Star Trek: Insurrection

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  • Steven

    You and your pizza rolls :) Yay Pizza rolls 😀

  • joeydeuce

    What about all my witty comments up above? Will they be framed and kept?

  • joeydeuce

    Where’s Ruafo?

  • guest

    you left him at the collector?

  • DarthBaneForever

    these star trek reviews are funny

  • mueske

    Hiserection. Oh wow.

  • daniel burke

    Same here. I do remember 1 thing… a silly speech by picard that 1 life is worth a 1000.

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    Nice selective editing with the Data bit…

  • FF|haZel

    Do a pizza roll!
    (Z or R twice)!

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  • rickie

    These reviews make me want a Star Trek: Next Generation series with the scripts of the series, but the budget of the Star Wars prequels. But apparently you can’t have good scripts and good production value at the same time.

  • Charles Petrosky

    Even more shocking when taken in context of the Star Trek timeline as a whole. DS9 was in it’s 6th season at the time so that means while Picard and Co. were screwing around in the Briar Patch millions were dying on the front lines of the Dominion War. Starfleet really would’ve benefited from this planet’s healing properties. If Sisko were on this mission he would’ve taken the planet from the hippie Ba’ku and driven off the Sona.

  • sexmaster_x

    I just realized Anthony Zerbe (Dougherty) is an abnormally long lived species that was originally called Thomas Mitchell

  • Kyle Bartley

    No, it takes place just after the end of the war. I am pretty sure.

  • Daniel Lee

    300 days of shore leave? Isn’t that like a year off? How often does Picard get this, and why does he feel compelled to brag about this to some woman he barely knows? I thought it was obvious to the audience and even grandma that they were just a short term romance and nothing else. What lazy writing…….

  • Charles Petrosky

    The idea is that Picard is a workaholic and never took time off. Remember in the series when Dr. Crusher had to more or less order him to take a vacation? Not hard to believe Picard would build up huge amounts of time off!

  • Charles Petrosky

    This movie aired in 1998, DS9 ended in 1999. The war was most definitely on, and Riker even mentions in the beginning that the Diplomatic Corps is busy with Dominion negotiations.

  • Number One

    Every so often I come back and watch this just for the “Where’s Ruafo?” bit with Riker at the end.

  • fuck
  • Sam

    Insurrection should have topped First Contact. In script and special effects. I personally would have loved to have seen a Deep Space Nine TNG movie crossover. Taking place during one of the final battles of the Dominion War… now that would have been awesome.

  • Josh Thorne

    I did that with Nemesis. I re watched it recently and thought… Oh yeah…

  • Tim

    There is a slight problem when a movie with a budget of $58 million has CGI that looks like a TV series almost half a decade old at that time, though.

  • TK421

    I want some fucking pizza rolls email them to me

  • LSDariuss

    On the today’s military if a chopper or hummer has to be left behind, and order is given to destroy it, so the enemy do not re-purpose it, but the use plastic explosives or the fuel, is logical to assume that in the future the military install a self destruct option since blowing and entire star ship is a complicated to pull off on a hurry.

  • dirtdingo

    Plinkett you slippery weasel, at 3:55 data takes mike hagerty’s anvil off the guy’s foot, he does not drop it on him! What is this, Star Trek: Special Edition ??

  • Chris Buchanan

    I love how gleeful Picard sounds when he says, “I’m about to commit a direct violation of our orders!” I want do be given orders in a group now just so that I can disobey them and announce it like that.

  • Genkis


    what is wrong with those people? are they really that stupid or just butthurt?

  • William Crafton

    This is one of the weaker Plinkett reviews, most likely due to the fact that this is one of the weaker TNG movies. I first watched this movie in 1998, and I’m pretty sure that was the point I started losing interest in Star Trek. The greatest appeal for Star Trek fans was the story and canon, not the silly probability of Capt. Picard and Co. being “space badasses”. Guh.

    Thanks for making me remember bad things, RLM.

  • Geahk Burchill

    I see what you did there, Slippy.

  • cheshirecatreads

    anyone else get the cellphone commercial randomly flashing farenheight 451? weird

  • cocksaplenty

    what about Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies or Marvel’s films (except for the Iron Man trilogy and Captain America).

  • cocksaplenty

    well, they did establish that the Federation was there so they could use the Son’a to harvest the therapeutic healing radiation; doubtless would the Federation need this, especially since they were in the Dominion War.

  • Tim

    That’s true enough. But the military doesn’t have vehicles and equipment permanently rigged with explosives all the time. Worse, with these self-destruct devices it is connected to a computer. Imagine if a nefarious hacker sent a virus and simultaneously blew up all of starfleets ships all at once. Kaboom! The federation is conquered with a single klingon and his BB gun.



  • Fortyseven

    ‘Insurrection’ was the first Star Trek film that I purposely avoided seeing in theaters. Before that, I’d seen all of them opening week, going all the way back to The Motion Picture (granted, I was 3 at the time, but it still counts, damn it). No regrets. ‘Nemesis’ was a marginal improvement, but that’s like saying your diarrhea is slightly chunkier. (But at least it didn’t reenact entire scenes from ‘Wrath of Khan’. Blah.)

  • Tyler AitchKay

    The distorted Picard “NoOOOooo” makes me lose control of my sides every single time.

  • Kyle

    Star Trek: His Erection. Heh heh heh…

  • Kyle

    He has been waiting his whole career to doing something so Kirk like.

