Star Trek (’09) – short film

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  • kenchun24

    And fours years later the JJ Crew struck again with ST:Into Darkness….more hack fraudery at it’s finest from him Abrams,Orci,Kurtzman,Lindelhof.

  • wikiality

    Yeah I’ve tried rewatching this a few times and it still just creeps me out and I only vaguely get the point. Kinda flimsy for “it had it’s way with you, whether you liked it or not.” I don’t know if I’d go the other dumbass direction and say “youre saying they raped star trek right?” because its clearly star trek dvd box art doing the raping here. But I dunno the first time I watched it I got confused because the message I took away with “star trek will rape you and you will like it” and it’s like…but I didn’t really like it. It kept me engaged at certain points but at times it would be so dumbed down for the diet coke guzzlers it took me completely out of it purely because of the stupid star trek licensing. That movie should have been called Prometheus and Prometheus should have stayed on the lame LiveJournal page it spawned from. Was there any meetings about if this video made any sense to be who already don’t know what it’s supposed to be getting at? Why does the box art need big mario gloves? Why wouldn’t she just fight off star trek if he only has a little knife and can’t move his arms that well? Why use a metaphor that so many people can misconstrue? Was that part of the joke? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    You see, when you have a clear message you want to send to people but you wrap it up in vague imagery bound to piss off a least a portion of your audience to the point were everyone is so confused by what they just saw and trying to figure it out that you don’t have 200 weird chicks both complaining about a lack of trigger warnings yet graphically describing some other horrific sexual violence like I halfway expected, and no one manages to get the point it makes people question your judgement of other films. It gives us the seed of doubt that maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about whatsoever. We don’t want that because it means we have to consider Phantom Menace as “misunderstood” and go back to the sad dull emptiness of living in a world where the prequels are taken seriously-OH WAIT THESE REVIEWS FUCKING SUCK

  • I’m a little lost about the allegory, but unfortunately… as I sit her uncomfortably considering my acceptance of the new series, my but hurts for some reason.

    I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but certainly, some innocence was lost here.

  • Andreas Brepohl

    when do we get the Star WARS edition?……I felt violated tonight.

  • Luke

    LMFAO. I liked it.


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