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June 7, 201742 Comments

Rich and Jack play Strafe, a First Person Shooter Rogue Like that’s firstly a shooter but light on the rogue.

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  • TitusAndronicusForever

    Well, me personally, I love the “very cool Nerd Crew” shirt!

  • Jaws


  • alex doucet

    Love to see a Witcher 3 review

  • Brian Levine

    Actually, much of science isn’t quite real. By science’s own requirements, theories have to be proven before they are facts. And just because a computer model gives you results close to what you want, that is not proof. Doesn’t mean you can’t accept it or believe it…just that it is not necessarily true.

  • Think I’ll just play the original Quake again.

  • Brian Levine

    I like Quisp better.

  • Urdus


  • Jaws


  • Joe Syxpac

    That’s going way back.

  • Adez

    Tower of Guns mixed FPS and Rogue decently

  • Andy James

    I’m pretty sure Jack wouldn’t make it through the first half hour with the cut scenes. I don’t even mind cut scenes, and I was bored.

  • RLMkeepitup

    Oh to be a kid in the 90s

  • Alex Doucet

    Some cut scenes are a bit long but they are also interactive and can completely change the outcome of the game. The game itself is superb and should not be overlooked because some people are incapable of sitting through a few cut scenes.

  • Andy James

    I found it confining and boring. Maybe I just don’t like the Geralt character enough to want to spend hours and hours playing as him. I also found the combat kind of awkward. It seemed like something I would love, and I just didn’t. It’s very pretty, and that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. I should note that I only made it a few hours in before I stopped playing, so I can’t speak to the overall story, most sidequests or how story choices affect outcomes.

  • Russell Mathias Furr

    Chex Quest or fuck off.

  • Alex Doucet

    All great points. Geralt is a bit of an a**hole and the combat has a pretty steep learning curve. However, the combat can be really refined once you get the hang of it. The thought you put into your fighting can really impact your success, especially on the higher difficulties. The story is dry at first but once you get into it and realize how much your choices affect the games outcome, it becomes very addicting. I would say the majority of cut scenes are in the first half of the game. I would suggest giving it another try someday. There is a ton of free DLC and patches out for it now that you may enjoy. Cheers!

  • ElectricPrism

    Chex Quest was the shit

  • Yeah my friend had that one because his churchy parents wouldn’t let him play the actual Doom. Surprisingly competent for a kid-safe rip-off – and rather lengthy for a cereal box game to my memory.

  • IamSithAzagoth

    Is that a Rich Evans doll sitting on the shelf next to Picard?

  • Thanatos

    You’ll make it to college one day.

  • Thanatos

    It must suck to hate masterpiece games. I would be horrified.

  • Cat Stowell

    What the hell? it’s almost like you’re giving this game a fair shake? where’s the divisive hate and vitriol? why don’t you like the things I like exactly the way I like them? bullshit. poop from a bulls ass. I am offended by your lack of complete dickishness towards this game.
    game’s pretty cool. 9 out of 10. but got stuck in one part, 1 out of 457!!! hate you game that’s smarter than me. I aint no dumber than no game err!

  • Lowell Schultz

    Why are you playing Strafe when Vanquish is finally on PC?!?!?

  • Andy James

    It’s the cross I bear.

  • Spoiled Ants

    In Germany STRAFE means literally ‘punishment’, a good description of what it was like watching the streams for this game.

  • Rich’s experience with action games I can only describe as “incomplete”. He claims it to be the “best action game of all time” – now I’m not gonna go out of my way and plug what I think is most deserving for that – but I don’t think a cover-based shooter with a rocket boots gimmick lands that mark for me. I mean it’s a little odd they’re even reviewing this title to me because I’m pretty sure Rich has claimed to not have touched Quake 1 – and maybe this was more of an ode to Quake II (which he apparently has more experience with) but in my opinion that was a far inferior game – mostly in terms of tone and enemy variety.

  • Michael Tuthill

    I hate the phrase “rogue-like”

  • Brian Levine


  • Brian Levine

    No that’s the actual Rich Evans. Don’t be fooled by the giant robots.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    This isn’t a “Rouge-like”. 99% of the games referred to as such are not RLs. TOME, DOOMRL, those are modern RLS. It’s like calling MLB 2017 a Madden-like because it shares one similar element (sports in this case) or calling Mario a “Zelda-like” because you find items.

  • kylemz

    I’d love to hear Plinkett’s opinion of the March For Science.

  • Spoiled Ants

    Another little thought: The cool-down for the Boosters replenishes your health as well, so what makes this that much different from all the Call of Duty shooters where you also have regenerative health and you have to stop every 10 seconds to charge your health?
    I get that you’re supposed to fight for every inch to move forward in this game, but for me it interrupted the flow the whole time.

  • As for Rogue-Likes – generally I have no need for them because I play Dwarf Fortress (in adventure mode specifically).

  • I think one of the main sticking points for me – and this seems like a mundane complaint – is that the music in this game makes my ears barf. Like you have this fast-paced action game that already has a ton of visual noise – and so on top of that they add this trashy like megaman-meets-newgrounds shit that sounds like – you guessed it – fucking noise. It just makes the entire game render to my brain as “noise”. Contrast that to the original Quake – which had this sinister haunting ambience throughout every level, saturated with droning bass synths and voice-like echoes – it is in a sense not at all action music (save for the awesome intro theme), and much of the time you hardly noticed it at all – it’s wallpaper for the action sequences – to which you were always dutifully aware of every time a grenade ricocheted across the ground – the music didn’t get you pumped up but it carved a sonic space to allow the sound effects come to the forefront, and that was kind of important for the flow of the game. And then you have Quake II – which I wasn’t as partial to the soundtrack as it was composed by Rob Zombie which means it sounded like buttrock trucker action music – but it was serviceable but had the potential of drowning out the sound effects which in that game were a little more obnoxious so that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing (the fucking sound of the chaingun in that game was abysmal). This is just trash composed in someone’s demo version of a DAW they downloaded.

  • frankelee

    This doesn’t count as content god damn it!

  • Mike Magnum

    For a Reskin of Doom. I didn’t think Chex Quest was that bad. It was better than Super Noah’s Ark 3d

  • Joe Syxpac

    To be fair, they did try to peddle low quality merchandise with words on it we recognize.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Hey, what’s that site one of uses to stream your youtube playlists for movie nights?

  • Summer


  • Urdus

    RIP Jaw….

  • Urdus

    Me too tbh. but I just finished a 200h Skyrim session at that time and couldn’t stomach any more quests. What I liked most was the baltic landscape. I grew up in that region and it is spot on, people. The wind, the trees, the typical brick buildings. It’s like a loveletter to my homeland. And Gerald isn’t as half as cocky as I thought he would be.

  • dimi


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