  • Charles Petrosky

    I was 12 when Insurrection came out and I enjoyed it well enough. All the TNG movies, in a visceral sense at least, were pretty thrilling to see on the big screen. By the time Nemesis came around I knew from the previews alone it would be rubbish. “Giant space battle! Dune buggies! And it’s the last film, better see it!” I never watched it in a theater and waited for the DVD.

    Growing up I started to see the many, many flaws in the TNG movies, Voyager, and Enterprise. I long for the days when Trek was considered “smart”…

  • Tyler AitchKay

    This is my favourite plinkett review, just because Mike edits the entire symphony of stupidity sequence around one joke based entirely around the timing: “On screen!”

    simply amazing.

  • AlcaldeEste

    Okay, any TNG episode where they talk about the Cardassians is officially ruined if you imagine them as the Kardashians!

  • AlcaldeEste

    Starships have self-destruct mechanisms on them in Star Trek for the reasons you described. Mr Plinkett actually addresses that specifically. The Collector is not a Starship. It doesn’t have weapons, or a crew. It’s a piece of scientific equipment to harvest the radiation for peaceful purposes.
    The question stands: Is everything permanently rigged with explosives in this world?

  • Larry

    If I were Geordi, I’d say “Fuck you, Picard, you bald shit! I could’ve gotten my sight back if you just let Starfleet get the fountain of youth stuff. But, noooooooo, you had to start all this shit just so you could impress that 300 year-old, ugly bitch! Fuck you, Picard. You too, Rick Berman!”


  • Whygodwhy?

    You asshole.

  • bananna hammock

    The inverse is true. Celebrity gossip shows are immediately improved by imagining that they’re talking about lizard faced aliens.

    which isn’t really untrue in the first placed.

  • Millard Fillmore

    Browns and beige!!!

  • MomoTheCow

    This might be Plinkett’s masterpiece.

  • can’t be arsed

    Lol. Have you seen the Maria Bamford radio show interview where she spoke about having had a job opening malls and stuff as a Star Trek character, and no-one wanted to believe her that the Bajorans were an actual thing? And when she mentions their oppressors, the Cardassians, the radio guy goes for the Kardashian joke too. Watch it, Maria Bamford is fucking hilarious.

  • bla

    TV show pickard – we’ll call him Larry… ROOOOOFLLL so good

  • Alex Lee

    Especially since the Son’a deal in Ketracel White and Troi actually asks, “Why are we dealing with these people?”

  • Alex Lee

    I guess Picard has a magical bag of holding to carry that much ordinance for him to use.

    Stupid B’aku. Their pacifism really got on my nerves when the flying robots are shooting at them.

  • Sébastien St-Pierre Robert

    Yay! I just understood what Pizza rolls are for!

  • Alex Lee

    It’s possible that the B’aku have some kind of herbal tea or ointment that functions as a contraceptive. I guess they feel like that if they have too many children, it would put a strain on the area’s resources and eventually end up with unusable farmland.

    Nope, them using contraceptives is still stupid, but what can we expect of a people that has gotten so used to living on this planet that they can’t ever leave it?

  • Alex Lee

    VI wasn’t very Star Wars. It uses action when appropriate and keeps focus on its allegories.

  • asgard

    The dock on the lake floats.

  • Guest

    “It’s got cheap Styrofoam sets, lame production values, and a budget smaller than an episode of ‘Alf’.” Ahh, just like the Original Series.

  • Alex Lee

    With none of the charm.

  • Dane Corle

    Another thing that always really bugged me; how exactly did the Ba’ku, the non-violent, non-technology using pacifists that they are, forcibly eject and exile the Son’a from this planet? Ignoring the obvious fact that the Son’a could easily wipe the floor with the Ba’ku, let’s remember that these people number in the hundreds and are completely isolated to one small villaget. What exactly kept these apparently space-worthy Son’a (I’m assuming they had ships. How else would they leave?) from settling on another continent on the other side of the planet with the Ba’ku none the wiser?

  • Baku My Baku With Your Baku

    Maybe a lot of the Baku shoot blanks. Some may be homosexual (all of them are pretty gay after all). It would be great if erectile dysfunction still kicked in at the late 50’s/60’s (if you’re lucky), and they spent the rest of their hundreds of years frustrated and impotent.

    Afterall, Lady Baku is straight on to Picard like his cum tastes of chocolate, she might not have had a roll in the meadow in a Millenia.

  • Ikari Rapeman

    purge tumblr
    ‘misogynistic’ holy fucking shit wow

  • Alex Lee

    Well, the Son’a did want to leave to explore the galaxy, so they wanted to be exiled…

    Ugh, so much about this movie makes no sense, even with the mind of a 12 year old.

  • Dane Corle

    Well there’s this little exchange that always really bugged me.

    RU’AFO: Did you encounter any problems on the surface?
    GALLATIN: No sir. …But it wasn’t easy being among them.
    RU’AFO: I’m sure. Just don’t forget what they did to us.

    What exactly did the Ba’ku do to them? Did the Son’a leave to explore the galaxy, return to the planet, and face the wrath of Ba’ku who were… slightly miffed? What did the small community of technophobic pacifists do to the Son’a to make them leave the planet and stay away for so long to the point where they were all on the verge of death?

    Makes the Son’a seem downright comedic. Like a parent tries to discipline their kid and it somehow escalates into a blood-feud. It’s an entire race of Stewie Griffins.

  • Alex Lee

    I think they just told them “No MP3 players and no smartphones” or something. Cause of their dumb Amish philosophy.

    Gah, the more I think about the B’aku, the more I think they were the total assholes in this movie, not the S’ona.

  • Alex Lee

    “And mother of Pearl!”

