Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace



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  • Mihalceanu Calin

    I’m writing my BA paper on Star Wars….this stuff helps! thanks for makin these vids!

  • BigDhardy

    Speaking of “lifeless” the reviews here are excellent.
    a good thing to do in life “active” is punching the face of idiots using cosplay starwars.
    ‘ve done this several times with my brothers! i recomend!

  • Guest

    I have viewed your review, i muat say i don’t agree with your synopsis of the video. i agree that the ‘Phantom Menace’ has its faults and flaws but its obvious that you grew up with the original three movies and have a closed opinion on the newer ones as most star wars fanboys have

  • DarkCyberElf

     I was born in the 90’s, and was about 8 or 9 years old when I first saw this film, and I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know what the hell was going on, and I certainly don’t know now. It is the most confusing and pointless of the Star Wars films. Is it entertaining? Yes, at time. But mostly it’s just complete shit compared to the simplicity, originality, and development the original trilogy had. Everything this guy said was completely valid, regardless of which films you prefer. I personally like this film, but for illogical reasons. This movie is bad. This is the worst Star Wars movie. Those are facts he has just proven.

  • okorugaijin

    The security chief says their security volunteers (which makes them sound like mall cops or concert bouncers—these are the people in charge of protecting the Queen and the rest of the planet?) would be no match against…”a battle-hardened Federation army”?

    What? When the big final battle takes place, they’re almost entirely fighting regiments of DROIDS. The term “battle-hardened” refers to someone who has been through numerous wars and conflicts and has had their sensitivities, resilience, and training steeled over as a result. Usually this person is pretty valuable in a fight. “Battle-hardened” would be appropriate if you were referring to like, a human, or some other type of carbon-based life form that could experience things like fear, pain, or emotion. But these are FUCKING ROBOTS. The most “life-like” thing they do is say “Roger, roger” back to the giant computer that probably controls them. They’re not the fucking Uruk-hai.

    Besides, from the way the Jedi cut these things in half by the dozen, I’d say they’re pretty expendable…not valuable. They’re like cheap plastic toys that all look the same (cue “We’re in the money” music). As soon as one gets demolished it just gets replaced by another on that looks exactly the same and has the same orders. They don’t need to be “battle-hardened” from numerous conflicts.

  • cablecar830

    I agree with your point that he seems like he loved the originals too much, but a lot of it was pretty pointless, but overall, I love all of the films, it’s more than a story, it’s a legend and everyone that picks on it in WAY TOO MUCH DETAIL, isn’t aware that George Lucas made it the way he wanted to, and now he’d got billions lol so, good point bro or sis haha

  • Nathanielpera

    My blip just glitched in the best way possible. When R2D2 stuck “a thing in a thing” the video glithched out and skipped around wildly. R2, you dolt, you broke the video!

  • xsplat

    Incredible quality of analysis and production in this video, but why I like it is that it’s fucking funny.

    How long do these take to produce? Do you have a big staff to help gather the material and edit it?

  • Cameron

    The guy who does these reviews is the biggest idiot in the history of the universe!!!

  • Cameron

    Anyone who agrees with this guy is an even bigger idiot!!!

  • Cameron

    Anyone who agrees with this guy is an even bigger idiot!!! If he badmouths Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he’s dead, double time, no wait, make that quadrople time!

  • Fabrice Pradal

    Why calling “the French Revolution” the invasion of France by the nazis during World War 2? I sincerely don’t get it :S

  • Angry White Man

    Just like how Russia siting nuclear warheads on Cuba was the story of World War One? The joke is he’s deliberately getting the names of historical events wrong, you fucking idiot.

  • Fabrice Pradal

    It’s funny

  • John Johnson

    1. When you have a story that can’t really hold up to a complicated scrutiny of plot details like SW (as opposed to Star Trek which can work as a nerd niche), you really have to focus on universal elements of storytelling and visuals, you can’t just have a bunch of mindless logistical dialogue that creates all these new rules. That’s why this is ‘Fantasy in space’ as opposed to sci-fi; it’s supposed to be fucking universal and accessible!!!

    2. Anakin should have been the Luke of the prequels, starting ep1 the same age as Luke in epIV. Lucas could have just aped the sequels and no one would have faulted him. No one wanted Godfather here, just SW. Making the character of Anakin switch actors 33% of the way through the trilogy is absolutely mind boggling; obviously the reasoning was,” Now it gots a little kid!” The closest I can get to identifying a protagonist in this mess is
    ep1: Obiwan, Qui-gon, and Anakin are ALL the protagonist.
    ep2: Obiwan and Anakin are both the protagonist.
    ep3: Anakin is the Protagonist

    3. Anakin and Obiwan’s friendship doesn’t make very much sense due to their age difference of… I’ll say at least 10 years. Actually the way these movies work it’s almost as if Anakin catches up in age to Obiwan.

    This movie is 13 years old and I still can’t forget how much of a clusterfuck it was.

  • John Johnson

    A bigger idiot than you? What a conundrum.

  • cameron is an asshole

    which the painfully terrible tv series or the animated film that got 19 percent

  • Michael

    Technically the Uruk-Hai were made right before Helms deep… meaning they weren’t battle-hardened either…

    At least, that’s my recollection…

  • Jackson Campbell

    the Uruk-Hai were active in the events of the first book where they attack the fellowship and kill Boromir. They also spent a good deal of time fighting small bands of Rohirim and raiding settlements. So they were not wholly untested, but neither had they faced determined resistance (with out most of them being killed)

  • Tom

    Am I the only one slightly put off by the fact that Padme seems about three times Annakin’s age in the first movie, yet by the third Anakin seems slightly older?

  • Bananna Hammock

    Apparently you missed the big *IF* right before that statement.

  • GranDam

    The prequels are such a colossal failure because they lack the most basic elements that make a movie worth watching. It lacks characters and a coherent story. It’s as if they took all the old star wars staples and ELECTROFIED them. They didn’t bother with a story or characters. It’s totally obvious.

    I’m not a writer and I could have made a better story. Here’s something just off the top of my head. It wouldn’t be that hard to do and it ties up the story nicely to coincide with the start of A New Hope.

    Obiwan is a younger, more hotheaded Jedi than in the original trilogy. He finds Anakin and wants to train him because he senses his potential with the Force. When he asks the permission of the Jedi council they deny him the opportunity, so he trains him in secret. Yoda finds out that Obiwan is secretly training Anakin and has Anakin brought into the Jedi order so Obiwan doesn’t get into trouble.

    Anakin advances through his training quickly. He becomes more and more powerful, but he’s reckless and prone to giving in to his emotions. The council is wary of this and slows his training and ascent through the ranks. Anakin starts to become impatient with the council always doubting him. He believes they’re jealous and scared of his true potential. Palpatine talks to Anakin, tells him that there is another group that uses the Force that would allow him to advance much quicker and to attain even greater power with the Force.

    Anakin slowly turns to the dark side becoming more and more distant to the Jedi order. Obiwan realizes this and eventually finds out that Anakin is consorting with a Sith lord. He eventually confronts Anakin and duels him in an effort to stop him. Obiwan wins the duel but can’t bring himself to kill Anakin. Instead he leaves him severely maimed, hoping that this will stop his quest for power. This is where Anakin becomes Darth Vader. Filled with hatred for the Jedi, particularly his old friend Obiwan, he works with Palpatine to eliminate the Jedi council (as they’re the only group that has any real power to oppose him).

    All the Jedi are hunted down and eliminated, only a few manage to escape. Obiwan takes baby Luke and heads off to Tatooine, leaving baby Leia to the Organas on Alderaan. He does this out of fear that Darth Vader’s children would be equally as powerful with the Force and that they’d be corrupted to the dark side. He goes into hiding on Tatooine so he can watch Luke while avoiding being killed in the ensuing hunt for the remaining Jedi. He also hides out of shame for having brought the end of the Jedi order, which had existed for thousands of generations. Yoda flees to Dagobah because he fears the Jedi order is destroyed and there is nothing else he can do to change that.

    Fill that basic outline with scenes depicting Obiwan and Anakin going through adventures and you’d have a much better trilogy.

  • cats

    So I look at my clock on the bottom right of my screen as he says “Hey it’s 11:30 in the morning…” It’s 11:33 o..O

  • Patrick Allen

    Same as what Jackson C said, but also the Uruk-hai were at least competently “programmed” so to speak. I don’t even know how the Trade Federation is profitable, considering how many resources they must go through to churn out so many cheap, crap fighting droids.

  • Patrick Allen

    You better get out before Plinkett explains to you “how much of a fucking idiot you are.” He gets pretty murderous when he explains things.

  • Patrick Allen

    Nobody’s saying there wasn’t a blockade in World War 1, it’s just that the joke was self-evidently about confusing historical event to someone who took even the smallest second to ponder it.

    The point is just, so you’re still a fucking idiot for not thinking things through before you committed yourself to a full-on comment on the Internet.

  • Patrick Allen

    Yes, he’s a maverick to the point of doing unreasonable things. Even though he’s more contemplative. Brilliant analysis, Q.

  • Pedro Moro

    I really like the three old movies because of the story and the great idea, but what captured my attention in the star wars saga was exactly what isn’t considered so good: the action. Although it does not fit well in the universe of star wars the paper of the action in the new trilogy is to attract the new audience making it justified. And what sabotages the new movies is the numbers of details that were tried to be put in the movie because of the lack of answers in the old trilogy. They put a lot of details because they needed not only to tell a new story but to explain an already existed one, this makes difficult to conceal and the problems are seen more easily. As a 17 years old nerd I would put the films in this order: worst – I, III, IV, II, V, VI -best. I would put this in my opinion (that nobody needs to share if you don’t will to) because of the action involved and the story.
    And in the problems in the story appeared not only in the new trilogy, who would put a week point in a massive weapon like the death star?? Why there is a hole that take it to the reactor?? It doesn’t makes sense at all.

  • Son of Plinkett

    Harry S. Plinkett ia my father

  • jarjar4evr


    I know everyone refers to Star Wars as some immaculate and flawless trilogy of sci-fi perfection, but have any of you seen ROTJ recently?

    Episode IV was breathtaking and revolutionary, Episode V picked up from where it left off and added an intensity the first was missing and delved deeper into the themes and characters Star Wars created, then Episode VI came along and fucked everything up.

    You’ve done an excellent job of explaining why Episodes I-III are unbearable pieces of shit, so why omit Return of the Jedi? That movie is the worst of the OT by FAR and I’d argue the worst of the saga. The only reason an adult would enjoy that movie is if they saw it as a child and are incapable of viewing it objectively. All of the terrible qualities of the prequels are there. Go and give it a rewatch, I implore you.

  • Halde

    How ironic. Was about to watch this, when i see a Clone Wars animated series blueray commercial by xD

  • Rafael Da Silva

    So Disney have bought Lucasfilm and announced three more Star Wars movies.

    Get your notebook ready Mike. :)

  • Guest

    Your alternative is generic and highly cliche, but coherent and understandable. At its core, Lucas’ script for Episodes I, II, and III is very much the same. It’s generic and not particularly clever, but it’s coherent. Think about it; if I simplified the story to its most basic elements, we’d get something that sounds as palatable as your own proposal.

    Obi Wan is a young, somewhat impulsive Jedi being mentored by Li’emni Sohn, a powerful Jedi master. While traveling a barren desert world they stumble across a young boy named Anakin whose innate potential with the force is so great that it astonishes both of them. Obi-Wan senses that he is destined for great things and covets the chance to be the one who trains him, allowing his desire to do so to cloud his normally sound judgment.

    The young Anakin grows in power but as he enters his tumultuous adolescence he chafes under what he feels is the oppression of the Jedi order. At the core of his rebellion is a disagreement; the Jedi Order demands that its adherents master and suppress their emotion, because failure to do so has led Jedi in the past to wield their power to do horrible things in pursuit of their passions. Anakin does not understand this and wouldn’t agree with it even if he did. All he sees is that the order is trying to keep him from the woman he loves passionately. He carries on his quiet rebellion out of the sights of the Jedi order. Some of the higher-ups know, but keep their eyes half-shut, because on some level they feel the code is too strict, as well.

    Anakin grows in power and begins to perceive new subtleties in the force. One day, tapping deeply into it, he has a vision that terrifies him, of his beautiful wife dying. He refuses to accept that this is true. He fights to try to find a way around it. Everything he knows about the force suggests that what he’s seen is unavoidable. Finally, he’s faced with a choice; accept that his wife has to die, or throw away every shred of the things he’s been taught in a desperate bid that on the other side of the force, the side he’s been taught is evil, there may be an answer for him. Meanwhile, on the other side, a very powerful and intelligent evil sees this and senses an opportunity to turn one of the most powerful Jedi ever produced into his loyal servant. All he has to do is lie and tell the young man that on the dark side, there really IS a way to save his wife. And so Anikin allows himself to be corrupted, and by the time he realizes what is happening, he’s too late to change what he’s become, or the horrible things he has done. He wakes to find he’s a slave to a new master.

    Fill that basic outline with scenes depicting Obiwan and Anakin going through adventures and you’d have a pretty decent trilogy… or, well, you might. The problem is not the basic plot idea that Lucas used. The problem is how he fleshed it out. He took the simple, central narrative of the first three episodes, which could have been brilliant in the hands of somebody who cared about things like logic and coherency, and buried it under several layers of shit, neglect, and bad acting. He made no apparent effort to screen it for internal contradictions, apparently never asked himself if the characters were believable, and didn’t bother to go out of his way to bring a great performance out of the actors. And he did this because he is, at hart, an effects man. He loves graphics. He wanted to build a wonderful and complex world, and to use computer graphics to create a visual cinematic experience that was like nothing seen before. And he did that, and brilliantly. But in his rush to do that, he thought he could get away with neglecting the other half of the movie–the story that ties it all together. And that’s where he fell apart, and why I hate the first trilogy so much. Anakin’s desperate battle against fate isn’t the problem. It’s that Lucas makes him act so insipid and stupid that the audience feels he turned to the dark side because he was a whiny man-bitch, and not because he was a desperate and brilliant Jedi who was, at heart, just a boy trying to save the girl he loved. Lucas didn’t treat a single plot idea he had with the respect it deserved. And he (and the rest of us) paid for it.

  • James H.

    I like your alternative. It’s a bit generic, (and I don’t mean that in a rude way), and predicated on the idea that Anakin was kind of rotten to begin with, but it’s coherent and I think that you’re absolutely right that it would have made a good framework for the first three episodes, if it was treated properly. I get the feeling that Lucas wanted to play up the tragic hero angle, and that’s why he went the direction he did.

    But I do disagree with you about one strong point. I don’t think that the problem with Star Wars I, II, and III is the central narrative. At its core, Lucas’ script for Episodes I, II, and III is very much the same as your own. It’s coherent and understandable and could serve as the basis for a great film, but only if treated properly. Think about it; if I simplified the story to its most basic elements, we’d get something that sounds as palatable as your own proposal. Something like this:

    “Obi Wan is a young, somewhat impulsive Jedi being mentored by Li’emni Sohn, a powerful Jedi master. While traveling a barren desert world they stumble across a young boy named Anakin whose innate potential with the force is so great that it astonishes both of them. Obi-Wan senses that he is destined for great things and covets the chance to be the one who trains him, allowing his desire to do so to cloud his normally sound judgment.

    The young Anakin grows in power but as he enters his tumultuous adolescence he chafes under what he feels is the oppression of the Jedi order. At the core of his rebellion is a disagreement; the Jedi Order demands that its adherents master and suppress their emotion, because failure to do so has led Jedi in the past to wield their power to do horrible things in pursuit of their passions. Anakin does not understand this and wouldn’t agree with it even if he did. All he sees is that the order is trying to keep him from the woman he loves passionately. He carries on his quiet rebellion out of the sights of the Jedi order. Some of the higher-ups know, but keep their eyes half-shut, because on some level they feel the code is too strict, as well.

    Anakin grows in power and begins to perceive new subtleties in the force. One day, tapping deeply into it, he has a vision that terrifies him, of his beautiful wife dying. He refuses to accept that this is true. He fights to try to find a way around it. Everything he knows about the force suggests that what he’s seen is unavoidable. Finally, he’s faced with a choice; accept that his wife has to die, or throw away every shred of the things he’s been taught in a desperate bid that on the other side of the force, the side he’s been taught is evil, there may be an answer for him. Meanwhile, on the other side, a very powerful and intelligent evil sees this and senses an opportunity to turn one of the most powerful Jedi ever produced into his loyal servant. All he has to do is lie and tell the young man that on the dark side, there really IS a way to save his wife. And so Anikin allows himself to be corrupted, and by the time he realizes what is happening, he’s too late to change what he’s become, or the horrible things he has done. He wakes to find he’s a slave to a new master.”

    Fill that basic outline with scenes depicting Obi-Wan and Anakin going through adventures and you’d have a pretty decent trilogy… or, well, you might. The problem is not the basic plot idea that Lucas used. The problem is how he fleshed it out. He took the simple, central narrative of the first three episodes, which could have been brilliant in the hands of somebody who cared about things like logic and coherency, and buried it under several layers of shit, neglect, and bad acting. He made no apparent effort to screen it for internal contradictions, apparently never asked himself if the characters were believable, and didn’t bother to go out of his way to bring a great performance out of the actors. And he did this because he is, at heart, an effects man. He loves graphics. He wanted to build a wonderful and complex world, and to use computer graphics to create a visual cinematic experience that was like nothing seen before. And he did that, and brilliantly. But in his rush to do that, he thought he could get away with neglecting the other half of the movie–the story that ties it all together. And that’s where he fell apart, and why I hate the first trilogy so much. Anakin’s desperate battle against fate isn’t the problem. It’s that Lucas makes him act so insipid and stupid that the audience feels he turned to the dark side because he was a whiny man-bitch, and not because he was a desperate and brilliant Jedi who was, at heart, just a boy trying to save the girl he loved. Lucas didn’t treat a single plot idea he had with the respect it deserved. He didn’t treat a single character with the respect they deserved. And he (and the rest of us) paid for it.

    Think about your own idea for a moment. Would you have trusted Lucas with that idea, if you knew he was going to give your basic narrative the same treatment that he did to his own? The same insipid characters, poor acting, contrived motivations and situations?

  • Alex Nickels Sincennes

    Guess what Disney is DMCA-ing next?

  • evan

    You were very biased in overcomplicating the pod race bet. It really wasn’t that complicated.

  • sex

    kamal from the jerky boys wants his kissel act back

  • Dan

    I think the worst parts are the endless droning on in Luke and Vader’s lightsaber battle. It was trying to build suspense but it just got boring. And, also I don’t mind the ewoks as much as most, but they should have played a smaller role. That being said, the speeder chase in the forest was pretty cool. And what you said about seeing it as a kid, I saw both the old trilogy (on VHS, not the shitty remade DVD’s), and the prequels as a kid. Personally, I think that people give the prequels too much shit, and that they had too high of expectations going into it.

    Also, my personal favorite is ESB. It is the most thoughtful, and conflicted one.

  • cthulhugamete

    My only gripe with this, the best review of this steaming pile of shit of a movie, is mo mention of Kurosawa, Godard, or Bergman : [ Might be shy an Italian or two. And I know he’s an acquired taste but esp. if your a painter – Greenaway’s movies are a visual candy shop. Since the Disney buyout and discussions about the next possible film, I’ve encountered some “thru the eyes of a child” apologists for this trope fest. Just needed a reminder that I wasn’t losing mind. This is a terrible movie and needs to be remembered as such. Besides Maul the only redeeming quality of PM is that comparatively, it makes the Ewoks bearable.

  • cthulhugamete

    *no mention of Kurosawa

  • Andy

    Hahaha, this review is class.

  • guest

    bit of a cunty comment

  • opieNanthonyfan

    Comedian Jim Norton’s response to this video, “I spent all night watching these reviews and I fucking howled laughing….”

  • Remix

    This review was hilarious

  • Erik Domnizky

    I think I recognized the sound of Plinkett’s ‘gat’ as one of the weapons from the old Star Wars: Dark Forces PC game back in 1995.

  • Alex

    Ok, so the blockade “rings” the planet… makes a ring around the planet (sorry, I’m not the native speaker). And as far as I understand one not gives a shit from which point on the planet they take off, cuz in space there’s no ups and downs.
    So, why to go directly thought the blockade ring?? Go above it! 90 degrees above or below, right or up, get to a safe distance, plot your course, “engage!”
    No? Ok. Shield generator it is then.

  • jubalbiggs

    One of the best movie reviews ever made. Now, if you would only break Prometheus down… all the way to the mitochlorians.

  • JohnWaynman

    Yea, they kind of had step 1) and lots of step 3), but step 2) was mostly skipped. Which essentially made them a bunch of mediocrity/awfulness in attractive sugar coating.

  • Guest

    Or calculate the jump to hyperspace from inside the blockade, and then past at light speed. Piece of cake.

  • Sectoid55

    “What’s wrong with your faaace?” Plinkett needs to bring that back in another review.

  • Alex

    Now I see what (who :D) made Lucas sell his company to Disney. Nicely done!

  • DarthBaneForever

    im still a fan of the star wars prequels i cant wait to see episodes 7 8 and 9

  • orbis

    but the irony is that even the special effects are not that good, the CGI looks really fake, for example terminator 2 (made 10 years before) had better special effects than episode 2; also the special effects are none near as ground braking as the original star wars

  • piwiator

    OK, so I used Shazam and nothing came up! What is the name of the song at the end of his reviews?

  • Ninjacat

    The fact that the droids get cut down like butter is only a problem if you look at TPM as a stand alone movie – and everyone in the audience knew they were seeing only 1/3rd of a trilogy.
    1) the seeming superiority of the Jedi. What makes their eventual fall so dramatic is the destruction of their status as nearly invincible figures. This has to happen out of order from the original trilogy in order to make narrative sense. The Jedi start with power and lose to evil, rather than start as goodie underdogs. It’s OK that their primary opponents are incompetent in the first movie, since you’ve already accepted that you are in for a trilogy. Faulting this aspect of the first film after the whole trilogy was a failure is unfair.

    2) The superiority of the clones versus droids. Ever wonder why the Empire would bother training and using live humans (or at least humanoids) under those stormtrooper outfits, rather than mass produce a bunch of robots? I certainly wondered that as a kid. This was actually a clever way to answer that question, by showing the incompetence and unreliability of the mass produced machine and eventual necessity of the mass produced cloned soldier.

    3) Queens are more exciting than rooks. The lack of tension throughout the film was the result of mostly absent villains and a long drought of story spent on the silly pod race. What would a more competent droid army accomplish? The audience isn’t there to watch the conflict with the droids – they are there for the conflict with the Sith, the story of Luke and Leia’s birth, and Anakin’s descent into the Dark Side. The fact that very little of the story has any relevance to these conflicts is more damning than whether the droids were worthy adversaries.

    Love the reviews!!! Just disagree on a few things. :)

  • Robin Graves

    I always thought the droids were the protagonists.. In all honesty i feel that way about all six movies..

  • Chuck Groin Punch

    The Uruk_Hai’s uncanny fighting ability can at least be explained away through magic, because Tolkien was never stupid enough to make it work via microbes.

  • Richter Belmont

    The prequels are stylistically designed to be that way, but we can dimish the effects of it (not paying to see the movies).

  • johnny_DK

    I like the battel droide

  • JW6

    You can rationalize it however you want, but I am 99.5% sure that Lucas was not thinking anything you said here, so those points of criticism are totally accurate.

  • no

    There’s a conspiracy theory I heard that the whole reason George made the prequels is to show how shitty the old republic was. After the 6’th movie there was an invasion by a species that TURNS PLANETS INTO ORGANIC SHIPS IN A MATTER OF DAYS! If Palpatine knew this in advance then it’d be freaking genius to overthrow the republic to PROTECT IT. Jesus Christ look how retarded both the senate and the Jedi are in dealing with a bunch of fucking retarded droids. The Empire has trillions of troops and has a station that can BLOW UP motherfucking planets, ya know, ones that could’ve been turned into genocidal spaceships. But yeah, the sith are the bad guys, the rebellion just caused the genocides of a dozen or so species.

  • GranDam

    Lucas has a very poor track record with movies. Plinkett says that
    Lucas gets too much credit for Star Wars and I agree. I wouldn’t trust
    Lucas with any movie if I wanted it to be more than eye candy.

    could say my idea for the story is similar to his, but he doesn’t tell
    the story very well at all. So it’s hard to tell if it’s actually
    similar or not. It’s as if he added in so much crap because he wanted
    it to be epic. It became convoluted and bogged down with meaningless
    scenes. The first sequel could be thrown out entirely and it wouldn’t
    change the story at all. That is the problem.

    He told a story
    that could fill one movie, spread it over three, and filled the void
    with pointless action and visuals. But when he filled the void he
    watered down the story so that it is hard to follow and understand.

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    I think there might have been an earlier draft where it’s explained that the Trade Federation is an alliance of the most wealthy planets, and the Sith are manipulating them through their greed to destroy the Republic from within, and Padme is a threat because she’s trying to make a counter-alliance. This would explain their name, their robot armies, and their desire to kill Padme.

  • POD

    Such stupid reviews :(

  • zero_miles_per_hour

    It seems to me like what they should have done is not make the Jedi avoid romance, instead they should avoid politics. Like they could make Anakin secretly have a crush on Senator Padme who is organizing a counter-alliance against the Trade Federation and gets kidnapped by the apprentice Sith because Palpatine is backing the Trade Federation to destroy the Republic from within, so Anakin will agree to help the Republic save Padme using the alias ‘Darth Vader’ so the Jedi won’t know, but he’s not powerful enough to do it, and Palpatine is drawn by his Force and his immense rage and convinces him to become his apprentice with the promise of godlike power without realizing that this will result in the death of his other apprentice, and this causes Anakin to become Darth Vader permanently, and also married to Padme and worshipped by the Republic as their savior, so Palpatine decides to abandon the Trade Federation and use his new apprentice to weasel his way into the Republic, meanwhile the Jedi have figured out the Darth Vader thing by now and come to stop it but Anakin personally slaughters them all, except Yoda who’s too powerful and Obi-Wan who was the only Jedi he actually knew personally, but using that much Force in one battle nearly kills him so the Republic builds him the suit, and the two remaining Jedis flee and turn the Trade Federation into the Rebel Alliance, eventually joined by Padme who flees with her and Anakin’s kids when Palpatine turns the Republic into the Empire.

  • Kevin

    Nice idea, where did Anakin’s kids come from though?

  • Kevi Donald

    Yeah that is fucked up. I think she’s supposed to be like seven, eight, or nine years older. I always thought she was a bit of a cougar. But what you pointed out makes no sense.

  • I_the_R

    Maybe they are saying that the steel that the droids are made out of has been hardened to optimal battle specs thus making them “battle-hardened”.

  • Seano Ollerton

    tropes are not bad.

  • Seano Ollerton

    i think you can attribute that oversight to the fact that nobody gives a shit about maul. the only time he was ever cool was on the posters and shit before you saw the movie. it made you think he was going to be a cool bad guy and a part of the story, but it was just a bait and switch like sam jackson. potential isn’t really the word, because all maul is is a stuntman with spikes on his head.

  • yeaidontthinkso

    too long, not gonna listen.

    dear butthurt basement dweller: it helps to actually explain and rationalize your accusations and criticisms of a movie. not bring up a point and immediately cut away to some long winded rant that only serves to make fun of it, never once delivering any message or comparative reasoning to support your original point.

    when you actually do manage to make a reasonable point, you fail to realize that it is just another COMMON movie fallacy. on this note, for every whining you have against TPM, I could find the same criticism in the original trilogy. it was full of just as many tropes and irrational decisions… the only difference is you choose to deny that out of fandom.

    this isn’t any sort of a review, it’s an hour of you crying because you don’t like anything new. the mere fact you went into seeing this movie with an already preconceived notion that it was going to suck, should be reason enough to dismiss any possibility of sound criticism.

  • rob

    “too long, not gonna listen.”

    That’s the mentality of a dumb child. No wonder you’re defending the prequels.

  • Kyran

    Dear Plinkett reviewers:

    You owe me money for underwear. If I continue to defecate myself while laughing at your fricken reviews, I will be forced to bring a class action law suit against you. In accordance with federal law, I am required to inform you that voicing opinions and clerical facts which are in direct opposition to the fan’s views of the prequel trilogy is deemed by myself to be peanut butter fucking hilarious. Please continue the great work.

    Oh, and also….Vagina

  • Nick

    That isn’t what “begging the question” means.

  • Nicholas Monzo

    i have not laughed this much in a very very long time. my room mates actually came in wondering if i was ok. haha!

  • Puttanesca

    Omg I’m watching it again. All I have in my brain is mr plinket’s views.

  • Seano Ollerton

    would have worked a lot better if anakin just rose through the ranks of the jedi while dealing with the clone wars alongside obi wan, leaving the prequels on a high note and forcing us to fill in the blanks as far as his transition into darth vader. the clone wars could have been something a lot more emotional- like maybe the clones were all abominations created by a widowed scientist, trying to resurrect his lost love- they’re all mutated horrors and this causes the galactic senate to intervene- creating a WWI-esque conflict- the senate occupying planet after planet to continue their manhunt until the alliance fractures- with planets pointing fingers and forming ententes. war threatens to break out add ravage the galaxy, which all serves as a backdrop to the quest that obi and anakin embark on, hoping to find the scientist and pull the galaxy back from the brink. the scientist could even have been long dead by the time they find him- the victory of the jedi is incomplete and we’re left with a galaxy barely held together with tense, one-eye-open alliances.

  • DKCSchool

    Shield-generators in Starwars are located outside of the shield, just like the shield generator domes on top of the brigde of star destoyers.

  • Br. Bill

    Too bad, because if you really like good movies and good pulp science fiction, Empire is probably the most enjoyable — unless you really, really hate cliffhangers.

  • Br. Bill

    Great call. I have never liked ROTJ and I refuse to watch it. It’s horrible. New Hope was a good film with amazing, groundbreaking style. Empire was a GREAT film. Return of the Jedi was just the first of the awful last 4 films.

  • Brian Assanowicz

    That check from Lucas Films clear yet?

  • Br. Bill

    Nathan, the things you think are bad attributes were actually intentional for humorous effect. I’ll cut you some slack for hating the prequels, because they truly do suck giant AT-AT balls.

  • Chris Webb

    and then suddenly worf had a purple space bazooka

  • MH

    Either this ‘review’ is a joke or the author is…

    Ewan McGregor played Obi-Wan.
    Character Description; (Jinn) Wise, tempered and a great role model for initiates and full knights alike. Loyal and obedient not willing to deviate far from orders. (Ammadella) Dedicated, Kind hearted, brave and wise for her age. Not afraid to fight for her people or cause.
    Wasn’t hard. Next time ask people that are not retarded.
    Honestly, your point on the opening scene of No.4 is valid but otherwise you’re a whining fanboy. If you’re distracted by background things; up your ADHD medication…
    “I don’t understand space stuff…” Really? Your lack of understanding is the fault of the film.

    I found all three as enjoyable as the original trilogy, in some regards better, in some worse. You fanboys would never be happy with what ever is put out, so just stick on the original VHS and stop ‘reviewing’ shit; you’re ill equipped for such a task.

  • TheSucculentInTheWaitingRoom

    Please review The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and tear that awful monument to mediocrity TO F*CKING SHREDS!

  • RP Clarke

    I asked for the same

  • RP Clarke

    suck a fat cock you retarded fucking cum dumpster

  • fuck
  • UnShame

    wow, I never realized how bad this movie is.
    I watched it in the theater with my parents back then when it came out and all i remembered was jar jar binks, pod racing and the final battle with the guy with double-bladed lightsaber…
    And they made a 3d version of this??

