Star Trek: Nemesis

  • Choda Boy

    I’m surprised you didn’t point out the horrible characterization of B-4 (he was made BEFORE Data, get it?Β  *sigh*) by Brent Spiner.Β  Awful, simply awful.

  • jonathanjk

    You are aware there is an advert about the Vauxhall Ampera narrated by Patrick Stewart during an ad break in this review. It came on during the breakdown of the argo.

  • Pizza rolls are far better then this movie

  • Bikus Eucuk

    I can’t believe you invested so much time to author your aggressive little post there. The least you could do is correctly spell the things you claim to be trained to do.

  • jΓΆtnar

    Do you even lift?

  • seveneightyseven

    weird, the things you hate in this movie, violence, child labor and murder, are the ones you would love in the indiana jones one lol

  • You were right about being qualified for “gorilla warfare”. You’re a trained ape.

  • Wow, you must have an unbelievably small penis…

  • *than

  • Kenan

    The green space cymbals represents Shinzon’s witty disposition…

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    No, clearly he meant to say “Pizza rolls are far better. Then this movie… well, it’s a whole other pizza roll altogether.”

  • mc

    I lost it at the green cymbals.

  • Christopher Kulik

    Who was this traitor responding too anyway?

  • shaun

    your advertiser have to choose their audience better, i would rather insert a screwdriver into my leg then sit through another 5 min fashion ad SHAM BLIP SHAM!!

  • Oh. well ok then.

  • Papa Palpatine 2008

    Data should have brought two emergency transporters with him, set a phaser on overload and tossed it into the doomsday weapon, and then he and Picard could have beamed out before the big explosion. But no, they just had to kill him off. I call bullshit.

  • plot hooooooooles…..

  • butts

    You know what they say, bad movies are a diamond dozen.

  • thatguy

    this was like a million times better than the Titanic review

  • You, sir, have done the previously unthinkable… you’ve brought to Star Trek Nemesis two things it lacked – entertainment and humor! Well done!!

  • honestly

    Yeah its weird, like when Im having a bowl of chicken soup, it really upsets me when it smells like gasoline and oil, and feels like icy cold air blasting me in the face and I’m barely able to stay on my seat, you figure since I love those things about snowmobiling that I should love them when Im eating soup.

  • dontbethatguy

    well it should be at least a couple hundred thousand times better than something that never happened.

  • ex1lepr0

    Well, that’s because Indiana Jones is about violence, murder and child labor. Star Trek isn’t really about that, it’s supposed to be about an idyllic future. It’s all about tone, my friend.

  • ex1lepr0

    Why would they clone Picard? He’s just a Star Fleet Captain…why not clone the entire Admiralty board? Or the President of the Federation for that matter…

  • Daniel Lee

    you aint getting a pizza roll

  • Domo

    Watching ST: NG again, in S1EP12 “The Big Goodbye” Data and Picard refer to cars as “automobiles, an ancient earth device”, and S1EP13 “Datalore”, as mentioned in the review already contains a two Data story. Conclusion, those lazy-ass hack writers didn’t even check first season half way before writing this garbage.

  • funwithphobias

    I always wondered why Data looked different in this movie. I just realized it’s because Brent Spiner gained weight, and seeing him in that jumpsuit is hilarious

  • u wot m8

  • ben

    The green symbols actually emit orgasmatronic radiation which makes the music more fun and fluid producing.

  • Dan

    “…Close-ups of Marina Sirtis…” Cracks me up every single time! XD

  • Pizza Roll

    Wow, “69 comments” = Sexy. But 70 = Cheasiest pizza roll, ever… Aka, Rick Berman’s penis…

  • pizzaroll_bunny

    You know, in real life, Patrick Stewart lost all the hair off the top of his head at age 19. This video explains it all:

    That said, in the show all the scenes showed him losing his hair over time as you said, so I guess it’s a legit critique.

  • Blarg

    You forget, at least Khan had a REASON to want to kill Kirk.

  • Naes

    Was Data ever really the 2nd most important character?

  • At least this film brought us Tom Hardy.

  • TheInstantGamer

    What’s that song that plays around 7:12?

  • rich1

    That’s the same argument with the Star Wars prequels: why clone a bounty hunter when you could have done Darth Maul instead?