  • Dane Corle

    Well, look at it this way. The Ba’ku use their position of strength to force the Son’a into exile, thus preserving their own way of life, completely free of technology… while condemning the Son’a to die a slow death.

    The Son’a use THEIR position of strength to forcefully relocate the Ba’ku, thus preserving the existence of their entire race… while providing life-saving radiation for billions of people.

  • Alex Lee

    I guess the B’aku are no different from the Son’a…oh wait, we’re supposed to be sympathetic to the B’aku. Eh, I’d probably be more willing to respect the B’aku and their poor judgment if they weren’t pacifists who would rather let an 60 year old man and his friends defend the entire village than do it themselves.

  • Malevolence

    I remember that Indian episode and one thing that really annoyed me was how they kept talking about Picard’s sins that he was bound by the sins of his ancestor’s actions against the indians. Grow the fuck up, same thing with blacks and slavery today. You don’t see the Jewish spitting on Germans and I feel they had things far worse off. But anyways, my point is… I hate episodes like that wedged into a series with such a one sided racist message.

  • russ134

    Dude…about #5: Data was SHOT. He wasn’t affected by the “planetary radiation.” Your argument is invalid.

  • Poop

    The Germans have had to pay Israel billions of dollars in reparations and they still have to pay more.

  • proghead777

    I’ve seen every Star Trek movie, from The Voyage Home until JJ Abram’s first NuTrek movie in 2009, in its first run in the theater. The last Star Trek scene I clearly remember seeing in an actual movie theater is Scotty saying, “Admiral! There be WHALES here!”. That was 26 goddamn years ago and I was 10 years old. Enough said.

  • AlcaldeEste

    When the original TV show came out, Star Trek was completely new and had to gain popularity. This was movie no. 9 after the first 8 movies had made a total of ~1 billion 1980’s US$.
    Also, that was a TV show. This is a movie. Movies generally have higher production values than TV shows.

  • Alex Lee

    It’s funny how there are only two episodes where he was acting as a cultural contact and they’re just edited to make it seem like it happens more often than that.

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    Pizza Rolls solve all problems! Except obesity…

  • Thanatos2k

    So it’s not attached to the land?

  • Thanatos2k

    Maybe the Baku have low fertility rates. It’s the same crappy explanation that always gets attached to elves of why there isn’t overpopulation.

  • Cameron Vale

    I don’t remember Germany doing anything to Israel.

  • Cameron Vale

    Yeah, that’s why they did it.

  • Cameron Vale

    There is a decent point buried in there. People who try to do their own Plinkett thing usually leave out the abusive stuff, but they keep the funny editing and voices, and hardly seem worse for it.

  • Cameron Vale

    I can mashed potato, I can do the twist.

  • Cameron Vale

    And say what you will of Star Trek IV, but you’ll never see a Star Wars movie like that.

  • Michal Richter

    Its Hollywood (or whatever). White guilt and lefty preaching is ineviteble, what do you execpt. Social message my ass!

  • ident


  • ident

    The first sentence you said is agreeable. No man should be bound by the sins of his father. Then your PCP kicked in and you fucking lost me.

  • ident

    Or maybe there is a massive graveyard with tiny coffins.

  • ident

    #5 is about the convenience of the cast showing up in proper regalia to continue the plot as if they had read the script. What the fuck are you talking about?

  • ident

    I think RLM considers themselves filmmakers before reviewers. With the Star Wars reviews, they mixed a somewhat disturbing horror movie with a humorous review. Obviously this won’t be to all tastes since a large chunk of people who might watch a review on Star Wars won’t want to watch a horror movie and so I don’t begrudge those people their discomfort or irritation. However, the blogger doesn’t get it when he calls the Nadine narrative misogynistic. Akin to calling Schindler’s List racist because a bunch of Jews get killed. That’s the type of person who seeks to be offended and those people are insufferable.

  • ident

    Since he’s not getting paid, I imagine Picard can take off whenever he wants.

  • ident

    What about them?

  • Punkster

    Small world it would seem. Aren’t you a regular on Gamespot too?

  • Punkster

    I never heard of pizza rolls before watching Mr. Plinkett’s reviews, they sound great.
    Please can you send my pizza rolls, over to me in Scotland?
    That would be splendid.

  • Thanatos2k

    Indeed. You might also see me on the Escapist, Gamefaqs, Yahoo Sports, and porn sites!

  • Punkster

    lol oh yeah, now I remember you!
    You were the one commenting about the ***** up the donkey with a huge ****** round ******** then ****** with the pigs, hanging a **** on ******* ****** candlestick!
    You are a legend.
    Good times! 😉
    Well hello again.

  • LoveSW_Prequels

    How the hell does Ruaffo get away with killing the admiral. Wouldn’t Starfleet wonder where he went.

  • SkaMP

    The docks were floating ON the water and were made of a special baku-space-wood which doesn’t get dirty, they walked up on the cloaked stairs into ship and when they uncloaked the ship it automatically retracted the bridge. meanwhile the water of the lake was still draining, that’s why she falls in the water from about 3 meters. Also the radiation on the planet would have interfered with their technical observation equipment so it was clearly necessary to locate their cloaked base so close to the town. It’s all explained in the books obviously, sheesh you guys don’t know anything. Hack frauds!

  • Veteran of the Psychic Wars

    A one sided racist message? What would be a two-sided one, one where they also show the racist’s point of view?

    but yeah, I understand. I mean, genocide and slavery are one thing, but you know what’s worse? The slight discomfort white people feel when confronted with their history. The same white people who go on about how proud they are in their heritage and their history and such, but who feel it’s completely unfair to be confronted with the legacy of their genocidal and slaving past, and the racism of the present. And I mean, of course. It’s a real bummer.

