Quick Cuts: Escape from Tomorrow

October 15, 2013621 Comments

Jay saw Escape from Tomorrow. He has a few things to say.

It’s been a crazy few months for us, but every once in a while we actually get around to seeing a movie that doesn’t really fit in with the current shows on the site, either because it’s a small release, it’s not terrible, only one of us has seen it, etc. That’s why we decided to start Quick Cuts: simple, to-the-point thoughts on random movies one of us has seen.

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  • bluebottle


    • http://www.therobotspajamas.com/ RobotsPJs

      I’m going to make that beard an honest woman some day.

  • Stephen Higham

    More please!

  • James Gammell

    Dude. You are rocking the beard.

  • https://twitter.com/theericlarson Obscure Cactus

    great beard.

  • Barbara Bognár


  • Muzzy Muzzberg

    something about the beard. Sorry, I have an obsessive compulsive disorder, I needed the amount of comments about the beard in a row to be even.

  • Robert Fitl

    Too bad it wasn’t a better movie. Still gonna check it out just because it’s gotten all this hype and isn’t a blockbuster film whatsoever. I like the new show too.

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    I really like Jay just talking like this. Mike can keep his Plinkett reviews and Jay can do a lot of these.

  • Pizza the Hut

    Looks like a skip

  • mynamesdan

    something beard. also can we please have a quick cut on machete kills before i drive all the way to fucken Rochester to see it.

    • Paul Young

      No. Don’t do that. I don’t know where you are driving from, but driving one town over is too far for Machete Kills.

      • mynamesdan

        ok thanks man.

        • TapewormBike

          Agreed. It feels like Robert Rodriguez made Spy Kids for adults or rather teen boys Unfortunate let down, especially compared to first Machete.

  • TheHitchhikingGhost

    Both Jay and Mike are well spoken. I don’t want to lose the dual reviews, but this is a nice, straight-forward alternative. Thanks Jay.

    • Percy Gryce

      “straight-forward alternative”

      I miss Mike & Jay’s homoerotic tension.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Mike was behind the camera, staring deep into Jay’s soul…

        • Cameron Vale

          Mike was the one who oiled up Jay’s face.

  • TapewormBike

    Oh god, the shakes stopped for five minutes, thank you so much Jay.

  • Odysseus Ulysses

    I like it so far, its nice to see some quick individual thoughts on random movies no-one cares about. How the hell you guys are gonna find the time to do these on top of shooting two movies, several shows and secretly filming Rich Evans doing things is beyond me though.

  • LS

    That’s roughly how I felt afterward. Thematically, it’s grasping at some interesting ideas, but it’s always a bad sign when the most evil person a creative can come up with is a voyeur.

    Narratively, it’s pretty unsatisfying. But there are some great visuals, and a handful of strong performances.

  • Christian Heidarson

    1. Interesting review, I´ll have to check out this film just because it sounds like an admirable failure 2. Big fan of the beard 3. I like the format. Of course, I discovered RLM because of the snarky commentary and zany hijinks, but I’ve stayed a fan because of the high quality of the film criticism. So, it was refreshing to get a four minute concentrate of the good stuff, without the crowd-pleasing frills. 3 stars out of 3.

  • Claudia King

    That was neat! It’s nice to hear some quick, concise thoughts in five-minute snippets. I’d totally be on board for more of these.

  • jnorris441


  • Andersen

    Great beard. But also, nice review. I really like quick cuts. I really enjoy most of the stuff you guys do. Please continue. I must donate now. Money that is.

  • Peter Barrett

    I like this! Another!

  • Super_Guest

    Excellent! New show.

  • weblet

    The skit stuff is great, but this straight up review is appreciated too, especially if it means we’ll get more content. Keep it up

  • Nielsen700

    I liked this. You’re allowed to do more.

  • Mark Bisone

    So this is basically, “The Hills Have Giant Cartoon Empathy-Eyes”? Are there any sexy beards in it?

    • Percy Gryce

      Yes. Yes, there are.

  • Marvin Falz

    Great format. We all know how good you guys complement each other and it’s good to see that you’re able to pull off a solo show. Red Letter Media is a cornucopia of talents.

  • TapewormBike

    You guys are really busting your asses to come up with ways how to get some content up while you are incredibly busy. Is there like a Nobel Prize for that?

    • Now I Get It

      No, only a noble pride.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Damn. Nice one.

        • Now I Get It


  • http://www.google.com/ El Robbo

    This was very interesting. Thanks Jay!!

  • TJ

    I knew Jay couldn’t get through this review without saying “descent into madness.”

    • Percy Gryce

      I knew he couldn’t leave out a reference to National Lampoon’s Vacation.

  • http://www.sunnystrangers.blogspot.com/ Bryan M. White

    And yet, I totally want to see this now.

  • TapewormBike

    Oh no, what if he makes him shave his beard, the source of his power?!

    • Now I Get It

      And pay off “Space Cop” selling the whiskers on eBay? Oh, yes.

  • Anders Voll Kimestad

    From your friends on a popular imageboard:

    • Andrew Biggs

      This is just wonderful.

    • Angela Miceli

      I feel like I’ve known Jay his whole life now haha

      • TapewormBike

        Me too. It was pretty hard to install the bathroom camera.

    • Mark Bisone

      I think this fellow mispelled “Other Guyllian.”

      Apart from that, it’s perfectly suitable for masturbation.

      • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000

        great job!

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      That thumbnail… that’s how white people high five.

      • http://rocketboy1313.blogspot.com/ Rocketboy1313

        I thought that was what was happening. Then I saw the creepy shipping video.

        • Mitchell Taco Nash

          Mark Bisone is genius.

  • Aleph82

    Blue backlight on a red shirt… nice. :)

  • Constantine1985

    This is nice. I liked it. But a bit too serious, needs more schlock. I’m immature.

  • Angela Miceli

    Jay is looking so good, dat lighting.

  • marneteen

    I’m finding that I would rather watch this website than go see any movie RLM reviews.

    • Percy Gryce

      I got so much more enjoyment out of the Plinkett reviews than I did out of the Star Wars prequels that I would gladly leap on a live grenade for Mike–or at least personally push Jay onto one to save Mike.

      • Marvin Falz

        I’m glad you’ve written that, because Jay gets so much attention these days that the other Red Letter Medias might feel left out. The thing is that every one of them brings their own appreciated quality and I for one wants to see more of all formats with all of them. I think it’s time to get RLM cloned or at least mind-transfered into new and younger (female) host bodies, you know, demand is high and time is scarce.

  • Memoman

    This is good! A return to form from RedLetterMedia! The humor is the cherry on top, but the sharp criticism by knowledgeable, productive movie buffs is what keeps me coming back. Great little segment, Jay.

    You can even do all your hipster movies in this little space! I’ll watch!

    Maybe this segment, being more about movies themselves can also escape the weird Jay and Mike cult that has plagued all of your other series’ comments sections.

    • Now I Get It

      “…being more about the movies themslves can also escape the weird Jay and Mike cult…”

      I think there’s something to that. The comedy in those other reviews definitely sets a tone that regular users, including me, build to an absurd pitch in the comments. I’m sure that these straight reviews, if they continue, will do the same on the sober side. Less spice, more meat.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      “A return to form from RedLetterMedia!” This is where you lost me.

