Pre-Rec: Gears of War 4

November 4, 201696 Comments

Rich & Jack discuss Gears of War 4 and then spend some time talking about what a great game Vanquish is. You all should try to find a copy of Vanquish #BringVanquishToPC

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    Oh hey if you love Vanquish, you might get a kick out of Titanfall 2.

  • DeL Keyes

    Crappy download speeds in the Windows Store is one point, but would it be too hard for them to give me the option to move my install of a game to another drive without moving EVERYTHING to another drive?

  • BoB

    Pretty sure you can, although this option is not very well surfaced. I’m not on my PC with Gears at the moment, but f you go to Control Panel > Apps & Features > Gears of War > There should be “Move” and “Uninstall” buttons. When you click Move it should have a drop down. But yeah, this should be an option available in the Store as you download.

  • Alex Doucet

    Love Gears of War 1 and 2.

  • DeL Keyes

    Yeeaaaaaah, that option doesn’t sound intuitive, and I still have to download the game anyway before I could move it.

  • Alamander

    Rich Evans, god among men. There was a cover based shooter for PS1 or 2 called ‘Kill Switch’ that was pretty good, actually.

  • Brian Levine

    “She commits suicide in the end.”

    How ironic. In real life, WE commit suicide in the end.

  • Like Icare

    A new Prepare Rectum comes out and the crowd goes wild.

    That’s 14% of all comments so far, for ya.

  • Glyph Wright

    Ugh, more Prerectum? I thought you removed this crap from the RLM website. Don’t ever post it again.


    I love Pre-Rec. You guys gotta do OVERWATCH and tell us how awesome it is.

  • RLMkeepitup

    startin to think Vanquish is to Rich as Star Trek is to Mike. anyway sounds like this game was moderately fun despite many fair criticisms

  • LameSame

    Oh, blow it out your ass

  • RLMkeepitup

    did Rich just spoil the next presidential term? he’s always right

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Dear millenials:

    The following statements are not jokes.

    “Well, that happened.”
    “Is this real life?”

    Please stop pretending they are jokes. They are not funny.

    Thank you.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    And speaking of comedy and politics: isn’t it refreshing to see Louis CK follow the established arc?

    Pretty funny unknown guy.
    Really funny semi-known guy.
    Very funny minor celebrity.
    Still pretty funny major celebrity.
    Less funny super celebrity, getting a little sanctimonious.
    Completely unfunny super celebrity with tons of terrible ‘projects’ who preaches at you all the time.

    Makes me hope Bill Burr remains unknown for a while longer.

  • Mark Bisone

    My favorite cover-based shooter will always be 1980’s Berserk by Stern Electronics, as it’s the only game of its kind with a real-life body count (RIP Peter and Jeff).

  • Insane Homicidal Nass


  • Summer of Nass

    I love games…. where you regenerate……………. health………… I love those games.

  • ninja egyptologist

    its not ironic its coincidental

  • Laho

    Hey if you want another amazing third person action game about shooting robots that is a ton of fun and charming as hell, give Binary Domain a try.

    A real sleeper hit, that. But well worth it. Cast is great and has a ton of personality, all of them have a loyalty system that will affect how the story plays out. Enemies are all robots that you can shoot to pieces in a very satisfying manner. It looks good and it’s just plain fun to play. As a fan of Vanquish, I’m sure Rich would enjoy it.

  • D.cliff

    I believe the referenced PS2 game is Operation: Winback, which was originally released on the N64.

    Kind of want to replay that game now that I’m thinking about it.

  • Paulus Decimus Meridius

    Mine would be Time Crisis. So many coins…

  • Jaws 2 – Shark Sandwich

    Commando, Predator and Cobra… yes please.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    Where’s my Dr. Strange review you FUCKS?!!

    You HACK, FRAUDS?!!!

  • Were you regenerating your health in between those words?

  • Cream-A-Thon

    And my “Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children” review? Tim Fucking Burton, RLM people, easiest target you’re going to get for a while.