    I’m sure black people and native americans will “grow the fuck up” the day we live in a non-racist society, though.

  • shouji

    you can actually see for a second when he’s complaining about the stairs that the dock is one of those floating ones, i can’t remember the proper term. i know you were kidding but that one was right.

  • russ134

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  • ident

    #5 is about the convenience of the cast showing up in proper regalia to continue the plot as if they had read the script. What the fuck are you talking about?

  • russ134

    Umm…ok. Since you can’t seem to understand what I am saying, here’s the deal. THE PLANET’S POPULATION OF BA’KU HAD ALREADY SEEN DATA IN HIS UNIFORM. Ergo, the crew of the Enterprise didn’t need to LOOK local as the damage was obviously done. Also, the Son’a and Starfleet personnel were amongst the “prisoners.” And since they have technical knowledge, there is no damage to do to their culture. So, since you obviously haven’t seen the film in question, you don’t know what you are talking about. His point #5 was invalid, since he was talking about the planetary radiation affecting Data. The planetary radiation didn’t affect Data. Data is an ANDROID. The radiation only affects humans and aliens. Data was shot by the Son’a to protect the secret of the cloaked holo-ship. Ergo, his argument is invalid since he can’t get his facts straight, no matter what argument he is making! So, since you obviously can’t your facts straight, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  • ident

    Maybe your version of this review is different. In my version, #5 is bout the convenience of the cast showing up in proper regalia to continue the plot as if they had read the script and had nothing to do with Data specifically or planetary radiation. So, since you obviously can’t (get) your facts straight, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  • ident

    Maybe your version of this review is different. In my version, #5 is bout the convenience of the cast showing up in proper regalia to continue the plot as if they had read the script and had nothing to do with Data specifically or planetary radiation. So, since you obviously can’t (get) your facts straight, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  • Alex Lee

    The reason why they weren’t in uniform was because they were acting unofficially (hence why the title is called “Insurrection”).

  • russ134

    Captain’s Log from Picard cleared everything up.

  • russ134

    Ok. Let’s do this.

    First off, the “review” (if you want to call it that) has 2 (count them, TWO) point 4’s. You can’t call yourself a “legitimate” person if you make elementary mistakes. And don’t try to call this a “joke video.” The person in it isn’t funny and neither is the “toilet humor.”

    During the second Point #4 @ approximately 14:18 in the video-The holo-ship would recreate the village in EVERY DETAIL. Holo-decks re-create things INCLUDING TOILETS. Don’t believe me? Go and read up on them. They will reclaim matter and store it in the holo-matrix. Don’t you think that if the Federation and the Son’a created a deception that good they intended to find a planet that was suitable with a RECREATION of their village? Isn’t that why they decided to move the people in secret? I think that you wouldn’t have understood how conspiracy theories work. They only work on SECRECY. Because the Federation didn’t know that the Ba’ku weren’t technological. In that one episode with the Native Americans, they were people much like the Ba’ku, but there was a WAR at stake. If the Cardassians didn’t get that planet, it would have been all out war. Picard was acting in the best interests of the Federation. But, Picard might have learned a lesson from Wesley Crusher and decided that maybe forced relocation was bad. Who knows? You certainly don’t. One last point: They probably would have beamed real food onto the holo-ship for the Ba’ku to eat. It goes without saying.

    Point #5 at ~16:40 in the video-This is what I was talking about. I don’t care about all of the other points of people showing up in dress uniforms, but towards the end of that segment, this person brings up some dialog that Data is saying about the radiation of the planet affecting humans. During this, the person doing this video edits a montage of scenes about Data’s “rebellion” in the beginning of the film, like they are CONNECTED. I was merely pointing out that the scene and subsequent argument he was trying to make is invalid since the radiation wasn’t the cause of Data’s problem in the beginning of the film. The problem was caused by Data being shot. Something that he (the person making this video) actually points out in the beginning of this video. Ergo, his argument is invalid since he decided that he would put his brain on hold and be stupid about the cause of Data’s malfunction.

    Point #6-this point assumes that the Ba’ku have the same sex drive YOU (or whomever made this video) do. Who knows how old the the Ba’ku were when they left their original solar system for the Briar Patch? Maybe they are like Vulcans, and only mate certain times in their life? It would account for the age of the people as well as the lack of population. Also, we don’t know how long it took the radiation to affect the Ba’ku. It is mentioned by the Admiral that the Son’a’s cells would take YEARS for the radiation to affect them enough to reverse their toxin problem. Maybe it affects humans different than the Ba’ku and Son’a.

    Point #8-Have you watched Season 1 of TNG lately? If not, maybe you should watch it again. Geordi IS the Conn Officer during that time. Obviously, when Data is gone, Geordi fills in. It’s only logical.

    @21:00-Did you think before YOU made this?

    @~23:40-what tools? How about all of the tools in the duck blind and the ships? He acts like just because they don’t embrace their technological know-how, they wouldn’t know HOW TO USE IT.

    @~24:30-Ever been out at night away from the city? Starlight gives off a fair amount of light. But, cameras need a certain amount of light to be able to distinguish between actors and backgrounds. This isn’t the only movie to show “primitive sets” lit by background, diffuse lights. Look at 10,000 BC if you don’t believe me!

