Revenge of Nadine: The Episode III Review Epilogue

  • Swordwulf

    What is that amazing music at 6:40?

  • This was great ! Excellent camera work, lighting and editing but what impressed /surprised/ me the most was the awesome acting. Nadine is smoking hot btw…

  • Durpa

    I don’t think he should have shown his face. At least put up some make up.

  • Randomdude

    This actually kind of ruined the whole thing for me. I mean I knew Plinkett was a character but I feel like this is a sad attempt for the guy playing him to get recognition. I liked the mystery of never seeing his ugly face on camera. I guess I kind of pictured the guy from silence of the lambs just way fatter from eating nothing but pizza rolls all the time. Either way Plinkett is a Pretty smart dude and I thoroughly enjoy his reviews. Even the star trek ones. Plinkett is definitely a Trekkie.

  • Martin

    totally agree, the reviews were funny as shit, but I never wanted to actually see the plinkett-guy since I knew he could never be anywhere near the character he was voicing over or voice acting or whatever (or how you say it- sry not my first language). talk about suspension of disbelief or understanding the magic of the character (it was there you know).
    and yeah his interviews are some pretty fun shit.

  • Johnathan Briansides

    I don’t think the guy portraying the Plinkett character is the same guy who did the Plinkett voice overs.

  • Byrne Thimdoun

    Tron Legacy stuff.

  • qwerty

    I wish he said “WTF IS WRONG YOUR FACE” at the end :/

  • guest

    Which I’m sure is part of the joke. We never needed to see the man behind Vader’s mask, and yet we saw it anyway.

  • Nuvem

    I guess it should be made clear to everyone that Rich Evans has been portraying on-camera Plinkett since like…the end of the 90s or early 2000s. This doesn’t ruin the character because he had already been in multiple on-camera roles before this. In “Mr. Plinkett’s Bee Bustin’ Service”, there are actually numerous Plinketts, setting a precedent that has continued to today. In the trailer to the Crystal Skull review, it’s made crystal clear (haw, haw, haw…) that the Plinkett from Half in the Bag is not the same Plinkett who reviews movies. This is further reinforced in the “Fake Plinkett Orders His Prescriptions” short. On merchandise, logos and artwork, review Plinkett is always shown as that familiar terrifyingly obese man with an amputated foot and practically no teeth. Making Mike Stoklasa up in order to look like that character and have the same voice would require a lot of work with make-up and some sort of fat suit, which would have almost invariably looked cheap and awful because RLM isn’t rolling in cash for Hollywood-grade props and appliances. Given the good camera work, sets and lighting, I think they did about as well as they could with this. Though I’m not sure I understand the part where Plinkett’s wheelchair glows green and he floats around.

  • Yeathatsme

    Best part is this little skit was more emotionally involving and interesting then the starwars prequels lol

  • Adrian

    The Plinkett here is the same one as the one in Half in the bag. The Plinkett that reviews stuff is actually one of the guys from Half in the bag, the one with the dark hair.

  • j

    Derezzed by Daft Punk

  • Otnoz Izolorit

    Still better acting than Attack of the Clones

  • Wait a minute, if the videos he made are something famous in this world why hasn’t he been arrested? I mean, in his reviews he is seen explicitly torturing and holding captive women in his basement and he constantly implies that he killed his wives. Why is that is that ignored by those who have seen the videos?

  • Vold

    I think the green part comes from Yoda and having a handicap due to his
    small size and needing to bounce off walls and stuff to be able to reach
    his opponent. That’s the best I could come up with.

  • Not supposed to. Rich Evans there, not Mike.

  • Horus

    George lucas should rewiew this!

  • Jonny

    Nah, truth be told the green is just bad use of green screen. They couldn’t key all the green out, so they said screw it and just did a rough cut out of Plinkett in the wheel chair!

  • It was made…

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Well when you say it like that, it makes the whole thing even MORE genious

  • TheSchaef

    The whole thing, really, is a spoof on Lucas filmmaking. The green around his chair was (deliberately) cheap hacky greenscreening, then there’s the becoming-Vader references, the losing-weapon reaction shots, and so forth.

    All he was missing was a scene with shot/reverse-shot dialogue and it all would have worked.