  • rich1

    Or the fact that he was called B-4 to begin with. When you are building/creating something would you really give it a name that denotes the fact that you think/know that it is inferior and will need an upgraded replacement?

  • charlie

    Mike, your editing is magic.

  • “I think the audience wants Star Trek to be an action movie.” – Beard

    =( wow Beard. Hes been bewitched by hollywood executives

  • Maybe it’s like you said with Indiana Jones, that when you don’t have a good character, it becomes the uniform. That’s why Picard is bald, because the writers can’t develop good characters.

  • D-man9000

    I blame DS9 and Voyager for Star Trek’s death. More so Voyager. But the kind of all over the place writing of DS9 was still pretty bad.

  • GraysonHunt

    Maybe when the filmakers needed a picture of Pircard in Starfleet Academy, Shinzon’s actor had already shaved his head so they just left it. This might just be an example of lazy filmmaking rather than fear the audience wouldn’t get it.

  • GoodSirOfBrodie

    I love the nitpicking so much

  • Terrets

    Ryker played a trombone, not a trumpet mate.

  • djphenaproxima

    Shinzon reminds me of Dr. Evil…my God, that had me laughing like a retarded hyena for ten minutes straight.

  • Angelo1990e

    does anyone know the background music which starts at 29:45? Always cracks me up πŸ™‚

  • His name is Riker, not Ryker mate.


  • Yeah, I remembered there were (possibly multiple) episodes where cars are referred to as something ancient and ineffective, even kinda something that only historians would know about, not something they keep around in their shuttle bay.

  • Tanath

    I’m not sure it’s real. I’ve seen the exact same post on three other websites over the last few years. Probably just copied and pasted.

  • Kronon

    I really want a pizza roll

  • Mike Newman
  • am i the only one finding the adds old when they come in the middle the video

  • Shinzon needed Picard to save his own life, not revenge.

  • I want a pizza roll

  • bachattacks

    I watching this again, on the toilet, to many pizza rollsohhhhh god hoooly heeell!!!


    I love your reviews and I want a pizza roll!!

  • G. Jardoness

    In seeing the movie posters, one after another, on the “Star Trek Reviews” page, from “Generations” to “Nemesis”, I couldn’t help but shout; No — Dear God, No — For love of all things good and holy, No — NO, NO, NO, PLEASE, MAKE, IT, STOP!!!!

  • thatsthejoke.jpg

  • Pizza Roll

    Holy shit it’s Tom Hardy.

  • Ads fucken suck

    Ads in the middle of your videos?? At the start and end I can handle, but just having them chucked in the middle is bullshit! Also, gimme pizza roll

  • lol

    I’ll take 90 seconds of silence over 30 seconds of commercial noise anyday.

  • romulanrabbit

    FYI, Patrick Steward went bald at age 19. He wore a hair piece often in his early acting career. Nemesis still sucked though, so whatever.

  • babea44713

    Argo fuck yourself. πŸ˜›

  • lolIkeDavis

    I would say The actor going bald at 19 is irrelevant. The show established on multiple occasions that the CHARACTER had hair as a cadet. So the movie making him bald was inconsistent with the show,

  • Sus

    “Everybody bring your dunebuggies and beer!”

    That would’ve made for a much more entertaining movie, actually.

  • guestovich

    Getting real tired of seeing commercials for that pile of hog shit “The Last of Us”. Real damn tired…

  • slowbrosif

    I’ve got ad block on and I’m forced to wait 60 seconds without an ad. I’d rather do that than watch an ad for a shitty video game movie.

  • Naudious

    They shouldn’t have killed Data, he would have been a really cool character to show up in future TV Series, if there were any.

  • Alex Lee

    There were so many Data episodes in the series, so yes, he was.

  • Alex Lee

    Probably did to avoid getting a scratch on his ship. It’s not like the Romulans would repaint it or anything like that.

  • Guest

    My favorite Plinkett Star Trek review, hands down. So much good humor in here. In my personal opinion on the TNG films, yes I do agree that the storytelling was not good. Having begun to watch The Next Generation series, I can safely say that the stories in the movies were not as memorable or as interesting as the two-parters on TNG, like “Best of Both Worlds” or “Unification”. However, you have to admit that the TNG films are, from a visual perspective, pretty OK. The bridge of the Enterprise-E is really cool, the set design is great (except for Insurrection), and the effects (again, except for Insurrection) are remarkable. Still, I don’t know why they didn’t get actual Star Trek writers (the ones from the show) to help with the story and scripts. Maybe the writers didn’t wanna have anything to do with the films, or maybe the producers/directors didn’t feel the need for them, I don’t know. I wonder if JJ will do a “TNG Reboot” film…probably not, but you never know.