    @~27:15-In the first attack, he caught Ru’Alfo’s ship BY SURPRISE. No shields (go back and watch ALL of Trek. It happens more than you think) at that point. But, when he was ready to do what he wanted to do, his shields are up. Watch the movie. It’s all explained in there.

    @~28:10-*Facepalm* Again, re-taking the ship would make no difference with the Enterprise on the way back. The collector’s shields have gaps in them (as explained in the movie) so Picard could (logically) beam through the gaps and onto the collector, as well as being beamed off at the end of the movie.

    @~28:50-Again, logically it makes sense. If you build something like THAT, and it falls into enemy hands, you can DESTROY IT. Duh.

    @~29:15-*FACEPALM* The Hubble telescope doesn’t NEED something like a “self-destruct.” Also, the lab you mentioned is equipped with a “self destruct” of sorts. All of those labs have them. It gets buried under tons of rocks if something goes wrong.

    @~30:30-*DOUBLE FACEPALM* Obviously the crewman in question doesn’t care about the number of Son’a on board. Or the other aliens. She knows that Worf is on the ship, along with other people. She is just giving pertinent information to Riker.

    @the end of the movie: Obviously he (again) missed the part where Picard tells the Admiral that Ru’Alfo’s animosity turned into genocide. He was beyond redemption. The redemption was for the second in command (Golna, or however you spell it), where he helps Picard and then re-unites mother and son in the end.

    I hope now you (ident) realize what I am talking about. You don’t understand that if you (or whoever) makes things like this, you need to RESEARCH your topics carefully before making “assumptions.” Besides, this movie is really good, despite all of the flaws. Now, Nemesis, that is another matter entirely. I could do the same thing to that movie, but bring up VALID points. I won’t, because that is not how I operate. I just bring up the facts to people like you. I don’t care about the (obvious) points that people show up in clothes ready to go. That goes without saying when they do that in the TV show on multiple occasions. People just show up ready to beam down all the time! I just noticed that he was making invalid arguments, and needed to be brought back to earth if they are going to make any more videos like this.

  • ident

    I stopped reading when you said people who make mistakes aren’t legitimate people. You are clearly insane.

  • russ134

    Oh. Can’t take criticism? This must be YOURS then, eh? No one ever bothered to stand up to you before? Take your points and rip them apart? Better get used to it, if you want to call yourself a “reviewer.” No. You are more like the Nostalgia Critic. Get all your facts mixed up, then blame everyone else when they point it out. I was merely pointing out that you can’t be called “legitimate” if you insist on making elementary mistakes. I never said I was perfect. Neither are you. It’s time you faced the facts. Go read my entire post. You will find it enlightening. The fact is, ident, I am a reviewer. I do reviews of movies and dvds on Facebook. You have to be able to handle some “haters” if you are going to be good at what you do. But, if you want to be petty, then by all means. Ignore me. I am not the only one who noticed your mistakes. I am, however, the only one who picked your review apart. Read it.

  • Pissernacht

    Hey…I just thought of something…

    I’ll grant that it is more of an “in-universe” complaint, but the healing radiation is, well, caused by “something”, right?

    It doesn’t exactly matter how it works or what makes it, since couldn’t any starship just, I dunno, modify it’s deflector dish and make its OWN healing radiation? Lord knows they can pull enough tricks with those things…

    Yeah just stick some oversized deflector dishes around every planet and keep them set to “vita-ray” mode or whatever…problems solved, paradise created AND no genocide!

  • dennett316

    I always took that Data thing to point out his lecturing them on rebellious behaviour while he’s obviously partaken in it himself in the same movie….just pointing out a little hypocrisy from him, unintentional or not. The reviewer knows why Data went nuts as it’s mentioned very early on in the review that he was shot.
    Secondly, you’re going to have to point me to evidence of NC doing as you describe, because he’s made several videos acknowledging his fuck ups – while poking fun at some of his more extreme detractors – and acknowledging/explaining why they occurred.
    Thirdly, who exactly are you to decide who’s “legitimate” or not? People make mistakes in reviews…the ones you discussed are relatively minor – oh no, he put in two Number 4’s? The horror!!! – arguably not a mistake as the intention of the juxtaposition may be different than you think, and lastly regarding a half assed explanation as to how holodecks work, when really holodecks only work in a way that’s convenient for whichever plot device they feel like trotting out. It’s still just a limited space in there, yet in the show and movie there’s HUGE open areas that people can walk into which go beyond the boundaries of the room they’re currently in. The piss and shit thing is actually a legitimate observation, just where does it go in common sense terms? If it’s in the holographic plumbing, what happens when people move away from their house and the scenery needs to update? Is there somehow real plumbing built into every holodeck that the waste is syphoned to? Do they beam it out of there? And that still doesn’t answer the food dilemma…the Bak’u were farmers, no replicators, they can’t eat a holographic projection and survive.
    I’m sure it’s all contained in some obscure Star Trek tech manual printed somewhere, but that doesn’t help the average movie goer, logically it doesn’t make sense.
    Lastly, your over-inflated opinion of yourself and snotty attitude won’t help you get a good discussion going. Rather than calmly pointing out there were two number 4’s when questioned what you meant, you just chose to repeat your argument without explaining that error to someone who obviously doesn’t have a psychic link to you to know what you meant. So getting angry at confusion caused by yourself seems more than a little pointless. Not sure why you think someone disagreeing with you MUST be the content creator either….little touch of arrogance there? “Only the producer could possibly question ME…they must be defensive and lashing out”. No, much more likely that someone is just responding to your snotty attitude.
    Having said all that, please point me to your Facebook reviews….I’d like to see if this haughty demeanour is in any way justified.

