Quick Cuts: American Hustle

January 12, 2014814 Comments

Jay finally gets around to seeing David O. Russell’s sprawling crime film American Hustle.

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  • Danderfander

    well said.

  • Sean Downs

    whens the next best of the worst?

  • http://flesheatingbug.deviantart.com/ Som

    I dunno, I liked it, but to each his own I guess…. I was also drunk while watching it :P

  • http://www.twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

    Yes! He pretty much perfectly articulates my thoughts on the film.
    I think this quote from the director sums up all the issues with it.

  • Matthew White

    Such a boring film.

  • Joseph Thomas Hunter

    This review is almost identical to my thoughts on Wolf of Wall Street. Seriously, just change the names in the review, and almost everything is a perfect fit, IMO.

  • Justin Wood

    I enjoyed it alot but felt the same way, a very wild mess.

  • Greasy McNasty

    100% Agree with you Jay. You said it better than I could. I felt the same way through the movie. I was looking forward to it but was suddenly let down by the actor’s and their oddities.

    I also agree Jennifer Lawrence was cast wrong. She’s great and all but totally miscast.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    I liked this movie if only because I enjoy seeing the different ways Christian Bale can abuse his body to prepare for a role.

  • TapewormBike

    I had high hopes for this movie. Well, for the shoot anyway – David. O Russel and Christian Bale together promised the yelling match of the century. What a huge letdown. And an ok flick I guess.

  • Gene Parmesan

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I have to say that I’m sold on Quick Cuts, this is by far the best one to date. Really great pace to the whole thing, and it felt like Jay wanted to get this off his chest; also, Kingpin references top all.

  • Percy Gryce

    “If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re trying to control a group of people or get them to do something and everybody is just, like, shouting stories at each other and not really paying attention to you and you’re like, ‘Guys, come on, let’s get going.'”

    Was that a quote from the commentary track for Space Cop?

  • Gene Parmesan

    Sounds like this guy desperately wants to be the next Cassavetes.

  • Ryan

    I definitely see where Jay is coming from, and particularly agree that Jennifer Lawrence seems miscast here, but ultimately I think it comes down to whether the actor performances and movie tone worked for you or not. For me, it did. Cooper and Lawrence were okay, but I loved the performances by Bale, Adams, and even Jeremy Renner. I never lived the ’70s (born in early ’90s), but the tone is charmingly quirky as what someone my age would assume a sensationalized ’70s would look like.

    Similar to a movie like Pulp Fiction or, perhaps more appropriately, Ocean’s Eleven, I gain entertainment from seeing how the performances play off of each other, using the plot as a sort of mechanism to keep things moving. The first two scenes, with Bale performing his elaborate comb-over while ’70s folk played in the background and then with Cooper playing screwing it up, set the tone of the movie for me to not expect a dramatic period piece like Argo but more a comedic period piece.

    Mentally, I compare it to Wolf of Wall Street, since these two are my favorite movies of the year. I think Wolf was a lot better, but I processed both movies similarly.

  • TapewormBike

    You have seen behind the scenes of Gorilla right? I think those are Jay’s thoughts on any given RLM shoot:)

  • JSantucho

    Even though I think that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence did a pretty good job, I agree 100% with your view about why the movie didn’t work. You nailed it.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Just in time for my fap session.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I guess god answered my prayers when I asked these hack frauds when the next Quick Cuts was going to be.

    Of course, by god, I mean Richevans.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Is the commentary also from the future… of faaaaaaaace?

    Oops, wrong refer3nce.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    also david o. rusell is overrated.silver linings playbook is a mediocre film that got showered with praise and awards too.I really don’t get it.Is it because he threw in mental illness in a rom com?

  • corman

    Jay is becoming my favorite online movie critic. Excellent review!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “What the fuck are you doing?!”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “He just wants to let these actors go wild.”

    Will it be similar to Girls Gone Wild? If so, I’M TOTALLY THERE!!!!!! I might have a mild interest.

  • Gene Parmesan

    He has a way of summing things up very well. As Mike tells him at towards the end of their 40 minute Man of Steel review, “very very concise and good description, everyone could’ve just watched that.”

  • adamfox

    I’m hetero but Jay looking FINE in this vid! It’s that facial hair for sure.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    These are enjoyable. I’m really liking the look of them, too: how Jay is framed is good, the lighting being just ever so slightly brighter on one side is appreciated, there isn’t any glare on his face [I’m assuming you used a filter over the lights, or whatever that opaque white sheet is called], the back lighting is nice, the background is out of focus enough, and I really like that the sound is clear and crisp.

    Shows you know your craft as these few rather minor, subtle things can really enhance the look, feel, and quality of a video, making a more amateur set up feel professional.

    You might not have noticed it, but your brain did.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I have yet to see those, but I know happily own 3 of their DVDs [I would have posted a picture on here during Christmas, but my sister is taking forever putting the RAW files onto her computer, processing them, and giving me the one picture I wanted to use…].

  • Chris

    I was very entertained by the performances and I laughed quite a bit. In that regard, it’s worth viewing. But I agree, as a movie it felt very uneven. People were fawning over the Jennifer Lawrence “Live and Let Die” scene, but what did that scene really serve other than “LOOK HOW CRAZY SHE IS!” It kind of took me out of the movie.

  • Percy Gryce

    Taco, the only thing I’m looking forward to more than the next Plinkett review is your home movies from the holidays.

  • Paul Linsley

    The thing about film critics is that most of them are crazy and they love themselves so when you give them a camera and some backlighting you end up with a film review that just shits all over everything rather than have an insightful discussion about filmmaking. That’s what kept pulling me out of this review…

  • Chris

    So basically, unless he was going to say only positive things, you weren’t on board.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    What kept pulling me out of this review were the voices in my head that kept trying to convince me that I need to dig out my intestines and re-eat my food.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I need to remember to go re-watch that part. I feel I missed it.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    We don’t have video cameras in Canadia yet.

  • eateateat

    Jay Bauman: The Incredible Instant Adoring Boyfriend

  • Phil

    … but his hair… and that beard…

  • Paul Linsley

    No, I love a lot of Mike and Jay’s reviews when they’ve taken some time to digest the film and articulate what works for them and what doesn’t. That’s why I’m here. But dismissing actors (in general) like that and guessing that Russel didn’t care about narrative because he was willing to explore something with the actors is really missing the point. Especially for someone that makes his own movies as Jay and Mike do. I would expect him to have more of an insightful view of the process than he expressed in this review. Frankly i think he does… He probably just had a bad experience and misrepresented his opinion. At least I hope that’s the case. There are critics that just shit and there are critics that trash. I’m all for trashing, but this was just shitting.

  • Connor Dino


    I am looking at you Paul Linsley and I am sure the many MANY others who will watch this on rlm.com or youtube.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    pre-order your vhs now to receive a complementary box of

    chunky’s chicken!

  • Paul Linsley

    Here’s looking at you, Connor.

  • Dr. Zanzibar Allen Dunks

    I guess we should ignore the fact that Jay gave reasons why he thought what he did.

    “Backing up opinions? Doesn’t matter when those opinions are WRONG.” – Paul Linsley, Twat

  • tjp77


    No but seriously, get your head out of your ass. American Hustle was a great movie.

  • Paul Linsley

    How’d you know my third name?

  • The Ghost

    But the title of the video was “Quick Cuts.” It’s intended to be a short, concise summation of his thoughts on the movie. I don’t think he dismissed the actors at all. He made note of the fact that Adams and Bale had good performances. But he thought that the performances drove the movie as opposed to the movie driving the movie. And even so, he didn’t “shit” on the movie. He said it was average. That’s hardly trashing it.

  • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000

    this movie was the real con artist here..

  • http://www.twitter.com/kzap333 Andrew Coleman

    Really? I’m used to those voices by now, after a while they just become white noise and they stop pulling you out of things.
    It’s the other voices you have you worry about, those can’t be ignored.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Oh, I see, you’re doing a call-back to Jay’s 2:45.
    It’s like poetry, it rhymes…

  • Paul Linsley

    Exactly it rhymes, ever stanza rhymes with the last one… Hopefully it’ll work…

  • KarlBunker

    Ryan, you silly; don’t you know that when you disagree with a review you’re not supposed to give reasons, or talk rationally about how your viewing experience was different from the reviewer’s?

    You’re supposed to YELL AND SCREAM and say WRONG WRONG WRONG THIS WAS THE BESTEST MOVIE EVAR!!! And then you’re supposed to get whiny and sniffly when people dump on you for making a stupid and content-free comment.

  • Harry Palm

    So he has his head up his ass because he disagrees with you? I didn’t know you were so special.

  • Paul Linsley

    Good point. If the concept for the review is an off-the-cuff response that’s cool. They’re just usually more prepared than that. But calling most actors crazy and characterizing them as narcissistic and running amuck is some serious shit-talk. Again, I don’t think he actually means it. If he does I don’t know why he would invest so much time analyzing them.

  • Harry Palm

    What pulled you out of the review is your own ignorance and stupidity. He explained his thoughts and opinions rather well. You, on the other hand, did nothing of the sort.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    I agree with everything said, including the fact that this movie is too uneven to be such a critical darling.
    And Jay’s right– it’s not a bad movie. I liked the wry humor it had. Maybe that’s why they had Louis CK in it? As kind of a wink to the audience that there would be some low-key humor and not much of a plot?
    And I sort of went in to this movie from a place of ignorance– I didn’t know that it was improvised. I should have picked up on that, but I’m an idiot. A lot of the time when the characters were yelling at each other, it reminded me a little of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    “I don’t know why he would invest so much time analyzing them.”
    Because he’s a film critic? Because he’s directed actors himself?