  • Simon Lundmark

    Loved loved loved this. Sometimes on Half in The Bag, I feel like the actual opinions on the movie get lost – or at least become intangible – in the shuffle. With Only God Forgives, for example, I never really ended up with any sense of what Jay thought of it.

    And yeah, like some point out this isn’t *funny*, but I always thought the x-factor of everything RLM is the legitimate insight and justified positions these guys have. Even when I completely disagree, I still think it’s interesting to get a different, sincere and well articulated take. This basically distils a video down to that aspect. I look forward to more of these.

    • Memoman

      Yes exactly! Such a rich movie as Only God Forgives, a whole episode, and only some quick jokes and a very fleeting comment about it. I was thoroughly disappointed that the episode was so “plot”-centered on Plinkett. I feel the underlaying joke of a sitcom plot has taken over a bit too much space and time from the Half In The Bag episodes.

      I basically just typed the same comment as you a few seconds earlier. I’m here for my shared love of movies and the respect I have for these guys’ criteria.

    • sepiajack

      Well said

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      To be fair, they were doing a random summer re-cap and only one of them had seen the film.

  • cabbo

    Approval ratings are pretty high, especially considering how anxious people are for more comedy reviews. This is a great addition to the web zone.

  • Roger Sterlings Lucky Strikes

    I like this new segment since they don’t tackle too many smaller movies on HiB. I’m going to check this movie out on VOD.

  • Duckler

    That’s right, Jay left.

  • TapewormBike

    I would love if Jessi, Jack and Josh showed up with these sometimes as well, just to see them more and hear their thoughts, since we only see them talking about shitty movies as opposed to Mike and Jay. Rich should have his own show where he just laughs for half an hour

    • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

      We already have that. It’s called “Rich Evans Watches”

      • TapewormBike

        Dude, that’s like four minutes of Richwsomness max. We need more.

    • sepiajack

      Yeah, I’d also love if they did a Best of the BEST and each member of the RLM talked about their favorite films of all time

      • TapewormBike

        Oh definitely, love that idea.

      • ident

        But where would they put the irony?

        • sepiajack

          hmmm… good question. Well there’s always the possibility of disagreements from the panel

  • Stantz

    I couldn’t stop looking at that part of his mustache that caught the light. What was he talking about again?

    • sepiajack

      Ha ha me too!

  • Lutz Zimmermann

    Nice job, Jay! I love what you guys are doing. Came for the Star Wars Review, stayed because of HitB :)

    • TapewormBike

      ..and Best of the Worst, and their shorts and other Plinkett reviews and commentaries and anything that Rich “God” Evans appears in and..

  • Percy Gryce

    What the hell was that, the PBS Newshour with Jay Bauman?

    • ident

      I’d watch it.

      • Percy Gryce

        Serious journalism from the upper Midwest.

  • Manioc

    Neat feature- I’d love to see more of these, even after your schedules clear up.

  • frankenbutt

    This film is a rare gem of movie weirdness. The plot is a Todd Solendz style story of the disintegration of a suburban family, seen through the eyes of a horny, depressed dad suffering a midlife crisis. The story itself is told Lynch style, in a fashion where it is difficult to determine which is reality, which is subjective reality, which is fantasy, which is dream and which is hallucination.

    Jay is right that it is a confusing mix of different genre tropes, styles, tones and moods, but that is good thing in this Alice in Wonderland style trip down the rabbit hole. It has elements of horror, drama, comedy, sci-fi and noir, but it really isn’t any of these things.

    The film itself looks gorgeous, considering the low budget and use of consumer level camera equipment, shot is black and white, which really helps transform the happiest place on earth into a grim, oppressive alien world. The limitations of the obviously low budget forced the filmmakers to be really creative. This film might not have worked so well if they had a larger budget.

    Anyway, I’m surprised Jay didn’t like this film I bet Mike would love it, as would a lot of the cinephiles that frequent this site.

    Do a Half in the Bag for this film!

    Final rating: 4 out of 5 Golden VCRs

    • Percy Gryce

      “the cinephiles that frequent this site”

      Are those the people who have to register with the state and can’t live within 300 yards of a school?

      • frankenbutt

        There is no law against illicit behavior with an under budgeted film, but there probably should be.

      • ident

        And must remain 500 feet from Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich at all times.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        These sorts of comments are the reason I enjoy scrolling down below the video so much [that and the complete lack of a life...].

        • Now I Get It

          “…complete lack of a life…”

          Then who keeps shooting you in a new pic every week, in a different location? …I think you’ve been getting outside.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            You can thank ILM for these.

          • Now I Get It

            ILM? ILM?!

            So, you are for George Lucas what Doug Jones is for Guillermo del Toro and Andy Sirkis is for Peter Jackson. You’re just this non-entity in a green suit pocked with computer censors and suspended by wires from the ceiling of a green-interiored warehouse, waiting to be fashioned into whatever virtual monster George needs next.

            And how you want me to thank him for it? Sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. Either that or chlamydia.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            You’re thinking of a different ILM.

          • Now I Get It

            I knew you were getting outside!

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Shhh! I lied about not having a life. Don’t tell my mom.

    • ident

      So you’re saying that Jay murdered Mike because Mike loved this movie, that’s why this isn’t a HITB.

  • Matias Rivero

    I really like this please keep’em coming Jay, also dat lighting.

  • TapewormBike

    I hope Jay is working on hyperlapse of his facial hair styles. There is definitely a special Academy Awar for that.

  • TapewormBike

    Look at Inland Empire, even he tries to be himself too hard.

  • Old Prospector

    I saw this movie last weekend.

    I loved it.

    What’s funny is that I was expecting exactly the kind of movie Jay describes here: an esoteric indie film of which I would at least be able to appreciate the fact that it was shot guerrilla-style at Disney World. BUT IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. This movie does have a cohesive story and interesting characters. Thematically, it explores concepts in a way we haven’t seen done before (e.g., a new spin on the insidious-corporations-controlling-the-masses trope) and beautifully underscores its message in its final scenes.

    If I have to draw comparisons to other movies, I would say this one stands alongside the likes of BRAZIL and VIDEODROME. Still, this movie is so unique that any effort to compare it seems reductive.

    ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is not just a technical achievement, it’s one of the best films of the year.

    • TapewormBike

      It is truly an honour to meet you, Randy Moore, director of the Escape from Tommorow.

    • ident

      In a couple of days, once the meth has left your system, this will embarrass you.

  • Muthsarah

    I was on the fence about seeing the movie before….and now I still am. Worth seeing…but not really good. Juvenille….but well-acted. Confused….but daring. Kinda screams rental, I guess. Doesn’t seem like the sorta thing that you need a big screen for.

    Thanks for the recommendation, sexy beard. I like the idea of more shorts. More output, more movies. A mix of scripted and vlog is prolly the best way to go. I hope you guys do more.

  • Philip Kidd

    Like that you take time to highlight non-hollywoodasshit movies. MOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR PREEAASE!

