Star Wars: Episode III Review Full Trailer

  • Omega

    Can’t believe someone ACTUALLY made a 108 page response to Plinkett.

    I’ve left a comment on this webzone and now require a pizza roll.

  • Pebkio Nomare

    Ha! Browsing the site and I find this. I completely forgot about that 108 page response.

    I read that, actually. Front to back.

    It was terrible.

    I mean really, he didn’t get much of what Plinkett was trying to say, I guess. But beyond that, the structure was terrible. The grammar was terrible. It was all terrible. And the site it was hosted on were full of prententious college dropouts that wanted citations with every forum post.

  • Nick Brennan

    I would love to see a musical number with Plinkett and ol’ Palpy.

  • David Axelord

    Remember when Plinkett made like four reviews per week? He must really be busy with Space Cop.

  • Jack P. Coleman

    The music is just perfect.

  • Jack P. Coleman



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