  • Charnelhouse

    Interesting approach. I would not start Episode I with Obi Wan as a Jedi. I would reach back further to his line in to Yoda in ‘Empire Strikes Back’ – ‘Was I any different when you taught me?’ We have thus established that Yoda taught Obi Wan to be a Jedi. Why abandon that? Episode I should have been about Yoda discovering Obi Wan and training him to become a Jedi. Then the Emperor tempts him with the Dark Side and he refuses. Or something, as long as your fill out Obi Wan’s backstory. But keep the focus on the core characters without introducing all the static.

  • jfbrian

    At 23:09 of part 2 are they looking out a window or is that supposed to be a viewscreen? It looks like a window to me, but they are looking out it at an upward angle and seeing straight down into the street.

  • Ziggy

    This is probably the most educational video ive ever watched

  • Cereus

    Remember when Jar Jar spits out that weird shovel headed salamander? The thing that I just remembered is why, He spits it out because he finds out how much it costs. How does a fucking moron from an insular society who has lived in the fucking woods alone for years understand the currency of a planet he probably hadn’t heard of before? He most likely has a very basic understanding of non gungan naboo culture if that. So yeah, very minor point but I’ve just been realising how little time goes by between stupid shit in this movie.

  • Guest

    “What is it with Ricks?”

    You forgot Santorum.

  • cegolal

    Oh, this is just great. A stupid review site full of nerdy stupid explanations trying to put some value to stupid flaws, just because they’re old.

    Let’s just start once again the bullshit-counter job:

    First of all, I’m not even start defending the script of Phantom Menace in general. It is a great movie with great story. I’ll just comment your reasons.

    THE NEED OF A PROTAGONIST: the audience needs a protagonist? Who the hell told you that? You are bound to the past, where all action movies followed the very same linear structure, repeated over and over again due to lack of creativity. Only 1 person and his problems filling the whole picture.

    The most stupid things on the older movies was the centering around Luke. Nobody knew shit about the rest of the galaxy. What is the Senate? Where is it? Empire of what? You see Dagobah, Hoth, Tattoine and Endor, and none of them has any trace of government. The only place you see that has the slight sign of administration is Bespin, and that’s not even an important place in the whole galaxy.

    From that you have to imagine how is the rest of the galaxy. I remember that when I was a kid, most people used to think that the whole Empire was just an empire of spaceships that dominated underdeveloped planets, and that’s all (and the worst thing is that according to IV, V and VI, that’s acceptable).

    Even more, the whole universe is at war but all you see is the adventures of Luke. How stupid is that? I can’t blame Lucas. He said himself that he regrets not having the tech or money to make the story as wide as it should be at the time. Centering on Luke is a limitation, not something to be praised. The I, II and III rightfully placed the characters stories below or at least in the same level as the rest of the universe, what should’ve been done to the IV, V and VI as well.

    Sorry, but all I see here is someone complaining about not having a boring 1 person story, about a single individual saving the whole universe in his every move, what is really ridiculous to think even for a country what to say for a whole galaxy. I’m really glad that Lucas fixed that, and that now I can see that the whole galaxy is not made of 1 person.

    DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTERS: I’ll pretty much get into your game.

    Han Solo: he’s a rogue. He got a strange facial expression and keeps uninitentionally smilling due to lack of interpretation from H. Ford (that only do serious roles). All of his faces are overly expressed, like he is doing mimics, with too widely opened eyes (like japanese theater, wich is great, but totally incoherent for a movie). From the whole cast, he was the only one that made me see that it was an actor, not a character (always speaking as if there was a third person seeing him act).

    Qui Gon: he is very calm and experienced. Know what to do even at the worst time possible, and is very patient. Everything is under his control but if something isn’t, he doesn’t mind breaking some rules and being a little rebel if he think it’s needed for a greater good. That just perfectly fits the personality Obi-Wan shows in the older movies. The only difference is that the old Obi-Wan is not a rebel in any way, since there is no Jedi Order.

    C3PO: just a clown, nothing more. It is exactly the same role played by Jar Jar, or even by himself on the I, II and III.

    Amidala: very serious and focused person. She can endure any hardship with the same fearless determination. She appears to have no feelings while leading her planet, but she is sweet, smart and corageus when she is not in the rule of queen os senator, and this is great.

    Actually, I can’t even imagine a queen being any other way. What should she be? Sterical and stubborn like Leia? Her image is the same as Angela Merkel’s or Queen Elizabeth’s. Also, does everyone in your world must have a non-regular behaviour
    somehow? Maybe you don’t know serious people, but they do exist.

    Also, stop asking morons what they think about the sagas, ask someone that at least understood the movies.

    Let’s just make another question game, shall we?

    Describe the galaxy in the 2 trilogies without describing specifically any planet:

    I, II and III: a bible of content.

    IV, V and VI: …nothing, wait, …Hoth?

    STORY: Let me see… the whole galaxy is at piece and you want a pointless action scene at the beginning of Phantom Menace? How ridiculous is that? You want action at the beginning? Watch Revenge of the Sith and fill your eyes with grandiosity and shame for ever having said that you’ve seen a great space battle before.

    Asnwer me this: Based only in the IV, V and VI, how does the galaxy work? What does a Jedi do? The answer is silence, because THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE IN THE OLDER TRILOGY. I believe you thought that a Jedi would just go wherever crime is and destroy everyone, like a super hero (so naive if you’re more than 15yo). Lucas spent some time showing everyone what is the galaxy and what a Jedi do and all you can do is complain about not having a battle? Go watch Braddock, damn it!

    The I, II and III are so full of iformation because the have to set their own background and the background of the older trilogy, that was so incomplete. The older trilogy could even be renamed to “The Space Adventures of Luke Skywalker” and IT WOULD FIT because there is nothing else to the movie!

    Now try to do that to the new trilogy… You can’t, and you know why? Because there are many important facts and characters happening everywhere in the galaxy, covered all the time in different takes. The movie is rich. The real STAR WARS can only be seen in the I, II and III, because the old movies don’t have a galaxy, only 4 or 5 unexplored planets 1 moon and some teddy bears.

    I’m stopping here, because if I go on, I’ll find much more flaws on your review (much more than I thought). But at least, I’ll just explain your point of view.

    Back in the 70’s-80’s, science fiction wasn’t so explored as it is today, and that’s a great part of the success of A New Hope. The whole movie was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The feeling that you must have felt when you saw it on the theater must have been incredible, almost impossible to describe. I envy you, for I’ve never seen those movies in a theather, since I was born in 1980.

    Unfortunately, that feeling clouded your judgement, because you expected the same feeling in the new saga, and that’s impossible, because science fiction and aliens are just a very commom subject today.

    Also, you have the “oldman’s revolt”. I created the name, but It is a very well known syndrome where old people desperately try to enrich their youth to see it as fasr superior to today’s youth (even young people that hates nowadays life style can have that syndrome). That makes you love every single piece of shit from the past, even flaws and mistakes.

    Because of that feeling, you tend to say that everything that was old is better, but look at yourself! You are complaining about the new movies because a queen does look like a queen and a Jedi Master does look like a Jedi Master. or even because you are being filled with information about the galaxy, politics, governments, species, knowledge… That’s just absurd. You praise the incomplete and despises what is well described.

    I know this is not Lucas’ fault. He already said that he didn’t have the money or tech to make the old movies as wide as they should be, but limitiations are to be just respected, not praised, so I tend to overlook these flaws.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m really confident that I’m one of the biggest fans Star Wars will ever have, but even so, Its hard to let pass things like:

    – Lack of good choreographers: this was responsible by horrible fight between Old Kenobi and Vader. Obi-Wan looked like an old man using a cane to scare off a dog and made me think that a Jedi was a piece of shit, lightsaber and all. That was not dramatic, but a shit fight. Also Han shaking his blaster while shooting is pretty ridiculous (looks like a kid saying bang!)

    – Characters breathing in space (Solo and crew): no comments…

    – Lack of background of the rest of the galaxy, only fucking Luke: I’ve said enough about this already.

    – Ridiculous outfits: specially those turtle helmets and the plastic armor of the storm troopers.

    Now, you have to learn that what is old is not necessarily good. Some things are, but not everything. Also, all the old saga was incomplete and full of flaws due to lack of time, money and expertise, and nothing of that happenend to the new saga, made as Lucas intended Star Was to be.

    Everything on the new movies is made to fix the old olnes and make everything a whole with sense. They even refused to use CG to make the wookiees, just to avoid creating a big gap between them and that poorly made Chewbacca costume from the old Saga. If something is wrong, is in the old movies, not in the new ones.

    Stop loving crap, and start fundamenting your opinions in a more solid way, aside from your own feelings of revolt.

  • Sylveria Shini

    Who’s the bigger nerd, the nerd that complains or the nerd that writes a mile long essay about those complaints.

  • cegolal

    Simpletons, please, keep out of this argument. Go watch reality shows, which suits more your level…

  • Stephen Bernal

    That… probably would have been useful to mention in the movie.

  • MrManDude

    My Star Wars Prequel Ideas, I just made up right now

    Yoda, Obi-Wan, the republic, Stormtroopers/ Republic army and the rest of the Jedi order are fighting a massive galactic war, with a Separatist army that’s rumored to be led by a pair of Sith warriors. Obi-Wan and Yoda are among a group of Jedi trying to find more leads into this mystery, while other Jedi fight the Separatist group. They chase leads on dangerous, grimy, crime/ Separatist controlled planets looking for leads.

    They finally find the Sith Apprentice and a part of the Separatist army on an Urban planet. Obi-Wan and Yoda try to kill him, and discover that the apprentice and his team have been laying the groundwork for a full scale invasion. Yoda and Obi-Wan have to get off the planet to send word to the council.

    They search the city for an adequete pilot, scince they don’t have enough credits to buy a new ship, and Yoda forbids stealing one even thogh Obi-Wan suggests it. They hear about a great pilot known as Anakin. They find Anakin who’s supprisingly 15-16 ish. Anakin is street smart, and sly, as well as arrogant. But Yoda senses an extreme potential in the force within Anakin. Yoda and Obi-Wan start training him, hoping he might be a good ally. They have to convince the council to let them do so, given Anakins age.

    The chancellor refuses to send support to the system, but is assasinated (assasin made it look like an accident.) Palpatine rises to power and decides to send support to the planet, hoping to gain popularity and even more power through a military win. The planet is liberated from the Separatists but the Sith gets away. Anakin has not reached his potential, but he adapted to the force very rapidly.

    Palpatine aka Darth Sidious has a few conversations with his apprentice throughout the movie. This explains Palpatines goal of seizing complete control of the Republic and restoring Sith dominance in the galaxy. He hopes to do so by establishing a fake Separatist/rebel army to create enough tension in the galaxy to expose the undecisive, democratic senate. He will gain his power this way until he has the reigns. While the participants in the rebellion beleive it to be a true revolution, they don’t know it’s true purpose.

    That’s the end of number one.

  • MrManDude

    Numero 2

    A few years have past, scince Obi-Wan and Yoda met Anakin. Yoda is nearly fully devoted to his time on the council, and can’t go on so many missions anymore. Anakin is now pretty expirienced, and Obi-Wan is no longer a Padawan, and hasn’t been scince Anakin officialy joined the Jedi. Yoda used to be more actively involved in training Anakin but because of Anakins quick ascent through force skills, and Yoda’s increasing council duties, not much is left to teach. Anakin and Obi-Wan work together very often, along with Jedi Ky Muul, and Anya Firdassa (I made them up; Ky Muul is a stoic and honorable Green Nautolan Jedi Master. He’s strong and weilds a double bladed blue lightsaber. Anya is a young, energetic, tough and spunky jedi Knight. She’s agile, and weilds two green lightsabers. She is a tan human.) The team of four is sent to Naboo to finish joining Naboo to the Republics side in the War. When they get there they’re introduced to Padme Amidala, the Queen of Naboo. Anakin and Padme meet after a round of dealings and begin a secret relationship. Anakin and the other Jedi need to secure Naboo’s loyalty by promising protection. Padme becomes the new senator giving up the throne to serve in the galactic Senate. Meanwhile The team of Jedi is sent to track down a lead on the most powerful information broker in the galaxy. The broker has acquired sensitive information that could cause a war between Naboo and another system. The Jedi also find this mission to their advantage, the broker having possible knowlege on the separatists. They eventually find the location of the brokers base, a massive space station. When they get there they reallize that the separatists too are onboard the station and have already begun their assault. To be continued…

  • Christopher Woerner

    The only real use of three-dimensional space in the movies is Han Solo dropping down directly over the two-meter exhaust port to save Luke. If the Rebels had thought of that, they wouldn’t have had to spend so much time being shot at by the Death Star. Basically they unneccesarily sent ships, pilots and droids into a kill zone for several minutes before bothering to approach the target. Han earned his medal.

  • beavobeave

    Hey… Pause part 2 of this review at 23:09.. Does anyone notice anything weird about the angle of the street with the window they are looking out of? It’s like the building they’re in hangs over the street.

  • Floyd Zongamin

    Wow, thats almost like what actually happened. You, no doubt, have the gift of delusions of grandeur. Get a grip jackass.

  • Someone

    But I CAN describe the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon of the prequels. See?

    Obi-Wan is a man who genuinely loves his teacher and wants to do the right thing. He tries to help people whenever he can, but he’s young, so he can be rash. He goes through a tremendous character arc, growing up after the death of his father figure and raising a child who eventually turns against him.

    Qui-Gon loves his student more deeply than really he should. He was mentored by someone who eventually became what he considered “evil” and was thus much more sympathetic to that sort of “evil” person, making Obi-Wan likewise sympathetic. He cared more about people than politics and tried to help people whenever he could, though he retained too much respect for those who had taught him to disobey them in a major way.

  • Momrocker

    i laughed at all the people who didnt get the joke.

  • Marvin Falz

    “I’m a person and my name is Anakin” – something in me died when I heard this line the first time.

    “It’s time to kill the Jedi (oh good)” – always makes me laugh.

  • deerstop

    The whole “quite rebellion” is not exactly a very good idea, because being different is permitted to some point. It’s never said in the movies, but as I vaguely remember from the books Qui Gon Jinn was a bit of rebel himself and often disagreed with Jedi council. In fact that’s why he wore a long hair (which supposedly is prohibited by the Jedi code or something).

  • John De Gaulle

    are you fucking serius?

  • idiotbox

    there wasn’t a joke….I wonder what you think you’re laughing at

  • Anonymous

    The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) was called “World War I” (1914)? When the f**k did that happen?

  • StarWars Jesus

    If you like these review you will really like this video;

  • Youngkob

    what I don’t get is how Anakin is the most powerful Jedi but he is not as powerful as the Emperor or Starkiller. It’s like he’s a basic sith.

  • youngkob

    If Jedi aren’t allowed to love, then how do they have kids

  • Mr. Idiot

    i would like a pizza roll

  • DrDmoney365

    FYI, the Yogscast, more specifically Simon, made a reference to this review in their latest video.

  • William Crafton

    I hate to “come out the gate here” being full of vitriol, but after watching the funny and brilliant review for TPM, and then afterwards, reading some of the comments on here about the review itself, I have to say that so many of you miss the point of something like this. Obviously, RedLetterMedia uses comedic themes to create a premise, and that premise runs through all of their material, especially HitB and GameStation 2.0. In these reviews, Mr. Plinkett is executing a style of humor called “satire”. In fact, one might even call it “sardonic”, or “cynical”, or “dry/dark humor”.

    The INTENTION of this review (and a lot of other Plinkett reviews) is to insist upon the fact that something as silly as a Star Wars prequel is completely overtaking his mind; and he is driving himself crazy to the point of obsession and rumination over the smallest details of the movie. IMO, there’s a meta-joke hidden in the character of Mr. Plinkett – Mr. Plinkett’s (literally) murderous and defensive standpoint on his own opinion is, ironically, a lot like a stereotypical internet commentator’s might be. With that in mind, the reason why this review ends up being brilliant is because the cynical tone of the review “unintentionally” points out a great deal of plot holes, technical errors, and bad scriptwriting that is present in the movie.

    I can say that I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, especially the OT, so I’m biased as well. Furthermore, it’s implied that Mike S. (Mr. Plinkett) is a fan of the previous movies, because someone who hasn’t seen the OT, or who didn’t appreciate/worship it, wouldn’t dedicate so much time to pointing out the inadequacies in the continuation of such a beloved and hallowed series of films. If you ask me? I personally thought TPM was boring. To me the only “cool” and interesting part of TPM was the lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul, and that’s only because I liked the lightsaber fight scenes in Empire and Jedi so much. I’m biased, yet, we are ALL biased, with us being the imperfect, irrational, carbon-based heliotropes that we are.

    This brings me back to my original point – THESE REVIEWS ARE MADE FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. RLM never takes themselves too seriously, and that’s probably why they’ve garnered so many fans. It’s funny because it’s ABSURD – that is the entire point of comedy. It seems almost impalpable that so many people choose to nitpick a cheeky, silly interpretation of a terrible movie from their own perspective, all while taking themselves too seriously. This “armchair critic” bullshit is like asking for a “Gold Star” from the denizens of the internet. So what’s next? A review of the review of TPM? Or a review of the review of the review of TPM? GImme a fucking break.

    I have a feeling that the naysayers on this site, and on the internet in general, are just simple, contrary assholes with nothing better to do than to rip on someone who’s doing something funny and original. RedLetterMedia makes hilariously satrical, low-budget-yet-well-conceived internet videos for people and ask for very little in return. That, to me, is a lost art. The art of SUBTLETY.

    It seems a lot of you could use a little.

  • Bahareh Khosravi

    the pizza roll scene is genuinely creepy!

  • Joel Timmermeister

    It’s strange because even as a kid, the prequels still bored me to death because space politics.

  • Dillon McHugh

    Seems like ur nitpicking. I really like you fanboys ur never happy. Honestly idk why ur bitching. I liked it a lot. In fact it’s better than the first 3.

  • ADL

    Is it bad that I’ve watched these reviews like 5 times but I still find myself coming back to watch them again?

  • Kyle Jones

    Sex does not require love. Although I personally recommend it.

  • Jim Campbell

    If the reviewer were nerdy or a Voice of Authority, that implies that special knowledge or expertise was necessary to make those judgments. The Plinkett character is an effective device that tells the viewer “even an ignorant psychopath can see what’s wrong with this.” It also helps the writer behind the character to go over the top and/or meaner with his criticism. Aimed at a deserving target and used intelligently, that also seems to work out well.

  • I hate Sage

    We surrender to your advanced knowledge of storytelling and movie making. All hail Sage! Your name sucks, get over yourself.

  • Ryan

    Anyone wonder where all of the errant laser shots from the Federation Blockade go? Do they hit the planet? Are they set to stop after a certain distance?

  • Eric Jorgensen

    Obiwan discovers Anakin as a 17 year old pod racing
    sensation on Tatooine. Hot tempered Anakin
    is using his innate capabilities with the force to win, which attracts the attention
    of sith confederates. Obiwan senses the
    need to take Anakin on as an apprentice to prevent a disaster. Against the council (which has been
    infiltrated with Sith Lords), Yoda sides with obiwan, and Anakin begins secret
    training. Obiwan marries Padme (yes, Obiwan). Anakin rockets to success as a Jedi, until
    his mother dies (something he attributes to Obiwan and the Jedi) and he falls in love with Padme and eventually
    seduces her. Obiwan is furious and
    drives off Anakin, who is heartbroken and angry, susceptible to the dark side. He
    sides with the Sith to take his revenge. Padme is sent to Dagobah under Yoda’s
    protection when Jedis start dying. Etc. Ben
    knows that Luke and Leia are not his children.
    It’s a statement to his character that trains Luke and unites him with Anakin. BTW- that’s another thing I’d change – I’d
    have Ben Kenobi involved way earlier in looks life since he’s keen on avoiding
    the same disaster he had with Anakin.

  • KartoffelKongen

    Doubt Mr. Plinkett would.

  • Jason Griffith

    The part about the bet was dumb. It wasn’t that complicated…

  • Arne Maes

    Well, if you accept that Anakin only fell because he saw no way to save the woman he loves as a jedi, it’s possible his nature was always more good than evil, thus limiting his darkside force output

  • dunag

    The prequels sucked.

  • dunag

    “He was mentored by someone who eventually became what he considered evil”

    Where was this explained in the movie.

  • dunag

    Cypress Hill – Insane in the Membrane

  • Marvin Falz

    “I will not condone a course of action
    that will lead us to war” and so on.

    Makes sense to me. Amidala’s either
    a) a typical politician who says one thing and does something else (though not on the grand scale as Palpatine) or
    b) she realizes that she can’t avoid war to save the planet (though we don’t see a scene in which she changes her mind after a long struggle of her conscience to show us what a good character she has.)

  • Wilson Chambers

    To be charitable to Lucas, your interest in the wider universe sounds like what I’ve always assumed about the guy — he was fascinated by the big picture in his head.

    The first problem is either you make a fictional almanac or you make a work of drama. Even if Lucas’ writing were competent, plots are all about human interest and pacing — if you set out to tell a story, the audience is going to expect a story, not a recitation of indices.

    The second problem is that Lucas’ understanding of his world is and was always nebulous — the prequels feel like recycled fan-fic because it was creative people around him who brought the original Star Wars movies to life by introducing their own interpretations, suggestions and challenges. Lucas was the spark, sure, but his one-man show proved he was nothing more.

  • StoryGuy

    I have read some of suggestions for a different version of Star Wars prequels. Well here is my suggestion. After the title crawl, an organian ship bursts onto the screens as it drops out of hyper-space. Immediately you can tell that the ship is in distress as the lights and power flicker on the ship and it is trailing smoke. The two man cockpit shows to pilots, one is franticly pulling up star charts, while the other hitting buttoms to keep the ship operational and asking “Where did we end up?”. The other explains, “We’re about 25 parsecs from our distinition. We’re not going to making it are we.” The other explains, “Without, hyper drive we’re not going anywhere. Find us a place to put down quick, They’re right on our tail.” Then the one looking at the star maps points to a planet. The ship cruises toward the planet. Suddeningly another ship drops out of hyperspace. Its roughly the same size but with different marking and configuration. The crippled ship enters the atmosphere of a desolate desert planet, Tattooine. The ship crashes just outside a city. The pilots abandon the ship grabbing a damaged and inoperable asto-mech droid as they escape to smoldering wreckage. They carry the droid on a gaurney as they head toward the city in the distance.
    The two men try to find an in where they can hide and none of the locals will say anything. Once they secure a place to hide they look for a repair shop to get the droid fixed. Meanwhile the persuing ship lands near the wreckage of the first. Two men in long robes exit the ship and begin investigating the wreckage. Jawas and local people are scavengering about the ship. The two hooded men are a young Obiwan and Mace Windu.
    That’s just a start.
    Essentially, the plot would be that the pilots of the organa ship are sabotuers. The damages droid is R2-D2. One of the men knows the ways of the force. Obiwan and Mace chase the men down and catch up to them, after a long foot chase through the crowded city, with the sabotuers shooting at them and the Jedi deflecting them while trying to protect civilians. (NO Stupid Super Speed Running) They corner the vilians were one pulls out a lightsaber and they duel. But civilians get in the way and the sith endangers them, just at that moment a young man, a street performer, intercedes because his mother and grand-mother are under threat. He uses great acrobatic skills and defeats the Sith. The Jedi are amazed, the force is strong with him, this simple street performer, from poor means a begger using his great powers and skill to support his family, his mother and grandmother. He is Anikin Skywalker. (No Stupid Little Kid) Anakin, knows about the force but his family was always too poor to do anything about it. But Anakin is confused by the evil force user, the Sith. Mace explains that Long ago, before men ever counted the days. there were 2 kinds of people force users and regular people. Some force users were kind and generous, and others were selfish. But they all used the force for personal gains. Later as societies grew, force users were made into kings. Some kings were just others were corrupt. Finally some forcer users studied the force deeply and became priests. They realized that the force was in all things and was meant to be user for the good of all people collectively. But others disagreed, they felt what was the use of having these powers if they couldn’t use them to benefit their own tribe or kingdom or family. There was a great divide and the priests became known as Jedi and others became Sith. Obiwan is confused because their should be no more Sith.
    Anakin joins the Jedis as they travel to Corrisant to report their finding and recover what R2 was carrying. The information he was carrying was from Queen Amadala. It was the notification of a plot on the part of a group of star systems to susseed from the Republic and form a Separatist group. Why, because of their lack of representation in the Senate. These star systems are all corporate, and industrial manufacturing planets. Planets of Commerce and wealth. They want majority representation, But the Republic holds to equal representation. The Seperatists want majority rule inorder to set policies in their favor. To drive down wages and increase their assets. The Separatists are pressuring her star system of Organa (NOT Naboo, No Jar Jar) to join their group or else they’ll sanction here planet and shoot down any ship that leave the system. The Jedi were to rendezvous with the Organain ship in secret, but it was taken over by Separatists As the pilots were taking the info to their leaders of proof that Amadala had sold them out. Luckily they intercepted the ship and with Anakin’s help they had stopped the bad guys from exposing Amadala testamony about the Separatists. Anakin explains that being from an outlaying planet, these corporate planets use Tattoonie for labor and pay them nothing. These Separatist want to exploit other Star systems the same way. They induct Anakin into the Jedi order and Obiwan is to begin training him. (No Prophecy) Yoda is proud of Obiwan’s progress. Obi is Yoda’s student. They all go Organa to free the Queen and here people from the Separatists pressure and assault.
    They go free the people and the Queen and find that Sith influence is involved with the Separatists. (Nice big battle, No goofy Gungans) Anakin personally rescues Amadala and immediately he puts the moves on her and she likes him too. They share a kiss. (The Jedi are NOT Forbidding to Love or Marry) But if they do marry they are not allowed to have advanced training. That would conflict with their devotions. You can not serve 2 masters.
    In part 2 you could have Obi trying to pressure Anakin to not take his relationship with Amadala too seriously, but Anakin has skill and powers and potiential to get a great Jedi Master. Obi insists that because Anakin is so strong with the force, he owns it to himself to reach his fullest potiential. But Anakin is alreeady falling for Padame and she for him. (Don’t have ANakin be a bad apple from the start. He should be idealistic and smooth and very likable with the ladies.)

  • Antonio Villarreal

    I have read some of suggestions for a different version of Star Wars prequels. Well here is my suggestion. After the title crawl, an organian ship bursts onto the screens as it drops out of hyper-space. Immediately you can tell that the ship is in distress as the lights and power flicker on the ship and it is trailing smoke. The two man cockpit shows to pilots, one is franticly pulling up star charts, while the other hitting buttoms to keep the ship operational and asking “Where did we end up?”. The other explains, “We’re about 25 parsecs from our destination. We’re not going to making it are we.” The other explains, “Without, hyper drive we’re not going anywhere. Find us a place to put down quick, They’re right on our tail.” Then the one looking at the star maps points to a planet. The ship cruises toward the planet. Suddenly another ship drops out of hyperspace. Its roughly the same size but with different marking and configuration. The crippled ship enters the atmosphere of a desolate desert planet, Tattooine. The ship crashes just outside a city. The pilots abandon the ship grabbing a damaged and inoperable asto-mech droid as they escape to smoldering wreckage. They carry the droid on a gaurney as they head toward the city in the distance.
    The two men try to find an in where they can hide and none of the locals will say anything. Once they secure a place to hide they look for a repair shop to get the droid fixed. Meanwhile the pursuing ship lands near the wreckage of the first. Two men in long robes exit the ship and begin investigating the wreckage. Jawas and local people scavenge about the ship. The two hooded men are a young Obiwan and Mace Windu, maybe Qui-gan.
    That’s just a start.
    Essentially, the plot would be that the pilots of the organa ship are sabotuers. The damages droid is R2-D2. One of the men knows the ways of the force. Obiwan and Mace chase the men down and catch up to them, after a long foot chase through the crowded city, with the sabotuers shooting at them and the Jedi deflecting them while trying to protect civilians. (NO Stupid Super Speed Running) They corner the vilians were one pulls out a lightsaber and they duel. But civilians get in the way and the sith endangers them, just at that moment a young man, a street performer, intercedes because his mother and grand-mother are under threat. He uses great acrobatic skills and defeats the Sith. The Jedi are amazed, the force is strong with him, this simple street performer, from poor means a begger using his great powers and skill to support his family, his mother and grandmother. He is Anikin Skywalker. (No Stupid Little Kid) Anakin, knows about the force but his family was always too poor to do anything about it. But Anakin is confused by the evil force user, the Sith. Mace explains that Long ago, before men ever counted the days. there were 2 kinds of people force users and regular people. Some force users were kind and generous, and others were selfish. But they all used the force for personal gains. Later as societies grew, force users were made into kings. Some kings were just others were corrupt. Finally some forcer users studied the force deeply and became priests. They realized that the force was in all things and was meant to be user for the good of all people collectively. But others disagreed, they felt what was the use of having these powers if they couldn’t use them to benefit their own tribe or kingdom or family. There was a great divide and the priests became known as Jedi and others became Sith. Obiwan is confused because there should be no more Sith.
    Anakin joins the Jedis as they travel to Corrisant to report their finding and recover what R2 was carrying. The information he was carrying was from Queen Amadala. It was the notification of a plot on the part of a group of star systems to succeed from the Republic and form a Separatist group. Why, because of their lack of representation in the Senate. These star systems are all corporate, and industrial manufacturing planets. Planets of Commerce and wealth. They want majority representation, But the Republic holds to equal representation. The Seperatists want majority rule in order to set policies in their favor, to drive down wages and increase their assets. The Separatists are pressuring her star system of Organa (NOT Naboo, No Jar Jar) to join their group, because they are a critical industrial system, they’re using old gangster tactics or pressure and intimidation. No occupying forces just lobbyists and ambassadors of the planet’s they represent following her around and constantly approaching her when she is talking to other representatives to eaves drop on their conversation. They keep trying to reason with her to support them, and that they have the right to form their own coalition. The Jedi were to rendezvous with the Organain ship in secret, but it was taken over by Separatists As the pilots were taking the info to their leaders as proof that Amadala had sold them out. Luckily they intercepted the ship and with Anakin’s help they had stopped the bad guys from exposing Amadala testamony about the Separatists to the Separatists. Anakin explains that being from an outlaying planet, these corporate planets use Tattoonie for labor and pay them nothing. These Separatist want to exploit other Star systems the same way. (NO Boring Senate Meeting) They induct Anakin into the Jedi order and Obiwan is to begin training him. (No Prophecy) Yoda is proud of Obiwan’s progress. Obi is Yoda’s student. They all go Organa, (Obiwan, Mace, maybe Qui-gan, Anakin, and R2) to support the Queen and her people from the Separatists pressure and assault.
    They sneak in to speak to the Queen and find that Sith influence is involved with the Separatists. Then when they confront to Separatists they find that they have a small detachment of about 20 cloned human soldiers with them. (Nice lazer verses saber battle, No goofy Gungans) Anakin personally rescues Amadala from the fighting and immediately he puts the moves on her and she likes him too. They share a kiss. (The Jedi are NOT Forbidding to Love or Marry) But if they do marry they are not allowed to have advanced training. That would conflict with their devotions. You cannot serve 2 masters.

    In part 2 you could have Obi trying to pressure Anakin to not take his relationship with Amadala too seriously, but Anakin has skill and powers and potiential to get a great Jedi Master. Obi insists that because Anakin is so strong with the force, he owns it to himself to reach his fullest potiential. But Anakin is already falling for Padame, and she with him. (Don’t have Anakin be a bad apple from the start. He should be idealistic and smooth and very likable with the ladies.)
    Anyway, as Anakin leads Padame away from the fighting they get confronted by another Sith. Anakin has no light-saber. But must use his skill to fight the Sith. Obiwan sees Anakin fighting then joins him in fighting the Sith. Anakin distracts him while Obiwan fight shim. Mace and Qui-gan run to join but are detained by the soldiers. The Sith is almost cornered and disarmed when he take Anakin hostage. Just as Anakin escapes the Sith is able to kill Qui-gan. Then before being disarmed by Obiwan, Mace, and Anakin, who takes up Qui-gan’s saber, the sith commits suicide.
    At the end Organa is placed under the exclusive protection of the Republic’s Space flight guard, to prevent any retaliation by the Separatists. The Republic and the Jedi are worried about the proliferation of Sith knights and the evidence that the Separatists have clone soldiers already, and maybe planning to move against the Republic if they have enough clone soldiers.

