Red Letter Media at NO BRAND CON April 15-17!

March 21, 2011

Midwest friends, Red Letter Media will be at the No Brand Con in Eau Claire, WI April 15-17. We’ll have a booth selling FEEDING FRENZY DVDs and RLM posters, there’ll be a Q&A panel, AND we’ll be presenting a screening of one of the most amazing bad movies ever made, SAMURAI COP! Registration ends this week, so be sure to check out their website at


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  • Gavmorphone

    WOW that’s bad acting. It hurts!

  • Where can I get the bluray of this?

  • some guy

    I thought it was a porno for a second, but porn usually has better acting.

  • ham sandwhich

    that reminded me of that scene from that movie.

    if you wanna know what it is do a search on you tube for

    “Shark Attack 3 – That Famous Line “

  • wdw

    Amazing,….I’ve seen grade school plays with better acting.

  • Al

    That reminds me – I’m running out of conditioner.

  • eyeshineentertainment

    My GOD!! Are there fight scenes in this film? I hope the fights are better than the acting…

  • Eyeshineentertainment

    Villain: “You have nothing on me.”
    Cop: “Oh, I gotta lot of shit on you…” *silence*

    LOL care to back that claim up… could’ve said: unpaid parking tickets, speeding, drug trafficking, bad english, bad suite, fucked up hair cut, looking like a prick; hell, jaywalking. SOMETHING that would’ve knocked them off guard.
    LOL that was awful

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  • Some Guy

    Hey, the link ends up going to some Russian website.

  • Duckler

    The best thing that Wisconsin ever had going for it was when Wayne’s World pretended to shoot there.

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