  • Paul Linsley

    Nothing of the sort?! I say good fellow, were I not mistaken I’d suspect there’s some kind of agitation beneath your tone!!! I’d challenge you to fisticuffs, but I’d nary hit a lady!

  • tjp77

    Yes. Exactly.

  • Paul Linsley

    Exactly, my point. Thanks :)

  • Paul Linsley

    I’d follow you into hell, Admiral.

  • RPK

    Jay and Mike are fast becoming the Siskel and Ebert of this generation. Keep up the great work!

  • Paul Linsley

    Why are you shitting on “most actors,” Jay?

  • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

    RedLetterMedia: Watching Movies So You Don’t Have To.

  • Ryan

    Oh, right. Must be because I’m new. I think I can adjust it, then.


  • sepiajack

    Because he’s right. I’ve worked with a lot of actors and his take on them is pretty accurate.

  • sepiajack

    Great segment Jay, I love the quick cuts format and was hoping we’d see more of them!

  • sepiajack

    Completely agree

  • Cirric Fylenco

    I trust Jay and Mikes opinion far more than I ever trusted Siskel or Ebert’s personally.

  • Robear

    The “Live and Let Die” scene made me lose all respect for this movie.

  • sepiajack

    Three Kings is amazing though, and I really liked I Heart Huckabees as well.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    So how long will it take for Quick Cuts to get their own section?

  • Paul Linsley

    Hates actors, spends his life reviewing them….

  • LelouchtheFilial

    Quit being a moron. He doesn’t hate actors, he notes their vanity.
    And he doesn’t just review actors. He reviews movies and actors fall under that umbrella.

  • Alex Lee

    I think the only reason why it has so many award nominations is because organizations like the Academy Awards count Hollywood votes. So, it’s just actors voting for their friends or as a way to network with them. This is really obvious every time you hear an actor talk about another actor’s performance. Regardless of what it is, they will always say some variation of “the performance was strong/brilliant/masterful etc.” If the scene was bad, they’ll say something like, “the performance was decent given the material that was given.” At no point will they ever say “that actor sucked.”

    By the way, I had to look it up to check if the Academy Awards works the way I described. I actually can’t tell the difference between an Oscar, an Emmy, or a Grammy because all those ceremonies are the same kind of circle-jerk. Granted, those flashes dresses make for good wanking material-like a tissue-but it’s really not interesting on a real level.

  • Jack Saint

    As somebody that ended up really liking this movie (minus the bloated exposition in the first half), this is still a great review that I can definitely appreciate. Jay came off as just being genuine while still having clear arguments, unlike the myriad of “RAH I’MA RANT ANGRILY INTO A CAMERA FOR TEN MINUTES BECAUSE THAT’S MY INTERNET PERSONA” online reviewers. Thumbs up!!

  • Uncle Sporkums

    Same here.

  • Uncle Sporkums

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Paul Linsley

    Oh… thanks, that cleared up everything.

  • omitted

    Shut up and take me… I mean my money!

  • Erik Edmund

    These are great. More of this, please.

  • omitted

    Boom Chicka Wah Wah!!

  • Simon Lundmark

    I hugely appreciate these. Carefully articulated and on point. It’s sorta rare all-round to hear someone just get his opinion on a movie out, without trying to wrap it in a stand-up routine or HYPERCHARGE IT WITH HYPERBOLE. I still hold out hope that I’ll like this movie, but I’m perfectly comfortable agreeing or disagreeing with this. Kudos, and do keep it up.

  • babyjew

    I was thinking I might be cynical in thinking American Hustle was made just for Oscar votes, but knowing that you guys felt the same way, I know that I’m okay:)

  • ram0889

    I like this Quick Cuts segment. Keep them coming

  • cobrazombie

    I thought all the actors were fine, especially Bale, Adams and Cooper. And it’s always entertaining to see them dressed up in those sorts of wigs and clothes. The scene with De Niro was very good too.

  • spo8

    Wow, I agree. I didn’t pay any attention to the reviews before seeing the movie and I was really surprised how universally loved it was. It’s definitely not a bad movie, but I didn’t at all expect to see this level of praise from critics.

  • Erich Granzer

    Very nice video. Too the point and nicely articulated like said in other comments.

  • Mike Jakermen

    I think they call it Oscar Bait.

  • Lovely Henrietta

    Is this a good place to tell an anecdote about crazy actors? I think it is!
    I used to work with a lot of (tv) actors, most of them pretty crazy or just completely self-centered, so I’m used to seeing/hearing all kinds of stuff (mostly, a lot of drama and crying, and a lot of cocaine really early in the morning).
    But a good friend of mine is also an actress, and she’s lovely, I always enjoy her company, I respect and like her work… but she’s the craziest person I know. Last time I saw her, she told me she had just learnt that everyone is born with different types of neutrinos in their brain, some are receivers and some transmitters, so some people receive thoughts in their brains that other people transmit. And she was worried because she suddenly wanted to learn how to play the piano, but she wasn’t sure if it was a real wish or if she’d been near someone who played the piano while she was on the train, and was somehow confusing her thoughts with someone else’s.
    I didn’t know what to say after that.

  • TJ

    I am kinda glad I didn’t see this then. I saw Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook” last year and was underwhelmed. I still don’t know why everyone thought it was so great. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t really do anything differently. Perhaps I’m becoming a cynical film asshole?

  • TJ

    And once again, thank you Jay! You should definitely do these more often! Its gonna be great!

  • Robby

    I saw this and totally agree. About halfway through the movie I started asking myself why everyone was shouting so much.

  • maggit

    It’s going to rhyme like poetry, huh?

  • Lovely Henrietta

    I don’t care about this film (I’m apparently the only person in the world who hated Silver Linings Playbook with a passion), but I watched this review because I would watch anything with Jay in it.
    Yes, yes, even that. Ok, maybe not that, but everything else. You guys are sick.

  • kindaawkwardbro

    i do like this show but i would like to see some from mike or rich or someone else in the gang

  • NotRickBerman

    It’s gonna be great.

  • Andrey Tarkovsky Reference

    With the beer gut, comb-over, and general insanity, Christian Bale looks like Seventies Era Mr. Plinkett.

    Also, I wasn’t looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s face to notice her acting.

    Anyone care for some more Plinkett 2013 Reserve Bowel Noir pants-wine? It is Senor Cardgage approved. “Carageenan, Monteljohn. Can you detect me to the nearest bus stamp?”

  • Andrey Tarkovsky Reference

    I had that same reaction when I re-watched “Saving Private Ryan.”

  • Andrey Tarkovsky Reference

    You’re saying Internet personas are fake?

  • Memoman

    It gave me a feeling of being not much more than a bunch of actors at a pretentious Halloween party. Not even necessarily telling a story that has to be told. Or at least that hasn’t been told before. So I stayed away from it. Glad to see my movie going instincts are still sharp.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    nah silver linnings playbook just hypnotized people with Jlaw’s bouncing ass.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Ebert gave a pass to prometheus and so did Mike&Jay.Yup it all checks out.

  • Uncle Sporkums

    “It’s gonna be great.”

  • Uncle Sporkums

    If Bale played Plinkett, he would probably win another Oscar.

  • Pa Kent Says Maybe

    OK, nicely said, but wait…you liked THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, right?

    Alright, people are allowed to be totally inconsistent, even within the same month.

    HUSTLE was, at least, something SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK never was…exuberantly entertaining. You think Christian Bale is being any hammier here than when being Mumbleman, The Dark Quitter? That’s cool. Whatever.

    Too much ELO music, though. That really sucked.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    You should have told her that if she had neutrinos in her head then she should be dead, since neutrinos are one of the products of beta decay along with deadly radiation.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    Redlettermedia is “sick” in the “fucking awesome” sense of the word.

    And in every other sense, as well.

  • Cameron Vale

    Talk about damning with faint praise.

  • Avery

    I am never trusting RLM again. Wolf of Wall Street was about as compelling as the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and American Hustle has incredible rewatch value.

  • Cameron Vale

    (now comes the part where you’re supposed to elaborate)

  • TJ

    …on second thought, it was an incredible film!

  • TJ
  • Cameron Vale

    The irony of this comment is immense.

  • Alex Three

    The thing about actors running amok reminds me of the Les Miserables movie, the director obviously just let everyone do anything even with regards to the tempo of songs, and hardly any of the actors were able to handle that responsibility. The best actors were the ones who just did the damn play without trying to win an oscar.

  • Lovely Henrietta

    I should’ve! If I were smart enough to know all that…
    And well, I know a lot of people who believe in the pseudo-science “The Secret” version of quantum physics (“I cured my chronic fatigue with quatum mechanics and meditation!”), and you can’t reason people out of their belief system, so I stopped trying a long time ago, because the only thing I hadn’t tried yet was hitting them in the head with big, heavy books.
    And anyway, everyone believes in some crazy shit or another. I mean, they’re always trying to convince me that the best movies ever made aren’t The Little Mermaid, Brazil and Army of Darkness, but I’ll never, ever believe them!

  • Alex Lee

    Translation: “RLM disagreed with me on this one thing. I’m never listening to them again.”

  • http://rocketboy1313.blogspot.com/ Rocketboy1313

    “(Actors) most of them are crazy, and they love themselves.”

  • Lovely Henrietta

    And I wouldn’t change it for anything.
    The only thing I think is wrong with RLM is that it needs more nudity. But that’s why god gave us a little thing called imagination. And internet porn. And fanfiction.