    Part 2 should open with the Separatist’s first all out attack on outlaying Star systems and occupying them as they push their way towards the core systems. This attack comes just a month before the supreme chancellor’s re-election. The Chancellor declares a state of emergency and deploys Republic forces to try to retake the occupied systems. One of the occupied systems is Tattoonie. Anakin has been sending his stipends and allowance to support the family during his early Jedi training.
    Palpatine, Senator of Organa runs for office and criticizes the Chancellor for not acting sooner to reconcile the Separatists or deal with them before this heinous attack. He claims that the Chancellors inaction has led them to war. The Chancellor argues that there may still be time to negotiate with the Separatists; that we need not go to war. But Palpatine argues that we are in a state of war and that we must act now to crush the Separatist movement before it destroys the Republic. Had the chancellor done so earlier, this war would not have engulfed the Republic. The Chancellor disputes that has he acted that way earlier, we would have been plunged into war sooner. War would not have been averted. He argues that Palpatine is war mongering. Plapatine claims that Chancellor is the war monger for threatening the Separatists instead of reconciling them. (Which is what the Chancellor has been doing) Palpatine is using double speak, and has been inciting the Separatists not to reconcile with the Republic and holding off an attack until election time was close.
    Meanwhile Anakin is having meditation lessons with Obiwan. Obiwan explains that when the force is in harmony, it flows like a river, seeping into every corner of existence. Filling all living things up, and where ever the force flows life grows. Obi tells Anakin the force is strong with him because of where he is from. A place that was weak, a place missing life. So the force flowed into him to make life flourish in the desert. The force knows where it is needed. But Yodi interrupts and tells Obi that something is interrupting the flow of the force. Obi agrees they can all feel a disturbance in the force. Something like a great stone is scattering the flow of the force. The force cannot flow freely where it is needed most. The strength of Anakin’s force makes him a good candidate to restore the balance of the force. It seems the force chose him for this. But Anakin is distracted, his mind is on Padame and he worries about his mother under Separatist occupation.

  • Peter Angelo Eriksen

    In theory that’s a possibility, but watching Episodes 2 and 3, do you actually get even the tiniest inkling that his nature was *ever* more good than evil. I remember even shortly after watching Attack of the Clones – and I actually liked the prequels when I was younger – my thoughts were, “huh? I didn’t think he was supposed to fall to the dark side until next movie”.

  • Ari Asulin

    Your Star Trek review where you went to great lengths to defend that fad hacker Abrams was most disappoint.

    I am boycotting all future reviews by you of that particular movie.
    Sorry. Learn your lesson.

  • Coolclouds

    The actors were not the problem. They did what they could with what little they had. Also your assessment that a story’s basic outline is generic is meaningless. At this point every story is essentially generic at its core. The uniqueness doesnt come from the basic outline. It comes from maybe the setting, the dialogue, or the characters themselves. There are no new stories anymore and there never will be. All thats left is stories with the same basic premises with an interesting twist in one of the things I mentioned.

  • Marcus Cordeiro

    It’s because Lucas don’t think of the star wars universe like we do. We perceived it mostly trough games, comic books and the new movies, where the force/training level of the characters matter. But in reality, in the original trilogy your power level didn’t matter so much as the motivation for your character. That’s why they send a vulnerable princess in disguise to jaba’s lair first instead of sending the jedi knight to fuck everyone up and steal Solo’s tablet. I think the new movies should be directed at the new audience, because the old themes from the original trilogy would certainly alienate us more logic and action-craving people and the usual moviegoing nowadays audience. It would be a sure hit. I hope J.J. Abrahams does something like that, but with great streamlined character development and emotion his work is known for.

  • canrespub

    Is it just me, or did George Lucas forget that the Imperial Senate supported the Rebellion? It sounded like the empire was established through a military or fascist coup, something that Lucas should’ve focussed on in the prequels.

  • Soda Popinski


  • Matt

    That’s great that you feel that way. But you’re wrong and this movie sucked. I can’t comprehend how stupid you are if you just watched this review and didn’t believe it.

  • The Basterd

    anybody who actually liked these films comes from what I like to call the “instant gratification generation” It’s a generation that dislikes things like; plot, exposition, story development, protagonists, antagonists, plot….these things mean shit to this generation because it’s too intangible they want explosions and sparkling vampires and shitty sci fi revamps that don’t hold a candle to the originals because if they did then this generation would find that shit boring as well…

  • John

    Ha, damn, man. 100% spot on obliteration of this terrible shit movie.

  • Arne Maes

    Good point, but none of the Jedi really act like they should in the prequels, so, let’s just say it’s bad writing and be done with it 😉

  • Pelt Frelken

    No, it’s not.

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    Nobody cares.

  • The Pizza Roll

    Plinkett, you bastard! You will deliver me my fellow brethren, or there WILL be hell to pay! I shall force you to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special if you refuse!

  • Elliot

    It’s explained in the attack of the clones whenever dooku captures obi-wan. That’s one thing about the prequels. They really require that you watch all 3 for them to make sense and it can be difficult to catch everything.

  • Elliot

    +1. I agree, the prequels are better in the fact that they explain star wars on a galactic level as opposed to focusing on just a few characters. Everything makes more sense with the addition of the prequel trilogy and it adds replay value to the old trilogy because you now have an understanding of vader and why he does what he does. I personally like both trilogies, each for their own reason.

  • William Shakesman

    I think you’ve got it completely backwards. The review takes itself extremely seriously, but inserts comedy constantly to make it seem like it doesn’t. The comedy keeps you engaged while the points are hammered home.

    You may not have noticed – but your brain did.

  • Qui Gon Booze

    Even if true Qui Gon died before Dooku became evil and never knew. Even then, the OTHER Jedi didn’t even know – they just considered him a “political idealist.”

    So if you truly think that was part of Qui Gon’s character then you’ve been punked.

  • Qui Gon Booze

    I always assumed they had to go down the trench because there were too many defense turrets along the surface to approach from that direction.

    Oddly enough there were even turrets in the trench.

  • nope

    … Ewan McGregor is the main character as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    I am confused as to what your character point is.

  • William Crafton


    You should open a dictionary and look up the definition of the word “irony”.

  • William Crafton


  • NoPantsBaby

    He’s the main character on paper, but he is not integral to anything that actually happens. You could replace him with ANY Jedi if it wasn’t for the 3 originals. Most of his scenes are also not to progress the plot but to whine and bitch.

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    “Sometimes they’ll even get the girl in the end as icing on the cake”

    Willie Wonka in the corner just made me cry laughing, pure genius.

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    Sorry. Learn your lesson.

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    I love every Mr Plinkett review. Perceptive, fun and witty. Helps me understand why I despise this crap…

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    You’re either a troll or too young to give a shit about the importance of character development and a solid story. This movie had neither of those going for it. Please go back to school and hopefully you’ll accidentally learn something.

  • Samuel J Dillinger

    Sorry but you’re wrong. This review summed things up from how a film should be made. Your first line to defend this film against this review was: the audience needs a protagonist? Who the hell told you that?

    I stopped reading there because you obviously have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. Almost every engaging movie has a central character we know more about than the other characters in the film. This review explains this. It spends 5 to 10 minutes establishing this point. Are you mental?

    Stop using synonyms and spell check to sound smarter than you actually are. It doesn’t help the fact that you are calling everybody here nerds and morons for just being here when YOU are here spending more time trying to defend shit that actually makes no sense to anybody, other than the ‘fanboys’ who convince themselves that it makes sense by breaking it down and reading the books and so on.

    In closing; Fuck off.

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    is there smoke in space? oh well, i guess there wouldn’t be sound or fire in space either, but at least that didn’t ruin eps 4 & 5.

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    i was reading your post and then you made me wince strongly with ‘mace windu”, and you completely lost me at ‘quigon’… sorry but samuel jackson should be black-listed from ever appearing in another star wars movie, and so should liam ‘the drunk’ neeson. these 2 were part of the problem with menace.

  • DeeBeeCooper

    maybe not that complicated, but like so many other elements in the movie, it was stupid.

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    He doesn’t do anything he has no arc. He sits around all movie adds no insight teaches no one anything and is there to get mad and beat darth maul at the end. In fact if you remove him from the movie… nothing changes. Just have qui gon beat maul.

  • Stephen Stempo

    So because he thought star trek was mediocre and not aweful you’re boycotting? Abrams is actually a decent director, he even says there’s good action scenes.

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    There can be fire and sound but only for as far as the oxygen that is escaping the space craft can carry it. Smoke has a physical property so it could be in space. The trajectory of moving smoke would move out in a lot of different directions and would appear to dissipate quickly, but it would still be there. It would just be dispersed. Wow, that may have been the clearest thinking I’ve ever posted on the internet. Cats and George Lucas is an ass….. now everything is in balance!

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    Oh good.”

  • Daniel

    I was just watching Menace again and was struck by Obi-Wan’s illogical reaction to their first encounter with Darth Maul, just before they leave Tatooine. So Obi-Wan was in the ship expecting the return of his master when suddenly the security guy walks in saying “Qui-Gon is in trouble.” Obi-Wan then calmly (already a huge mistake) walks towards the windshield and sees a guy who has come out of nowhere carrying a light saber and attacking Qui-Gon. Later we learn at the Jedi council that the Sith have been extinct for a thousand years, thus neither Obi-Wan nor Qui-Gon have ever seen one. So what should be going through Obi-Wan’s head when he saw the light saber fight? “Who the fuck is that guy? I probably know him because his is obviously a Jedi knight, but why in the hell would he attack Qui-Gon? What was he doing in the middle of the desert to begin with? I must get out there immediately and find out who is this guy!”. But instead he sits at a chair and says: “Take off. Over there, fly low.” This is probably the first time he has ever seen a light saber duel for real, and he is not even slightly impressed by it.

  • Daniel

    Another thing about their fight at Tatooine. Why does the probe have to return and report personally to Darth Maul, couldn’t it just send a message? Isn’t the point of having probes to know things without having to actually be there to see them? Why would Darth Maul choose a bike to get to their ship? When he releases the probes it seems he just stands there waiting, so I assume he is close to his ship. The best thing to do would be to get on his ship and blow up the Naboo ship before it takes off, ruining any chances of escape. What if he gets there in the exact moment that they are leaving? He would just stand there in the sand looking stupid, just like he did.
    I know nothing about script writing but I think that if Darth Maul got there in his ship, just moments before they leave tatooine, you could have a quick chase scene before they jump to hyperspace and it would keep the Sith unknown to the Jedi until the fight sequence at Naboo. This would fit well with the council’s choice of sending just two guys back to Naboo, and would add tension to Darth Maul’s revelation at the end.

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    Something that never really occurred to me about Yoda in this movie. It was awkward seeing him involved with politics and handing out titles etc. He was much more of an impactful character when he was a fugitive and tossed aside on a dumpy planet. It was a much better way to show how his power didn’t depend on the typical trappings of the world. To see Yoda all mixed up with political intrigue diminished what made him such a memorable character.

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    There’s many difference between a coaster and The Phantom Menace. One took countless hours of effort, care, and creativity to make, and one is a movie. Ba dum tss

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    True, but I think the point was that it could have just been Anakin vs the ship since that’s the whole point anyways. What’s even the point of talking about the entry fee?

  • TAI…

    I think Mark Webb should be added in there for his film, the Amazing Spiderman, which broke new grounds. I’ve never seen something quite so 3D.

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  • Paulis

    The disability to describe Ep 1 characters looked so very fake, while I do agree that they had little character, the problem was that the character they had was stereotypical, either the public that was questioned was faking it to make a point or they haven’t seen the movie properly to speak of it’s characters or just plain silly…

  • Baz Hood

    yeah man, abrams is a decent director. shame the writers he’s been working with are unimaginative hacks though. but if he puts lens flare in Star Wars……


    Can YOU describe any of those characters from the prequels without reference to anything physical about them or what they do in the movie?

    Man, I’m sick of kids trying to defend these movies. Everyone thought they were shit when they came out and a reappraisal just continues to confirm how shit they are.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Heh. Love seeing Jay, Rich, et al in the describe the character part, now that you’ve seen them in Half in the Bag and Best of the Worst.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Rich: “That is going to be fucking impossible because she (Amidala) doesn’t HAVE a character.” hee hee

  • wizdumb

    oh my god this is priceless. so glad I was directed to come here.

  • yanda

    yes the original trilogy was better but come on man it really wasn’t THAT bad. AND no a new hope’s lightsaber battle was in NO WAY more interesting than revenge of the sith’s with obi-wan and Anakin that’s ridiculus. youre also a really weird fucking dude who sounds like a constipated fat guy with down syndrome.

  • jubalbiggs

    Ok, fine. Let’s go with that assumption. So… the MAIN CHARACTER stays behind on the ship on Tatooine and waits while three supporting characters do the entire plot on that planet? Then the MC sits around on Coruscant while the council decides something above his pay-grade and something happens in the Senate and his job is to stand around next to his sensei dude and just look serious. Gee, this is like if Luca Brasi was the main character of the Godfather… thrilling. Obi Wan is a heavy. He is like a bodyguard guy who gets periodically siccced on things. If he actually IS the main character in this movie, that makes it even more lame… if that were possible.

  • wizdumb

    You win the dumbass of the year award

  • Barry Herbers

    I’m not finished yet (just started part 2), and while this is incredibly well done and entertaining, I think I have a bit of a problem with a pretty large part of the way you’re going about this. There are insights throughout, but it seems like most of this is just pointing out plot holes. Sure, there’s something to be said for plot holes being able to make a movie worse, but it seems like all the video does is point them out. It never explains “why” plot holes are an issue.

    I’m just not sure it’s fair to point at the plot holes as flaws in the movie without explaining why there an issue. I don’t doubt for a second that they ARE in fact an issue in The Phantom Menace, but just pointing them out isn’t really worth doing unless you’re going to explain why you’re pointing them out.

    This is worth reading if anyone’s interested in this particular topic:

  • gest

    Are we watching the same review?

  • Barry Herbers

    I’d certainly hope so, and I absolutely loved this review. I watched the whole thing.

  • Andrew Hagan

    You need someone to explain to you why it’s bad for a piece of fiction to be incoherent and illogical? Really?

  • Barry Herbers

    No, I picked up on that for myself due to other reading, but can you explain it?

  • Andrew Hagan

    That’s like asking someone to explain why the smell of flowers is “better” than the smell of rotten eggs. If you don’t get it, you’re an alien.

  • Barry Herbers

    And yet, this genius of a writer, Film Crit Hulk, wrote an entire essay in an attempt to explain why plot holes really aren’t that bad when used under the proper circumstances:

  • Andrew Hagan

    lol why are you plugging this website so hard?

  • Albert T. Colon

    Simple logic is the issue… why explain such simplicity? Its scifi / Sci-fantasy…. but the ‘Sci’ stands for science, meaning logic and reason… rules… and if lucas’s billion dollar company cant think straight, pointing it out alone is enough… no need for boring overkill…just point it out…

  • woosher

    There are at least 3 different movie reviews on this site that detail exactly how much of an idiot you are.

  • Barry Herbers

    Because it’s mind-blowingly fantastic.

  • tealmm

    It really isn’t though

  • Tob


  • Tob

    90% sure this guy is bitter because he’s just Mr.Plinkett’s son.

  • Barry Herbers

    I’m glad you discredit information based on the format.

  • Barry Herbers

    I’m not bitter though… I loved the review. What I said above was my only complaint, and if I remember correctly, they ended up addressing it anyway. The plot holes cause confusion when you’re watching the movie, making it more difficult to be invested in what’s going on since you’re always questioning it.


    You missed the bits where he points out where it fails in basic cinematic terms. Or how hollow the characters are.


    Or how basic design choices and character actions make no fucking sense. That isn’t the same as pointing out plot holes.

  • assmonkeyhooker

    I shit on your mom’s dick

  • Fuckfartlover


  • Roger Abramson

    A point made elsewhere in these reviews: It’s not necessarily that plot holes take you out of the fun.

    The lack of story and character emotionally distances you from the movie, leaving you bored, picking apart the logical flaws and contrived plot devices.

    Sloppy plot devices inevitably leave plot holes.

    Suddenly, to a sharp-minded viewer, it all becomes insultingly clear: the filmmaker is a hack, cramming a self-indulgent checklist of all the crap he wants to force into his script. It’s all been contrived.

    Flat characters illuminate nothing about life, because hacks care far less for the emotions and lives of his audience than his own cast of cardboard cut-out characters. It’s yet another money grab: another filmmaker with nothing to say and his characters have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

    To those who aren’t dazzled by empty spectacle, who want substance instead of sparklers, there’s nothing behind the theater curtain but a drunken idiot sloppily setting off one bottle rocket after another to the `oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of the witless throng.

    Character-driven stories in the classical, 3-act format don’t need chases or heists or explosions to delight and amaze us.

    Remember the white-knuckle suspense in the first scene in the recent film ‘Drive’? There was more tension in a few seconds waiting at a stop light than an entire James Bond movie.

    In Act 2, a movie tends to bog down. In Empire Strikes Back, Luke ends up in an actual bog with a wise swamp frog who causes him to face himself before his journey can continue. One day, we all have to face ourselves… just like Luke does.

    As they say in ‘The Three Amigos’, each of us has an El Guapo. An inner struggle caused by deep but surmountable imperfection.

    Like ‘My Fair Lady’ or its variations, we witness a make-over story. We go from robot-loving nerds to responsible human beings. The kind of people who would never make a crappy movie like ‘The Phantom Menace’ for the merchandising royalties.

    Hell. Lucas was supposed to be the chosen one. Or something like that.

    By working through Luke’s fundamental inner conflicts and facing the shocking “realities” about himself, along with all the natural twists and turns of the story RESULTING from his flaws, we really feel the moments of transformation through struggle, the growing courage and admire the developing inner strength as if it was our own.

    In Act 2, nothing needs to blow up. He hides out in a swamp while his buddies hide out in a cave. Just a boy and a talking frog.

    We’re not pulled out of the story. We suspend our disbelief, forgive any logical contradictions, and we don’t complain when Yoda doesn’t simply offer to lend Luke his egg-shaped space car or send Obi-Wan’s ghost to go call a tow truck for his X-Wing.

    Creative, brilliant and rational minds are pulled into the plot holes by unrelenting boredom. When we’re entertained and enlightened, we don’t give a damn.

    Hope it helps.

  • Barry Herbers

    Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of reply I was hoping for.

  • Gborr

    Do you guys know what the greatest joke is? Once you read up on the background of the Trade Federation and all the other background politics and whatnot, the core plot of the movie is actually good. It makes sense in that context.

    The problem is, you see NOTHING of that in the movie. You never get to learn why the Trade Federation is a threat, you never get to know why they have armed ships and droid armies, you never learn the political machinations in the background. Nothing!

    And no, you don’t need several minutes long exposition in the senate to do that either. Here, let me demonstrate:

    *Qui Gon and Obi Wan’s ship gets out of hyperspace and the look upon Naboo and the TF fleet around it*
    Captain: According to the sensors we have three times as much ships as expected. All of them are armed.
    Obi Wan: That’s not an embargo fleet, that is an invasion! What is the Trade Federation doing?
    Qui Gon: What they have been doing in the past few years. They have been using the credits of their corporate allies to lobby in the senate, arm their ships and amass their fleets. Now that money doesn’t do the trick anymore, they try to bully the Republic with brute force.
    Obi Wan: The Republic had grown to complacent in peace.
    Qui Gon: There is no such thing as being too peaceful, but it is true that the Republic doesn’t have the means to defend itself against this aggression.
    *Obi Wan looks over the huge ships as they get ready to dock*
    Obi Wan: I still don’t understand, master. Do they really expect the Republic would give them what they want like this? It makes no sense.
    Qui Gon: No it doesn’t. Not yet. And that worries me.
    Obi Wan: Why?
    Qui Gon: Because that means they have the power to threaten the Republic, the incentive to do so and a plan we know nothing about. It’s the most dangerous combination possible.
    *scene cuts with the hangar doors slowly closing behind the ship*

    BAM! Suddenly the Trade Federation sounds like a genuine threat and all it took was two minutes of expository dialog between the two “lead characters” that doesn’t even sound that forced. Contrast this with George’s approach who just threw thousands of droids onto the screen and thought that was enough.

  • Japneet Dhaliwal

    That blockade was also completely useless. Blockades are supposed to surround the area, that blockade on the other hand was like a ring in Saturn, They could escape from literally ANY other direction.

  • Gborr

    And again, do you know how easy is that to explain? Interdiction fields!

    They are used to create artificial gravity wells and stop ships from escaping an area of engagement by hyperdrive or even pull them out of hyperspace, and the technology have existed for thousands of years at this point (it’s used by Malak in KotOR to intercept the Ebon Hawk at one point). All Lucas had to do was inserting this simple line into any of the dialog either during the very beginning or when they try to escape Naboo the first time:

    Qui Gon: The ships orbiting around the equator use interdiction fields to stop any large ships from entering or leaving the system while the fighter droids are patrolling the rest of the space around the planet to hunt down small ships trying to smuggle supplies. However, that also means that they have no fighters around the ships themselves, and those are only armed freighters, so we could break through with a small and fast ship by flying right at them and leave interdiction range before they could scramble more fighters.

    BAM, stupid blockade is solved. George Lucas – Random asshat on the internet: 0 – 1

  • Gborr

    Late answer, but relevant: The Trade Federation IS an alliance of the most wealth corporations and planets, the Sith ARE manipulating them (read: Sidious) through their greed to destroy the Republic from within and they want Padme dead because Nute Gunray (the head honcho of the TF) feels offended by her gall to capture him in the first movie. It also explains their name (they are an alliance of the biggest manufacturers, traders and bankers of the galaxy), their droid armies (since they have the backing of several huge manufacturing firms) and their desire to kill Padme in particular.

    It’s just that the movies have a narrative that suffers from ADD and refuses to explain anything, instead opting to throw digital shit at the audience and hopes that they forget about the horribly storytelling.

  • lostboy408

    what the hell is with this guy’s voice?

  • Haitchpeasauce

    And then the battle droids are complete rubbish. Lucas doesn’t give appropriate exposition about the threat, and couldn’t back it up with substantial danger and tension even if he did.

    Everyone in the movie is stupid, so the core plot is driven by idiots, making the core plot stupid too, making the movie maker … well you get it.

    Gborr, you dream of a better movie that was never made, and I’d pay to see that movie.

  • Haitchpeasauce

    Polio ruined his childhood.

    Welcome to Plinkett.

  • Gborr

    At one point I actually had a checklist of small things that should have been changed to make the Phantom Menace work. Stuff like:

    -Explain the Trade Federation as seen above.
    -Explain that the Naboo queen is actually only a diplomatic figurehead who periodically gets chose from the noble families and stripped from the title at a certain age because of stupid traditions.
    -Make it so that the Trade Federation doesn’t want to kill Qui Gon and Obi wan outright but only bear down on them when they try to snoop around the hangar bay and notice the invasion force.
    -Make Qui Gon very knowledgeable and flexible and make Obi Wan very impulsive with a rigid moral fiber.
    -Keep Jar-Jar, but make him a pained man in exile instead of the silly clown. The funny accent can stay, it works as a juxtaposition.

    -Explain the blockade the way I did somewhere around here (in short: the big ships are only there for interdiction-fields, the atmosphere is patrolled by fighter droids and the battleships are only retrofitted cargo haulers so they don’t have the firepower to stop a fast ship with good shields).
    -Drop the bits with R2D2, especially the “thanking the droid” bit. He should be introduced either on Tatooine (they buy him to help with the repairs of the ship) or when they get back to Naboo as one of the fighter astromech droids Anakin bonds with.

    -Introduce Darth Maul earlier and give him a simple, straightforward backstory of hating the Jedi and stalk the main group for a while.
    -Make Anakin older, at least fourteen. Also make him less wide-eyed innocent and more jaded (he is a slave, for god’s sake!) and show him to be generally nice but manipulative from the get-go. Also make him want to become a Jedi so that he could get away from Tatooine.

    -Drop the “Anakin made C3PO” stupidity. In fact, it would make sense if C3PO was on the queen’s ship (you know, protocol droid?) and he is taken to the planet in case they need translating.
    -Drop the subplot about Qui Gon betting. Instead make Obi Wan do the bets (for money instead of the parts) behind his back and make Qui Gin chastise him for it -> Character development!
    -Keep the midichlorians, but make them into an indicator instead of a means, aka. they are not allowing the use of the Force but are drawn to those strong in the Force. Also, don’t give it a numerical value, instead make Obi Wan say “The boy’s midichlorian count is very high. It’s comparable to Master Yoda’s.” and the Qui Gon respond “Strange. I didn’t feel it in him. He must have great untapped potential.”.

    -Make it so that Padme stays on the ship and she only meets Anakin when he shows up to check the ship and see what parts are needed on Watto’s orders.
    -Make the pod-race shorter and without the whole melodrama about the sabotage and whatnot. Just have Anakin use Watto’s pod-racer and barely win, that’s more than enough tension right there.
    -Make it so that they win enough money to either buy both Anakin and Shmi or only Anakin and all the parts needed, and then make Shmi make the decision to stay behind in order to get her son out of there. Make Qui Gon and Obi Wan promise that they would get back to her.

    -When Darth Maul first attacks the Jedi as they try to leave, have Qui Gon and Obi Wan be confused as hell and act a little sloppy. This is supposed to be the first time they have seen a Sith in generations and they are in no ways trained in direct saber-duels, so they should only barely escape or even get injured a little.
    -Have two important scenes on the ship: Obi Wan bonding with Anakin, as they are not that far apart in age, and have Obi Wan acknowledge his potential and encourage him that the Jedi council would certainly see it as well. The other scene should be between Padme and Jar-Jar where they both voice their feelings of desperation and worry for their people and that they try to uphold a collected and cheery exterior so that they wouldn’t have to think about it.

    -When they get to Coruscant, have multiple scenes detailing Qui Gon looking into the sith in the archives note how Maul seemed to be a skilled fighter yet his saber-technique was unusual and sloppy at times.
    -Have the council refuse to train Anakin on the grounds of age emotional baggage and have Obi Wan protest the decision.
    -When they return to Naboo, have Anakin stove away on the ship because he wants to prove himself. The rest of the scenes kind of work, but with less cutting between them.
    -Have Anakin defy Qui Gon’s order to stay back and instead rush into the battle and get into one of the vacant Naboo fighters, originally planning to use the ship’s cannons to shoot at the droids on the ground, but then R2 gets attached and so Anakin gets the idea to actually follow the formation and fly the thing.

    -When Darth Maul shows up, make the jedi have a little “oh crap!” moment, especially when he shows up his double-blader. Have Qui Gon note that it is just as he feared and that it is a type of lightsaber that was designed for duels between Force users, so he tells Obi Wan to make sure their attacks are synchronized so that they can keep him off-balance and won’t have to fight one on one,
    -In space, have Anakin realize that the droid control ship’s shields momentarily shit down around the hangar when it dispatches new fighters and make him use the window of opportunity to fly in, fire all his proton torpedoes. The hit a reactor (just like in the actual movie) that temporarily disables the shields and disrupts the droids, giving the other fighters enough time to bombard the core of the ship and blow it up.
    -In the fight between the two jedi and Maul, have things play out similarly, except at the end Maul separates them and starts sadistically mincing up the limbs of Qui Gon and then impaling him when he is only the ground, enraging Obi Wan. Then have Obi Wan rush in, bashing Maul over and over with his saber like it was a baseball bat, but then Maul starts to play with him as well, injuring his leg. The pain makes Obi Wan momentarily focus, remembering Qui Gon’s note about how the sith’s technique with a single blade was sloppy, and in a sudden spark of inspiration he lunges up, force-pulls the fallen jedi’s saber, and while blocking with his own he uses it to cut the hilt of Maul’s saber in half. Not expecting this, Maul stumbles backwards, and then drops one of the half-sabers, but by that time Obi Wan uses the two blades in his hands to slice him in half while he is too distracted to defend properly, the force-pushes the two halves into the pit with a roar.

    -Have the ending play out as in the movie, with the Jadi council grudgingly allowing Obi Wan to train Anakin after he is promoted, and then end with the two of them returning to Tatooine to free Shmi. Once they free her, she says she want to stay behind because all her friends are here, so she says goodbye to Anakin who is already in a robe at this point and promises her that by the next time she sees him, he is going to be the greatest jedi who ever lived, and cue credits while the camera pans up to the twin suns and creating a thematic bridge with Luke leaving his old life behind in New Hope.

    BAM, there you go, a tolerable movie right there.

  • Jack

    Dude, you still kinda missed the point. We get TOLD how dangerous this MIGHT be. Doesn’t compare to beginning your movie with a Storm Trooper battle and a Darth Vader throat cuddle.

  • lostboy408

    oh! i’m sorry then. i didn’t know, i actually thought it was a joke or something

  • JB

    Qui-gon: A stoic, rather serious man who is still a bit of a rebel. He has an innate sense for how people can be helpful, and he’s willing to defy his elders if they disagree

    Padme: A girl thrust into a position of power before she is prepared for it. She tries to be strong for her people, but inside her heart is breaking for the plight of Naboo. She enjoys pretending to be a servant, for the sole reason that she gets to show her emotions

    Obi-Wan: A serious, practical man who tends to look at the Force as more of a tool than a source of guidance. He is not as comfortable with rebellion as his master, and tends to avoid unnecessary risks

    Anakin: A boy growing up in a horrible situation, shielded from the bitter reality of his life by his kind master and loving mother. He’s a dreamer, never satisfied until he’s the best at something

    What was that you were saying?

  • His Shadow

    Clarify. Is Lucas now the random asshat on the internet for not bothering to plug these holes with the most basic of expository dialogue?


    I don’t know what movie you saw, but those characters certainly weren’t in the one I watched.

  • TAI…

    Hey, I can do it too.

    Qui-Gon: An alcoholic who refuses to go into space rehab against Yoda’s advice. Always fucking up the missions with his lack of common sense.

    Padme: A young girl from a society where they have to lobotomize future royalty, and teach them to be as one dimensional as possible for political reasons.

    Obi-Wan: A whiner who doesn’t really care about anything the Jedi do and has been fighting to get out his whole life. He likes to swing laser swords, though, so he pretends to care.

    Anakin: A bad actor who went insane from slavery to the extent that he runs around yelling yippee while he lives in slavery.

    And I think mine have far more evidence from the movie.

  • TAI…

    These characters are easy to describe!

    Qui-Gon: An alcoholic who refuses to go into space rehab against Yoda’s advice. Always fucking up the missions with his lack of common sense.

    Padme: A young girl from a society where they have to lobotomize future royalty, and teach them to be as one dimensional as possible for political reasons.

    Obi-Wan: A whiner who doesn’t really care about anything the Jedi do and has been fighting to get out his whole life. He likes to swing laser swords, though, so he pretends to care….infrequently.

    Anakin: A bad actor who went insane from slavery to the extent that he runs around yelling yippee while he lives in slavery.

  • Moeskido

    I miss Gary Kurtz. He was probably one of only two people who could keep Lucas from disappearing up his own ass.

  • His Shadow

    Plinkett uses a phrase at one point in his review; “Art thru Adversity”. Getting the original Trilogy made was difficult and problematic, the original certainly the most difficult. Lucas was surrounded by industry professionals whose job was to make these productions work, and to add insight, direction and ideas along the way.

    Lucas was surrounded by sycophants and yes-men for the Prequels and it shows. He sat on his ass with his coffee and his monitors. The paucity of the result is obvious.

  • Moeskido

    Plinkett’s a smart man who has genuine standards for good storytelling.

    One of Lucasfilm’s many mistakes was in allowing consumers to actually view the production process in the DVD extras. Watching Lucas’ department chiefs repeatedly swap nervous glances while they nod enthusiastically at his every change-of-mind about non-story details, reminds me of nothing less than outtakes from “The Office.”