  • Cream-A-Thon

    Dude, do we even comment anymore?
    Edit: Is the reddit RLM worth my time as someone not in the 12-35 year old bracket?

  • EJ

    This is known as the “Carlin cycle”

  • xDiscipleOfTheWatchx

    After the Microsoft comments and the Hillary Clinton comments, I now love Rich Evans even more.

  • TheVerySpecialK

    Really? Seriously? Is this real life?

    Well, that happened.

  • Ultima Abendessen

    Rich, you spoiled the end of Vanquish for me.

    I’ve been playing it a couple of hours at a time, at a rate of approximately once every couple of years. So, therefore, I haven’t reached the end yet.

  • Like Icare

    Carlin never stopped being funny.

  • Spoiled Ants

    The first cover-based shooter was WINBACK: Covert Operations on N64 you hacks!
    It didn’t have any of this regenerating health bullcrap and it still beats any of those GoW games.
    I’ve started playing Vanquish last weekend, it’s an alright game, but I think I’ve reached my limit of enthusiasm for videogames.

  • Adam Baldwin

    Microsoft is greedy. And sleazy. But they’re not evil. They’re inept, like Jack said. Greedy, sleazy, and inept.

  • Glyph Wright

    He never started being funny either.

  • Jaws

    actually if you look up the definition of Evil… it says, greedy, sleazy and inept.

  • Like Icare


  • RLMkeepitup

    honestly spend more time now with twitch open watching people play than playing myself : and don’t even keep up with new gamez. red dead 2 could be fun.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    If you really believe that, I don’t know what to tell you.

    I went to one of his Vegas shows towards the end (right before he had to go back into rehab). He was unbearable. He just wanted to lecture and insult his audience.

    I was a huge Carlin fan growing up. And all I can say is, read his autobiography. He was quite open about how he changed. As I recall, some critic made fun of him for doing goofy wordplay jokes (you know, his funny stuff) and soon afterward he saw Sam Kinison doing his unfunny screaming man schtick, and he decided “angry and political is the way to go!” And by the end, he was addicted to Vicodin and red wine and screaming at his audience about how stupid they are.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Very few businesses are actually evil. Except Evil Corp.

    See also: Hanlon’s Razor.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Finally! A superhero origin story!!!!

  • bleurgh

    Dear old man,

    Cram it.

  • RLMkeepitup

    I remember him saying he hated vegas audiences, checks out

  • Spoiled Ants

    Same for me. My flatmate bought the PS4 three months ago, he played Uncharted for about a week and hasn’t touched the thing ever since then. I use it primarily to watch Youtube on television.
    There’s just no title on the PS4 that gives me any excitement to look forward to. Except maybe that Zelda trailer I saw several months ago, I think I might buy the next Nintendo console/handheld whatever that thingy is, I love the old-school look of the controllers. Nintendo knows how to keep things simple, even old fucks like me can’t get confused,

  • Spoiled Ants

    I’m not sure, but didn’t they recently mention that they wouldn’t review Tim Burton’s poop because they aren’t interested?

  • Spoiled Ants

    I still have a PS3 lying around, I’m seriously contemplating of buying it n the PS store (it’s currently not availabe on the PS4 store).

  • Spoiled Ants

    I love that Bill Burr doesn’t even have the ambition to get big. He’s great at improvising, especially on his monday morning podcasts. His animated television show ‘F is for Family’ was not bad, but it wasn’t really funny either.

  • Spoiled Ants

    I never got the praise for Sam Kinison, during that time there were many outlaw comics who tackled similar topics. And they all did it without the anoying caw.

  • VvdD


  • VvdD

    Consoles are pretty useful albeit expensive tools to watch Netflix on.

    As I get older I just can’t muster the energy to start up a new game. So unless I force myself through the first 3 hours, and it hooks me within that time frame, game will not be played.