    P.S. is the VHS series secretly set in Plinkett’s house???

  • gega

    My feedback, other than Quick Cuts being a welcomed addition to RLM, is that you guys may want to invest in some translucent powder to help with shine control on your face-space.

  • Daniel Bakke

    More please. This can be an excellent new series.

    • TapewormBike

      Ag to the reed brotha

  • TapewormBike

    What’s everyones problem with the lighting? I thought that it was just Jays personality shining through.

    • ident


  • Jay Stein

    Cool!! We need these “Quick Cuts” from all of you guys..

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Then Rich Evans reacts to each and once there are enough to compile into a full movie Plinkett will review them and Half in the Bag will critique the Plinkett review and then it’ll be on the Best of the Worst and then peole will make fan videos and then Rich will react to those and it will be a vicious circle…



    • Derrick Cryderman


    • GraphicsAndBeer


  • Mark Harrison

    I knew that Jay was going to say National Lampoon, haha.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      I thought he was going to mention my family vacation home movie from ’99…

  • TapewormBike

    I wonder how much was the script thought out in advance and how many scenes were in the movie just cause they came up with some fucked up way to shoot something.

  • ident

    I prefer HITB, but I would like Quick Cuts for the movies that don’t make it in HITB.

  • Syrophenikan

    Great idea! Anything from RLM is GOLD! Keep them coming! Can’t get enough. I finally got my wife to watch a Wheel of the Worst; now she’s all about anything RLM. You can chalk that up as a total WIN!

    • TapewormBike

      Oh man, you do realize that she’s gonna think about Jays beard when you’re having sex, right?

      • Syrophenikan

        If that get’s her in the mood, fine with me.

        • TapewormBike

          I usually dim the lights and put on a loop of Mike doing Palpatine talking about pantaloons.

          • Syrophenikan

            I should TOTALLY give that a try. Maybe it will get her to that “special place”.

          • TapewormBike

            It makes ladies go “Oooooooooo!”

          • Cameron Vale


  • sepiajack

    Nice work Jay, and I like this new format/show. Will probably work really well for those movies that are notable, but are either too genuinely good to get much humor out of on Half in the Bag, but are worth discussing or recommending.

    I hadn’t heard of this movie at all, but now I’m intrigued. It certainly looks to have a great visual flare.

    • Cameron Vale

      JJ Abrams films also have a great visual flare.

      • sepiajack

        They do!

      • Mitchell Taco Nash


        • Cameron Vale

          Okay fine, I’ll explain the joke, the correct spelling is “visual FLAIR.”

          • sepiajack

            Oh gotcha

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Fuck you and your dictionary brain!

  • Geahk Burchill

    I REEEAAAALLLY like this. Do more of this, Jay. Big thumbs up from me for this new show.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      “Big thumbs up…” Where exactly are these big thumbs going?

      • Cameron Vale

        I hope you aren’t hinting anything untoward about Siskel and Ebert.

      • Geahk Burchill

        You’re brilliant. Never change.

  • sui-sui

    spooky pumpkin you got there.

  • Sho

    This was really, really good. Not as a substitute for your other formats, but as a new addition, I welcome it.

  • Clan:Rewired_CCW

    Great concept these shorts! Well done!

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    Rich Evans needs to do several, then you have my permission to continue making these.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      When Rich is Evans, you have my persmission to buy RLM merch.

  • splimis

    Good stuff, definitely not as unwieldy to produce as the other stuff you guys do, or so I’d imagine.

  • thisoneguybro

    Neat feature, and a movie I’ve been curious about. Seems like a nice platform to talk about other stuff than blockbusters, which pretty much always ends up in “well its okay for a blockbuster” or “It’s terrible, but what do you expect?” territory. Which is fun, sure, but I always like hearing you guys talk about movies you actually like, or at least feel relatively strongly about. Looking forward to seeing more! These segments being slightly longer wouldn’t upset me either.

  • AnalogyShark

    I love this new style of short. Cuts out the needless sideplots of Half in the Bag, and since it’s probably much easier to make, we could start getting more regular updates. Always excited to see more RLM reviews.

    Also, nice to just have Jay’s opinions. (Honestly, I usually agree with him a lot more than I do with Mike) (except when he goes total Sam Raimi fanboi)

    • ident

      I need the plot.

  • DickieAnderson

    I wish someone would make a quick cut to my throat to escape from this bullshit. Fucking hack frauds.

    • Cameron Vale

      Make it count!

  • Frank

    OMG Jay’s beard. I… I can’t… I just…

  • CockFightingJoe


  • m0r1arty

    Feckin care boars!!

  • MonkeyKing1969

    I like this format and i look forward to more reviews (or just commentary) in this style. I like the simplicity, and I like the direct commentary.

  • Hale

    Huh. Kept seeing posters for this around my school. Good to know what it actually was.

    Also yeah, really digging the shorter, sort of “first reaction” format. A nice way to get a little more content out and cover more ground, film-wise.

  • Robby

    Yay new RLM show. This is relevant to my interests.

  • Rick Rickerson

    Probably the lighting, but I kept wanting to brush whatever it looked like was in Jay’s moustache.

  • milky_cereal

    I too like this new format for a show. Simple, yes. But also so dense.

  • Thanatos2k

    You’ll have to see Elysium eventually!

  • Thanatos2k

    Ahhh, so this is what happens when Jay has complete creative control over the production.

  • Rolls Canhardly

    Was thinking of forking over 7 bucks for the iTunes release, but think I’ll wait for Netflix now. Thanks.

  • elrodeo

    Jay’s face is so shiny. I want to lick it.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Don’t kid yourself, you’d lick it regardless of shine.

  • Patrick Wells

    EXACTLY how I felt. Dead on (saw this months ago, btw)

  • DoobzMcgee

    Wow.. I didn’t even know this movie existed until now.. and despite Jay’s thumbs down it still looks like something I might want to waste a couple hours of my life on

  • Shane Winter

    I’m going to love these Quick Cuts. Now I’ll have even more opinions to pass off as my own.

    • Geahk Burchill

      Stop laying bare the reason we are all secretly here.

  • Cameron Vale

    He made Eraserhead and then whatever. Maybe Twin Peaks, except not really.

    • TapewormBike

      I like most of his stuff, I think the real problem is that he was called a genius for not making sense all the goddamn time and thinks that that’s where the essence of his style is. He managed to fuck me up from young age. When I watched Wild at Heart I was about 12 and about the same age with Mullholand Drive. Anybody wants to guess which scene made me walk to my room to play videogames instead?:)

  • Cameron Vale

    I don’t think Disney owns those anymore.

  • Graham Finch

    There’s something sticking to your mustache.

    • Nancy Frye

      It’s just the side light.

      • TapewormBike


  • Not Claude Akins

    Anyone seen Prisoners? It was interesting, and good, and flawed, and the kind of movie I’d like to hear smart people talk about.