  • Alex Lee

    Ugh, that won’t be for another ten years at least. Any sooner and it’ll have the same fate as “The Amazing Spider Man.”

  • Al

    “That’s where I want you to look.” *TAP-TAP-TAP* “And it’s amazing.”
    I’m sorry, but is this guy directing a Star Trek film or a FAMILY PORTRAIT?!?

  • Guillermo Cisbani

    Data reappearence is possible using B4 body and Data’s memories…

  • jedidethfreak

    Fuck you, Rick Berman!

  • Dr Crusher’s Thrombic Friend

    When I went to see this with friends at the theater, I fell a sleep until they woke me at the credits. As they were filling me in on what I missed I thought they were completely bullshitting me, especially about the Troi rape.

    Only years later after catching it on T.V. I realized they told me absolute truth. Awful, awful movie.

  • Kevin Weaver

    I think my favorite part was Shinzon and…that Reman guy on Risa. And the engineer. Always love the engineer.

  • Alex Lee

    To be fair to Sirtis, she’s been dropping the Troi accent since season 3.

  • Capt Jelico

    I’m not certain of that now captain

  • Yukonses

    I bought this DVD because I’m a Star Trek fan. I fell asleep during my first viewing. I fell asleep during my second viewing. I ended up selling the DVD at a garage sale, still not sure how it ended.

  • Alex Lee

    Which is actually worse than killing him off because it defeats the meaning of the sacrifice.

  • Alex Lee

    If this movie was about Picard feeling the empty nest after seeing Riker and Troi start a new life and everyone else transfers off, this movie would have been so much better. I guess Shinzon is a powerful super-villain; he’s able to destroy the plot of the movie.

  • Chucky GoodGuy

    I agree completely. No more passion in producers or directors. All they do is sit behind a green screen and drink their coffee…in their mind, all they are doing is throwing the name Star Trek on garbage so all the “idiots” can pay dollars for it.

  • Chucky GoodGuy

    It will not matter because all they have to do is create some BS plot about a parallel universe where another Data “crosses over” and is simply replaced. Look at the new J.J. Abrams pictures for goodness sake….garbage! They ruined KHAN! My favorite super villain!

  • Chucky GoodGuy

    I agree. Lazy writing, no research, and no passion what-so-ever went into this garbage movie. Only the fans pay attention to the finer details, which is why they decided to make these cookie cutter Star Treks. They did not make them for the fans, just for the people that would PAY to see them. They figured either way…both groups will go see them. Fortunately this was awful at the box office.

  • Chucky GoodGuy

    Yes he knows that and so do we, he got it wrong on purpose to emphasize his own ignorance and stupidity resulting in a humorous delivery…you dumb-ass. Also: Even if it was an honest mistake (which it was not), nobody likes a know-it-all. Fuck You Rick Berman!!!

  • Jordan

    it actually would have made for a better ending if picard sent worf on a suicide mission at the end.

  • Jordan

    soo true

  • Guest

    What a bullshit ending. I mean, seriously, chicken tenders!? Did Rick Berman direct this? Totally out of character.

  • Magnus Ironfist

    I’m guessing it was some time in the 21st Century when transparent green space plastic was deemed to be a superior material for traditional instruments.

  • Chris Sunshine Campbell

    lost my shit at “I’m a coward too”

  • Paul Johnson


  • Mr.Fister

    well sounds like a happy ending… you could sell the dvd….

  • splimis

    Am I the only one who thinks that a few of the scenes in this movie range from a little overexposed to really over exposed?

  • Lloyd Hughes

    I… I still LOVE Marina Sirtis

  • SkaMP

    I also play a “trumpet” like Riker and mine actually IS made of plastic :]

  • Ryan Menchion

    can I have a pizza roll?

