Red Letter Media Behind the Scenes


  • Cattlehunter

    I actually hadn’t noticed that Fuckbot 5000 had nipples. That’s, ah, a nice touch.

  • Jegsimmons

    so type of camera do you guys use? ive been looking for one with good quality and ya’lls filsm have always been top notch.
    lol…fuck bot nipples.

  • Operation Ivy, alright!

  • oolong

    i want a fuckbot costume for halloween.

  • RussM

    Red Letter Media Behind the Scenes

    Jocelyn, you are the most beautiful woman in duty high top boots I have ever seen!!

  • Infernal Dude

    Now that the curtain has been pulled, the movie magic is gone.

  • Franklin Floratos

    Agreed. She’s some sort of catch.

  • Red Skeleton

    Wait a minute! Wait a goddamn fucking minute! You mean RLM shoots their shit on SETS?! I thought Plinkett’s house was a real house! Just look at the exposition shot!


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