  • Gborr

    Hey, I’m just working with what I got! If it was depending on me, I would have started the movie at the Naboo capital itself, with the droid armies marching down on the streets. Maybe show a few frightened women and children peeking through windows while the droids mechanically march down the street, there could even be some fires and wrecks littering the streetside, aftermath of the battle, etc.

    Then cut to the droid army finally taking the palace, and then have Nute Gunray (possibly accompanied by Darth Maul) capture Padme and then when they get to her, have Qui Gon and Obi Wan rescue her in the nick of time and then they would have to hide out (possibly in the swamp with the gungans). This way there would have been a immediate representation of the power of the droid army, Darth Maul could have proved an adversary for the Jedi from the very beginning, there would have been no Jar-Jar and all the nonsense in the first ten minutes of the movie, etc. etc. etc.
    But then again, that would require rewriting the entire script from the get-go, and as I said somewhere around here, when I wrote up these ideas my main goal was to tweak the already existing content in a way to show how easy it would have been to fix things with just a minimal amount of care.

  • Gborr

    The random asshat was supposed to be me, a random guy from the net who could still do a better job at pluggin up said plot-holes from his arm-chair while Lucas supposedly had his “directing genius” and a hundred assistants and still failed to do so. So yeah, I still hold that 0-1 score. 😛

  • His Shadow


  • Lnldzn

    Wow Gborr, I can see this movie play in my mind while I’m reading your comment… and it’s way better than Lucas’ version! I wish it were made someday, I’d pay to watch it. Hats off to you! :)

  • Lnldzn

    Oh, and here’s my own suggestion of an improvement: change the viceroys from the bumbling idiots they are into something more worthy of carrying out the main villain’s plan.

    Or, if you really want them to stay the way they are, make it absolutely clear that it’s Darth Maul who’s actually calling the shots on the ground and that the viceroys are only tools, acting as a front for the sith – maybe even have Maul show some impatience at their incompetence?

    Because as things stand in the movie, you have a shadowy figure trying to carry out an overly complicated plan with the worst hench people imaginable, which doesn’t say much for his overall quality as a competent villain. It’s just a pair of idiots getting beaten by another bunch of even bigger idiots. There’s no emotional involvement in taking the Federation down,

  • Derrick Cryderman

    >_> really?

  • Fucko

    O my jesus fuckballs.

  • The video boab oyedivuth

    Now I understand why people on Tumblr complain about Plinkett… They actually think it’s a real person.

  • Marvin Falz

    I remember that some people on YouTube thought that Nadine was trapped in Plinkett’s basement for real.

  • lostboy408

    Clearly sarcasm is not understood here.

  • LickenzeeBallz

    this shit is hilarious and also pretty real…episode 1 sucked fat dick and this guy hit the nail on the head for almost every thing he griped about. id rather watch this than the actual movie

  • Max

    Look mate, you’re making a whole lot of good points and you know what the hell are you talking about… But your video is unwatchable! I won’t go as far as to suggest it’s worse than the prequels (don’t want to end up in your basement) but god damn! Drink a fucking coffee before recording your voice! I honestly forced myself to watch half of the first part because yes, you make sense and help me learn a lot about storytelling, but your voice sounds like an overworked Wallmart clerk who just wants to finish his shift and ho the hell home! I find your voice utterly painful to listen to, if you can’t get any more energetic even with a shot of amphetamine, ASK SOMEONE TO RECORD IT FOR YOU! When the scene in the basement rolled in I was both bored, tired of listening to you and embarassed by watching how you jar-jar-ly try to shove in several jokes about your basement! Dude, you’re NOT funny. I clicked a link on Cracked hoping it’s an article to read. Was disappointed seeing it’s just videos, but then decided to try and watch it and… Please, put it in an article form, maybe decorated with pictures or videos, beacause the video you’ve put together is just unwatchable!

    Ps. At least for me, others seem to enjoy it so I’m just gonna assume I’m the fucked up one.

  • JJtoob

    Agreed, but is still better than what we got by a long shot.

  • Tyrone D.

    NO! You’re an idiot, firstly, and I don’t want you ruining Cracked’s basically good reputation by giving the impression that only folks who don’t understand sarcasm like you read their articles. Go home, find a sense of humor, and come back later.

  • Jen

    It is apparent that you only expect to learn things from polished black-on-white discursive essays and perfect recordings of radio-voiced presenters.You missed the point entirely my friend, so I’ll spell it out for you. Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman are talented filmmakers who make informed decisions when expressing their subject matter.
    Presenting your thoughts, even if you barely have an ounce of creativity, should mean considering aesthetics and audience. The mode in which you present content can be as important to your point as what you say, and from this combination the audience derives meaning.

    You don’t get a pizza roll.

  • Max

    Okay, I may not have been clear and probably a bit drunk too (for which I apologize). My main point was not that it was unfunny (tho I still think the scene in basement was useless) but that the voice made it really difficult to watch. It felt uninterested and boring regardless of what it was saying.

    And, hoping this will let me avoid dealing with people like you, I specifically added the PS. Go ahead and read it.

    By the way, second part was much better, maybe because I got used to the voice. But I still upheld what I said before: I absolutely hated the voice and found it hard to focus on the words. That is my opinion and if you have a problem with it, well, your problem. But I do apologize for the way I have expressed it, it was a bit over the top. I was just tired of listening to someone who didn’t seem like he even cared about what was he saying, sounding tired and bored himself and so when it got to the basement scene, I could not hold it anymore.

    Again, I was quite drunk and went too far, I apologize, especially since the videos does raise many valid points. I just felt sad it was recorded in a way I found hard to listen. (and was drunk, which was sad too)

  • Baron Teapot

    He’s putting on a voice deliberately – if you watch the ‘Half in the Bag’ videos, you’ll hear his normal voice. It’s the character of Mr. Plinkett.

    Sucks that you found it un-watchable; you’re missing out! :-)

  • dorelas

    @Max its an act you ignorant noob. At least do some minimum research on the redlettermedia before you fumble with your keyboard.

  • MomoTheCow

    Fresh fish. Fresh fish.

  • DarkSoulsSauron

    it’s a persona / character act. it’s done on purpose.

  • Max

    Well, I did watch it all. It’s just I would have enjoyed it more if I was hearing enthusiastic voice rather than someone who didn’t even seem interested in what he was saying. Had the same with ‘Why Twilight is so popular’, video based on article by The Oatmeal – they are talking about cool stuff (‘cool’ as in ‘lashing stupid shit’) but find it hard to focus on what they are saying.

  • Guest

    I wish I could get away with copying work in school by saying “It’s like poetry, they rhyme”, or if the teacher criticizes my work, I can just say “It’s stylistically designed to be that way”.

  • Andrew Herlihy

    What’s so ironic is that I remember all of the characters much better because of his review. Otherwise they were all entirely forgettable. I just remember hating Jar jar as a teen. Keep the comedic relief to robots…

  • Marvin Falz

    I’ve never seen so clearly until now: the most memorable figures and scenes are those that made me feel hatred.

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    You know what to do!

  • enthos

    You’re describing traits. The objective is to describe personality; that’s what makes a character memorable. usually this comes from an actor, but can also come from writing.

    No characters in the prequels are nearly as interesting or memorable as the characters in the originals. To me they just seem like people who do and say things the plot needs them to say, rather than people with motivations; that may not actually be the case, but the problem is THAT’S THE WAY IT COMES ACROSS. And that’s what matters.

  • Alex Lee

    Another irony is that by the character test, Jar Jar is actually one of the stronger characters; he’s the comic relief, he’s goofy, he’s foolish, and he’s bumbling. When you compare him to Queen Amidala or Captain Panaka or Shimi Skywalker, all of whom can’t be described outside of their roles.

    Jar Jar is a character people hate, but he’s not technically poorly characterized. It’s a bizarre difference, but that’s the conclusion we’re left with when performing this test.

  • Ikari Rapeman

    shit you’re stupid

  • Mel B Toast

    You’re filling in the gaps yourself–very little of what you describe is on the screen/page. Or it’s just something that happens, without emotional weight. I could say that Qui-Gon loves hot beverages, because he drinks some tea. That doesn’t mean it’s an inherent part of his personality.

    “Qui-gon: A stoic, rather serious man”
    Stoic, serious, and other synonyms: actors delivering dialogue in a monotone with blank faces. Not part of a personality.

    “who is still a bit of a rebel.”
    You mean he has mild disagreements with the Jedi council?

    “He has an innate sense for how people can be helpful”
    He brings characters along who end up being helpful by accident, or for plot convenience. Not the same thing.

    “and he’s willing to defy his elders”
    Same thing as rebellious. Using multiple synonyms does not equal a rich personality. Here’s my description of Qui-Gon: blank, vacant, hollow, impassive, lifeless, empty, stiff, deadpan, inexpressive, mask-like, and poker-faced. What a multifaceted character!

    “Padme: A girl thrust into a position of power” = her gender and occupation

    “before she is prepared for it” = her age

    “she tries to be strong for her people”
    Not shown through dialogue or action.

    “but inside her heart is breaking”
    Not shown through dialogue or action.

    “She enjoys pretending to be a servant”
    Not shown through dialogue or action.

    “for the sole reason that she gets to show her emotions”
    I’ll grant you that she is less stiff in her handmaiden costume. But this idea that she can’t show emotions as a queen makes no sense, and isn’t supported by anything in the movie.

    “Obi-Wan: A serious practical man”
    Yes, every actor in this movie is “serious.”

    “who tends to look at the Force as more of a tool than a source of guidance.”
    I remember zero scenes that indicate this.

    “He is not as comfortable with rebellion as his master, and tends to avoid unnecessary risks”
    You mean he has mild disagreements with Qui-Gon?

    “Anakin: A boy growing up in a horrible situation”
    His gender. And you avoided the word “slave,” but you’re still talking about his occupation.

    “shielded from the bitter reality of his life by his kind master and loving mother.”
    Are you referring to the part where his master yells at him for not working hard enough? Or when Anakin talks about the explosive device in his head?

    “He’s a dreamer,”
    I wouldn’t classify “I don’t want to be a slave” as “a dreamer.”

    “never satisfied until he’s the best at something”
    He’s already a droid engineer and pod racer at age nine. That implies natural intelligence (or midichlorians). We never see him struggle to become the best at anything.

    But he does grow up to become very “serious.”

  • I Shot J.R

    “Stay back coppers, I’m packin’ heat!”

    That was so 70’s b-movie.

  • Anders

    Changed my life it did, gave me more lush hair too

  • Constantine1985

    Anyone else having trouble loading these vidz on an Ipad?

  • TapewormBike

    I find the fact that this discusion is on here baffling.

  • wikiality

    You aint from ’round these parts of the internets here are ya boy? Heh heh heh.

    We do things a bit diff’rently than you’re used to in the fancy big friendly joke aggregators. All sittin up there with them old media backing. We don’t take kindly to those who don’t take kindly to having to figure something out on a deeper level or are god forbid forced to think. I don’t like it, these here boys don’t like it, and The Gimp over here really don’t like it, and I don’t like to see him upset. Come on Gimpy…leave the poor noob alone he aint doin nothing..I said stay down Gimp! Sorry, he really don’t like strangers.

  • wikiality

    Ha! Cracked has a good reputation for being another Diet Internet site that spreads this cancer like this in the first place. This is exactly what you expect from any place that spoonfeeds you “humor” without trying and it shows. It’s no better than those chain emails you used to get full of oh-so-funny “jokes” that also missed the point because the were failed references, rewrites of better jokes, or entirely superficial and not funny without a history to it.

    I’m wasting my time. Top 25 Reasons People Who Like Aggregators Are Complete Morons

  • wikiality

    Because videos do not change because you can’t stand them. I would like nearly every gaming review made after 2007 to be reshot with a non-annoying female or a non-faux-radio-voice-douche because apparently G4 has solidified in people’s minds what gamers want in a game review is chirpy annoying girls reading lines with no intelligence behind their eyes or extremely annoying “wacky” radio voices that just sound douchy talking about Nintendo Power tips as if they’re un-Googleable at this point. You either hear Vidya Voodoo organically which is usually made up or wrong, or you get in from a source which may contain spoilers and is less bad ass, doing a combination of both very badly is counter intuitive to gaming culture. Of course I would like this but it’s just not happening because the fans of the Nostalgia Chick website and similar somesuch things don’t care it’s complete crap, it’s being made for them. Crossover episodes of web communities is when it can get really annoying super quick. Watching Alton Brown on whatever lameass “nerd cooking” show he was on is pretty much the epitome of everything I hate in the world, but they will continue to churn on that garbage because people like you just want to see mildly attractive people dressed up like what the kids of a corporate executive would think nerds look like make pop culture references.

    The internet is not made for you, you have to make the internet. If you can’t generate content and you hate the content generated, get off the internet. You probably ignored it’s existence for the past 20 years and now you want it to do your bidding now that “work forced you to use it” even though that sounds like “I heard about a thing called internet porno yesterday” to everyone else.

  • Empiroar

    Gooood, goooood, let the butt hurt flow through you!!

  • wikiality

    Should I not be butthurt that places like Buzzfeed and their userbase takes them seriously? It would be so much better if at the very least the people who run Buzzfeed and the like knew they were regurgitating shit they don’t understand to amuse the dumb masses who understand that shit even less?

    I have engaged mode “rabid fanboi” for subject “Mike Stoklasa” sometime two days ago.

  • wikiality

    You’re not going to get enthusiasm over Twilight or Phantom Menace from the community you seek.

  • Anders

    Yep, but so far, only these

  • jedidethfreak

    What is it with Ricks?

  • frankosapien

    I like how when Plinkett says the hero gets the girl in the end it shows Charlie and WIlly Wonka hugging on the bottom right…

  • Sphincter

    I would bet money that he doesn’t even have a computer. I bet he accessed this site from a public library after watching porn next to some 12 year old doing a book report.

  • Alfie McDonald

    I skipped school on May 21, 1999 to go see this stupid movie.

  • Melies

    that was doubly stupid because the movie came out on the 19th…so you probably didn’t even need to skip school!

    But I did too…we were young and inexperienced in life, let’s not blame blame ourselves 😉

  • Melies

    in other words, the ones that made you feel something.

  • Marvin Falz

    Yes, you can say that. The ones that made me feel something with “Mesa going home!” being the absolute lowpoint, followed by “I’m a person and my name is Anakin” and Jar-Jar’s great military tactic of stumbling around with a battle droid clinging to his leg and the stupid thank-you-R2-D2 scene. But there is one very short part of the movie I associate with a feeling of awe and that is in the opening scene when we see the half-eaten donut in front of Naboo in a full shot and from slightly above.

  • spec

    3 minutes and the vid still isn’t playing. im off

  • Mayra S. Menezes

    Panaka in portuguese means Dork.
    Captain Dork was a comic relief in Brazil…-.-

  • Alex Lee

    eh, He didn’t want to wait in the massive line. He was waiting for it to become just an oversized line.

  • TapewormBike

    We basicly took like a family trip to cinema and it was a huge fucking thing, since we did not do that so often. The only other time I remember was going to The Lost World. Man, my parents mightve been trying to ruin my childhood while I was experiencing it.

  • TapewormBike

    They might be huge dicks

  • TapewormBike

    I remember it blowing my mind when Mike points that out in the Plinkett Phantom Menace commentary. Jar Jar is the only one with proper arc. God,he might be key to all of this.

  • TapewormBike

    It is pretty close to czech expression for “shot of booze”, so, theres your idea for a drinking game – slam one down whenever captain Dork shows up.

  • Marvin Falz

    Jar Jar is the other part of the Phantom Menace – the first being Palpatine – because he’s the idiot who falls for Palpatine’s suggestion to propose “that the Senate
    gives immediate emergency powers to
    the Supreme Chancellor”. Jar Jar proposal introduces a turning point from which everything in the Republic gets worse very fast.

  • Alex Lee

    After having to study Paradise Lost, I have to comment on the protagonist part. It is considered that the protagonist in that poem is Adam, but he doesn’t show up until book 4 (out of 12 books). Up until then, it was just Satan trying to get to Eden, and God’s ridiculously circuitous plan to give Jesus a chance to Sacrifice Himself. And all the events that happen in Genesis is also out of his control. So, I would say that the protagonist doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the story (though he/she should). So, yeah, Anakin is the protagonist in this movie.

    Eh, still don’t like Anakin all that much.

  • Alex Lee

    It’s so weird too, considering that Stormtroopers are dangerous even though they keep missing and don’t shoot that many lasers either.

    But the droids, despite being relatively on target (since they deflect the bolts instead of dodging them), are still no threat at all.

  • Alex Lee

    It kinda defeats the purpose of a body double when you’re in the same room as they are. Great plan there, Padme.

  • Meanpooh

    I love listening to these while doing homework. Im f8cking addicted to this site!!

  • TapewormBike

    I’m the same with work. And I bet output from both of us sucks. Thank you Redlettermedia!

  • Sir Christopher McFarlane

    Too bad they don’t make Plinkett reviews any more.

  • Reuben Isuck Andsodoyou

    What do you mean? Don’t they still make them, just every now and again?

  • Robert Schultz

    Reminds me of the reactions to Mass Effect 3’s ending…

  • Alex Lee

    “Qui Gonn Jinn.”

    “I don’t remember that character.”

    And he gets the most screen time of any character.

  • TapewormBike

    Most of the things concerning prequels are now just..sad.

  • Shazzbaa

    No, no, think about it.
    There’s someone who meets the Jedi, and thus joins the main plot, very early on, starts out in kind of a bad place in his life, gets to share some backstory as to how he got there, is involved in all the major events of the movie while having a semi-working understanding of what’s at stake and why it’s important, someone who does care about the wellbeing of Naboo but all this jedi/adventuring stuff is new to him — someone who needs things explained to him occasionally, and has the arc of going from a clumsy, out-of-luck outcast to a hero.

    The protagonist of Episode One is Jar Jar Binks.

  • Alex Lee

    Holy shit, you’re right.

  • Alex Lee

    I have to wonder why not one ship in orbit is firing from the sky to rain death on the Gungan army. It’d be like setting ants on fire. What was the point of deploying an army to stop the Gungas if they could do that? It’s not like all the ships were trying to defend the Droid Control ship because the key ship is left alone.

  • TapewormBike

    I also always wondered where did the Gungoons get all their war equipment, since it clearly was designed for on ground warfare, while the Gungitos are underwater creatures Yes, it looked shell like, but they rode bipedal creatures and had freaking catapults. So, either The Gung Show have like a stash of stuff on the mainland, or they had to drag all of it from the bottom of the lake where they keep it in case someone attacks the land and they decide to defend it, thus blowing their cover themselves.

  • TapewormBike

    I agree and it probably at some stage was totally intentional, since Lucas was all about the “seeing the big drama through eyes of a small pawn” stuff. Since C3P0 and R2D2 were just that in previous movies, including them made that intention very very muddy.

    That being said, of course, the execution of that idea..well, executed that idea. Just as with other characters, for example the ideally terrifiying enemy who truly represents how powerful and thus seductive the dark side is,, only to show us the tragedy of selfish lust for power – Count Dooku, who I usually forget even is in the third movie.

    Mike calls Lucas a simpleton quite often, but what he truly is, is a child. Richie Rich, who got lucky when his imaginative pretend play gripped attention of other children and was then handled by adults (a literal father figure, Lucas teacher Irvin Kershner and others). When nobody opposed him, he just sat in the corner with his action figures, went pew pew pew and people paid millions to watch the sexless preteen idea of a tragedy.

  • boodomi

    The sad truth is that Phantom Menace is the best of the prequels.
    I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

  • Marvin Falz

    No need to feel sorry in my case. I’ve stopped caring about the prequels a long time ago.

  • Harry Butters

    “Nail. Don’t take his coat.”

    “Did you tell him to work the shaft? Good work Nail.”

  • manctofu

    I think I’ve identified the most ludicrous part of this comment: comparing characters to planets. You seriously think planets should be able to be described as richly as characters? You are utterly clueless. The review explains the importance of a protagonist by referencing some of the greatest films ever made.

  • manctofu

    People criticising these reviews by stating that the original movies also had plot holes have missed the point.

    The point is that plot holes can be forgotten, or skimmed over, if the characters and story are engaging enough. When characters are sitting around spouting boring political dialogue that doesn’t make sense; jumping around in perfectly-choregraphed fight scenes; or ‘fighting’ with utterly pointless enemies that present no threat whatsoever – then the tension is removed. If the tension is removed, the problems with the plot come into sharper focus. After that it gets harder and harder to ignore them. Coupled with stupid dialogue, stupid characters and stupid action, the problems compound until it’s just one big mess (yes, I’ve paraphrased Plinkett there).

    On a separate note, reading the IMDB message boards it’s become clear to me that ‘plot hole’ is something people say when they mean ‘something I don’t like about the movie’, but want to sound more clever.

  • True Star Wars fan

    i wonder if lucas has even seen these reviews cause ALL the prequals ARE ABSOLUTE SHIT

  • S.A.W

    The guy who did this review is a idiot. Yes they are not as good as the first 3, but it all ties into one overall story. You can rip apart any movie.

    To the guy doing the review, move out of you moms basement and get a real job, and stop ripping things apart because its cooler then yourself.

  • John McMillan

    Plinkett’s point was that having a clear and relatable protagonist in the beginning of the movie works very well in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre’s, which is vastly different from Paradise Lost. I think George intended for Anakin to be the protagonist, but by the point he appears, we’ve lost all interest in any of the characters’ plights.

  • Michael Roper

    I remember going to taco bell to play their star wars version of the monopoly with my family. Then we went to watch the film. I was too young at the time to really stop and think about what was going on during the film. Just flashing colors that kept me quiet I guess.

  • filthyblakraven

    Shut up you blubbering pussy.

  • TapewormBike

    I know that the thing you are watching is called “a screen”, but you really do not have to project yourselve so hard.

  • Kubrick’s Rube

    Rick McCallum: let it go man, that fight is over and you lost…. move on.

  • christy kei rei

    People need to quit taking this so seriously :I

  • TapewormBike

    I would like to have Jake Lloyds commentary, because I know he grew up to be a kinda funny cynical bastard (honestly, I am amazed HE did not murder children in his twenties)

  • StarTrekSucks

    The Phantom Menace just lookslike some amateurs impression of what a Star Wars prequel would look like.

    Qui-Gon = The slightly younger Ben Kenobi
    Anakin = A 7-year old Luke
    Padme = A Princess Leia still on Alderaan before going on the Death Star
    Obi-Wan = What Anakin Skywalker might looked/been like
    Darth Maul = Vader before/without the mask and helmet
    Darth Sidious = The Emperor before stardom and fame

    What’s worst too is that the name, The Phantom Menace, implies that there’s some sort of Force Ghost menace or something like that. It also makes it look like Lucas is calling the original trilogy some sort of menace, and the fact that its a prequel shows Lucas’ desperation to erase that memory by smearing Darth Maul’s stupid facepaint all over the images of the originals.

  • fuckstick

    dork as in nerd or dork as in penis?

  • Bannef

    This was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw. I was only half watching it because I was at a friend’s house, and I assumed that was why I didn’t understand what was going on.

    I was wrong.

  • Tomz

    What is it with Ricks?

  • Thanatos2k

    The real reason the bet makes no sense whatsoever is that Qui Gon Booze adds the pod as a bet against Anakin, as if he would give the pod to Watto if he lost.

    But that makes no sense, as pretty much every pod that loses the race is COMPLETELY DESTROYED. Seriously, do any of them besides Anakin make it to the finish line? What was Watto going to win again if Anakin lost the race? (And likely would die in the horrible explosion?)

  • Thanatos2k

    Worf: “The moon’s gravitational field obscured our hyperspace signature. The trade federation did not detect us”

  • Nem

    I’m ashamed to say it took me until a week ago to realize Jake Llyod was mispronouncing “Coruscant” because he learned it through text..

  • Mr. Dreadnought Cockring

    Never stop squeezing those gats Plinkett.

  • Marvin Falz

    Okay, so I said that I don’t care about the prequels anymore. But I’m still disgusted whenever I discover another rhyme.
    Vader tells Tarkin that “he is here”. Tarkin believes that Obi-Wan “surely [he] must be dead by now”. My eyes are rolling. I’m beginning to believe that “They must be dead by now. Destroy what’s left of them” became the work motto for the productions of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Lucky for us that the real and only Star Wars saga is holy and immortal and its purity being protected by its fans.

  • Alex Lee

    Seeing as how Lucas called the Gungans “Goongas,” mispronoucing that word doesn’t seem to matter really.

  • Annie Stone

    I really loved all the prequels so much more than the old star wars movies because they were old and now the prequels are starting to get old so i don’t like them that much any more.

  • Admiral Bone-to-Pick

    Yeah, but like the Phantom Menace, Paradise Lost is totally convoluted and confusing and doesn’t make a lot of sense. If the phrase “plot holes” had existed in the seventeenth century, then someone like Plinkett would probably have printed lengthy pamphlets on the subject.

  • Marc Magana

    You’re getting old too.

  • Erin D Lindsey

    I like these videos because I think they not only demonstrate that the prequels’ story and characters were inferior to the original trilogy, but that the prequels were inferior on a technical and directorial level as well. I think they help people who may have had difficulty verbalizing exactly why they didn’t like the prequels as much (as opposed to “they just sucked.”)

  • Erin D Lindsey


  • Alex Lee

    I know what you mean. When I was reading book 3, I kept thinking to myself, “God? Who do you think you are? Palpatine?”

  • hansbricks

    That is the stupidest reason to not like a movie I have ever heard in my entire life. I’m serious.
    “Yeah I liked Ninja Turtles but they’re about a year old now so I don’t like them anymore.”
    Come back when you have a good reason.

  • Jhea

    at least the way they are done. Mr Plinkett gives some advices on how to do it better. Best one i remember was from episode 3, with the clonetroopers and the foodlines, giving us a picture on how the war is ravaging the galaxy, etc.

  • Yezzir!

    “People who alter or destroy works of art and cultural heritage for profit, or as an exercise of power, are barbarians.” – George Lucas, 1988

  • TapewormBike

    Maybe (just saying) George (as opposed to Paul) actually IS dead and was replaced by a heartless bastard, sometime in the late 80s, early 90s.

  • Culture Vulture

    A week ago I went on the official Star Wars wikipedia and added a little bit to the Episode I page mentioning this review. Unfortunately they got rid of my addition because the felt that it contributed nothing to people’s understanding of the critical reception of the movie.. But somehow all of the misguided praise of Episode I did contribute to peoples understanding.. Some fanboys are a little hurt it seems..

  • dollar store cashier wife

    Hey don’t look 18 yet based on your profile but when you do get there…call me mkay?

  • dollar store cashier wife

    watch j.j. make mediocre new star wars films and see the rise of deaths from fanboy masturbation.

  • TheHaggisHunter

    its better to get half in the bag often than wait 6 months for a plinkett review

  • Sir Christopher McFarlane

    This movie may be among the worst, but it’s not school bad.

  • Alex Lee

    I found yet another way this movie fails.

    So, I was watching Gamesters of Triskelion and I saw another way Episode I fails. In that episode, Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are enslaved and are forced to wear shock collars to fight as gladiators. Even Star Trek, a show that spent about 30 dollars on wardrobe, handled the whole enslavement thing better than the exploding chip in a multimillion dollar production.

  • Alex Lee

    “Sir! They’ve gone up the ventilation shaft!”

    Can’t you just start pumping in gas? You know, like what you did with the ventilation shafts in the conference room? Doesn’t the thing with the mouth face have any initiative?

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Or… maybe, with a lot of help from Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan, he’ll make a great film that will restore the franchise to its former glory. Hey, let’s keep a little optimism here!

  • dollar store cashier wife

    The only thing that I’m absolutely sure that will be good is Williams score.I mean he managed to create amazing music even when his inspiration was the utter shite that is the prequels.

  • Kirk Clarke

    I personally think it’s a clever title; the darkside is a dangerous quality that disappeared for a long time which can’t not exist because it is always possible to fall down that dark path. Just because the title has ‘phantom’ or ‘ghost’ in the title doesn’t imply there should be ghosts in the story. The threatening quality i.e. the darkside, can be like a ghost.
    Also Darth Maul is exactly what the Jedi have been expecting, because of what he represents. That’s probably why his face was shown.

  • Zack Tisdale

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • David Emeron

    Very good point!

  • Forever

    I don’t know if they knew this while making these, but Lucas originally wanted to call the Nemoidians “S’hatna’rians”

  • bringmeknitting

    Well I know one thing, I find the Plinkett reviews far more entertaining and satisfying than the prequels themselves. George Lucas. Came up with two great ideas and (initially) two great trilogies. Should have then retired and left well alone. Actually, I was half-expecting the prequels to be disappointing – it’s all the screwing about with the original trilogy that I find truly offensive. Which Lucas then compounds by insulting all the millions who loved the original films by saying “sorry you liked my incomplete vision” or some such patronising bollocks…

    Okay yes, I shouldn’t care, and I can ignore the prequels, but it seems I’m not even allowed to enjoy the original films as they were anymore.

    It’s like Floyd changing Dark Side of the Moon or the Beatles changing Revolver. Or, if you don’t like those records, pick a classic album you love as applicable 😉

  • Canadian Guy

    You totally ruined this masterpiece for me. I saw this movie and fell in love with Merica. Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McDiarmid, Pernilla August, Oliver Ford Davies, Hugh Quarshie, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Keira Knightly, that guy who’s the stepson of Michal York, and all those other great Merican talents, who came together to make the greatest Merican movie ever written. You fucking ruined it for me.

  • Canadian Guy

    Did you know that George Walton Lucas, Jr was raised on a nut farm? A
    real nut farm. He lived in a house on a nut farm. He grew nuts.

  • shanebroughton

    LOL, most of the cast is from the UK.

  • shanebroughton

    J.J. Abrams is a hack, unfortunately. Hoping for the best but expecting more sensational junk a la Star Trek.

  • Canadian Guy

    I know. I’m just being an ironic dumb-ass for effect. What was it that
    Obiwan McGregor reportedly said? Oh yeah “I really want to play Princess
    Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now that would be

    The Phantom Menace review is one of the finest
    critiques of a movie ever done. It is a masterpiece. It is undeniably
    more entertaining than the prequels, most science fiction movies, and
    the vast majority of movies generally. Its the Citizen Kane of movie
    reviews. For years I struggled through a living hell of emotional suffering, regret, depression and self-depreciation and had no one to voice my emotional suffering. Red Letter Media took a weight off my shoulders, picked me up off the floor and showed me a better world – a world that made sense of the senseless crimes of George Lucas.

  • Jack Brown

    Describe Qui-Gon Jinn in (using your pre-requisites)

    He is someone who is at a constant struggle with himself. He agrees with the principles of his faith and is loyal to it, but also goes against it’s restrictions. Someone who sees what has to be done and simply does it. IF there’s consequences later he’ll accept them, but he got the job done. Kind at heart, empathising with those around him and a guiding father-figure to Obi-wan he is the master you’d come to for advice or help.

    For the record the description your video gave of Han Solo was very weak. He is a great character and they could have came up with more than “scoundrel, good-looking and kind at heart”

    I love all the Star Wars movies prequels included as we saw the originals that introduced us to the world and it’s rules, with references to the events of the past. This meant that essentially there couldn’t be as much drama as we knew how the prequels would play out. We knew the emperor would take over and form the empire. You watch the prequels to se just how that unfolds. As for who is the main character, I’d say Obi-wan. We don’t experience it through his perspective as it’s more of a third-person movie but Obi-wan has encounters with everyone else and even emotional reactions with them. As a jedi he doesn’t (can’t) throw out tears, but shows concern out his master defying the council (Ob-wan is a by-the-book Jedi) but also loyalty as he cares deeply for his master (seen in the end when Jinn dies and Obi-wan gets mad and avenges him in what may be the best dual of the series) he is worried about Anakin, trusting the council’s view that he is dangerous but ultimately deciding to train him because it was Jinn’s last request. This shows an ARC as it’s the first time Obi-Wan has been willing to defy the council (and with the knowledge of the originals we know the mistake that it is to train him and that he’ll be the death of the Jedi) so we are seeing the beginning of the end.