  • russ134

    Ok. As for holodecks, let’s play this out logically. In Star Trek First Contact (something you missed, obviously) Picard SHOOTS a Borg with a “holographic” bullet, killing it. Obviously, if the average movie-goer saw that, they could buy that a floating holoship can contain solid bathrooms that would hold waste. As for food, since the holodeck operates on the same principle as a transporter. Ergo, holographic food can (technically) be eaten. Besides, I answered this in the actual post above. But again, I see that I really need to work on this again. The deception would have to be so elaborate that the Federation and the Son’a would be able to provide food when it is needed. You see, they would still work in the fields, but the food would be attached to the holographic vegetables. Ergo, if they grew corn, then edible corn wold be attached to the holographic stalk. Obviously you haven’t seen how large starships are, and that they keep a large number of extra stores. Especially if they are going to be looking after the Ba’ku to keep them alive for the trip. Besides, that floating holoship is HUGE (as mentioned), and the Ba’ku probably wouldn’t have noticed that they were being transported.

    Secondly, the point on Data. His rebellion (if it could be called that) wasn’t caused by the radiation, which is WHAT THE LINE IN THE MOVIE REFERS TO. I am not the only to touch on this point. But, I guess since people can’t see the forest for the trees…

    Thirdly, your condescension is hardly a point for me to be arrogant about. I was merely pointing out his mistakes. The NC makes mistakes all the time. Yes, he points out some, but with others he just makes a point and moves on. He doesn’t have time to sit around and answer EVERY detractor. But, I have engaged in many arguments on YouTube about his mistakes. Many of his fans just tell me that they are there as “jokes.” I can’t understand this, because when I finally watch the films he “berates,” I don’t understand what the “joke” is supposed to be about. Same thing here. It’s not funny, because if you actually watch the film, things ARE explained. I try to keep my reviews unbiased, and therefore don’t call myself a “critic,” but rather a reviewer. You want to read my reviews? The page is called Russ’ Movie Corner. I also include the stars and the director. I get my facts straight, or as straight as I possibly can. I don’t call myself “perfect,” as stated above. I have made mistakes before. In fact, I will be posting some new reviews today or tomorrow on Son of God and Divergent. Keep a look out.

  • TapewormBike

    Reading your post makes me feel intellectually weaker. But physically stronger.

  • Alex Lee

    It could be that it is very difficult to synthesize it, and it only occurs under very strict and specific circumstances. It’d be like finding natural diamonds, I guess, and while it may or may not be possible to synthesize it, the Son’a are under a ticking clock.

    Geez, the more I think about this movie, the more I think the Son’a were reasonable and the B’aku were assholes.

  • Anthony D.

    Plinkett is a parody of self-righteous, self-important armchair film critics who go on the internet and complain about little details and put their own opinions (right or wrong) above anyone else’s and…oh, now I see…

  • Jason

    Phantom-Menace-Review-Plinkett, we’ll call him Larry, always says “web zone”, it’s like his signature thing because no one says that, but in this review Plinkett says “web page” like a normal person…Fuck you Rick Berman Mike Stoklasa! Fuck you, you lazy ass motherfuc–

  • Nouseforaname

    where’s ruafo? – that line is burned in my head.

    – get your lines out of my head Mike Stoklas–

  • Dan Hibiki

    Geordi could have gotten his sight back when Q gave it to him, but he just plain prefers the visor, and not just because it lets him see through clothing.

  • Dominik Müller

    I’m so sorry but you do understand that this is more an entertaining scrutinization of the movie rather than a fact checking mission, right? I mean the humoristic tone and the reference to a hell lot of in-depth TNGknowledge could tell you here’s no hater at work but an admirer.

    Anyway what you did is, what in my assumption, the creator of the video would like have the movie’s writers do – ideally before the movie is finished shooting. Rather than having audiences marvel about all these little wholes and inconsistencies here and there and how they ought to be filled or should be understood etc – which I very much remember doing for that film when it first came out – filmmakers can make an effort to construct a less obscure plot, that brings out the point of moral and ethics in decadent starfleet, the disobeying of orders in light of moral indecencies as well or hopefully even better as this one did.

    Which thinking about it felt exactly the right Star Trek topic at the time. Weren’t we tired of that perfect moral compass embedded in all of star fleet, the prime directive and the whole utopian paradise at the time?
    DS 9 as well as Voyager were for different reasons both straying away from the foremost social utopia that the Star Trek Universe had been. So I guess it was the topic of the franchise at the time.

  • Dominik Müller

    and if you read their next comment their piling on … the attitude that is

  • Dominik Müller

    All the above video is getting at is that constructing a plot largely around a holoship and the inexplicability that is the holodeck technology – and always has been – is fairly lame.
    Look how much you have written about it. We all have thought about it just as much, have scoured or minds and various episodes for precedent, etc.

    All of which is exactly the problem. Holodecks were invented for one reason and one reason only: add diversity to the accessible sets for the crew of a TV Series in the late 1980s. They used the same trick in the aforementioned First Contact.

    For this movie however they chose not to choose the holodeck as a virtue for establishing brilliant new sets – why would they? They had the Briar Patch, they had the Planet’s undisturbed landscape, they had an alien vessel, they had it all – heck they even had a cloaked observation post -; it instead became a vice because it creates more questions than it answers. Plus the scenes are not all that great either – Let’s have someone fall into the lake. But we need a holoship to make that plausible. Where do we get that from? It needs to be around for the plot twist at the end but already in orbit, etc. That doesn’t really make all that much sense.