  • VvdD

    Agreed, decided to put him up on Netflix recently to pass time while doing chores, thinking “yeah this guy is funny right?”, but even in the background he was making me depressed. Switched over to Bill Bur after about 15 minutes.

  • VvdD

    It’s neither really.

    Coincidental would be if Hillary commits suicide.

  • Cobretti

    Time Crisis is older than Winback, and besides: a) Winback is a shit game and b) it doesn’t play like Gears of War. You sound like an insufferable hipster or an even more insufferable nostalgic. If you grew out of video games do everyone a favor and stop talking about them.

  • Frank Lovejoy


  • Frank Lovejoy

    I owned (and kept) most consoles going back to the Dreamcast. Then someone broke into my house and stole all of them, along with all the games. Gave me a new appreciation for Steam.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Actually, it’s ironic (don’t you think)?

    Irony is the reversal of expectations. It would be coincidental if Hillary Clinton actually shot herself in the head after winning. It would also be awesome.

  • Spoiled Ants

    Ok, you must be really new here, if you take any of these comments here seriously, but please stop acting like Siegmund Douche in the future. Thank you.

    And yes I played Time Crisis, but since it’s 1st person and the mechanics are a little different, you can’t really compare them. Winback definitely took many cues from Time Crisis like the bullet counter, but to me it had more going on, especially since you have more liberties in your movement. And that’s an opinion, not a fact. Deal with it.

  • Lute Hende

    You don’t need to be a intellectual to play these games but I like stories “told” and my character embedded in a developing plot. Reading through tons of item description to even get the basics of the lore may look smart on the outside (and gives lots of youtubers a purpose in life by theory crafting). But it is plain laziness on the developers site. Spares also some coins.

  • Lute Hende

    I like that consoles don’t throw crap at you. No updates, no messages, no multiplayer. Just me and the game.

  • Lute Hende

    even in Dark Souls they have items with regeneration. Not really effective but I can imagine some people waiting 5 min after each hit until their life bar is full again.

  • LameSame

    More like “Geez, I’m Bored!”

  • LameSame

    lol good one

  • LameSame


  • Joe Syxpac

    I looked it up and it simply said “Microsoft”.

  • Joe Syxpac

    You didn’t have regenerating health, but you did have a transparent neck that bullets just passed through without hurting you.

    And Evil Otto gave me nightmares.

  • Alex Doucet

    Love Pre-Rec. I’d like to see longer reviews focusing on game history and evolution. I may be wrong but I believe GOW2 was first of its kind to utilize a destructible cover system. I have also heard that Microsoft put the original Xbox 360 back into development, after epic games showed them GOW, to be able to optimally run the game. Has anyone else heard this?

  • Any company that bills itself as a “defense contractor” is evil. Or at least the divisions of it that produce the material necessary to meet that criteria are.

    “Private military contractor” is also a long way of saying “evil.”

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Well, our actual military is too concerned with pregnant women on Navy ships, putting women on the front lines of combat, and making sure “transgender” people feel comfortable … so someone has to do the fighting.

  • Chris Pratt in a remake of Commando is such a terrible idea I’m surprised no one in Hollywood has tried doing it already.


    Carlin is one of the geniuses of Stand Up Comedy. It’s not up for debate.

    But yes, he had his flaws. Some of his shows are INCREDIBLE. But he did get VERY political, and very angry, and some of it happened BEFORE Kinison.

  • Like Icare

    “doing goofy wordplay jokes (you know, his funny stuff)”

    Well there’s your problem right there.
    That was his vestigial humor back from the Indian Sargent days. Basically Gallagher stuff. With fewer watermelons.

    Carlin’s talent, as is true for any comedian, was in pointing out incongruities.
    Speaking truth to power with the authority and sanctuary of a court jester.

    I.e. Screaming at the audience.

    There’s a reason people idolize Hicks, Carlin, Black… Stewart…
    They crystallize and shine a light on things that the audience knows is wrong but either can’t express exactly why it is so or feels that it has no one to express it to (or both) – cause everyone around them would just rather listen to some goofy wordplay jokes.