  • Gateott

    I actually just saw this at a local film club! I agree with most of what Jay said, although I do want to give the movie some points for the really interesting stuff it was doing early on about families sort of competing within themselves for affection. I kind of liked where it was going with the mom rebuffing the dad’s advances, his son kind of displaying this weird oedipal rivalry with him, his fears about maybe his inability to provide for them driving them away further… Once it got to the part where he got kidnapped at Epcot everything sort of got crazy and I felt like I couldn’t follow what it was doing anymore. I hope it gets some kind of home media distribution so I can give it another watch one day and see if I can figure it out.

  • Nancy Frye

    This new show is a great idea! Well done. I certainly don’t need the wacky hilarity of “Half in the Bag” all the time, and this means we’ll get even more insightful critiques of a wider selection of movies. This one looks really beautifully shot, so it’s a shame that it’s such a mess. I don’t have a lot of patience for self-conscious, self-important DEEPLY MEANINGFUL films, so it’s sad that they kind of wasted at least one good performance and some gutsy guerrilla film tactics. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • TapewormBike

    I have a feeling that Banksy managed to subvert the phony Disney image while having a larger point way better in one afternoon.

    • TapewormBike

      Judging movies without seeing them – why haven’t you guys told me it feels so nice!

      • ident

        Some things must be experienced for one’s self.

        • Joe Syxpac

          I haven’t had to watch a movie since I found Red Letter Media.

          It’s nice to have strong opinions about things I haven’t experienced.

    • Not Claude Akins

      Because Disney runs Guantanamo. Eat a bag, Banksy, ya sodding poofter.

      • TapewormBike

        I mean, they don’t make you see demons in black and white either. I was just sorta pointing out that while the guerilla stye shoot is admirable, in the end, they could’ve told the same story in any theme park – maybe some would even let them shoot there with the management knowing about it. Like this, the EfT is trying to “subvert” the image of Disney, while blatantly using their property as the main way of advertising the movie. Whereas the simple stunt by the sodding poofter (I bet he is bloody as well) affected people in real time and I always took it as a way of tying up two images of modern americana.

  • bb-15

    More reviews from you guys is a good thing. Keep this new show.

  • Annabelle

    HitB was a cheap, easy way to provide content during the long waits between Plinkett reviews. Quick Cuts is a cheaper, easier way to provide content during the not-terribly-long-and-in-fact-entirely-reasonable-considering-the-quality waits between HitB episodes. Looking forward to One Word Reviews that will be uploaded every day so that the voracious hordes may be sated instead of baying for your blood because they have to wait too long between Quick Cuts episodes. It’s gonna be great.

    • TapewormBike

      You know, I’ve just about had it with all of the “Fuck all of this other bullshit, give us Plinett reviews!” stuff. These guys are very funny, very insightful and very creative in all of their projects, most of which they provide completely for free. To outright shit on them like this (cheap easy way…so, you know exactly how much they rent a studio for, get their equpipment and also how much time does it consumes to prepare a review, get the set ready, shoot it, edit it…..) is so extremely rude, I can’t even find enough expletives to curse you out with.

      • Annabelle

        My dear boy, you appear to have completely misconstrued my comment!

        • TapewormBike

          I might have, try to stop my anger lady

        • TapewormBike

          Btw, I am not trying to start flame war here, but your comment truly struck me as rude towards RLM.

        • TapewormBike

          OK, fuck me, I have now read it again, what this guy needs is some sleep.

          • Annabelle

            No need to apologise, my use of irony may have been tortuously abstruse in this particular instance.

          • TapewormBike

            My use of brain was for sure. That’s were RLM fanboysim takes you I guess:)

          • Cameron Vale

            The worst kinds of fans are the ones who think anyone who doesn’t support their narrow view of “always defend the creators” or “never defend the creators” is a supporter of the opposite extreme; each of these factions is very seductive, very aggressive, and pushes its fandom in a very creepy direction.

          • http://rocketboy1313.blogspot.com/ Rocketboy1313

            Is the Dark Side Stronger?
            No, no. No. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

          • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

            The Internet seems to exacerbate this, since fandom as a group seems to gravitate to each other and encourage each other and compete about who loves/hates something more than the rest.

          • Now I Get It

            It’s okay. There’s a meeting for this. I’ll sponsor you. Everything’s gonna be ahhhlright.

          • TapewormBike
          • Now I Get It
          • Percy Gryce

            Never fails. WOTW is the best medicine.

          • ident

            Abstruse is abstruse.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I know you apologized, but I’m an InterSpace Cop and I need to uphold the law so I singed in just to downvote you, which is your fine for today.
        The fine was you wrote not one reply [that was longer than the original comment] but TWO replies, yet you still somehow misread the original post. Somewhere during those replies you should have stopped to re-read them.

        Someone’s got a case of Fork in the Brain. Your prescription: brain medicine. Take daily with bleach [Jay says it's a good idea].

        • TapewormBike

          Point taken, bleach ready. I’ll just fuck my cat for the last time and then drink it.

      • Koldtoft

        If you don’t feed the troll. The troll will die.

        • TapewormBike

          (Licks his lips)

    • TapewormBike

      Oh and to pressume that they do HitB, BotW and now Quick Cuts just to satiate some internet peoples lust for content is beyond dumb. They do what they do because they enjoy doing and not to appease net gods.

      • Geahk Burchill

        I agree. One of the things I most appreciate about Mike and Jay is the apparent fact that they DO NOT CARE what we, the fans, think. They make what they make because they enjoy it. Not because we ask for it.

        • TapewormBike

          I am glad that you agree with me and that was my point. But, I was making it to a person that totally gets that, so I am the “beyond dumb” in there:)

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Mad Max 3: Beyond Dumbderdome.

          • TapewormBike

            Live Free or Dumb Hard

          • Mitchell Taco Nash


    • TapewormBike

      Ok, to reply to you with my non retarded hat on for a change. If things go at the current tempo with the high demand and no time for the guys, I won’t be surprised if they start to post just some of these (I used Comic Sans becuase I scrolled down and saw something that said comics):

      • TapewormBike

        and this

        • TapewormBike

          and some of that

          • Guest

            Don’t forget this.

          • Sir Breckenridge

            Holy shit, BRAVO whoever you are. This may have been posted before, but it’s my first time seeing it.

          • TapewormBike

            That is truly awesome. I am now VERY aroused.

    • Anders Voll Kimestad

      It’s gonna be great.

      • Anders Voll Kimestad

        Just like poetry, it rhymes.

    • ident

      It’s gonna be great.

  • catnep

    Good work, Jay. We know you’ve got a lot of ‘ideas’ in that noggin. It’s not just a beard hanger.

    • Now I Get It

      What, now I’ve got two things to envy him for? Good work, Kat.

  • Now I Get It

    Yes, that’s something to wonder over. My guess is that if this were a guerilla documentary with an inciting theme, as opposed to a narrative film with a confused throughline, it would be the filmmakers’ blood on the poster and not Mickey’s.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This, along with Mark’s comment, made me laugh so hard my face turned red and I cried.

    • Mark Bisone

      You mean you can still feel things? Like, actual hu-man emotions?

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Either that or they’re being replicated by my android brain without me knowing I’m an android.

        Also, I keep thinking “I want to fuck more.” No idea what it MEANS….

    • Sir Breckenridge

      I couldn’t agree more. RLM has one of the best comment-section communities.