  • Alex Lee

    There were actors who weren’t trying to win an Oscar?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I thought it was called Silver Linings Cookbook?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I had the same reaction when I watched anything by Michael Bay.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    This is borderline experimental. Jack, Rich, and Mike?


  • http://www.bluemonkeysfrommarz.com/ BlueMonkeysFromMarz.com

    Just got back from this and I enjoyed the hell out of it. (Haven’t seen SLPb yet.) A long con movie never makes sense till the end, so I didn’t really expect too much from plot. (Do we expect too much from plot these days?)

    Enjoyed the performances all ’round, even if it’s actors gone wild…cause these are really good actors. So, yeah, I disagree with Jay but I liked his review (expecting to be down voted into oblivion here). Like the Quick Cuts too!

  • LelouchtheFilial

    Well, see now, I’m hoping that the “Plinkett Eats” video was made in order for RLM to begin the gradual transition from movie reviews to food-fetish porn.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    @percygryce2:disqus is from the 19th century, but even he’s learned how to talk like someone living in 2014.

  • TJ

    It still is, but all the food is bland.

  • super butt

    Confirmed for Jay

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “Alright, people are allowed to be totally inconsistent, even within the same month.”

    I’d like to see your explanation as to how Jay having differing opinions on films makes him totally inconsistent. I feel like you’ll fail in explaining why, so I’ll just skip to this:

    I hope you get polio.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Are you saying that there were other asspects of the film aside from her bum? I didn’t notice.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    With Jay saying Jennifer was like a young girl playing dress up, it might also be jail bait.

  • This is McCroskey

    Well Jay and Mike are definitely frauds, that’s actually water in their beer bottles.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He’s exercising his right to poop where he likes.

    He does live in America, right? I thought this was America? Isn’t this America? He’s got freedoms!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Were you the receiver or transmitter in the conversation?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I laughed WAY too hard at that comment.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Ugh, seems we’ve got another shit disturber trying to rack up downvotes again. Remember how bad that was during the Man of Steel HitB video with all the annoying people arguing? In fact, as I type this, RLM is taunting me with that exact fucking video. Why are you doing this to me, RLM? Have I not sacrificed enough virgins for you?!

  • noxcovenant

    Speaking of character-driven movies, RLM REALLY liked Drive, and I thought that movie was dull. The good guy drifting into a hazy sunset in the end (the classic “hurr Is this just a dream or REAL” fad ending) wasn’t as creative as the slow 90 minute back-and-forth that proceeded it. It promised way more than it delivered.

    Which is why I’m surprised that Jay didn’t like this movie. I guess the character-driven story was even too pretentious for him.

  • JohnBigbooty

    I’ve also noticed in movies like this, and even The Wolf of Wall Street, is that there are no memorable scenes or lines at all. The dialog and direction, while competent and even slick, are forgettable.

    And yes, they usually try too hard in these period movies, particularly the 70s, to catch the vibe of the time. In a real 70s movie, would they spend the first 5 minutes showing a guy glue a toup onto his head? No, because tons of guys had horrible comb overs and it was hardly worth noticing. It doesn’t add much to his character and the payoff with Bradley Cooper messing up his hair later is just boring.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    One of us! One of us!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    They were stylistically designed to be processed that way.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You forgot to call him a hack and/or a fraud.

    Don’t worry though, I’m impressed you used Caps Lock and the slightly spelling mistakes. You even censored the word ‘fart’, which I think is perfect.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    The Little Merwhore, Brazzers, and Army of Darkness are my favourites, too.

  • Anthony D.

    Loved the film, personally. I like the Quick Cuts though and I agree with some other people in the comments who’ve said it would be cool for other members of RLM crew to do these. Not that I don’t love a good close up of Jay’s rugged manliness, of course.

  • malonius

    Give that a monocle! Such refined insight!

  • noxcovenant

    top kek. I don’t hate RLM. But you really have to filter their preferences when it comes to eccentric-character movies.

    They like the genre way too much, even at the expense of dull narrative. Which is why Jay hating this movie means the movie probably sucked real hard.

  • RHCZ

    I thought the film was okay as well. Not my fave of Russell’s work, but I thought it was pretty neat. I disagree with Jennifer Laurence in the sense that she should not have been there at all. Out of all the performers in the roster, she seems the most out of place, but I think she surprised me in making me like her acting. Keyword acting, cuss you’re kidna right, it is actor driven, it’s a film with good performances and not too much else.

    A friend of mine told me that the plot was incomprehensible, so going in I just kept wondering what he meant by that? It’s complicated but at the same time not really. It’s complex in telling a simple story, if that’s what he meant, but I could follow it pretty well.

    All in all, I thought the story was okay, the actors were great at doing their part, the soundtrack is great (best part of a 70s film) but as time moves on, this will most likely be forgotten.

  • Lovely Henrietta

    In this particular occasion, I was the receiver. But I’m pretty flexible.

  • Lovely Henrietta

    “The Little Merwhore”
    This comment ruined my childhood!

  • http://noneofit.tumblr.com interim

    the people i were with loved it, plot holes and all; from close up to close up to close up to close up. It’s sloppy/dumb fun. which is fine. but it isn’t particularly good and it is nowhere near great. funny to see louis ck pretend to get beaten though.

    People are just looking for these signposts to gauge themselves with… something ‘new,’ a safe ritual to quote to one another and archive their time together. it is true of any media, but this movie with its varied assemblage of well known, young-ish actors seems especially susceptible to that kind of treatment. the zeitgeist itself is kind of on trial here and if you’ve bought into it at all you’ve kinda got something at stake.

    Louis CK gets hit with a phone. one of them old ones, the big, wirey kind. 2.6/5. I don’t hate myself for watching it and it’s a pretty good gauge of some kind of cultural guilt complex.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    Why, yes, Jay DID review Rhianna’s performance in Battleship, and…
    Oh. Ohhhhh. You’re doing a thing.

  • Alex Three

    lol, yea I guess. The girl who played Eponine was also in the recent concert and just played her the same as she did there, and tried to stay true to the role I guess? Anne Hathaway was trying to win an oscar, but she was pretty good. The problem was mostly Hugh Jackman whisper-crying every other lyric instead of singing. I assume he thought it would come off as dramatic and show how supersad he was, but the music itself carries a lot of passion and all he needed to do was sing. So we get a song that’s no fun to listen to and a performance that’s hammy and pathetic.

    Really the ‘decorative piano instead of full orchestra’ was a big part of the songs sucking as well, but letting actors choose tempo and sing live was gimmicky and just lead to the whole thing being miserable to listen to..

    But it’s not even the actors’ faults, it’s the director(orlackthereof)’s. He did the King’s Speech tho and that was good so who the fuck knows what happened

  • LelouchtheFilial

    His childhood will be ruined.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    Thanks Jay for saving me eight bucks. I trust your opinion, especially since watching part 2 of your Jack & Jill (movie scam) review. The Jack and Jill review made me realize that Hollywood might not be the best route for my novel. I’m now looking into the independent process.

  • Wild in Wisconsin

    Never enough virgins.

    The Evans must be sated.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Louis CK pretends to get beaten?

    Alright, I’m seeing the film.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I was referring to you saying ‘under that umbrella’.

  • Alex Lee

    Huh. I figured that Russell Crowe was also pretty bad.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Probably around the same time they upload it.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    That’s what I was referring to with “You’re doing a thing.”
    I, myself, was doing a thing.

  • splimis

    Thats right jay…

  • Steven

    I wish they did a half in the bag on this, very interesting what he had to say

  • Tommy Ferrugia

    I am so glad that I am not the only one who felt this movie is over-rated. Everyone seems to love it, but I just didn’t think it clicked in the way that Wolf of Wall Street did. Jay very eloquently articulates the problems with the movie. They don’t necessarily make it a BAD film, but it’s certainly not great.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Figured I should clarify regardless in case your thing was a thing about Rhianna not being a real actor.

  • Blake

    Guys, you should definitely see Her. I think you’d love it.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I remembered to go watch it.

    “No likeable or interesting characters, nothing to root for, and just completely… action that’s so excessive that it just… you go numb to it.”

    “Very, very concise and good description. Everyone coulda just watched that.”


  • Cameron Vale

    And that’s why Hollywood is just about the only place where Scientology seems reasonable.

  • thelionroars

    I would offer a contrary opinion, but The Care Boars Save Christmas is playing and so I am busy trying not to kill myself.

  • Cameron Vale

    From what I hear, most Hollywood movies use the script as a sort of jumping-off point, which is why screenwriters get so little respect there.

  • Alex Three

    his singing was awful but his acting was… forgettable? hugh’s was distractingly bad imo, and his singing wasn’t any better but for a different reason.

    I would love if RLM did a review but I don’t think they do musicals.. ;)

  • Cameron Vale

    that’s a lot of comments

  • Duckler

    American Hustle… What RLM does to us by just giving us good-enough content to elicit donations.

    Example Jay..

  • Duckler

    When’s the next episode of Jay’s Beard Eats?!

  • http://faddlechud.tumblr.com/ Faddlechud

    Mitchell, you’ve now gotten to the point where you’re posting a picture of you posting a comment… I think you have a serious problem.

  • WrongWithYourFace

    “Alright, people are allowed to be totally inconsistent, even within the same month.”