    By the way I don’t get the retarded voice in the video (that I hope is an act for the video) and the mispronunciation of protagonist.

    I work in Film/TV as an editor and have my degree in Screen Arts and while i can say your basic formula does suit sic-fi and fantasy best as we need a relatable character to guide us through, it is not essential. AS long as the rules of the world are clearly established (As they were with the originals/opening titles/opening scene) then we have a context to put these character into.

  • Jack Brown

    Amen to that. Star Trek which has always shows great stories of new cultures, exploration, space confrontation and racism has twice now been blown up into a non-sensical two-hour action flick

  • Alex Lee

    I’m going to treat this comment as if it isn’t trolling for the sake of argument.

    Obi-wan doesn’t do anything in this movie though. He’s in the background following orders, and that means he can’t be the main character in this story because he isn’t really interacting with other characters; Qui-Gonn does. Qui-Gonn’s the one that makes the plans, makes suggestions, and performs most of the actions-especially when it comes to Anakin-in the movie. Obi-wan does none of these things, and he barely reacts to the world around him because he’s on the ship or driving the submarine or something. There’s also the fact that Qui-Gonn gets the most screen time of any character in the movie.

    Now, I get the feeling that Lucas was writing a Sanjuro character. For those who never saw Yojimbo or Sanjuro, this character was a bearded, conniving master swordsman who was secretive about his feelings and helped the weak in a weird and roundabout way. The reason why Sanjuro works, but Qui-Gonn doesn’t is that the use of the term “Knight” implies nobility, honesty, and forthrightedness. This problem is further compounded by the inherent duality of the Star Wars universe where Good and Evil are pretty clearly defined. In contrast, Yojimbo and Sanjuro are a little bit fuzzier on the subject and certainly wasn’t one of the main themes of those movies anyway.

  • Craigerz

    “I work in Film/TV as an editor and have my degree in Screen Arts…”

    “I’m an unemployed nobody with no meaningful education who has to post my welfare CV on every blog I find ahead of my comment just to keep me from putting a gun in my mouth…”

  • Jason

    “By the way I don’t get the retarded voice in the video (that I hope is an act for the video) and the mispronunciation of protagonist.”

    Proving that the only people who enjoy the prequels are mental infants.

    “He is someone who is at a constant struggle with himself.”

    What? When? He just seems to do whatever he wants, with a completely blasé attitude. If there’s an internal struggle it is at no point shown in the movie.

    The only character trait the movie really gives Ginny is that he likes to take the easy way out whenever possible, whether it’s mind-tricking someone into giving him an underwater craft, or using the Force to cheat on a dice roll. Even when he fights Darth Maul, it comes off not as an act of courage, but as an act of hubris–he doesn’t think he can lose, and if he actually thought for a second he might lose, he’d have probably mind-tricked someone else into fighting for him.
    If anything, Ginny acts more like a Sith than a Jedi, manipulating people and situations to his personal advantage, which BTW would’ve been a much more interesting and subtle character arc than anything in the prequels.

  • Dudley

    Hey, come on now. I don’t agree with the guy, but that’s harsh.

  • Dudley

    I hadn’t watched this in a long time, and rewatching it now it’s amazing how much this, a criticism of a movie, holds up as entertainment. Certainly more so than the soporific prequels.

    One aspect in which I’d disagree from ‘Plinkett’ is in the idea that these movies have ruined Star Wars. I still like those movies – the original ones – about as much now as I did before the Phantom Menace existed. Actually, I might appreciate them more now then I did then. But that’s just personal experience.

  • bruce wayne

    HA HA HA HA HA! Oh… Wait, you were serious? You work in film and TV and have a degree in screen arts? You deserve a refund my friend, your time in class was wasted if you think this… things, qualify in anyway as films. You are actually arguing that this movie was better off without a relateable character, and claim that there is some context to this collection of images and sound effects meant to capitalize on more successful stories. Also, you are dead wrong, people didn’t come to the prequels to watch the story unfold. They came for the same reason we went to see the original films, to be entertained and in hopes that the interesting world Lucas created could be expanded. If you just wanted to see how the story unfolded all you needed to do was listen to old Obi Wan in Star Wars and Return of the Jedi. Because like it or not Guest, these movies were not about Obi Wan, they are about Darth Vader. Period. The whole point of these films was to show Vader being created. Everything else is a slapped on plot device to get to Tatooine, pick up Anakin, and make him into Vader. This was a total and complete failure of a film. The following two movies were just as bad. Here’s what I think, you are somewhere around 20 – 25 years old and were a child when these films came out. You were just old enough to be amazed by the lightsabers and blasters and over the next six years you convinced yourself that this was “your generations,” epic films. Star Wars was ground breaking. Empire is the basis by which all sequels would forever be judged. Jedi was okay, but at least tied together the acts of the story. You defend this film because as a child raised in the area of big explosions, lazy writing and rip offs of other films for the sake of name recognition you have no concept of what the made the Star Wars films the hits they were. If you are involved in the editing of anything on TV I sincerely doubt that it is anything more substantive than Jerry Springer or Survivor. Please do the world a favor and never become a movie critic, your input will only hinder, not help.

    By the way it’s clear by your comments that you are incapable of understanding humor. As well as being jealous of the originality these guys showed by creating a character like Plinkett. Only children and trolls feel the need to post their resumes in a comment section to “try” and add validity to their point. Well…, children, trolls, and people who only have a casual acquaintanceship with the truth.

  • John Orr

    My favorite SW film actually.

  • ident

    I don’t think he said the prequels ruined the original trilogy. He said the prequels ruined some concepts within the Star Wars universe (e.g. the coolness of light sabers). I’m not going to argue whether they did or didn’t, just clarifying.

  • ident

    Please tell me he had moisture vaporators on that farm.

  • ident

    Agreed. Put simply, Obi-wan lacks agency. He’s a subordinate, he followed orders, he took little to no initiative. I can’t imagine a reasonable argument for him to be the protagonist.

    And the idea that Obi-wan had some kind of renegade arc (from by-the-book to defying the council) is undermined by the fact that Obi-wan was an apprentice still in training (thus calling him a “by-the-book jedi” is misleading since he hasn’t finished learning the “book”) and the fact that he participated, without protest, in the force manipulation of Boss Nass at the beginning of the movie, demonstrating that he is ethically lacking from the start.

  • Bort

    “I’ve been wondering… what are midi-chlorians?” well they are one of the many things that ruin star wars.
    – “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.” aww i understand Darth.. is that why you turned to the dark side…
    Anakin: “Are you an angel?”
    Padme: “What?”
    ” An angel. I’ve heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They live
    on the moons of Lego, I think. They’re the …”
    …Excuse me miss… um can i get a refund on this ticket. i’m going home now…

  • Canadian Guy

    His soul evaporated on that farm. Does that count?

  • Duckler

    The prequels never existed, so the original trilogy is intact.

  • Guest


  • Bort

    hey jabba ya do realize that you actually look like turd right

  • Nathan David Haslett

    As a sith he is weaker because the whole robot thing. Flesh is much more useful and efficient in wielding the force than machinery. Very simple answer. Also TFU game was specifically a grandiose portrayal of force powers, showing them as way more destructing and powerful than they are. You can see that by seeing what Vader can do in game compared to out of it.

  • Nathan David Haslett

    The movie has Obi-Wan straight up say to Qui Gon something like you’d be a master by now if you ever actually listened to them. So movie does state it.

  • Nathan David Haslett

    in 1 she is 14 and he is 10. in 2 she is 24 and he is 20. for her age is exact for him it is rough because he was like 9/10 in the first. Age difference is 5 years but ya still a bigger one than it seemed in 2.


    GUEST: “I’m so confident in my opinion and resume, I threw together this misspelled slop and posted as a guest!”

    Cockpuppet. Also, you’re a twat for saying “retarded” as a pejorative. Oh, and for not recognizing obvious jokes.

  • fuckstick

    “This meant that essentially there couldn’t be as much drama as we knew how the prequels would play out. We knew the emperor would take over and form the empire. You watch the prequels to se just how that unfolds.”

    Just like there couldn’t be much drama in a movie called Titanic because we knew how the story would play out. We knew the boat would hit an iceberg and sink into the sea with most of its passengers. Oh, wait.

    You see there is a genre called tragedy in which the audience usually knows ahead of time what kind of tragic event is going to occur, but the story is still worth the telling because of how the characters are written and portrayed.

    To see just how that unfolds??? Are the prequels documentaries, I guess they could have been, they were about as exciting as documentaries. They should have had Werner Hertzog narrate them, The Phantom Menace: The story of how a young film maker was devoured by a flannel bear.

  • TapewormBike

    I have no idea about these prequeefs you keep mentioning.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    FUCK THIS GUY!! i can bash the original trilogy even harder! for example when luke is flying in the fuckin x wing all his squadron dies by receiving instant hits by darth varders ship, yet darth vader cant land a damn hit on luke, and talk about flaws in the design of the death star. 1 little lazer can destroy the whole thing? I mean through that little hole? why not cover it up. heck if i built a death star id for sure cover that damn hole. and what about the fuckin clone troopers their so goddamn stupid bumping their heads onto doors n shit and howww are they gonna lose the battle at endor against those little creatures and you think im gonna believe that leia, luke and han can handle like the whole clone army? naaaa Fuck This Guyy.

  • TapewormBike

    Bro, do you even like compelling characters and actual emotions, bro?

  • valou999

    You could try and bash the original assuming you come up with
    legitimately good points – which you really don’t – otherwise you’d only
    like an idiot – which you totally do.

    “yet darth vader cant land a damn hit on luke” – Luke is protected by the Force, Vader even makes a comment about it…

    “1 little lazer can destroy the whole thing?” – Not lasers, torpedoes. One
    tiny spark can create great catastrophies, it’s called a chain reaction.

    if i built a death star id for sure cover that damn hole.” – even the
    best architectural structures have flaws. it’s something that was
    clearly overlooked when designed and even then, they were too
    overconfident and never imagined anyone would attempt this sort of
    attack against a seemingly undefeatable battle station. The Death Star
    has defenses adapted to fight off the sort of things that could actually
    cause damage to it like large capital ships and other. Small fighters
    are like mosquitos to it, who would’ve thought they could be any threat
    at all and the grand scheme of things? It’s only after they assessed the
    rebels attack that they recognized the flaw in the design and got
    worried to the point of wanting to evacute. They didn’t know about it
    beforehand… And it’s safe to assume the “hole” had some other purpose
    to begin with also…

    “what about the fuckin clone troopers their
    so goddamn stupid” – As opposed to the completely useless and equally
    stupid droids of the prequels? or any opposing army force in any movie
    ever made? If they were realistically competent, the heroes would die in
    2 seconds and there would be no movie.

    “howww are they gonna
    lose the battle at endor against those little creature” – the same way
    the American forces lost in Vietnam.

  • Hale

    Exhaust vents are a pretty basic part of engineering, and you wouldn’t WANT to cover those up.

  • 87544

    When you diss The Original Trilogy, you diss yourself.

  • Steve The Fish

    Pretty true. Although Lucas believes that America lost to the ingenuity
    of the North Vietnamese, and reflected that with the Ewoks. The real
    problem is that America fought the war on the enemy’s terms. Instead of
    targeting the enemy’s infrastructure and bombing the railways, munitions
    dumps, etc, we just had American soldiers wandering around the forest
    getting ambushed and killed (much like the Stormtroopers). While Lucas
    may believe that victory was due to the Viet Kong’s ingenuity, it was
    actually the result of America’s incredible stupidity. LBJ and MacNamera
    should burn in hell for how they ineptly dragged that war out just to
    profit off the soldiers.

  • ElCamino

    The weird thing is that Keira Knightley was cast as one of Queen HotPantsPadme’s decoys.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Luke is protected by the force and that totally compensates the fact that he is a new pilot so he gets a special shield right? I dont think thats how the force works. Plo Koon got taken down while he was flying, and he is strong with the force and it was a damn clone who took him down. The damn torpedos look like slow moving lazers -_-. About the death star, what is this? The twenty first century? Such structures should be extremely formidable and not having direct acces to the core. Sure the other ships are like mosquitos so they didnt worry but if you built such a huge thing protecting the interior is the FIRST thing you do. About the droids, some droids do pose a threat maybe not towards jedi but towards others yea and a lot. The clone troopers in the originals arent a threat to absolutely no one. The guy that made this review is expecting realism from the movie. What if we expected realism from the originals? Than we got a problem, so FUCK THE GUY WHO MADE THE REVIEW. Ultimately this is a matter of when was star wars a part of your childhood, for me the prequels were a part of my childhood.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Lol exhaust vents? For that particular generator? Is the death star powered by combustion chambers? By fuel?

  • Alberto

    The Star Wars prequels were also part of my childhood. I loved the Phantom Menace when I was a kid, and looked forward enormously to Episodes II and III. Seeing the film opened the door to the rest of the rest of the trilogy, and other films in general. I still watch the six movies regularly, and enjoy doing so; but at the same time I find the original trilogy much more involving and compelling.

    The use of practical effects and real life sets plays a role in making it feel more real and immediate; but the overall development of the story, characters and dialogue are a much more significant factor. It isn’t so much that they are complex and completely plausible human beings, but that we relate to their motivations. Escaping from one’s own place of origin and overcoming an overwhelming tyrannical force is a recurrent theme in Lucas’s work, visible in the two non-Star Wars features Lucas directed. There are traces of it in the prequels in the character of Anakin Skywalker, but Lucas shot himself in the foot by deliberately invoking a world that isn’t as black and white in its morality.

    I have constantly tried to relate to Anakin’s transformation and find it compelling in theory, much less so in execution. His films’s reliance on CGI create vast and pretty landscapes, but don’t have the same dramatic effect, as the use of lighting more this effect is more limited.

    It ultimately boils down to one’s own opinions and the arguments they defend them with. A good case could be made in favor of the prequels, as well as a case against the original trilogy (though I haven’t found a wholly convincing one yet). Becoming irate because the Death Star has a vulnerable point or because Luke’s ship is never taken down is nitpicking, and aren’t valid reasons to take down an entire film. They are well known narrative tropes, from the genres that inspired Lucas to write the film in the first place. Of course Luke isn’t going to get shot down, he’s the main character! And unless the Death Star is powered by some sort of perpetual motion machine (which is impossible in practical scientific terms), it needs some sort of fuel to operate.

    There are great films that have small inconsistencies, if not outright plot holes. Plinkett does his fair share of nitpicking, and pointing out inconsistencies, but his overall argument is the same that the film doesn’t evoke the same emotional connection that the original films did. If you really like the prequels, this may not change your mind, and I don’t want to. But keep in mind that the point of this kind of analytical exercise, and any review in general, is not to change your opinion, but to exhibit the author’s opinion and hope it encourages further reasonable discussion on a certain topic. So don’t attack the people expressing opinions that you disagree with, and please find a more coherent and courteous way of expressing yourself. Have a nice day.

  • Hale

    …Yeah, like most machines, I’d figure it would need some type of fuel. And a way to let out the exhaust from said fuel.

    I mean, only a total moron would have trouble grasping such a simple concept…

  • Hale

    They were part of my childhood too, but at least I grew up and saw them for what they were.

  • valou999

    Hear hear!

  • Alex Lee

    “You said it brother. Wait, you said that?!”

    Harry S. Plinkett.

  • Alex Lee

    The best thing about the Phantom Menace is that you can forget everything that happens in it and it won’t affect the prequels in the slightest. II and III are-unfortunately-necessary to the original trilogy.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Lol so the death star is powered by fossil fuel? No way

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Thank you for your reply but you cant deny how awkward the acting was in the originals, especially leia im not saying the prequels had greater acting but they were more serious making me believe it was real scenarios. about cgi or practical effects, cgi is much better. Im just use to modern films at this point. Another point that I hadn’t brought up yet is the light saber dueling, oh boy did I cringe when I saw them in the originals. The best light saber duels are all in episode 3 and portraying the jedi and the sith is imensly important for me.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Sureley filter existed by than lol.

  • valou999

    I quite literally facepalmed and groaned when you said “cgi or pratical effects, cgi is much better”. This is where you can truly see the immense gap between the older and the newer generation. I then groaned even more when you added “The best light saber duels are all in episode 3″. Clearly, all hope is lost with the new generation…

    How is 45 minutes of emotionless and tedious choreographed stunts, pirouettes and sword clashes even qualifiy as a ‘good’ duel is beyond my comprehension. For one, it completely lacks grit due to the cleaness of the choreography, but more importantly, any emotion build up you had leading up to this point evaporated after just the first 30 secs! Stretching the duels out for so long is only overindulgent and completely useless as it only serves to emotionally disconnect you from the characters and the scene.

    The duels in the Originals were briefer and worked way better for it. The best example is the Luke and Vader duel at the end of RotJ. Luke gets pissed and just wails on a hapless Vader. There’s no fancy, clean, safe choreography here, just emotion at its purest. Everything is finish within a minute and you got everything you had to understand from the characters from just that.

    What point did the duels have in the Prequels, I ask you. What impact did the Qui-gon/Obiwan/Darth Maul duel had on any of the characters? None. The Obiwan/Anakin/Count Dooku duel? Besides someone losing an hand – which even that by itself doesn’t lead up up to anything of significance (quite unlike Luke’s loss of his hand) – even more nothing. The Obiwan/Grievous duel? A brain aneurysm maybe. You’d think the Obiwan/Anakin duel would have some meaning, but no, it’s just as devoided as the others. Now watch the Originals again. A New Hope: Obiwan sacrifies himself and becomes a greater ally to Luke as a result, something that has a lasting effect on the following movies. ESB: Luke is completely outclassed by Vader. He acted brashly when he should’ve heed Yoda’s wisdom and ultimately paid the price. He was no help to his firend and may have in fact endangered them even more by going to Bespin. Harsh lesson learned. RotJ: Luke lashes out at Vader, but after defeating him he realizes he’s becoming like his father (clear parallel between his robotic hand and his father’s). Luke casts away his hate and stands against the Emeror as a Jedi Knight. Oh look, character arc! Something completely absent from the Prequels.

    And finally, if you think light saber duels portray the best aspect of Star Wars, the Force, the Jedi and the Sith than I think quite a few things about the movies went over your head…

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Aa yes, emotion, the duels in the originals had…… emotions. Hmm are you saying the prequel duels were emotionless? I’m pretty sure they’re not. Qui-gon and obi-wan against maul. Qui-gon being who he is relies heavily on strong attacks and adapts to a style depending on the needs, nevertheless this makes him predictable and vulnerable. during the Events of episode 1 he was already past his prime. On the other hand darth maul uses bold, precise and strong attacks. He was sidious’s personal assasin and had trained for years this is why he takes down qui-gon but is unsuccesfull in taking down obi-wan. Because obi-wan knows his limits and is also good in determing the enemys limits. Obi wan was particularly good in blast deflection and also light saber deflection, meaning he has a good defense. After a while he takes down maul when he catches him off guard. Because of this and many other things obi wan becomes one of the greatest duelist during his time, mace-windu spoke highly of him. The fight can be easily viewed as the growth of obi-wan, He is the very same guy that died to vader, the guy you mentioned that sacrificed his life! the death of maul is what makes him grow as a jedi master!… emotions? there are plenty! maybe you must look for them. Similar can be said for the other battles but i wont go into detail.

  • Jonathan Martinez

    And you should be okay with the new generation, yes they’re are some individuals who just make you lose all hope but there are also some very exception people my age.

  • Hale

    Fighting Technique =/= Emotions

  • Lefiados

    Most of the elements mentioned here are what actually transpires in the film. There are more creative alternative takes out there – some alarmingly good.

  • John Nelson

    I adore this man

  • dhartm2

    It happened a long time ago, it says so right in the opening crawl. Who knows where filter technology currently was. They may not have had filters that could be used in space that would also deflect photon torpedoes.

  • dhartm2

    You did a terrible job of bashing the original trilogy “harder” than this guy. You must be very confused about the definition of the word “harder,” because an internet post on disqus that has no likes isn’t bashing a thing harder than a 70 minute video that’s been shared all over the internet and gets regular views daily. I think you should probably go back to the workshop, put a 75 minute video together bashing the original trilogy, posting that on the internet, and then having your video become more popular and relevant than this one. Once you do that, I think you’ll have succeeded in bashing the original trilogy “harder” than this guy. Nine poorly written sentences just isn’t going to get it done. Sorry.

  • TapewormBike

    I have seen the parody episodes of Family Guy too, glad to meet a fellow expert.

  • SilhouetteMan

    The fact that you’re trying to “bash” the original trilogy by listing a bunch of plot holes shows that you have completely missed the point of these reviews. The point being that the original trilogy is one of the better examples of classic, meat-and-potatoes storytelling in modern cinema, while the prequel trilogy fails at storytelling 101 in nearly every way.

  • Fnertle

    It’s pretty fundamental. The Original bashers are focusing on technical details such as no CGI, why an exhaust portal, simplistic sabre duels etc. The difference, and the point clearly made in these reviews, is that the Newer movies fail on a fundamental storytelling level.
    Original bashers don’t like the color of the cabinets in the kitchen and hate the dining room light. New bashers are pointing out that the windows leak, there are a few walls missing and the foundation is cracked, built on a slant and is sinking into the mud flats on which the house is built. But damn that’s a beautiful bathroom sink. So shiny!
    Of course you can’t get to the sink because of the three toilets, the electronic toilet paper dispenser, the chrome shaving cream heater, the 17 spangled throw rugs, the eight perfectly formed ionic columns, the low-hanging chandeliers (there are five) and the extended family of Nubian Ibexes living in the bathub.

  • Joe Schmoe

    It would have been so much better without the narrator using some braindead idiot accent and idiom

  • Joe Schmoe

    I am no Star Wars fan by any stretch, but it is so painfully obvious that the last three were total schlock

  • ac1d

    I bet you’re RLM’s favorite type of fan.

  • Rob Kwasowski

    Who’s the guy they interview who hasn’t been in any other videos? The one with the glasses who isn’t Jack Packard. How come he hasn’t been in anything else?

  • dennett316

    If you use fuel to power something – whatever the fuel is – there is a waste product of some type. Even in Star Trek The Undiscovered Country, star ships have emissions. That waste product has to go somewhere. In Star Wars they still have garbage chutes and trash compactors on the ship, the technology is fantastic, but familiar at the same time.
    It’s also a metaphor in that something so large and imposing can be destroyed by a smaller ship with a precision strike. Kind of related to how a small rebel force can lead to the downfall of a massive evil empire, isn’t it? Those in power become bloated, complacent, arrogant.
    You are comparing tiny, completely irrelevant nitpicks to massive gaping flaws with the shooting, storytelling, writing and acting of the prequels. It’s just not the same thing, like, at all.

  • dennett316

    The acting was far worse in the prequels, and not just from Jake Lloyd. Every single actor involved in these movies puts in their worst career performance…bar none. And that is due to the insipid script, and the awful direction of Mr Lucas. Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Samuel L Jackson….all absolutely top class actors, and all thoroughly terrible in these films.
    CGI vs practical….ugh. There is great CGI and terrible practical effects, both are just tools like any other. In these prequels, the CGI is over abundant and not of a realistic standard, even for the time. Jurassic Park came out 6 years before Phantom Menace, and the CGI in that movie is top class – blends well with the frame, blends seamlessly with the top quality practical effects on display, and adds to the epic scale of that film.
    The CGI in the Prequels looks cartoony, and succeeds in making everything look sterile and fake because the real actors stand out from the frame thanks to the prolific CG.
    The best light sabre duel is actually from Phantom Menace, at least the best on a technical and directing level anyway. It was actually somewhat exciting (the soundtrack helped immensely) and had the brilliant skills of Ray Park to make it thrilling. But emotionally the scene was dead, even when Qui Gon died and Obi Wan was supposedly angry. He looked angry, and then went into the flouncy choreography straight away and there was no emotion to it. I notice in another comment of yours that you dismiss the motion of the original duels, and that really reveals the difference in audiences nowadays. They don’t care if it means anything, they just want some whizz-bang effects and loud noises to distract them for 5 minutes. Action for the sake of it is boring, it has to have meaning or a sense of consequence and believability in order to have any impact or be exciting. All the flash and CG in the world doesn’t change the fact that the action in the Transformers movies is just not as exciting as anything that happens in the original Die Hard movie. Just as all the stupid CGI slapstick in the action scenes of the prequels does nothing to even come close to the original attack on the Death Star, despite those effects being so much more primitive. There’s also more to the Jedi or Sith than their light sabre fights…that you focus on that as “portraying” those characters says all we need to know about how surface level your analysis is and how little you actually know about good film making.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I dunno, this is the first page and time I have been here.

  • diehounderdoggen

    He’s a friend of theirs who made The Begun of Tigtone; which is fantasy schlock that parodies fantasy schlock.

  • diehounderdoggen

    As a wet shaving aficionado, I can honestly say I want a shaving cream warmer, possibly with integrated frothing wand.

  • Rob Kwasowski

    Andrew Koehler?

  • diehounderdoggen

    I actually prefer the fight choreography in the originals more than the prequels. Each blow has some weight to it and you can actually grasp what’s going on and how the duelists are countering and anticipating each other. Not to mention the tactical retreats and re-engagements in the Empire and Jedi fights which served to regulate the rhythm of the scenes and build a little tension from the anticipation of the eventual resumption of the fight. Rather more realistic than the glo-stick waggling in the prequels.

    As an aside, this reflects Lucas’ appreciation of Kurosawa films, where the the action was kept basic and kind of visceral to avoid drawing attention away from the characters. poetry, rhymes, vomit, stanzas, etc.

  • Max Wylde

    Do you think they’d power something like that with windmills?

    Kiddo, it’s a Thermal Exhaust Port, and it’s only two meters wide. Thermal. Meaning heat. Exhaust, meaning waste gas. You’re saying that they wouldn’t make this, because….what? I take it you’re not into engineering.

    Why not have something like this? I mean, the Death Star is powered by a main reactor. This indicates that they have to have something that powers the main systems, mainly propulsion and the big fucking gun, and that probably requires a lot of reactive fuel. According to what I read in technical fluff Lucasbooks produced, these are fusion reactors, meaning that they have a technology we have yet to even accomplish. In essence, what they’ve got in the main reactor (and all the smaller reactors all over this thing that powers everything else) is a very small star.

    Stars produce a lot of heat. I’d say that a thermal exhaust port is not only necessary, it’s probably essential. Why shouldn’t it go all the way down to the main reactor? They didn’t think it would be vulnerable, because, frankly, look what it took to exploit that weakness.

    It took a Force-user going down a trench that went around a spherical object 120km around, flying like a bat-out-of-hell because he was being pursued by enemy fighters, one of which was piloted by another Force-user, firing a shot that, by accounts, seemed particularly difficult even for a computer. The shaft was ray-shielded (meaning you can’t just shoot blasters down it), so they had to use proton torpedoes (that can make a 70,000g turn).

    I’m sorry. I guess I just don’t quite understand your problem.

  • diehounderdoggen

    Not sure. He shows up here though:

  • Rob Kwasowski

    I don’t think that is him, he doesn’t sound the same as the other guy.

  • Pissernacht



    I have no idea why that is in the movie either, especially considering that the term and concept make no appearance whatsoever in the following movies…

    Oh God!

    Disney, if you’re going to use midichlorians, just please think it through!

  • Jason

    I’m just hoping Episode VII completely disregards the prequels, in the same way Rocky Balboa disregarded everything that happened in Rocky V. In fact, if they could go out of their way to contradict the prequels–like showing the stormtroopers were not clones or having old footage of Anakin that looks nothing like the Anakin from the prequels–that would be amazing.

  • Jason

    One thing I would change about your analogy is that the bathroom sink, while indeed shiny and expensive-looking, isn’t beautiful at all, but gaudy and over-indulgent, like something you would find in Liberace’s bathroom.

  • ac1d

    Well I advise you not to watch Best of the Worst, Plinkett Cartoons, random side videos, and especially Half In The Bag, because those shows will all suck ass compared to Plinkett…is probably what you will think at first, but then you’ll eventually get through all 100 Half in the Bag episodes, all the side stuff, fall in love with Rich Evans, and still keep asking yourself when the fuck RLM is going to release a new goddamn Mr. Plinkett video…but I digress. You may choose the red pill, or the blue pill, or in this case, the real Plinkett or the fake Plinkett.

  • Pissernacht

    Call me a weird guy and all, but that thought makes me so happy I want to…how to put this?

    I guess I’ll try to describe my mental imagery; I see myself touching the sun, bringing it to my chest where it enters me like a pilot into a mech, afterwards it then drives me into a fight against the forces of darkness as if this was Evangelion and then I choke zombie-mecha-hitler with my dick…

    Does that make sense? ‘Cause it’s going to take me awhile to sort this through. At any rate, it needs to happen.

  • sonofwill

    It would take at least 2 “GREAT” movies from Disney to even begin to obscure the damage – permanent damage, mind you – that 1,2&3 caused. There is no going back. All of the loose ends left by 4,5&6 have been permanently “answered”… the transition of Annakin to Darth Vader, the clone wars, the context of Yoda’s journey to Degobah, the emergence of the Empire, destruction of the Jedi Order, etc… there’s not much left for Disney to even begin with.

    That said, I still hope you’re right.

  • sonofwill

    “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy
    field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.
    It binds the galaxy together.” – Obi-Wan

    “It is said that certain creatures are born with a higher awareness of the
    Force than humans. Their brains are different; they have more
    midi-chlorians in their cells.”
    ―George Lucas, establishing guidelines for the Expanded Universe in 1977

    I see a direct contradiction – Lucas is claiming that midi-chlorians make people more aware of the force. Ignoring for the moment the fact that all living things are not just pervaded by the Force at all times, but they actually CREATE the force themselves, making it downright silly to think there would be greater or lesser degrees of awareness of something so ubiquitous, the main contradiction in these quotes is that Obi-Wan directly gets his power from the Force. He doesn’t mention the aspect of “awareness” at all, when it’s later stated that such awareness of the force is the only real difference in a Jedi’s ability.

    The most offensive thing about midi-chlorians, is that as outlined by Obi-Wan and Yoda, the Force has counterparts in many mystic traditions. “Luminous beings are we! Not this, crude, matter.”

    Fuck you Lucas.

  • cabbo

    Remember that the main point of these reviews is not to show plot holes caused by over-fantastical science fiction. The characters and their actions are completely broken in the Prequels; no-one has a clear motivation, or is able to act on a motivation without doing something stupid. Begging for realistic characters is completely justified, and if we do the same with the originals we’d be completely satisfied.
    Yes, you can nit-pick over the minutiae of some of the more sci-fi elements of the original trilogy. The problems discussed in these reviews aren’t just little points about the fantasy; they show the cracks running throughout the entirety of the prequel series.
    Additionally, even if the original trilogy was terrible, how does that justify the awfulness of the Prequels? I know that this review speaks to how they’ve ruined the Star Wars franchise, but if you take that out then all the negatives that lead to that conclusion still stand on their own. Why defend the Prequels by saying that the original trilogy is bad, rather than that the Prequels are good? Even if you’ve got nostalgia for them, you should still be able to realise that they’re awful.

  • cabbo

    If these really are your opinions then you’re either trying far, far too hard to justify the Prequels in your own mind or you have no future in film.

  • Jason

    The prequels are non-canon. They were made by some hack fraud who didn’t understand Star Wars, or even film-making for that matter. The fact this fraud’s name was George Lucas doesn’t change anything. As a wise man named William Shakesman once said “What’s in a name?”. As far as I’m concerned, it may as well have been Tommy Wiseau. “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART, Padme!”