  • Koldtoft

    Yes, more of that!

  • ricarleite

    I am still being lead to believe only about 20% of the movie was actually shot at the parks.

  • Geahk Burchill

    How about Mr. Plinkett meets Fake Plinkett. THAT would be a shitstorm.

    • TapewormBike

      Maybe Mikes Plinkett is just what Rich hears in his head

  • Mariani

    Just simple, serious little reviews? Fantastic. I can see the place for such things.

  • Yukonses

    “Quick Cuts” is a good idea. Let’s get more.

  • Yukonses

    I’m just happy to get something. Those dudes are busy, and not with making Halfin daBags. A short segment like this is cheap and quick to produce. And they can probably cover more movies than their production schedule allows.

  • Cameron Vale

    This video makes an interesting response to the comments that are like “listen assholes it isn’t hard, just watch the movie and tell us what you thought.”

  • TapewormBike

    You’re an egg! Hihi

  • Alex

    once you hatched everything’s gonna be fiiiine

  • Daniel Bakke

    Because Jay is sexy now?

    • TapewormBike

      I think Mike The Egg was talking about the movie. Jay was always sexy, he just stopped caring about sexually confusing half of his fans.

      • Daniel Bakke

        Are you saying beard or no beard is a signal of sexual orientation? And if so, which is what?

        • Joe Syxpac

          Didn’t your parents ever tell you about the birds and the bees?

          This shoulda been covered in the body hair segment.

        • TapewormBike

          Oh no, what I meant is that the configuration of Jays facial hair simply determines the percentage of homosexual tendencies of the heterosexual male fans.

  • TapewormBike

    We know that Jay does read the comment section – can you imagine what he’s thinking about when considering shaving now?

    • Mister_Misinformed

      He’s thinking “I wonder what TapewormBike thinks about my beard. Maybe I should hire him as a joke writer for Half in the Bag so we can become best friends.”

      • TapewormBike

        Well, we are all thinking that. I meant besides.

  • TapewormBike

    I see, so because Jay is a filmmaker as well, he can’t have an opinion on other films, god forbid if it is movie with a small budget.

  • TapewormBike

    I have done my share of ranting today, so I’ll try to restrain myself: Randy Moore decided that he wants to tell a particular story and also that he wants to run around Disney while shooting it. Ok, no problem with that, but what mattters to people that are gonna see it is if the story and the way it’s told is interesting and worth telling. If everyone is supposed to be impressed by Moores ninja skills, he should’ve made a documentary about it. Mike, Jay and others at RLM like to shoot schlocky fun rides (besides Recovered, which I’ve yet see) and they are great at delivering a product that reflects what they set out to do.

  • redletterjay

    At what point in this video did I proclaim that I can make a better film than Randy Moore?
    If someone thinks Space Cop is shit, they’re more than welcome to say
    so. I fail to see how being made independently means a film should be
    immune to criticism.

    • Franklin Floratos

      So sorry to interrupt, but might you know if/when a new episode of BotW will be released?

      By the way, I respect you and the rest of the RLM crew immensely. Thank you all – and the great Mr Harry A. S. Plinkett – for opening my eyes to the bullshit that was the Star Wars prequels.

      • Franklin Floratos

        So… I’ve just been ignored. Great.

        • TapewormBike

          Dude, can you imagine if Jay would reply to all of the “When’s the next HitB, BotW, Plinkett…” ? It would assure his descent into madness.

          • Franklin Floratos

            Possibly, and don’t think that I’m trying to drive him insane. I just want to know, this being a great new addition to RLM, when the next episode of my favourite production of theirs is due for release. No malice, no induction of insanity, nothing.

          • TapewormBike

            Oh I got it, don’t worry, we all wanna know when is the next content coming up. I was just pointing out that he really cannot answer you, because then the amount of those questions would go up geometrically and everyone would expect an answer. Not that you are malicious:). He also just might not know.

          • Franklin Floratos

            Cheers. And just curious, did you mean ‘geometrically’, or ‘exponentially’?

          • TapewormBike

            Oh fuck:) Well, English is not my first language but math is for sure the last.

          • TapewormBike

            Oh but it actually WOULD grow geometrically, damn you brain.

    • Mark Bisone

      Jay, I’m pretty sure you can go to one of these two places to dent this jive turkey’s ass.

      (But try to spare Jack D. Long: he sounds like a potential casting op for Backdoor Mayor.)

    • frankenbutt

      Agreed. Everyone is free to criticize everything. If the new standard is not being able to criticize something unless you can do better, then say goodbye to all professional criticism.

      However, I do think it is OK to cut a little slack for smaller budget films. EfTwork was creative, inventive, subversive and weird in ways that mainstream films don’t seem to be able to deliver anymore. Sure you, can nit pick many elements of the production, and the confusing nature of the plot may not be to your liking (though it wasn’t really that confusing to me: midlife crisis guy has a complete mental breakdown at Disneyland), but why not give some credit to the little guy for breaking some new ground in such a stylish and gutsy way?

      I’d love to see you review this film in more detail on the next Half in the Bag.r. Anyway, you and Mike and the rest of the gang do great work here. Keep up the good work.

    • TapewormBike


    • Pa Kent Says Maybe

      No, Jay. It’s not just that it was made independently. It was made UNDER PRESSURE.

      Shiffling around, with my brains on the floor.
      These are the days it never rains, but it pours.
      Geeme-oh, bee-bee-oh-oh. Okay!

  • Rolls Canhardly

    Being able to make a great work of art yourself is not a prerequisite for criticising someone else’s, just as you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to know when something tastes like shit!

    • TapewormBike

      Oh lol, you have said this 9 hours before me.

  • Dino Fight

    This is the best Quick Cuts you guys have ever made.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Thanks Captain Obv-

      No, wait, that’s actually witty.

  • Percy Gryce

    RLM’s marketing has clearly failed as this guy can’t even get the title right.

    It’s SPACE COP–from the future of space.

    (Or was he doing, like, a thing . . .?)

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    What the fuck is ‘Super Cop’ you fucking fuck?

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Super Cop. He’s from the present… of Eaaarrrrrth.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Whenever I see a wall of text this long from some random internet user, I immediately think the person writing it is full of shit and it’s a waste of my time to bother reading it, especially in the RLM comments section.

    • Mark Bisone

      Except if it’s me, right???!!!


      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        Mark, you’re full of the BEST kind of shit, though. The BETS waste of my time to read them.

        Wait, ‘BETS’? My fingers are dyslexia agian. HLEP ME!

        PS – Is that an android or a hobo with a shotgun?

        • Mark Bisone

          Better. It’s a robot who cooks a mean baked bean!

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Baked bean? Looks like a job for Rick Deckard, the SOUPer Cop!

  • Mark Bisone

    This “Super Cop” word-game you’re playing exposes you as a crank with a giant lobster up his ass. It wasn’t clever the first, second or third time.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Escape From Tomorrow pulled off something these guys couldn’t do in a million years…”

    Yeah, no shit! In a million years, the RLM crew will be fucking DEAD and Disney World will be long forgotten [hopefully].