    If you’re a woman on your period, sure.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    We COULD have just watched that, but then we would have missed the return of “Mouth-breather Mike” and his endless howls of agony regarding The Mandarin.
    That’s probably my favorite Half in the Bag, and I can’t help but feel a little miffed that it’s probably RLM’s single most disliked video on Youtube. Over 600 people… 600 people thought that Superman behaving like an immature brute (I didn’t see the whole movie, but I DID see the part where Supes rescued his mom from Zod by endlessly wailing on his face) made for a good movie.

  • LelouchtheFilial

    “Mumbleman, the Dark Quitter?”
    That just may be the least-creative Batman insult I’ve ever read. Are you just trying to feel better about your own child, Pa Kent?
    I say… maybe.

  • Annabelle

    I’m not sure where you got the impression that only Hollywood does that. Just about any writer will tell you that sticking to the facts gets in the way of telling a good story.

  • Annabelle

    He has an amazing rhythm and energy to his editing that I love, but his scripts tend to be garbled messes. I understand if a coherent script takes precedence over an appealing directing style, it’s purely a taste thing. But I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws if the director can carry you along through pure cinematic energy. (Danny Boyle I’m looking at you.)

  • strand0410

    Never cared for David O Russell. I’ve thought all his movies so far have been rather forgettable, like he can’t decide whether he wants to make Oscar bait like The Fighter, or trying to be Wes Anderson. This was one of his better movies, but it felt like every actor was letting their costume and makeup do all the work.

  • Annabelle

    But she does have neutrinos in her head, billions of them, as does everyone else. Neutrinos emanate from the sun and have so little force interaction and mass that they pass through matter unimpeded. Trillions of them pass through your body every second, constantly. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Wallstreet121

    Oliver stone talked about actors straying from their characters in Wall street when Martin Sheen wouldn’t read the lines he wrote after the meeting with Gecko and Bud. He finally told him to shut the f-up and read the lines and Sheen said he was right.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    Yes, however the phrase born with implies that her head is the source of the neutrino emission and that there is some type of large scale nuclear reaction going on in her head. Maybe Space Cop can save her.

  • Robert Fitl

    David O. Russell sucks.

  • KonradZell

    Average is the new great. Case in point: Argo.

  • Fartastic

    “Eat it with your mouth!”

  • Brad Smoley


  • John Smith

    Jay’s beard is stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that.
    But we can diminish the affects of it.

  • Gray

    Who the fuck is Jay and why should I give a solitary shit about his shitty, inarticulate opinion?

  • jimbo

    jay is a guy who works for red letter media.
    you should probably give a shit because this is red letter media’s site.

  • marko112kg

    Where’s the next “Best Of The Worst” you hacks!? HACKS I SAY!!!

  • marko112kg

    Averige was always hailed as great at the moment it was made, but time changes that

  • Gray

    …You missed my point entirely.. who is he? What importance does his opinion hold that I might pay more attention to his over say, your own?

  • dollar store cashier wife

    He’s that other guy who isn’t Mike.You know that guy.

  • Gray

    nice one..

  • Gray

    Who the fuck even mentioned Wolf of Wall Street?! On what basis are you comparing these films in a fair way?

  • Gray

    It’s worth watching. He didn’t even say it was bad and just because the flow was a little scattered, which could entirely be the point, and this Jay guy couldn’t cope with it, doesn’t make it a bad film. Go watch it- it’s very good, very fun.

  • Gray

    Don’t we call someone pretending to do something ‘acting’ these days?

  • Gray

    You should read more reviews.

  • Gray

    You’re an idiot. So you didn’t even watch it? Nice one. Praise yourself for discounting yourself.

  • Lars

    Well, I wholeheartedly enjoyed this film, soo….

    At long last I finally disagree with Jay on something!

    Seriously, I am kinda relieved, because I had been wondering whether I had turned into an unquestioning fanboy of him and Mike. It just feels good to have a different opinion on something every now and then.

  • Tommy Ferrugia

    (#!) Who the fuck even mentioned Wolf of Wall Street?
    I did.
    (#2) On what basis are you comparing these films in a fair way?
    They are both ‘period pieces,’ were Golden Globe contenders for best comedy or musical and are certain to go head-to-head again at this year’s Oscars.

  • Lars

    Well, I suppose that the majority of human beings on this planet have never visited this website and never will. So, yeah, for them, his opinions are completely unimportant.

    But since this is a website that mostly consists of film reviews in one form or another, people come here because they are interested in these “reviews” and the “opinions” therein.

    If you don’t care about his opinions, don’t watch his videos. There are reviewers on thousands of websites, newspapers, TV-shows, etc. I don*t care about them, so I don’t read those.

    Watching his and Stoklasa’s work, I personally came to the conclusion that they and I have a similar taste in films. I also enjoy their sense of humor. That is why I care about these videos and the opinions in them.

    In other words: Only you yourself can answer your initial question, since it is indeed one of those questions that you have to find your own answer to, like “How should I live my life”, “Is there a god” or “Who is hotter looking: Stoklasa or Bauman”.

    I hope this answers your questions. May your quest for knowledge continue succesfully!

  • Memoman

    Well, there is a limited amount of time and money that I can allocate to movies. Specially when it comes to art, you should trust your heart when making decisions.

  • Ukisociety Jones

    Always back-light Jay’s ears!

  • Gene Parmesan

    I liked the Behind the scenes of I Heart Huckabees better.

  • shuura84

    Thank God these intros to The Care Boars are getting shorter and shorter…

  • Gene Parmesan

    I thought that was the slogan for that asshole in the glasses.

  • Gene Parmesan

    Having this new understanding of David O. Russell really puts his fight with Lily Tomlin into context. She used to come off like a complete twat in those clips, but now I could totally see how an actor would get frustrated working with him. She sums him up pretty good in this video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6mk2m_lily-tomlin-fights-with-director_fun

  • ikilledacat

    Yeah, the movie wasn’t bad persay. I mainly had a problem with the characters; they definetely were derailing the plot. Especially Cooper’s chara who just kept fucking up the “plan” with his egocentric scheming. I understand the movie was trying to focus on the characters, but the con was somewhat entertaining to watch but to see these self destructive charas constantly deride the con made the movie hard to watch as I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to enjoy: the con that was falling to shit or the charas going slowly insane from their own machinations. SPOILERS: I also did not like how the charas ended up in the end (other than Cooper’s); just wasn’t believable.

  • TapewormBike

    What exactly IS your point? Nobody is forcing you to give a single shit. I think you might be an asshole, but hey, my opinion, I am sure nobody on here shares it. People who respect Jay, his ability to critique and his work overall, do give a whole lot of shit. I have a fucking diarrhea for the guy.

  • AnimationWorksNL

    Hahaha, this is great!!! You actually said, ‘You missed my point’ :) No, I think you’ll find the answers weren’t from people missing your ‘point’, but rather people who happen to like this site and the opinions Mike and Jay have about movies, and don’t give a (quote) ‘solitary shit’ about your offensive comments.

  • Rick Kiriakidis

    Was it just me or did Christian Bale just do a Pacino impersonation in this movie?

  • Cameron Vale

    Imitating Wes Anderson and making Oscar bait is mostly just a difference of casting.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    I’ll watch it when it comes out on DVD and in the library. This way I can forward through the parts I don’t like.

  • Dixon Bawls

    Not enough Rich Evans.

  • Markus M

    I agree almost 100%. I didn’t think any of that actors did a decent job though. Adams and Bale, who are usually stand out, top-notch actors for me, had moments in American Hustle that were cringe worthy with silliness. Only Hawkeye or whatever from Avengers and Bourne 8 was good, IMO.

  • TapewormBike

    He’s got a great ASS!

  • Andrew M

    I personally think that Jeremy Renner’s performance has been overlooked and was probably my favorite in the movie, and was an interesting example of how a politician could act in unethical ways in order to serve his constituents rather than for personal gain. The character might be constructed in this way mostly to provide a foil for Christian Bale’s character as apposed to being a true to life portrayal, but I think its an interesting take on politicians that contrasts with the cliche of the self-serving politician that has pervaded American culture. Overall, I thought this movie had some thought provoking elements, especially in the ABSCAM plotline (as apposed to the romantic plot, which I believe is where most of RLM’s complaints are concerned). However, I have agreed with most if not all of RLM’s reviews so far, and I am interested in watching the movie again with their critiques in mind.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Wow Jay. Great Review. I made a crime subplot in my film. Chris R. was such a good character. Jay would you say my film called “the Room” was had a character or plot driven movie. I thought I did such a good job in both departments

  • TapewormBike

    I feel like playing football with you, but I forgot my tuxedo. It’s tearing me apart!

  • Cameron Vale

    I think his intention was to convince you using words, not some kind of authority. But if you really want to know, he’s an actor and screenwriter and independent filmmaker that co-heads a small movie production company in Milwaukee. Does that do anything for you?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You missed my favourite part! It’s when Superman just casually jumps over a tanker truck and let’s it explode, destroying a large section of a parking garage! What a hero!


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    With regards to Danny Boyle, I wished the ending of Sunshine was like the rest of the film. It changed drastically and not for the better, I feel.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You have a problem… you’re gonna die.


  • Mitchell Taco Nash
  • cathax

    Why wasn’t the sexy one in this video? D:<

  • Akeuw

    One thing I didn’t like about the movie was the beginning. It looked like they were trying to go for a scene like the Goodfellas where the main character is in a situation that isn’t so glamorous or favorable, here is how I got here. But it didn’t work out that way because it seemed too dragged out and it wasn’t a particularly important part of the film. There didn’t seem to be any reason to start in the middle of the film at all. I also think they didn’t ease into the movie. As soon as the movie starts you are introduced with a lot of dialogue that also seems dragged out and not to the point.