  • RLMkeepitup

    it should start with Adrien Brody falling to earth while asleep and he armors up in mid air

  • Frank Lovejoy

    “Speaking truth to power”. Wow. What next, the workers control the means of production?

    “Speaking truth to power” just means you talk shit about conservatives. Or haven’t you noticed how all these “truth speakers” fall all over themselves to back people like the Clintons?

    The difference between George Carlin, Louis CK, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Patton Oswalt, and on and on being funny and being preachy, sanctimonious assholes is that when they were funny they were consistent. When they got political they just became partisan cheerleaders, willing to ignore the wrongs of ‘their side’. Just like every political ‘comedian’ in the world. And over time their need to cheerlead destroys their ability to be funny, because being funny requires honesty and politics requires dishonesty.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    “My opinion is not up for debate!”

  • Nordquist

    It’s not worth it if your in the 12-350 bracket.

  • Darth Shatner

    Health regen just means a different play strategy. In Doom you do your best to keep from getting hit because you know you have to run out into the battlefield to pick up a health pack. But you still have to do that occasionally. In GoW you stick yourself behind cover and only pop out long enough to take those same few hits before removing yourself from the action for a few seconds. It all adds up to the same thing, really.

    As far as the enemies ignoring you while you’re prone goes, they ignore you so they’re not getting shot by other active players and/or NPCs. But they will still find you and stomp you if you’re down long enough to “bleed out.”

  • Like Icare

    You got that kinda backwards and skewed.

    Conservative politics REQUIRES delusional, outdated, out of touch, close-minded… and these days more and more paranoid and conspiracy theorist thinking and acting.
    Cause that’s what conservatives ARE.
    They long for an idealized, gilded times that NEVER WERE, ignoring the march of time and social progress (at best) – and actively trying not even to maintain the status quo, but to turn back time.

    I.e. They are NATURAL source of comedy and target of ridicule.
    They are the anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-poor, anti-social change, anti-women, anti-everything since about 1950s (or whenever it was they were 7) crowd.
    At the same time, those are the people who keep shouting that comics, movies, games, porn, dancing, Sponge Bob… are ruining the “kids these days”.
    And that’s just your regular day-to-day conservatism.

    When they are not doing some really ridiculous shit – like trying to prove that contraceptives of any kind are bad or that vaccines cause autism or that he Earth is flat.

    On the other hand ANY artistic endeavor or even mere expression DEMANDS and is built on liberal thinking.
    To paraphrase that old saying – you must want to say “FUCK!” in order to be able to say “Fuck the government!”
    You can’t go “Oh… but that’s not a nice word.” – cause “Make love to government!” just doesn’t have the same connotations.

    Which is why comedians are both naturally inclined to be anti-conservative and anti-establishment… cause being funny doesn’t require merely the truth – it requires both the ability of the mind and the of the words to say “See this? This is what is wrong with this picture.”
    That’s then the bit which must be truth for the joke to work.

    And you can’t do that if you’re too busy herding your sacred cows – of which conservatives tend to have far, FAR more than the liberals.

    There’s a reason there are so few conservative comedians out there, and even fewer political conservative comedians.

    What you seem to be complaining is “Why are they not making fun of the other side too?” – cause you can’t be a cheerleader and PRAISE someone with comedy. Comedy doesn’t work like that.

    And the answer to the question above is again – “Cause conservatives are natural source of comedy.”
    I.e. When you got people who THINK of themselves as conservative, while acting like radicals… which is what the supposedly conservative party of the USA has been for decades now… that’s both self-evident comedy AND a slow motion car crash you can’t tear your eyes away from.


    I didn’t state an opinion. I stated a fact.

    And I agree with you that his “funniness” waned at times.

  • Thanatos

    They’re right, bro shooters suck ass, and Vanquish does not.

  • Thanatos

    Chris Pratt in a Ben-Hur remake?