  • redletterjay

    You can complain about a lot in our movies. I can probably complain about them even more. But one thing you can’t rationally do is criticize us for not making “daring” or “important” films when we’ve never presented ourselves as having any interest or intention to do so.

    • Percy Gryce

      Hey, Jay, how about some love for your groupies and acolytes?

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        I bet you Jay secretly likes the posts on here but when he’s not signed in so it shows up as a ‘Guest Vote’! Hehe. My tender, naive groupie heart is bursting with RLM butterflies and rainbows and endless RLM quotes!

        • Percy Gryce

          (Psst. I had the same thought. Don’t tell anyone, but Taco’s and my brains are synching. That’s a pretty scary thing.)

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            It may take a while to sync. I mean, my brain’s the size of the Titanic and that took HOURS to sink!

          • Percy Gryce

            Oh, so you want to compare brain sizes, eh?

            Well, whip yours out.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Mine’s at the bottom of the North Atlantic.

          • Percy Gryce

            Mine frightens small children.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Are… are we still talking about brains here?

          • Joe Syxpac

            I have no clue what you guys are talking about anymore, I’m completely lost…

            …in a forest somewhere…

            …with my smart phone…

            Seriously, guys. Someone come and rescue my ass before the battery dies.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            You’ll have to be more specific than “in a forest somewhere”.

          • Joe Syxpac

            Well, jeeze! If I knew where I was I wouldn’t be lost!

            I’m standing right underneath a tree right now, does that help?

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Yeah, it actually does. You should be safe and sound soon.

          • Real Quantum


    • TapewormBike

      Actually, “daring” is not that bad of a word:)

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This is the first time I’ve seen Jay reply to the same person twice in these comments. I commend you for somehow writing comments so idiotic that even Jay couldn’t ignore them.

  • Hale

    Yeah, because with a name like “Space Cop”, it just SCREAMS serious, thought-provoking indie movie.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I would agree with that if Jay wasn’t refuting the claims you were making. He was basically implying that you’re a moron.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “But I did mean SUPER Cop. Not Space Cop. I mean SPACE Cop. Not Super.”

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: looks like someone forgot to take their brain medicine today.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Oops, my bad. I stumbled in here thinking this was a public forum. Perhaps this is early onset dementia kicking in.

  • Daggoth

    Thought Provoking. Intelligent. Direct. Informative. Love it. SPAWN MORE!

  • Mark Bisone

    No one gives a fuck what you “believe”. You blasted Bauman for giving a lukewarm review of an indie he’s actually seen. Then you critique an indie movie that hasn’t even been released yet, slur it with an puerile name, then label him a hypocrite.

    We all made a mistake by responding, I think. This is a broadside of cotton balls. It’s about time for you to take a look in the mirror, and punch it until you bleed.

    • Edward Stoller

      If no one gave a fuck, no one would have responded. Why are RLM acolytes like yourself always pent up with so much violence and vitriol? I think you clearly give far too much of a fuck about what I believe and it makes you very, and troublesomely, angry. Get it out online I guess. Better than you being like this in real life.

      Either way, you may need to work on these issues, Mark. Good luck.

      p.s. watch Escape From Tomorrow. You might relate to the main character somewhat.

      • Mark Bisone

        Oh, are we at the ol’ M.C. Escher spiral of “not-giving-a-fuck” already?

        Maybe it’s time for your early retirement, man. -1000 for 11 at-bats is a nearly a record around these parts. We understand your pain, but we can’t cure it. At best, we can only inflict more.


      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        You really like this ‘acolytes’ word. It’s like you’ve just learned it and are practicing your usage of it or something. Take your sorry ass and your big fancy dictionary words and please vacate the webzone premises or else Super Cop is going to hunt you down and force you to watch his movie that you’ve somehow already watched yet hasn’t been made yet.

        • Mark Bisone

          Let’s not jump to conclusions. He also uses the phrase, “violence and vitriol”, as though he is attempting some kind of alliteration.

          We could be dealing with The Ultimate Poet, here.

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Nah, George Lucas is the ultimate poet. Like, he can RHYME!

          • Mark Bisone


          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            George looks pretty good here. Perhaps this version of him will make better movies.

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      This is probably the best reply to him I’ve seen.

      It’s so good I wish I could eat it a digest it.

  • Mark Bisone

    Oh ho! The lickspittle wit on display is SUPER.

    I mean SPACE.

    I mean you have made ten comments with your account, and they are all highly critical of indie filmmakers.

    I mean, “Where is your film?”

    I mean, “Suck every dick in China.”

  • Percy Gryce

    There’s an old saying in show biz: “Dying is easy; comedy–now that’s hard.”

    I come here because these guys make me laugh. The Plinkett reviews were a revelation. But RLM can make the smallest thing into a moment of comedy bliss. For example, I still love the Fuck-Bot press conference and I think the Space Cop Teaser Poster Trailer was sublime.

    They inspire me. So if I can share the love by way of a goofy comment or even just a reference that reminds us of the good times they’ve given us, well, that’s why I post here. It’s all about the love, man.

    In other words, go shit in someone else’s yard.

  • Joe Syxpac

    I donno. Fart and see how many people laugh.

    Then we can kill them and redefine “wit”.

  • ident

    You could have replied this exact thing to any comment ever, replacing “wit” with whatever observation was made in that comment.

  • sciencemile

    Oh good, another new thing :)

    Speaking of new things that might not continue, was Gamestation 2.0 just a joke, or was there gonna be more episodes and then it fell apart? :/ cuz I kinda liked it.

    • TapewormBike

      I haven’t played a game since I was a 15 and I still loved it. Rich is magical.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        How long ago as that?

        • TapewormBike

          Closing on tenth anniversary my nongameingtude

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            That makes you… let’s see… carry the 1, subtract the 4, divide by pi…

            You’re 25 years older than you were when you were born?

          • TapewormBike

            Dammit Mitchell, Im a commenter not a mathematician!

    • ident

      I, too, miss the rich, dulcet monotone of Rich Evans in Gamestation 2.0.

      • sepiajack

        I cannot upvote this Glengarry Glen Ross suggestion enough,

        How about a complete reinactment of GGR by RLM, something tells me Mike has a great Jack Lemmon in him

  • TapewormBike

    (Sniffs) Did…did you objectively fart in here?

  • ident

    This is nonsense. So because they haven’t reached their own pinnacle of movie success yet, they can’t give their opinion on movies? They still have taste. They still know good from bad.

  • TapewormBike

    Dude, you are making the same mistake as I did. You can have my pills if you wanna.

  • ident

    Because they are aware of the interest and they wanted to show off what they were working on.

  • TapewormBike

    Ok, I am going to reply to you safe from all my RLM fanboyism related vitriol. FUC…oops, sorry, forgot to change gears there. Look, I am willing to resepct anybodys opinion as long as I am on my antifork brain pills and the opinion is not offensive (racist, sexist, jayist..oh, wait). What angered me about your comments are the pressumptions that you seem to have about nature of what these guys do and what criticism is, so let me point out what I see as wrong with your arguments and you are then free to opine some more and catch additional downvotes.

