Pre-Rec: Dishonored 2

December 1, 201637 Comments

Rich & Jack play Dishonored 2 which is a stealth game that’s also an action game where you have to sneak around unless you don’t want to. Made by Besethda Thoftworks.

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  • I was hoping Rich Evans would say something about whether or not they gave Stephen Russell good enough material to work with. The writing in Thief was so on-point and perfectly suited to a voice actor of that caliber. I’m basically going to get this game because I dig Arkane Studios – but also mostly because I want to hear Garrett – sorry – Corvo speak snarky witticisms.

  • Jack & Beanstalk

    rich evans, you are my favourite human

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Read a book, you fucking idiots.

  • frankelee

    You know what’s great is Donkey Kong Country.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Oh god. You’re a chick in this one? Stop the pandering.

  • Adez

    One of my fav kids as a kid was James Bond Nightfire, it blended action and stealth well, either go guns blazing, or use one of multiple path with stealth to make the game easier (like take out alarm system, hack, or use a backdoor)

    Stealth should be the easier option, particularly if it makes the player feel smarter to bypass getting hurt

    Action and stealth for a stealth game should not be an apple and orange kind of thing, stealth should be logically better

  • Snake Squeezer

    Anybody else notice all the Half in the Bag episodes from before episode 20 have been removed from RLM’s youtube? On the other hand, Game Station 2.0 episode 1 — still available.

  • rubberball

    It’s the fat one and the thin one! Hurray! They are my favourite! Five bucks for patreon!

  • Neuroticmoose

    It would only have taken a 5 second google search to find out the game was actually made by Arkane studios a studio made up of former Thief developers. I mean, I don’t expect much from Rich and Jack but still.

  • Neuroticmoose

    Its actually just optional, but she does play differently from returning protagonist Corvo

  • Like Icare

    Bald and Balder?

  • Hieronymus Friedrich von Münch

    i hope in dishonored 2 the best way to play is a 0-kill run like dishonored. that made the game so fun for me, no matter how save-scummily i played it..never got to use any of the cool weapons though.

  • Craig Rigby

    the first games biggest problem was that all the best stuff was for killing. a game shouldnt give you cool toys then make you the dick for using them unless the non lethal side has equally cool stuff.

  • PrivatePyle

    Did you douches not see the option to play without powers?

  • Andrew

    A lot of the new powers (for Emily, Corvo has all the same old ones) work pretty well for both a kill and no kill run. You can turn into a living shadow and either kill or knock people out that way. You can link people’s minds together with a Domino power so that whatever happens to one person happens to anyone linked to them. Kill them, everyone dies; knock them out, everyone falls unconscious.

    Also, when you drop down on someone from above, you have the choice to kill them or knock them out, which is nice.

    I’m going on a no kill run, and really taking my time. I’m about 18hrs in and still in the middle of mission 4. Of course, I’m exploring every corner of the map and knocking out every guard (and then stacking them all in a giant pile on some rooftop). Watching the guys rush through every level without mapping out where every guard is and their patrol patterns before moving in at the opportune moment has been… frustrating.

  • Yeah that bit annoyed me as well, being a big fan of Dark Messiah when it came out in the early days of Source.

  • Lute Hende

    Has a terrible “cut your screen in 2 halfs” effect since release if you turn around. Vsync is not able to fix it and latest patch didn’t solve that problem neither. In addition to that our synchro is “underwelming” to put it nicely. Will have to play it in english whenever I’m in the mood again to touch this game after this let down. Rest is fine, I guess. Mechanics and feeling of the world are consistent with the first part. Big plus for me.

  • EJ

    Are you for real?

  • So in other words the cover art is indicative of their graphical problems?

  • sadman69

    jack’s flannel looks nice

  • Darson

    This time travel scene reminds me of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The whole game is about time travel between ruined creepy fortress and not so much ruined creepy fortress. And the gameplay is great.

  • Angry Picard

    Well, Bethesda published it, which means that they owned and led it. It’s in the same way that you can say George Lucas made Star Wars, even though he never acted and didn’t direct 2 of them.

    Also, both are owned by Zenimax, so there’s no real boundary between the 2.

  • Don piano

    That’s not an accurate description of the publisher-developer relationship. The publisher provides the budget and marketing, whereas the developer designs and creates the game itself. The creative input from a publisher is basically limited to marketing bullet points (make sure there are x total hours of gameplay, achievements or trophies for replay value, brand consistency, and so on). Bethesda does have an internal developer afaik, but they would have nothing to do with the publishing arm of the company, which is entirely marketing and PR people.

  • Angry Picard

    Bethesda did design the game. They’re the ones who denied other ideas and pushed for the stealth-assassin gameplay. They bought the company, told them what game to make, and ran the budget. This isn’t a hands-off publishing. They own the devs. How does Bethesda not make a game when every single person involved is on their payroll.

    Also, off the point, but the director isn’t always the controlling or creative voice. Look at Marvel. They have a very clear inhouse voice and style that trumps the directing voice. And depending on the actor, they can exert a lot of control. Look at Deadpool. That’s Ryan Reyold’s before whoever directed. Ben affleck is much of the same.

  • Like Icare

    It is stylistically designed.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Seriously? Are you kidding me right now? Really? Is this real life?

  • Frank Lovejoy

    I guess that’s something.

    It’s just tiresome. Every game, every movie poster, every TV show promo: bam, woman up front, woman main character. It’s getting to the point where if you want to watch a heroic male action hero you have to drag 90-year-old Liam Neeson to an airport or to France or something again.

    Chicks are even swinging the lightsabers these days. It’s psychotic. We get it: women can be heroes too. Can we have fun, believable movies again now?

  • Gift Card

    @12:00 The point of BioShock was that player choice is an illusion.

  • flayedsavior

    @9:45 The NPC’s were alerted to you at first not by your visibility, but by the sound you made stomping around up there and not in stealth/crouch mode. You went to stealth mode after already alerting them so the crouching or verticality isn’t going to affect anything when they are actively looking towards you and the sound they heard.

    I played once on normal, and just started a very hard playthrough. NPC’s visual cognizance didn’t get as extreme as I thought it might but you can’t take any non-crouched step in a large room without causing an NPC’s white bar to activate, so staying crouched is very important even on normal difficulty.

    The AI in this one is much better than the first and makes for a more immersive stealth experience. They’re more sensitive to sound, no more free peeking around corners, and they are a little more thorough when investigating.

    I thought the story was fine, though understand come criticism, but the mechanics were much improved over the first and gameplay is king for me. The only thing I missed was some longer or connected sidequests in the missions ala the Granny Rags missions in the first.

  • Craig

    Because presumably it’s not believable that a woman could swing a lightsaber?

  • Frank Lovejoy

    Not really. No. Swinging a lightsaber, shooting bad guys, saving the world: that’s what guys do. And you know it, deep down.

  • Devil_Dinosaur


  • It’s working.

  • Sam

    Oh wow, do you find that annoying? That in every game, every movie poster, every TV show promo has a female at the front but you are a male? Does that bother you maybe? Do you find it tiresome? I wonder how that feels. That must be awful. That must truly be awful. I feel for you, I really do. Goodness. I honestly don’t think I can imagine what that’s like.

  • Frank Lovejoy

    The difference is, men belong in those stories. Women don’t. Now, off with you.

  • StarTripper

    I enjoyed Dishonored and especially the multiple paths to get through an area. It was fun to replay sections just to figure out all the paths you could use given what powers you had.

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