    It’s like those Bond items that have just all the right special functions to salvage the day. Just it’s not.

  • Dominik Müller

    Let me just say that as German watching a movie or a TV episode for that matter in which any lead character, any hero would blatantly forget about and/or repeat concentration camps, laws of total annihilation, industrialized genocide without any hesitation that would certainly disturb me very very very much!

    I actually enjoy the notion very much that even in 300 years time people still realize that it is a moral imperative not to commit those kinds of crimes. And where the fuck do you get the idea from that specific episode were one-sided?

  • russ134

    It’s called “obvious plot device.” Movies are FULL of them. The Force in Star Wars. Magic in Harry Potter. Gadgets in Bond films and Mission Impossible movies, etc. The holodeck was a way for the writers to adapt the story to something that couldn’t be “plausible,” like Professor Moriarty showing up in the 24th century, the Dixon Hill novels that allowed Picard to flex his brain and not be constrained by the OBVIOUS FACT that the Original Series was BOUND to space. People don’t care about the aliens as much as they care about the characters.

    Let’s also look at the timeline for a moment. At this point (match up the stardates), Worf is still on DS9, before the events of “What We Leave Behind…” and the Dominion was still a threat. Voyager was still in the DELTA QUADRANT, and wasn’t coming home for AT LEAST 3-4 more seasons. Ergo, a full-length movie of the DS9 or Voyager crew was out of the question, although some of the plots of those shows would have been AWESOME as a movie, like Endgame. Would have been 20X better than Nemesis, and been a great wrap-up to the show, provided they used the TNG cast coupled with the Voyager cast. It would have been just as entertaining as First Contact.

    But, back to the holodeck, I think that if you start looking at the show, you will see that the writers came up with the idea that Ru’alfo and his men on the bridge of the ship are transported to a floating holoship and they decided to run with it. While concocting that scene, they came up with the idea that the ship should be on the planet before and came up with Picard and Data discovering the ship. Couple that with the scene of Data being shot, then you have your story of the “vengeful captain who is trying to kill his own people” story that is in this. I agree that people had enough of the “straight laced” Starfleet (hence Voyager) and they tried to loosen up Picard. First by having him thwart Soran, then the Borg, and lastly defying an Admiral. I might be bringing up the same points, and if I am, sorry. But, I just wanted to get the point across that this movie isn’t as bad as this person makes it out to be.

    With the Nostalgia Critic, he can be mildly funny when bringing up the GLARING issues associated with certain movie tropes (the Bat Credit Card, the guy in Red Sonja with the “wings,” stuff like that), but this guy can’t bring a joke to save his life. His points are so off the mark that they couldn’t be funny even if he tried. Also, the “toilet humor” isn’t funny, and hasn’t been for 20 years. The first few jokes ever told are great “shock and awe,” but now it is just a lame cop-out attempt to try to make your “jokes” funnier. It doesn’t belong here, nor anywhere. Add in the fact that this guy is trying to emulate Ben Stein and it just falls flat. You can’t force funny. That is what this guy is trying to do. It doesn’t work, and it makes the points invalid because he adds in scenes that aren’t a part of things. Case in point, when Data is bringing up “rebellious instincts caused by the radiation,” he has scenes from EARLIER in the movie where Data was shot. Data wasn’t being rebellious then, and wasn’t being affected by the radiation being discussed. I have brought this up in the past, but use it as a point of contention because it grates on me when people don’t get the facts clear. It just muddies everything up. And that describes this WHOLE review to me. A muddy mess!

  • Mr.Logical

    “You insult the memory of General Custer with this review.”

  • diehounderdoggen

    She reminds me of a female Emo Phillips who’s off her meds.

  • SkaMP

    You know.. mr. Plinkett is a character Mike does.. mr. Plinkett is a horrible person and is a big asshole that picks apart movies complaining about everything, and that’s funny because he’s doing it as a character.
    You seem to ACTUALLY be like that and that’s just.. it’s just so, so sad.

  • Thanatos2k

    Had dinner with Larry Kasdan last night. New STAR WARS movie sounds amazing. People who don't know me often think I worked on Star Wars.— Rick Berman (@berman_rick) June 22, 2014


  • Jeremy Davis

    Fuck you, Rick Berman

  • russ134

    So, if I pick apart HIS inconsistencies, then it’s wrong? Where does it say that? I mean, if you are going to do something like this, then do it right. Don’t do it and expect someone NOT to pick it apart. He doesn’t make these movies, he just does what I did to him. Sorry if your favorite “critic” can’t keep up with the people he’s supposed to be ahead of. I don’t claim to be the world’s foremost expert on movies and movie-making, but I do know that if you can’t handle the heat, don’t get in the kitchen. The reason I did the post is because I noticed that his “theories” had more holes than the original movies, and I wanted to point them out since no one had the balls (guts, whatever) to do it before me. I mean, someone might mention one or two points and have some “fan” of this guy rip them apart for challenging his “theory.” I guess sometimes people can be pretty touchy when their “#1 guy” doesn’t live up to expectation and someone does this. I am not a huge fan of the NC either, I do like to watch some reviews and laugh a bit from time to time. This guy is neither funny or good, so I wanted to point out what he has done wrong, so maybe in the future he could make less mistakes when doing this. I don’t care what your personal perspective is, I am just stating some facts that people overlooked and/or missed with his “theories.” That’s all. You have your opinion, and I have mine. Live and let live.