  • Jason

    I think it would be too traumatic of an experience for him. You may as well ask a rape victim to watch the surveillance footage of them being repeatedly mouth and ass raped by George Lucas over the course of 90 minutes when they were just 10 years old.

  • TapewormBike

    I agree, although I think you misspelled “Woody Allen”.

  • Jason

    Jar Jar is actually what saved this movie on initial reception. He’s so awful that he became the focal point for everyone’s hatred. Everyone left the theatre thinking “you know, if that stupid Jar Jar wasn’t in it, this movie probably would’ve been good”. He was just so over-the-top bad that all the other, more subtly bad things in the movie, seemed good by comparison. It wasn’t until the second and third movie, which had less Jar Jar, that people realized how wrong they were.

  • AndyAce83

    This is really dark humor.

  • Mijk

    Hey, I just stumbled over this nice conversation here.

    Plus points for us RLM Fans… no one has threatened JM with rape or anything, there might still be some good in us.

    Also no one quoted Plinkett, showing him ‘how stupid he is’, but considering his arguments, which is a good think. So I’ll join in to this ‘bottomless comment section':

    Bashing the originials is okay, and I even think your points are valid. The exhaust pipe thing was a bit simplistic and was used to wrap up things of enormous proportions pretty quick. Luke didn’t get hit… he just doesn’t… what a lucky guy.. not the only one in movie history. Certainly a lot of lucky Padmes, Anakains, Obi-Wans in the prequel as well.. but nevermind that.

    What I rather can support is to defend the prequels. Not every point Plinkett makes is undebatable true. Also, I find nitpicking is a nice thing, which one can apply to every movie, especially your favourite ones. It doesn’t ruin the movie, it just makes you wonder about it don’t forget them.. and that is a good thing(at least with good movies). All in all, Plinkett is right even in his first statement. This movie was sooo dissapointing. I was 22 when I hit the theatres in 1999, and these movies weren’t made for me and my age, perhaps, but I was willing to forgive a lot. I still do.

    So, defending the prequels is a very hard job. I would like to see a witty person making a counter review to Plinkett here. (and for the record, saying something like: ‘Well, you don’t like my favourite movies? I think your Star Wars is an asshole, too!’, doesn’t count as witty). So what is there to like? I also don’t think all CG is bad. Naboo looked incredible. I liked the Royal Starship and Darth Mauls ship as an inuendo to later Tie Fighters. I liked the hippie like Jedi Qui Gon Jinn. He became the first Jedi Spirit, and that touches upon some sort of lore I would like to hear more about. Subtlety in contemporary movies is not only lacking, it is processed to camp 4. So I wonder how very subtle this whole thing played out in the prequels:

    The Jedi order was flawed, before their extinction. But even though they sort of knew about this, there wasn’t a final statement, like Yoda saying: Oh, it all went to bits, because we haven’t done anything. We must learn more about the force. Like that wicked new spirit thing, Qui Gon recently got into.’

    Why did Yoda have to go into exile, after breaking up the fight against Palpatine? If he did so for becoming wiser and rethink this whole ‘Jedi and the force’ thing, couldn’t they at least say so?

    But I wanted to point out good things in the prequel. I don’t mind Jar Jar. He was an idiotic character, for sure, but they got rid of him (mostly) even in Episode 2, and I don’t consider any of these films superior to Episode 1. Jake Lloyd was a Kid in a Star Wars movie. He was flying and shooting and saying some things. I don’t mind him either. I even prefer him to his later incarnation, BECAUSE HE WASN’T EVIL ALL THE TIME. Yes, Lloyds Anakin was a nice helpful boy and introduced us also to this young Padawan thing, which got a dark pay off in the end. Palpatines plan… well that is a biiig nitpick, right there. It is hard to look past the huuuge flaws of this plan and the crazy coincidences that need to happen to make him the Emperor in the end.. but even that I am able to forgive. It is like Luka and Vader in the Death Star Trench… very lucky. I don’t mind inclusion of Jabba or (most of) the other characters since it wasn’t more than a nod. Including C-3PO and Chewbacca was pretty stupid… but at least R2s origin was handled nicely.

    Well, I can go on and on, still after all these years. But just a last word for Jonathan Martinez, here: I also don’t hate the Lightsaber Duels of the prequels. They don’t need to be overloaded with emotions. The little emotions the prequel duels conveyed, was enough for me. I at least understood their motivations. BUT since you were going soo into details about every move Darth Maul, Qui Gon and Obi-Wan made during their battle, you might be interested in this video:

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Oh we were just having a small conversation. Thank you for your insightful reply. I saw the video. Very interesting. Perhaps there are no movies to depict light saber duels well enough, even in the originals, ben kenobi vs vader, it looked like they were fencing at a very slow pace. I picked darth maul vs qui gon and obi wan as an example for emotion and had explained the reason of that battles outcome. The video you sent me demontrates how the director failed in some fight choreagraphy nontheless it was exciting, for me that is. Perhaps I should have focused on the duel in episode 3 anakin vs obi wan. That could have well been the best duel in the entire movie series. In conclusion I like innovation and new ideas. Since many believe the duels were so good in the originals should they have done similar duels in the prequels? I dont think so. Movies have to be made to convince me to think what they’re doing is real.

  • Akeuw

    The fights in these movies are just ridiculous. It is like the romanticized sword fight versus a real one. In the real one, they go side to side trying to hit past the shield. There are no overhead hits because that would expose the fighter. Same with the prequels, there are dozens of opportunities for the fighters to hit, say, the legs, and they are not taken.

  • D-Man

    Two minutes of mindless dueling doesn’t make up for the other hour of horrible travesties Plinkett highlighted that you apparently completely missed. You have no ground to stand on. It has nothing to do with “Lucas ruining my childhood”; they are just terribly made movies in general and deserve to be outed as such.

  • jrg7777

    “But I was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!”
    At least the film did a good job showing us where this annoying line originally comes from.

  • Tree Rock Creations

    COMING SOON! Star War Episode – 3: Palpatine’s Pride!

  • diehounderdoggen

    It was the most “3D” 3D movie I’ve ever seen in 3D. I think other 3D movies filmed in 3D don’t even compare to the 3D-ness of this 3D movie, and Visionary 3D Director Mark Webb deserves some kind of 3D award for his 3D work on 3D movies.

  • nautonnier

    I think part of the problem is that Lucas seems to like to think up “set pieces” and then he retrofits a story around them. Somewhere else on the internets there is a transcript with Lucas, Spielberg, and Lawrence Kasdan discussing ideas about Raiders of the Lost Ark. It shows that Lucas was a bit of a mook even back then. It also demonstrates why Empire was so awesome because Kasdan can bring it proper.

  • seniorpepe

    I feel as though you don’t know what he meant by emotionless. Yeah, they meant something as a part of the emotional whole, but there’s so much movement, flashing lights, and obviously (and awkwardly, because of it) choreographed fighting, there’s no room to show their emotions at the time. Lightsabers are also overused here, I don’t remember if he brought that up in this review or his Episode II review.

  • Alex Lee

    One minor note about the “Fear leads to Anger…” part. The largest problem, moreso than the interchangable states, is that little boy Anakin has never really expresses negative emotions. The only thing Jake Lloyd did adequately is be happy-go-lucky the entire movie. The point of that scene is to show us another side to Anakin, but it fails because that scene doesn’t really change him as a person; he doesn’t get angry or cry or anything. Instead,he goes right back to being happy-go-lucky, so it’s not any wonder why we find him so irritating.

  • Robert Eckert

    “Captain Panaka”? Some characters I can’t even describe inside their roles.

  • Robert Eckert

    It doesn’t appear you understood what Hulk was getting at, then. Hulk is saying that the primary purpose of the plot, however much logic the plot has or fails to have, is to understand the development of the characters. Plinkett is pointing out that the plot holes here are of that particularly ruinous kind which make the characters’ actions random and unmotivated, so that we cannot care what they do or what happens to them.

  • Alex Lee

    He’s a captain…that’s it.

  • Robert Eckert

    There was also a change of government in France during WW2.

  • Barry Herbers

    That sounds fair enough to me. I believe it.

  • Sydneydude Aussie

    Plinkett hits the nail on the head with these reviews lol These prequels are the result of Lucas not having other movies and stories to rip off this time around, he’s been exposed as the fraud he is who rode in on the tailcoats of the others who actually pulled together and made the original trilogy while he was given a lollipop and told to sit in a corner with his star wars dolls.

  • starcrunch

    Dead on. I think George Lucas has this idea of something really cool that’s going to happen, and then writes his story to fit that cool thing in. It’s not the worst idea – plenty of writers do the same thing. But when you are trying to incorporate some Byzantine intrigue and labyrinthine plots, it really doesn’t work.

  • starcrunch

    I’m not confusing Jake Lloyd (or Hayden Christensen for that matter) with a good actor, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, saves this poorly-conceived Anakin. The reason you say he “adequately” portrays happy-go-lucky is because that’s the only thing given to him. You could have had the best child actor out there, and it would have been the same.

    The problem is the writing, long before the casting even gets considered.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    When’s the next Episode I Plinkett review?

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    They need to reboot this thing already… to diminish the effects of it.

  • David Fernandez

    It breaks my heart to tell you this but you are right Mr. Plinkett and I admire your honesty. I don’t think that George was the main driving force for New Hope, Empire Strikes Back after witnessing the mess that are the Star Wars pre-quels. Roll on the re-boot !!

  • Paulus Cañamonjas

    I am missing some non anglo/germanic names too. But I think it´s stylistically designed to be that way; i.e, kind of bigger and familiar names so the audience gets the basic point of his exposition.

  • Skulb

    Clearly a very positive aspect of PM is that Mike Hamill isn`t in it. Just saying…

  • aegerprimo

    I enjoyed that. What was with the woman tied up in the basement? LOL.

  • ireth

    you kinda did ask idiots to explain. Qui-Gon Jinn was this stuborn jedi master that folows his heart and strongly does what he belevies in even if it cost his reputation, jedi council seat or even life. also he’s inteligent and insightfull more than other characters cause he has seen more and did more in his life rather than siting in a room and discuss politics. he’s caring, compationate, real friend and really really good teacher. given that he thought obi everything he could and made him prepared to become master even before he realized anser your question star wars prequel trilogy is all about ANAKIN becoming what he was in original trilogy. even if you meet him in 45 minutes (which was case in some oter movies too where you meet protagonist very late in movie), what can you expect from the boy that is f%#/# 7 years old and were a slave! to have know where he is in life? to know what he want to become? dude you’re reatrted as much as your voice is…this movie is not made for ppl who watch star wars with same ethusiasm as tonight’s show! let me see you where were you in life when you were 7.

  • ManWithoutFear

    Who’s that?

  • ManWithoutFear

    The problem is indeed the writing. Anakin Skywalker should be conflicted, troubled, charismatic, deep, explosive, interesting, compelling, intense and brilliant.

    In the prequels he is none of those things.

    “It’s not fair!!””

  • ManWithoutFear

    I would love it if these new movies were a massive hit and, as a result, they went back and remade the prequels.

  • ManWithoutFear

    “the Newer movies fail on a fundamental storytelling level.”


  • ManWithoutFear

    I know its all about opinions but how somebody can prefer the prequels to the originals is beyond me.

    The originals are superior in every way. Including special effects.

  • ManWithoutFear

    The prequels could’ve been the greatest movies ever made. It genuinely still hurts me that they’re so awful.

  • ManWithoutFear

    If you favour style over substance (as you clearly do, with your lightsaber duel preferences) that’s up to you. For me, the best lightsaber duel is, and will always be, Skywalker v Vader in Empire Strikes Back.

  • VFX_Privateer

    reatrted? You must have helped write this steaming pile of shit.

  • Basileus

    Liam Neesom was truly awful. Directing dismal, costume design the worst Ive ever seen anywhere in ANY movie Story itself would need several promotions to get to “crap” level

  • Pissernacht

    Since you’re new here, Plinkett was 7 around the same time the Titanic sunk…long story there.

    Also, on Qui-Gon…well where did you even get those impressions of him? ‘Cause if it isn’t from the film, well that is the point isn’t it? The film did nothing to tell us who he his, what he wants, what he believes in etc.

    Jinny just sort of stands around like a slack-jawed dumbass and spews nonsense at plot-convenient moments.

  • Stardog Champion

    “Star Wars Episode 1 was the worst thing since my son” I have watched this review like 100 times by now and I can never and repeat NEVER get tired of that line. By far one of the best opening lines ever to a review. It would be funny if a high school kid writes an essay for a contest and he starts off with that similar line, for example…”The Vietnam War was the worst thing since my son”. What a classic line.

  • Stardog Champion

    The thing hate about Episode 1 was the characters. Their really was no interesting characters. On top of that the story and dialogue was SO BORING. Their some unique element in the film like the whole “chosen one” angle Lucas was going for. Imo the movie should have focus solely on the prophecy concept. The whole idea of Anakin Skywalker being space Jesus could be good if done right of course. The only thing I like was the action scenes and the music.

  • phil (HARD)COR(E)so

    coulda done without the whole “i kidnap and beat women” excuse for a “joke”

  • MargarineButter

    OH MY GOD! You just gave me a brain aneurysm.

  • Caleb Bubba Gafford

    First I will admit that the story is illogical in Episode 1, as are most Fantasy/Sci-fi plots, because they all tend to ignore common sense and practical solutions in favor of theatrics. And 2 and 3 seem to me to advance the plots that were left hanging in ep. 1 (except the midichlorian issue I admit). That being said, There were discrepancies of logic in the original Trilogy as well (as far as what they should’ve, could’ve or would’ve done). Secondly From someone who has never read the peripherals regarding the prequel trilogy, I found Qui Gon to be a passionate Master, who leads with his gut (the opposite of most Jedi) and Queen Amidala Was young but intelligent and wise beyond her years. But with youth comes the Obstacle of being underestimated. But she is someone who would put her duty above all else (at least in the beginning). Third I find that telling a story of a Powerful Order and Republic being uprooted by Villains who don’t have the initial advantage (the opposite of the original trilogy), is harder to do, Thus that explains why they had to set up with extra characters and take three times as long as to get their points a crossed. Fourth I Enjoyed how they used politics to move the story rather than a personal journey. (I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan), And Lastly, The issue of the Battle scenes being 70% choreographed combat and Special Effects, In order to push a movie now days, that is what it takes (case in point the new Star Trek) I don’t mind Pandering to the Main Stream as long as it keeps Our Nerdy Interests alive. (The Hobbit Movies, The Avengers, etc…)

  • ManWithoutFear

    The guy’s edited his post. He originally called him Mike Hammill.

  • ManWithoutFear

    Exactly. Crap characters + crap story = crap film.

  • Booger

    Do you know Plinkett?

  • Booger

    I just found this and I felt I should share with those who haven’t seen it.

    You’re welcome or….sorry, whatever.

  • TastySlowCooker

    Firstly, I picture you in old clothes, socks and sandals on a street corner handing out pamphlets and asking, “Do you know Plinkett?”

    Secondly, it amuses me that born-again Plinkians think that this is a good response to criticisms of his unnecessarily offensive form of comedy. It’s as if knowing Plinkett will magically transform the viewer into someone who will find this humour funny.

  • Booger

    I don’t think everything RLM does is law. I actually just posted a comment disagreeing with them in the Amazing Spiderman 2 review (about a different movie). I just understand the joke and character you high-on-your-horse-asshole. Its an exaggeration of what is perceived as an old recluse and obsessive Star Wars/Star Trek fan that actually makes valid points about the films and filmaking in general. It makes the review more interesting and was part of it’s success. It’s okay if you don’t like (get) the joke just don’t say it’s an “excuse”.

  • TastySlowCooker

    You realize I’m a different person to the one who originally posted, right? That I never called it an excuse?

  • Booger

    I do. I don’t care. You defended it. And you’re wrong.

  • TastySlowCooker

    Said like a true born-again Plinkian.

  • Booger

    Said like a true person-who-no-longer-has-a-genuine-argument..ian. (Never claimed to have clever wordplay)

  • Alex Lee

    “Don’t any of you fuckheads say ‘It was explained more in the novelization.’ What matters is the movie! I ain’t never read any Star Wars books or books in general for that matter.”

    Harry S. Plinkett

  • Ishmayl

    Does anyone know if there are HD versions of these videos anywhere?

  • Bart Religion

    where does the behind the scenes footage come from?

  • davis ryan
  • Rodney

    I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the 15th anniversary of The Phantom Menace’s release than re-watching this review. It’s a salve for the bitter disappointment this film has caused me that still stings to this very day.

  • MargarineButter


  • Donald Hermann

    It’s called characterization, and it’s clearly fictional. So is your problem with drama? Do you read Romeo and Juliet and go off on a tangent about how you don’t appreciate the whole tacked on element of teenage suicide?

  • ThatGuy

    Nah, this guy is “hardcore”, so…. Someone else figure this out.

  • Alex Lee

    Not hating on Jake Lloyd, but it just seems like a bad idea to cast a 6 year old because it’s so hard for them to given them precise direction. Seemed a little smarter to start with a 8-9 year old for just enough control before puberty hits them.

  • Stardog Champion

    The Expanded Universe did somewhat save the prequel trilogy with it’s extended information on the story. But since Disney decided to act like dick and announce the EU is no longer apart of the 6 original trilogy, the prequel story went from barely ok to being shit again. Now we are once again stuck with the incoherent storytelling that was set in the prequels and Episode 7 story is going to make NO SENSE at all.

  • blahdeeblah

    I’m not sure how it’s a compliment that Tolkien used magic to explain much of his world, as that didn’t stop him going into ludicrously detailed mind-numbing explanations that saps all the fun out of the experience. There’s like 3 pages in LOTR devoted to Hobbit lineages for fuck’s sake.

    At the heart of the prequels problems is Lucas’ inability to create believable characters with any level of depth. Tolkien has much the same problem, indeed he is even worse, all his characters are just empty vessels for his narration. The only way you ever get any variation to Tolkien’s characters is when they belong to different species. Or are “good” rather than “evil”. The LOTR films are such good adaptations because the pointless tedious elements of the original story were removed & the characters were given actual personalities we could believe in & care about.

    Tolkien wrote vast, epic stories & created a world you can immerse yourself in because it is so detailed – so much thought has gone into it. Lucas has done much the same, though. What made either of their stories palatable boils down to the other people involved; people who injected empathy and streamlined the story into something coherent & entertaining.

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars

    Here’s the thing: they’re not keeping your nerdy interests alive. They’re cannibalising recognisable brand names to make disposible dumbed down, lowest common denominator entertainment for the dumb masses. They’re the cinematic equivalent of a McDonalds hamburger called “the Jedi McBacon” or “the Cheese Bat-Burger”. They’re just exploiting a brand. Nerds like you and I only enter into the equation to the degree that they might squeeze some dollars from our irrational affection for certain characters.

    These piece of shit prequels are a perfect example of a horrible, artless product cynically engineered to make money simply on the basis of their brand’s popularity. They don’t even have the base, crude appeal of the Transformer movies. Take away the name “Star Wars” and these things would have bombed at the box office.

    But that’s me. I’m a nerd with nerdy interests – I’m a Spider-Man fan, for instance – but I’m not going to like a piece of shit movie (like the first Amazing; I haven’t seen the second) just because, hey, it’s a Spider-Man movie.

    Let’s put it this way: our nerd affection is kinda like brand loyalty. And enabling assholes like Lucas is every bit as self-defeating as buying a shit Ford instead of a good, I dunno, a good Toyota just because I’m a “Ford Man”.

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars

    I’m gonna do like Alex Lee and quote some Plinkett at you:

    “”Don’t any of you fuckheads say ‘It was explained more in the novelization or some Star Wars book.’ What matters is the movie!”
    “Don’t talk about them stupid video games, or novels, comic books or any of that fucking crap.”

    Except I’m not calling you a fuckhead.

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars

    How did Plinkett not work “it’s bold in terms of jerking peopel around” into the review?

  • dollar store cashier wife

    go back to tumblr.

  • Alex Lee

    Wow! I was actually mentioned. That blew my mind.

  • Stardog Champion

    Sorry folks but Mr. Plinkett mind is far superior over NC.

  • Alex Lee

    Were I a ten year-old, I would agree with NC. As an adult, Plinkett is indeed far superior. Even when Plinkett is not even directly arguing with NC, he’s punching holes in NC’s arguments. NC even indirectly concedes to Plinkett’s points at times. Debate-wise, Plinkett wins. Entertainment-wise, Plinkett is the Coke Classic of movie reviews, while NC is somewhere between Pepsi and RC Cola.

  • JudgeDredd

    Hey, that’s a pretty good edit job.

  • Patrick

    Wow, I forget how creepy it is that an 8-year-old is chatting up a 16-year-old; and it’s working.

  • galleymac

    Of the three in this video, I’d have chosen the one just before the one they actually chose, the second kid.

    Really, though, I was hoping that the child who grew up to be Darth Freaking Vader would be darker, mysterious, more of a creepy kid — not full on Wednesday Addams, but definitely less Brian Bonsall from Family Ties. There are little kids like the one they cast, and then there are rarer kids, ones who are quiet, who stand back and observe, and then come out with things you wouldn’t expect from them; their appeal is not all vested in the twee mispronunciation of words, but on the impression that something is lurking beneath their surface — I went into the film thinking we were getting something along those lines.

  • Guest

    Had dinner with Larry Kasdan last night. New STAR WARS movie sounds amazing. People who don't know me often think I worked on Star Wars.— Rick Berman (@berman_rick) June 22, 2014


  • Guest
  • Alex Lee

    Jake Lloyd was six at the time.

  • JudgeDredd

    Now I am well aware that this guy is mostly regarded as hipster douche entertainment but I figured I might share this anyway.

  • Hale

    He’s more meme now than man; twisted and evil.

  • Chandler

    this was fucking awesome, made my day

  • Rob Hruska

    What does “Murika” mean? I mean, I know what it usually means, but in this case, it makes no sense.

  • JudgeDredd
  • chien_clean

    You know what’s worse than that shitty Episode 1 movie? That guy’s voice.

  • Fnertle

    “I will admit that the story is illogical as are most Fantasy/Sci-fi plots”


    For you to make a statement like that I suspect you haven’t read too much Science Fiction and therefore you take it as given that when you refer to Fantasy/Sci-fi, we understand that you are referring to MOVIES.

    There is always the possibility of a small inconsistency in order to move a story along, we are talking about large inconsistencies that strain the limits of credibility and the suspension of disbelief, ones that break you out of the story and have you actively questioning the plot as the story is unfolding.

    If you enjoyed the prequel trilogy I don’t begrudge you that, however you won’t be able to convince me that the storytelling and respect for the intelligence of the viewer compare to the original. There is some solid content in the prequels but there is also evident lazy writing and general contempt for the viewing audience.

    A list of stories would be too long so here is a short list of AUTHORS that you might find a little more logical: (in no order, I don’t want to start a “best” war! :–D)

    Isaac Asimov
    Robert Heinlein
    Arthur C. Clark
    Harlan Ellison
    Ray Bradbury
    Philip K. Dick
    Stanislaw Lem
    Douglas Adams
    William Gibson
    H. P. Lovecraft
    George R. R. Martin
    Martin Gardner
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
    Anthony Burgess
    Theodore Sturges
    Piers Anthony – the “incarnations of immortality” series
    A. E. van Vogt
    Alfred Bester
    Cordwainer Smith
    Brian Aldiss
    Samuel R Delany
    H. G. Wells
    Philip Jose Farmer
    Michael Crichton
    Clifford D. Simak
    James Blish
    Poul Anderson
    Lester del Rey
    Alan Dean Foster
    Ursula K. Le Guin
    Ben Bova
    Roger Zelazny
    Frederik Pohl
    L. Sprague de Camp
    Cyril M. Kornbluth
    Fritz Leiber
    Robert Bloch
    Larry Niven
    Edgar Pangborn
    Fred Saberhagen
    Robert Silverberg
    Frank Herbert
    James M. Tiptree
    Orson Scott Card

  • bruce wayne

    Awww look, a Jar Jar fan is trying to be funny, how cute.

  • bruce wayne

    What is it with Ricks?

  • Jager

    So, while I agree with most of this, I gotta say:

    The point of a deflector shield is to prevent the ship from getting hit in the first place, not absorb damage like a health bar. Most shots would just bounce off, which is why the ship doesn’t get it after its fixed. Lucky/powerful shots could still break through, which caused the damage in the first place.

    Not that this saves any part of this scene though, yeesh.

  • sinwar

    who came up with the retarded idea to let the dealer whose race is intelligent and “immune to jedi influence” try a dice based gambling bet… you know against a jedi with telekinetic abilities?

  • Thomas Hunt

    His point was that the Matrix (And the other movies he mentioned) at least HAD a protagonist.

  • Thomas Hunt

    You have to keep in mind that what Plinkett says about lightsaber duels (In this review and all his others) is true for fight scenes in general. Fight scenes are just that: Scenes. Their purpose is to advance the plot and develop character. In the original trilogy, the fight scenes were not only justified but necessary. Creative choreography can be fun on its own (They Live), but the ultimate point of a fight is to progress the story. Romeo and Juliet plays in the 1600’s probably didn’t have very convincing swordplay, but obviously that didn’t keep it from becoming one of the most well-known stories in world literature.

    Even in pro wrestling, a medium where a large part of the appeal is in the aesthetics of the simulated violence, there are storylines and things at stake to justify why matches occur. Sometimes those elements are absent, but even then a (Good) wrestler will captivate the audience with his charisma. Because of this, fans will become invested in these wrestlers over time and will consistently root for them regardless of the circumstances surrounding their matches. Going back to film, that just illustrates why it’s important for the audience to actually like and/or care about the people fighting.

  • chien_clean

    But Matrix had a horrible protagonist. The movie was great despite Neo/Keanu. So it was bad example. The other movies I agree with.

  • Thomas Hunt

    Just to add: In regards to the final duel in Empire, there are a few things Plinkett didn’t quite touch on. Luke’s first fight with Vader is a David vs. Goliath battle, much like the X-Wings taking on the Death Star in the first movie. This time it’s different, though, because Luke fails and ends up getting his hand chopped off. Even though he loses, though, there are still moments in the fight where he surprises Vader with his skill and perseverance (Like when he narrowly escapes being frozen by Force Jumping out of the carbonite chamber). It’s moments like those that really resonate with an audience. Underdogs are awesome, and when the odds are really stacked against them, every hit they land can seem significant. Just think of Rocky managing to floor Apollo Creed in the first round. Even though that was brief and only served to piss his opponent off, it got the audience’s blood pumping.

    I haven’t seen Phantom Menace in maybe ten years, but looking back at the clips I saw there doesn’t seem be that same kind of tension and excitement. There was so much spinning and flailing that none of their attacks seemed very significant (This is something that Plinkett did mention). Plus, the Darth Maul battle was initially two-on-one, which kind of makes HIM the underdog even if he is a really powerful Sith Lord with a double-lightsaber. If you made Mike Tyson fight two inferior but accomplished contenders at the same time, you’d probably expect Tyson to lose even if he had horseshoes in his gloves.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    This is quite good. It’s hard to find faults in most of his points. I suspect he might be a criminal though.

  • Thomas Hunt

    I see what you’re trying to say, but it still works as an example because people like the movie itself and Neo is well-known. A lot of people aren’t super crazy about Luke Skywalker (Or at least Mark Hamill’s performance) but he’s still one of the first characters who come to mind when they hear the word “protagonist.”

    Moot point. I thought you misunderstood Plinkett in your first comment, but I was wrong.

  • David D’Amico

    Since I loved the prequels people have been telling me to watch this review, & I’m not impressed by this at all.

  • Sisyphus

    That… is why you fail.

  • ThatGuy

    The feeling of realising you loved something that sucks so much is a let down. Sorry, but it’ll pass.

  • Fluffybuddha

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of the long rebuttal to these videos some fanboy wrote?

  • Radosław Hołdys

    Fun fact about the low angle of the Star Destroyer in the original Star Wars is…They shot it that way because they didn’t have the other half of the model finished so again art from adversity.

  • Grizzly


    I saw The Phantom Menace when it came out, and after the movie ended I had no idea what it was about. All these years later, I still haven’t figured it out.

    I went into it expecting to see stuff getting blown up, some cool aliens, maybe (hopefully) a chick in a metal bikini, plus a little bit of talking. What I got instead were trade negotiations and parliamentary maneuvering. WTF???????

  • Shon Burch

    Just because he is immune to mind tricks and knows that doesn’t mean he is familiar with Jedi using the force otherwise.

  • Ranger Boo

    The amount of people that stick up for the prequels makes my depressed and lose whatever little faith I have in humanity. Don’t read the YouTube for this review if you don’t want 3/4 of you brain cells to commit suicide. Fork in the brain!

  • DeeBeeCooper

    this review is not for idiots. i think he makes this clear in the very beginning of the video.

  • DeeBeeCooper

    i was with you until i saw your idiotic name… he might be criminal, but you’re an asshole.

  • DeeBeeCooper

    You had me at “Fuck you Lucas”.

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    Ah well haters gonna hate.

  • ImAFckingDragn

    What Jesus does in his private time is no one’s business but his own.

  • ImAFckingDragn

    I was about to say, the scene still serves no purpose. But you seem to have already destroyed your own argument. I admire that efficiency.

  • ImAFckingDragn

    You’re a bad protagonist!

  • ImAFckingDragn

    Sounds like someone needs a flagpin…

  • SiliconNooB

    Enough with the complaining, don’t you have some Transformers films to watch?

  • SiliconNooB

    Was the penis in question your own?

  • Jesus sucked gay penis

    Unfortunately no. Also, he’s been dead for nearly 2000 years. I’d thought the answer was obvious.

  • Jager

    I just like the concept of a deflector shield instead of shields being a little blue bar of ablative HP. So, defending the concept instead of the movie I guess.

  • ispyRory .

    When I first saw the phantom menace I can remember defending the awesome choreography of the Darth Maul fight because it was the only part of the movie that I found cool and enjoyable.
    Now recognizing how little merit it had for the characters and overarching story (thanks asshole) I must concede that Episode 1 was a totally irredeemable piece of shit.

  • Alex Lee

    And even then, the only choreography that still continues to look good is Darth Maul himself. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn are just so sloppy in comparison (every time they turn around to make a swing that will functionally do no more damage than if they didn’t do that).

  • NicholasRibcage

    This is what started it all. It’s this video that ruined me. Corrupted me. Tormented my very soul. I need a vodka gimlet if I’m gonna watch this again. *Looks for bottle*

  • usucdik

    Making some good points, but 10 minutes in, that voice is entirely too obnoxious to continue. I can’t stand it enough to find of any this funny or amusing. I’d rather he cut out his throat and use a fake robotic voice box instead of sounding like a marble-mouthed lethargic drunk fatso.

  • AlcaldeEste

    How the hell can something that was written by someone else “save” a movie? The movie has its own story and its own characters. Should the movie be judged on its own merits or should it be judged on the merits of some fanfiction jerk-off material that
    1) was written by someone who was not involved in the movie,
    2) was written after the movie was already made, and
    3) will be read by 0.000001 % of the movie’s audience?

  • Dean McIntosh

    In the film, they were trying to communicate that the Jedi were, after thousands of years of there being no Sith, they were unprepared to deal with enemies that might wield lightsabres against them.

    There’s also lightsabre physics revolving around how the mechanism by which they work causes them to be extremely unstable in the hands of people who lack the Force. The implication being that Darth Maul kicks so much arse that he can wield a weapon that is more than twice as complicated to use and do so more effectively than two Jedi with simpler weapons.

    Yes, I know this is all stuff from encyclopedias and such shite, but that is part of my point. Lucas relied so much on this expanded universe encyclopedia stuff that he says no longer counts to explain away what was his job as the director to tell us.