  • FullMetalBiceps

    While I’ll admit, Janeway started getting ballsy with her “do what it takes to get home” attitude, to be fair, the scene where she’s executing those people is a false history. Additionally, the episode where she says the Prime Directive is rescinded is about the Omega particle. She makes it pretty clear that she’s authorized by Starfleet to take whatever action necessary to deal with the situation, even rescinding the PD.

  • Seems random. I saw zero ads this time around. But I’ve seen others with two or three breaks (sometimes with multiple ads each break).

  • Alex Lee

    You ain’t getting a pizza roll.

  • Alex Lee

    “Sell” implies that someone would buy it.

  • jaymanxyz2

    I can hear the Flower Duet at 7:10.

  • Pissernacht

    That bit about spring break on Risa? Now I can’t stop thinking about some Star Trek themed expansion for Tropico…

    Viva, Presidente!

  • Ted

    The backwards R and E in trek and nemesis bother me at the beginning, and the way it looks like the enterprise is venting tails of dry plasma every time ‘she’ jumps to warp. I miss those rainbow coming out the nacelles from back in wrath of khan.

  • Pizza roll.

  • bruce wayne

    Shinzon would have been more convincing as a person with a condition that causes baldness if you couldn’t see his hair stubble throughout half of the damn movie.

  • Alex Lee

    The whole Wesley thing would have worked better if he wasn’t wearing a uniform, like he was just visiting that day as a civilian, telling stories about all the thing he’d seen with the Traveler. That might have been a cool miniseries, actually.

    But now, he’s the Chief Engineer of the Titan or whatever. Seems to be completely out of character for him considering all the things he’s done.

  • Mr.Logical

    “When producers and actors start meddling with the movie and develop the story, it always comes out like a big Lincoln Log.”

    Not always πŸ™‚

  • Joel Farrelly

    To be fair that short, elderly man was Alexander DeLarge. Ass-kicking is pretty much his specialty.

  • Like Icare

    Holy shit! It’s the space cymbals!

    “Another property of these materials is that they conduct sound and
    elastic waves very uniformly, meaning they could lead to new acoustic
    metamaterials, Fang says, that could help control how waves bend over a
    curved surface.”

  • Like Icare

    No time like the present.

    “these materials is that they conduct sound and elastic waves very
    uniformly, meaning they could lead to new acoustic metamaterials, Fang
    says, that could help control how waves bend over a curved surface.”

  • Mark Basnight

    Why not a Mr. Plinkett review of every movie, every week?! Nothing else here matters.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    That’s a trombone, not a trumpet. Check ur factz!

  • Ultimaniacx4

    Because he kinda shoots himself in the foot every video. You can tell at the end of every video he tries to make some huge, insightful point that gives a general view over a really broad subject. He doesn’t know how to just make a simple self contained review without going on a huge analytical diatribe about the film industry as a whole. Because of that, it’s probably hard for him to keep finding things to say that he hasn’t already said in some other video.

  • Lat

    It’s because the Plinkett reviews take, like, two months to film and edit. They’re a massive undertaking especially considering it’s just Mike and Jay working on it. All on top of HitB, BotW, and they’re other shorts. SO HOW ABOUT YOU FUCKERS GET SOME INSIGHT AND STOP BEING SO SELFISH. FUCK.

  • Ultimaniacx4

    If it was that much work to do then maybe he shouldn’t have gave a big list of movies he wanted to review at the end of Indian Jones. And with those reviews getting hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions more views than anything else on the site, I’d think it’d be worth it. Lastly, calm down. It was a simple question and observation. Not some kind of attack on anything.

  • Lat

    I was joking about being fired up. It was a thing. And that list he gives was a play on if he entertained everyone’s suggestions for movies he should review. People comment all the time, “Review this one! Do this movie!” without realizing how much work goes into making just one review.

  • AlcaldeEste

    If You and The Joke are flying each at the speed of light in opposite directions, at what relative speed will you observe The Joke going over your head?

  • Ultimaniacx4

    I’m assuming you haven’t seen the Plinkett “check yur facts” bit making your reply extremely ironic =

  • Dean McIntosh

    The “renewed” Doctor Who (in name only) series by the BBC suffers from the same problem as the TNG film series. They see a market full of people who appear to prefer murderous rampaging psychopaths, and bend the character to suit. Never does it occur to them that people want a good story with well-made characters, and are willing to pay for that.