  • Matt Bryson

    All of this fuss. Was Insurection a good movie? No, it wasn’t. Why? Because it traded away peaceful solutions and the ideal that Roddenberry created for action nonsense. It goes back on previous Star trek episodes and tries to make us sympathize with a small group of people who selfishly want to live forever in paradise, when the radiation could help billions (not least of which their dying Son’a). It tries to say that technology is not the answer, and the Amish existence is somehow the ideal. And they are anti-exploration – both views are antithetical to the soul of Star Trek.
    No matter any minor mistakes red letter media made, their conclusion that this movie is crap, is correct.

  • Adam Cleverley


  • russ134

    Why is it “crap?” I never thought of it as “crap,” but as entertainment. Which is what movies are supposed to be. All I did was point to the “flaws” in this guy’s “arguments” because they had more holes than the plot of Insurrection put together. That is all I did. I am not saying it was the “best Star Trek Movie Evar,” but I am saying it was entertaining, and if you are going to make a video like this, make it right, bring up valid points and, for God’s sakes, make jokes that make sense. These jokes weren’t funny. That is what I am saying. But, leave it to “fans” to try and defend someone who isn’t funny, can’t make a valid point to save his life and sounds like Ben Stein after an all night pot smoking binge. Plain and simple. If you are going to try and rip movies apart, do it right. Don’t do it like this and expect everyone to be “ok” with it.

  • russ134

    And watching this guy’s “review” (or whatever) didn’t make you “intellectually weaker?” Might want to watch the movie again, then re-watch this piece of trash. Might gain a few IQ points back when you realize how many “points” this guy got wrong.

  • kingofmadcows

    I like to pretend that the Dominion learned about the magical radiation around Ba’ku and sent a fleet of hundreds of ships to conquer the planet so they could use the radiation to try to cure the Changeling disease. As a result, the Ba’ku were enslaved by the Dominion and used for medical experiments, and the Federation lost the planet.

  • bassbait

    I hope at least one response to him is “FUCK YOU RICK BERMAN”. If Rick can actually get that message, the world would explode from how dense that would be.

  • ck

    hi rick

  • ziggy

    star trek myerection

  • Charlie Charr Zardoz

    I have a lot of sympathy for this film. It was Mchael Piller’s final Trek contribution before his death and he tried to present a story in keeping with what the characters established by TNG were supposed to be about. However it is also a sloppy mess of rehashed leftovers that feels more like a disjointed homage to the series rather than a film that stands on it’s own merit. That mixed with a lopped on pointless action ending that was probably demanded by paramount to be in keeping with their new “action” format and the whole thing feels half hearted. They didn’t throw in the towel quite like they did with Nemesis but you get the feeling that trying to create a TNG film that was suitable for the characters as developed by the show (imagine if they used Q as planned), would have been impossible with the state of the franchise at that time. Everyone was out of ideas for TNG possibly as far back as season 7 and considering this came out the same time as Star Wars The Phantom Menace (which is why Industrial Light and Magic didn’t contribute special effects for this film), you get the feeling the studio was scared of putting too much energy into a Trek film which would be crushed next to it’s competitor so they didn’t bother trying.

  • P’od Accountant

    theoretically the dock can float

  • Matrim

    So they disconnected the dock from the shore, floated it down after they drained the lake, and reconnected it to the shore again? It’s possible, I guess, but it seems unlikely.

  • Matrim

    Prepare to be disappointed

  • Matrim

    “I am a reviewer. I do reviews of movies and dvds on Facebook”

    Then, apparently, you are not very good at your job.

  • Matrim

    “All I did was point to the “flaws” in this guy’s ‘arguments'”

    Actually, no, you didn’t. You constructed straw men and cobbled together extremely flimsy justifications. If it wouldn’t be a totally waste of my time I could provide you a point by point refutation of your review, but given the circumstances I’ll just call you an obsessive idiot and move on.

  • russ134

    Really? That is your answer? Just so there like a troll? What “straw men and cobbled together extremely flimsy justifications” are you referring to? I picked his points apart one by one in an attempt to show people that this movie isn’t as bad as he makes it out to be. And to point out the flimsy arguments he tries to make in this pointless video he likes to call a “review.” Which is nothing less than pointless drivel he made up while drunk one day and watching this movie. So go ahead. Try to refute my points. People have tried without success. It usually ends with them calling me names. So go on. I want to know what you think about the movie. Then I will answer back and refute your “argument.”

  • Chris

    Picard was acting consistently in both “Journey’s End” and “Insurrection.” A property dispute, orchestrated by government expediency, is at the heart of both scenarios. While the Indian Colony predated the Federation, the Indians did choose at some point to become Federation Citizens and thus delegate some authority to the Federation. The crisis was ultimately resolved by their secession from the Federation. In contrast, the Baku: laid proper claim to the planet before the Federation existed; never delegated any authority to the Federation; and were never Federation Citizens. Contrary to Admiral Doherty’s assertions, the Prime Directive does apply and has many facets, as noted by Picard. One of those facets is the non-aggression principle, which was clearly being violated for the ludicrous fallacy of “the greater good,” which has been used to justify atrocities throughout history. While Plinkett is quick to quote Spock’s “The needs of the many…” speech, Star Trek, particularly Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, is just as quick to reject the collectivist philosophy in favor of individualism. Star Trek Insurrection is the best of all the TNG films for the reasons cited above.


    “Star Trek, particularly Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, is just as
    quick to reject the collectivist philosophy in favor of individualism.”
    Yup space socialism is sooooo right libertarian. Never mind that Gene Roddenberry was a socialist and envisioned the show as a kind of socialist utopia on earth and trying to be in space.
    Hey libertard,go fuck yourself. Take the NAP and shove it up your ass.


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