That’s gonna be great.

  • Steven Spielberg

    It’s gonna be great

  • Michael Bay

    I like this zombie women! she’s hot!
    But where are the effects? some explosion help to enrich the scene! we will have shots? presence of military vehicles? I have good ideas for the use of landmines against the undead!

  • J.J. Abrams

    I’m worried about the direction of the idea, no lens effect? There is some smart children to compound a more emotional documentary? but no lens effect, in the first image of the product?! gosh!

  • Tim Burton

    I agree, where are the special effects informations? no childrens? strange. But the main thing I have not seen here! Where is the cameo by Johnny Depp?

    No Johnny Depp in the cast?

  • It’s me!

    Zombie head Pez

  • Arch Stanton

    Very cool news and if Mike plays a zombie make sure he ( quietly ) demands brains in his stilted, questioning tone while tilting his head to the side—BRAAAAAINS???

  • theamazingbastard

    Dude, make your own reviews! rlm crew need space to grow!

  • JohnWaynman

    Simon Pegg’s also tweeted about the Star Trek the Star Trek review, and is going to starr in the sequel.
    I wonder if that’s going to affect his performance in any way 😉


    I reckon if they tried writing a good script for a movie and sent it to Simon Pegg he’d probably give the guys some money towards making it if he thought it was any good.

  • RickBerman

    Also give the zombies lightsabers. We’ve never seen zombies pull out their little laser swords and go to town, so, that’s something everybody’s waiting to see.

  • Mike B

    Right. I forgot to mention that one…

    That, plus Plinkett says in the review that Simon Pegg “brings in some sci-fi geek credibility”. Which is pretty strong compliment to me.

  • Bastard Son Of Plinkett

    Yeah, hot zombies always are a dilemma. Share brains with face planted into cleavage or run and not share brains???

  • Plinkett

    Fuck you Rick Berman. You ruined this too?

  • Malevolence

    Poor Jocelyn… cmon guys, give her a part aside from a zombie, alien, or abducted hooker lol. The parts you get when you have a great body I guess…. lol

  • Like Wise

    Jocelyn Ridgely – that is all.

  • 2014? Nobody will give a crap about zombies by then….because we’ll all be one.

  • SirSlaysALot

    I came here for tits. And pizza rolls.

  • baltar
  • get a room you two

  • If you’re friends with Mike, and you’re female, at some point you’ll have to play a hooker

  • decora

    for an oscar i thought you had to be mentally challeneged or involved in the holocaust.

  • NotRickBerman

    She can be a mentally challenged hooker who is pressed to serve as a nurse in a Nazi death camp during the Holocaust.

    “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

  • I just watched it and I KNEW it was you guys as soon as I heard the voice. LOVE the work you guys did it was hilarious!!

  • Barking dog


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