    The story was not emphasized enough in this movie and it felt like these characters had no consequences for what they were doing because of that. When watching the movie I found myself actually having to try to follow the story just because it wasn’t captivating in any way. A lot better movies then this draw you into the story. I don’t see why this is so highly rated.

  • MBagely

    This movie was definitely average at best. It dreams of being Goodfellas but falls far short.

  • http://mycareersuicidenote.tumblr.com/ anghus

    totally agree. this was painfully average fare.

  • http://noneofit.tumblr.com interim

    pretending is probably more accurate. he’s good at playing himself on his show.

  • Peter

    I thought video reviews died with Ebert. I was wrong. I like that RLM no longer feels they need an elaborate set piece to give a decent movie review.

  • GraphicsAndBeer

    Unrelated, but Amazon suggested this to me, not BSing. On my current wish list I have, a laptop stand, camping cooking gadgets, gaming glasses, and a boar spear. Insight anyone?

  • boodomi

    Anyway, how’s your sex life?

  • boodomi

    But sometimes it’s the othey way around

  • blergh

    I dunno, that one guy was pretty good

  • boodomi

    Is Space Cop coming out this decade?

  • Taft you FUCK

    I’m with you, though I did also disagree with Mike’s view on Avatar as well. So, I guess I’ve been a dissenting cynic for a while now… although I did fall in line with almost every single one of their reviews prior to this one. Oh well, different folks for filling Twinkies, as they say.

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    what is that woman doing to her anus?!

  • Cameron Vale

    He doesn’t want to talk about it.

  • Thanatos2k

    I Heart Huckabees was agony.

  • Thanatos2k

    I only trusted Siskel. Ebert’s opinions rarely were good. I’ll never forgive him for that Hulk review.

  • Thanatos2k

    You know what solves that?

    Fork in the brain.

  • Thanatos2k

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Sandler was involved somehow.

  • Annabelle

    See, again, I didn’t even give a shit that it was nonsensical, Boyle’s direction totally carried it through for me. I was surprised when I read later that the public consensus was that the movie died in the third act because I was completely gripped from beginning to end.

  • Annabelle

    Great, now my post sounds horribly condescending. >:(

  • Dude

    You talentless hack frauds!

    The only time we see Plinkett now is when you want to sell us something!

    guys are no better than George Lucas, shoving Darth Vader in Episode 3
    for a few seconds just to sell his action figures. You made something
    good(The plinkett reviews) which made us love you guys. Then you
    talentless hacks started bringing out “half in the bag” and “best of the
    worse”, they’re not bad at all but the reason anyone watches them in
    the first place is because we know you from the Plinkett reviews. We
    want more Plinkett. I can’t fuck the pain away anymore! I HAVE AN

  • Gray

    Not really but thanks for the info.

  • Gray

    What a wonderful way to watch a film.

  • Gray

    I asked who he was.. therefore you missed my point..
    I was wondering if you knew of any background info on the guy, or credentials… not the fact that he’s on this site ’cause he works for the site..

  • Gray

    He has an inability to critique, however.. if anyone here actually read a decent review in your lives, you’d find that he’s completely inarticulate and just mumbles his way through a single dragged out disagreement… Bland, boring, go fanboy over someone who works for your attention.

  • Gray

    I agree… not ‘Jay’… If you think this movie looks interesting, give it a go and give them your money. If it looks rubbish, don’t go. Don’t let some weird ginger kid think for you.

  • Gray

    This was a nice(r) response than every other angry fanboy on here… thanks for taking the time to discard me in an inoffensive way!

  • Gray

    ooOOooh.. I see him now.. thanks!

  • Lars

    You’re welcome. I think that disagreements on this sort of thing makes “taking the piss” acceptable, the way you did in your posts as well.

    Getting upset on the internet is just pointless. Snide remarks can be fun, though. ;)

  • Gray


  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    She’s emptying out her bank vault.

  • Hieronymus Friedrich von Münch

    that’s exactly what i thought.

  • Hieronymus Friedrich von Münch

    I thought it was pretty good, funny and everything. too many super close close-ups for me though. I don’t really care if the plot of a comedy is a little bit 1 dimensional.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    Well, with Hollywood trying to please everyone now days, I’m sure there is something in this movie that is offensive or distasteful to me.

  • Gray

    Best skip it then because God forbid a film might provoke an emotional response!!

    Seriously, where are you coming from?

  • TapewormBike

    Jesus Christ, you are right! I am completely turned on a person whose work I have been following and enjoyed for years now and who dared to put out a short video explaining briefly his feelings about a movie. Mister Bauman, shame on you! And just to raise a little objection to your well thought out and thoroughly masculine argument (without a scent of entitled bitchiness I might add), I prefer any number of metaphors about sucking the guy’s cock, rather than just stating I am a fanboy (which I am). Good day to you sir and separately to your ego, which by now surely must have achieved sentience, due to it’s size.

  • Hale

    Ahaha, I get those references! So funny man!


  • Dixon Bawls

    But what you apparently don’t understand is RLM is stylistically designed to be this way. And you can’t undo that.

  • TapewormBike

    Jay’s beard is perfectly visible the whole time.

  • ident

    Why are you here? You’ve come to a site you don’t know and, essentially, demanded every fan explain themselves to you. Fuck you. Fuck off.

  • ident

    RLM mentioned Wolf of Wall Street in the previous video. That’s why he and several others are bringing it up. You would know this if you weren’t a trolling piece of shit.

  • ident

    “This Jay guy” only weakens your argument. You don’t know RLM, you are just talking shit because they didn’t like a movie you did. Grow up.

  • ident

    You should comment elsewhere.

  • ident

    The only person demeaning themselves here, is the guy verbally attacking everyone who disagrees with him.

  • Cameron Vale

    Because it’s drama.

  • Cameron Vale

    Possible Hieronymus Bosch reference?

  • TapewormBike


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    She’s emptying out her husband’s* bank vault.


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Oh hai Tommy.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash


  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I think I love you.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Well, it seems we disagree.

    Are you supposed to start name calling now? Is that how internet disagreements work? :(

  • cathax

    I’ll pass. I know fangirls want to be the slavebitch of Jayillian but I’d rather be on a leash for Mikessi.

  • TapewormBike


  • TapewormBike

    That is a fair option:)

  • Gogglezombie

    This is pretty much exactly the same thought I had while watching it. The characterisation was just so schizophrenic and worse still more scenes boiled down to the actors trying to one-up each other. Frustratingly mediocre.

  • Taft you FUCK

    Movie hipster neckbeard snobby douchebag CONFIRMED! Unsuuuuuuuubscribe.

    Why is Jay so hot when his opinion doesn’t match mine?

  • WrongWithYourFace

    It’s the muscles.

  • jamesorjimmy

    He’s taking the piss out of you because he thinks you’re a worthless turd. You should read more in order to learn how to read between the lines, shit-for-brains.

  • ILDC

    She’s there to bring in a demographic that wouldn’t have come otherwise.

  • Scottland559

    Great job!

  • Andrey Tarkovsky Reference

    Water dripping from Plinkett’s pants leg. Looks like beer, tastes like … chocolate?

  • Andrey Tarkovsky Reference

    I thought you were talking about Mose Schrute?

  • haralampi nedelin

    an overhyped movie that runs out to be mediocre at best? Sounds exactly like gravity. But RLM liked gravity, for some reason.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    Nuns don’t have husbands, silly!

  • Alex Lee

    They liked Gravity on a technical level, not an acting level.

  • Alex Lee

    “It’s going to be great.”

  • HNSZ

    On imdb someone said: “If there was ever a movie that proves how useless so-called professional critics are, this is it.”

    I’d say this movie is probably a good a litmus test; if someone is going on about the style and acting, he’s probably just going with the hype. It is basically mass psychosis that happens when these movies are released.
    Everybody wants to be a hipster, connaisseur of high brow and avant garde, trend watcher/early adopter, and it’s depressing to see them struggling on facebook and twitter, trying to fashion themselves as guru. Kind of makes you lose faith in humanity, of course no one is forcing me to watch this unfold everytime, there are many great people still doing great things. But damned I need my moments goth elitism! This world is doomed.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet.

    PS. Fuck cumberbatch

  • HNSZ

    Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are astronauts and have like a MSc in Engineering. I just can’t..

  • Adam Allen

    THANK YOU! i thought i was the only one who just didn’t get the massive praise this movie is getting

  • AdeoAdversary

    Yup, I’m right there with you Jay. I did enjoy American Hustle, had some fun watching it, it is by no means a bad movie, but its no where near as good as many critics are making to out to be.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You’re right, nun of them do.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Who the fuck is ‘Averige’?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Wait, you didn’t use any sass yet still put him in his place? You are you?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Argo fuck yourself!

  • Alex Lee

    By technical level, I meant-and they did too- that in regards to special effects, it was well made. It’s that the actors were too high-profile for the roles they need to play, which is a conundrum in marketing terms.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    He didn’t say, not imply, that Hollywood is the only place that does it. He was saying it makes sense that screenwriters get little respect in Hollywood.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Pacino? Is that a type of nut?

  • Alex Lee

    I thought Pacino was selling Capachinos.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Whoa whoa whoa… Jay is a weird ginger kid? I think he’s too old to be a kid and I had NO idea he was a ginger. Is he a secret ginger? Maybe his armpit hair is red? Maybe he just lacks a soul.

    At least Mike is somewhat amused, right?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Two months after that he’s as fit as Batman again.