    A) You seem to think that by pointing out flaws in a piece of art, while being artist himself, Jay is boasting his own skills above Moores. By that logic, if I am chef and go to a restaurant where they serve me a fried piece of shit (But, the restaurant tried so hard! With so little money!) I am being hypocrite when I point out that feces are not an ideal main course. Do you think that you are the best automatically at everything you do? Because we are allowed to have opinions and not to think that at the same time.

    B) You assume that everybody in the filmmaking business is after being “respected” and putting out “big ideas”. Simply not true, but you can make movies that deserve to be called good even without that, for example for showing your skills and love for the craft and the medium. RLM guys are safe there and you can have and express your opinions about that too. ..See how I did not ask you what films you have made and what gives you right to badmouth others work? (And if you really have seen Feeding Frenzy, exactly what in that movie made you think they are aftere premiering in Cannes and stuff? Ebert it, ask yourselve if the movies you are seeing achieve what they set out to do. RLMs stuff does as far as I know, Moores maybe as well, that I cannot judge.

    C) We all like to put our imaginary thoughts and intentions in filmmakers minds based on their output. It might not be right, but it is a trope of criticism and RLM do that brilliantly with George Lucas and others. The difference of course is, that George never bothered to refute any claims the guys might have put up, whereas Jay took time out of his schedule to flat out tell you where you are wrong and you still managed to get it wrong afterwards.

    D)You keep insisting that Jay is being is almost stabbing Moore in the back, because they are both in the indie filmmaking, so they should be brothers and support each other. If you think that having little money makes people automatcally deserving of respect or that the world of indie filmmaking is any less competitive and harsh than the world of big money, I think you might be a bit naive.

    E) Your name is Edward – More like Edwart, tee hee heee

    • TapewormBike

      My fingers…I can’t feel them…

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Edwart! Bulla! Twilit! Vamper! Wherewolf! Loav Triungle!

  • TapewormBike

    Appreciation of fans?

  • TapewormBike

    Btw, you think that Moore is admirable for shooting a feature film at Disney? These guys live in Milwaukee….Milwaukeee

  • Ianuarius

    Great! I liked this format a lot! :)

  • Bob Dole

    I like the juxtaposition of the high production quality and Jay looking like a hobo who just walked in from off the street

    • Percy Gryce

      Although he does look kind of hot now with the beard.

      • TapewormBike

        I just assumed that Bob Dole has hots for dirty hobos when I read his comment.

  • babyjew

    Saw this movie a few days ago and I thought it was quite enjoyable despite the problems Jay pointed out. If you take it as a twisted story about a guy who envisions a life to the one he has, it’s just good little tale interestingly based on the back drop of Disney World.

  • Rogoza

    Seriously? If you gave Mike and Jay an average Hollywood budget and qualified crew, I bet they would create something that would blow your socks off. I’m not saying either of them would become next David Fincher or anything, but still I’m pretty sure they would make a quality film.

  • The Summer of George

    Jay, this was great. Really great. Do more of this. Lots more.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It is subjective to a degree and I was stating that I personally thought his comment was witty.

    Then someone farts.

  • IdyllicChaos

    Really like Quick Cuts. Small peeve about HITB is when only one person watched the movie. I like HITB for the two of you sharing your views on the same movies. This is a great way to deal with this situation. As always, very informative. Great job!

  • putacorkinit

    Nice mini-review. Hope there will be more of these.

  • byron orpheus phd

    Thanks for the tidbit. I’ll echo IdyllicChaos and say that I really enjoy the back and forth between Jay and Mike, so I hope you guys decide to do more HITB soon as well!

  • Real Quantum

    Just because people defend RLM, that doesn’t mean they’re groupies. That’s an attempt to minimize their intelligence.

    RLM are good filmmakers.
    Like them or not, at least, you cannot deny that.

    Their “criticisms” (eg: half in the bag) are also films, in their own right. They have a plot, a script, are well executed, made with love and, at least for me, they make me laugh my ass off.

    Every. Single. One.

    However, it is the basis of your conclusion that I think you got wrong:

    You seem to point to a direction in which Jay is not being honest with his “fellow” filmmakers.
    Plus, you say that he should not attack other indies, etc.

    My opinion is that Jay is free (like everyone else) to say what he considers to be the truth.

    Thus he is not obliged to be condescendent.
    And THAT is one of the true meanings of being independent.

  • TapewormBike

    Or maybe the directors erotic fanfiction pages accidentally slipped into the script?

  • Alexander Hjelm

    Honestly, the “fellow indies” is just bullshit and unnecessary labeling. You’re essentially accepting the idea that movies can deflect criticism based on budget, which would mean an indie movie can never be bad and a big budget movie can never be good. That is a ridiculous notion to have.

    But the greatest logical flaw is that you compare Space Cop (a movie that hasn’t been released yet) with Escape from Tomorrow, which are two entirely different films on a conceptual level (I assume at least). After all, just because the concept is arguably more “intellectual” doesn’t make the execution inexcusable, which is essentially what the criticism is raised against, the execution and the confusion of what it is.

    Now mind you, I haven’t seen either movies, but calling them hypocrites is probably the dumbest thing ever. You’re calling them out based that they are also “indies” and that “Space Cop” will never be as daring as important as this movie, even though conceptually it’s incomparable to this movie.

    • TapewormBike

      Citizen Kane – The Godfather – Space Cop. Natural progression.

  • cabbo

    Keenness and quickness of perception or discernment.

    So a keenly discerning fart?

  • Pebkio Nomare

    It was hard not to notice that they were following the rules of the third. But it was weird because Jay was the only thing to focus on, so either put something on the other side, like a small box of the clips you were planning to show…

    …or, easier, have Jay rotated and look to a point just to the right of the camera (so that he’s facing to the viewer’s left) documentary style. That way you set up a line-of-sight intersection between him and the camera and you avoid that “disjunction” feel.

    • TapewormBike

      Oh, you’re right, now I can put in words the only thing that slightly bothered me:). This video was borderline experimental.

      • ident

        Yes, very avant-garde in the vein of the French New Wave or Italian neorealism with it’s heavy contrasts and settled camerawork. Notice the timing of the cuts between the piece and Jay and how they subtly evoke the pain of despair and ennui Jay felt in the theater.

  • Drain

    I liked this video. I hope they do more like it. You don’t always need long videos or sketches to just talk about something. As for the movie itself; I’m kind of surprised Disney isn’t moving to sue or shut it down for copyright. Regardless of how it’d look; it’ll set a bad example if they don’t. It’ll just encourage more of this in the future.

    • ident

      Disney is relying upon the freezing effect of uncertainty. What happens if Disney sues and loses? That would strengthen Fair Use and open the floodgates to all kinds of works similar to this. The director, Randy Moore, consulted with Tim Wu, a well-known expert on copyright and professor at Columbia Law, and was told by Tim that it was the clearest case of Fair Use he had ever seen. Disney could still challenge, but it would be a disaster for them and Hollywood if they lose.

