What’s Plinkett Going to Review Next?

  • Toddy Dimples

    The next Plinkett review should be “Abduction” with Taylor (The alpaca) Lautner. The first 15mins introduce us to the hugest douche bag kid with equally douche bag parents. What then follows is magic cinema complete with a messy nonsense story with a waste of space love interest, musical chairs bad guys and questionable resolve. Do your self a favour and take some time to witness this movie gem.

  • GeorgyBOy

    I am sorry to burst your bubble, but the MIllenium Faclon (or something that looks like it) does appear in the Revenge of the Sith (or Attack of the Clones). It is on one scene on Corooskant, when they are pulling into dock; it is in the distance and hardly noticeable.

  • williamh21

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  • Daniel

    Terminator Salvation!

  • Griffin Guzaitis

    Better Living Through Chemistry. The most boring, stupid, and vapid comedy I have ever watched.

  • mickrussom

    Review the FORCE AWAKENS VII please! Rip it apart!

  • Luke Jolly

    Everyone at RLM liked the movie.

  • Frazzu

    Han and Leia turned out one cry baby bitch. A Beverly Hills brat with a light sabre. Abrams alter ego, perhaps? Was like a high school reunion. Nice to see familiar faces, though aged quite a bit, but, couldn’t wait for it to end because after all these years, it’s the same old story.


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