    “What’s your excuse?”

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I already do see her… undresssing… in her bedroom… through my binoculars…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m a fanboy, and I want Jayillikessichevans.

    Yeah, I went there.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Is this a new conspiracy theory?

  • Percy Gryce

    Amen. I may take a little break myself. When you have an obsessive personality, you have to be careful of ingesting addictive substances like RLM.

    But I’m not abandoning the mission. In fact, I just sent the boys another treasure box of vomitous VHS–unfortunately, nothing of Shoji Tabuchi or Travelling Alone in America quality [sic]. But, you know, if they need some tapes to drop on Mr. Plinkett, these might come in handy.

  • Percy Gryce

    This is like the old porn that the Oscar-winning actress doesn’t want you to see or like the naked pictures that Miss America is desperate to keep out of public view.

  • marko112kg

    Obveously somone beter then me at englesh

  • hendrixisgod51784

    Just saw the movie a few hours ago. The problem that I had with the movie was that I found myself completely disinterested in the plot. Also, I agree with Jay that the actors seemed like they were trying to out-do themselves has to how loud and crazy they could act.

  • ident

    Not entirely unimpeded, otherwise we would never have been able to detect them.

  • Dude

    Haha c’mon, i just didn’t want to sound that angry or actually upset.
    I really like Red Letter Media, i like Half in the bag, i like Best of the Worse, i love Rich Evans. But i don’t rewatch any of the Half in the bag or Best of worse episodes like i do with the Plinkett Reviews.

    I just find it crappy that the only time we see Plinkett now is when they restock on posters, shot glasses and pins.

    That’s like being anxious to see the next season of a show you really like and all you get is ads of the main characters saying that the last season is now on dvd and bluray or saying the new t-shirts are out.
    Can you honestly say that this is ok? That you don’t want a new Plinkett Review?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’ll be out in the future… of spaaaaaaaaaace.

    I can’t help myself sometimes any time.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I like when shorts fall. ;)

    I also like when cuts are quick [see, I worked in the title].

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    There’s never been a video made with enough Rich Evans.

  • Cameron Vale

    That’s shameful for everyone involved.

  • cathax

    RiJay is nice too. Tell me, do my gay brothers have any desire for MiJay or is that just crazy talk cuse I haven’t seen much by fangirls outside of LiveJournal slash on the subject?

    Let us not get into secondary characters. If we start trying to figure out who we want to see The Wizard in various group sex positions in with then we’ll be here all day.

    Like I seriously contemplate putting forth a modest proposal to go back up to the hotel room if I ever see the RLM table at Anaheim comicon… Slave to Mikessi for life….

  • Cameron Vale

    Whenever I see a giant spark of initial hype, I always suspect astroturfing. I don’t see how else it’s possible for Man Of Steel to have defenders. Who are they?

  • HNSZ

    Gray is confirmed for Jay, that much is clear.

  • Jeremy Davis

    you can’t undo that, but you can diminish the effects of it.

  • Tommy Ferrugia

    Sometimes it’s best just to play it straight down the middle.

  • Uncle Sporkums

    People who are entertained by shiny things and explosions.

  • boodomi

    So… David O. Russell is an overrated hack?!

  • Cameron Vale

    I figured maybe he was an actor.

  • Cameron Vale

    But that’s me!

  • Duckler

    He blew it all after Spanking the Monkey.

  • Duckler

    I liked him better in that other thing though.

  • Duckler

    The biggest let-down since “Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Beaver”

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Well, “Quick Cuts” is fine as far as it goes. But I’m sure glad it wasn’t the format RLM opted for when they were making that 70-minute Star Wars review.

  • Mark Bisone

    This kind of question pops up every so often (approximately 19 times per minute), so I’ll see if I can try answering it.

    When Mike did the original Plinkett reviews, nobody knew who the fuck he was outside of ten or so bars in Wisconsin. They weren’t for money or even fame; Plinkett was purely a gift from Stoklasa’s cold, shriveled, coal-black pebble of a heart. He did them because those films truly baffled him, particularly in the vandalism they did to nostalgic film franchises that he loved.

    In other words: Plinkett isn’t an arcade machine that you plunk a quarter into and get a quick fix of entertainment. A Plinkett review is special. It’s like a ’59 Leroy Grands-Echezeaux Grand Cru, a Van Gogh during his Arles period, a toothless prostitute who’s totally cool with butt-stuff and accepts IOUs. It’s a rare and special thing, is what I’m saying. RLM can only do it when Mike is truly inspired/tormented by a true cinematic disaster. And when/if it happens the only thing to do it to savor every sacred drop of it, then pray that some Hollywood jackass screws something up Mike loves sometime soon.

  • armyofrobots

    hey, you leave poor Mose out of this.

    you know Mose has nightmares…ever since the storm….

  • http://mrcab666.livejournal.com/ MRCAB

    I was first tuned off by the name ‘American Hustle’.

  • Duckler

    Benadryl Puppetsnatch?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “When Mike did the original Plinkett reviews, nobody knew who the fuck he was outside of ten or so bars in Wisconsin.”

    Ain’t that the truth!

  • friendshipforall

    American Hustle seemed like a knock-off of a Scorsese movie made by Scorsese’s cheaper, non-union Mexican equivalent which is apparently called David O. Russell.

  • Percy Gryce

    Quick uncut, apparently.

  • Percy Gryce

    But, but, but, chick flick.?!

  • Tabasco Jones

    I liked it. I don’t know, the story was as absurd as everything else. It worked for me.

  • http://www.therobotspajamas.com/ RobotsPJs

    This should have been longer. More Jay.

  • Paul Linsley

    This article was an interesting statistical study of box office and nomination trends. One way to interpret the data is that Russell is gaming the academy with the way he is using his actors. http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/the-2014-oscar-nominations-by-the-numbers-20140116

  • TapewormBike

    This man speaks the TRUF!

  • Hale

    Yes, I can honestly say that’s okay. I’d rather Plinkett reviews come out once in a blue moon than churned out weekly or even monthly like a product.

  • Torgos_Giant_Knees

    NO. Further delaying the Care Boars would be pure torment.

  • Joseph Thomas Hunter

    How about quarterly? I think 4 Plinkett reviews a year would satisfy me. And they don’t need to be so story intensive, which I imagine adds to their costs and production time. Just do reviews, like the old Star Trek reviews.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Well DUH! Hawkeye never misses his mark!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That comment made my body produce a smoker’s laugh. Thank you.

  • Percy Gryce

    The honor is to serve.

  • mattofsmeg

    Now that’s something I’d really like to see ;)

  • DirkD13

    How you manage all these reviews without a $100k kickstarter still amazes me. Don’t you guys need a car?

  • yew

    Everthing about the movie was technically sound, but just not very entertaining for some reason. This movie pales in comparison to Wolf of Wall Street

  • haralampi nedelin

    The characters were a total mess, the development arc was ridiculous, they tried to make it more interesting by placing it in space, but never stopped to consider that a woman with such psychological trauma, and suicidal tendencies, would have never passed psych evaluation. The technical level was ridiculous, nice shots and effects, but total disregard for physics, and even common sense. Gravity is worthy of a mr. plinkett disembowelment, in the vein of the star wars prequels, avatar or titanic. And they said it was an ok movie, and liked it somewhat.

  • Hale

    Yeah-ish. But like Mark Bisone said, the reviews are the result of a certain passion that arises when one filmmaker sees a beloved franchise utterly gutted, and he has to say something. Or has something at length to say about a particular film’s technicalities. Or wants to make a goofy tie-in to a previous review.
    That said, he did mention wanting to do the Matrix movies a while back, so that could be interesting. And when you think about it, with the exception of the episode 2, 3, and Baby’s Day Out reviews, there’s never really been that much story, so I don’t think that’s quite as a big an issue. And even then the skits that cropped up in those didn’t make up the majority of the videos. Unlike ALOT of other reviewers seem to do for no real reason.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    If American Hustle is the kind of film you have problems with, then I suggest you stop watching films altogether.

    Bitches about American Hustle, give Prometheus the thumbs up….okay Jay…okay….

  • Alex Lee

    I guess click revenue does wonders.

  • WrongWithYourFace

    …There’s this little thing called… “opinion”.

  • TapewormBike

    (Btw, not my downvote:)). Come on, man – Jay has his opinions and taste just as you and I. The thing is, neither him nor Mike ever proclaimed to be the ultimate judges of quality. They are dudes who have experience with the craft and are opinionated AND fucking funny. The only reason to get angry is in case you put the guys on the pedestal and expect them to praise what you love and hate what you hate. No need for that and you can still enjoy the stuff and take it as a food for thought at best. I am amazed how much this video polarizes opinions on Jay himself, when this was just him sitting down and basically shooting the shit without having Mike to bounce of off. I see this with lots of critics on the net: their fans need for them sharing their opinion, But then we would not have any critics, right? In real life, it would stop me from liking many people, if I wanted them to have exactly the same taste. My lady spends hours watching shows that are literally about women shopping for clothes (in like a time limit). I still love her. Jay liked Prometheus. I think it is a pile of dog shit. Anyway, the point is I expect to get laid with Jay.

  • Cameron Vale


  • TapewormBike

    It is after midnight in here. I might be dreaming already. Love it. I will worry about the sheets in the morning.

  • Duckler

    I’m routinely drawn to the “donate” button. Probably not the only one either..