    Ironically, if a director had found a good way to explain to us that lightsabres have a gyroscopic effect and cannot be wielded by just anybody, whilst at the same time explaining how Han was able to cut open a tauntaun with one in spite of that, that would be just competent filmmaking. Good filmmaking if they do it well. The scenes in RoboCop where they are assembling RoboCop whilst his “viewpoint” sees them (“it’s titanium, laminated with kevlar”) are an example of this kind of exposition done like a boss. Lucas has never worked with _anyone_ good enough to do it that well, but even a quarter of the way would have been better than what we got.

    Even with a good explanation like that, this would not negate the fact that all three participants in the duel violate the first rule of fencing, and do so repeatedly. That is, never show your opponent your back.

  • Dean McIntosh

    When I was younger, I had a similar mindset. I would defend TPM zealously, even though I had very little basis from the actual film to defend it with. And the more I began to write stories of my own, write things then pick them apart and put them back together and just try to assemble something that a professional artist would be keen to publish rather than send back and tell me was crap, the more I realised. I realised that everything Plinkett says in this video is spot-on.

    Given how long between Return and Phantom Lucas had, it baffles me that he was in such a rush to get a script finished. It reminds me of that statement about videogames. A story is late until it is released, but it sucks forever. Simply delaying the release by a year or two and giving the script to someone who can write a good story would have saved TPM. Above, I wrote in response to a comment by Alex Lee. In my response, I write how one can simply expect an audience to automatically know something. Or worse yet, expect them to read up about it in a canon-guide that a scant fifteen years later you will tell them is invalid. That is what Lucas essentially did here. No explanation other than how you test positive for Jedi is offered concerning the mechanics of the Star Wars universe.

    That is very, very bad storytelling. Since I used the example of RoboCop above, I will repeat it here. In five minutes flat, Paul and Ed explained everything that the audience needed to know in order to not only have it make sense, but for it to be one of the most awesome times one can have passively watching images.

    TPM, by comparison, gives us “oh, let me administer this blood test, hey congratulations you are a Jedi”, and nothing else. Even when the fans might want it. We see nothing of how Jedi are trained under optimal circumstances, how lightsabres work, or even what makes a person want to become a Jedi. In fact that last one is a really sore point.

    You see, all that the prequels have succeeded in is making the people who were supposed to be good guys in the other three films look like assholes that nobody in their right mind would want to be.

    In the prequels, Jedi are people that I would cut down with my lightsabre if I caught them anywhere near my nephew or nieces. And that is all thanks to George Lucas’ exquisitely bad storytelling.

    In other Plinkett reviews, he says “let’s stop and think about this for a second” or words to that effect at least once. I would urge you to do the same.

  • Dean McIntosh

    Thomas: I would like to wrap your comments up in a bow and send them to one poster just above you on this page.

    I just wanted to chuck in my pennies about a couple of things you write.

    I think the same effect, the who-cares-what-is-happening effect, occurs in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth In Name Only films. I was watching a lot of the making-ofs around the time that the home video releases were occurring, and one thing I could not get past no matter how I tried was all of the bragging about how these big battle sequences were 50+ minutes long and had thousands of characters involved. When I was looking over the finished product, many things came to mind.

    One, he was lying when he said characters. There’s maybe one or two characters in each film that the audience is given enough reason to care about, and the rest of the battle is basically anonymous figures in a computer killing each other in videogame ways. Second, and this is what I wanted to touch on in terms of the Empire duel, the story does not progress one iota whilst these protracted battle sequences take place. It is as if the story stops dead while Good Stereotype Guys murder the shit out of Bad Stereotype Guys.

    Empire achieves something that I have only seen duplicated in one other film that I can remember, 13 Assassins. As the duel and escape-fight progresses, you learn new things about the characters. You learn that there IS a point that pushing Lando past will get him to turn on you even when you have him by the proverbials. You learn that Leia really IS in love with Han. And most importantly, you learn that Luke and Vader are not just play-fencing like children.

    At the start of that duel, I could not help but think Vader must be thinking “if I did not need this suit just to exist, I would hand this boy his arse in no time”. Then as Luke uses the Force to escape traps, Vader adjusts his strategy around the fact that Luke might not be completely incompetent after all. The moments when Vader is using the Force to throw stuff at Luke, battering him, are all about softening Luke up for taking to the Emperor. But the real fusion of storytelling with visual excitement is that quick moment where Luke hits a hit into Vader that makes him say ouch, then quickly retaliates by cutting Luke’s hand off. We see that had Luke exercised some patience and not given in to the visions of his friends being tortured, the outcome of the fight might have been very different. He learned enough along the way to at least remind Vader that Vader is not invulnerable.

    I will be brief about Jedi. That score music where we hear the baritone men wordlessly hum tells more story than anything going on in the other two segments of the battle put together. It tells the audience “oh no! everything the last few Jedi have been striving for for the past five or six hours is gone, maybe forever”. It is the Star Wars equivalent of the moment in RoboCop where RoboCop is angrily striding out of his rest chamber with science men vainly urging him to stop.

    Call me what you like, but I actually enjoyed Jedi (slightly) more than any other SW film for that part alone.

    But the point of all that is that it proves Plinkett is right about the duels. They are not about fighting but rather the story that leads into them. And the story that leads into the TPM duels is CRAP, no it’s SHIT… 😉

    I do, however, disagree about the Darth Maul duel, up to a point. There are underdogs and underdogs. And again, this is part of what Plinkett is talking about in his review about the story versus choreography. Yes, I know saying “the novel says…” is boneheaded, but hear me out. The text about the duel talks about how Maul is always in control, how after this amount of time the Jedi are no closer to winning, and so forth. But because we are given no basis on which to understand how elite Maul is supposed to be, we cannot understand things like that from the film.

    What I would have done is have a few scenes in the film where Jedi are being killed in groups and nobody knows who is doing it until Maul pops out of nowhere on Tattooine and tries to take down Qui-Gon. A quick moment where five Jedi are coming to the aid of some unrelated person, and Maul kills them all. Anything like that. But Lucas is and was such an idiot that he thinks he can just have one actor with no character development whatever do flips and kicks and swing a two-bladed sabre and audiences will automatically twig that the Jedi are coming from a place of weakness in this battle.

    It is kind of like how they do it in the real X-Men films. They make it painfully clear that the normies have all the weapons, control of society, etc etc, so the only thing saving the Mutants from doom is their powers. A good director like Bryan Singer or Matthew Vaughn knows you do not take it for granted that an audience knows or understands things like that. Hell, a vaguely competent directly knows not to take it for granted.

    So I submit to you that in the hands of a good director, the audience would have known that Darth Maul is the Force equivalent of Bruce Lee, and Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan are the equivalent of newly-minted black belts. In that context, the audience should have been surprised that Qui-Gon lasted for as long as he did.

    Everyone can chew me out at their leisure for saying it, but the things Lucas _did not_ explicitly spell out on the screen such as Maul’s true ability or the operational physics of lightsabres are what seals him as an incompetent dickhead, not what he _did_ put on the screen.

  • Alex Lee

    “this would not negate the fact that all three participants in the duel
    violate the first rule of fencing, and do so repeatedly. That is, never
    show your opponent your back”

    This is why there’s no tension in the fight. I’m just judging it based on what is presented,but many people, such as the Nostalgia Critic, just think it’s a kick-ass sword fight when it really isn’t.

  • andrew thompson

    am i the only one who made their own lightsaber…. but now wants to shove it up georges arse!

  • andrew thompson

    shame you didnt make that comment 10 years ago!! when the character was invented…..

  • Dean McIntosh

    There is also a funny little detail that Lucas invalidated with his “EU is not canon” edict that says lightsabres cosmetically relate to personal history. If you look at Qui-Gon’s, older Obi-Wan’s, and Luke’s ROTJ lightsabres, you notice they have a lot in common. (The same is true of Anakin’s/Vader’s lightsabres next to Yoda’s.)

    But I digress. I am probably the only person who took any notice of that whilst watching TPM (or any prequel) at the premieres. The fact that I took notice of it during these duels says a lot about me AND the duels. Heh.

    Probably the moment that came off the worst for me in the Naboo duel, however, was when Maul awkwardly balances himself on the edge of a platform, blocks both of his opponents at once, then backflips onto a path that has got to be at least a long-jump record away from him. I mean, the other shots in the duel, I can sort of at least understand as having some form of purpose or progression within the fight. But that one… why did anyone bother?

  • Dennis Sweatt

    Noooooooooooooo!! I need a time machine to go back and fix this.

  • Zac Rogalski

    so I laughed at your name and pic for about 5 minutes straight, just thought I’d let you know. Thank you.

  • NicholasRibcage

    I’m not surprised. That’s the usual reaction I get in the bedroom, too.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    you meant antagonist….

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    i love this review. it saved my childhood!

  • I’m dead now… sad face.

    and on this day you are a man my son.

  • I’m dead now… sad face.


  • JudgeDredd

    They must be dead by now…destroy whats left of them!

  • deaddirtycarnie

    “Impressive… very impressive… [Plinkett] has taught you well…”

  • Mel B Toast

    Every time I watch this, I notice another great detail. Last viewing, it was 4:26 – Charlie Bucket gets the girl. This time it was 10:58 – Lucas examines a bulbous alien that looks exactly like him.

    Although my long-time favorite is the quote at 20:10. It’s like a terrible Willaim Carlos Willaims poem.

    Will you defer your

    to allow a

    to explore the

    of your

  • ChuWii

    this is the most confusing movie ive ever seen i STILL dont know what the fuck it is actually about… the only way i can get through it without my brain collapsing in on itself.. is watchin these reviews

  • His Shadow

    Worse, the second just adds to the complexity and inanity. I left a second screening of the “Attack of the Clones” thinking I actually had figured out what the point was. But I was damned if I was going to watch that dreck a third time. I never saw the final one more than once, and I am pretty sure I’ve seen each of the original movies a dozen times.

  • BigP

    I’ve fucked up mashed potatoes once. Cause I was a little shit and didn’t read the directions to it, so I added too much water.

  • Sisyphus

    No wonder the droids got cut apart, they were trying to figure out what the hell that meant.

  • ikdks

    Who’s that other guy? The guy in the interview section. The guy that says, “I can’t answer that and you know it”

  • Hale


  • BigP

    It was the only bag of mix I had. But you’re right.

  • Donald

    I hope JJ has watched this review

  • Nomsheep

    probably because he didn’t attempt to answer and just said “I see what you’re doing there”

  • trash boat

    I’ve watched this movie like twice and I still can’t understand what the fuck is going on in it, it’s boring and doesn’t hold the viewer at all. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I can’t believe this is aimed at children, what kid in their right mind cares about space taxes and trade disputes? I love Star Wars but it literally lost the plot with this

  • Orville Ketchum

    I agree with most of what you wrote here and think you did a good job in making your arguments. I do disagree with your final argument in a small way.

    The reason why the duel in Empire works is because we know that Vader is a powerful and corrupt character and that Luke is essentially an up-and-comer. They never made this statement in the movie, yet the audience knows this without it being spelled out. Vader uses the force to choke a commanding officer to death in front of another officer… while he’s promoting him to the position of the man who’s literally dying next to him. This wasn’t for laughs, this was to drive home what the stakes are and who Vader is, his power and willingness to utilize it.

    This also informs the audience that he’s in control now, and there’s no Grand Moff Tarkin to pull the leash on him. And we’re reminded of this when another commander loses track of the Falcon, goes to apologist and is killed for his efforts.

    When you see Luke struggle to maintain control over the objects he’s levitating while his mind is flooded with images of his friends enduring a lot of pain, we know that he’s not as powerful as Vader and the audience wonders how he’s going to overcome this challenge.

    In the Phantom Menance, in order for the fight scene in the end to matter, I would have shown the Jedi’s sparring with each other. Jin dueling another Jedi who’s clearly better and is a step faster. Kenobi’s sparring with a fourth Jedi and is dispatched even faster. They don’t even need to say anything cute like, “You’re training him? Your student is in trouble.” Later these two Jedi’s (shown in additional scenes as the plot progresses and is shown to be the prefered pairing to send on missions) are attacked and defeated by Darth Horn Head.

    You don’t need to spell it out, but you do have to show the audience that Horn Head is proficient in defeating multiple adversaries simultaneously.

    There’s a lot more detail that can be added here (like showing Kenobi’s youth and energy by wanting to continue sparring while Jin stops him from over-excreting himself… showing the other two Jedi accomplishing something else between the spars and their deaths to reinforce the idea that their victories were not flukes), but in order to save The Phantom Menace, you pretty much need to rip the entire story into shreds and start over as if it didn’t exist.

  • Yod Gon Booze


  • chaynosaur

    Is no one else deeply disturbed by the creepy murderer joke that seems to be happening during a completely intelligent review

  • The Third Archon

    It’s a part of the whole character of Mr. Plinkett–it’s very dark yes, and very hilarious if you are twisted and into dark humor. Otherwise, there’s always Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

  • The Third Archon

    You know, another way they could have saved the mom occurred to me recently–so Qui-Gon booze puts up Anakin’s pod-racer against Anakin’s freedom (well he influences the die roll to make it Anakin’s freedom). But in a bet, ordinarily (and in this case) winner takes all–so they actually still HAD the pod AND Anakin’s freedom. In fact, there’s even a scene where Anakin runs to his mom all excited like “look at all the money we got from selling the pod,” which begs the question–why couldn’t they have bough her with THAT money, or by trading the pod? Watto seemed willing to trade a pod for a SINGE slave–being recently destitute probably only would make him more willing to take a big sack of cash for Shmi, who, again, serves what purpose to Watto exactly? Cleaning her own dishes, as Mr. Plinkett would say? XD

    If it’s not quite enough, would “the queen’s wardrobe,” mentioned as another item of value in their possession earlier, have been enough to make up the difference? Oh, but then the queen wouldn’t have been able to dress in so many RIVETING costumes. Oh, but then if that had worked, Anakin wouldn’t have been able to have visions of his mother being kidnapped and raped by sand people, and then murdered a whole village of them, and then gone on a megalomaniacal rant…oh…

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I couldn’t finish your comment because of your drunken grammar.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    Nope. It’s kind of the shtick that most people love about these reviews: Informative, great insight, entertaining, and darkly funny.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    That doesn’t ‘beg’ the question, it ‘raises’ the question.

    Begging the question is a form of circular logic/reasoning, a type of logical fallacy.

    Know the difference or some random asshole on the internet will correct you and ignore the rest of your points. Oh, wait … oh …

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    I’d rather shove the new, stupid cross-guard lightsaber up his arse.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “to get their points a crossed

    I must admit, I laughed. “These are not the words you’re looking for.” 😉 Also, stop capitalizing random words. That don’t make no sense, yo, and it’s not even consistent.

    “I don’t mind Pandering to the Main Stream as long as it keeps Our Nerdy Interests alive.”

    I’ve a feeling it’s people like you who are to blame for Hollywood’s affinity for shitty products pushed solely by brand recognition. You know, if people who thought this way showed some restraint, you’d probably actually get higher quality entertainment from Hollywood.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    These disagreements are even funnier when you read the names involved. ‘Booger’ and ‘TastySlowCooker’.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    You should probably take ‘hardcore’ out of your name if you’re going to be offended by jokes/actions a fictional character makes.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash


    You know, I think you should at least have to spell ‘retarded’ correctly to be able to call someone else retarded. Them’s the rules, son.

  • Unlawfulsoul

    I thought so too, but then I saw this video. It’s pretty funny actually how unbelievably silly and pointless some of the action is.

  • Booger

    I beg your pardon, Booger is a family name, sir.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    when a Jedi use powers do they have to do a little hand wave? if you bind their hands can they use the force? Qui-GJ endlessly doing an akward handwave. Empire at the end Vader just stands there while shit flies off the walls…

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    fml never noticed that before. Fuck u plinkett

  • Thomas Goresen

    JJ Watt doesn’t like movies

  • Gordon Freeman

    The basement part was genius. :)

  • Suada

    It can be found on Scribt

    Jim Raynor (the online name of the guy who wrote the 108 page response) makes a few valid points, I actually agree with him that Qui Gon Jin is a slightly stronger character that what RLM gives him credit for, and I can see what Lucas was going for with him. But many of his arguments are…stretching it shall we say (especially when he tries to defend Padmé’s character). Raynor glosses over the fact that Qui-Gon really doesn’t have any a.) emotional arc, b.) personal development of any kind and c.) any actual stake in the plot. He’s nowhere near strong enough to carry the movie by himself, and he dies at the end anyway and is only mentioned a few times in passing.

    In many other cases Raynor evades or misrepresent’s RLM’s points. Consider the following paragrah:

    “4:40 Plinkett: “So the Trade Federation have set up a blockade around
    Naboo, in order to stop them from getting space supplies. Which
    instantly causes some kind of crisis, that we never see [screech
    stop]…OK, I don’t get it.”
    One praise for the RLM review that I’ve seen on various message boards is how well- edited the video is. However, these editing tricks are annoying and embarrassing when used to draw attention to points that are just plain stupid and wrong. Here’s an example of it. Stoklasa screeches the sound to a stop as if he’s making some kind of clever point here, when in fact he’s not. Seriously, he doesn’t seem to understand why a blockade would cause a crisis, and asks what that crisis is as if there’s some kind of story that needs to be told about it. This is simply unbelievable. A blockade shuts down trade, as he points out. That obviously hurts a society, and at the very least a military blockade is a violation of their sovereignty.”

    Raynor here is evading RLM’s main point, is that we never actually see the effects of the Trade Federation’s actions on Naboo, despite them being an important driving element of the plot. We constantly hear how Padmé’s “people are dying” and how the situation is so dire on Naboo, but we never see any of this at all. In fact we never see a single Naboo citizen at all except a few pilots and officials. This aspect of the movie could and should have been handled better, but in the end it turned into such a wasted opportunity.

    Also, the ‘rebuttal’ is filled with excessive nitpicking (which is something Raynor accuses RLM of doing), and a rather nasty amount of ad-hominem attacks. This is notable because later Raynor complains about RLM employing “smear tactics” and “character assasination” against Lucas.

  • ireth

    oh dude, for sake of all that’s good and pure, enough with grammar nazzy attitude. some are called typos, some is merely the fact that not everyone speaks english as their primary lng. example i’m from country where “nabijem te na kolac” means something you will never get, not even with google translate..and yet i don’t see you even try speaking other lng..nor us correcting you as long as you understand what everyone wants to say..nod with your head and pretend that everything you heard/read is correct, ok?

    or at least let those random assholes on the internet can stuff it up their …well .assholes 😛 take care!

  • ireth

    jebiga, dešavaju se sranja… there is also “anser” instead of “answer”. you missed that one. now, hang me for it! and please, post notification when you make movie better than phantom menace, so i can review it, ok? 😛

  • Jesus sucked gay penis


  • Garrett Millward

    If JJ Abrams messes Star Wars 7 up, he’ll be forever known as Jar Jar Abrams.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    “and please, post notification when you make movie better than phantom menace, so i can review it, ok?”

    I might just take you up on that offer when I become a movie director. Also, I was merely pointing out the irony in your comment, not so much that you spelled the word incorrectly. It make sense that if you’re going to have the galls to call others retarded, you should at least get the word correct.

  • Mitchell Taco Nash

    It’s an English speaking webzone. The content is in English. I was letting them know the correct expression [while also throwing in some self-deprecating and self-aware humour in to boot].

    On top of that, I agreed with their comment, being one of the 5 current upvotes. I acknowledged I was being a random asshole, but perhaps they, and others, might learn the difference between the two expressions.


  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Charlie Bucket “getting the girl” cracks me up every time.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    What’s creepy about it?

  • yodgonbooze

    the idea of a slave boy, is good, but, we first meet him in a shop, and we only learn that he is a slave, by him telling us at the dinner table, sitting next to his mom, which is boring, so i didnt even catch when he does say, we got something in our brain and it goes boom, or some shit, i still cant swear on a bible i know what he says to this day, because him saying it, in that context of dinner with mom, doesnt hit… try this Lucas.. first we are with liam neeson and company, he forbodes were are going is a dangerous place, and then we cut to the town, where we see little annie the slave boy, being whipped from behind to clean the street faster, and his mom looking on coughing and sick and hungry, and annies owner bossing her about, then we cut to liam neeson, and he gives a grimace look, like yeah that sux, in that five seconds i would care about annie, where as in the phantom menace i never did

  • Earth

    Everything in the original Star Wars trilogy is from the perspective of C3PO and R2D2. The only time I can remember them not being present is Luke’s confrontation with the Emperor in Jedi. The point is they always follow the action.

    This is where The Phantom Menace completely fucked up, by not having us start with the two droids (“it’s like poetry, it’s sort of they rhyme”). We should have seen C3PO and R2D2 being servants for the Queen of Naboo or whatever when the Droid army attacks, making us actually give a shit about the people being invaded. Whereas in Star Wars Princess Leia is captured, Queen Amidala could’ve been rescued by the suddenly appearing Jedi, showing us how Jedi acted as the “guardians of peace and justice in the old republic”.

    Sadly no, instead we have to sit through an hour of Jedi talking in a boring space station, meeting boring villains, then flying down to the planet and meeting a cartoon rabbit and…..God it’s just so stupid.

  • Halo4Life

    Sadly I have all of those toys. I have toys from all three of the prequels. I have fond memories of them from when I was a child, so no chance in hell would I actually go back and watch them and realize how shitty the probably are. However, the Original Trilogy is far and away my favorite, and always has been, so don’t worry for my sanity.

  • Goliath

    Thank you so much for introducing this into my life.

  • Fuck Off Ghost


  • lawra Weltreich

    who is the guy in the right lower corner at 6:51? I know I’ve seen him but I don’t know where and it’s driving me crazy

  • JasonXZero

    I believe that is Brian Posehn, a comedian and actor.

  • lawra Weltreich

    I’m a fan of Posehn and that’s not him

  • JasonXZero

    That’s why I said I “belive”, I wasn’t sure and this guy looks a lot like him. It was an honest mistake, I probably should have figured that these guys wouldn’t know him. Since it isn’t him, I have no idea who that guy is, where do you think you know him from?

  • Eev Schurink

    Are you trolling? 😛 If you honestly don’t know – It’s Jack Packard. He is the bald dude from RLM’s best of the worst and pre-rec.

  • lawra Weltreich

    holy shit you’re right! it’s hard to recognize him with a beard and hair! now I feel like an idiot

  • Tom Gattenhof

    It’s Jack Packard, from Pre-Rec and a lot of the Best of the Worst videos. Only with more hair.

  • darknstormy

    When you have enough money (power) to do anything, nobody on your pay role is going to argue with you, especially if you (at the time) were considered one of the gods of film.

  • Leanne

    There’s just so much wrong with this movie that it’s impossible to cover all of it, even in a 70 min. review. You can talk about all the major things, but then when you get right down to it even seemingly minor issues turn out to have major implications. Take the bongo (?) ride through the planet core, for example. I get that in science fantasy like Star Wars you have to suspend your disbelief a little, but like Plinkett says in the Episode II review you can’t stretch the rules of reality too far or it becomes ridiculous.

    First of all, to get down far enough to even reach the planet’s crust at the bottom of the ocean the bongo would have to be able to withstand enormous amounts of pressure, as would the people inside of it. Next, you have the issue of not only having to dig a tunnel through the center of the planet in order to make this kind of travel possible, but actually then traveling through it. This only works if the entire planet has no molten layers or a core that is extremely hot and extremely pressurized. So you could argue that Naboo is an entirely cool, solid chunk of rock, except for the fact that a hot core is actually necessary to maintain a magnet field around the planet and support life. Considering again the fact that it also makes no sense for the droid army to even land on the other side of the planet from their target, you’d think that if Lucas was really dead-set on them meeting the Gungans and taking a secret underwater craft to get to the city, he’d just have the underwater city be off the coast of Theed or something.

    And besides all that science stuff, why would the Gungans have this planet core passage that leads directly to Theed anyway, since they don’t exactly seem to get along with the humans on the planet very well? Why would they even want or need that? My only guess is that they wanted to connect with another Gungan settlement on the other side of the planet, but we never see or hear about one. I don’t know, this is a film for babies, so maybe it’s supposed to appeal to the kid in all of us who thought they’d end up in China if they dug a hole deep enough in the backyard or something.

  • Leanne

    My guess is that hand motions just make it easier, you’d probably have to concentrate a lot harder to move things with your mind without it. Even in the originals we see it done both ways; Luke is able to levitate C-3PO while his hands are tied, but we also see Yoda using his hand when lifting the X-wing out of the swamp, and Vader almost always holds out his hand when doing a force-choke. Also, the little hand waves serve as an easy visual clue to the audience that the Force is being used, plus I think it was also a callback to the handwave Obi-Wan did when he used the mind trick in A New Hope.

  • Leanne

    I think the point he was trying to make was not that the ship gets damaged again after the shield is fixed, but that no one even appears to fire on them again. The shots would’ve been deflected, true, but ultimately the shield still does nothing because right after it’s fixed they fly away without being attacked again, which dissolves all the tension in the scene.

  • franky furbo

    You “can’t imagine a reasonable argument for him to be the protagonist” because you’re only imagining the character from the way he appears in the final film. In the original draft of TPM, most of Qui-Gon’s actions were transferred to Obi-Wan. Obi was the only Jedi sent to deal with the blockade at the beginning and the story followed him to Naboo, Gungan City, Planet Core, Thebes, Tatooine all the way to Coruscant where Qui-Gon finally enters the picture. From then on, Qui-Gon’s role is similar to the finished film.

    In almost all references to the prequel trilogy pre-1995, George stated the prequel trilogy would basically follow the story of Obi-Wan (which it largely does) and Anakin….he even said this before he decided to make Anakin and Darth Vader the same person. Obi-Wan is a main character in not only the entire saga, but specifically the prequels so it makes a hell of a lot more sense to give the principle action to Obi-Wan than a throwaway character who exists purely to die. He should’ve trusted his first instincts there, but I guess he wanted us to feel some real stakes when Qui-Gon died so he needed more screen time.

    I’m guessing you grew up with the prequels and if that’s the case, I can see where it would be hard to imagine a world where Obi-Wan’s character might have been represented differently than it was in the prequel trilogy. If not, I’m surprised you can’t imagine how it all could’ve been written differently. Remember there was a time when the Star Wars backstory was a mere outline, largely undeveloped and the character could’ve been written differently. GL certainly started with the idea of making Obi-Wan an established Jedi Knight rather than a padawan. The opening scroll even calls Obi-Wan a Jedi Knight so apparently GL forgot to amend it after switching the action to Obi-Wan. Despite his numerous attempts at reinforcing the facade that he had the entire story planned from the beginning, in reality Lucas was just making it all up as he went along.

    Sure the way it turned out, the character is subordinate to Qui-Gon and less suited to be the protagonist, but it didn’t have to be that way.

  • BenignViewer

    You know something else funny I just noticed? When the Jedi were sneaking around Theed they could have just snuck up on the Viceroy, destroyed the few droids around them and capture him, essentially solving the problem then and there by taking out the leadership and/or forcing negotiations as was there entire purpose for being there in the first place.

    You could essentially cut out the entire rest of the movie, have the jedi free Amidala if you really want, then instead of fighting into the friggin’ hangar, instead go for the Viceroy! He’s right there, in the palace, and he doesn’t know you’re coming! I mean, what possible reason would you have to not just free some captured people for reinforcements or just get the Viceroy while he’s exposed!

    Honestly, if I had to edit this film and try and salvage it, I would change the entire order of things – Have the Federation invade Naboo, this cause trouble in the senate, which started vote of no confidence and then the Jedi are sent to clean up the mess the senate couldn’t under the disguise of negotiating.

    I’d maybe have Tatooine maybe be the opening sequence, a mission that Obi Wan and Qui Gon are on when they get summoned by the senate/jedi (because Tatooine is close to Naboo as established in Ep. 2). Then the Coruscant debate where they here the message from the governor (about the death toll) which leads to the vote of no confidence, I’d have Padme be the handmaid/senatorial aide the whole time (who will then later become senator herself) and finally I’d mash-up the start of the film with the end, to have the Jedi arrive supposedly to negotiate, the trade federation would hear from Sidious
    about their true motives, (like an anonymous tip off or something,) and
    then they’d be forced to sneak onto Naboo and somehow capture the
    Viceroy by freeing people and killing useless robots.
    Make the whole thing 90 minutes tops.

    Fuck it, I’m gonna try and do that now.

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    (I am also Fnertle)
    Ha! Well put. Thanks for refining the point.
    “Star Wars as reimagined by Liberace on ‘shrooms and a quad-shot Carmel Macchiato… while locked in a stainless-steel cage with 17 crystal meth dosed feral ferrets rolling down the side of K2 during a hailstorm.”
    Over-indulgent like that.

  • BenignViewer

    The term for someone or something of Naboo origin – they use it in the film when Watto and Qui-Gon refer to the Queen’s ship as ‘Nubian’.

  • Vicar In Ubuntu

    The one saving grace is that these movies really didn’t age well, and the only group with any kind nostalgia for them are mostly millenials. They have no redeeming qualities for anyone else, and if Abrams doesn’t fuck up the new one too badly then kids in the future might just ignore the prequels all together.

    Of course I’m probably being way too optimistic.

  • BenignViewer

    We can hope, nonetheless!

  • Hilary Manfat

    From the trailer, I get the impression that Abrams knows what he’s doing, but the film looks like it will be flattered by the poor prequels. I’ve got a feeling that the new movies will be akin to the Star Trek reboot, in that they are decent but not groundbreaking. I really think that the original trilogy is a “lightning in the bottle” product of its time, and can never be replicated no matter how hard anyone tries.

  • Lat

    I can’t be the only one who is completely baffled by Obi-Wan coming down from the top of the frame going into that first droid fight scene. Watch closely and you’ll see him literally fall from somewhere up top, like he jumped up and over the camera?

  • Lat

    The idea of a slave boy is good.


    …and who exactly argued with G.Lucas during the OT era?
    G.Kurtz, right? the guy who is basically responsible for this ”yes men” myth…
    You’re actually praising the person who nearly destroyed ANH & TESB by not keeping them in budget!
    The person who almost drove Lucas to death because of that!
    The person who had NO business in the creative process of the films!

    for decades, has spun this yarn that somehow he was a co-creator of
    Star Wars, and deserves much of the praise for ANH and TESB.
    Unfortunately he’s had a ready audience of OT-only fans who have
    concluded that Lucas jumped the shark and Kurtz must have reigned him
    in. Yeah, that would be neat if it were all true, but it’s not. All
    people have to do is look at Kurtz and Lucas’ track record after their
    “divorce” to reveal the truth:

    Post Empire Kurtz has two major
    studio films to his name, The Dark Crystal, and Return to Oz.
    Interestingly in both cases the studio wanted Kurtz fired because both
    films were wildly over budget and behind schedule, and The Dark Crystal
    ended the friendship between Kurtz and Jim Henson because Kurtz kept
    trying to insert himself into the creative process, and the Dark Crystal
    was Henson’s baby. Now to show you what kind of an a-hole Lucas is,
    Lucas went to Disney and lobbied to studio to keep both his friend
    Walter Murch as director AND Kurtz as Executive Producer despite Disney
    wanting to fire Kurtz on the spot. Lucas supervised the end of the
    production and gave the studio some of his own money as insurance… boy
    that Lucas sure in a jerk.

    Post Oz, no one in the studio would
    touch Kurtz with a 30 foot electric cattle prod because the man simple
    could not keep big budget movies under control… just look at the list:
    Star Wars, Empire, Dark Crystal, Return to Oz. And I’m sure that had to
    grind his gears because after all he was the line producer on two of
    the most successful films of all time. Meanwhile Lucas continued to
    churn out hit after hit and successfully grew a company he had
    envisioned when Kurtz was still a part of the team.