    The Nemesis box office receipt debacle was not merely Nemesis, although the quality of the film sure did not help. Over the prior ten years, the other three films had established a reputation for being terrible, not thought-out, or even just crap thrown at a wall. When three previous films establish that reputation, the odds are not in favour of a fourth running away with the box office. The fact that Nemesis was released almost directly into competition with a Lord Of The Rings film that had yet to piss away a reputation for being kinda-sorta well-made carried over from the previous one was just icing on the cake.

    I could count the number of TNG episodes I watched on my fingers, and the ones I did see were quite variable in their writing. But Picard had a similar quality in how he was portrayed to The Doctor. Rather than just whip out a weapon and solve his problems that way, he typically outsmarted his enemy.

    Which makes one wonder what was going through Patrick Stewart’s mind when he read each of these scripts and realised that he was contractually-obligated to perform this pizzle. I am sure that he even told each director that the writer must have him confused with Sylvester Stallone. Any time you want to see just how badly First Contact was messed up, just check out the (real) Doctor Who serial Remembrance Of The Daleks. Imagine Patrick Stewart doing similar things with the Borg as Sylvester McCoy did with the Daleks. And weep about what we got in place of that.

    Finally, “this is where I want you to look, and it’s amazing”. Wow. I hope that director never, ever gets work again. As much as I grew to really hate Peter Jackson’s inability to understand the importance of message or character-tone, at least he was able to coax an (albeit extremely highly-regarded for good reason) actor into performing like he really is mouthing off at a 200-foot creature that is meant to be nothing but fire.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    OMFG yes. I have seen (i believe) almost every oldschool Doctor Who, at least the color episodes. I was excited about the new series, but everything besides the opening theme can suck my ass. The episodes are much shorter and the stories don’t gradually develop as they used too. There is almost no ‘quiet’ with subtle dialog, constant techno music, running, jumping away from explosions. And the Doctor is now the Messiah for some retarded reason. Special effects are updated, but the plots are garbage. “I like my SciFi slow and Dull.” New Doctor who is a perfect example of this. In addition, every episode I’ve seen involves humans in a major way. Oldschool was never this bogged down. FUCK new DW.
    Check it: My parents couldn’t think of a name for my younger sister (I was ~4 mind you), I suggested ‘Tegan’, and they went with it. NERDERY +094598762395872394857623459876

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    Card game at the end of ‘All good things’ was actually 7card stud; deuces wild I believe.

  • David

    “oh there it goes” makes me laugh like an idiot every time.

  • ck

    so funny

  • boredsky

    space coffin

  • Guest
  • You get the feeling watching this one that they just didn’t care anymore. Up until now there was at least some attempt by the writing staff to avoid doing things that would be considered by fans as “un-Star Trek.” But out of desperation for lack of ideas and possibly some subconscious need to end the misery of milking this series well past it’s expiration they all jumped off the cliff to complete bafoonery. The Enterprise ramming into an enemy ship with no thought of the crew dying horribly inside or a comically evil Picard clone with a silly shaved head or unsympathetic cartoonish monster aliens and Riker killing Ron Pearlman down an unbelievable Indiana Jones like drop to his death all feel like they were throwing in the towel. Berman and co were probably were just amused to see all these things happen on screen knowing full well it would probably kill the franchise. Brent Spiner obviously wanted out and they at least made an attempt to tie up some loose ends like Riker and Troi marrying. What they really needed was a film that was a mystery plot or a psychological thriller, with less action/special effects and more of a drama piece as would be more fitting of these characters but cgi has now made it where if a studio is doing a sci-fi film, it better have space battles and explosions and “stuff.” In any sci-fi film where humans are playing aliens you realize to a degree you are being entertained by something that will likely never happen in real life. A good sci-fi film suspends your disbelief enough so that you can forgive the cheese factor of what you are watching, this one while I did enjoy the space battle I didn’t buy into the story as a whole, it just didn’t convince me to be in any way plausible so it just looks like people in make up acting as if something important is going on and you don’t buy into their hopes fears stuggles etc. This really was the final nail and also was a staging ground for the new hyper-action reboots which just took this format and tossed any attempt at cerebral story telling in favor of making star trek “hip” and “cool” only this time trading in the adult characters for sexy young adults to produce maximum profit. πŸ˜‰

  • ElectricPrism
  • Alex Lee

    I guess another thing that doesn’t make sense is the casting of Shinzon. Why not have Daniel Stewart play him? He’s already bald and kinda looks like Patrick Stewart by virtue of… well… being his son.