  • dollar store cashier wife

    If American Hustle is the kind of film you find flawless then I suggest you stop watching films altogether.

    hyperbole is fun

  • Mark Bisone

    Yep. If I was looking for an echo chamber, RLM would have lost me way back in the day with their glowing review of “Paul”. That flick was total dogshit at each and every level! But, it takes all kinds…

    And besides hearing a different perspective is actually something to treasure, because it means the world hasn’t been plunged into some kind of Orwellian nightmare. Yet.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Wolf of Wall Street = Scarface for Douchebags.

  • Jonah Falcon

    You know, Scorsese is perfectly capable of making bad movies.

  • Thanatos2k

    Sounded like a crappy rip off of Kung Fu Hustle, which is an infinitely better movie.

  • Matt Boulton

    Great review, Mike. Supposedly based on a real story, it feels less real than the average sci fi flick. Just wondering, re the story, did desperate people REALLY forfeit their $5000 “loan deposits”, and not come after Christian Bale’s character with an icepick? It’s not like he takes the money and runs, he dupes each sucker in the SAME OFFICE. How does that work?

  • hendrixisgod51784

    The one positive that came out of me seeing American Hustle was that I discovered the awesome song “Long Black Road” by ELO.

  • Guest

    I donated to RLM once and didn’t get so much as an automated “thank you” email. So, I’ll pass on donating to them again. Still like their vids though.

  • TapewormBike

    What a crime on their part.

  • Matt Boulton

    Oops I mean “Great review, Jay”!

  • playdude92 .

    Makes me wonder if the Oscar Academy even watched this film… or if they nominate only very well marketed products now.

  • Mark Bisone

    The proper term is “Messi”. How embarrassed would you have been if you made it to the Anaheim Grand and mispronounced their name?


  • rashad1

    when are u going to do 12 years a slave

  • Percy Gryce

    Since we’re sharing, I think my biggest disagreement with Mike is over Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Mike thinks it ruined ST, I think it’s the best of the ST series and a top-10 TV series in its own right. I like the continuing story lines, the epic sweep, the inversion of Roddenberry’s utopianism, and the cast–most especially the regular guest stars, whom I think of as the secondary cast: Andrew Robinson, Marc Alaimo, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Coombs, J G Hertzler, Max Grodénchik, even “Nurse Ratched” herself Louise Fletcher.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’m certainly glad I’m home alone right now because the laugh I just released could wake a deaf person from a coma.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    If you can’t handle someone having different opinions than you, then I suggest you purchase a fine wire brush and insert it into your urethra.

    Also, learn to use ellipses, you FUCK.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That’s right, Jay!

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Laid with Jay or laid by Jay?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Goooooood, I can feel your anger. Gravity is defenseless. Make your review. Strike Gravity down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!


  • Guest

    Back in the day, when someone gave something to someone, the receiver said “thank you” in return. But, courtesy appears to be dead now.

  • Thanatos2k

    It has a lot of important actors in it, of course it gets nominated.

  • Showbiz Pizza Bear

    I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen in NYC. One day none of the guests ever thanked me for my time. Guess I should have stopped volunteering after that???

  • Dasby

    In fairness, outside of Red Letter Media and a few other online areas the movie is getting near universal praise. Even IMDB has it rated really highly. Jay’s just in a really minority opinion on this one, so it’s not really surprising at all that the Academy nominated the movie. It’s really well loved by critics and audiences.

  • Domo_Konnichiwa

    We do the donate to RLM thru amazon purchases deal and don’t feel so guilty about it. I kinda wish they did like a wish list thing, where if they wanted a new camera or something, people could donate specifically to that. If I won the lotto, I’d love to give them Red Digital Cameras. That would just be so awesome to do for them.

  • TapewormBike

    I’m not that picky.

  • TapewormBike

    Are you talking about the great movie or suggesting they enslave someone (besides Rich Evans)?

  • ident

    Really really?

  • ident

    Martin Scorsese didn’t send me a thank you note for watching his latest movie. Fuck you, Martin Scorsese!

  • dollar store cashier wife

    is it about school? if so all i gotta say is fuck book reports.

  • imc440

    Are you implying that douchebags don’t love Scarface?

  • Mijk

    Have to agree with M.Bisone and Sir Gryce. DS9 is great.. and I really don’t know if Mike was sarcastic on this one and the Parallels Episode. Loved the Dominion war and Parallels.. and yes, hated pretty much everything in Paul. Especially the Paul character.
    On the other hand.. I also find myself not watching a movie, after it got trashed by Jay and Mike and even repeating their opinion if asked why I wouldn’t want to see it… That was pretty safe vor Jack and Jill, I think… Man of Steel, on the other hand turned out to be somewhat entertaining… at least to me..

  • Mijk

    Whene they are together, it’s usually like the last time, but when they’re not, it’s pretty much like the time before that.

  • Mark Bisone

    Haven’t caught this one yet, but I think I’ll skip it. Saw the critically acclaimed “Silver Linings Playbook” which had basically the same team on board, and it sucked at deadly snake bite levels. Even the overpraised acting mostly sucked, which was surprising given that’s supposed to be David Mickey Fitzpatrick O’Russell’s directorial “thing.” DeNiro looked and sounded like he was doing another “Meet the” movie, and the motivation of Hunger Games to fuck Hangover never made any sense at all. She wasn’t even convincing as the hack scriptwriter’s idea of a pill-headed, 2-dimensional slut. And was I hallucinating, or did they shoehorn Chris Tucker into that flick? And did he tell Hangover to “dance black”? Who’s fucking with my medicine?

    I think we’ve finally reached the “Buttfuckers” stage in that Idiocracy time lapse scene. We’ve been inundated with so much cinematic trash over the past 25 years that even mediocre, poorly written rom-coms are starting to look like Gone With The Wind.

  • Dasby

    Yes, really. I’m guessing from my downvotes that people are somehow offended by the notion that Jay might have an extreme minority opinion. haha.

  • WrongWithYourFace

    In a world where Grown Ups 2 is a box office hit, I’m personally used to being in the minority with my opinions.

  • Dasby

    I don’t really think it’s remotely fair to compare something like Grown Ups 2 to American Hustle, even if you don’t care for American Hustle. At least there were actors, crew members, and just filmmakers in general actually giving an EFFORT in American Hustle. Even if they weren’t 100 percent successful. The thing that I can’t stand about Sandler and his shit-stains that he calls movies is the glaring laziness. It actually makes me appreciate the flawed films in which people were actually trying a little more for what they might have accomplished along the way.

  • Marvin Choi

    Then he needs to lose a lot of money, take years to make his films with his friends instead of name actors who are currently hot, never get any mainstream recognition for his directorial work, tell his son on his deathbed to not take the paths in life he did, die penniless, and then retroactively get recognized as a filmmaking genius.

    None of this is going to even remotely occur.

  • ident

    It’s probably your loose language and your fondness of adverbs. Calling an opinion an extreme minority because it doesn’t match imdb is absurd. Universal praise? Clearly not here. Where? Above all, few here will care what a bunch of old actors at AMPAS think about a bunch of over the top acting.

  • ident

    He wasn’t directly comparing it to Grown Ups 2. You’re building strawmen.

  • ident

    There’s your pattern. AMPAS is largely made up of actors.

  • Tolkien77

    This movie was garbage. Doesn’t hold a candle to Dallas Buyers Club which was stunning.

  • Dasby

    …I didn’t call his opinion an extreme minority because of IMDB. I said it was getting near universe praise by critics, and that EVEN IMDB was very positive towards it. User ratings on Rotten Tomatoes is very high, same with metacritic, and virtually anywhere else you go online. I’m sorry, but that would add up to critics and audiences really liking the film. Meaning that, yes, Jay’s opinion is an extreme minority in this case.

    Being of a minority opinion isn’t a bad thing, inherently, it just means that the film didn’t play to his particular tastes. That was my initial point. That his opinion is a minority to say the least, and therefore Jay not liking it doesn’t suggest that it’s remotely surprising that it’s getting a lot of Oscar buzz. playdude92’s original post seemed to suggest that just because Jay didn’t like it that meant that obviously the academy never bothered to watch the movie or they’d know it wasn’t worthy of nomination. That’s simply not the case. Most people really are liking the film.

  • Duckler

    When’s the next Space Cop?

  • ident

    Where you keep saying “extreme” minority, I would say “correct” minority. So you are just one word away from being right.

  • Dasby

    Based on that comment it seems like now you’re just arguing that your own personal taste is fact and anybody who disagrees is automatically factually wrong. That’s asinine. Sure there are films that you can say are objectively bad, Troll 2 for example is objectively bad on all levels of filmmaking, but when it comes to a film like American Hustle opinions can vary and nobody is ever going to be able to say that their opinion is 100 percent right.

  • Thanatos2k

    It’s loved by the kind of people who would go and see crap like it.

    Plus people have a long history of liking things they’re told they should like.

  • ident

    And you were arguing that because you are in the majority, your opinion is right. Argumentum ad populum.

  • Dasby

    So…100,000 plus people that gave the movie a high user rating on Rotten tomatoes, the 50 plus thousand users that gave the movie a 7 or higher on IMDB, the 217 professional critics who gave the movie favorable reviews, and the 460 some user ratings that ended up giving it a user score of 7.8 out of 10 on Metacritic all just have shitty taste…sure, because that’s not a bullshit hipster attitude to take or anything. Would have thought the red letter media fans would have been far less apt to be so hipster in their attitudes towards audiences than that, actually, considering RLM has gone out of their way to insult and joke about that very attitude.