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        This makes me REALLY want Disney to try to sue them JUST for the chance at seeing them lose and having copyright rethought. HOW EXCITING! :D

        • Drain

          There’s no way they could lose if they wanted to challenge it. They could very easily get this shutdown and the creator’s would have to destroy all copies along with ceasing to sell it or else face extreme legal consequences. But for some reason, they’re just letting it slide…

          • Mitchell Taco Nash

            Way to ‘drain’ all the fun out of everything.

      • Drain

        There’s no way they could lose. When you use someone else’s copyrighted material or even franchise name in your own movie; you can’t do it without permission. This is copyright infringement. If I made a movie and had a Star Wars poster in it without asking Disney’s permission(They now own that); I could be sued just for doing that, because I don’t own Star Wars and am using that franchise for my own benefit without benefiting or asking the creators/owners. At the very least, they could easily force me to edit that out or reshoot with it removed. In a case like this, the whole movie would have to be destroyed since it all takes place in Disneyland. But they probably don’t want the bad publicity of shutting it down or taking this crap film crew to court. There’s no chance of them losing this. In fact Disney could hit them even harder for having filmed on their own property without permits or permissions. But ignoring it is apparently the easiest solution, as the movie will likely crap out on its own and it’s a safe bet no one will dare try to do it again if Disney simply warns of action next time.

  • StickFigs

    You guys should cover some of the Summer movies you missed this year in this new format of yours.

  • Fass5RingBinder

    You know, you guys don’t have enough kinds of review shows. You really don’t.

    • ident

      If you remove all the sarcasm from that statement, I agree with you completely.

      • Fass5RingBinder

        Without sarcasm, I have no reason to live. But I get what you mean. Still would prefer more content to more formats.

        • ident

          You’re assuming that there is some kind of equilibrium between content and format. I don’t see that. If anything, I would argue that, in this case, an additional format led to more content since we may not have gotten this particular content from one of the existing formats.

          • Fass5RingBinder

            I agree completely with your anal-sys, however my primary complaint is the perhaps erranaleous (you notice, I’m doing a thing there? Feh) assumption that additional review platforms dilute the potency of the original HITB and BOTW presentations, perhaps reducing their appearances in the rotation and reducing the program to ever shorter and subsequently less credible — oh christ my brain hurts, uncle.

          • TapewormBike

            Well, my take on it is that, if they could do a whole HitB or anything else, they would, but there just is no time. So lets all hold hands and enjoy this you fucks or something

          • Fass5RingBinder


          • ident

            I agree that that would be a concern if you prefer one show over another.

  • ident

    Transformers 4: Fall of the Planet of the Battlefield Earth.

  • ident

    I think it’s just a jab at the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Jay Stein

    You mean “Jay, today you are THE man.”

    • Mitchell Taco Nash

      Haha. That’s actually how I read their comment. Thanks, brain!

  • Saruma

    Check out Gerry starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.

  • ident

    On the first of Octember.

    • TapewormBike

      You liar, it’s already Cocktober and it’s not out!

      • Mitchell Taco Nash

        It got pushed back to “Fuck you, it’s January!”

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    We should only respect directors’ feats when they succeed in pulling off a good movie.

    We should never have to kiss directors’ feet, for any reason, including that silly one you just gave about being “under pressure.”

  • Duckler

    I ordered a coffee at Chunky’s Chicken, and they put the half-and-half in the bag.

  • Sulfur12

    Whats wrong with moustache? On the left? Its brighter than the rest. It looks like Jay was givin head to Mike and he didn’t clean himself good afterwards.

    • TapewormBike

      How the fuck do you dare suggesting that Jay fails to clean his mouth after giving a blowjob?!

      • cobrazombie

        You ever bop the baloney?

        • TapewormBike

          Thanks for making the czech guy google another way to say jerk off. And if you mean do I spank the monkey to Jay, I totally do of course (or as we call it “making the Prequels”)

  • Now I Get It

    Pssst. Everyone who rereads your comment thinks that, after your original post, you just added a big bunch of fs after the last f and before the -t, but I know that you very carefully inserted one smaller bunch of fs in between each pair of the old fs, and then one more bunch before the -t.

    • Private_Eyescream

      By Scott DeWitt

      Musically Disinclined Part 1
      posted 04-15-2013 at 12:00 am

      • Now I Get It

        Exactly. Just as four panels became eight and eight panels became three pages, so, too, did “pffft,” or whatever it was, become the much more satisfying “pfffffffffffffffffffffffffft.”

        Which must lead us to the only available principle: no post in the history of posts has ever been too long – for the guy who wrote it. In which case, cut it the f down.

  • TapewormBike

    No kidding – after waiting for another video from the guys I would not care if it was done via paper mache medium.

  • Johnny Two Melons

    Fuck you, Ed Stoller. You owe me 5 bucks! And your sister never called me back! You suck!

  • cobrazombie

    Mainstream movies are more fun to rip apart.

  • ident


    • Patrick Loy

      it never seems to work when I try and watch on it

      • ident

        Others have had success emptying their cache and cookies.

        • Patrick Loy

          I will give that a try, thanks for the info ;)

  • TapewormBike

    Was that a happy queef?

  • Private_Eyescream

    I Need A Beardo
    by Scott (Scott H Mitchell)
    on April 19, 2013 at 12:01 am


  • Private_Eyescream
  • Pingback: My Five Cents: Escape from Tomorrow | havepunchlineneedjoke

  • Daniel Nguyen-Phuoc

    Really, Mike and Rich probably make the better shipping pair, considering that Rich has been dressing up and embarrassing himself for Mike’s amusement for something like 15 years…

  • Now I Get It

    There is something elusive, maybe even vexing, in the relationship between RLM’s reviews and films, but that thing isn’t hypocrisy.

    For a reviewer, hypocrisy would be if Jay has a standard of what makes a movie good, Moore’s movie is good, but Jay reviewed it as if it is bad; or if Jay believed that no movie can ever be good, Moore’s movie is bad, but Jay reviewed it as if it could have been good. In both cases, Jay would be contradicting his own beliefs about movies.

    The same holds true for the filmmaker who knows how to make a good movie but knowingly makes a bad one, or who knowingly makes a bad movie but sells it to the public as good.

    Here, Jay is both reviewer and filmmaker, who watched a movie that turned out to be bad when he hoped it would be good, a little like when RLM set out to make “Feeding Frenzy” as a bad movie, until they discovered that what they really wanted was to make a good movie. In each case, Jay saw or made a movie that wasn’t as good as he wanted it to be.

    Seeing this difference compelled him to go over each movie to discover or devise what it should have been, like one of those tests in school, on which it is just as important to show one’s work as it is to answer the questions correctly. In this review, Jay shows his work by thinking about Moore’s movie out loud, just as he and Mike thought out loud when they more or less reviewed their own movie in their “Feeding Frenzy” commentary.

    RLM are film students, as you say, but ones who, far from contradicting their own standards, are still working to define them. And in an industry replete with poor precedents, it’s as if they must define them from scratch. That’s an elusive thing, so elusive that the work involved – to remain productive filmmakers, while searching for answers in their reviews – can make growth look like hypocrisy, when it is, rather, no more than a simple and inevitable paradox.

  • TapewormBike

    Ok, this is super awesome

  • Kyle

    Pretty funny that the ad before this was for Disneyworld.

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