  • Kyder Dog

    And then found him in pieces on that one planet.

  • Psycho Rockter

    The new Doctor Who series is really good, being fast-paced doesn’t make it dumb. Likewise, being slow-paced doesn’t make every old Doctor Who episode good. I’ve watched some where not a whole lot happened, and it was often pretty lowbrow in it’s own way too.

    Not to say every episode of New Who is good, but most of them are, at least to my taste. You’re obviously a big fan of the original going way back, but I don’t think most would agree that the current Doctor Who series is an example of dumb crap thrown at the wall. It’s a pretty clever show, very well written.

  • Dean McIntosh

    I am trying to see where I said that Doctor Who In Name Only was fast-paced, and that alone makes it stupid. I am failing. I am also trying to see where I said that slow-pacing makes every 1963-1989 serial good. I am, again, failing.

    It took one episode of Doctor Who In Name Only to convince me that the BBC thought that the people who enjoy Doctor Who are stupid. It ends with the “Doctor” leaving a man on Earth who has had some sort of “data” port put into his head. Aside from the stupidity of how this port works, it would never cross the real Doctor’s mind to just leave a person on 200X Earth without having the port removed first. It Would Never Cross The Real Doctor’s Mind To Just Leave A Person On 200X Earth Without Having The Port Removed First. It. Would. Never. Cross. The. Real. Doctor’s. Mind. To. Just. Leave. A. Person. On. 200X. Earth. Without. Having. The. Port. Removed. First.

    I cannot emphasise that enough. But according to you, “It’s a pretty clever show, very well written.”. Sorry, no sale. And although the example I have cited is the most egregious I can think of, it is by no means isolated.

    If most would not agree that Doctor Who In Name Only is shit thrown at a wall to see what stinks, then most are wrong. It really is that simple.

  • Dean McIntosh

    His wording was that the plots in Doctor Who In Name Only are garbage. “Special effects are updated, but the plots are garbage.” … Garbage plots can be fun when delivered the right way. (Although I would agree that the SW prequels are an example of the not-right way.)

    In context of Doctor Who In Name Only, his words are exactly right. In the real Doctor Who, powerful fictionalisations of problems inherent to our world are delivered. In Doctor Who In Name Only, everybody is a plot-convenient stupid asshole idiot-head, the “Doctor” included.

  • Psycho Rockter

    It’s all personal taste my man, just posting to show another viewpoint. But of course, as is how Disqus works, the person who strongly disagrees is the one who’ll get notified to reply. Ha. Is all good.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    “wait, none of this happened!” at the end, genius

  • rightwithyourface

    Kate did end up in prison. In a different universe.

  • Andrew White

    The green cymbals are electronic; perfect for not deafening the musicians right in front of them.

  • Donavon Bray

    Those drums are bullshit! Can I have a pizza roll?

  • Savoir-Faire is everywhere

    Pizza roll now pleeze

  • Otto T

    His icon is also Deal With It George Lucas.

  • Otto T

    I watched Water Of Mars with my friends and we were just sitting there, “This is really stupid” “She just runs around everywhere with the gun in her hand and never uses it!!!” “She just fucking shot herself?!!? WTF YOU DUMB BITCH !? “

  • Captain Hackfraud

    Oh boy, I just watched this for the first time. It’s like the movies exist in a totally different universe. Nothing makes sense. Right in the first scene when Captain Pritchett holds his best man speech, Data is acting all confused by humour and jokes, as if it was season one of the tv series. And they all laugh jovially at his expanse as if it was 1988, after all these years Data is still the stock comic relief tin man. And the fully loosened up Captain Jean-Baptiste Lucard is so wrong. Racing, smart jokes, or crazy lunatic. I wonder if the writers have seen at least some of the old episodes.

  • M33

    Great review on this film and the other ones. Most of the jokes were great too, but some jokes are kinda dark… too much so in that it becomes not funny just disturbing (like what has unfortunately happened to Seth MacFarlane’s shows).

  • Kevin Bolton

    Has something changed with these reviews? I remember there being a rap beat in the background that made them punchier.


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