Pre Rec: Bayonetta

May 5, 201733 Comments

Rich and Jack play Bayonetta for the PC and finally realize their dream of being a sexy, bad-ass, witch. Bayonetta is made by Platinum Games and so far has been very well received… Hint Hint Platinum.

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  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Ugh. Got my hopes up…

  • mister man


  • Michael Tuthill


  • Jaws

    Are you sure that’s coffee there Jack. Looks like ass.

  • Jaws

    You should know better.

  • RLMkeepitup

    if i liked these random gamez i might venture to say these discussions are getting more in depth than hitb. the video clips help a lot, respect for the work on the show

  • terrorismofthemind

    Rich looks 10 years younger. Keep up what you’re doing dude.

  • Square Peg

    Yeah I can imagine that Space Harrier part would be hard if you didn’t grow up playing Space Harrier. It was basically a “this one’s for the Sega Genesis kids” section.

  • Sgt Weeniearms


  • Robotpals

    Press and hold “X” to skip Jack complaining about cut scenes.

  • PoopSoupwhydoesitrhyme

    Sick doods, keep it up

  • Clinton Arneson

    Rich!! You look great !!

  • Bubs

    I’m so glad you guys reviewed a 6 year old game which no one played even when it was released. What a kill great me show!

  • Jaws

    You will get what your given and you will love it.

  • VanDerSm00th

    Rich hates the game!!!!!! xd

  • LameSame

    Good game, great review!

  • LameSame

    Yeah, wasn’t just released to killer sales on Steam recently or anything. How’s your show? Would love to see it.

  • Thanatos

    Your entire show is a cutscene Jack. Think about that!

  • unsubscribed (to everything ever)

  • FrancisInSpring

    Well done! Excellent review!

    I really hope y’all consider to continue reviewing stuff by PlatinumGames and one-offs from their staff, like Nier Automata, Bayo 2, or maybe another look at Vanquish. (If they ever #BringVanquishToPCGodDamnIt)

    PS on Nier:AutoTomato, if you beat ending A only, don’t even review it. You haven’t played like 80% of the game if you only beat ending A, so it would legitimately make y’all look foolish if you only reviewed to that point.

  • Joe

    I really preferred the old background.

    Good review though. Keep it up, guys.

  • Strelnikov

    They thought “two guys on a couch looks more professional“, or maybe they needed the space for the Nerd Crew set.

  • Chowderbatter

    There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m going to just come right out and say it…

    Jack reminds me of Stan Laurel with alopecia.

    Ex-peshully when he dranks that coffee. That’s my opinion.

    He’s still a swell guy though. Carry on.

  • Chowderbatter

    Are there any AT-STs AT-STs AT-STs in this game?

  • lucky_pierre

    Vanquish announced on steam

  • Brian Levine

    “When are you losers going to do Pong? I love me some Pong!” – HSP

  • gerberbaby_tutu

    This was a fantastically fun game to play, even if the story didn’t make much sense (it felt intentionally made this way). I had just wished for some open-world aspects, which would have really made this game not feel so linear. Either way, tons of fun, honestly.

  • Kablamo

    Rich Evans is stylin’ in this episode.

  • alex doucet

    Bubs has a show on Netflix and it is superior to this review in every conceivable way.

  • LameSame


  • alex doucet

    Love to see a Witcher 3 review

  • Summer


  • Foreman 371

    Maybe they fear a possible rage storm of their fanbase and thats the reason they avoid to comment on populare games. You know…would make sense.

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