  • Kevin

    I approve of the multiple “dropped my machete” reaction shots. Also, was that the curlin nescar that fell from the IV stand when Plinkett was in the bed?

  • Mr JMF


  • Griever

    4:43 Resident Evil 4 Soundtrack??^^

  • big-goolies

    Nadine is HOT !

  • I don’t think it’s a bad use of the green screen (they can do better than that), I think it’s an intentional “bad use of green screen” to show that Star Wars was made on a green screen.

  • They probably thought it was all acting and didn’t checked if the victims were still alive.

  • Anna

    This is fabulous!!!! I LOL’d so hard at Mr. Plinkett bouncing around in his wheelchair (Yoda style!) and Nadine is charming. Also, the ‘fire’ can was inspired. Please keep making movies!!

  • hanree

    A video making fun of the prequels did the one thing they completely failed to do… make you care about the characters. ;(

  • star wars VI quote there is still some good in you. ya now i think mike stocklasa actually secretly likes the pequals.

  • Police don’t watch Science fiction or reviews.

  • Kevin Catlin

    The look on Nadine’s face when the guy walks by talking about Transformers 2 is priceless.

  • vcyu

    It dosent even sound like Plinkett, or look like him, this totally ruined the character of Pinkett!

  • sanguin

    you know they prolly use voice distortion in the review or something
    well if they do they should have used it here as well but nevermind

  • VasiddisaV

    1) I’m hoping this is sarcastic.
    2) The actor playing Plinkett is Rich Evans, who actually created the character (unless I’m mistaken). Mike writes and voices the Plinkett reviews, and if you ask me is a bit too tall to play Plinkett.

    All of that said I guess they could have done some terribly schlocky ADR job.

  • VasiddisaV

    Oh, and looking deeper in to it, I’m an idiot, and have a correction to make:
    Rich Evans initially PLAYED the character. I’m not seeing who created him but I would assume it was Mike as well.

    “Stoklasa found his own voice to be too boring for the review and adopted
    the persona of Harry S. Plinkett, a character he had previously used in
    several short films (originally played by Rich Evans) and since further
    developed within the reviews.”

    From the Wiki.

    That said, Rich makes the perfect Plinkett, and is used all throughout Half in the Bag.

  • Phillie Em

    The scene was chopped purposefully inadequately, are you really worried about the keying of the green in the chair?

  • Phillie Em

    Can’t wait for the Special Edition reviews to come out, not to mention the Hasbro Plinkett and Nadine action figures.

  • XxSWfan92

    Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo! nobody cares about half in the bag.

  • Haitchpeasauce

    13:30 I love the Kurlan naiskos shattering sound effect.

  • Kevin Weaver

    Speak for yourself buddy. I love how I can watch like 4 episodes of HitB in the same time it takes me to watch a Plinkett review. Not to mention on HitB they occasionally watch *good movies* instead of just harping on shit, so I can also hear about what they think works.

  • 58008

    ( . )( . )


  • Xxmanofsteal91

    Get off your lazy fucking ass and give us what we want you fat homo! nobody cares about the plinkett reviews

  • Jacob De Paz

    They fought to Daft Punk… AWESOME

  • Jason Poupard

    Thank you. Fuck, I comment like a Canadian. I like Canadians.

  • bruce wayne

    Is it just me, or does Nadine look a little like Carrie Fisher with short hair?

  • Fuck Off Ghost

    I was very confused in the first 5 seconds…

  • dollar store cashier wife

    They may have gone too far in a few places.

  • GeneralFailer

    They probably were all mind-controlled by Palpy.
    If you assume this, this epilogue stops contradicting a lot of RLM canon, actually. I am talking about how fake Plinkett was participating in the celebration instead of the real one(The point that there are two different Plinketts was established in this trailer. The difference in character and houses between review Plinkett and HitB Plinkett makes more sense because of the trailer in its turn) Just assume that real Plinkett was mind-controlled to not go to the Oriental Theater, fake Plinkett — to take his place, Jon Stewart and Nadine — to not notice that the Plinkett they see is a fake one. Making Palpy a character of prequels reviews is a smart move on a new level when you think of this.

  • MonkeyKing1969

    There is no video now. Blip got sold….


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