Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D



  • Selenaxxxdracul

    I hate 3D that shit is so fucking overrated. But i’d see THIS video and pay for it in fucking 3D luv ya Mike AKA PLinkett

  • Guest

    Because the Phantom Menace needs another dimension: not only do you smell the shit, you get to step in it too.

  • Gavyn Janke

    is there even anything different in this review compared to just episode one?

  • Sdfsdf

    its in 3D

  •  Is that all?

  • Bro

    That’s the point. Red Letter Media put as much effort in this review as Lucas and co. put in the Phantom Menace 3D.

  • Bro

    That’s the point.

  • Dubs

    2:25 left me with tears of laughter and fear as I shit my pants indiscriminately. Dammit, why do you guys consistently use your brilliance for the powers of evil?

  • Guest

    That fucking creeped me out.

  • Ben Garner

    You need anaglyph 3D glasses for this review. Those are the ones with the red and blue. The newer ones that you get use polarizing filters and will not work without content specifically designed for them and presented on a display capable of polarizing the light from the interleaved frames differently.

  • can’t you make an instant replay of the cool 3D animation you have a couple of times in this review

  • tfcowner

    Im glad i know that even if the new disneys star wars are shit… ill be comforted in the fact that Mr. Plinket will tear em apart!

  • Jason

    I just love that the music under the 3d quote is from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 which was in 3D for you younglings.

  • The best part about waking up, is the acid in yourcuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.

  • bo

    The Windows phone commercials are playing in an endless loop. I’d love to see the new videos but ICANT

  • Richard


  • Azariah Neal

    Using the 3D glasses I got from The Hobbit

  • ex1lepr0

    I’m sorry, but I can’t finish watching this…my eyes hurt…I still love this review though. 🙂

  • D o o D

    why do these videos not work?

  • Jan

    Can we have an SBS version of this? 😀

  • JR

    Sad error in judgment that they don’t give those 3D glasses away here in… Um… North pole… The cinema crew collect them back because they’re “too expensive”. Or something. Furthermore, I also cannot watch this great review to the end mainly ’cause the eye problem. :'(

  • jonjohnson

    these aren’t new…

  • Not Claude Akins

    The part with the floating skull and the silence was cinematic genius.

  • pombo

    That 3d effect is giving me a slight headacke

  • JJtoob

    What isn’t new?

  • JJtoob

    I would dare say RLM put a bit more effort. That was a long shot of that cat wandering around and chewing on some weeds.

  • George L.

    This is the new digitally remastered version as it was originally intended.

  • Alex Lee

    Yeah, for an extra five dollars, we should be able to keep those glasses.

  • dirk beefhammer

    The 3D version makes the film even worse than it already was.

    Also, here’s my detailed analysis of the creative mastermind George Lucas.

  • dollar store cashier wife

    my asshole is probably woudn’t understand it’s complex meaning.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    dont think this really works with 3d glasses (standard red&blue type); Maybe that’s the point.

  • StopThinkingBrainUrGoingToHurt

    You forgot to significantly dim the picture of the 2012 one.

  • Josephmilner

    What is that song that plays near the intro during the George Lucas quote.

  • I come a year late, but for the record, any 3D you find online wouldn’t work with the 3D glasses from the cinemas. You’ll need these oldschool red-and-blue 3D glasses. They make the colors look like crap, but it’s the only way to do 3D on a normal monitor.

  • Victimschoice


  • EyEcU

    the worst movie ever, now in 3d

  • The Third Archon

    Oh this is fucking brilliant as usual–I just re-watched the original three reviews of the prequels, and I’m TOTALLY going to watch this to. XD

  • The Third Archon

    I also love how the planet’s core and interior is all underwater, and putting aside the whole fact that the physics of all that pressure would probably be doing CRAZY things to the matter state of “water” (i.e. I don’t even know if it would be a liquid), it would mean NO PROTECTIVE MAGNETIC SHIELD ON THE PLANET because NO MOVING LIQUID METAL–no LUSH LIVING THINGS on it. The astrophysicists/geologists in the audience must have been writhing in their seats. XD

  • Ray135

    Pretty stupid of you to insult him like that. If you hate excessive CGI, fine, but to imply that CGI is easy or uncreative to create is just moronic.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    And where’s the excessive blue tint?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I can find plenty of 3D videos online that work with my 3DTV, but I understand what you’re getting at!


    Anaglyph (generally red/blue or red/green, but sometimes another pair of colors) 3D has been outdated since polarized 3D was invented in the 1890’s… polarized 3D had advanced enough to be relatively cost effective in the 1930’s, so that means anaglyph 3D has been fully outdated for roughly 80 years! THE MORE YOU KNOW!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    There’s really nothing stopping you from keeping those glasses, at least in every movie theater I’ve been to!

  • Ray135

    You have no idea what irony is.

  • Khan Maybe

    What like defending Lucas against a mild insult to his CGI credentials on the comments page of a Plinkett Star Wars review … yeah maybe you’re right, damn this meter (sorry) I’ll change the batteries …

    Oh My God its’ on fire! Somebody call the fire department, shit the carpet’s gone up and my face is melting! Help! I don’t know how I’m even typing this but I’m not kidding, someone call the fire department and oh my god there’s an orphanage upstairs, how can this have happened? This is awful … oh, the humanity!

  • Ray135

    So because my opinion is unpopular that means it’s ironic? Nope. I suppose you can personally find it ironic, but it doesn’t make you any less of a troll.

  • Khan Maybe

    Ok, take it easy. This is why I asked if you were lost; the point of this site is comedic. TBH I’d assumed you to be trolling

  • I love the work but sadly my eyes can’t take extra lenses. I like the review too.

  • IRONMANAustralia

    I felt the original review was missing something.

    I’m so glad I watched this version and got the full 3D experience. It makes all the difference.

    10/10 stars.

  • Blaine Pace

    Everything appears to be rendered at the same depth, almost completely destroying the 3D effect. Even if it’s a joke, at least do the 3D right.

  • Nicholas DeLorenzi

    Why would anyone want to watch this movie again ever? Especially in 3D?

  • taterboob

    It’s the theme from Friday the 13th Part 3.


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