Red Letter Media at the Milwaukee Film Festival October 6th

September 19, 201237 Comments

On October 6th, Jay and Mike, along with fellow Milwaukee internet video guy Jack Packard (creator of Fuck-Bot 500, Funny or Die), will be doing a panel about making things on the internet for the Milwaukee Film Festival. They’re even letting us do it in a bar! The event will take place on October 6th at the Y-Not III Tavern (1854 E. Kenilworth Pl).

For more info on the Milwaukee Film Fest, visit:

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  • flukiel

    Wheres my popcorn box

  • Brogan Cordova

    New Website design is kinda lame, imho. Whitelettermedia.

  • Yves-André Bergeron

    Who bleached the CSS?

  • Charles Petrosky

    Old webzone FTW!

  • Harry S. Plinkett

    Stop complaining about the webzone, unless you want me to send you a Pizza Roll.

    • Rick_McCallum

      Can I get a pizza roll if I complete these 3 puzzles in 6 minutes?

      • Anonymoose

        Yeah but they’re just so dense. Every single puzzle has so much going on in it.

        • o

          It’s gonna be great!

          • Greg

            It’s gonna be great!

          • Plonkette

            Its like poetry

    • Stephen Grillo

      Hey Harry will you be recording Jay and Mikes panel with one of you video cameras? I know they are frauds but a lot of out of town fans would love to see it.

  • Leo Ladenson

    So does this new webzone basically expose RedLetterMedia as being a shallow, emotionless business? I’ll let you decide. But the answer’s, yes.

    • hobo

      could be… they’re losing cred step by step

      • guest

        How are they “losing cred?” Because they took some time off from making web videos? They’re starting to get invited to legitimate film festivals and the quality of Half in the Bag has gotten better and better as the show has progressed. Jesus, the people that leave comments on this site are the fucking worst.

        • stagpool

          An even better question would be: what kind of “cred” are they losing?

          • o

            What is this cred bussiness?

      • Leo Ladenson

        I disagree. Don’t let my joking homage disorient you. I’m actually thinking of flying to Milwaukee for this stupid panel. I love these guys.

  • Leo Ladenson

    This new webzone should be very similar in style to the original because I don’t like things that are different.

  • mrsleep

    I dont give a fuck what the web thing looks like, just give me some fucking pizza rolls.
    You assholes.

  • Scratched Cornea

    I don’t understand this webzone; how do I order my hooker?

    • o

      Simply press Win + Right + Enter.

  • hobo

    welcome to your fate…

  • John Knoll

    Hey, you lazy prick … it’s called Fuck-Bot 5000 (!) … not 500. Take your brain medicine!

  • Beecher

    I liked fuck-bot 5000 more when he was an original idea on Whitest Kids u Know.

  • filmwasmurdered


  • Jimmy Costanza

    Where’s the Premium Rush review? I can’t formulate my own opinions with out your poignant discussions and topical banter.

  • Stop Being A Douche

    cool, can you goat suckers get off your asses and make another plinkett review before you go? :D

  • Steven Spielberg

    This new web zone is gonna be great.

    • qwert

      Hey Steve,what’s up with the monkey bussiness in Indiana jones 4?

      • Steven Spielberg

        I’m done with that series! No more!

        • Twortdh

          That’s great!

  • Guest

    the new webzone is worse than WikiLinks. At least remove the solostream footer. For fuck’s sake! It’s wordpress, not minecraft.

  • Bambi

    I think your old website’s with the angels now. BUT I LIKE IT GOD DAMMIT

  • matt

    Wait, is it a Fuckbot five HUNDRED or a Fuckbot five THOUSAND? You know there is a pretty big difference between a Fuckbot-500 and a Fuckbot-5000. You would think Mike and Jay would have the good sense to go back and watch the video before THEY MADE THE FUCKING POST!

  • Christian Demontis

    I don’t care about webzone! I just care about your videos, everything else is adamsandlish. Just gimme my Half in the Bags and my Plinkett Reviews and everything is fine!

  • Mongo

    Will you guys have to drug Rich Evans and transport him in the trunk of a car to get him to the panel?

  • CorneliusTakahashi

    This video sums up everything I love about RedLetterMedia.

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