  • Dasby

    No I wasn’t you are attributing things to that I never claimed. I simply claimed that it was not a surprise that the movie was nominated for an Oscar given how generally well received and successful it’s been, and in doing so I made the point that Jay not liking it doesn’t automatically mean that those nominating the film were just doing so because it was popular or that they obviously didn’t see it. That’s bullshit.

  • ident

    You are saying that because a bunch of people like something, they are right. If all you are saying is “Jay isn’t always right”, that’s on the same level as the sun will rise in the morning and I question why you are posting at all.

  • Dasby

    No, I didn’t. I didn’t say Jay wasn’t right. Nor did I say he was right, either. He’s well within his right to not have enjoyed the movie, I said most people disagree with him. Not just professional critics but audiences in general. Meaning that it WAS NOT A SURPRISE that the movie was nominated for an Oscar. Usually dramas (not necessarily action movies, low brow (not a knock on them, just a label) comedies, and the like, I’ll concede that) that are critically acclaimed AND audience hits tend to get nominated. You cannot insist that my argument was something else. You are arguing something I never said, nor implied, mostly it seems because you can’t actually logically argue against my statement that his opinion is a definite minority and not somehow proof that the academy didn’t watch the movie and only nominated it because of the marketing.

  • ident

    Then I question if you are saying anything at all.

  • Dasby

    So you’ve come to the point where you can’t actually argue my point so you’re just going to post mildly cryptic statements that make no sense and really are nothing more than vague personal attacks on my intelligence if they are anything at all. I guess this discussion is officially over. But considering at no point did you actually address what I was saying and in fact continually tried to change the narrative and attribute arguments to me that I never even came close to making I guess I should have just started ignoring you long ago. So my bad.

  • 24601

    Right on — well supported points in this quick review. I looked forward to seeing it, and it had its moments, but it was ultimately a little disappointing.

  • ident

    What points? Every time I try to address your points, you say they aren’t your points.

  • Mark Bisone

    I’m gonna say it might be plausible, now that I think about it, he reminds me of the husband character on the ghost whisperer.

  • Cameron Vale

    Also, the director wasn’t as good as before, when he made that movie everyone liked.

  • http://kingengrishkube.deviantart.com/ kube of Nazareth over 9000


  • TapewormBike

    I need to get off of Twitter. When RLM tweeted new HitB is coming soon, I started refreshing every couple of seconds. That was few hours ago. Now I really cannot tell the difference between my blinking and reloading of the page.

  • wolfthing

    Could you sound any more like a fucking asshole?

  • wolfthing

    Except that movie isn’t exactly critically acclaimed?

  • proghead777

    Awesome review. I couldn’t agree with more with Jay’s assessment… but that’s not the reason it’s awesome. It’s awesome because: GOOOD TIMES BAAAD TIMES, YOU KNOW I’VE HAD MY SHARE. Well my woman left home for a brown-eyed man, but I still don’t seem to caaaaaare!” Christ-on-a-pogo-stick, do I love me some Led Zeppelin.

  • cathax

    Anaheim Comicon is always at the convention center, which is always shown as the Long Beach Comicon in nerdcore tv shows for no discernible reason. I was very surprised The Guild was even guilty of this because that entire show appears to be filmed in Fountain Valley.

    I should hate that but I just don’t! It’s like their love is our love and if they succeed then Ive succeeded and…why did I just get hit with a phone book..?

    Gif of 1:26 plox….for educational purposes of course. Its for my glaucoma.

  • Thanatos2k

    I think you just accomplished it.

  • wolfthing

    It’s not like the movie is poorly made. It has some glaring flaws that people are clearly divided on. I don’t know why you feel the need to act like a stuck up cunt about it acting like the only people who would see it are people that love “crap”.

  • Joe

    Jay, I respectfully disagree with you. I was watching this film and for the first 3rd or so I had this look of befuddlement on my face, because you are right that these characters are not real people. And I kept trying to watch a movie about real people and it wasn’t working.

    I think this movie is better when compared with some Coen brothers absurdism where part of the point is that we are laughing at how stupid many people are, that plus they are all acting over the top. This movie is over the top, and I think that’s the point. Even if it isn’t the point by design (which very much could be possible). If you take this movie not as a serious retelling of something that happened but of a satire of it (like “The Informant!”) it becomes a very enjoyable movie.

    I think the issue you have is that you heard “oscar buzz” and hype before going to see the movie, and so you calibrated your expectations wrong. Not all the people who like this movie appreciate it on the right level, in fact the film creators might not appreciate it on that level, we can’t know for sure. But I think because you have calibrated expectations to “serious” when if you “set phasers to farce” this movie becomes very enjoyable.

    I don’t think because it’s farce it should be denied oscars. Literal caricatures can be fun, like “hey look that guy’s head and teeth are super big in the picture because that’s a funny over-drawing of what they really are”.

    This story is best summed up as “A caricature of a wacky 70s story featuring actors overacting caricatures of wacky 70s characters” it was farce with restraint, and more than that it was fun.

    PS: Jay why do you criticize this movie for having excess when another movie you loved, “Drive”, was probably the most style over substance movie I’ve ever seen? At least with this movie the style is more fun as opposed the droning synth and Ryan Gosling’s scene-chewing performance of “understated, blankly looking into space so you know he’s introspective guy” of “Drive”.

  • Troy J. Faubert

    Good review. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Jennifer Lawrence was miscast. Good performance, much too young to play a trashy housewife. I’m also surprised how it’s a comedy and has been considered “riotously funny”. Yea it was funny at points, but otherwise it was a light drama sorta of film.

  • Guest

    If no one you served ever thanked you then you should have considered giving your assistance to people who were grateful for it.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    LOL If I have to explain this to you then so be it.

    I don’t like Hollywood Liberal BS movies that go for “shock” value rather than entertainment. Apparently, studios can’t make a movie without throwing every “shock” value in a film? Most Hollywood directors and actors would rather shock an audience than entertain. If Hollywood writers, directors, and actors were forced to create content in a PG format, they would have no choice to write strong intellectual characters and plots, something relating to art. But since they are allowed to do anything, they go for mindless “shock” value rather than intellectual entertainment value. And I don’t want to support mindless “shock” value movies. So yea, I will wait for it to come out on DVD and check it out at the library. And if there is something offensive or tasteless like bathroom humor, sex scenes, or unnecessary foul language, I will skip it.

    At one time Hollywood might have had artistic value, but now…I don’t see anything but hack movies loosely based on true stories and shock value. It is only a matter of time before Hollywood goes bankrupt.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    So, the film is the equivalent of a “free jazz” session. Good to know.

  • FearAndSlothing
  • The Willard


  • Mazin Al Gohary

    hey everybody could any body help me to know the music that played in the scene of robert de niro in the hidden meeting coz i need it plllllllllllllllllllllllz

  • Tree Rock Creations

    Jay, I just got threw seeing the remake The Great Gatsby. What a piece of trash! This movie explained more than it showed. I almost fell asleep in it. The only reason I didn’t was because I forwarded through some of it. I am beginning to think Hollywood has lost the ability to make a well paced character based drama. Next on my list is Captain Phillips.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Castigates me for quoting JAY on a universally panned piece of shit movie. FAIL. Also you are kind of a dick.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Totally agree with you, dude. I think some people here use the comments as their personal soapbox to bitch about every movie that gets any kind of universal acclaim. Sad. The recent elitist hipsters stank in these comments is enough to drive me out forever….

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    LOL amazing comment.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Never said it was flawless, mate. Just not the type of movie I feel an insatiable need to bitch about and nitpick to death.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    I get it. I really do. I was doing a thing, quoting Jay from Prometheus. Fact is I agree with them both 95% of the time. But for all the fun they poke at hipsters and film school elitists, to drop a shitty review all over a good film that is critically acclaimed as well as popularly praised rubs me the wrong way. Now, I’m going rub myself the right way while staring at those GIFs I have of Jay turning tricks in the alley.

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Wow, I love DS9. Where did he actually say that?

  • Ludwig Scroggins IV

    Absolutely. Just to clarify, I was quoting Jay’s own asinine comment from the Prometheus review that anyone who complained about the quality of that movie should just stop watching movies. That piece of shit movie. I just found it amusing that he picked this movie to tear a new asshole. I wasn’t literally saying he or anyone else should stop watching movies if they didn’t like American Hustle. Jesus.

  • WrongWithYourFace

    Amen. I think Jay’s remark in the Prometheus review was referring to the technical quality of the film. As far as I can tell, Jay too questioned the story elements, they just weren’t enough to ruin it for him.

  • Percy Gryce

    I don’t remember. It might have been in the ST 2009 review.

  • shillax

    I want to marry you! everything you say is so spot on.

  • ident

    “This movie is over the top, and I think that’s the point. Even if it
    isn’t the point by design (which very much could be possible).”

    There are lots of movies that are good for reasons their creators did not intend, but we don’t give them Oscars. We put them on BOTW.

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  • klingklang

    “GIFs I have of Jay turning tricks in the alley”

    Sharing is caring.

  • Gray

    …You are rude.

  • jimmy

    See, I thought I wouldn’t like it that much (and that I wouldn’t like it as much as The Wolf of Wall Street), but I finally saw it and ended up fucking loving it. Go figure.

    Then I saw that hobbit movie everyone seems to like too… meh.

  • staphinfection

    WTF MIKE!? You spoiled “The Wall: The Tale of Humpty Dumpty” for me… Geeez.

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  • Robert Fitl

    I finally saw this movie… No idea what the hell it was supposed to be or trying to be. The actors kinda sucked and I just couldn’t care. Biggest disappointment I’ve seen in a while.

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