  • Sir Baronish

    On the nose, boys.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Ask for a dictionary for Christmas.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Whatever you say, chief.


    Suck my Dictionary.

  • While I agree, my problem with it is that technically it employs an infinite number of strategies that all end up being the same thing: avoid damage. While this doubles into games that make use of health packs (forgive my ancient terminology, I just got done playing through HL2 for the billionth time), what it also does is erases all mistakes at a certain point. If an enemy decides NOT to rush you in the event that you duck under cover wherever you are, then you are basically golden. All mistakes are erased and – I must ask because I don’t know – do the NPCs regen their own health? Because if not, that makes the strategy side of it rather lopsided. The reason I say it doesn’t add up to the same thing is because okay… let’s say in HL2 we have a health kit on the other end of the level – and some dudes in between. This necessitates that I am creative to avoid damage, and each individual prick of damage up until I reach that medkit could ultimately add up to more loss than the benefit was worth. With regenerative health there simply is no overall loss – yes the difference is that you have to go to the magical health item in my version of the story – which is only located in maybe a few different locations – the point is though that none of them are near you. In my humble opinion, the back of a box should not double as a place to heal. When I am pinned down and under cover I don’t want to ultimately feel “safe”, I want to feel pressured to move. I want the game to say to me: “You’re safe for now, but you better think fast mother fucker because they aren’t just gonna let you sit there.” Not to mention I mean – this is a different conversation sort of – but there’s nothing cooler than the force of a grenade I lobbed literally chucking an item my way I didn’t expect that ends up benefiting me. What a pleasant surprise! Here’s how I think it should be handled if you’re going to do it: sectionalized regenerative health. I’m going to bring up a game most people either didn’t care about, never heard about, or hate, but it did some things right that I’ll always think about when dealing with modern gaming. Aliens vs Predator (2010) had a regenerative health system split into sections. The marine had 3, the predator had like 7 or so, and the alien just had one large one. What this meant though, was that if when taking damage you lost say… 3/4 of a bar… if you managed to stay out of combat for just long enough you would regain just that bar. Whichever was the next bar up, you could regain up to that point but no more until you applied a health stim. If more games played with the idea of regen health vs. limited number of carryable or findable health aids, I think the idea of regenerative health wouldn’t bug me quite so much. Limit the amount of times or the amount that you can regen and the system doesn’t feel so inconsequential.

  • Like Icare

    Hmm… Whatever I say?

    Well… for starters we should have a two-weekend week, with “floating” weekends.
    Two work days, two rest days, two work days, two rest days…

    Plus an additional rest day for New Year’s Day… and we can keep the same calendar, while doubling the employment AND reducing the crowds at our favorite hangouts when WE have our days off.

    Also, all drugs should be legalized and taxed, with those taxes being earmarked for healthcare and education.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    I’ll get right on that!

  • Mark Boris

    Knowing how much Rich hates multiplayer, I find it hilarious to think of him booting up GoW4 multiplayer for even one round in which other players “bunt up against [him] and use the shotgun!”

  • Like Icare

    Jolly good!

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Oh shit, I fucked up and did the exact opposite of everything you said. My bad.

  • Like Icare

    Well… no more funding from Illuminati for you then…

  • Well, he is a big fan of powerful shotguns in video games. I think regardless of the game if you hand him a shotgun that can wreck an enemy in one shot he’ll at least play it for a little while.

  • My problem with regenerative health is that it encourages inactivity to recover from your wounds – but we’re talking five seconds of inactivity, not waiting a week in a hospital bed. And this is in an action game, not a stealth game. That and the fact that when healing occurs on its own in between every shooting segment, it makes every subsequent piece of the game feel inconsequential. As soon as you’re done with a shootout, all history of your mistakes are erased. Yes, health packs also erase your mistakes, but again – you actually have to do SOMETHING to get a hold of them.

  • post viewer

    thanks for spoiling vanquish

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    whats the music at the end?

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