    So lets
    establish a couple of things here, Lucas and Kurtz were not best buds.
    If you look at Lucas, like most people, he has friends, and he has
    business partners/co-workers. Walter Murch, Brian de Palma, John Milius,
    Francis Coppola are all friends. In fact Lucas’ friends have been
    friends for decades, he clearly values friendships. Heck the evidence
    that Lucas and Kurtz were never buddies can be found in Francis Ford
    Coppola. Coppola and Lucas had an enormous and public falling out,
    mainly based on Coppola’s resentment of Lucas’ success (Coppola said as
    much), but that relationship was patched up long ago and they remain
    close friends to this day. Kurtz was never in that inner circle; he was a
    guy hired to do a job. Heck Lucas even attempted to “bury the hatchet”
    years ago and invited him to his AFI Awards dinner, and involved him in a
    number of Star Wars anniversary projects, even while Kurtz was bad
    mouthing him on the convention circuit… Man that Lucas is a Class-A

    Now Kurtz is out there spinning more fiction:

    Like “Fox wasn’t worried about Star Wars’ budget.” Seriously??? What
    planet is he from? This is the same studio that was pinching pennies and
    barely spending money on their final movie in one of their tentpole
    franchises, “Planet of the Apes.” They spent a whopping grand total of
    $1.7 million on Battle for the Planet of the Apes (quit a bit of that on
    promotion, the actual production budget was closer to $1 million and it
    shows), does Kurtz seriously expect people to believe that Fox was not
    concerned when the budget moved from $7.5 million to $10.5 million,
    especially when few on the board believed in, or understood the project?
    That’s simply fantasy.

    2) He also stated that Lucas basically
    wanted to “remote control” Kershner during Empire. Yeah, the first
    person I’d think of to remote control as a director would be MY FORMER
    TEACHER… yeah, that’s going to happen. I can pretty much guarantee if I
    asked my former Filmmaking 202 teacher to shut up and direct the movie I
    hired them for the way I want it, he would tell me to pound sand. Irvin
    Kershner had a 20 year track record going into this film; the last
    person you would hire if you want to “remote control” a director is
    someone with a fairly long resume. You would select an up and coming
    direct. No, J.W. Rinzler’s “Making of Empire” makes it clear why Lucas
    became involved in the production… cost overruns and budget delays.
    Lucas hired Kershner because he trusted him, and he fully expected he
    would be able to sit back in California and focus on post production and
    editing. Kurtz’ failures as a producer forced Lucas to come to London
    to get Empire back on track.

    3) Lucas never was influenced by
    Joseph Campbell. How the hell would Kurtz know? He wouldn’t he’s just
    talking out of his butt. Lucas never states that Star Wars was entirely
    based on Campbell’s work, what he has always contended was that Star
    Wars, like other myths, follows certain patterns which was a central
    thesis of Campbell’s. Lucas makes it very clear in the process of
    working on the early drafts of Star Wars that he started to do more
    research and came across Campbell:

    “…that’s when I started
    doing more strenuous research on fairy tales, folklore, and mythology,
    and I started reading Joe’s books. Before that I hadn’t read any of
    Joe’s books. It was very eerie because in reading The Hero with a
    Thousand Faces I began to realize that my first draft of Star Wars was
    following classic motifs, so I modified my next draft according to what
    I’d been learning about classical motifs and made it a little bit more

    That seems fairly reasonable, and I doubt Kurtz
    would have any knowledge if that were the case. Given that Marcia Lucas
    confirms that during the writing process of Jedi Lucas has Campbell’s
    books on his shelf, it’s pretty reasonable to assume he was using them
    as a guide. I’m really not sure what Kurtz is trying to insinuate here,
    and it’s fairly silly. It’s patently obvious to anyone with half a brain
    that Lucas was influenced by multiple sources when it came to Star
    Wars. All one has to do is look at the motifs and themes running through
    the OT, the PT and TCW to see that.

    I’m surprised Kurtz has the
    time to keep leveling these sorts of claims at Lucas given he’s in the
    middle of production of Gangster Kittens right now…
    I’m not surprised though that you support him though…you’re as much of an idiot as he is!


    LOL…the familiar moron!
    Yes…you can hope.
    Keep up with your idiotic propaganda.
    Thankfully many people have figured how full of shit you people are!


    So…you basically wanted TPM to be a copy of ANH.


    Nope. You should shove it up your own ass!

  • Earth

    Just following George Lucas’s logic: “Every stanza rhymes with the last one”.

    When you want “poetry that sort of they rhyme”, this implies following similar story points, and not what Lucas did in just having visual references and using original trilogy imagery that meant nothing.

    Also, the story I put forward was like one sentence long. Feel free to expand on it. Maybe the Jedi rescue the Queen right at the beginning of the film, rather than that being the focus of the whole movie, thus allowing the story to expand differently to the original Star Wars.


    Nope. There were similar and/or mirroring story points/events/situations! Many of them!

    ”just having visual references and using original trilogy imagerythat meant nothing. ”
    This is simply not true at all!

  • Earth

    Even if this “ring theory” idea does hold up, all it does is further emphasise why the prequels were failures. Actually compare the links they make between Phantom Menace and Jedi: an inconsequential and unnecessary pod race (boring) is compared to the high-stakes battle of the speed racers in Endor. “Amidala falls into Palpatine’s trap and calls for a vote of no confidence” is compared to “The rebels fall into Palpatine’s trap and attack the Death Star”. You see my point? One is exciting, the other is boring.

    One example that comes to mind is the confrontation with Count Doku in Episode 3. There is a very clear visual callback made to the confrontation with Palpatine, highlighted by Anakin’s execution of Doku being similar to Luke’s choosing to save, rather than kill his father. The issue here is that Doku was only introduced in the second act of the second film, unlike Vader who was introduced right from the start of Star Wars. Anakin has no personal connection to Doku other than that he was some asshole who cut off his arm. There’s no substance to anything.

    These are visual, not substance-based links. How does the ring theory work here, when Ep. 3 is supposed to coincide with Ep.4, and 1 with 6? The ring theorists seem to just ignore whatever visuals that actually appeared in the film because it disagreed with them, and just further Plinkett’s point that the prequels are filled with visual callbacks that meant nothing.

    (Some of the callbacks work, I’ll grant them that. I like the idea of
    Luke being rescued by Obiwan in 4 being similar to Palpatine rescuing
    Anakin in 3. This is where the ring theory does hold up, it’s just a
    pity there wasn’t more of it.) The fact is, you can have all of these visual callbacks and similar plotpoints (which is what I originally suggested) but you need to construct them around a better story than what the prequels offered us.


    Why the frak do you people feel the need to write such long comments that actually amount to nothing but mumbling bullshit?

    1. Yes, i see your point…you assert your opinion as fact!
    Your opinion about something being boring is not fact!Get it?
    I can just as easily say the high-stakes podracing sequence was awesome & the bluescreen-(rearscreen) projection scene of the speeder-bikes was fake & boring!

    2. So, just because Anakin & dooku were not related, the scene has no substance?
    There is no issue here, only you acting as if there is some form of ”weird competition” between the films.what did you want?A complete copy of the OT having Anakin kill his father?wtf?
    Or maybe you missed the fact that one of the reasons Luke didn’t kill Vader was that, unlike AnakinVSdooku, Luke was facing his father who had suffered the same thing (hand cut-off)?

    3. The purpose of a visual MIRRORING (not callback, you need to watch the films in chronological order) is to remind you of a certain situation in which there was an X result (which makes you anticipate the same result) and then have an OPPOSITE result! Get it?
    And what the hell does ”The ring theorists seem to just ignore whatever visuals that actually appeared in the film because it disagreed with them” even mean?Mike Klimo elaborated on the larger ABCCBA structure, not the ABCABC structure!And there are also mirrorings&links between even consecutive episodes creating smaller rings!
    Maybe you should educate yourself before making assertions like that!

    4. …And your opinion about it being ”done poorly” is somehow a fact? Even though you are clearly unaware of the ABCABC, ABACBC structures and links/mirrorings even between consecutive episodes?
    ..And what exactly does a ”better story” mean?Is, again, your opinion about the story being ”bad” somehow a fact?Or is the story bad because it doesn’t comform to your personal fan-fiction?

    P.S. google ”visual narrative”…Just in case you forgot, cinema is a visual artform…

  • Earth

    Calm down kid. They’re just movies.

    I was replying to the article you posted, so it was a fairly long reply.
    Yes, cinema is a visual artform, but it also requires story telling, screenplays, scriptwriting etc. Making visual callbacks is cute, but ultimately adds little to the story.

    I’m afraid film criticism will always be a subjective medium. You can complain that all I’ve done is assert my opinion, but that’s generally what critics do. I can argue that the dialogue in the Star Wars prequels is clunky, poorly written and lacking personality and humanity, and you can argue the exact opposite. I’m just saying that when an audience is watching a space adventure film, a space battle sounds more visually compelling than a boardmeeting.

    Anyway, I can see there’s little point continuing this disussion as you seem to be taking it way too seriously. If Revenge of the Eggplant offends you so much, maybe you should check out other websites. Nobodies forcing you to be here.


    Funny, but I fail to see how being born in 1980 makes me an ”angry kid”…

    Judging from your ”cute, but ultimately adds little to the story” remark i doubt you understand at all what ring composition is, assuming you even read the thesis and did any research regarding it in all 6 films.
    If you think writing a story and desining 3 films to fit into such complex visual&thematical structures is ”cute, but ultimately adds little to the story”…well…it doesn’t surprise me that you think Plinkett’s fallacious claims, complete ignorance on how these movies were made, opinions asserted as fact and constantly trying to contradict everything happening on screen is what constitues ”insightfull” reviews…

    If you argue that the dialogue in the Star Wars prequels is clunky, poorly written and lacking personality and humanity, but say the opposite happens in the Star Wars originals, then all this does is just show your double standards.
    In fact, i dare you to find FACTUALLY bad dialogue in the prequels like this example:
    Lando Calrissian: Yes, I said *closer*! Move as close as you can, and engage those Star Destroyers at point blank range!
    Admiral Ackbar : At that close range we won’t last long against those Star Destroyers!
    Redundancy=Star Destroyers

    What you’re saying (and NOT the audience as you assert it to be…as if you represent it or think argumentum as populum proves something) is that you think space battles in a Star Wars film is ”good” story telling, screenplay, scriptwriting and a few scenes set in a senate constitutes (”boardmeeting”?) ”bad” story telling, screenplay, scriptwriting…because ”god” forbid there is actual plot into the film besides ”badVSgood” cliches.
    Btw, Did you miss the space battles in the prequels?”Surprise” me by resorting to red-herring and again complain about them by comparing them to entirely different thematically sequences…

    There is little point discussing it, not because i take it seriously, but because it’s pointless discussing it with someone who doesn’t understand what he/she’s talking about and just wants to contradict everything that happens on-screen…
    If the Star Wars prequels annoy you & all the others here so much, maybe you should not watch them & stop whining&bitching about them for 16 years…

  • Earth

    They don’t annoy me. I haven’t watched them in years but enjoy talking about them, and joking about them.

    I thought you were an angry child because that’s how you come across. Your latest comment does not change this opinion. The difference between me and you is that when I laugh at the prequels, I do it here, in an anti-prequel webzone, whereas you’ve just come here to whine at people for having a different opinion to you.

    Just because the prequels apparently use ring composition does not make them good. All it says is that Lucas tried to construct the prequels around the originals rather than just write a good screenplay, placing visual callbacks and mirroring plot points over new and original ideas.


    And i enjoy making fun of people who pretend to be intellectual critics of movies that cite story telling, screenplay, scriptwriting in their arguements, even though they obviously don’t understand shit about all that.

    And i think you are a complete ignorant moron because that’s how you come across. The difference between me & you and this anti-prequel zone, is that you try to convince people you hate these movies by constantly talking agout them.That’s like trying to convince someone that you don’t like a girlfriend you had years ago by constantly talking about her…it proves the opposite…you do like her!

    Oh, yes it does make them good to those who appreciate art!
    However, i do understand why this doesn’t change your opinion about them, since to you all that matters is space battles (OT’s=exciting…of course).
    The rest of your comment shows, again, that you criticize something you haven’t even read or re-searched at all, and just resort to empty assertions of your uneducated opinion as fact about ”bad screenplay”. New & original ideas?That’s exactly what the PT had & ring composition in movies are! Yet…all you wanted was a copy of the OT, as evident by your first comment.

    P.S. You should open a dictionary and look what ”whine” means.I speak-up for something i like!That is not whining!
    However, complaining&bitching about something that was released 10-16 years ago IS whining!
    LOL@”career at whining”…That’s exactly what RLM have done by exploiting the Star Wars name to make money because their own films are utter failures at everything!
    Honestly…i would sooooo like to watch their version of the prequels and ROFLOLMAO at it!
    Don’t feel sorry for me!Feel sorry for yourself & your fellow ignorants blindly sucking-in Stoklasa’s BS.
    Glad i creep you out!That’s how people with inferiority issues feel when feeling scared.

  • Earth

    I told you not to reply back to me. You’re a creep (who apparently basks in this moniker) and I see little reason in continuing this conversation.


    What? Was that an order I should obey?

    And don’t think i’ll lose any sleep tonight because i’ve been accused for being a creep by a self-proved ignorant moron…

  • Earth

    Good to know kiddo. I hope you sleep off your creepy tendencies. I’m sure it’s just a hormonal thing that you’ll grow out of.


    Really? ”Kiddo”?”Hormonal thing”? Is that the best you can do, my child? Surely you can do better…

    Again…the perceptions of an ignorant moron concerning imaginary ”creepy tendencies” won’t make me lose any sleep.

    P.S. I so enjoy reading the comments of all you ignorant fools like ”everything was bluescreen/greenscreen, no sets/locations” etc…You people are the funniest joke ever! You bring the word ”ignorance” to a whole new level…

  • Earth

    I’m glad to hear you enjoy reading our comments kiddo. It’s nice to hear that you value other people’s opinions.


    I love how it’s always negative
    people (like this webzone’s creators and fans) who go around the internet and insult these movies,their fans and their creator with vile hatred showing intolerance to others , that forever turn around and want
    their opinions to be respected.
    Sucks getting a taste of your own medicine, doesn’t it?

    P.S. The fact that you have the right to express an opinion, doesn’t mean that i have to value it and take it into consideration. Especially when this opinion is proven to be largely based on ignorance and asserted as fact.

  • Kellby Benson

    Either someone indigenous to a region along the Nile RIver in Southern Sudan, or a certain species of goat.

  • Marvin Falz

    This picture symbolizes what’s really going on when discussions like this one take the wrong turn. I’d also say discussions like these are destined to take the wrong turn.

  • Earth

    You seem to have a lot of negative feelings that need an outlet.

    Have you ever considered Tae Bo?


    …Says the person in a web-zone that does nothing but bitch & whine about movies other people like & enjoy.

    You should seriously consider this…

  • Sylvan Zarwell

    All I know is that I won’t let Disney get any of my money. They could be three consecutive Citizen Kanes, I won’t support the most heinous offender in the copyright era.

  • vojvoj

    Playing the devils advocate:

    “the fact that a hot core is actually necessary to maintain a magnet field around the planet and support life.”

    Well you could say that that extravagant power plant in which the Jedi duel Maul is used to power their artificial magnetic field. 😉

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Phantom Menace!

  • jgfox

    Your right IF they try to be consistent with the mishmash plots and characters of the original series. They need to do what the successful reboot of Star Trek (2009) did … … change it to an alternate reality and ignore all the prior history of the series and movies. It should be “A long time ago … in another galaxy far, far away.”

  • Leanne

    Wow, I never even thought of that before… it could almost be a secretly genius idea. But somehow the thought of anything in this movie making sense actually just makes me angrier at it.

  • Scoot Wad

    ΗΡΑΚΛΗΣ is a classic example of a troll. Takes contrary positions to create disagreement, resorts to name calling immediately, changes position to create new conflict on another thread, thread stalks users that challenge him, rinse, repeat.

    Had to join just to point that out. I do not contribute where behavior like that is permitted so do not waste your time troll, I have said all I have to say, go back to trashing the place.

  • BenignViewer

    LOL indeed, the familiar uncouth rhetoric is unmistakeable.

    You’re convinced you’ve seen the light illuminating our ‘shit’… personally I think you might just have your head shoved up the wrong place to be seeing that.

  • BenignViewer

    How admirable your outlook is.
    Personally, I agree, but alas I just couldn’t resist feeding a little bit of wit back at them.

    Ira and I have a long running discussion, though I don’t know why they felt the need to engage me here. Nonetheless I have always attempted to maintain a civil discourse. Nothing derails ones own ideas more thoroughly than vulgar ad hominems.

  • ident

    When I said I “can’t imagine”, I meant based on the events and information exclusively within The Phantom Menace. Given the story that we got on the screen, is it reasonable to call Obi-wan the protagonist? I don’t think so. All the rest of that’s a different conversation entirely.

  • Paul E. Zimmerman

    I for one have seen Chasing Amy and deeply appreciated this subtle joke tied to your posted name…

  • Earth

    He is fun to laugh at though. That reminds me, I never got round to replying to his latest comment. Will get on that later.

  • Earth

    I take it you didn’t take up Tae Bo then?

  • Earth

    Quick question: Now that new Star Wars is coming out soon, are you looking forward to it, or do you automatically hate it because it’s not being made by Jorge, and that it will probably ignore ring composition, the prophecy to destroy the sith, and midichlorians?

  • Andrew Thompson.

    i cant believe there was a troll and no one told me.

  • Earth

    Have fun.

  • Andrew Thompson.

    it seems to be gone. i’ll fake some photos and post them to facebook.


    The real question is, will you automatically love it because it isn’t made by George Lucas, even though from the looks of it, it’s made by a committee pandering to people like you with nothing but mindless action & nostalgia?

    JJ couldn’t accomplish ring composition even in his wildest dreams. He’s a director not a filmaker. Difference.
    What he & Kennedy are good at is PR tricks. They’ve fooled people like you that they’re returning to practical even though they can’t possibly top the practical work done in the Prequels.

    P.S. In case you missed it, JJ is working on something GL created. when he creates a SW of his own…then come back to me…


    Nope. Too busy filming your mother & Stoklasa being gang-fucked in their new porn movie.

  • Earth

    So it’s safe to say you enjoy sucking Lucas off huh? Just checking.

  • Earth

    And you’re still gonna go with the pretence that you’re 35? Ok.

    You realise saying that only makes people think there’s something wrong with you right? It doesn’t add authority to your internet persona or anything.


    Are you under prescription medication of something? Or are you simply not playing with a full deck of cards?
    How exactly was me telling the truth of my age suggestive of your moronic assertion?


    What IS safe to say is that you think anything Lucas is bad while everything non-Lucas is good.

  • Earth

    That wasn’t a “safe thing to say”. I happen to quite like Star Wars (the first one in case you’re confused) and I like parts of American Graffiti.

    On the other hand, I could tell from evidence of your constant praise of everything Lucas does that you do indeed enjoy sucking him off, regardless of the quality he gives you.


    Funny…The pot calling the kettle black…
    Everything you accuse me of doing is what trolls that are abundant in this site have been doing for more than a decade…

    btw, i don’t see anyone ”challenging” me. What is see is parroting of Stoklasa’s lies, fallacious claims, ignorance as to how films are made, double standards etc.etc.


    ”He is fun to laugh at though.”???

    Well, ignorance is bliss and you are certainly entitled to maintain such an outlook on life…


    ”Nothing derails ones own ideas more thoroughly than vulgar ad hominems.”



    Yes that was a safe thing to say.
    Had the TFA trailer been under the Lucas name, people like you would already troll every site bashing it.

    Where exactly is this ”constant” praise of ”everything” Lucas does you speak of? I have gripes (ex.Jedi rocks, the R2 rock, Radioland murders, his choice of KK at the helm of LFL etc.)but they are miniscule in the grander scheme of things.

    And by the way, who or what exactly made your opinion on quality a fact i should accept? ex.Should i believe Plinkett’s claims of Lucas using 2 digital cameras simultaneously (other directors since then sometimes use even 10 cameras simultaneously) in some cases as being a sign of boredom like you,Plinkett and others here do, or should i know the facts behind digital cameras allowing the checking of footage (dailies) immediately after shooting a scene, thus allowing 2 performances to be captured and checked immediately afterwards instead of relying on the DPs guesswork? Obviously, i choose the second option of educating myself and forming my own opinions on quality rather than parroting an idiots arguements which are based on ignorance & prejudice…


    Funny…the pot calling the kettle black…
    Everything you accuse me of is what the people who ”admire” this site have been doing for years.
    And when exactly did i change positions?

    And i don’t see anyone challenging me.What i do see is people mindlessly parroting the BS of failures at filmaking, aka Red Letter Morons.

    P.S. Why don’t you people do a kickstarter and have Stoklasa make your ”prequels” as a fan film instead of bitching & whining to others?

  • Earth

    See this is why I recommended tae bo. You take this way too seriously.

    On the one point about if Lucas was making the film, yes we would mock it. After the prequels we have every right. But if it was a good movie we would respect him for it. He only has himself to blame if we’re more critical of his work than we used to be.

    I will be critical of this film as I was the prequels. Just because we have hopes for it doesn’t mean we don’t expect it to suck. The trailer was a mixed bag. There were some positive elements but it still relied on too much fanservice for my liking.

    On the laughing point, yes, you are very easy to laugh at. A child saying he’s 35 and acting the film expert because he found one essay on the internet supporting his views will always be hilarious in my book.


    What i see is that people like you are still butthurt about movies that came out more than a decade ago. It’s obviously you who needs this ”tae bo” crap.

    Nope. That is not the reason. The Prequels were great movies.They just weren’t an OT 2.0.

    See…I am guessing you’ll just go along with whatever Red Letter Morons suggest.

    On the laughing point, i don’t care if idiots like you do that. I consider it a compliment and an act of jealousy on your behalf actually.
    And i never played the film expert…unlike your kind here trolling everything related to the PT/Lucas and the RLMorons who’ve never made a film worth shit and make money by attacling other people’s hard work with childish moronic humor.
    btw, My views are not supported by an essay alone.There’s much more stuff out there supporting my claims with well educated and well made arguements by well educated people. Is there anything well educated & with good arguements (which excludes the RLM rants and Ytuber ”reviews”) backing your claims?…Nope! Time for you to go back to your tae bo crap…

  • Colin French

    I was just watching The Phantom Menace commentary and it occurred to me. The answer to the question: “Who is the main character of the movie?” The main character is… Jar jar Binks.

    Think about it. He’s introduced right near the beginning, He’s there for the first meeting of Anakin and spurs Padme into action by saying “Yousa people gonna die?” It’s even suggested that he changes her preconceived notions about the Gungans. As stated in the commentary, he’s the only character with an arc. He has a whole quarter of the climax dedicated to him. He is the most central character in this movie. So… there ya go. The answer to the mystery.

  • Colin French

    It’s not just about the pressure and the magnetic field supporting life. I don’t believe it’s possible for a planet to have formed in the first place without a dense core to draw in more matter. And even if it was, that planet would be far from Earth-like.

  • TapewormLadyBicycle

    Well, I dunno about you people, but I just got rock hard.

  • Earth

    One last question: Did you like Strange Magic by any chance?

  • Architeuthis

    What makes you people think that the original trilogy was good anyway? The prequels are how George would have made the originals if the technology was available at the time. Maybe the cinematography stood out but even by American standards of culture it was still such childish banality–as Alec Guiness himself often stated.

    Free your minds and save yourself some money by disregarding this phoney blockbuster crap for what it is.


    Haven’t watched it.

  • Earth

    Just checking.


    Checking what?

  • Earth
  • Wicked Ricky

    Time for my semi-annual viewing of the most entertaining version of the prequels.

  • Wicked Ricky

    It was completely by accident, kind of like the beauty of life through the mechanism of evolution.

  • frelling_cute

    They weren’t good because Lucas wrote them instead of a script writer.

  • BenignViewer

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t trying to convey any ideas here LOL. Better even, in light of the fact that I didn’t actually ad hominem you, only reinterpret your own statement, satirizing it.
    So unless you find the very irony of your own statement amusing, I’m not sure what you’re laughing about. But hey, if that’s the case, it’s good that you can laugh when the joke is on yourself, it’s very humble of you.


    You ”didn’t ad hominem” me? Riiight…

    Actually, *you* should find the irony in your previous statement!
    *You* and some of your ”friends” here are the ones who are sooo convinced they’ve seen the light, that you’ve taken upon yourselves to ”educate” others that their opinion is wrong and yours is somehow fact, by trolling every SW video or related article there is on the internet & attacking everyone who dares say something positive.
    It’s *you* who should pull your heads out of your tron rectums!

    The joke is you and this webzone of filmaking failures who shit on other peoples work for a living.

  • BenignViewer

    I can’t believe I actually have to explain this, but it seems it’s necessary.

    Argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments.

    Now, I didn’t respond to any argument of yours by attacking your character, so ergo, I didn’t commit an ad hominem fallacy.

    What I did do was satirize, or mock if you prefer, your insult of me and others who share a similar point of view, by implicating the literal lengths you would have to go to for your insult to be a factual claim.

    I’m not trolling anyone here, nor have I ever trolled anyone on any thread, I personally disagree with the practice and have absolutely no need to indulge in the practice. Why would I need to? I am capable of getting a response from most people in a civil and intellectual discussion (which In my opinion is far more rewarding).

    Have you finished venting now? Your attempts to provoke me and escalate a conflict to destroy my credibility will not succeed. I won’t sink to your level. Better luck with someone else.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    The originals were good because they were meant to be a campy homage to old adventure films. The prequels were a bunch of unnecessary backstory that WAAY overplayed the origin of a single character and never knew what it was actually focusing on.

    The prequels are indeed how George would’ve made the first ones if he could. But not because of the tech, it was because he had a team of people back then to throw out his stupid ideas. When the prequels were made his name already took all the credit for the originals and he was able to do whatever he wanted.


    Funny…this ”personally I think you might just have your head shoved up the wrong place to be seeing that.” isn’t ad-hominem then? Ok…

    What you do is play the pseudo-intellectual and going around YT trolling videos of something you supposedly hate provoking others who have the mental capacity to understand what they watch…be it the Prequels or Plinkett’s moronic assertions.
    The mere fact that your opinion is influenced by the ”arguements” of Stoklasa shows how gullible you are.

    Will you stop? I don’t think so…
    It somehow makes you happy trying to convince others that their opinion is wrong and your opinion is fact.

  • BenignViewer

    You missed the point entirely. You have to actually be making a (logical) argument for the argumentum ad hominem fallacy to apply. You attacked my character which is in and of itself a statement about your own, and as I already explained above, I ridiculed your attempt to insult.


    Semantics…how original…
    Sorry, i don’t miss anything.
    You make it look like this came out of the blue, even though on YT you constantly try to belittle others in various ways but always in accordance with your pseudo-intellectualism.

    I commented on your actions (which are not limited to what you post here). Is that an attack on your character? Maybe.
    Was your supposed ridiculing of me an attak on my character? It was, just as much as mine (assuming it was).


  • BenignViewer

    That’s not semantics, it’s logic. Logic has ‘laws’ otherwise there could be no fallacies.

    I suggest you at least look at the wikipedia page for argumentum ad hominem to actually learn what it is before responding.
    To summarize, “it is a fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed
    on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the author or
    the person being criticized.”

    To make this painfully clear, AN INSULT IS NOT AN AD HOMINEM BY DEFINITION.

    In the case of these two examples:

    1) “[P]ersonally I think you might just have your head shoved up the wrong place to be seeing that.”
    This does not attack your character at all. All it implicates is that you have might made a mistake in this instance.
    The insult itself relies entirely on the context of your previous testimony (not an argument) “You people are full of shit”. That you are insulted by it does not refute any argument you have or might make, only dispute your own insulting testimony.
    Ergo, not an argumentum ad hominem.

    2) “[T]hat your opinion is influenced by the ”arguements” of Stoklasa shows how gullible you are.”
    This is attacking my character and is irrelevant to the argument I made about the applicability of the ad hominem fallacy.
    Even if the insult is true, it is irrelevant to my point about what the fallacy is and how it applies.
    Thus this is a textbook argumentum ad hominem.

    As an end note I’d just life to refer to the difference between a testimony and an argument, the distinction is key to making and debating a logical premise.
    Case closed.


    Ah yes…the same old ”I write a long comment therefore i am right” routine. It works well when people don’t bother answering; most times because they are busy laughing their asses off at the person who wrote it.
    Your comment only shows me that you can read, copy & paste what a fallacy is. If you understood what is, than you wouldn’t be supporting Stoklasa’s fallacious claims…

    Dismissing your ”suggestions” and snide remarks of pseudo-intellectuality, i’ll get to the point:
    1)”[P]ersonally I think you might just have your head shoved up the wrong place to be seeing that.”
    It does attack my character. It suggests that i am willingly blind to what you & Stoklasa say; even though i’ve rebutted whatever point you’ve made before on YT(some of which were parroting of Stoklasa’s ”arguements”). Yet i’ve seen you continue make the same comments trying to belittle the movies, Lucas & their fans.
    2) “Thus this is a textbook argumentum ad hominem.”
    No it isn’t. It is an observation, a conclusion if you will, based on past exchanges.

    ”Case closed?”
    Wow! I’d buy *that* for a dollar…

  • Zombyyyy

    Fuck you George Lucas

  • obama the extremist

    Yoda- “Seeing you alive brings warm feelings to my heart.” What kind of Jedi Master talks like that???????? Pi$$ off Lucas!!

  • obama the extremist

    That, and non stop CGI…..

  • obama the extremist

    Jeeze, calm down….you seem psychotic. It’s just a friggin movie.


    Tell that to your fellas & yourself. Not me.

  • mrdarklight

    I’ve watched these reviews many more times than I watched the original films.

  • Cledun

    What technology was responsible for the horrible writing?

  • Morgan Cherney


  • Morgan Cherney

    Actually we DO learn he was a slave in his first scene, not the dinner table.

    “My mom and I were lost to Gard lathe Hutt,but she lost us betting on the pod races”
    “you’re a slave??”

  • starcrunch

    LOL. What a bunch of pretentious navel gazing.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    “Anakin was a virginal birth” basically Lucas saying he is God. Still a great movie though

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    He also doesn’t say it reversed like he usually does. as if Lucas just forgot

  • reversalmushroom

    How do you not have any problems with the movie based on any of Mr. Plinkett’s points?

  • reversalmushroom


  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Well I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch.

  • DarkFluffy

    It is a reference to Jesus of course but there is no God in Star Wars. The Force is a dualistic religion. Its about “Good” and “Evil” and the balance of the two sides of one and the same medal. Like in Zoroastrianism. In Christianity there is only God. And yes, even Satan is one of his servants (“The Book of Job” makes that clear).

  • nocussing

    this never gets old

  • Dean McIntosh

    It is nothing more than a visual cue for the audience. And if one assumes that the entire audience has seen the other three films, as Lucas did in TPM, it is also a bit lazy.

    Remember the shots in which Luke makes whateverhisnamewas take him to Jabba, then he tries to do the same trick to Jabba himself? In the sequence with the majordomo, Luke’s gestures (if any) are very subtle and barely visible on shitty media like VHS. With Jabba, he does not gesture at all, just speak slightly different to normal. In all cases, a subtle, gentle gesture when done at all communicates a lot more than waving a hand about.

    Qui-Gon’s gestures are exaggerated and quite frankly silly looking because a director who thinks his audience is full of eight year olds chose to write the scene for eight year olds. The problem being that as a three or four year old, I did not need exaggerated gestures or even what appeared to be anything other than a natural wave-your-hand-slightly-as-you-talk from Alec Guiness to know that his character was using SOME kind of power to bluff his way past the troopers. Such is the power of good writing and good acting.

  • Dean McIntosh

    They were the only things I watched the prequels for, too. I still enjoy their execution. The choreography is astounding. But now that Mad Max: Fury Road has been unleashed upon mankind, we can have awesome choreography and actual stakes for the characters at the same time. George Miller should be directing the new Star Wars flicks.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    yes yes I have studied religion as well. what I’m saying though is in Star Wars, Lucas is the ‘creator’. SW is obviously his biggest achievement; blantantly stealing the birth thing from the bible is pretty callous and ego-driven


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